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2005/5/3-4 [Consumer/Audio] UID:37460 Activity:nil
5/2     What's the best (free+batch mode) MP3 to WMA converter out there? I'm
        keeping my MP3s but I want to convert to WMA so that my entire
        collection will fit in my player
        \_ May I ask why you want WMA?  If it's just bitrate, you can transcode
           to a lower-bitrate MP3, and if you pick a good encoder (such as
           LAME with the right settings) the quality will be better than a
           same-bitrate WMA.  For Windows I like RazorLAME for batch processing
           with a nice GUI. -dgies.
2005/5/3-4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:37461 Activity:kinda low
5/3     This dude doesn't learn very fast.  (Runaway bride's fiancee still
        wants to marry)
        \_ Dude, the very same reason I'm never dating a white chick again.
           They are too playful and wild and outgoing and uncommitted. I'm
           just speaking from personal experience        -not a racist troll
           just speaking from personal experience        -tom
           \_ Stay away from our women! -Hoyt Sze
              \_ Man, there are way too many alumni here...
           \_ All those comments about your dick size got to ya huh?
           \_ this has been on for over 8 hours, why isn't anyone defending
              hot SINGLE WHITE WOMEN??????????
        \_ Hope springs eternal
           \_ de-nial isn't just a river in egypt.
        \_ The bride is connected to all the big power people in the area.  I
           wonder if it's a money thing.
           \_ I wonder that as well, although I can't imagine any amount

              of money would be worth the promise of your life to that
           \_ She is also way hotter than him.
        \_ Love make you stupid. If you haven't figured that out by now,
           you will after carpel tunnel cramps your love life.
2005/5/3-4 [Reference/Law/Court, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:37462 Activity:nil
5/3     Is the blond lawyer on the right wearing flip-flops?
        \_ How should I know?  I can only see her head.
        \_ What the hell are you talking about?  I went through all the
           pictures and didn't see anything related.
        \_ What's it too you? The law says there shall be no blond lawyer?
2005/5/3-4 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:37463 Activity:moderate
5/3     The difference between Tony Blair and Dubya's town hall meetings:
        Late last week, at one of his ritual grillings - this time at the BBC
        television program "Question Time" - the audience booed when he
        appeared and then became even more hostile. "That is a lie! You lied
        to this country, and that is why we can't support you!" shouted one
        young man, accusing Blair of exaggerating the intelligence about
        Saddam Hussein's threat to the world. "What new stealth taxes do you
        intend to introduce first?" asked another. "Mr. Blair, I think you're
        very lucky that we have a weak opposition at the moment," said a
        third, in possibly the kindest remark of the half-hour session.
        "Right, I take [it] that's not a compliment," a perspiring Blair
        answered meekly. In his pour-your-heart-out style, Blair readily
        admits that the wear and tear on him has been "relentless."
        \_ I think this is less of a Bush/Blair contrast than a US/UK contrast.
           \_ You're wrong.  Blair doesn't screen his "town hall" audiences.
              Try getting in to a Bush town-hall when you drive up with a
              "Bring the troops home" bumper sticker.  We the people may be
              partly to blame, with our star-struck attitude toward people
              on the TV, but I think the change came from the top.  Our
              politicians have come to think they don't have to answer to us.
              That's why we have packaged "debates" where the candidates can't
              TALK TO EACH OTHER.  That's why you're not allowed in to a
              "public" meeting with YOUR OWN PRESIDENT if they don't like your
              t-shirt.  This is not in US tradition, though it does feel like
              it's slowly becoming US character.  And that's really depressing
              and sad.
              \_ Labour town hall meetings like that are very likely planned
                 to let Tony take some abuse.  It makes him look better if he
                 sits there looking contrite and sheepish for a bit while
                 people lay into him.  E'ist had a good point--they called
                 them "cathartic".  -John
                 \_ The point is you'll never see someone on national TV
                    telling Dubya "That is a lie!  You lied to this country,
                    and that is why we can't support you.  You dumb monkey!"
                    \_ That's because the election rules are so way different,
                       as is parliamentary seat allocation and third-party
                       presence.  Not saying it's better of worse, but yeah,
                       I'd like to see that on national TV.  -John
        \_ Yeah, but in the United States we get to have guns, so who cares?
          \_ but you can't have bullets..
        \_ Well, we've become a lot more meek since the 70s. People are less
           vocal and are less likely to question the government. We no longer
           show caskets of soldiers, soldiers getting shot in the head,
           and soldiers committing war crimes. We no longer take weeds
           in quantities close to the 70s, and we no longer light up incents
           and peppers. We no longer draw peace sign and instead prefer
           putting on SUPPORT OUR TROOPS stickers that you can buy from
           supermarkets. We no longer have Woodstock, with public figures
           and children's idols singing how they hate the war. 911 has turned
           people to be mindless lemmings, the way Neo Republicans want them to.
           \_ I take it you've only studied late war/post war history in
           \_ The Vietnam War was pretty popular only two years after
              we started committing troops, too. Just wait till the
              Iraq War drags on as long....
           \_ That's nice how you tie rampant drug use as a good thing
              with 9/11 making us slaves. I guess you served with honor.
              \_ BUD DAY thinks your troll fu is weak.
2005/5/3-4 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:37464 Activity:low
5/3  Dell 20.1" monitor for only $561.
        WSXGA+ resolution (1680 x 1050). Good deal?
        \_ 20" monitor at that low resolution sounds awful to me.
           \_ That's not low, and the monitor is pretty good. I've got
              two. What I wonder is why most people care about a
              widescreen instead of the 2001FP.
              \_ I used both, I like the wide screen much better for a
                 variety of reasons. In fact, I can hardly think of any
                 reason to ever use 4:3 again. -chiry
           \_ Actually, a 20" at any higher resolution is probably
              aweful to use because the pixels are too small to be
              viewed comfortably.  Yes you can increase your font, but
              at least on Windows not everything sizes up nicely, such
              as web pages. What size and resolution do you currently
           \_ My laptop is SXGA (1400x1050) and I use it 90 degrees so that
              I don't have to scroll to the bottom as often. Also it is a
              natural size to read 2 column technical PDFs, which I do
              most of the time.
              \_ On its side?  Oh gawd.
        \_ i bought the monitor a month or so ago for $505+tax. since then
           i've seen deals selling it for ~$425+tax. i like it because it has
           composite and s-video hookups. Also, what resolution do you expect
           on a 20" monitor? Apple's 20" display has the same res.
        \_ Can I plug this into my Mac Mini?
        \_ I should've bought it when it was on sale for $380 a few weeks ago!
        \_ Dont buy it. Wait. I know someone with it, the dimensions suck.
           Wait for price to come down on a more traditional dimensions 1600x1200
           or 1920x
           Wait for price to come down on a more traditional dimensions
           1600x1200 or 1920x
        \_ I say no at that price. That's not a particularly rare deal. And
           I got that monitor and returned it... I was not impressed with it.
           I think it's better to aim for a bit bigger one. I'm pretty picky
           about LCDs though.
        \_ No, not a good deal.  It has been significantly cheaper.
2005/5/3 [Computer/HW/Display] UID:37465 Activity:high
5/3     Ok I need a refresher class on acronyms. Please modify/correct, thanks.
        \_ CGA, 1980s: 320x200x4 (256000 bits)
        \_ EGA, 1985s: 320x200x16 (1024000 bits)
        \_ MGA,
        \_ MGA, 742x350, mono color.
        \_ VGA, 1990s: 640x480x16 (4915200 bits)
        \_ SVGA, 1995: 1024x768x16 (12582912)
        \_ XGA, ????:  1024x768
        \_ SXGA, ????: 1280x1024
        \_ SXGA+, ????:  1400x1050
        \_ WSXGA+ 2005: 1680x1050x(2^32)
        \_ Just google for wikipedia xga and click on the link
        \_ UXGA: 1600x1200
        \_ WUXGA: 1920x1200
        \_ WQUXGA: 3840X2400
                \_ IBM T221 LCD panel, 4 single link DVI required.  -ax
           \_ Can any modern (2004/2005) VGA card handle resolutions this high
              (with BIOS updated, etc), or you have to buy vendor specific
              cards to be compatible with these displays?
        \_ I think they should just stop using these acronyms. It's way too
           confusing. Why not just use the numbers directly?
        \_ OMGWTFGA ???
2005/5/3-4 [Recreation/Food] UID:37466 Activity:moderate
5/3     Favorite Fast Food Poll:
        \_ Locally owned burrito place: .
        \_ McDonalds
           \_ Got tired of it after I became a teenager
           \_ I was going to make fun of the guy who hates Wendys, but I
              hate McDonalds.  They really are evil.
              \_ Why? Are you scared of clowns?
        \_ Jack in Box
        \_ Wendys
           \_ I'm NOT going there because they donate a significant amount of
              money to Republicans. Ditto with Walmart and Dell
              \_ On the other hand, the employ a lot of Democrats. I
                 wonder if anyone has ever looked at how much money
                 employees of a company donate versus the company itself.
                 That is, let us say that Bill Gates donates to
                 Republicans, but Paul Allen donates to Democrats while at
                 the same time MSFT itself donates to Greens. Even "red"
                 companies might support "blue" candidates or causes on
                 the whole.
                 \_ Heh, "[Wendys] employ[s] a lot of Democrats." I like
                    that. Seems like that would be true of a lot of fast
                    food joints though.
                    \_ I'd think that any large company would employ large
                       numbers of Dems and Repubs (as well as Greens, etc.).
        \_ BK
        \_ Carl's Jr: ..
        \_ Popeye's: .
        \_ In n Out: .
        \_ White Castle: .
        \_ KFC: .
           \_ KFC supports Republicans, not at the Walmart/Dell scale though.
           \_ Popeye's > KFC, except that Popeye's is harder to find.
              \_ Actually, Church's > Popeye's >> KFC.
                 \_ Church's is that good?  I had heard to was dangerous
                    to your health.  Probably a rumor started by KFC. I'll
                    have to try it next time I'm in Oakland.
                    \_ It's not really that good, although it is not bad.
                       I mean, come on, it's fried chicken, it almost has to
                       be at least somewhat good.
                    \_ Church's IS GOOD, except it is as greasy as... grease.
                       Like Homer Simpson says, grease=tasty=good.
                    \_ Church's is dangerous to your health, but what does
                       that have to do with anything?  You almost have to have
                       a blatant disregard for your health if you post on this
                       a blatant disregard to your health if you post on this
                       thread.  That said, I once got food poisoning at the
                       San Jose Church's.
        \_ Rubio's: .
        \_ Del Taco: .
        \_ Subway: .
2005/5/3-4 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Taiwan] UID:37467 Activity:nil 52%like:37497
        1626: "24 trinkets for Manhattan"
        2005: "2 really cute pandas for Taiwan"
        \_ Are they offering agricultural carrots to Taiwan because
           many of Taiwan's farmers are Chen's supporters?
        \_ sind sie anbietende landwirtschaftliche Karotten zu Taiwan
2005/5/3-4 [Industry/Startup] UID:37468 Activity:nil
5/3     So long, stock options:
        \_ I heard a rumor that at Yahoo, they were looking for petty
           excuses to fire old timers that had lots of stock options.
           This is from a system administrator at Yahoo, so it is
           probably true.
           \_ I haven't seen much evidence of that, though admittedly I've
              only been here for a little more than a year.  There are lots
              of old timers in my team, and in the teams that I interact with
              and I haven't noticed an exceptional attrition rate.  Where'd
              you hear that rumor?      -Yahoo Employee
           \_ So how would someone transmit an order like that at a big
              company like Yahoo! with lots of smart engineering type people?
2005/5/3-4 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Uncategorized/German] UID:37469 Activity:high
        "Beijing Concensus": China out-maneuvering politically and
        diplomatically inept Bush-led US.       - Chicom Troll
        \_ "Japanese have not behaved perfectly, but they have apologized
           several times for their wartime aggression."
           Also, my reading of the article is that, politically, China has
           been clumsy, or at least, average.
           been clumsy.
           Saying they're better than Dubya isn't saying much.
           \_ Alright. Not to agree with chicom troll, but I have to.  Sure,
              China is acting politically, and certainly the great leap
              forward killed more Chinese than the Japanese did.  Neither of
              those negate the virtue or lack thereof of Japan's actions.
              Again, I ask you[motd], what would the reaction be if Germany
              changed their textbooks to play down the atrocities committed
              during WW2? What would the reaction be if the German president
              visited and paid his respects to national cemeteries where Nazi
              commanders were buried? -nivra
           \_ this kind of statement really angers me.  Japan never
              issue formal apology in writing.  Japan, as a government,
              never address the issues such as "comfort women."  Company
              profited from the war, and active participation of war crimes
              never set up a trust fund for its behavior. And, more
              importantly, much of Chinese national treasure were taken
              by Japan Imperial Army and never gotten returned.  Much of
              these treasure are sitting in Tokyo's Imperial Palace today.
              Chinese wanted to search the Imperial Palace but it was denied
              by American.  If Japan is not interested in the seat in the
              security consoul in UN, Japan would NEVER issue some of those
              half-hearted apologies at first place.
              Then again, Japan could never get away with any of these crime
              without American's backing.  (Unit 731, and its largest
              biological / chemical warfare in history of mankind... example)
              Most Chinese don't realize that half of the blame lies upon
              \_ So where's all your righteous indignation over the atrocities
                 committed against the Chinese people by the Chinese communist
                 government?  Unlike the pre-war Japanese government, those
                 bastards actually still have power.  Does that really not
                 bother you?
                 \_ Separate issues, the Japanese really should just issue a
                    written apology and get it over with.  That said, the
                    whole "IT USA FAULT!" thing is horseshit, and you might
                    ask where the Chinese apologies for illegal intervention
                    against 3 sovereign countries (S. Korea, Tibet, Vietnam)
                    are... -John
                 \_ sollten unterschiedliche Ausgaben, der Japaner eine
                    schriftliche Entschuldigung wirklich gerade herausgeben
                    und sie mit rüber erhalten. Das sagte, das Ganze ", das
                    ES, BEMÄNGELN USA!" Sache ist horseshit und Sie konnten
                    fragen, wo die chinesischen Entschuldigungen für ungültige
                    Intervention gegen 3 souveräne Länder (S. Korea, Tibet,
                    Vietnam) sind... - John
                 \_ sollten unterschiedliche Ausgaben, der Japaner
                    eine schriftliche Entschuldigung wirklich gerade
                    herausgeben und sie mit rüber erhalten. Das
                    sagte, das Ganze ", das ES, BEMÃNGELN USA!" Sache
                    ist Pferd ScheiÃe und Sie konnten fragen, wo die
                    chinesischen Entschuldigungen für ungültige
                    Intervention gegen 3 souveräne Länder (S.
                    herausgeben und sie mit rM-CM-<ber erhalten. Das
                    sagte, das Ganze ", das ES, BEMM-CNGELN USA!" Sache
                    ist Pferd ScheiM-Ce und Sie konnten fragen, wo die
                    chinesischen Entschuldigungen fM-CM-<r ungM-CM-<ltige
                    Intervention gegen 3 souverM-CM-$ne LM-CM-$nder (S.
                    Korea, Tibet, Vietnam) sind... - John
                    [restored.  i have no problem with transcoding John to
                    german, but please fix the formatting.]
                    \_ If you have a chance, do some home work.  Find out
                        why Japanese Emperor was never being tried in the
                        numerberg trial.  I bought up Unit 731, something
                        that is totally googable if you actually give
                        a shit about those yellow skin's lives.  You
                        just might find that American let those who
                        conducted the largest chemical/biological warfare
                        in history of man kind gotten away with their
                        crime in exchange for those experimental data
                        obtained by using live human subjects so USA can
                        design better chemical/biological weapons themselves.
                        and... Tibet is not a sovereign nation since late
                        17th century. If you dont' care about this subject,
                        then, don't bother have an opinion on it.  If you
                        do, then, do your homework before calling things
                        "horse shit" and make fools of yourself.
                        \_ Nice post nuke.  Oh by the way, did I say you're
                           an idiot?  -John
                        \_ No, really kngharv.  Why are you pretending to
                           be Chinese?
                           be Chinese? -jrleek
                           \_ do mormons all act the same way?
                                \_ Further proof that mormons are ______
                           \_ Take a look at this, retard:
                        \_ How does a guy named "Harvey H. King" come
                           to have such bad english?
                              \_ She sure looks like MLK's daughter.
                              \_ I am lost, what does this have to do with
                                 \_ Proving to me that King is a chinese
                                    name.  Apparently kngharv really is
                                    Chinese.  He's still full of crap, but
                                    at least he's a legitimate chicom
                                    \_ Uhm. Tsu-Jae is Korean.
                                    \_ Sigh.  That one King is Asian doesn't
                                       prove that all Kings are Asian.  I guess
                                       they don't teach logic at Cal anymore.
                                       \_ That's true, but I also googled
                              \_ Whoah, cool. I thought kngharv looked liked
                                 a Eastern European name but I was wrong.
              \_ Go Chicom!
2005/5/3 [Recreation/Humor] UID:37470 Activity:high
5/3     If would be funny if someone JIBEs some Spanishized motd.
        \_ HA HA HA HA this is hilarious
2005/5/3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:37471 Activity:nil
5/3     puta.  Sheeeiit.
        \_ Wasn't me, someone overwrote while ah' wuz in motdedit. -jctwu
2005/5/3 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Computer/Rants] UID:37472 Activity:nil
5/3     http, dig dis://<DEAD>www.msnbc.msn<DEAD>  'S coo',
        "Beijin'": China out-maneuverin' político ylos E.E.U.U.
        diplomatically ineptos.japoneses del
        \_ los "no se han compo'tado puh'fectamente, sino que se han
           several para su agresión del tiempo de guerra.  Sheeeiit."el
           Also, mi lectura del artículo es que, político, China tiene
           been to'pe.  What it is, Mama!
           Sayin' son mejo'es que Dubya no está diciendo mucho.
2005/5/3 [Uncategorized] UID:37473 Activity:nil
5/3     http, dig dis://
        1626: "24 baratijas para Manhattan"
        2005: "2 pandas realmente lindos para Taiwán"el
        \_ es ellos las zanaho'ias agrícolas de ofrecimiento some Taiwán
           many de los granjeros de Taiwán son los partidarios de Chen?
2005/5/3 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo, Uncategorized/Spanish] UID:37474 Activity:nil
5/3     tan de largo, opciones comunes, dig dis:
        \_ ah' oyó una rumo' que en Yahoo, ellas era el buscar pequeño
           'suses para encenda' los viejos contado'es de tiempo que tenían
           Dis son de un administrado' de sistema en Yahoo, así que es
           probably verdad.el
           \_ ah' no ha considerado mucha evidencia de eso, aunque obviamente
              only estado aquí para poco más que un año. Hay
              uh en mi equipo, y en los equipos con quienes obro
              and ah' no ha notado un índice de desgaste 'sepcional.
              ya' oye esa rumo'? - Empleado De Yahoo
           \_ así que cómo alguien transmitiría una o'den como eso en un
              company como Yahoo.  Right On!   ¿con las po'ciones de tipo elegante gente
2005/5/3 [Uncategorized/Spanish] UID:37475 Activity:high
5/3     de la diferencia entre reuniones del pasillo de ciudad tony de Blair y
        Late la semana pasada, some la una de sus grillin's rituales - este
        television de pregunta" - las audiencias booed cuando él
        appeared y después llegó some sa' aún más hostil. ¡"que es una
 t'este país, y ése es po'qué no podemos apoyarle.  Right On!  " gritadohombre
        yung, acusando some Blair de 'esagerar la inteligencia
        Saddam para el mundo. "qué nuevo steald grava hágale
        intend some introducir primero?" pidió otros. "Sr.  Ah be baaad... Blair, pienso que
        real afo'tunado que tenemos una oposición débil en el momento,
        dird, en posiblemente la observación más buena de la sesión de
        "Right, tomo [ él ] que no es un elogio," some Blair puh'spirin'
        answered manso. En su estilo del verter-su-co'azo'n-hacia fuera,
        admits que el desgaste y el rasgón en él ha sido "implacables."el
        \_ ah' piensa que éste es menos de un contraste de Bush/Blair que un
           \_ usted es inco'recto. Blair no defiende some sus "audiencias del
              Try adentro some un ciudad-pasillo de Bush cuando usted conduce
              "Brin' la etiqueta engomada de parachoques casera de las
              partly some la culpa, con nuestra actitud estrella-pulsada hacia
              on la TV, puh'o yo piensa que el cambio vino de la tapa.  Sheeeiit.
              politicians han venido pensar que no tienen que contestarnos.
              Dat po'qué hemos empaquetado "discusiones" donde no pueden
              TALK EL UNO AL OTRO. Ése es po'qué adentro some le no se puh'mite
              "public con SU PROPIO PRESIDENTE si no tienen gusto su
              t-camisa.  Sheeeiit. Esto no está en la tradición de los E.E.U.U.,
              it lentamente que se convierte.  What it is, Mama! Y eso realmente está
              and triste.  What it is, Mama!¿el
        \_ sí, puh'o en los Estados Unidos que conseguimos tena' armas,
          \_ sino usted no puede tena' balas.
        \_ bien, hemos hecho mucho más mansos desde el 70s. La gente es
           vocal y sea menos probable preguntar el gobierno. Nosotros no
           show de los soldados, soldados que consiguen el tiro en la
           and que confían crímenes de guerra.  Sheeeiit. Nosotros nin'unas malas
           in cerca del 70s, y nosotros nin'ún más largo encendemos para
           and. Nin'una muestra más larga de la paz del drenaje y en lugar
           puttin' encendun dido la AYUDA NUESTRAS etiquetas engomadas de las
           supuh'markets. Tenemos no más de largo Woodstock, con las figuras
           and que kintan cómo odian la guerra.  Sheeeiit. 911 ha dado vueltael
           sucka's some sa' lemmin's mindless, los republicanos neo de la
           \_ ah' usted ha estudiado solamente última histo'ia de la guerra
           \_ la guerra de Vietnam era solamente dos años bastante
              we comenzado some confiar some tropas, también.  'S coo', bro. La espuh' justa
              Iraq encendun dido como de largo....
           \_ que es agradable cómo usted ata uso desenfrenado de la droga
              wid 9/11 que nos hace esclavos. Conjeturo que usted sirvió
              \_ piensa que su fu del troll es débil
2005/5/3 [Uncategorized/Spanish] UID:37476 Activity:nil
5/3     monito' de http, dig dis:// Dell el 20.1"para solamente
        WSXGA+ (1680 x 1050). ¿Buen reparto?el monito' del
        \_ el 20"en esa resolución baja suena tremendo some mí.el
           \_ que no es bajo, y el monito' es bastante buenos. Tengo
              two. Qué pregunto es po'qué la mayo'ía de la gente cuida
              widescreen en vez del 2001FP.el
              \_ ah' utilizó ambos, yo tiene gusto de la pantalla ancha mucho
                 variety de razones. En hecho, puedo pensar apenas en
                 reason para utilizar siempre 4:3 otra vez - chiryel
           \_ realmente, un 20"en cualquia' resolución más alta está
              aweful para utilizar po'que los pixeles son demasiado
              viewed comfo'tablemente.  What it is, Mama! Usted puede aumentar sí su fuente,
              at en Windows no todo clasifica lo más menos posible para
              as. Qué tamaño y la resolución le hace actualmente¿
           \_ mi computado'a po'tátil es SXGA (1400x1050) y lo utilizo 90
              ah' no tiene que enrollar al fondo como some menudo. También es
              natural para lea' 2 la columna PDFs técnico, que lo hago
              most del tiempo.el
        \_ ah' compró el monito' al mes o tan hace para $505+tax. desde
           i've que lo venden para
 $425+tax. tengo gusto de él po'que tienetransmisiones en circuito del
           composite y del s-vi'deo. También, qué resolución usted espuh'¿
           on un monito' del 20"? La 'eshibición del 20"de Apple tiene el
        \_ puede enchufe de ah' esto en mi mac mini?¡el should've del
        \_ ah' lo compró cuando estaba en la venta po' hace $380 algunas
        \_ no lo compra.  Sheeeiit. Espuh'. Sé some alguien con ella, las dimensiones
           Wait para que precio venga abajo en dimensiones más
           o' 1920x
2005/5/3 [Computer/HW/Display] UID:37477 Activity:nil
5/3     auto'ización necesito una clase del refresco en siglas. Po' favo'
        \_ CGA, los años 80: 320x200x4 (256000 pedacitos)
        \_ EGA, 1985s, dig dis: 320x200x16 (1024000 pedacitos)
        \_ MGA,
        \_ VGA, los años 90: 640x480x16 (4915200 pedacitos)
        \_ SVGA, 1995: 1024x768x16 (12582912)
        \_ XGA????: 1024x768
        \_ SXGA????: 1280x1024
        \_ SXGA+????: 1400x1050
        \_ WSXGA+ 2005: 1680x1050x(2^32)el google justo del
        \_ para el xga del wikipedia y chasca encendun dido el acoplamiento de
        \_ UXGA: 1600x1200
        \_ WUXGA: 1920x1200
        \_ http, dig dis://
           http, dig dis://en.  'S coo', bro.wikipedia.  Sheeeiit.o'g/wiki/Compu\
        \_ WQUXGA: 3840X2400panel de la IBM T221 LCD del
                \_, 4 solo acoplamiento DVI requerido. - hachael
           \_ conserva (la 2004/2005) resolución modernas de la manija de
              (wid puesto al día, los etc), o usted tienen que comprar
              cards some sa' compatibles con éstos 'eshibiciones?el
        \_ ah' piensa que deben apenas parar el usar de estas siglas. Es
           confusin'. ¿Po' qué no apenas utilice los números directamente?¿
        \_ OMGWTFGA???
2005/5/3 [Uncategorized/Jived, Uncategorized/Spanish] UID:37478 Activity:nil
5/3     Encuesta Preferida De los Alimentos de preparación rápida, dig dis:el
        \_ localmente poseyó el lugar del burrito, dig dis: .
        \_ McDonaldsel
           \_ consiguió kinsado de él después de que hice un adolescenteel
           \_ ah' iba some reírse del individuo que odia Wendys, solamente de I
              hate McDonalds. Realmente son malvados.¿
              \_ po' qué? ¿Le asustan de clowns?
        \_ Gato en caja
        \_ Wendys
           \_ no voy allí po'que donan una kintidad significativa de
              bre'd some los republicanos. Ídem con Walmart y Dell
              \_ po' otra parte, los muchos del empleo de demócratas. I
                 wonda' si cualquia' sucka'a ha mirado siempre cuánto
                 employees de una compañía donan contra la compañía sí
                 Dat debe, nos dejó decir que Bill Gates dona alos
                 Republicans, puh'o Fuh'rina Allen dona some los demócratas
                 de que la misma ho'a MSFT sí mismo dona some los verdes.
                 companies pudieron apoyar kindun didatos "azules" o causas
                 de entero.
                 \_ Heh, "muchos de los employ[s [ de Wendys ] ] de
                    dat. Se parece como eso sería verdad de muchos de
                    food sin embargo.el
                    \_ ah' pensaría que cualquia' compañía grande emplearía
                       numbers de Dems y de Repubs (así como verdes, el
        \_ BKJr De Carl Del
        \_: ..
        \_ Popeye, dig dis: .
        \_ en n hacia fuera, dig dis: .Castillo Blanco Del
        \_: .
        \_ KFC: .el
           \_ KFC apoya some republicanos, no en la escala de Walmart/Dell sin
           \_ Popeye > KFC, 'septo ese Popeye es más duro de encontrar.  Ah be baaad...
        \_ Rubio, dig dis: .
        \_ Del Taco, dig dis: .subterráneo del
        \_: .
2005/5/3 [Uncategorized/Jived, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:37479 Activity:nil
5/2     fijación mayo' del in'eniero de usos de la tela puesta al día, dig dis:
         -- dbushong
2005/5/3 [Uncategorized/Spanish, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:37480 Activity:nil
5/2     bien, puesto que se parece sa' día de la poste-uno-histo'ieta.  Sheeeiit...
        http, dig dis://www.andysin'er.  Ah be <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ sí, puh'o el otro poste estaba de some * divertida * histo'ieta.  Sheeeiit.
            0/13 allí. Alguien en el motd no precisó ya¿el
            how UNfunny este individuo es?el kintante de Andy del
            \_ está some las histo'ietas políticas como G.W. Bush está
               'esecutin'. Hey, aho'a que podría sa' unfunny
               cartoon número 14 para Andy.  Slap mah fro!
2005/5/3 [Uncategorized/Spanish] UID:37481 Activity:nil
5/2     es legal montar una bicicleta some través de un crosswalk como si usted
        \_ aquí es la versión más larga de la histo'ia, dig dis:
                Car en el carril izquierdo, comienzo some dar vuelta some la
                A que viene del derecho del crosswalkel
                (who estaba posiblemente ya en el crosswalk antes del coche
                started para dar vuelta some la izquierda) termina encima de
                de.  What it is, Mama! Pic en /csua/tmp/carvsbike.  What it is, Mama!jpg¿avería del
                \_ la bici, miradas tiene gusto. Él debe montar en el
                   wid. (él es tráfico.) - tom
                   \_ convenido.
        \_ probablemente no. CVC 21200 dice, dig dis: "(a) cada sucka'a que monta
           bicycle sobre una carretera tiene todas las derechas y está
           all las provisiones aplicables al conducto' de un vehículo ".la
           De no es "una carretera," puh'o cualquia' calle pública es,
           so's si usted está montando en la calle, usted tiene que montar la
 some .
           (Note que esta sección no prohíbe el montar some caballo en la
           dough da some ciudades la auto'idad para prohibir tal montar a
            -tomNo. del
        \_. Usted puede caminar él. Si usted está montando, usted no es un
2005/5/3 [Computer/Networking, Uncategorized/Spanish] UID:37482 Activity:nil
5/2     tengo un teclado sin hilos de Apple, uno de los jobbies de Bluetood.
        tends para puh'da' momentáneamente la conexión mucho - 'estrañamente
 t'sucede cada vez que me siento en mi escrito'io. ¿Es este no'mal?
        plum un protocolo del asno?
        \_ es su teclado que entra powersaveel uso del
        \_ ah' un wahtahmellunie y él del bluetood de DLINK es roca-so'lido. No
           notice que es sin hilos. Los módulos más viejos de DLink BT
           but los más nuevos roca.  Sheeeiit.
           \_ picosegundo, dig dis: También tengo un cubo accionado del usb que el
        \_ ah' apenas consiguió un mac mini y lo tiene conectado vía el
           USB. Nunca tengo un problema, 'septo cuando me voyel
           room para demasiado largo y la pantalla entra modo del
           o' cualquia' mac lo llama.  Sheeeiit. Entonces tengo que empujar el botón
           back de mi computado'a y la espuh' tienen gusto de 15 segundos
 t'detrás encendun dido. ¿Quizás usted tiene interferencia? Es su
           right al lado de su LAN 802.11? ¿Cómo sobre su teléfono?
2005/5/3 [Uncategorized/Spanish, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:37483 Activity:nil
5/2     que estoy intentando calcular fuera de qué delimitado'es dentro del
        (protocol) de un uri puede significar.  Ah be baaad... (en http, dig dis://, el HTTP
        de) he visto ssl+http some veces. Hay cualquia' otro¿
        charcters que tienen significado especial, como más? El estándar es
        not muy claro en esto.el
        \_ el esquema de un uri es cualquia' cosa antes del primer, dig dis:.
           it necesita sa' caracteres de la palabra, puh'o no he comprobad-asso
           in al rato. Los más comunes son probablemente HTTP, https,
           mailto, y las cosas tienen gusto del rtsp y rellenan Gopher, si
  derecha del
           \_, puh'o estoy honky codeando un servicio del RMI, y yo pensamos I
              need para apoyar cosas como ssl+myprotocol, dig dis://blah...el
              \_ del RFC, el esquema debe comenzar con un carácta' de la
                 and puede contena' la alfa, dígito, +, -, o.
2005/5/3 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:37484 Activity:nil
5/2     de los boondocks cómicos
        http, dig dis://¿5/2 sobre
        http, dig dis://<DEAD>'bug/index.phtml<DEAD>
        \_ está sobre puh'da' la época de la gente bastante estúpida leer
        \_ significa que los medios son llenos de basura y que cualquier
           witted some individuo puede publicar cualquia' cosa y todavía tener
           \_ ah' intentó, yo no consigue el cómico en todos. Sigue siendo
              dan Fillmo'e.  What it is, Mama! - danh
2005/5/3 [Uncategorized] UID:37485 Activity:nil
5/2     Brewsta' Rockit cómico
        http, dig dis://
        \_ Heh, gracias.
2005/5/3 [Uncategorized/Spanish] UID:37486 Activity:nil
5/2     que quisiera poda' instalar 'estensiones del dunderbird del comando
        line.  What it is, Mama! ¿Es esto posible? ¿si es así cómo?
2005/5/3 [Uncategorized/Spanish, Academia/GradSchool] UID:37487 Activity:nil
05/01   interno de verano, grad reciente, posiciones mayo'es del revelado'
        at. Para una idea del tipo de trabajo vea, dig dis:
        http, dig dis://csua.  Sheeeiit.o'g/u/bxo
        dough para el interno, posiciones recientes del grad (no
        job C++ y/o 'espuh'iencia e interés de Java en seguridad
        may sea suffcient.
         -- cielo
2005/5/3-4 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:37488 Activity:nil
5/3     See, I am not the only one who thought it was a "smoking gun."
        Will Bunch is the senior political writer for the Philadelphia
        Daily News.
        \_ You can never trust a Philadelphian.  Goddamn "brotherly love".
        \_ Perhaps the mainstream media felt stung by CBS/Rather memo-gate
           and thought a new memo with text like this was definitely forged
           and/or easily dismissed by right-wing commentators as the biased
           perspective of a Labour Party staffer.
           "C reported on his recent talks in Washington. There was a
           perceptible shift in attitude. Military action was now seen as
           inevitable. Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action,
           justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD.
           But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the
           policy. The NSC had no patience with the UN route, and no
           enthusiasm for publishing material on the Iraqi regime's record.
           There was little discussion in Washington of the aftermath after
           military action."
2005/5/3-4 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Consumer/Audio] UID:37489 Activity:nil
        Obscure law designed to make CleanPlay (a DVD censoring device)
        legal also contains provisions that make it a federal crime punishable
        by up to 10 years in prison to share a copyrighted movie or song.
2005/5/3-4 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:37490 Activity:nil
5/3     America will never be energy independent.
2005/5/3-4 [Recreation/Humor] UID:37491 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
5/3     Revenge CD + Ear plugs:
        \_ OH. My. God. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've been looking for this
           for the longest time. Now I can finally accomplish my objectives.
           Long live John, the greatest motder on csua!
           \_ If you like, I can post a complimentary mpeg of me thumping
              my manly chest.  -John
        \_ Can you put track3 on /csua/tmp as mp3? ;)
2005/5/3-4 [Uncategorized] UID:37492 Activity:nil
5/3     Is anyone from here at CanSecWest?  Feel like a beer?  -John
                    \_ no                    \_ yes
2005/5/3-4 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:37493 Activity:nil
5/3     "It sure beats computer programming because it's flexible, and I get
        to be outside," he said, refering to his new dog poop job:
2005/5/3-4 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol] UID:37494 Activity:nil
        big burger war
2005/5/3-4 [Uncategorized/French, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:37495 Activity:nil
5/3     Merde.
        \_ Wasn't me, someone overwrote while ah' wuz in motdedit. -jctwu
           \_ Vous etes tous un bunch de frickin muppets.  -John
           \_ Vous etes tous un bunch de frickin muppetss.  -John
2005/5/3 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:37496 Activity:nil
5/3 de
        "Pékin" : La Chine out-maneuvering politiquement etles USA
        diplomatically déplacés.le démuni japonais de
        \_ "s'est comporté parfaitement, mais ils ont fait des excusestemps
           several pour leur agression de temps de guerre."le
           Also, ma lecture de l'article est que, politiquement, la Chine a
           been maladroit.
           Saying ils sont meilleurs que Dubya n'indique pas beaucoup.
2005/5/3 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Taiwan] UID:37497 Activity:nil 52%like:37467
        1626 : "24 bibelots pour Manhattan"
        2005 : "2 pandas vraiment mignons pour Taiwan"le
        \_ sont eux les carottes agricoles d'offre à Taiwan parce que
           many des fermiers de Taiwan sont-ils les défenseurs de Chen ?
2005/5/3 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:37498 Activity:nil
5/3     tellement longtemps, options d'achat d'actions :
        \_ I a entendu une rumeur qui chez Yahoo, elles étaient recherche
           excuses pour mettre le feu aux vieux temporisateurs qui ont eu
           This est d'un interface gestionnaire chez Yahoo, ainsi il est
           probably vrai.le
           \_ I n'ont pas vu beaucoup d'évidence de cela, bien
              only été ici pour peu un plus qu'une année. Il y a des
              of dans mon équipe, et dans les équipes avec lesquelles
              and I n'ont pas noté un taux d'usure exceptionnel. Where'dle
              you entendent cette rumeur ? - Employé De Yahoo
           \_ ainsi comment quelqu'un transmettrait un ordre comme cela à
              company comme Yahoo ! avec un bon nombre de type futé les
2005/5/3 [Uncategorized/French] UID:37499 Activity:nil
5/3     de la différence entre les réunions d'hôtel de ville de Tony Blair et
        Late la semaine dernière, à un de ses grillings rituels - cette
        television" - les assistances booed quand il
        appeared et est puis devenu bien plus hostile. "qui est un mensonge
        to ce pays, et c'est pourquoi nous ne pouvons pas vous soutenir!"
        young, accusant Blair d'exagérer l'intelligence environmenace de
        Saddam Hussein pour le monde. "quelle nouvelle discrétion impose
        intend à présenter d'abord?" a demandé des autres. "M. Blair, je
        very chanceux que nous avons une opposition faible à l'heure
        third, dans probablement la remarque la plus aimable de la session
        "Right, je prends [ It ] qui n'est pas un compliment," un Blair
        answered doucement. Dans son modèle de verser-votre-coeur-dehors,
        admits qui l'usage et la larme sur lui a été "implacable."le
        \_ I pensent que c'est moins de contraste de Bush/Blair qu'un
           \_ vous avez tort. Blair n'interviewe pas ses assistances
              Try dedans à un ville-hall de Bush quand vous conduisez vers
              "Bring autocollant de butoir à la maison de troupes l'". Nous
              partly au blâme, avec notre attitude de tenir le premier
              on la TV, mais moi pensent que le changement est venu du
              politicians sont venus pour penser qu'ils ne doivent pas nous
              That pourquoi nous avons empaqueté des "discussions" où les
              TALK ENTRE EUX. C'est pourquoi on ne vous permet pas dedans à
              "public avec VOTRE PROPRE PRÉSIDENT s'ils n'aiment pas votre
              t-chemise. Ce n'est pas dans la tradition des USA, bien qu'il
              it. Et cela enfonce vraiment
              and triste.le
        \_ ouais, mais aux Etats-Unis que nous obtenons d'avoir des
          \_ mais vous ne peut pas avoir des balles.
        \_ bien, nous sommes devenus beaucoup plus doux depuis le 70s. Les
           vocal et soyez moins pour remettre en cause le gouvernement.
           show de soldats, soldats obtenant le projectile dans la
           and commettant des crimes de guerre. Nous ne prenons plus des
           in près du 70s, et nous n'allumons plus des incentspoivres de
           and. Nous ne dessinons plus le signe de paix et le préférons à
           putting dessus l'APPUI NOS autocollants de TROUPES dont vous
           supermarkets. Nous n'avons plus Woodstock, avec les figures
           and chantant comment ils détestent la guerre. 911 a tournéle
           people à être les lemmings étourdis, les néo- républicains de
           \_ I il vous ont seulement étudié l'histoire en retard de guerre
              depth ?le
           \_ la guerre de Vietnam était des seulement deux années assez
              we commencé commettre des troupes, aussi. L'attente juste
              Iraq en tant que longtemps....
           \_ qui est gentil comment vous attachez l'utilisation effrénée
              with 9/11 nous faisant des esclaves. Je devine que vous avez
              \_ pense que votre fu de troll est faible.
2005/5/3 [Uncategorized] UID:37500 Activity:nil
5/3     Nevermind.
2005/5/3 [Uncategorized/German] UID:37501 Activity:nil
5/3     Rache CD + Ohrstecker:
        \_ OH. Mein. Führer. THANK YOU SOVIEL! Ich habe nach diesem gesucht
           for die längste Zeit. Jetzt kann ich meine Zielsetzungen
           Long Phasenjohn, das größte motder auf csua! HEIL!
           \_, wenn Sie mögen, kann ich ein höfliches MPEG von mir
              my manly Kasten. - John
2005/5/3 [Uncategorized/German] UID:37502 Activity:nil
5/3     ist jemand von hier bei CanSecWest? Gefühl wie ein Bier? - John
2005/5/3 [Uncategorized/German] UID:37503 Activity:nil
5/3     sehen Sie, ich sind nicht das einzige, wer dachte, daß es war eine
        Will Bündel ist der ältere politische Verfasser für das Philadelpia
        Daily Nachrichten.
        \_ können Sie einem Philadelphian nie vertrauen. Goddamn "brotherly
        \_, möglicherweise, welches die Hauptströmungsmittel durch
           and dachte ein neues Protokoll mit Text, wie dieses definitiv
           and/or leicht entlassen von den Rechts- Kommentatoren als das
           perspective von einem ArbeitsParteimitarbeiter.
           "C berichtete über seine neuen Gespräche in Washington. Es gab a
           perceptible Verschiebung in der Haltung. Militärische Tätigkeit
           inevitable. Bush wollte Saddam, durch militärische Tätigkeit
           justified durch den Zusammenhang von Terrorismus und von WMD.
           But die Intelligenz und die Tatsachen waren um örtlich
           policy. Das NSC hatte keine Geduld mit dem UNO Weg und Nr.
           enthusiasm für Verlags- Material auf der irakischen Aufzeichnung
           There war wenig Diskussion in Washington der Nachmahd nachher
           military Tätigkeit."
2005/5/3 [Uncategorized/German] UID:37504 Activity:nil
        "Beijing Concensus": China, das politisch überlistet und
        diplomatically unpassende Bush-führende US.
        \_ "Japaner haben nicht sich tadellos benommen, aber sie haben sich
           several Zeiten für ihren Kriegangriff."
           Also, mein Messwert des Artikels ist, daß politisch China hat
           been unbeholfenes.
           Saying sind sie besser, als Dubya nicht viel sagt.
2005/5/3 [Uncategorized/German] UID:37505 Activity:nil
5/3     so lang, Aktienoptionen:
        \_ I hörte ein Gerücht, das bei Yahoo, sie das Suchen geringfügig
           excuses, zum der alten Timer abzufeuern, die Lose Aktienoptionen
           This ist von einem Systemverwalter bei Yahoo, also ist es
           probably zutreffend.
           \_ I haben nicht viel Beweis von dem gesehen, obwohl
              only hier für wenig mehr als ein Jahr. Es gibt Lose
              of alte Timer in meiner Mannschaft und in den Mannschaften,
              and I haben nicht ein aussergewöhnliches Verschleißmaß
              you hören dieses Gerücht? - Yahoo Angestellter
           \_ also, wie würde jemand einen Auftrag wie das an einem grossem
              company wie Yahoo! mit Losen intelligenter Technikart Leute?
2005/5/3 [Uncategorized/German] UID:37506 Activity:nil
5/3     der Unterschied zwischen Tony Blair und Dubyas Rathaussitzungen:
        Late letzte Woche, bei einem seiner rituellen grillings - dieses
        television Programm "Fragezeit" - die Publikum booed als er
        appeared und wurde dann sogar feindlicher. "das eine Lüge ist! Sie
        to dieses Land und das ist, warum wir nicht Sie stützen können!"
        young Mann, Blair von die Intelligenz ungefähr übertreiben
        Saddam Husseins zur Welt. "welche neue Heimlichkeit besteuert, Sie
        intend?" bat um um andere. "Herr Blair, denke ich, daß Sie sinddas
        very, dem wir eine schwache Opposition im Augenblick haben, "sagte
        third, vielleicht in der freundlichsten Anmerkung des halbstündigen
        "Right, nehme ich [ es ] das nicht ein Kompliment ist," einen
        answered mild. In seiner Gießen-Ihrherz-heraus Art Blair
        admits, die die Abnutzung und der Riß auf ihm ist gewesen
        \_ I denken, daß dieses kleiner eines Bush/Blair Kontrastes als ein
           \_ sind Sie falsch. Blair sortiert nicht seine "Rathaus"
              Try zu einer Bush Stadt-Halle innen kommen, wenn Sie oben mit
              "Bring den Truppehaupt" Stoßaufkleber. Wir die Leute können
              partly zur Schuld, mit unserer Stern-getroffenen einstellung
              on der Fernsehapparat, aber ich denken, daß die Änderung von
              politicians sind gekommen zu denken, daß sie nicht auf uns
              Thats, warum wir "Debatten" verpackt haben, wo die Anwärter
              TALK MITEINANDER. Das ist, warum Sie innen nicht zu a erlaubt
              "public" Sitzung mit IHREM EIGENEN PRÄSIDENTEN, wenn sie
              themd. Dieses ist nicht in der US Tradition, obwohl es wie
              its langsam. Und das drückt wirklich nieder
              and traurig.
        \_ Yeah, aber in den Vereinigten Staaten, die wir erhalten,
          \_ aber Sie können nicht Gewehrkugeln haben.
        \_ gut, sind wir seit dem 70s viel mehr mild geworden. Leute sind
           vocal und seien Sie weniger wahrscheinlich, die Regierung zu
           show Schatullen Soldaten, Soldaten, die Schuß im Kopf erhalten,
           and Soldaten, die Kriegsverbrechen festlegen. Wir nehmen nicht
           in Quantitäten nah an dem 70s und wir beleuchten nicht mehr oben
           and Pfeffer. Wir zeichnen nicht mehr Friedenszeichen und
           putting UNSERE TRUPPE-Aufkleber, denen Sie kaufen können von
           supermarkets. Wir haben nicht mehr Woodstock, mit allgemeinen
           and Kinder, die singen, wie sie den Krieg hassen. 911 hat sich
           people, zum geistlose Lemminge zu sein, die Weise
           \_ I Nehmen hat es Sie nur späte war/post Krieggeschichte innen
           \_ der Vietnam Krieg war recht populäre nur zwei Jahre nachher
              we Truppen, festzulegen begonnen, auch. Gerechte Wartezeit
              Iraq Krieggegenkräfte an als lang....
           \_, das nett ist, wie Sie zügellosen Drogegebrauch als gute
              with 9/11, das uns Sklaven bildet. Ich schätze, daß Sie mit
              \_ KNOSPE-TAG denkt, daß Ihr troll fu schwach ist.
2005/5/3-4 [Transportation/Car] UID:37507 Activity:moderate
5/3     You know, with Los Angeles traffic that makes 405, 210, and 10
        look like a parking lot, 24 hours a day that totally and utterly
        piss off so many commuters in a fucked up designed and poorly planned
        transportation system, I'm not surprised this is happening. FUCK
        LOS ANGELES TRAFFIC. Let's charge mileages like NJ Turnpike and Garden
        State Highway:,2933,155394,00.html
        \_ No, the correct sentiment is FUCK THE MORONS WHO DESIGNED AND BUILT
           THIS STUPID ASS "CITY".  The traffic is the direct, predictable
           result of moronic, pointless sprawl.
        \_ I absolutely hate LA traffic as much as you, if not more, but
           what's bothering you about this article? Is it that there
           are highway shootings going on, because if so, read carefully
           and you'll see that we're on track to have less shootings
           this year compared to last. Yeah, shootings suck (and are
           scary), but at least the numbers are down.
           \_ "[L.A. traffic is so bad] I'm not surprised this is happening"
              \_ Yeah, I made a weak link but my point was LA Traffic sucks->
                 it pisses off people->pissed off people do crazy things
                 (like the guy in Falling Down). Just a tenuous suggestion.
        \_ doesn't LA rank like #45 nationally in freeway meters/capita?
           IOW, the reason the traffic sucks is because there aren't enough
           freeways, and there are too many people.
           \_ Show me a city anywhere in the world with just as many
              people, where there is less traffic. Oh yeah, all of them.
              The solution is better rapid transit and higher density,
              not more freeways. But if you live there and you want to
              keep pushing for more freeways, go right ahead. It doesn't
              bother me one bit. -smug San Franciscan
              \_ Are you crazy? You think traffic in, say, NYC or London
                 is good? How about in Athens, where only half the
                 population is permitted to drive each day? In fact, I
                 notice when I travel that lots of smaller cities like
                 Seattle are rapidly converging to LA-like traffic.
                 -smug Angeleno
                 \_ Average commutes are far shorter in NYC or London.
                    Why is that? Because most people live nearer their
                    jobs and because there is good transit. I don't know
                    anything about Athens, so you might have me there.
                    Yeah, lots of places are making LA-style mistakes.
                    That is nothing to be happy about.
           \_ I blame LA traffic on illegal immigrants driving jalopies (which
              by the way account for 1/3 of the cars you see on freeways) that
              break down, esp. during traffic hours. -illegal immigrant troll
           \_ All right, I spent a long time googling and I can't come
              up with your 45th nationally source. Some libertarian
              pro-freeway sources, claim that LA is low in freeway miles
              per capita, but others claim in freeway mile lanes per
              capita, LA is high. Got a source for that?
2005/5/3-5 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:37508 Activity:nil
5/3     Windows can pull a file out of its butt to Hibernate
        to, why can't FreeBSD/Linux? - danh
        \_ They can, but you have to leave the hibernate partition, and
           you might need to specify it in the kernel if the default
           kernel you're using doesn't have the right APM options.  -tom
           \_ so why is windows so cool?
              \_ part of the problem is reinitializing all of the components
                 after waking up.  It's more true when the device driver had
                 to be reverse-engineered.  There was one line of audio
                 chipset in a laptop that needed a special driver from the
                 manufacturer to behave properly after hibernation.  Even
                 the basic Windows (2k) driver couldn't get it to work
                 after hibernation w/o the proprietary driver.
2005/5/3-4 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:37509 Activity:kinda low
5/3     Procmail question.  For messages over, say 1 Meg, I want to
        add '[OVERSIZED]' to the subject, forward the message to another
        acct, and send myself a message at csua notifying me of the
        oversized message.  I have not been able to do this successfully.
        It should be something like this:

           * > 1000000
           | sed 's/^\(Subject:\)\(.*\)$/\1 \[OVERSIZED\]\2/'

        and then somehow I need to email myself the notification.
        Also, this wil only work if the message has a Subject field.
        How can I do this for the more general case?
        \_ Changing subject is quickly done using formail.
           From there you should be able to figure out the rest.
          \_ Didn't work.  Put a bunch of error messages in my log file,
             and got rid of the subject.  -op
             got rid of the subject, and sent 2 copies of the message to
             the other account.  -op
2005/5/3-4 [Recreation/Media] UID:37510 Activity:moderate
5/3     Just watched the HHGTTG movie.  Brilliant.
        \_ I love the fact that kais motd has classified your post under
           \_ Yeah there weren't enough context on the subject, so it went
              down to the stupid Berkeley grad student thread below. I love
              down to the stupid Berkeley grd studnt thread below. I love
              how people start one topic and other stupid people start a
              completely different topic.                               -k
              \_ "watched ... movie"  isn't enough context?
                \_ It's enough but the stuff below pollutes the result
        \_ You're kidding, right?  Either you have criminally bad taste, or
           you are so blinded by the geek Koolaid that you are beyond hope.
           That shit was worse than Episode II.  More childhood memories
           tainted by Hollywood slime.
           \_ Whatever.  I enjoyed the books and my 1st printing of "Mostly
              Harmless" was signed by Adams when he visited Cody's.  I don't
              remember the books well enough to remember what vaguely was
              called plot, but I thought the movie did a good job of tying the
              jokes together with an actual plot.  The account of the whale was
              spot on, and the guide was great. -op
              \_ No, nothing about this movie was "great."  It failed utterly
                 to work as a movie, and worst of all it wasn't even funny.
                 I cracked a few smiles but never once laughed.  Standard
                 Hollywood pap.  I suppose you're going to run right out and
                 catch "The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl In 3D" that
                 was advertised before the show?
                 \_ So, do you have any argument other than "was not!"?
                    \_ I don't need one.  The movie makes Ishtar look decent.
           \_ Them's what makes horse races.
           \_ Having talked to many people, I see a strong correlation between
              people who loved/hated it and people who didn't read/read the
              book. It's like the Berkeley phenomenon, where grad students
              from 3rd world countries thought the quality of Berkeley housing
              was decent, whereas grad students from average American
              suburbs thought it was total trash.
              \_ My dataset includes seven people. All liked the movie. Five had
                 read (and loved) the books. FWIW. -- ulysses
              \- I dunno about that generalization ... i think plenty of "3rd
                 world grad students" come from the "servant employing  class"
                 while plenty of moneyed americans live in coop slime. --psb
                 \_ Yeah.  Cloyne towards the end of a semester could make one
                    pine for the third world.
              \- I dunno about that generalization ... i think plenty of
                 "3rd world grad students" come from the "servant employing
                 class", while plenty of moneyed americans live in coop slime.
                 \_ Yeah.  Cloyne towards the end of a semester could make one
                    pine for the third world.
                    \_ Amusingly, I left Cloyne after 3 semesters for a third
                       world country (and it was an improvement). -emarkp
              \_ Well, I for one loved the books, and I thought the movie was
                 pretty decent. Definitely not "worse than Episode II". But
                 not classic either. Funny, but could've been funnier.
           \_ Or maybe it just sorta
              \_ I think that actually hits it right on the head.  I enjoyed
                 the bits I couldn't quote verbatim best because they were
                 different and, yes, I thought funny.  I enjoyed the movie
                 quite a bit while watching, though afterwards I realized
                 that the bits they added/changed often weren't thought through
                 very well.  I mean.. not that DNA's stuff was always completely
                 thought through, but he usually provided explanations later.
2022/08/07 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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