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2005/4/2-4 [Transportation/Car] UID:37042 Activity:high
4/1     Hey motd, the paint job on my car got thrashed because of some dumb
        prank that went a little too far.  How much does it cost to get a good,
        professional, manufacturer's quality repaint?  Nothing fancy, just a
        single color over the car with no cute flames or naked women or
        anything.   TIA.
        \_ What kind of car? I don't think you will be happy to know the
           \_ Honda Accord.  And no, I don't think so either, but it's pretty
              unacceptable in its current state.
        \_ a good quality whole car paint job would easily run $3-5000
           or more if you go to a shop who take pride in their work (and
           won't paint it w/o repairing every single ding or dent). there is
           a lot of labor to strip it down and paint all of the bodywork
           for a seamless job, compared to the earl scheib special.
        \_ Earl Scheib, $299.95 for the "quality" paint job, with free one
           day car rental.  Ob ygwypf.  Are you paying for it or is the
           \_ Theoretically, the prankster.  In reality, probably me.  >_<
        \_ So what was the prank?
2005/4/2-4 [Recreation/Media] UID:37043 Activity:high
4/2     Sin City = teh bomb.  I enjoyed it immensely...very much like the comic\
         books. -scottyg
        \_ I thought it was too long, and the stories too similar.  The
           look was interesting, but after 2+ hours I was pretty
           saturated.  It was still good, but it fell short of greatness,
           if only because the style was basically a one-gimmick thing.
           \_ uh, then you didn't really keep up with the plot.
              \_ What was there to keep up with?  It's pretty
                 straightforward stuff.
           \_ if the stories seem too similar, don't blame the movie,
              blame Frank Miller.  The movie is pretty faithful to the
              books, modulo the way the stories are rearranged into the
              movie.  I didn't think the stories were all that similar,
              but I can see how one can get distracted by the repetitive
              violence.  It's Sin City.
              \_ I do blame Miller ... but if the material holds a film
                 back from greatness, that's just the way it is.  It's
                 still a good film for what it is, but nothing more.
                 Besides, would a few changes be so wrong?  Staying
                 true to the source material doesn't always make for
                 a better film.
           \_I'm a bit biased as it was one of the few "violent" movies
             I've seen that my gf enjoyed as much. -op
           \_ I loved the movie and will certainly go see it again/buy it
              when it comes out on DVD, but I also thought it dragged a bit
              in the middle. On the whole, however, it simply rawked.
           \_ I was really disappointed, don't believe the hype.  I give
              it a "C", and that's only because of the first 1/3 of the
              movie.  In summary (no spoilers):
                + Marve's (Rouke) scenes were GREAT!
                + Marve's (Rourke) scenes were GREAT!
                + Nice Cinematic Effects (CGI & Color)
                + Nice Cinematic Effects (CGI & Color Scheme)
                + Nice action sequences
                + Parole Officer!!! (you'll know if you see it)
                - Clive Owens = creampuff, totally miscast
                  \_ Agreed. I think Nick Cage would have been good.
                - Excessive Gore
                - No plot, was all over the place (aware it's a comic)
                  \_ It's actually three separate comic storylines
                - Too many stories, Marve could have had his own movie
                - Jessica Alba can't act and didn't show any skin
                  \_ Agreed
                - No backstory, how do these people have superpowers?
                  Analogy-wise, don't show Spidy just crawling on the wall
                  shooting webs, show the spider bite.
                  shooting webs without showing the spider bite.
                  \_ Nobody had any powers. It was all just physical hyperbole.
                - Too fake (without any backstory)
                - No central villain, most great movies need a strong villain
        \_ I thought Mickey Rourke and Elijah Wood rocked.  I wish Rutge
                  \_ Senator Roark was the central villain. A villain doesn't
                     need to be seen a lot in order to be a good villain.
                     \_ #f.  You suh, are mistaken.  Read the graphic novels.
                        The members of the Roark family are catalysts, but are
                        pretty much peripheral to the stories.  Senator
                        Roark's son (aka That Yellow Bastard) is the only
                        possible exception to this. -dans
                  \_ Most great movies need a strong villain?  That's the
                     stupidest, most arbitrary requirement I've read in a long
                     time. -dans
        \_ I thought Mickey Rourke and Elijah Wood rocked.  I wish Rutger
           Hauer had more screen time.  I thought the rest was pretty boring
           and I totally didn't get the beginning/end (becky in the elevator)
           but maybe I need to more of the comics.--gabriel
           but maybe I need to read more of the comic.--gabriel
           \_ Agreed, Harnet was never explained, I hate open-ended bits
              in movies like that.
2005/4/2-5 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:37044 Activity:nil
4/2     Anyone getting scads of 'stock pick' spams with some permutation of
        (-st0ck52 @ as an unsubscribe address?  Know a valid
        unsubscribe adress for them?  I've tried most combinations and no, I
        don't care about "don't-respond-or-they'll-know-the-address-is-live"
        as a fair number of spammers actually respect unsubsribes.  I haven't
        managed to get spamassassin to figure these out.
        \_ no, but i'm suddenly getting a ton of "your bank account has been
           compromised. please verify your password."
2005/4/2-5 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:37045 Activity:nil
4/2     Where do I enter computer equipment expense for my
        consulting service? Is it Office Expense? Misc expense?
        Home Office expense? Thanks.
        \_ I put it under misc. on the Schedule C (not the 8859)
2005/4/2-5 [Reference/Religion] UID:37046 Activity:high 60%like:37922
4/2     Ding dong the Pope is dead!
             \-Bang! Bang! Maxwell's silver hammer
              Came down upon his head.
              Bang! Bang! Maxwell's silver hammer
              Made sure that he was dead.
              Sic transit gloria mundi. --psb
        \-Sic transit gloria mundi
        \_ Dude, this doesn't exactly rally people to our cause.
           \_ Cause?
        \_ That makes three: Terri, Johnny and JP
           \_ Yep, only three people died this week.
              \_ Well, only 3 craven 24-hour news channel Exciting Death
                 Watches! (tm)
        \_ Has the next pope already been selected, or does that process
           begin now?
           \_ 6 days official mourning, after 10 days the cardinals elect
              another pope.  College of cardinals isn't allowed to make any
              changes to laws/rules made by the pope during that time.  Burial
              is usually after 3-4 days.  -John
              \_ Elect?  Isn't the pope supposed to be chosen by god?
                 \_ The cardinals are chosen by the pope and the pope is
                    god's only one true representative on earth, you muslim
                    homosexual commie heretic, you.  BURN!  -John
                    \_ The cardinals are chosen by the pope and the pope is
                       chosen by the cardinals.  So god doesn't actually get to
                       choose who represents him on earth.  I see.
                       \_ I don't quite know how to put this to you, but you
                          are trying to introduce rational arguments into a
                          discussion about an organization which believes in
                          saints and devils, transsubstantiation (or at least
                          influential parts of it do), and which only
                          grudgingly apologized for the inquisition a few
                          years ago.  -John
                       \_ God speaks through his holiness so, nominally, god
                          does pick the cardinals, within that frame of logic.
                          \_ Then how do you explain the 18 year old pope pimp?
                       \_ Sure he does, by their dogma. You are assuming free
                       \_ But it's not a chicken and egg... the succession of
                          popes goes back to some apostle or whatever who was
                          chosen personally by The Christ. -atheist
                          \_ Peter.
                    \_ You've got some issues John. ;)
                       \_ (Bad) joke.  But I take serious issue with the
                          stupidities of all organized religion, so nothing
                          new there.  -John
                          \_ Yes, I love unorganized religions too.
2005/4/2-5 [Science/Battery] UID:37047 Activity:nil
4/2     If I suspend a computer, can I change the battery? In another word,
        does the DRAM get refresh from the battery and if so, how many
        seconds do I have do change it?
        \_ No, yes, probably zero.
           Cool notebooks have a "bridge battery" for this kind of thing,
           but I haven't seen a bridge battery in years.
        \_ Use hibernate instead.
        \_ You used to be able to do this on PB/iBooks. You had something
           like 10 secs to swap out your batteries.
           \_ Still do, at least on my 1 GHz 15" PB G4. It's a very nice
           \_ Just tried on my Toshiba (5 seconds). It failed. :(
        \_ just plug it in!
2005/4/2 [Recreation/Pets] UID:37048 Activity:high 75%like:37051
4/2     Ass Kicks Cougar
        \_ obCheckSnopesFirst
           \_ this is already in the the thread
              \_ this nevertheless does not justify posting to the motd
                 before checking. who the hell wants to dig through FR
2005/4/2-5 [Recreation/Humor] UID:37049 Activity:nil Edit_by:auto
4/2     Really funny Best Buy drunken mail-in rebate call:
2005/4/2-5 [Reference/Religion] UID:37050 Activity:high
4/2     Can someone explain why popes select a new name, and don't use
        their own name? Thanks.
        \- I think it's to mark a transition from "regular guy" to
           Pope ... in some cases i suppose they may pick a name
           to hint an some inclination or tribute to somebody they
           like [john paul ii was ostensibly a tribute to jp i, who
           lasted like a month]. i think it is similar to nun's taking
           a name after taking vows. Some hindu fellows pick a new name
           after becoming sadhus, so this is not an uncommon thing.
           If the new pope picks the name Pope Ali G, I will apply to
           convert to Catholicism. Big up yourself. --psb
           \_ JP II named himself after the two previous popes (Pope John and Pope Paul
              whos administrations he agreed with and wanted to continue their ideas.
           \_ JP II named himself after the two previous popes (Pope John and
              Pope Paul whos administrations he agreed with and wanted to
              continue their ideas.
              \_ Remember; there was a JP I.  So your argument is w/o merit.
              \_ JP I named himself after J XXIII who he admired, and P VI who
                 was an early supporter.  JP II named himself after JP I.
           \_ psb for pope!!!
              \- is the pope catholic? --psb i
           \_ I thought it was because he was a huge fan of John Paul
              Jones.  Yaaaarhhh!
              \_ Nope.  It's because he was a Beatles impersonator in his
           \_ Pope Alexander VI!!!1!! BEST! POPE! EVARR!!!!!11!!
              c.f. "Ballet of the Chestnuts"
              \_ No way!  Pope Formosus rocked!  Only pope to by put on trial
                 as an embalmed cadaver.
                 \_ Dude. Pope Hilarius. You can't beat a name like that.
              \_ Dude, Alexander Pope rocked them all!
                   "Fondly we think we honor merit then,
                    When we but praise ourselves in other men."
        \_ I believe it started because there was a Pope named Mercurius and
           he thought it was unseemmly to remain named after a pagan god while
           he's the pope.  It gradually became a tradition.  I think there
           was a span of like 700 years from first renaming to last non-rename.
           \_ Why dont you just post the google link?
              \_ Goto wikipedia.
              \_ not every bit of trivia/knowledge is the result of a
                 google search --!op
                 \_ If you know this, you know this, and you dont need the
                    "I believe" and "I think".
                    \_ Yes, Mrs. Grammarian.
                       \_ That's Ms. Grammarian to YOU.
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