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2005/4/14-15 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Security] UID:37186 Activity:high
4/13    Hey, if you're going to update nethack, update angband, too.  You
        could also install a variant, like NPPAngband:
        \_ Interesting.  Thanks for the pointer.
           \_ there's even a competition:
        \_ Installed angband (there was a ports version) - amckee
           \_ NPPAngband is trivial to install.  Why not install that too?
              \_ Because I was up until 2:30 upgrading Perl and did this
                 between compiles? MAYBE I'll install it, though. =) amckee
           \_ If by 'trivial' you mean 'completely manual', yes it was trivial.
              I've installed it as NPPAngband, I did not overwrite angband
        \_Oh no!  There goes my weekend/life! -scottyg
        \_ NetHack, Copyright 1985-2003
           By Stichting Mathematisch Centrum and M. Stephenson.
           See license for details.
           No write permission to lock perm!
           Hit space to continue:
           \_ Unable to replicate with my two user-land accounts,
              do you have any stale files around? Anyone else seeing this?
              Send email to amckee/root, iff you see this and want it
              looked at.
              \_ i don't think you quite understand what userland means.
                 \_ You do realize that, in addition to OS, process, and
                    object level privileges, root accounts can run in
                    increased kernel priority levels? Granted, in this case
                    the problem is most likely to do with file permissions,
                    it is not an atypical usage of the word 'userland' to
                    refer to non-root/non-privileged users. Thanks for the
                    snideness, though.
                    \_ i still don't think you quite understand what
                       userland means. try looking it up in, say, the jargon
                       file. root accounts are not any different from
                       normal ones in terms of where they run (i.e., they do
                       not run in the kernel). the kernel will allow you to
                       do privileges things by being root, yes, but they are
                       still done by the kernel, not because you as root are
                       in the kernel mucking around.
2005/4/14-15 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:37187 Activity:moderate
4/14    Sharper Image Ionizer IS bad for you, see Consumer Reports and here:
        \_ What, aside from not working?
        \_ The fact that sharper image releases ozone has been known for
           years.  The fact that it causes more problems for some with
           asthma has also been known for a while.  It really is nothing
           new.  But it looks like not every asthmatic people have problems
           with it.  There are many asthmatic people on-line that swear by it.
           Sharper Image even mentions the release of ozone on their site,
           though they claim that it is in perfectly safe amount.  Supposedly,
           it's the ozone that actually makes the room smell "fresher."  I've
           read many newsgroup articles before deciding to buy it.  I
           personally didn't like the ozone smell at first but got used to it.
           What I do know is that I'm not kept awake at night due to allergies
           anymore, and I don't get annoyed by the noise my old air filter
           used to make. - happy Ionic Breeze owner
           \_ Ozone generation is often used as a deoderizer, but it's highly
              destructive to live cells, and I think a carcinogen (not sure
              on that)
           \_ Do you look more and more like Michael Jackson each day?
           \_ So you're accepting testimonials over science?  Would you like
              your palm read?
              \_ Praise the Holy Ionizer!
           \_ I've always under the impression that the whole purpose of those
              ionizers are to generate ozone in your room, rather than ozone
              being a side-effect.
              \_ Those devices exist too, but they're much worse than what
                 Sharper Image is selling.
                 \_ Thx!
2005/4/14-15 [Computer/SW/OS/VM] UID:37188 Activity:nil
4/14    I'm a bit baffled by VMWare. Inside the VM, the reported disk usage
        is 2G. But outside the VM, the disk size is 5.6G even though I already
        1) defraged inside the VM and 2) defraged using VMware. Why is that?
        \_ You can specifiy whether you want to allocate a huge disk or only
           allocate as it's used.  Which did you choose?
        \_ VMWare has a checkpointed file system.  Good for "rollback" to
           known state. Not frags, but history makes the space larger than
           visible in the embedded OS.  I believe this is an option in the
           vmware setup / config.
        \_ I found the answer. You have to go to VMWare Tools inside your VM,
           and then select Shrink, Prepare to shrink, and then Shrink.
2005/4/14-15 [Industry/Startup, Finance/Investment] UID:37189 Activity:moderate
4/14    Any ideas on why Apple stock has dropped 15% in two days?
        \_ People are realizing the prospects for the company don't merit
           the current valuation.  -tom
           \_ why does that make sense right after they announce numbers that
              soundly beat everyone's expectations? i think the poster below's
              point is valid. also, i think ppl wanted earnings to be 20x
              year over year, not a measly 6x.
              \_ Because even with the numbers that soundly beat everyone's
                 expectations, and even if they're able to keep that level
                 of revenue coming in, the company's still not worth 45
                 times earnings.  Prospects for growth from this Q's
                 revenues are pretty small in the near term.  -tom
                 \_ yes, i understand that. but why wasn't there a selloff two
                    weeks or two months ago when the ratios were even worse
                    (higher stock and lower numbers)?
                    \_ The stock market is not efficient.  -tom
        \_ Buy on rumors, sell on news.
2005/4/14-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:37190 Activity:moderate
        Stunningly, this happened over a month ago, and we're just hearing
        about it.
        \_ Oral isn't sex.  Do school officials need to report if the local
           school bully beat up other kids for their sandwiches or whatever?
           \_ It was gang rape of a disabled girl you fucktard.
              \_ Is oral sex?  If it's not sex, can it be rape?  You can
                 call it assault if you want, but it's not rape unless oral
                 is sex.
                 \_ Tell me it's not rape when I break out your front teeth and
                    strangle you with my cock.
                    \_ The official definition of sex is "Contact with the
                       genitalia, anus, groin, breast, inner thigh, or
                       buttocks of any person with an intent to arouse or
                       gratify the sexual desire of any person".  Notice the
                       absence of "mouth" in the deifition.  Also, the intent
                       "to arouse or gratify sexual desire" is required.  All
                       of which says that, no, in fact you would not be
                       considered to have had a sexual relationship with me.
                       Therefore rape would not apply here, but merely assault.
                       \_ Then you better enjoy it when I skullfuck you.
                       \_ You continue to be a DUMBFUCK.  Try looking up the
                          legal definition of rape.

                          \_ Also the definition of battery vs. assault.
                          \_ CA Penal Code Section 261:
                             ( -- !pp
                             \_ Why are you quoting CA law for a case in OH?
                                \_ Because one poster above talked about
                                   breaking out another poster's front teeth
                                   and strangling the latter with the former's
                                   cock.  It's more likely that the posters are
                                   in CA than in OH.
                             \_ You should read your own link.  266c clearly
                                does not apply here, as that requires false
                                or fraudulent representation.  Everything else
                                requires sexual intercourse, which did not
                       \_ So contact between genetalia and mouth isn't sex?
                                \_ Huh?  Someone asked for the legal definition
                                   of rape and I provided it.  As I signed
                                   above, I was "!pp" ("not previous poster")
                                   and wasn't any of the ones arguing above.
                                   --- one who posted link
                       \_ So contact between genitalia and mouth isn't sex?
                          \_ Not for the recipient, no.
                             \_ You need to learn to read--Contact with the
                                genitalia of any person means contact with the
                                genetalia of any person.
                                genitalia of any person.
                 \_ You are officially a DUMBFUCK
                 \_ It doesn't matter whether or not oral is sex.  "Rape"
                    legally includes forcing a penis into a mouth.  For
                    example, even if you force a penis into someone's mouth
                    with the sole intention of choking him/her and no
                    thought/intention/feeling of sex comes up on both parties,
                    it is still rape.
                    \_ url please.  CA Penal Code Section 261 just left it
                       to "sexual intercourse".  So is oral sex?
                       \_ Coerced oral copulation is sexual battery, in the
                          same class of felonies as rape. See section 288.
                          Search for "oral copulation"
                          \_ URL please.
                             \_ (section 288a)
        \_ If oral isn't sex, can you still get arrested for contracting
           for oral service from a professional?
        \_ In the dictionary under "trolled" will be a transcript of the above
2005/4/14-15 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:37191 Activity:very high
4/14    Japan is pulling a fast one in China Sea, just before meeting of
        foreign ministers.

        Japanese government approves drilling in contested water; "the Defense
        Agency and the Japan Coast Guard" will "ensure the safety of the
        Japanese firms involved." (remarks at the very end).
        \_ You can't keep backing down forever.  The only way to deal with a
           bully is to confront them at some point.
           \_ I agree 100%. Who's the biggest bully in the world?
           \_ That's what Germans said beforing invading CZ and Poland.
              \_ So long as you are consistent in the behavior you accept
                 from the parties.  If you accept Chinese consternation when
                 it's thwarted, then you accept US (or whatever other nation)
                 consternation when it is thwarted also.  If you accept the
                 Chinese military moving in to occupy the questionable areas,
                 then you accept someone else's invasion also.
                 \_ The url syas Japanese military is going to patrol the
                    contested water, as they have already done there and
                    over some islet in dispute, not the other way around.
                    Your "China Bad" reflex is hurting basic reading
                    comprehension.  Sad.
           \_ That's what Germans said beforing invading CZ and Poland.  Some
              just has a habit of calling the victim bully and the bully victim
              \_ Yep.  The Chinese started to tap into a pool of resource
                 that crosses into contested territory.
                 \_ You are confused which side your argument supports.
                    \_ it all depends on your perspective.
                       \_ Only if you are already fixated.
        \_ Why is Japan pulling a fast one?   China started test drilling
           first and would not make its plans known to Japan.
           \_ China drilled in a area where even Japan acknowldged to be in
              Chinese domain, but now Japan will drill in a contested area.
              A boundary between two countries is valid iff it is acknowledged
              by both.  China asked but Japan has refused to negotiate over the
              \_ Unfortunately, while the Chinese are drilling in uncontested
                 areas, they may be tapping into a pool of resource that
                 crosses over into the Japanese exclusive economic zone.
                 This makes the Chinese test drill a contested issue.  While
                 the Japanese may have refused China's proposal to jointly
                 develop the area, the Chinese have also turned down the
                 Japanese proposal to evenly divide the sea between China and
                 Japan.  Nor have the Japanese turned down the Chinese joint
                 development as such.  The Japanese government has asked for
                 Chinese drill data before they would consider the proposal,
                 and China has refused to provide any information.
                 \_ Japan "claims" the reservior is connected to theirs.
                    \_ I don't think there's much doubt that this is japan's
                       claim.  Perhaps you mean to put quotes around
                    Saddam made the same claim about oil field in Kuwait as the
                    reason to invade it.  If the air moleculres I breathe is
                    claimed to have passed Japan, do I have to bow to the
                    Emporor too?  As for the border, Japan simply "declared" a
                    "middle" line between Okinwawa, which was brutally annnexed
                    and colonized by Japan ~15 years before it did the same to
                    Taiwan and ~25 years before it did to Korea, and some spot
                    on mainland China.  It refused to discuss this with China.
                 \_ Saddam made the same claim about oil field in Kuwait
                    tapping into Iraq's as the reason to invade it.  If the
                    air moleculres I breathe is claimed to have passed Japan,
                    do I have to bow to the Emporor too?  As for the border,
                    Japan simply declared a "middle" line between Okinawa
                    and some spot on Chinese mainland.  Okinawa was forcibly
                    annnexed and brutally colonized ("disposed" is the
                    officially sanctioned word) by Japan ~15 years before it
                    did the same to Taiwan and ~25 years before it did so to
                    Korea.  It went free after WWII, but Japan reannexed it in
                    1972.  Regardless whether that is legitimate, it is clear
                    Japan's rapidly expanding border is a grave concern for its
                    neighbors, but it continues on a roll to impose its will.
                    Will they next claim a land border between Korea and
                    Shanghai, or between Pearl Harbor and Boston?
                 \_ China proposed joint exploration and offered to negotiate
                    the border dispute.  Japan simply unilaterally announed
                    where they want it to be.  This is not how normal country
                    resolves difference with neighbors. You are admitting the
                    facts, but your use of 'proposal','turn down,' and 'refuse'
                    are clever spins.  Isn't it odd to ask China to provide
                    very valuable data when Japan does not agree to form
                    a collaboration with it?  Hey, give me the source code to
                    longhorn before I consider whether to buy it.  No? You must
                    be evil!
                    \_ How can you negotiate over something when you don't
                       what you are negotiating over?  Of course Japan has
                       to ask for survey data before it can consider the
                       Chinese joint exploration proposal.
                    \_ Wrong analogy.  Source code = software.  However,
                       Survey data != actual oil
                       \_duh, analogy is not meant to be precise. If you were
                         serious about the discussion, you'd have gotten the
                         point, but clearly you are not.  Besides, Chinese
                         drilling is done in uncontested water. Japan's request
                         for data is just their way of saying "fuck you."
2005/4/14-15 [Politics/Domestic/911, Reference/Military] UID:37192 Activity:moderate
4/14    So the media have all but ignored the Minuteman Project.  There are
        claims now that the Mexican Army are escorting mexicans to other
        parts of the border to cross, but there's pretty much zero coverage of
        this.  Why isn't this being investigated?
        \_ Almost as importantly is the lack of coverage that these
           illegals costs in range bombing time.
        \_ It's 24 miles worth of border and they have caught about 200
           people so far. Of course the Border Patrol is pissed off because
           the Minutemen, the activists watching the Minutemen, and the
           reporters following everyone are setting off alarms and messing
           with their own tracking. The Minutemen succeeded the first day
           when they got their 15 minutes of free press.
           \_ You obviously don't understand the project.  The number of
              illegals crossing the border in that section has dropped
              dramatically.  That's a success.
              \_ Errr...You aren't really *that* dumb are you?  Umm...maybe
                 you are...
              \_ Because it doesn't extrapolate out nicely. 500 volunteers
                 over 24 miles compared to paying X professionals over the
                 1950-odd mile Mexican border? Toss in Canada and you've
                 got a bit of a budget problem.
2005/4/14-15 [Finance/Investment] UID:37193 Activity:moderate
3/14    Related to the below (same poster):  If I open an ING Direct account
        for 3% yield, and people are figuring inflation is 3.2% per year, I'm
        actually losing money (post-inflation), right, until inflation drops
        below the nominal yield?
        \_ Yes.
           \_ TIPS was created to appeal to people whose rely on interest
              rates as income.
        \_ Until inflation drops below the nominal yield minux tax.
        \_ Foreign currency, higher interest rate AND stronger currency. I
           invested in Euro 2 years ago and never looked back. US dollar is
           FUCKED regardless of inflation and interest rate.
           \_ I think the Euro has appreciated about all it is going to
              against the dollar. They will be back nearer to each other
              soon enough.
2005/4/14-15 [Reference/Tax, Finance/Investment] UID:37194 Activity:high
4/14    So it seems like TIPS (Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities) are the
        safest bonds to buy.  It doesn't seem like they're at all affected by
        market conditions (bad or good), and they have a guaranteed rate of
        return after inflation (CPI adjustments).  So what's the catch?
        Is the only downside of this tiny risk investment a tiny post-inflation
        yield of ~ 1.8%?  Anyone with experience?  I think I can buy these
        direct from the government, too.  Thanks!
        \_ AFAIK the low yield is the drawback.
        \_ well, yes, the catch is you can get better rates elsewhere. for
           example, top cd rates today are rather higher than the comparable
           TIPS rate. if inflation were to go crazy, TIPS could be a
           better deal. but otherwise...
           \_ Over the last few years interest rates have dropped below
              that of inflation.  While inflation rates weren't "crazy,"
              lots of fixed income households were hurt. TIPS is supposed
              to solve this.
        \_ If you can count on the government to report inflation accurately.
           I don't think you can, personally.
           \_ So if Dubya's people say CPI is overstating inflation and manage
              to drop the CPI calculations by 1 or 2 points, I get screwed
              \_ Hey, maybe one of those Bush guys took Econ 100b!   "The CPI
                 overstates rates of price increase by 1/2 to 1.5 percent per
                 year (and the GDP deflator has similar biases)."
                 \_ Which leads us back to Social Security which uses the CPI
                    to determine how much to increase payouts. Messing with
                    the CPI means messing with SS. Neat stuff, huh?
                    \_ You know, when it shows up in Econ 100b, it's probably
                       not a controversial issue whether the CPI overstates
                       or not.  So, the question is would you prefer to run
                       Social Security based on a CPI you know is faulty, or
                       would you prefer to run it based on something that
                       economists can agree is more realistic.
                       \_ It showed up in Jan 1996 lecture notes.
                          I believe CPI calculations have already been
                          adjusted downwards since then.
                          The question is, well, how accurate is it now?
                          \_ Well, apparently Greenspan is still pushing
                             for using a chained CPI, which was recommended
                             by the Boskin Commission back in 1996.
                             \_ Makes sense.  You need a big gun opposite
                                Greenspan to challenge him.  Otherwise,
                                he's probably right on that point.
                           \_ There have been a lot of arguments that the
                              CPI _under_estimates inflation. I think
                              overall it is probably a decent number if
                              people argue both ways.
        \_ The catch is, as far as I can tell, that you have to pay taxes on
           the increased value of the bond when it adjusts, which sucks.

        "Another caveat: If you buy TIPS directly from the Bureau of Public
         Debt you're liable for federal taxes on the inflation adjustment,
         even though it's not a cash payout. That's in addition to the tax
         you must pay on the interest income. (You don't pay state or local
         income tax on Treasuries.) For that reason, it's best to hold TIPS
         in a tax-deferred or nontaxable account, such as an IRA."
2005/4/14-15 [Science] UID:37195 Activity:nil
4/14    NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - IBM, one of the world's largest technology
        companies, stunned Wall Street by reporting first quarter earnings and
        sales that were well below analysts' estimates.
        \_ Down over 5.5%.  Couldn't have happened to nicer folks.
2005/4/14-15 [Uncategorized] UID:37196 Activity:nil
3/14    The FBIs protecting your from evil duck hunt pirates:
2005/4/14-15 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:37197 Activity:nil
3/14    does gmail's pop3 work? Is there a delay after you enable it? pop login
        always fails and I followed the setting to the letter. my client is
        outlook 2003... thanks...
2022/08/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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