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2005/4/4-5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:37055 Activity:low
4/3     Clean up your crap
        Filesystem  1K-blocks    Used Avail Capacity  Mounted on
        /dev/da1s1f   8363669 7694492    84   100%    /csua/tmp
        \_ hey lorinda!  Do you really need to backup your blurry wedding
           photos on soda?  At least have some of the wedding night.
           \_ Not if what I saw in the wedding photos is an example.
        \_ What's the purpose of /csua/tmp?  Is it like /tmp where anybody can
           use it for temporary storage but the OS or root can delete files
           when needed?
           \_ apparently a common use is for copyright infringement:
                \_ i eat a lot of broccoli
           \_ Yes, we are eagerly looking to stomp on these files. =)
        \_ Why not just implement automatic cleaning of this
           directory? We could adapt /etc/periodic/daily/110.clean-tmps
           or use tmpwatch for example.
           \_ Why do it?  I posted the info and within a few hours it is down to
              43% usage.  Since the size of the mount got increased, it rarely
              fills up.
2005/4/4-10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:37056 Activity:nil
4/4     Please clean up your files in /csua/tmp when you are done. As all of
        you probably know, and just to remind those that may not, the tmp
        folder is, well, temporary. We reserve the right to delete things
        without warning. Since we seem to constantly be filling this volume,
        this is not a hypothetical threat. =) We will try to delete files that
        have not been used in awhile, or from users that have not logged in for
        awhile, but just so you know - /csua/tmp is not a long term storage
2005/4/4-5 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:37057 Activity:low
4/3     Ahh, the culture of life.  18 year old gets 90 days after attacking
        his girlfriend and threatening her with a knife when she told him that
        she was voting for Kerry.
        \_ Kerry really drives people crazy.
        \_ Non sequitur.
           \_ You mean troll. A non sequitur would apply to an existing
              debate. Unless you deleted the rest of the post, that's not
              the case here.
2005/4/4-5 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:37058 Activity:nil
4/4     entry-level whitebox testing job at hot startup, involving crazy
        Big Brother type technologies.  Email brain for details!  Have a resume
        and be prepared to code C++, Java, and possibly perl.  Code is more
        crucial than QA skills; I'll show you that part.        -brain
        \_ big brother in a good way or in a bad way? of course, how could it
           be in a good way?
           \_ I think he means the s/w called Big Brother, which monitors
              the health and status of systems.
              \_ Problem solving is the more important part in any QA.
                (Person who is doing Sr QA and  deals with programming
        QA types outsourced to  Russia who  can perl like a demon but
        can't understand  testing  worth a damn.)
                 \_ Developers who can't write their own functional and unit
                    tests are dangerous and not to be trusted.
2005/4/4-5 [Reference/Tax] UID:37059 Activity:nil
4/4     Is there a Home & Business version of TurboTax this year?  There was
        one last year but I don't see one this year.
2005/4/4-5 [Uncategorized] UID:37060 Activity:nil
4/4     Has anyone tried Microsoft's speech recognition? How is it compared to
        Dragon Natually Speaking?
        \_ I intend to try both and get back to you in the next six months.
2005/4/4-5 [Computer/SW] UID:37061 Activity:nil
4/4     If you are self-empoloyeed and didn't make money last year, can last
        years' expense be deducted from this years taxable income?  Do you
        need to file a return for last year?
2005/4/4-5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:37062 Activity:low
4/4     In addition, one-third of the multi-ethnic 9th graders surveyed said
        they intended to have oral sex within the next six months and nearly
        one-fourth planned to have intercourse during the period. It was more
        common for boys to have performed oral sex on girls than vice versa,
        the report said. ... "Given the suggestion that adolescents do not view
        oral sex as sex and see oral sex as a way of preserving their virginity
        while still gaining intimacy and sexual pleasure, they are likely to
        interpret sexual health messages as referring to vaginal sex," wrote
        lead author Bonnie Halpern-Felsher, a pediatrician at the University of
        California, San Francisco.
        \_ Well sure. I PLANNED to have oral sex in the next six months when I
           was in 9th grade. Does that mean it actually happened?
        \_ Bubba says:  "I did not have sexual relations with that woman,
           Ms. Lewinsky."
        \_ This dovetails nicely with the study that showed that abstinence
           only sex ed has led to a rise in teens experimenting with oral and
           anal sex.  I don't think anyone who is advocating abstinence only
           actually cares if it is more or less effective in public health
           terms - they are motivated mostly by religious concerns.
        \_ I planned to have oral sex in 9th grade, but didn't get any. These
           kids are often full of shit. What would *you* have written on
           such a survey? "I am planning to give oral sex to the Virgin Mary
           in the next 6 months."
In the Year of Our Meow 1765, a lone Mao farmer was out in his field,
tilling the land and planting seeds. Farmer Mao wiped his brow with his
sleeve.  The hot sun beat down on his form.  He was new to farming and
growing Mao vegetables, as he had just recently graduated from the local
chapter of Mao High.  He had decided to go into farming because he loved
the earth, loved the soil.  There was nothing like the warm, soft scent
of sun-beaten or rain-drenched soil.  He had studied to make sure that he
could provide his soil with the best nutrients and minerals, and that in
turn, his plants would grow healthy, with great vigor and production.

He had only been farming for a year, but his first crop had exceeded
everyone's expectations.  The tomatos were ripe and red, and the avocados
were oily and sweet.  The students who ate at Mao Cafeteria that harvest
gave their thanks every day to Farmer Mao.

Now, he was beginning to plant seeds for next year's crop.  He checked
and re-checked his lists twice, making sure the soil had all the proper
nutrients needed to sustain life giving vegetables.  As he was going over
his soil composition, one of the local school kids waltzed up.

"Hi Farmer Mao!"

"Hi Xiao Pang!"

"Whatcha doing now?"

"I'm preparing for the growing season coming up."

"Yummy. I like your vegetables Farmer Mao.  I think they're the bestest
veggies in the whole Mao Universe!"

"Thanks, Xiao Pang.  They're not that good, but thanks."

"Yes they are! yes they are.  Why I bet they're better than the vegetables
they have out in the real universe, where the Meow's buy their farmer market

"Don't talk like that Xiao Pang.  We can't compare Mao Universe veggies to
those vegetables."

"Why not?"

"We just shouldn't, is all."

"But why?  Our teachers say that all we have to do is study really well, and
specialize, and we can be one of the Mao's that get to go to the real universe,
like Nu Li Mao, Mao Mi, Xiao Cu Shi Mao, and Guan Guan Mao!"

"Well, that's what your teachers say.  But realistically, there are 50,000
Mao's.  50,000!  And there are only 5 Meow's.  You'll learn one day, the
odds are that you won't be able to ever see a Meow."

Xiao Pang's face fell.  He looked down and shuffled his feet.  "Well, then
I'll be off now," he mumbled, and ran away towards the trees.

Farmer Mao watched his dwindling form disappear in the sunlit haze of his
field.   He sighed deeply.  He remembered when he had first discovered the
bitter truth.  It had been much later in life, during his high school years.
One day, the teacher had told them to write essays about what they planned
to do after graduation.  He had been dreaming about going to Mao Jia and
becoming an expert gardener Mao to help Meow with her beloved flowers.  That's
what he told the teacher.  The teacher handed his essay back with a big, red
"F" emblazoned across the paper.  "Be Realistic!  You will never get to go
to the real Universe.  You are just another Generic Mao!  Find a small job
in Mao Universe, and that's what you will be for the rest of your Mao days!
Don't you realize that only a select few Mao's ever make it to Mao Jia?  Stop
sticking your head in the clouds and be realistic!"

That night, Farmer Mao had cried his eyes out. And not just that night.  Farmer
Mao had cried for weeks.  Whenever he thought of his future dashed, he felt
sad.  One day, walking back from high school, his tears flowed freely once
again.  Droplets splattered against the brown dirt.  He bent down to pick
up some soil, and inhaled deeply.  The moist, earthy scent filled his lungs.
He would become a great farmer, regardless, he decided.  He put aside all
dreams of ever going to see a Meow and set his heart into farming.

4/4/    any good bay area rock-climbing or hiking clubs?
           \_ "I'm planning on giving myself oral sex within the next month,"
               is about what I would have said in 9th grade.
              \_ Classmate of mine back in 9th grade tried demonstrating
                 the above in class.  He didn't quite make it, but claimed
                 that it's feasible when it's erect, which seems believable
                 considering how close he got.
                 \_ Given a limber enough body or long enough penis, it's
                    always possible.
        \_ Damn, it's a good thing you can't get diseases or someone pregnant
           by "planning" to have different kinds of sex in the 9th grade,
           otherwise I could have exposed myself to more diseases and created
           more bastards than Wilt Chamberlain.  Turns out a lot of the "plans"
           went no where, go figure!
2005/4/4-5 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:37063 Activity:nil
4/4     The old Mozilla has a field in prefs.js where I can change my
        cache location. Firefox 1.0.2 doesn't have that field. Where/how can
        I change my cache location for Firefox 1.0.2? Thanks.
        \_ From the motd on 11/18:
           %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<name>\Cache
           Don't know how to change it.
           Add the following in your user.js
           user_pref("browser.cache.disk.parent_directory","C:\\Path To Cache");
           \_ I believe you can just define the above as a new parameter when
              browsing to about:config.  I did it, it worked, then I decided
              I didn't want custom stuff anymore and deleted the parameter,
              which restored the original cache directory.
              Don't need double \\'s if you use about:config.
2005/4/4-5 [Reference/BayArea] UID:37064 Activity:kinda low
4/4     any good bay area rock-climbing or hiking clubs?
                \_ When I was in the Bay Area, this club was the most
                   fun ever.  --PeterM
                   \_ The soda/Chaos overlap is significant. When I first
                      joined, psb was (supposedly) in charge of keeping the
                      membership list up-to-date. For all I know, he wrote
                      the perl scripts they still use. -- ulysses
2005/4/4-5 [Reference/Religion] UID:37065 Activity:insanely high
4/4     Pope Poll (.=anon, c=christian, m=muslim, b=bhuddist, a=atheist, +=agnostic):
        His death:
          makes me sad: .aa+
          make me happy: a.b
          don't care: baca+.a
          \_ None of the above.  I think the world isn't as good without
             him in it.  I think he's also finished his work and will be
             well-received in the hereafter.  Hopefully his successor will be
             more aggressive dealing with pedophile priests, can get rid of the
             birth-control ban and allow priests to marry.
        \_ i would get slightly sad in the sense that death in general
           is sad, if i sat there and got myself into that mood, but it would
           be tough given his old age. nope, don't care. if i was religious
           i wouldn't care either, since he's either in heaven or hell or
           what-have-you, as the gods see fit, and all is well regardless.
        \_ You misspelled Buddhist.
           \_ Not if he's from Bhutan.
              \- Indians think it is funny how Americans say Buddha ... when
                 they say "Boo Duh". It is hard to write this correctly in
                 english because english doesnt have a consonant for the
                 "bh" or "dh" sound. In fact in sanskrit, Buddha is probably
                 just written with two letters: B + "oo operator" + the D+DH
                 consonants combined into one. If the two consonants were not
                 combined but written sequentially, the word would have been
                 pronounced "Bu Daw Dhaw" [3 syl]. ok dhanyabad.
                 \_ Do you laugh at the Japanese version (="bu-tsu"), too?
                 \_ We think it's funny how Indians say pretty much
                    anything else.  -John
                    \- Well, when you have to learn a state language, hindi,
                       english and sanskrit in school at a minimum, i suppose
                       it comes at a cost.
        \- i'm not a big fan of JPII for his "easy for me to say" policies
           on things like birth control -> mortal sin [in the technical
           sense], but he was as pretty smart guy [in terms of number of
           languages and such], and he seems to have borne his suffering
           during the "end of days" pretty well, and i was sadden to see
           him suffer, although i dont like the decadence of te catholic
           church. he's in a different category from people like prince
           [sic] charles or his ex-wife princess landmine, who i am
           pleased to see suffer and would like to see fed to a wood
           chipper. --psb
           \_ It's not their fault the English are to retarded to get rid
              of the idiotic anachronism of royalty.  I lay the blame at the
              feet of every citizen of the commonwealth, including Canada,
              who fails to speak out against their existence.
              \_ Ah, and the Americans are not retarded to get rid of the
                 ruling Dynasty class of the United States? Where the super
                 rich are in fact getting proportionally richer than everyone
                 else and that they actually have a lot more influence on the
                 government than say, in the 40s or 50s?
           \_ Charles and Diana are/were not Catholic.  Any why do you hate
              Diana?  Hating Charles I can understand, but Diana seemed to be
              liked by everyone.
              \- yes, i know they are not cathloic. charles i was beheaded
                 in 1649, so some people share your hatred. re: diana liked
                 by everyone, well most people dont reflect much on who they
                 respect and such. think qe ii is actually held in greater
                 regard. --psb
        \_ He deserves some credit in standing up to communism and bringing
           it down.             - christian democrat
           \_ Liberal liar.  Reagan brought down communism.
              \_ The labor union in Poland did.
                 \_ Please keep your hands and minds inside the vehicle at
                    all times while riding in the faith-based community.
                    \_ yea, it's almost as ridiculous as "Reagan brought
                        down communism".
        \_ Even though JPII's beliefs were almost opposite of mine (especially
           on issues of abortion, women's rights, stem cell research, right to
           die, contraception, gays, etc.) -- I have respect for the man
           because he truly had conviction -- and even though I think many of
           his policies and beliefs harmed the world in some ways -- at least
           he was consistent -- against abortion AND the death penalty --
           against euthanasia AND the war in Iraq.  Unlike the hypocritical
           bastard weasels we currently have in charge like DeLay, Cheney and
           Bush.  And he deserves a lot of credit for helping to bring down
           Communism non-violently in Poland and reconciling and connecting
           to other faiths.  His attention to the disparity between the rich
           and poor was something to be admired, although of course that is
           muted because of his archaic position on birth control. I cannot
           deny that he was an extraordinary person. -eric
           Communism non-violently in Poland and reconciling with and
           connecting to other faiths.  His attention to the disparity between
           the rich and poor was something to be admired, although of course
           that is muted because of his archaic position on birth control. I
           cannot deny that he was an extraordinary person. -eric
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