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2005/5/22-23 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:37797 Activity:low 80%like:37788
5/20    If I want a little basement for my house (to put wife, or hot surfers
        to keep them cool), is it possible to do so? How much does it cost
        and what are some complications to it? Thanks.
        \_ Most houses in California (at least recent ones) are built on a
           slap of concrete.  They dig, fill with concrete, then build on top
           of that slap.  It'd be impractical to try to put a basement there.
           slab of concrete.  They dig, fill with concrete, then build on top
           of that slab.  It'd be impractical to try to put a basement there.
        \_ You haven't seen how those lowered one-car garage on Ellsworth gets
           flooded to street level during heavy rain.
2005/5/22-25 [Consumer/CellPhone, Politics/Domestic/911] UID:37798 Activity:low
5/20    At $20-30 a month (plus the VoIP box), why would anyone use
        VoIP? I can get regular phone service for only $15/month.
        And if I use Universal Lifeline, it's only $9/month. I just
        don't see any compelling reasons to use VoIP. In addition
        VoIP doesn't work when there's power outage, and if your
        internet is hosed (which happens more frequently than phone),
        then you're totally hosed.
        \_ The VoIP box is free, dummy. You get a rebate for it if you
           sign up for the service. Also, it takes five minutes to
           setup a VoIP line. You have to pay about $75-$150 to setup
           a phone line through Ma Bell and wait for them to install
           the extra line.
        \_ it's more compelling for long-distance call
           \_ especially for international calling.
              \_ Where can I get the rates for comparison?
        \_ Well for me I would have to pay ~$59 for a phone with unlimited
           long distance in WA.  I dropped the unlimited long distance
           and got vonage and I now have two lines which cost ~$45 total.
           \_ any comment on quality, features, problems, etc?
           \_ Can you please break down your prior phone cost ($59) to
              stuff like basic service, carrier fee, FCC fee, tax, etc etc?
              And then do the same with VoIP cost break down? I looked at the
              following and they don't give me a break down and I'm afraid of
              stupid catch they might put in the last minute like
              "Special 911 Fee" or something like that. They NEVER tell you
              these things when you sign up:

              Also can you use a calling card on top of it? Thanks.
           \_ I'm suppose to be paying only $29.99 for Verizon cell phone.
              After I added text messaging ($2.99), 1000 extra minutes ($4.99),
              it becomes ~$37. But my actual bill every month is $47. I don't
              know what it is about cell phones but they have really weird
              special fees and tax. Fuck phone companies.
              \_ It is not the phone companies fault. It is the government.
                 \_ Yes and no: it's the govt.'s fault that the fees exist;
                    it's the cell phone co.'s decision whether to pass the
                    fees on to the user or not, and it's the cell phone co.
                    that's purposefully not tell you about those fees when
                    they advertise prices for their services. --erikred
        \_ Have a look at Asterix--it's pretty stable, and a friend of
           mine has it replacing his entire phone service--there are a lot
           of VoIP nodes that are open.  -John
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