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2005/5/8-9 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:37571 Activity:kinda low
5/8     I was thinking about switching from to a different mail
        client and a couple of people told me to try mutt. Does anyone
        here use it? Can it handle multiple servers (I have a pop3 account
        and an imap account and want to keep the mail separate)? I was
        looking through the HOWTOs and I couldn't figure this out. tia.
        \_ I use it for my soda mail.  When I first switched, the keymapping
           confused the hell out of me, but now I'm much happier than before.
           And I can use emacs to write my emails.  So much more useful than
           any default editor.
           \_ It's of course not emacs, but you can get all Cocoa programs
              to support the basic emacs editing commands (M-f, etc.), which
              is often good enough for me:
              Google "DefaultKeyBinding" for more.
        \_ offlineIMAP may help: -tom
        \_ As a former mutt user (who is quite fond of mutt for what it is),
           and current user, I consider mutt a step backwards.
           Primarily because mutt doesn't elegantly support multiple windows
           so you can view several messages at the same time, view a mailbox
           and compose a message at the same time, etc. -dans
        \_ Yes and no. You have to use separate rc files and override the
           default ~/.muttrc choice using the -F option because the server
           settings are global. Run a separate mutt instance for each...
           I like the opposite behavior and use fetchmail to merge all my
           accounts and then use msmtp as my sending agent to allow me
           to send as 4 different From addresses w/ the proper authenticated
           SMTP relay for each account.
2005/5/8-9 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:37572 Activity:nil
5/8     Here's another link for the dimwit who thought Blair got "re-elected": (
        \_ Still can't get over the fact that WAR is good thing.
           \_ War ... war never changes
              \_ I come in search of the holy G.E.C.K.
2005/5/8-9 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:37573 Activity:moderate
5/8     Google got hacked yesterday. Wonder how much GOOG will get hammered
        \_ As much as MSFT gets hammered when new Windows trojans come out.
        \_ Uh, no, they weren't hacked.  They had a DNS glitch and stupid
           browser behaviors automatically directed clients to a wrong
           \_ But would the average Joe know the difference?
        \_ Hey, are you sour grapes guy? How is that GOOG short going?
        \_ down 0.29%--how's that short going again?  -tom
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