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2005/4/7 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:37098 Activity:nil
4/6     I love my Tablet PC! I love how you can organize notes and brainstorm
        easily. I love how it does hand-writing to text conversion effortlessly
        and how you can perform proper text search not only on text, but
        handwriting as well! It's also quite something when you can simply
        make draws and highlights in PowerPoint. I'm never going
        back to regular laptops again.
2005/4/7-8 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:37099 Activity:low 75%like:37086
4/6     How does one go about watching the new Dr. Who in this country?  I
        buy a copy, or is it being shown on TV anytime soon?
        \_ The simplest way is to download  one of the many copies
           that exist on your friendly neighborhood P2P server but
           be prepared to wait for a bit.
           The exists no American contract right now.
           The only overseas showing you read about is in canada (CBC)
           which should start pretty soon (the magrathea sftv mailing
           list is a good source of info too): episode 3 is being
           broadcast in the UK on Saturday.  --ramberg
           \_ Thanks!  Are CBC or BBC available via sattelite?  Did you
              get it via p2p?
              \_   Google  gives info  on both.
              \_   Google  gives info  on both as would searching your
        favorite p2p site.
2005/4/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:37100 Activity:moderate
4/7     Why does Laura Bush get to go to Rome as part of the official
        delegation but Jimmy Carter doesn't?  Is a current First Lady, which is
        not an official, more important than a former president?
            \_ one word:  BJ. Sleeping with the CIC does have perks.
        \_ Idiot, Carter didn't want to go. He was offered but he
           declined, ergo the First Lady/Rice took his spot.
           \_ I heard dubya denied brook berry too!
           \_ 'Former President Carter had hoped to go as well, but backed off
              when told the Vatican had limited the official delegation to
              five"  (
              five "and there were also others who were eager to attend,"'
              \_ "eager to attend" doesn't show up in that story.  The version
                 I was told was that Jimmy wanted to take his wife, but that
                 would have made 6 people.  Should he have been able to take
                 his wife while Laura Bush stayed home?
                 \_ We should be ecstatic that Bush actually went, dressed the
                    part, and didn't pull a Cheney.
                    \_ The pope is part of old christianity.  We're allies with
                       new up-and-coming denominations like born-again
                       evangelicals, yadda yadda...
                       \_ And Poland, and Italy, and (we wish) a ton of
                          S. America, and and and... -John
2005/4/7 [Uncategorized] UID:37101 Activity:nil 80%like:37106
4/6     Any one reccomend a chiro   around Sunnyvale/MountainView who
        also does shiatsu ?
2005/4/7-8 [Recreation/Food] UID:37102 Activity:high
4/7     Favorite pizza toppings?
        \_ chorizo!
        \_ Cilantro
        \_ pesto
        \_ anchovies
        \_ capers
        \_ spinach and olive
        \_ coppa
        \_ Pineapple: .
        \_ Pepperoni & mushroom: ..
        \_ Used to be ham & pineapple -- now mushroom & pineapple (veggie)
           -- which seems to offend some deeply.
           \_ I, for one, am deeply offended.
              \_ I find your statement offensive in the deepest sense.
        \_ pepperoni and sausage: ..
        \_ meat -- lots of it:  .
        \_ jalapeno, olive and mushroom: .
           \_ eeww
        \_ mushroom and onions
2005/4/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:37103 Activity:high
4/7     Watch popular conservative blog get it wrong on authenticity of
        Schiavo memo:
        The third possibility is that the memo is a Democratic dirty trick.
        At the moment, that looks most likely.  It is easy to picture how the
        document could have been constructed.  A Democratic staffer wants to
        put in some language that will sound authentic for a Republican memo.
        What does he do?  He steals four paragraphs from the Coalition's web
        site.  Then he adds the explosive political observations which are the
        whole point of the exercise--weirdly out of place in a "talking
        points" memo, but good politics for the Democrats.
        \_ You stopped taking your meds, didn't you?
        \_ i think a republican staffer just resigned for writing the
           memo - danh
           \_ A Florida Senator's legal counsel with close ties to... Tom DeLay.
           \_ You are correct.
           \_ Bahh, I have no need of your useless facts or logic!
           \_ From the Sun-Sentinel in Florida:
        \_ You stopped taking your meds, didn't you?
        \_ Do you see the black helicopters too?
           \_ You two do realize the paragraph is taken verbatim from the URL?
        \_ Powerline is no better than The Free Republic.
           \_ Nor is Sean Hannity, nor Rush Limbaugh, nor Michelle Malkin,
              nor any of the other commentators who jumped on the meme that
              the memo was forged by dems.
              \_ Wow--I guess it's a good sign that I hadn't heard this nutty
                 theory.  Sounds just as wacky as the Dems who claim that the
                 CBS memos were authored by Karl Rove as a trap for the left.
                 \_ To her credit (never expected to say that...) Malkin came
                    to her senses today.
                    \_ Not really. Rather than apologize for spreading a
                       false rumour, she gets all snarky and defensive
                       ands makes a bunch more unsubstantiated attacks.
                       \_ Actually she links to an earlier blog entry where
                          she says other bloggers believed the forgery rumors,
                          not her, and another blog where she attacked the
                          believability of a report suggesting so.
                          now why do i feel so dirty?
        \_ Powerline is just as much of a right-wing loony bin as Dailykos over
           on the left.
        \_ Mediamatters has an entire timeline on how this crap got into the
           mainstream media.  This all just reminds me of that Negativland
           record "Helter Stupid."
           \_ Heh.
              "I think within a week or two it will become clear that it--that
              memo was a forgery, possibly written by Democrats on the Hill in
              an effort to discredit Republicans." -Tucker Carlson
2005/4/7-8 [Reference/Religion] UID:37104 Activity:nil
4/7     What's the Muslim world's attitude towards the Pope's death?  I don't
        see anything in the news.
2005/4/7-8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:37105 Activity:low
4/7     student position @ CNS: /csua/pub/jobs/CNS --jon
        \_ will I have to work with you?
           \_ Jon works for EECS, twink.
2005/4/7 [Uncategorized] UID:37106 Activity:nil 80%like:37101 80%like:37107
4/6     Any one reccomend a churro  around Sunnyvale/MountainView who
        also does shiatsu ?
2005/4/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:37107 Activity:nil 80%like:37106
4/6     Any one reccomend a churro  around Sunnyvale/MountainView who
        also does shitake ?
2005/4/7-8 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:37108 Activity:very high
4/7     Jesus says gas prices will increase even more this summer.,0,5025383.story
        "When adjusted for inflation, U.S. fuel prices peaked at $3.12 in
        March 1981"
        \_ Premium unleaded at Chevron in Berkeley is $2.92 / gallon.  The
           price for regular is $2.72 / gallon.
           \_ $2.79 and $2.99 at the Shell in San Francisco at 30th and Mission.
           \_ 2.49 and 2.69 at usa on dixon / n. milipitas.
        \_ Um, gas prices go up every summer.  This is a surprise?  If CA wants
           cheaper gas in the summer, maybe we shouldn't require the producers
           to use a wacky blend just for CA.
           \_ ...and then L.A. would be unliveable
        \_ In other news, the price of oil dropped today.
        \_ Just an fyi, the $3.12 figure is highest *average*.  When premium
           self-serve in downtown SF hits $3.13 don't all go crazy.
           Ye may commence hysterics at $3.85 / gallon. -op
           \_ Hysterics?  Don't they already pay more than that in Europe?
              \_ Yes.  And the tax on it here ain't going down, so when  it's
                 at $4/gallon, they UK's paying about 8 or so... -John
        \_ you know, we moan and bitch when gas price is going up while
           shut our mouths when housing price doubled in the past 5 years.
           We pay approx 1/3 of our earnings on rent and/or mortgage while
           only 1/10 to 1/20 of it on gasoline. Our sense of scope is just
           wacked. If anything, we should be moaning and bitching about
           land ownership inequality and things to alleviate this crisis
           instead of something as insignificant as price adjustments in
           gasoline. And I'm all for price hike if it means less people driving
                                                            \_ fewer
             Maybe he means "lesser", as in "those who drive SUVs _/
             are lesser people."
           their damned SUVs and polluting the earth. And I mean it even if
           I have to pay 2X for delivery or anything else like grocery.
           \_ The problem is that oil prices undermine all other prices.  And
              might be able to move to a smaller house and pay less rent/
              mortgage, but everyone has to eat.  And since agriculture
              just uses land to turn petroleum and natural gas into food,
              higher oil prices == higher food prices.
              \_ Plus oil money drains out of the country while housing costs
                 stay. Well, unless it's owned by foreigners and rented out.
                 Actually I'm not sure just what the housing price increases
                 really mean. All that debt goes somewhere. The US debt ends
                 up causing a ton of interest payments to foreign lenders.
                 Oh well this place is screwed, I better get my Euro
                 citizenship in order.
           \_ 75% of us are landowners. Why would we bitch?
              \_ 75% land ownership in America? Wow, America IS rich! Moooo...
                 \_ Well, the number is something over 69%. Do you want to
                    compare that to, say, Germany? It's 43% there.
                 \_ 75% land ownership for EVERYONE, including children under
                    12 years old? Or do you only count after 18 years of age?
                    \_ The homeownership rate is computed by dividing the
                       number of owner-occupied housing units by the number
                       of occupied housing units or households.
        \_ PRAISE JESUS!!!
2005/4/7-8 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:37109 Activity:kinda low
4/7     Just curious, when US sells lots of F-16s to India and Pakistan,
        how much profit is going back to the the people (which may or
        may not help in covering the deficit)? And how much of it goes
        to companies that make these weapons?
        \_ What do you mean by "back to the people"? I guess it goes to
           Lockheed Martin stockholders.
           \_ Don't forget that, at least in Pakistan's case, we probably
              lent them the cash in the first place.  -John
                \_ and in the case of Israel and Egypt, we gave them the
                   money.  Perhaps giving money directly to corporations
                   ain't so bad, at least it cuts out the middle man.
                   \_ Cuts out arming the unstable foreign ally of the
        \_ Actually, Pakistan already paid for the F-16s. The trade was
           put on hold due to problems with Kashmir.
2005/4/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:37110 Activity:nil
        1990 shows a HUGE jump in income inequalities, what happened?
        \_ You don't remember the dot-com era under Clinton?
        \_ Are you talking just about the 93-94 jump, or the whole decade?
2005/4/7-8 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:37111 Activity:moderate
4/7     Does postgreSQL or mysql have anything like Oracle Advanced
        \_ obUsePostGresInsteadOfMySQL
        \_ What is OAS?
        \_ err, OAS doesn't seem like a database product to me so much as a
           suite of network security applications.  So... doubt it.
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