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2005/5/24-25 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:37818 Activity:low
5/23    We know old people have problems on the road. Now we know they
        have problems in the sky too. Maybe the 65 year old mandatory
        retirement rule from airlines is a good thing afterall:,2933,157445,00.html
        \_ It's just Republican propaganda.  Really.
        \_ I thought the commercial pilot mandatory retirement age was 60,
           not 65.  And nothing in that story suggests that age was a factor,
           just basic cluelessness.
        \_ Guys never stop at gas stations to ask for directions!  Oh, it's a
           plane ......
2005/5/24 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:37820 Activity:nil
5/23    LucasFilm reminds me of how everyone says that one should avoid excess
        alcohol, tobacco, and donuts because they're not good for you, yet
        almost everyone goes on drinking, smoking, and "Jenny Craiging". You
        know, for every $9 you waste on LucasFilm, 1/2 of that is going into
        the next huge crappy LucasFilm. It's like... people say they hate
        George Bush but keep on donating to the RNC. Dumme Amerikaner. Dumme.
2005/5/24-27 [Uncategorized] UID:37821 Activity:kinda low
5/23/1998    _________________
            / root            \
            \ is abusing root /
                     \   ^__^
                      \  (oo)\_______
                         (__)\       )\/\
                             ||----w |
                             ||     ||
            \_ You'll go blind.
               \_ Bah, I abuse root daily and I don't need no damned cow.
                  Bring on the ovines!  Where is my rootewe program? - jvarga
2005/5/24-25 [Transportation/Car] UID:37822 Activity:kinda low
5/24    Anyone here owns exotic sports cars like Ferraris or Lamborghinis?  Do
        you live in a neighborhood where there are no speedbumps or potholes?
        How do you enter parking lots where the at the entrance the street
        surface and the parking lot surface form an lowered angle?
        \_ I have a friend with a fully tricked out Corvette that he races
           with (on a race track).  When he enters a parking lot that has
           any kind of grade, he drives super ultra slowly, and the car
           scraaaaaapes it's way in.
           \_ With all the money car-nuts like this spend on their cars, it
              seems odd to me that they don't have some kind of lift mechanism
              that can change the height of the car relative to the wheels for
              situations like this.  How much could that really add to the
              cost or weight?
                \_ He usually doesn't drive the corvette around town, he's
                   got a "beater car" for that.
        \_ Diablo's have a height adjustment switch that will raise the car for
           situations like this.  I'm sure you'll just have to do what all
           lowered cars do for these <DEAD><DEAD>e in at an angle.
           \_ Ah, that's why my Corvette-owning friend always came in from a
              strange direction as well.
2005/5/24-25 [Recreation/Celebrity/MichaelJackson] UID:37823 Activity:moderate
5/24    Now you can bet whether Michael Jackson is guilty or not:
                \_ You mean bet whether he's found guilty or not?  Being
                   guilty and being found guilty are different.
                   \_ no.  it's a legal term.  being found guilty is being
                      guilty unless later reversed in this situation.
2005/5/24-26 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:37824 Activity:nil
5/24    Dear Windows XP laptop guy who was having XP hanging problems when
        disconnecting the laptop, did you find the fix, and if so, can you
        please share your experience?
2005/5/24-26 [Computer/SW/Security, Industry/Jobs] UID:37825 Activity:moderate
5/24    How common are contract-based bonuses for service-oriented software
        companies as a form of profit-sharing?
        E.g., the company wins a 1 million dollar contract.
        The sales guy for the contract gets x% of $1 million;
        The lead engineer on the project gets y%;
        Other engineers who will be working on the project get z%.
        Yes, the sales guy has a base salary and makes much more from
        commissions, which is how this normally works.
        Currently our bonus system is the standard annual bonus (the boss
        decides at the end of the year how much bonus you get, which ends
        up being ~ 5%).
        \_ Why is this a question? You can structure payment for services
           any way you want as long as it is not unconscionable.
           \_ "how common are ... for ...", not "is it possible"
           \_ "how common are ... for ..."
              \_ Very good, you apparently understand basic semantics.
                 I still don't understand why this is a question. If you
                 want your firm to move towards a direct percentage based
                 system based on profits vs. a fixed annual bonus then
                 bring it up with your super. Why should it matter if it
                 is followed by a majority of other consulting firms?
        \_ I've never seen a commission system for anyone other than sales.
           For IT/Engineering, if there is a bonus system is usually "up to
           x% of salary per quarter".  One place I worked at did profit
           sharing at .1% of profits for most, while some with seniority
           got more.
        \_ <yeah, like your retarded nonsensical comment, dipshit>
        \_ OP: you should deal with retarded but critical sounding comments
           by deleting them. --!OP
                \_ I am going to guess "not common"
           \_ Haha.  Are you the poster whose comment I deleted?
              Did you experience a flush of anger when you saw I
              deleted your pathetic comment?
           \_ <stop deleting someone else's shit and we'll stop deleting
               your shit>
               \_ Deleting a "followup" which consists of "that's a dumb
                  question" is a service not an abuse.
               \_ <right, which is why this is a service>
           \_ Little losers: you guys really couldn't tell the difference
              between your lame answers and the one above?
        \_ I've had that kind of deal offered to me to finish a project at
           a company that 1. had no prospect of a liquidity event, and 2. had
           a co-development deal with another company that would bring in cash
           with each milestone met.  A more common version of this happens
           when a company gets acquired for $(n+m+o+...), with $(m+o+...)
           tied to project milestones.
2005/5/24-26 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:37826 Activity:low
5/23    On XP, can I use encryption on the swap file?
        \_ Doesn't answer the question, but provides workaround
           \_ Thanks.  Too bad it doesn't help when it crashes.  I'll have to
              remember to boot it up again and then do a clean shutdown.
2005/5/24-25 [Uncategorized] UID:37827 Activity:kinda low
5/23    "Dang, ask questions first, THEN shoot.  I always get that
        backwards..." -Mugabe
        \_ Lucy wouldn't dare pull the football away the second time,
           would she?
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