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2005/4/26-27 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:37359 Activity:high
4/26    emarkp, I have a present for you. Per your request I've made motd
        tracker to eliminate your name as a possible motd write suspect:
        Sense of humor required to view the site                     -kchang
                  \_ You are soooo cute.  And to think that you were up at 2:30
                     working on this (according to your script--which appears
                     to work better for times than it does for people).  You
                     /definitely/ have a life. -emarkp
                        \_ You obviously never experienced tech grad school
                           as a single dude, no kids, with weird sleep hours.
                           And BTW is that an insult above?
                           \_ Who's asking? -emarkp
        \_ I'm so happy.  I've never had my own stalker before. -emarkp
           \_ You should compare notes with lila.  She was in the same
              position before.
           \_ aaron doesn't qualify?
              \_ He's more of an equal-opportunity stalker. -emarkp
2005/4/26-27 [Uncategorized] UID:37360 Activity:kinda low
4/26    Anyone hear of this?  Didn't see it posted earlier...
        Professor Rine sounds like an idiot!  He must be from the
        future if he believes the bs he is spouting...
        \_ so what happened?  Did the thief return the notebook?
           \_ Not yet according to what I've heard.
        \_ It was discussed at length a few days ago.
2005/4/26-27 [Recreation/Humor] UID:37361 Activity:nil
4/25    Funny immature cartoons:
2005/4/26-27 [Finance/CC, Computer/Domains] UID:37362 Activity:low
4/25    I got a debt collection notice because I signed up for a $6 domain
        name under a fake first name but correct last name, and I'm not sure
        exactly what happened after that, but I couldn't manage to get it
        to accept my valid credit card number. I think it's probably because
        they wouldn't let me specify an alternate name for billing. Anyway,
        I didn't really use that domain and forgot about it, and assumed
        they would just cancel the domain or something. I mean really, if they
        accept my card and then order the domain and then don't charge my
        card (which is perfectly chargeable), it's their fault. What do you
        think I should do about the notice, though? It's for 21.94, and I'm
        against paying that on principle.
        \_ Pay it.  You'll want a house someday, and you don't want a
           lingering petty debt on your report.  There is no principle
           at stake here.  You wanted them to bill with a mismatched
           name and they couldn't/didn't.
           \_ The bill is actually not in my name. They accepted the billing
              info, ordered the domain, then declined to charge the card.
              \_ You are in the wrong. You should have cancelled. I am
                 sure they tried to charge your card. Pay them and ask
                 them not to report you. It's not worth your time.
                 \_ They accepted the billing info and then did not charge
                    the card. I attempted several times to correct the
                    information before giving up. The last name is the same.
                    They could perfectly well have charged the card; I've
                    done the same with magazine subscriptions.
                    \_ Did they set you up with a domain or not? It sounds
                       like they did. You owe them.
                       \_ Amd I was perfectly happy to pay them if they were
                          happy to charge my card, which they did not.
                          All sensible businesses these days get credit
                          card authorization before providing a service.
                          Presumably they had authorized my card. Not
                          following through on the charge seems to be their
                          fault. I didn't feel like I should have to struggle
                          with contacting them just to have them charge me.
                          \_ Did they provide you a service? If so, you
                             owe them. They are making it easy to pay now,
                             so do it.
        \_ Agreed that it's easier just to pay it but you might be able to
           dispute it on the grounds that since they declined your card and
           never gave you an order confirmation they failed to render services.
           And since they never gave you a bill you are not liable for any
           late-payment penalties.  But how much is your time worth?
           \_ I don't know, is it legal to register the domain under a
              false name?  Is it legal to use your credit card under a
              false name?
        \_ Your credit has already been damaged if you got a debt collection
           notice.  Paying it won't help that.
           \_ Not true. Lots of times it hasn't been reported yet,
              especially for a small amount like this. They give you a
              chance to cough up the money before spending $50 or whatever
              it is to report you. I've been in this situation a few times
              (mostly with doctors with confusing billing, but not only
              that) and was never reported. The collection agency said not
              to pay the doctor, but I did anyway and the problem went
              away. I have like an 800 credit score.
        \_ You should have sent them an e-mail saying, "Your ordering system
           gave me a domain, but wouldn't accept my credit card number.
           Please cancel my domain if you are unable to charge my card."
           By not writing this e-mail, you left the ball in their court.
           They noticed the domain was active for some time, noticed you
           hadn't been charged yet, and based on this, sought debt collection.
           You are well within your rights to explain the situation and offer
           If you don't want to waste your time, pay $21.94 and write it off
           as a loss.
2005/4/26-27 [Uncategorized] UID:37363 Activity:nil
4/25    Are sites like legit or just email traps for spammers?
        I myself stay away from them but some relative who is not as paranoid
        put my email there.  Should I ask them to remove it?
        \_ Use spamgourmet or similar services if you're worried.
        \_ reading their privacy policy, they seem legit.
2005/4/26-27 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:37364 Activity:nil
4/26    The new version of spamassassin stopped adding "SPAM" to the
        subject of spam emails.  What can I change in .spamassassin/user_prefs
        to make it do this again?  Right now, I have the following line:

                subject_tag [SPAM]
        \_ rewrite_header subject " [SPAM]"
2005/4/26-27 [Finance] UID:37365 Activity:moderate
4/26    The global rich list.  Find out where you stand!
        Apparently, there are 5,995,017,435 people poorer than me in the
        \_ This is based on income, not wealth.
        \_ why do they calculate hourly based on 27 hours a week?
           \_ That's how many hours you work in a week in the UESR (Union of
              European Socalist Republics).
        \_ I find it hard to believe that an income of $200,000/yr means
           you're the 107,565 richest person in the world.
           \_ Maybe they're basing their numbers on what people declare on
              their taxes :-)  -John
           \_ Dunno about income, but worldwide there are 7.3 million
              \_ I would much rather have a 200,000 a year continuous
                 stream of income than 1 million dollars.  (Though, you
                 know, not if I had to work for it).
              \_ I wouldn't be surprised that 1% of that 7.3 million
                 millionaires own +85% of the world's wealth, just like in
                 the old days of aristocracy.
2005/4/26-27 [Computer/SW/Unix, Finance/Investment] UID:37366 Activity:low
4/26    So I have a problem with vmware. It is unable to shrink my / drive
        and says it is an Unsupported partition. When I do the following,
        I see:
        tommy ~]# df -k
        Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
                              81892056   4140772  73591388   6% /
        I don't remember mounting it as /dev/mapper. What does this mean
        and how do I change it as a supported partition? Thanks.
        \_ /dev/mapper is RHEL 4.  That's an LVM volume.  I've heard you can't
        resize / with LVM, and I wasn't able to do it in RHEL 3.
        Sorry, don't know vmware...  -ax
        claims it's possible under fedora, might work under RHEL.  -ax
2005/4/26-27 [Reference/Religion] UID:37367 Activity:high
4/26    Washington Post / ABC News poll
        How important is religion in your everyday life:
        The most important thing in your life; extremely important, but not
        the most important thing, very important, somewhat important, or not
        important at all?
        Most important: 21%             Somewhat:       22%
        Extremely impt: 20%             Not at all:     10%
        Very important: 26%             No opinion:     -
        \_ See I'm atheist but if I wasn't I'd have to think religion should
           be the most important thing. If you really believe it then what
           could be more important? And if you don't believe it why is it
           important at all?
           \_ Religion doesn't put the food on the table.  Religion doesn't
              keep you from getting mugged.
              \_ That's the point... if you believe it, it DOES put food on
                 the mugged blah blah and if it doesn't, then it doesn't
                 matter. With religion, you're "set for eternity" and whether
                 you got your cheerios this morning doesn't matter. For
                 Christians, the cosmic omnipotent master of the universe
                 is personally watching out for ya. How can true believers
                 not be in supreme awe of that?
                 \_ You clearly don't understand non-fundamentalist
                 \_ The faith gradient is much more gradual than you think.
           \_ I used to think there were a lot of people who weren't really
              sure about whether there's a god or not, but they apply benefit
              of the doubt.  They don't think too much about it, but think the
              framework is beneficial to raising kids / the society at large
              (kids as well as people need structure, and religion is a
              convenient one to use).  These are the "religion is somewhat
              pre-existing structure!).  These are the "religion is somewhat
              important to me" people, I guess.
              \_ as if God can't figure out that people don't have faith...
                 \_ Satan will have them all!1$!666
                    \-has anybody heard people called the US the "most
                      religious country" ... that is just so on it's ipso
                    \-has anybody heard people call the US the "most
                      religious country" ... that is just so off it's ipso
                      facto absurd and irritating (it seems to imply usa most
                      moral). this includes some bright and otherwise somewhat
                      moral). this includes bright and otherwise somewhat
                      \_ Religious != moral.  -John
                      credible people saying this (google for "most religious
                      country", united states). i wonder if they really
                      believe this ... more relig than SA, mexico, iran,
                      nepal, india, pakistan?
                      \_ No, it just implies that the US is the most pious
                         and perhaps the most hypocritical.
                         \_ "Jesse, honey, you really shouldn't be using
                            words that you don't know the meaning of."
                            \_ I can assure you that my knowledge of the
                               English language is superior to yours. Go
                               look up the multiple meanings for the word
                               pious and realize why you should check
                               the dictionary before making a fool of
                               \_ Perhaps you should take your 'superior'
                                  command of the language and look up the
                                  word 'troll', fool; as in 'you got trolled,
                                  but were too intent on proving your
                                  intellect to a skeptical audience that you
                                  didn't notice'.
                                  \_ Methinks the troll is too proud of
                                     his ability to troll. Trolling requires
                                     no ability, just mendacity.
                                  \_ Trolling is not something to be proud of.
                                     \_ Why in god's name would you think it
2005/4/26-27 [Science/GlobalWarming, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:37368 Activity:nil
4/26    Happy Chernobyl day!,15569,1469597,00.html?=rss - danh
2005/4/26-27 [Recreation/Food] UID:37369 Activity:high
4/26    Recommendations on south bay/peninsula food, where each dish
        is less than $10?
        \_ Japanese food place inside of Mitsuwa Marketplace
           (Saratoga/MoorPark) in the Strawberry Park Mall.  I
           highly reccomend the Katsu Curry
        \_ Decent bento for ~$5 in the Nijiya market at El/Grant in
        \_ Any of the Burrito Triangle in Mountain View
           with Taqueria La Bamba being the best (Rengstorff/Middlefield way)
           \_ I personally like La Victoria near SJSU. Definitely try their
              famous orange sauce and horchata drinks.
           \_ I find that I enjoy Baja Fresh more than the more "authentic"
           \_ what are the other two?
              Los Altos Taqueria and Taqueria Los Costena (spelling?)
              Los Altos Taqueria and Taqueria Los Costenos (spelling?)
        . LA's food is good and they give free chips. Costena has the
        biggest burritos I have ever seen; but  are not as good as  Bamba.
        \_ Ramen Halu, Mango Cafe
           \_ Where is Ramen Halu?  (I know, obGoogle)
              \_ Saratoga off 280 or Get the Halu ramen
                 (there's only 3 items on the menu) with a half cooked egg.
        \_ New China Delight, downtown Mountain View.
        \_ Pasta Pomodoro, Amarin Thai on Castro
                           \_ Amarin Thai served a cockroach in my food
                              once and was not willing to not charge for
                              it.  Do NOT ever go there.
        \_ In San Mateo: -"Happy Cafe" (B street?) Shanghai food,
                         -A Islamic Chinese cuisine place, called, in
                         Chinese: "Ma Jia Qin Zhen Guan", big white letters
                         on green backboard(iirc) on El Camino @ 92.
                         -Brother's Deli
                         \_ Seconded on Ma Jia Qin Zhen Guan.
                         -Cathay Kitchen - cantonese
                         -Pierre's Express Chang (v. good for $$)
           Burlingame:  Broadway, 2-3 blocks east of El Camino, "Ping Jun Ge"
                        Burlingame Ave, "Nelson's Cafe" (if not retired, yet)
                        "Stacks" - American
                        \_ Yes, Stacks is good.
           Millbrae: A vietnamese place north of Millbrae Ave. on the El.
                        (just no. of Peter's Cafe)
           So. San Mateo: Thai place, around on the El ~30th.
           So. San Mateo: "Chao Praya" - Thai, around on the El ~30th.
           Cupertino: tons @ cupertino village: Wolfe Rd, first strip mall
                      east of 280
                      \_ north of 280.  Turn left at the first stop light
                         heading N from 280.
           \_ On Wolfe? Any decent places in there?
           Palo Alto: check University, east of the El.
        \_ Hooters
2005/4/26-27 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:37370 Activity:kinda low
4/26    Islamic scholar convicted his political activity.  url not shorteded
        because it is kind of interesting.
        \_ I am skeptical of their use of the term "islamic scholar".  This
           guy just finished a phd in computational biology.  They cite no
           evidence that this guy is any kind of actual religious scholar
           or leader of any kind beyond his circle of freinds from paintball
           and the internet.  I'm guessing the word "kingpin" is from some
           dipshit prosecutor who wants to be a star.
        \_ Yeah, that "political activity" is called treason.  And not
           just the Ann Coulter version, that's the real deal.
           \_ Yes, this is treason. The word has almost lost its real
              meaning because it is constantly being abused by Bush
              war supporters that claim anyone that disagrees with
              them, like that jackass LTC whose blog was posted in the
              motd yesterday. Reporting accurate, but unhappy, news about
              events in Iraq is not "treason."
              \_ Yeah, everyone who who misused the word treason are
              \_ Yeah, everyone who who misuses the word treason are
        \_ I'm not suggesting letting this guy go free, but how is this
           different from the militia groups that seem to get a free pass?
           \_ According to the Michigan Militia group, they exist to protect
              Americans in case our government/military becomes corrupted.
           \_ Since when do militias get a free pass?
2005/4/26-27 [Recreation/House] UID:37371 Activity:moderate
4/26    I like wall-to-wall carpeting.  do you?
        \_ I prefer hardwood (or bamboo) flooring with separate carpets
           \_ my new appt has bamboo floors. are they functionally any different from
              traditional hardwood floors?
           \_ my new appt has bamboo floors. are they functionally any
              different from traditional hardwood floors?
              \_ cheaper?  more easily renewable resource.
              \_ Is that like round bamboo sticks all lined up? or is it a
                 flat surface? if they're round i'd think the channels could
                 collect stuff which seems harder to clean.
              \_ I'm considering these.  Renewable is a big plus.  And, they
                 are flat.  They are like normal hardwood.
        \_ No. Real hardwood with throw rugs is the way to go.
        \_ Not if you have kids.  My son just turns one, and the carpet in my
           home is already full of stains.
        \_ No.  Carpets are hard to clean.
        \_ you should just shave her
        \_ Knock knock
        \_ I like laminate flooring (ie pergo).
2005/4/26-27 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:37372 Activity:kinda low
4/26    If you had to filibuster, what would you talk about for around two
        \_ I think I would read the motd archives.
        \_ if you pause for ten seconds, do you have to give up the floor?
           \- the hall is basically empty.
        \_ we haven't had a real filibuster since 1968.  it's the
           threat of the filibuster that keeps the majority of the senate
           from going wild - danh
        \_ I'd pick up The Art of Computer Programming and read aloud.
           \- you could read from lynn cheney's lesbo p0rn novel. --psb
        \_ Probably read Dr. Seuss books, followed by Shel Silverstein poems,
           followed by Shakespeare.
        \_ I'd perform a reading of The Iliad in the original Greek. Even
           though I can't speak Greek, I'd just try to wing it.
        \_ In past filibusters they read from the phone book.  Not sure if it
           was the white pages or the yellow pages.  Personally, I'd take the
           opportunity to read Ulysses. -dans
           \_ Finnegan's Wake would be much more entertaining.  -tom
             \- I think it would be kind of funny to see EED KENNEDY
                 reading the Monologue by M. BLOOM. However, I still think
                 the CHENEY lesbo work would be best. Maybe the God hates
                 Shrimp or Song of Songs or weird parts of Leviticus too.
                 What would be the point of reading from Shakespeare?
                 "Lynne Cheney's version of a happy ending: the protagonist
                 is rescued from lesbianism and anticapitalism when incest
                 steps in to save the day." --psb
2005/4/26 [Uncategorized] UID:37373 Activity:nil
4/26    NSFM (not safe for Mormons)
        \_ What's that supposed to mean?
2005/4/26-27 [Uncategorized] UID:37374 Activity:nil
4/26    "I'm absolutely confident he'll [UN amb. nominee Bolton] be confirmed."
          - Karl Rove, in interview to USA Today
        \_ Well, the abuse accuser turned out to be a serial liar, so...
2005/4/26-27 [Uncategorized] UID:37375 Activity:nil
4/26    Is any manufacturer selling dual-cpu (not dual core) PIV's?
        \_ No, you need to buy P4 Xeons if you want 2 CPUs and it's yet a
           different type of Xeon if you need more than 2 CPUs.
2019/10/15 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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