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2005/3/25 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Politics/Domestic] UID:36867 Activity:moderate
3/24    I keep hearing the news pronounce the name Schiavo as shy-vo
        instead of ski-avo (like the word for slave). Which is the
        correct pronounciation?
        \_ Should I say "Al Kay-Da" or "Al Kay-Ee-Da"? Should I say
           "Bin Lah-Den" or "Bin Lay-Den"? I really want to get it right
           because I don't want to disrespect them or anything. -tom
           because I don't want to disrespect them or anything.
           \_ Actually, it's Ahl Qah-ee-da. "Q" is more guttural than the
              English "K".
        \_ In the language of origin (Italian), it's "ski-avo".
           \_ True. In Italy bruschetta is pronounced brusketta but in the
              US it is almost universally pronounced brushetta.
        \_ The news pronunciation is the way the family pronounces it.
        \_ "zom-be"
2005/3/25-28 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:36868 Activity:nil
3/24    Where can I dispose of a dead CRT for free? Office Depot had a free
        service, but it looks like it's over. Thanks. -slow
        \_ In a dumpster. Seriously. Otherwise, wait for one of those
           days where you can dispose of toxics for free. I favor a random
           dumpster, though. Yes, I have done that.
        \_ Free on Fridays at
2005/3/25-28 [Uncategorized] UID:36869 Activity:nil
3/24    T. Rex soft tissue found:
        \_ CLONE THE BITCH!  They can always replace the missing bits with
           frog DNA or something.
2005/3/25 [Recreation/Food, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:36870 Activity:high
3/24    Anyone else in the mood for some Wendy's chili?
        \_ Yes, but I can't put my finger on why...
           \_ The quality of Wendy's finger foods is well known.
              \_ You've got to hand it to them: they make a decent meal. -gm
                 \_ I hear the tip is included in the price of the meal -eric
              \_ Do you have a point?
                 \_ It's finger lickin good.
              \_ This is a real nail-biter.
              \_ I bet you think you're cute(icle).
                 \_ Oh, stop carpaling.
                    \_ Do you expect us just to knuckle under?
                       \_ Oh, give it a wrist already. -gm
2005/3/25 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:36871 Activity:nil
3/25    Doing the jobs Americans won't do
        FAA licensed 5 arrested at TIMCO - airplane mechanics!
2005/3/25-29 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:36872 Activity:nil
3/25    In Perl, how do I specify a SIGHUP and SIGKILL handler? I want to
        clean up stuff when I press CTRL-C on my Perl script. -ok thx
        \_ RTFM. Look for %SIG in "man perlipc"
        \_ STFW:
        \_ Above trolls should STFU.
           \_ Methinks you need to STFW for the definition of "troll"
              \_ ROFL LOL, WTF!?
2005/3/25-29 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:36874 Activity:moderate
3/25    US military deserters seek refugee status in Canada.
        I'm basically just posting this article to reference this awesome
        quote by the deserters' lawyer:
        "We don't believe that people should be imprisoned for doing what
        they believe is illegal."
        \_ I think what the lawyer meant was "... for NOT doing what ...".
           \_ I figured you should just replace 'illegal' with 'right.'
              \_ This is all kinds of irrelevant, but if I think carefully
                 about the original statement I agree with it.  If
                 someone does something they think is illegal, but it's not,
                 then no, they should not be imprisoned.
                 But I think the first responder was right, the lawyer meant
                 "for NOT doing".
                 \_ That's not how criminal law works. People are tried
                    and convicted for doing something which they think
                    is illegal but it is not for some time now. The
                    mens rea is sometimes more important than the actus
                    rea in certain crimes according to some courts and
                    commentators. The concept here is that we wish to
                    deter criminal intentions for such crimes as
                    \_ Conspriacy requires an agreement, an overt
                       act and the mens rea to join an unlawful
                       scheme. The unlawful scheme part is impt.
                       Simply thinking that what you are doing is
                       illegal is not enough. It has to be unlawful.
                       Ex. If you didn't know that the 21st amd
                       had been passed, but you concocted a scheme
                       w/ your buddies to smuggle booze from Canada
                       into the US thinking that you were breaking
                       law, it wouldn't be a conspiracy, regardless
                       of the fact that you thought it was a crime.
                       FYI, an actus reus is ALWAYS required in
                       order to get a criminal conviction whereas
                       there is no constitutional requirement that
                       a mens rea be shown (See Robinson v CA).
                 \_ Ah, I see.  Because Iraq was an "illegal war."
        \_ I agree with a pp that there is nothing wrong w/ the
           lawyer's statement. In order to be criminally punished
           a person must have violated the law. If a person thinks
           that they have broken the law but really they haven't,
           it is irrelevant whether the person thought that he was
           breaking the law.
           \_ No, you're completely wrong. It does matter in crimes of
              conspiracy. In fact, it's been ruled in the past that crimes
              of conspiracy don't even require that the other parties involved
              are agreeing to break the law, only that the defendant believes
              he is conspiring to break the law.
              \_ I am sorry, but this is just fucking stupid. Not you, the
                 government for prosecuting people for not breaking the law.
              \_ I don't think that you understand how conspiracy works.
                 \_ Well, you're wrong. I certainly do know how conspiracy
                    works in general. How it works in your particular
                    state is another matter.
                 Conspiracy is an independent crime from subtantive
                 crimes.  What is required for conspiracy is agreement
                 to an unlawful scheme. Once a party has agreed to an
                 unlawful scheme, that party is responsible for the
                 general intent version of any stubstantive crime

                 committed by all other parties to the scheme.
                 Note The underlying scheme must be unlawful, if you
                 and I agree to stop watching FOX news and then you
                 go off and kill someone, I'm not liable for voluntary
                 manslaughter even though I thought that not watching
                 FOX was a crime.
                 \_ Actually, that's completely wrong. If you actually
                    went to law school you'd have heard of the "empty
                    pocket theory" in which a pickpocket can be convicted
                    of attempt when he tries to pickpocket an empty
                    jacket. The same applies for conspiracy. It doesn't
                    take much to charge someone with conspirac.
                    What you are describing is actually techinically
                    a conspiracy, however, due to the inherent impossibility
                    of committing the crime by watching FOX, it is not
                    conspiracy. Your reasoning for why the above fact pattern
                    is wrong is simply wrong. If you had actually studied
                    conspiracy, you'd know about the "voodoo curse" doctrine
                    in which inherent factual impossibility excuses
                    \_ What about what the above person claims? What if you
                       and I conspire to say, sneak across the Nevada border,
                       a perfectly legal act, but one that I believe is
                       unlawful. Can I be prosecuted for conspiracy?
                    \_ The empty pocket theory mainly relates to attempt is
                       applicable to factual vs legal impossibility.  In
                       attempt what is being punished is an act that is
                       close to being a complete crime w/ the mens rea for
                       that crime. A factual impossibility does not excuse
                       b/c a crime would have been committed except for an
                       external circumstance (the cops caught you in time,
                       the pocket was empty, &c.)  A legal impossbility is
                       different.  Consider a plan to steal a laptop from
                       someone's backpack during class. Let say you sit down
                       next to the target and you stick your hand in his
                       bag, but he left his laptop at home. You are guility
                       of attempted larceny. However, let's say that you
                       both have the same sort of backpack and you happen to
                       reach into your own backpack.  Even if the cops slap
                       the cuffs on you right at that point, you are not
                       guilty of an attempted crime b/c stealing from
                       yourself (regardless of the mens rea) is a legal
                       WRT "voodoo", if you conspire to kill someone,
                       and one of you happens to use voodoo and the
                       other uses a gun, you are both still guilty
                       of the conspiracy to commit murder. However,
                       if you conspire to kill someone only via
                       voodoo you are not guilty of the conspriacy
                       b/c killing via voodoo is not a crime.
                       (I believe you are referring to the Ivy case,
                       in which the brothers did time for trying to
                       kill a judge via a voodoo hex).
                       BTW, I got a decent grade in crim law.
                 However, if you and I agree to put up a web site that
                 lists all the locations of police speed traps in real
                 time so that people can avoid speeding tickets, a
                 conspiracy exists b/c the object of our conspiracy was
                 to help ppl exceed the speed limit which is unlawful.
                 Now if you kill someone, I will be liable for VMS.
                 \_ CALLAHAN: Hypothetical situation, huh? All right, I'm
                    standing on the street corner and Mrs. Grey here comes up
                    and propositions me... that if I come home with her, for
                    five dollars she'll put on an exhibition with a Shetland
                    MRS. GREY: If this is your idea of humor, Inspector...
                    BOARD EXAMINER: All right, what are you trying to do here,
                    CALLAHAN: I'm just trying to find out if anybody in this
                    room knows what the hell law's being broken... besides
                    cruelty to animals.
                    \_ What does this have to do with conspiracy?
                       \_ It's one of the laws being broken in the hypothetical
           \_ I'm not sure I understand how what you're saying applies to
              this case.  Desertion is illegal, and I'm pretty sure the
              deserters knew it was illegal.
              \_ My comment is directed at statement itself w/o regard
                 to the context.  I agree that in the context of the
                 desertion, the statement makes no sense.
        \_ Weren't there a bunch of CO cases during Gulf War I that rested on
           the argument that the US military service oath required you to
           'defend the Constitution...' (yeah, yeah, I know, that whole
           'following orders' thing.  -John
2005/3/25 [Finance/Investment] UID:36875 Activity:low
3/25    Is there any disadvantage to placing a limit order when the market is
        closed vs. waiting for it to open?
        \_ The only disadvantage is that news which occurs before the market
           opens could hurt you; if the stock gaps up or down on the open you
           could wind up missing a transaction, or getting the transaction
           filled at a less than optimal price.  -tom
2005/3/25 [Academia/Berkeley, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:36876 Activity:high
3/25    Ward Churchill is coming to Berkeley! (
        \_ i think he was at codys a few weeks ago, no one died. - danh
           \_ That's unfortunate. -alexf
              \_ Do you really oppose academic freedom of speech? -ausman
                 \_ Yes. I realize it's extremely difficult to judge such any
                    particular case where the "academic freedom of speech"
                    argument is invoked, but I do believe there ought to be
                    bounds on the use of the academic pulpit to advocate
                    terrorism or other forms of utterly unjustifiable, by any
                    remotely rational argument, violence. How to adjudicate
                    such cases is a different problem, and I (or anyone else,
                    it seems) do not know of a complete answer. But that does
                    _not_, in my mind, render the behavior immediately immune
                    from justice. -alexf
                    \_ A lot of idiocy could be prevented if these bullshit
                       "studies" departments were eliminated.  The arguement
                       that because "ethnic studies" or "african american
                       studies" are new warrants new departments is specious.
                       When someone invents a new field of math, they are
                       still in the math department, and still have to prove
                       to other mathematicians that they're doing real work
                       in order to get tenure.  Yet these people in ethnic
                       studies operate with no real peer review outside their
                       tiny, politically charged world.  I don't think this
                       asshole would have gotten tenure in a history department
                       at a school like CU.
                       \_ Sure, because history departments are dominated by
                          the elite white man genocidal oppressors and subject
                          to their agenda!
                 \_ I'm not sure how expressing disappointment or criticism of
                    an individual whose views one disagrees with can be
                    characterized as ``opposition to academic freedom of
                    speech.''  Perhaps you could enlighten the rest of us?
                    Unless, of course, you're the one opposed to academic
                    freedom of speech. -dans
                    \_ Do you believe that murder is speech? Alex said that
                       it is unfortunately no one died. I think it would be
                       it is unfortunate no one died. I think it would be
                       great if a bunch of protestors showed up to express
                       disagreement. I think it would be a tragedy if someone
                       was killed over it. -ausman
                       \_ Ah, I parsed that as ``That's unfortunate [that
                          Churchill was at codys a few weeks ago].''  It
                          appears you parsed it as ``That's unfrotunate
                          [nobody died attending Churchill's appearance at
                          codys a few weeks ago].''  Eh.  What can I say,
                          natural language parsing is a bitch.  I assumed the
                          former because I know alexf to be a generally
                          reasonable individual who is not prone to making
                          part-serious statements like ``So-and-so needs
                          killing.''  And of course I don't think murder is
                          speech.  Don't be a git, who do you think I am, Tim
                          May? -dans
                          \_ Interesting thread, guys. Somewhat contrary to
                             dans's assessment, I did _not_ mean to say it's
                             unfortunate that he was at Cody's, but rather
                             that no one died. However the statement, need
                             this be clarified, was meant as humorous
                             hyperbole, although I do think the world would be
                             an appreciably better place if Ward Churchill did
                             not exist. -alexf
                             \_ I was amused.  You get a gold star. -dans
2005/3/25 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:36877 Activity:high
3/25    Anyone who uses Mac OS X and Firefox, how can you map
        CMD-click into "Open window in new tab in the BACKGROUND."
        Current behavior opens the tab in the foreground, which is very
        \_ In Preferences->Advanced->Tabbed Browsing, uncheck the option
           labeled `Select new tabs opened from links.'  I use a Mac for my
           primary machine so I may be mistaken about this, but I'm pretty
           sure this is the same thing you would do to get Firefox to behave
           in this manner on any other OS. -dans
2005/3/25 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:36878 Activity:kinda low
3/25 [] More on the housing bubble,
        comparing it to dot com bubble.  From the article:
        "South Florida," he said, "is working off of a totally new economic
        model than any of us have ever experienced in the past."
        Sound familiar?
        \_ Yay, it's Sour Grapes Housing Guy!  Thank you for your brilliant
           insight!   -tom
           \_ Oh, no.  Thank you for *your* brilliant insight, Mr. Pyramid
        \_ And just like the dot-com bust, for some reason I still haven't
           gotten into this game.  (Dot-com:  Bought some shares in Yahoo! with
           plans to sell it for a 50% profit several months later.)
           Real estate:  Sold my $700K house with plans to come back several
           years later to buy another one for $500K).
           Real estate:  Sold my $700K house with plans to move back into the
           same neighborhood several years later for $500K).
           \_ Actually it sounds like you have gotten into it and out of it.
2005/3/25-27 [Politics/Domestic] UID:36879 Activity:nil
3/25    I'm a moderate because Democrats are socialists and Republicans
        are greedy corporate capitalists.  I am a little Chinese.
        -moderate and proud of it
        \_ Hey, do you have a little Chinese in you?  Would you like some?
           \_ I know a little German.  See, he's right over there!
2005/3/25-28 [Consumer/PDA] UID:36880 Activity:kinda low
3/25    Getting a blackberry for work. Is one provider better than
        another?   If so which is best.
        \_ Do any Blackberries include a camera?  I'm planning to replace my
           Treo 600 in the near future, and am debating between a Treo 650
           because the screen kicks ass and the camera does not suck (but
           email handling is still not anywhere near up to snuff) and a
           Blackberry for email support that does not suck. -dans
           \_ Get the Treo 650. It is everything that a phone and
              a pda should be.
              \_ I second that.  The Treo 650 is outstanding.  -- peterl
                 \_ What's the status of bluetooth support?  That was the
                    other major feature my 600 lacks, and it would be rad to
                    be able to sync wirelessly (plus bluejacking amusement to
                    be had).  I recall that it wasn't enabled because it
                    wasn't stable when the 650 first shipped. -dans
                    \_ Bluetooth is enabled and works fine on my
                       treo 650 (cingular). I have heard that there
                       were some problems w/ the sprint version
                       initially, but a software updated released
                       last week supposedly fixed those issues.
              \_ does it have 80211 wlan capability?  cause a pda should.
                 \_ I have heard that you will be able to get a 802.11
                    sd card for the treo this summer. If you have the
                    unlimited data plan there isn't really a need for
                    \_ As a Treo 600 user with an unlimited data plan, I beg
                       to differ.  Browsing the net on a Treo 600 is kind of
                       like browsing the net on a 9600 baud modem.  Useful in
                       a pinch, but painfully slow because modern web
                       designers design web pages for people browsing with
                       modern browsers and broadband connections.  So I could
                       see why it would be nice to have 802.11 in the event
                       that you are near a WiFi hotspot.  That said, unlike
                       the PP, I don't think its a necessity. -dans
                       \_ I'm not sure (I don't have a data plan), but
                          friends w/ data plans tell me that the data
                          transfer on the 650 is MUCH faster than on
                          the 600 (supposedly btwn 128-384Kbps).
2005/3/25-26 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:36881 Activity:moderate
3/25    Poll, in your deep desire, you wish housing would do the following.
        Also, put a number to indicate the number of houses you have:
        \_ pop the bubble: 0
        \_ pop the bubble: 000
          \_ I want interest rates to go up to around 8 so there isn't so much
             easy money flying around. I want to see people get burned on their
             $500k, no-money-down-interest-only-loan'd shitty condos and
             desert houses in arizona where water restricts growth more than
             the desert land area.
          \_ I'm the bitter housing guy and I'll tell you why. I'm a strong
             believer in meritocracy. Take the dot-com for example. Some
             people got rich just because they happened to get in and out at
             the right time, regardless of how much good work they've
             contributed to the society. That's not meritocracy, that is
             lotteritocracy. Life is already random as it is, and when you
             have people making 2X in speculative Arizona housing, that just
             feeds on lotteritocracy. Is that the kind of message we want to
             give to our children, that hard work and contribution to society
             is secondary to just getting lucky?
             \_ It is very rare that anyone makes money investing (whether in
                stocks or real estate) because they got lucky.  People who
                don't know what they're doing (who haven't put in the work to
                learn about investing) get fleeced.  -tom
                \_ You're an idiot.
        \_ keeps going up: 2
           \_ and I'm considering buying a small apartment complex
              \_ You are obviously a landlord in SF
                \_ The more you own, the more you get to own. I love
                   this country.                                -pp
        \_ Decline 10% and remain flat for a few years: 0
           \_ Same as him: 1 duplex
        \_ Fall by 50% so that I can buy more: 1
        \_ Crash by 70% so that I can buy 5 houses. I sold my house at a
           very nice profit 1 yr ago. Local market is down about 10 pct
           since then. No houses now.
           \_ do you live in vegas? where has the market fallen?
2005/3/25-26 [Politics/Domestic/Abortion, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:36882 Activity:kinda low
3/25    Why is it that the pro-life crowd is so worked up over the
        Schivao case, but can't be bothered with what happened in
        Texas because of a law signed by Mr Pro Life himself, Bush
        Jr?  Despite the pleas of his mother, a hospital pulled the
        plug on a six month old boy because they were unable to pay
        for treatment, a move made possible by the law Bush signed
        while governor of Texas.
        \_ Because they're hypocrites.  Yes, it's that simple.
        \_ Those so-called pro-life people should concentrate their energy on
           children in this world who are really dying from hunger, rather
           on one individual who has less than 1% chance of recovery.
              \- add "malaria, cholera, TB". Amen. --psb
                      \_ Malaria would be largely solved if we simply used DDT
                         in developing nations.
                         \- Fair enough. Significant progress can be made on
                            each of the above for modest policy reforms and
                            financial outlays. In contrast to AIDS, which
                            appears to be a hard problem. --psb
           \_ Sheesh.  You all know, just like the ACLU, they're
              really interested in precedent.
           \_ I guess technically "less than 1%" is correct. The correct
              number is 0. Large parts of her cortex are gone.
              \_ Eh, even so, it's not quite 0.  People have gotten along
                 with very low percentages of their brains.  There are a
                 few recorded "miracle" cases.
                 \_ And yet, with Bush's plan for Medicaid, more people
                    will be denied life support based on a corporate profit
                    assessment, instead of a medical one.  Life is important,
                    but the dollar is fucking *sacred*!
              \_ I work with medical images all the time, and I have seen no
                 serious proof of this.  Certainly not lately.  Furthremore,
                 the more I work with doctors, the more I distrust them.  They
                 can be sloppy and capricious when lives other than their own
                 are one the line. -emarkp
                    Some commentary on the medical issues, and a link to
                    another site that has actual cat scans. There are large
                    portions of her head filled with fluid where her brain
                    used to be. It isn't a question of interpretation.
                    \_ Not very useful.  It's just a reassertion.  A CT (CAT)
                       scan is almost unusable for distinguishing structure in
                       the brain.  An MRI is far far better.  Furthermore, the
                       one tiny CT image I've seen is from years ago, and we
                       don't actually know the state of her brain today.
                       \_ Clearly you did not read anything from that link,
                          since it addresses precisely the red herrings that
                          you are spouting.
                          \_ No, it doesn't.  It simply reasserts that the
                             cerebral cortex is gone.  I disagree with that
                             assertion (that is, I haven't seen enough evidence
                             to conclude the same thing).  How much time have
                             you spent looking at medical images of the brain?
                             \_ OK Dr. Ping, what is the alternative
                                explanation for what appears to be a large
                                fluid-filled area where her cerebral cortex
                                used to be?
                                \_ Without seeing the entire data set, I can't
                                   answer that.  The single small grainy image
                                   I've seen isn't enough determine the
                                   condition of the entire cerebral cortex.
                                   I've worked with enough doctors that I don't
                                   trust one analysis when others have
                                   disagreed.  Oh, and sign your name. -emarkp
                                   \_ Hey guys, I think emarkp's point is that
                                      not all of the cerebral cortex may be
                                      gone, and what's left may be sufficient
                                      to qualify as "life", especially if the
                                      leftover brain takes on a heavy load.
                                      \_ If that's his point, he should say so.
                                         So far all he's provided is red
                                         herrings that avoid the central point.
                                   \_ You failed to answer the question or
                                      provide any useful insight. Oh, and fuck
2005/3/25-31 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:36883 Activity:moderate
3/25    My team (Yahoo! login/registration/access) has several
        software engineer positions open at all experience levels. -atom
        \_ I need a part time job, please give me a flexible part time
           job because school sucks.                             -kchang
        \_ How about fucking change the default login to be secure login??
           Every other fucking website in the world uses secure login. Why
           does Yahoo insist on using non-secure login as default????!!!
           \_ Because it is secure, dufus. Assuming you have javascript
              enabled anyway. They issue a random challenge string that
              you answer by hashing together your password and the challenge.
              \_ Oh wow, we don't really need SSL don't we?
              \_ Oh wow, we don't really need SSL I guess.
                 \_ Wow, no, it's needed for some things.
              \_ Why doesn't yahoo use SSL login by default?
                 \_ Well, the obvious reason is they don't want to buy
                    hardware that can handle craploads of SSL connections,
                    which is a lot more expensive than the hashing scheme.
           \_ Aren't you in LA?
2005/3/25-28 [Recreation/Food] UID:36884 Activity:nil
3/25    I'm so glad Wendy's lost business as a result of their FINGER food.
        They donate 91% to Republicans ($200,000). And yes I boycott Wal-Mart
        and Dell as well.
        \_ And they support cannibalism.
2005/3/25-26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:36885 Activity:moderate
3/25    Look what bitches will do to you:
        \_ BDG is that you?
                \_ No, just someone that can't understand why in this case
                   the wife was owed anything, since she cheated on him.
                   \_ No fault divorce. She actually got less than 50% of
                      assets, which is less than she asked for. It's
                      interesting that she was married when they first
                      met. Once a cheating slut, always a cheating slut.
                        \_ Is that what a "no fault divorce" means, that
                           no matter who does what, each person is entitled
                           to half of the assets? Is California a no fault
                           divorce state?
                           \_ No fault divorce means you can get a divorce
                              for any reason. Your spouse is always
                              entitled to 50% of the assets you acquired
                              while married, even if she fucks another guy
                              and lives with him after dumping you.
                              \_ Can this be overridden by a prenuptial
                                 agreement, or does it depend on the state?
                                 Also, it occurs to me that in this example,
                                 no-fault divorce would benefit the gold-
                                 digging bitch.  -John
                                 \_ Actually the above is not entirely
                                    correct. It is correct in a community
                                    property no-fault jx (AZ, CA, ID, LA,
                                    NV, NM, TX, WA, WI AFAIK). The idea
                                    is that all earnings during the marriage
                                    are considered gifts to the "community"
                                    and are held in common. When the
                                    marraige is dissolved, the property
                                    held in common is divided equally w/o
                                    considering who made the contribution.
                                    To some extent this can be overridden
                                    by a pre-nup provided that you agree
                                    to keep all prop earned by a given
                                    party separate from the community.
                                    There are difficulties in terms of
                                    property and chattels purchased
                                    during the marriage.
                                    The best way around this is to stick
                                    pre-marital assets into a trust and
                                    then agree that all or part of your
                                    earnings are gifted to the trust and
                                    to use the trust to buy the stuff
                                    you want.
                                 \_ That's why you should be careful who
                                    you marry - especially if you have
                                    assets. It works both ways, too. I know
                                    a wealthy widow (not that old) who will not
                                    date men with less wealth than she has,
                                    because there are skanky men, too.
        \_ Bitches are hustlers too, I thought you knew, I thought you knew.
2005/3/25-26 [Politics/Domestic/Abortion, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:36886 Activity:nil
3/25    Michael Schiavo lawyer on board of directors of Terri's hospice
        \_ Yep.  And she shouldn't have been put there in the first place since
           residents in a hospice are supposed to be terminally ill.
2005/3/25-26 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:36887 Activity:high
3/25    Is Ping an Asian last name?
        \_ No.  But it is a common Chinese first name. -emarkp
           \-YMWTS: The Story of Ping --psb
             \_ Do you mean "The Story About Ping"?  Read an old beat-up copy
                when I was a child.  Have a nice new copy that I read to my
                kids. -emarkp
                \- I mean the "insightful and intuitive explanation of one of
                   Unix's most venerable networking utilities ... The book
                   describes networking in terms even a child could understand,
                   choosing to anthropomorphize the underlying packet struc-
                   ture." --psb
                   \_ Yes I found  Same book. -emarkp
        \_ Yes, it is one of the 100 Chinese last names.
  , 6 rows down,                 2nd from the right.
           6 rows down, 2nd from the right.
           \_ So is there a Chinese man named Pong Ping?
              \- No, but there are 500k Chinese names Lo Fat, and sloda
                 has its own Hi Fat Pet.
2005/3/25 [Uncategorized] UID:36888 Activity:moderate
3/26    i feel like asking congress to trim a few lines off of the motd.
        \_ Don't make me file an appeal to the USSC, punk.  The motd has a
           right to exist in its current state.
        \_ Make sure they buy you a calendar, too!
2005/3/25-29 [Reference/Tax] UID:36889 Activity:kinda low
3/25    Why the hell doesn't Wal-Mart pay to have its street widened?
        Spending $37 million of taxpayer dollars seems stupid when
        Wal-Mart can easily afford it.
        \_ Is this a troll? They don't do it because it's not profitable.
        \_ Why pay for it if the government will.  sounds like sound
           business fundamentals.
           \_ No shit. Why is the government subsidizing Wal-Mart?
              \_ Because of the income that Wal-Mart promises. Big box
                 stores pay a nice bit of property taxes and sales tax.
                 Plus an anchor store like WalMart attracts other businesses.
                 There are minuses too. It's all POV.
                         \_ it also decimates nearby businesses and pays
                            its humans such a low wage that they need to go on\
                            on public assistance.
                            its humans such a low wage that they need to go
                            on public assistance.
        \_ Funny, wasn't the the whole merchant/road thing one of the main
           examples in The Wealth of Nations?  -John
        \_ url?
        \_ It's well known that Wal-Mart is especially adept at sucking
           every freebie from the government it possibly can, in addition to
           paying their employees so little they have to rely on government
2005/3/25-29 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:36890 Activity:nil
3/25    Insurgents looking for a way out:
        \_ Amnesty!
           \_ Stella!
        \_ Isn't that basically what the whole election thing was about?  Give
           them a way to save face without strengthening them (the way Israel
           inadverdently did with Hizbollah when it pulled out of Lebanon--
           wise move, maybe the execution could have been better)?  I guess
           the goal right now is to alienate the real hardcore ones from the
           casual "oh-look-it's-an-rpg-7-in-my-closet-now-how-did-that-get-
           there?" types...  -John
2019/06/27 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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