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2005/3/29-30 [Finance/Banking, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:36934 Activity:nil
3/28    Has anyone tried for world currency/foreign-CD? Any
        pros/cons to say? What are some hidden fees that's not on the web
        site? I don't plan to touch my money for a long time, should I do
        Multi-Currency Index CDs, WorldCurrency Certificates of Deposit (CDs),
        or WorldCurrency Deposit Accounts (what's the interest?) Do I HAVE to
        open up a checking or MM along with these accounts?
2005/3/29-30 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:36935 Activity:nil
3/28    How do I know if an external USB 2.0 DVD/CD-R drive will *BOOT*
        for my Toshiba M200? According to Toshiba, these are approved, but
        what about other brands? How do I tell?
        \_ if you can't get info from the mfr, the only way to know for sure
           is to try it.
2005/3/29-30 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:36936 Activity:low
2/29    This is kind of cool for those who haven't seen it:
        (Campus panoramas)  -John
        \_ ah fuck, it hanged my firefox. Just what I need.
           \_ Works fine under Mozilla.  Just a bunch of QT panorama movie
              type things.  Sorry it didn't work OK for you.  -John
2005/3/29-30 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:36937 Activity:low
3/29    anyone know of any (hopefully opensource) libraries out there
        that I could use to manipulate mp3's? I'm thinking of like
        appending one onto another, merging one on top of another w/
        adjusted volumes, etc. thanks                   - rory
        \_ I don't know about libraries, but Audacity is open-source and on
           sourceforge.  It can do everything you need except I'm not sure
           how to call it as a library.  I believe it requires you to have an
           MP3 codec already installed on your machine, which shouldn't be a
           big hurdle. see
        \_ you can concatenate and adjust the volume of your mp3s by
           converting them to WAV with sox.  it's probably easier
           just to use audacity, it's kind of like a cheap version
           of ProTools without a lot of the features you will never use.
           there's a program out there I think called normalize that
           will take a bunch of WAV files and determine an average
           loudness and adjust the volume of all of them. - danh
        \_ I think foobar2000 has extensions to do a lot of this
           (built-in replaygain written to the tags for volume adjustment,
           which is great)
        \_ ecasound
           \_ this is fantastic. thank you.     - rory
        \_ Are you on a Mac? If so, you can use CoreAudio do to do all
           this. I've written an ObjC wrapper that can read all supported
           file formats (AIFF/WAV/SDII/MP3/AAC, etc.) and has a model that
           makes it simple to write your own processing algorithsm. Plus,
           you can use any existing AudioUnits (OS X ships with a nice
           compressor, EQ, reverb, and other effects). Mail me if you want
           the code.  - ciyer
2005/3/29-30 [Computer/Networking] UID:36938 Activity:nil
3/29    Anyone know if Fry's sells minipci wireless 802.11b/g? Or is
        minipci still a mail-order commodity? Second question. If I buy
        a 802.11g hub, can it communicate with old 802.11b devices? ok thx
        \_ second question: "When an 802.11b client was used (various
           802.11b-only cards) in proximity to the access point, data rates
           would drop back to 802.11b levels."
           \_ Yes, it can communicate, and yes you will experience that effect.
              Basically your G devices are happily speaking the G-level
              protocol to each other and a B-level device shows up and says
              "Is anybody out there?" and your WAP starts speaking B to
              everyone so that the new client can connect.  If you want to have
              B and G coexist without that problem, you'd need a seperate WAP
              on a different channel which is set to speak only 802.11g.
        \_ no it is still mostly mail order. I just went to Fry's and they
           don't have anything like that. By the way the different types of
           802.11g is just confusing. Different companies have different
           variants, like 802.11g Pre-N (8X coverage), and then you have the
           54g and 108g with dual band, but only if you buy their cards, etc.
           I don't think 802.11g will really be all that feasible because
           it's still slow when you have 802.11b nodes nearby, and it's
           unlikely that all the 802.11b folks are switching to 802.11g
           any time soon.
        \_ As an aside, if you're going to run *nix with it, some of the
           Atheros miniPCI card drivers are a bit goofy (even with MadWifi
           and the Windows driver wrappers, forget what they're called.) -John
2005/3/29-30 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:36939 Activity:high
3/29    uh oh...
        \_ Goddammit.  This is the SECOND time my ID info was "lost" by
           a big-ish corporation.  Bank of America "lost" the same stuff
           approx 1 month ago.
        \_ OH. MY. GOD. I AM PISSED.  -somewho who applied to Cal
        \_ why is that information on a laptop anyway?
           \_ Many people use their laptop as a primary work machine.  A more
              pointer question wouls be "shouldn't encryption be required for
              pointed question would be "shouldn't encryption be required for
              sensitive data on laptops and other highly stealable machines?"
              \_ Why isn't it just the client sitting on the laptop and the
                 student database sitting on a box in a locked room somewhere?
                 \_ Because the MIS guy at Sproul deserves to be fired.
                    \_ Is that the case?  Or did some bureaucrat determine
                       that the data base only required class N security,
                       and client/server is only required for class N+1
              \_ People who put sensitive data on laptops should be fired.
                 There is no excuse for this kind of irresponsibility.
        \_ well if there weren't 20 million illegals in the country and
           we actually enforced immigration laws it would not be as much
           of a problem.  But you know, we need slaves to pick lettuce,
           slaughter meat, build houses, be aircraft mechanics...
           P.S. anonymous deleter:  why would you delete this, my info
           is among that which was stolen.  You believe there
           would be a huge market for identity theft is there were no
           \_ "pick lettuce, slaughter meat, build houses, _be aircraft
              mechanics_"?  Are you retarded or autistic?  Seriously, are you?
              \_ I think the last item was a clue he was being sarcastic.
                 \_ Hmm, yes.  I'm not used to OCDIT showing even a smidgen
                    of intelligence.  His posts are making me stupid too....
                    How sad....How sad....
                 \_ smarmy ripostes but no common sense.  Since it was
                    deleted almost immediately you may have missed it:
                    3/25    Doing the jobs Americans won't do
                    FAA licensed 5 arrested at TIMCO - airplane mechanics!
                    The notion the 20 million illegals don't influence the
                    market for false identification is, well, stupid.
           \_ Uhm...yes.  Are you really a tech person?  You seem to have
              an utter lack of understanding about the basic nature of high-
              tech crime, which seems odd for someone posting on motd.
              \_ since you seem to be such a technology expert type these
                 words into google: illegal immigration identity theft
           \_ Mmm... small brain.
           \_ Illegals or not, there's a big market for ID information because
              identity-theft-assisted fraud can make big money.
           \_ And we wouldn't need all these illegals if it weren't for
              all the abortions.
        \_ "The campus has established a toll-free number 1-800-372-5110 where
            individuals can learn whether their information was among the data
            I can see it now.  "Hello sir.  Please give me your full name,
            mother's maiden name, and social security number for confirmation.
            Let me just log that data in... OK, now..."
            \_ Did it mention that the server logging the phone calls is a
               laptop? :-)
        \_ What OS does the laptop run?
2005/3/29-30 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:36940 Activity:kinda low
3/29    How early can I apply for a US passport renewal?  Mine expires in 6
        months.  Can I apply now?  Anybody know?
        \_ Apply now.  Most countries won't even let you enter with a passport
           with expiration less than 6 months away.
        \_ Just do it (tm).  I just renewed mine about 9 month before
           the expiration date.
        \_ Related question:  if your passport got lifted or lost, do you need
           to file a police report?  (I just haven't gotten around to it yet.)
2005/3/29-30 [Uncategorized] UID:36941 Activity:kinda low
3/29    What's a good place (very trustworthy, okay prices) to order computer
        parts these days?  I'm looking for a place similar to B&H for photo
        gear.  Thanks.
        \_ ah, newegg? next question! ;)
           \_ Seconded.  Big selection, low prices, and no funny business.
2005/3/29-30 [Computer/Networking] UID:36942 Activity:low
3/29    If I subscribe to the basic SBC Yahoo DSL (the $19.95 one), can I share
        the DSL connection among two PCs running Win2K?  Some configurations I
        have in mind are:
        1) DSL modem --- ethernet cable --- PC1 --- serial cable --- PC2
        2) DSL modem --- ethernet cable --- PC1 --- parallel cable --- PC2
        3) DSL modem --- ethernet cable --- PC1 --- ethernet cable --- PC2
        4) DSL modem --- ethernet cable --- hub --- ethernet cable --- PC1
                                             +----- ethernet cable --- PC2
        Which of these cases will work?  I'd like to know before I buy any
        additional hardware.  I don't use PC2 that much, so I don't mind if the
        bottleneck is a 115kbps serial cable as in 1).  TIA.
        \_ Just get a dsl router. They are very cheap.
        \_ I have #4 at home (dsl router with built-in switch), but I pay more
           than 19.95/mo.
        \_ #4 is the easiest.  That's pretty much what everyone does these
           days.  (Assuming that hub = router)  #3 will work, I used to do
           it back when routers were expensive.  It's a pain though.  And
           PC1 has to be on whenever you use PC2.  And if you want PC3,
           you need a hub anyway.  As for #1 & #2, what the crap?  What
           year are you living in?
           \_ slip/plip.  why invest in another $5 ethernet card when you
              already have serial/parallel parts for free?
              \_ How do I set up the SLIP connection in 1) then?  Any hint?
                 --- OP
                 \_ Give me your email address, I'll send you an ethernet
                    card. We got like half a dozen sitting in the store
                    room. Sheesh.
                    \_ Wow, how do you mail an ethernet card though email?
                       -- troll.
                    \_ I already have two cards.  I just need a third one if I
                       do 3), and a hub/router to do 4).  -- OP
              \_ Because my time is worth more than $5.
           \_ By "hub" I mean like the blue Netgear box I use at work, where
              it has one uplink wire connecting to the wall and other wires to
              multiple PCs.  So this kind of hub won't work if I plug the
              uplink wire to the DSL modem instead?  -- OP, networking idiot
              \_ It will work.  That "hub" is more correctly called a
                 router.  That's what we're telling you to buy.
                 \_ Umm, no, it's most likely a switch.
                    \_ Switch and router are not mutually exclusive.  Hub
                       and switch are.
                       \_ That is irrelevant to the fact that what you use
                          in an office is most likely just a switch.
                          \_ The whatever thing on my desk reads "NETGEAR DUAL
                             SPEED HUB DS108".  What is it then?  -- OP
                             \_ Well, obviously, it's presumably a hub.
                             \_ NG website mentions nothing about this doing
                                routing.  It's probably just a switch, and
                                each computer will still need a unique IP.  A
                                hub with built in router is easier.
2005/3/29-30 [Recreation/Dating] UID:36943 Activity:moderate
3/29    Any good explanation why the divorce rate in Hollywood is so
        high? I have my obvious explanation but then I'll just get
        flamed "you obviously know nothing about love", so enlighten
        me, please.
        \_ Well the conservatives didn't say anything so I'll just say it as
           if I were one (and I'm not). The reason why there are so many
           divorce is that THEY ARE LIBERAL!!! All that easy kissing and random
           hook-up fucking and drugs and sodomy is really hurting family values
           Second point, people who have kids tend to have marriage 5-7 years
           longer than without, and since they usually don't have kids (too
           busy) they divorce early. No kids, no church, no Jesus, no family
           values = divorce.
           \_ So when Newt Gingrich served his wive divorce papers, the
              DAY AFTER she had major cancer surgery and was still in the
              hospital recovering, he was demonstrating his fine family
              values?  How about Larry King's 6 divorces?  He must be some
              kind of liberal.
           \_ This doesn't sound much like any conservative I know.
        \_ I'd guess because a hollywood actor's job is an extremely high
           pressure job for a marriage: one or both sides travel alot, they
           likely spend a lot of time apart, are constantly under attack by
           tabloid rumor-mongering, typically work very long hours, and have to
           live extremely paranoid lives to get even a shred of privacy.
           Doubtless, the plastic shallow hollywood media lifestyle doesn't
           help, either.
        \_ Is there some new report out?  or are you basing this on celebrity
           \_ op is probably talking about Denise Richards / Charlie Sheen,
              and the latest news re Brad Pitt / Jennifer Aniston.
              \_ Um, well duh.  You don't hear about the actors who DON'T get
                 divorced.  Also, there is a thing with actors.  They're often
                 highly insecure people, but emotionally open.  So a long term
                 commitment sounds like a fabulous idea until they're there.
        \_ When you say "in Hollywood", are you talking about movie stars,
           or the Hollywood district in the City of Los Angeles?
        \_ IMO, it's because they're actors, and they're good at acting, and
           so by the time they break through the screens, they're already
           \- At one point the Duke Med School class had +100% divorce rate.
              \_ Most surgery programs have huge divorce rates.  However, this
                 is a different phenomenon that what the pp described.  The
                 med school divorce rate is high for reasons of overwork,
                 while the pp described a drastic change in the circumstance
                 of one person in a marriage.
                    \- obviously the med school case isnt due to one party
                       starts dating his co-star, but i do wonder if there
                       is an element of "now that i am about to become
                       a highly paid surgeon, i can trade up". this was only
                       mentioned because of the curious +100% stat. the
                       rest if obvious.
                \_ how do you get more than 100?  kill your mate?
                   \_ hmm the same person getting married and divorced
                      multiple times?
                   \_ Those married before med school get divorced afterwards.
        \_ Hollywood is an easy target. Find any high paid, high pressure
           job and I'm sure the numbers are similar. The only times it isn't
           is when spouses are key to career success (ie.  politicians,
           religious leaders). Making a real marriage work is hard.
2005/3/29 [Health/Dental] UID:36944 Activity:high
3/29    Ok, even assuming metal dental fillings aren't doing any low-level
        subtle fuckage to me, do they cause other effects? For example,
        lately I have the impression that I can "taste" the metal. I know
        that's sometimes possible for me even with just putting a steel
        fork in my mouth.
        I've also heard of them doing odd things related to conductivity.
        Even knowing there's no proven effects I might have to replace them
        just to never think about it again.
        \_ Seek therapy.  Seriously.
        \_ Are you gay?
2005/3/29-30 [Consumer/Camera] UID:36945 Activity:nil
3/29    Doesn't the UCB dean's office have a security camera or something?
2005/3/29-30 [Health] UID:36946 Activity:nil
3/29    hepatitis b vaccine? anyone take it? how many shots?
        \_ which country are you going to?
        \_ yes.  two to three shots, depending on the series.  worth
           getting that and hep a.  --Jon
        \_ 3 shots. 2nd one month after 1st; 3rd six months after 2nd. Vital
           if you're going to work in healthcare.
        \_ I've taken it.  Got it at the same time I got the chickenpox
           vaccine.  I'm in a low risk group for HepB, but it's something
           I have less to worry about.  --PeterM
        \_ I got it before I came to the US for college.  3 shots, IIRC.
           That was in 1989 though.
2005/3/29 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:36947 Activity:very high
3/29    Like I said long time ago, we should've kept Saddam in Iraq the same
        way we kept Hirohito after WW2. Then we could use Saddam as a powerful
        puppet to rule their own people:
        \_ That's just plain stupid. Keeping Saddam around isn't akin to
           keeping Hirohito around after WW2, it would be more akin to
           keeping around Hitler or Tojo. What they should've done was keep
           a popular 2nd or 3rd in command person around. You definitely
           couldn't keep Saddam in place, and you definitely couldn't keep
           his sons in place.
           \_ Equally impossible. Iraq was and is divided into three
              groups. There was and is no popular face man. Elections are
              easy, governing is hard.
        \_ FYI, the BBC article is talking about how the Sunnis are
           holding up formation of the govt by pulling out at the last second.
           The Kurds and Shias need to include Sunnis in the govt.
        \_ There are three top spots in the govt.  The Shias are taking spot 1,
           the Kurds spot 2, and they say the Sunnis can take spot 3.  The
           Sunnis all of a sudden are saying:  We don't want spot 3 no more,
           have fun with your non-inclusive government.
           \_ Freedom is on the march!
2005/3/29-30 [Computer/SW/Virus] UID:36948 Activity:kinda low
3/29    What percentage of CPU cycles and RAM on an average computer are spent
        on security and privacy these days (anti-virus, anti-spyware, SSL, VPN,
        pop-up blocker, encrypted FS, etc.)?  Is the percentage going up?
        \_ Sounds like a good research project to me.
           \_ no, sounds like a good ENGINEERING project to me. There is a lot
              of integration, tests, evaluations to be done. It's a lot of
              work but I just don't see much theory and academics involved.
              \_ No, sounds like a research project that requires some
                 engineering.  Moron.
        \_ I'd guess it's fairly small, and growing in terms of cycles per
           second per machine, but declining as a % of total CPU power.
        \_ Take a refresher look at the slides from 61C where they plot the
           growth rates for memory and cpu speed over time and the answer
           becomes self-evident.  Hint: they're exponential. -dans
           \_ and spyware. i'm assuming you don't run Windows.
           \_ Is there a similar graph for the number of virus patterns out
              \_ No, but I can guarantee you it is sub-exponential.  There are
                 only a handful of apps that can suck arbitrary amounts of
                 CPU/RAM, e.g. games, rendering, scientific computing. -dans
        \_ Also depends on things like whether there's a crypto accelerator
           card in it.  If you come up with anything, please let me know, as
           I'm actually pretty interested in this.  -John
2005/3/29-31 [Reference/Law/Court, Computer/SW/P2P] UID:36949 Activity:nil
3/29 (
        For some reason I think the Supreme Court would have let the decision
        from the appeals court stand, since the law on this is so obvious --
        but the Court is just hearing the case to help them research the latest
        iPods they could buy for themselves or something similarly stupid.
        \_ anyone have a Rio Karma? Recommended?
        \_ "There's never the intent to break the law when the guy is in the
           garage inventing the iPod," added Justice David Souter.
           Haha, that's funny, I don't think the ipod was invented in the
           garage, hahahaha.
        \_ The law is not obvious. It is not clear that Sony directly
           applies to this case for several reasons: (1) Sony dealt w/
           an actual product that could be used to violate copyrights,
           but could not be used for distribution, (2) Sony's revenue
           did not depend mostly on copyright infringment, while arguably
           Grokster's revenue does (they get there money from ads in the
           pgm), (3) Sony did not intend that the VCR be mostly used for
           infringing uses as Grokster arguably did, (4) the "substantial
           non-infrining uses" was borrowed from patent law by the Sony
           decision (which actually was the dissent after the 1st argument,
           and became the opinion after re-argument) and there isn't any
           clear direction from the USSC re this standard (given that only
           about 90% of Grokster's users use it for infringing uses, is
           it enough that 10% of the users are legit?)
           My understanding is that most of the questioning today was
           about aiding and abetting copyright infringing which would
           take this completely out of Sony territory.
2005/3/29-30 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:36950 Activity:high
3/29    CNN: "Lawyer Johnnie Cochran, who famously defended actor O.J.
        Simpson, has died aged 67 at his home in Los Angeles, CNN confirms."
        Take those money to your grave, fucker.
        \_ Did OJ ever pay Johnny? If not, maybe OJ killed Johnny. No
           lawyer, no debt...
           \_ His civil trial (where he lost $$$ for wrongful death) happened
              after his criminal trial, so presumably Cochran got paid.
        \_ An autopsy will show OJ's blood inside the brain tumor.
2005/3/29-31 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:36951 Activity:kinda low
3/29    Dear financial guru dans, for the past 3 years I've been trying to
        save enough money for a down-payment in a decent house in N Cal.
        However, no matter how much I save, it seems like the housing price
        goes up much faster than I can save. I mean, this is pretty
        frustrating. I can't even buy anything around $400,000 with what I
        have saved (I have saved about 20% of that), and if I buy something
        out of that range, I will not have enough to eat.  Do you have any
        suggestion for people like me?
        \_ Well I can attribute some of the reasons why pricing is going up
           faster than you can save. For one, a lot of people are buying 2nd
           and 3rd houses for the purpose of investment. While that is good
           news for people who already have money (and thanks to Bush, it's
           much easier for them to do so), for each house that they buy for
           investment, it is also one less house for first time home owners
           to buy. Capitalism-- the more you own, the more you get to own.
        \_ You're screwed. although, you can buy a $400k place with 10% or
           even no money down if you want, well probably anyway.
           Definition of "decent house" varies of course. Your choices are
           1. buy whatever you can afford (1 bedroom sj condo?)
           2. buy something somewhere else that seems like a better deal
              and either rent that or move there
           \_ but then you go back to the problem of not being able to buy
              something and rent it and still make money.  There's a
              reason why its cheaper right now to rent than buy...
           3. invest in something other than houses
           \_ Although if you have < 20% down, most (if not all) lenders
              will require you to pay for mortgage insurance.
        \_ 42% of first time buyers bought with 0% down... FYI
        \_ There are places less than $400K, with upside; West Oakland
           comes to mind.  You could also look at something like buying
           a duplex and renting the other half to cover the mortgage.  -tom
           \_ Not really a great idea these days.  Compare cost for duplex
              vs. what you can actually charge in rent for half of it these
              days.  Rent : Mortgage+Tax+Ins ratios are shite these days.
        \_ Stop thinking you need 2000 sq ft. There are plenty of smallish
           places in halfway decent neighborhoods for $400k. Where do you work?
           You might have to take in a border to make your mortgage.
           \_ I agree with this. My sister bought a nice 2+2 townhouse in
              Walnut Creek with a big fenced yard near BART for $439K a
              year ago. With $80K in the bank you either waited too long
              or make a really small income. Maybe you should take in a
              border in the form of a gf/wife. Single people always have
              trouble affording houses unless they have really good
              \_ What's a 2+2 townhouse?
                 \_ 2 bedrooms, 2 bath
        \_ Here ya go:
           A cute starter home in an up and coming neighborhood with
           a bedroom you can even rent out if you need to.
        \_ Are you sure you won't have enough to eat if you go for a house over
           $400k?  I just ran a quick check on with $400k and 20%
           down, and you can get a 30yr no-point fixed loan with monthly
           payment of $1944.  How much do you make now, and how much rent (if
           any) do you pay now?  With a CS job this kind of payment should
           leave you plenty of money to eat.  Just stop going on frequent
           vacations and driving a fancy car.
           \_ + $4k+/yr in prop. tax =~ $333/month
              makes that $2277/month.  Going up just to $450k makes that
              $2246 + 375 = $2621/month.
              That's getting pretty pricey.
              \_ You get a huge tax break from buying a house. Your property
                 tax and the interest on your mortgage is deductable. You
                 need to include this in your calculations.
        \_ I wish I had an answer for you.  I find myself in a similar
           situation (though I am still saving for a downpayment).  I actually
           don't know much about loans and the housing market, though I've
           heard that conventional wisdom states that if you are going to stay
           in one place for three years or more, you are better off buying
           then renting.  The nice thing about buying is that your monthly
           loan payments build up equity, whereas rent payments are just money
           down the toilet (which I guess would make your landlord's pocket
           the sewage system, apt description IMO).  Ultimately, you just need
           to run the numbers.  How much would you spend on rent over the next
           three years?  How much would you spend on down payment/loan
           payments over the next three years (don't forget to factor in tax
           deductions from your loan interest payments).  If you then sold
           your house, how much of that would you recoup?  Barring housing
           bubble disaster, you should actually end up with a 5-15% profit,
           but there's nothing to stop you from calculating the worst case
           scenario where your home depreciates 10%. -dans
           \_ Agreed.  Don't forget property tax.  There's also homeowner's
              insurance, but it's negligible in the big picture.
              \_ Also, don't forget about HOA fees (for townhomes and condos),
                 although you might be able to recover some of the costs for
                 property tax from the tax break.  You may want to start small
                 and several years later after your property appreciates,
                 upgrade to a more comfortable home.  Another option is
                 to invest with a trustworthy and reliable partner.
        \_ Wait for the next big al kida attack. Seriously though, I
           don't recommend you buying right now. The housing market is
           in what a lot of experts agree as a bubble. Now people own
           homes obviously do not want to believe that, but the best
           time to buy when you have cash would be when the market is
           not doing so well. Unless you have urgent needs for a
           house, ie, you are getting married, or something, renting
           is a better option for you right now. If you really having
           been saving for 3 years, then you should've bit the bullet
           and bought the biggest house you could afford when US
           attacked Afghanistan, everyone is selling, it was a buyer's
           market. I even bargained the price down by 20k. right now
           the housing market is stock market in 2000, do NOT go in
           with all your savings. You'll be sorry.
        \_ Find an ugly (or not so ugly) chick that has a house! Yes,
           they are around. :) In a few years it won't matter (whether
           they are ugly or not), and having more cash to spend each
           month (for you, your family, and kids) could mean more to you
           than banging the girl you really want when you are 40. ;) This
           is an equal society, guys should be allowed to marry for money
           \_ what if you're gay?
              \_ tell her to work out until she has nice broad shoulders and
                 looks good from behind and make sure you're on top.
              \_ Marry an ugly guy then.
              \_ Marry an ugly rich guy then.
              \- FYI: there is a Nolo book called How to buy a House in CA
                 which seems decent to me. --psb
        \_ Even though Bay Area is  nice, maybe you guys should just dump
           the Bay Area and move somewhere else.
2005/3/29-31 [Uncategorized] UID:36952 Activity:moderate
3/29    If a couple elopes, do you still get them a (nice) present?
        \_ Are you a friend, and want to get them something?  Or a parent
           who's really fucking pissed about it?
           \_ Are there motd-active sodans with kids that old?
              \_ No, no one here who is older than class of '89 or so, tbmk.
                 (Well, except johnr, but I doubt he posts here). -alexf
           \_ Some parents actually encourage the sprogs to elope to avoid
              all the hassle.  -John
        \_ nope.
        \_ If you are close to them, yes. If you're unsure, don't worry
           about it.
           \_ If you got a friend a nice present the first time he/she got
              married, do you have to get them a present the second time...
              can it be less nice?
              \_ Giving a present *is* optional.  Do whatever you want.
                 \_ You are too dumb to give advice.  Try again in a few
2005/3/29-30 [Computer/Networking] UID:36953 Activity:moderate
3/29    I have an old 10T hub, is there ANY use for it?
        \_ sure, they're fine for home networking.  (You don't have more
           than 10 megabit uplink, do you?)  -tom
        \_ you're absolutely right but it is slow when I do file transfers
           at home between my 3-4 computers.
           \_ Espeically when a 100MB switch costs $20.
              \_ And a GigE switch costs $40.
        \_ There's a cubicle at work with only one ethernet drop into it and
           we have 3 computers in there split off a small 10BT hub.  We're
           out of 100BT switches and don't care enough to put in a purchase
           order for one.  Since these machines don't need huge bandwidth, this
           is acceptable.
2005/3/29-30 [Consumer/TV] UID:36954 Activity:moderate
3/29    Has anyone tried playing a VHS tape for PAL system on an NTSC VCR and
        an NTSC TV?  What kind of image do you get on the TV?  Thanks.
        \_ You'll see something, but the image scrolls by (vertically)
           really quick.
        \_ It may also only show up in b+w
           \_ I guess I won't order VHS movies from Europe then.
              \_ There are converters out there.  And there are places
                 where you can pay to have a tape converted from PAL to
2005/3/29 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:36955 Activity:nil
3/29    'Something is terribly, terribly wrong': Victor Davis
        Hanson on immigration "seeming insanity"
        \_ Yay!  It's swiftboat immigration ocd troll!
        \_ Mmm.. racist crap.
2005/3/29-30 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:36956 Activity:nil
3/29    Leno:  "Well, they had the annual Easter egg roll today at the
        White House.  That was kind of fun.  And President Bush did not miss an
        opportunity.  He told the kids that the Easter Bunny would be out of
        eggs by the year 2030. ... And that 4% of all their eggs should be
        put in a private account, so they can later ... they can use it, yeah."
        Letterman:  "But at the White House Easter egg hunt, no eggs were
        actually found but President Bush continues to claim that they are
        \_ Hahahahaha
2005/3/29-31 [Academia, Academia/GradSchool] UID:36957 Activity:high
3/29    Porn shooting in CSU Chico. How come this never happens @Cal?
                \_ What is the value in that? Watching is not  doing ..
        \_ didn't some dude in unit 2 do that?
                \_ What is the value in that? Watching is not  doing ..
        \_ Porn shoots are kinda gross, dude.
           \_ How so?
              \_ For those "good" shots, you need to get it properly lit
                 and in focus. That means getting in close. Real close.
                 Splash distance.
        \_ hm, they're phukt.
        \_ Cal students are smarter than that?! Plus, can you imagine
           the protests by the women's groups?
           \_ Cal students are smarter, so they don't get caught.
        \_ Cf. College F*ck Fest series of amateur sex films.
        \_ Cal men are not sufficiently equipped.
        \_ Cf. Campus F*ck Fest series of amateur porn.
        \_ How come almost every reply to this post has been deleted?
2021/06/24 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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