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2005/3/21-22 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:36784 Activity:kinda low Edit_by:auto
3/20    Poll for people who have only 1 HD (laptop for example). How did YOU
        partition your HD and why? I'm thinking of putting all the games and
        media data in one partition and leave the OS and VMWare files in
        another partition. The rationale is that when I play games or do media
        stuff I don't work, and when I work (on VMWare) I don't play games and
        play media files. However, this has the disadvantage of parition
        fragmentation (which could be fixed via Partition Magic I suppose).
        So I'll ask again, how did YOU partition your HD and why?
        \_ Everything in one big partition.  Works for me.
           \_ When you later want to install another OS to dual-boot, you're
              \_ But if you mis-estimated what partition sizes you need, you're
                 still hosed.
                 \_ True.
              \_ ... or run VMware like the OP.
                 \_ Oops.  But VMware costs extra.
           \_ I also use 1 big partition (default OS X install). If I need
              to run another OS I just fire up VPC.
        \_ This is my partition scheme for my main machine for
           performance and ease of re-install if windows fucks up for any
           reason. Readjust size based on your HD size.
             C: <system>, 10-20gb (windows OS only)
             <scratch>, mapped to c:\temp, c:\windows\temp, 20gb temp partition
             D: <application>, I install everything to this partition (40+gb?)
             <data>, mapped to c:\Home (80+ gb?)
           This way, C: stays relatively clean and the OS itself will
           not get squeezed and fragmented by all the crap that
           normally goes on C:. Performance in Windows does not
           degrade much as if everything is installed on C:. Having a
           separate partition for Temp also helps in keeping C: clean
           for fast windows performance. If you have 2 HD, put temp on
           the 2nd HD.
           When windows does fuck up, I simply format C: and
           re-install. My data does not get affected, I just remaps my
           directory after install. I install all applications to
           d:\program files.
           This partition scheme has served me well.  You'll be amazed
           how fast your machine is when you install a fresh copy of
           windows. One last tip, do NOT install XP and then upgrade
           to SP2, integrate SP2 onto your XP install CD. This way,
           after you install XP, your system is already sp2 and this
           uses less HD space than install then apply SP2. google for
           how to do this.
              Slipstream install for service pack, really optimizes!!!
           \_ When you format and re-install Windows on C:, don't you lose all
              the Registry settings?  I thought many Windows apps rely on
              Registry settings to work properly.
              \_ Yes, that's the point of a fresh install. You do need to
                 re-install most apps. It's not as bad as it seems and
                 will fix most if not all application anomilies that typically
                 happens after going through upgrades and install-uninstall
           \_ hm, interesting. I'm not an XP expert so maybe you can
              enlighten me. After you partition into C and D, how do you
              further partition and map C into <system>, <scratch> and
              likewise for D into <app> and <data>?
              \_ Administrative Tools->Computer Management, under disk
                 management, you can map a drive to a directory. So in my
                 above example, you have 4 partitions.
                 1: 10gb  c: operating system only
                 2: 40+gb d: application
                 3: 10gb  nameless partition, maps to c:\temp, c:\windows\temp
                 4: 40+gb nameless partition, maps to c:\home
                 again you determine what size each partition goes. Minimum for
                 OS is probably 5gb, for Temp can be as small as 1gb. I use 10gb
                 so I can fit a DVD image on it. 20gb if you have dual layer.
        \_ I currently have C: drive 10 GB containing only Windows and
           essential applications (Office) and D: drive with 50 GB for
           Documents and Settings\usernames, temp files, and everything else.
           The idea was that C: could always be defragmented easily.
           When I re-install, I don't want to fuck with things too much and
           I'll just put it all on C: and live with the long defrags.
           I am using (pay) Executive Software Diskeeper, which is much faster
           than the Windows defragger.
           I use 0 GB of swap.  This is my notebook.  If I want to run Linux,
           I'll do so on a spare disk on my desktop, or swap in another hard
           drive on my notebook.  I don't need the hassle of dual-boot, and
           foom, I accidentally rendered my Windows partition unbootable.
2005/3/21-23 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:36785 Activity:moderate
3/21    SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK (or, at least for those programming under a
        deadline).  Thank you.  That is all. - jvarga
        \_ ah, the all nighter.  You are bringing back memories.
        \_ I thought it was Spring Break?
           \_ I don't know if it is or not, but I often had to work
              through breaks.
        \_ uh, what year are you and what class did you have to stay up for?
           152? 164? 184? I HATE THOSE CLASSES. They should be 6 unit classes.
           \_ I remember having to work during spring break for Wawrzynek's
              150 project. We're suppose to design a MIDI decoder on a then
              new, untested, limited Xilink FPGA with only 2000 CLB's. I stayed
              and slept in Cory Hall (Soda was still only 1/2 done). I remember
              screaming a lot because the Xilinx license server kept going
              down, and 1/2 of the time the Xilinx "make" failed with
              unreproducible routing problems. My highlight was during the
              end of the break when my trusty partner and his GF visited me
              and asked how I was doing. All that time they were in Vegas or
              something... they seemed pretty happy and carefree.
              \_ And what is he doing today? I bet he is a sales engineer,
                 going to conventions in Vegas and raking in fat commissions,
                 while you probably still slave away in 16 hour days.
                 \_ you're absolutely right about that. He's making big fat
                    $$$ while I'm still in school (grad school). What can I say
                    The moral of the story I guess is that hard work is for
                    suckers. Hmmmm
           \_ I remember working through Thanksgiving for Katz's 150 in Fa90.
              We were building a 4-bit computer out of 74xx parts and some
              EPROMs and about a hundred spaghetti wires on four breadboards
              with a few plastic switches and LEDs as the operator console.  It
              was an eye-opener for me on how a general-purpose computer works.
              I'm glad I didn't end up taking it in later semesters where they
              did cool special-purpose machines like video games without the
              need to cut wires.
           \_ 152 and 164 were 5-unit classes when I took them.  Didn't take
              \_ 164 is a 5 unit class now?  not fair.
                 \_ The only 5 unit classes in EECS these days are 150 and
                    152. My understanding is that the department can't really
                    make the units realistic because of something about needing
                    to present a "typical" schedule under which students can
                    accumulate 120 units in 8 semesters. I don't know the
                    details. -gm
                    \_ CS50... now that was a tough class.  15x and 16x were
                       cake compared to that.
                       \_ Must be before my time.  What years was it offered?
                          What's it about?
                          What's it about, daddy?
                          \_ CS50 was replaced with CS60ac in 1986 (and went
                             from 1 5-unit class to 2 4-unit classes) because
                             50 was universally considered too difficult (I
                             think only 1 of 4 non-eecs managed to go from 50
                             to 55, and more than a few eecs dropped out of the
                             major because of the class).  60a originally
                             covered both scheme and C, and 60c was for
                             "advanced" C programming (since students had by
                             then a couple semesters of C experience).  I'm
                             under the impression that they've since further
                             reduced the class load by doing just scheme in
                             60a and just C in 60c.  I have no idea what they
                             teach now, but I'm pretty sure I'd be depressed
                             if I found out.  I think they now use the Computer
                             Organization book for 152, and that used to be
                             the text for 60b.  The quantitative approach
                             book was the 152 text, and now they reserve it
                             for 252.
2005/3/21-23 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:36787 Activity:low
3/21    What corporate greed does to a city.
        Original title, changed to above by MOTD communist:
        What democrats and Unions do to cities
        Documentary Shows a Ruined Detroit,50
        \_ I think you can blame the decline of Detroit on the incomes
           of the city and residents being dependent on the auto industry,
           then the factories moved off shore because it's cheaper
           there.  blaming it all on democrats and unions is stupid.
           \_ then why do foreign motor companies continue to build
              US plants?  GM outsources to China in the 1970s....
                \_ you know what, i don't know.  i doubt it's
                   because of those goddamn liberals though.
                   \_ you are right, probably a magical leprauchan
                      \_ yes, that's actually much more plausible than the
                         previous explanation.
        Documentary Shows a Ruined Detroit,50
        \_ Thar she blows, it is the fabled Freeper back from the dead!
           Do you really think you persuade anyone by posting these fanatics?
           \_ no
              \_ Why do you do it then?
                 \_ or more specifically, what does the freeper link add to
                    the first one, other than the spittle emissions of
                    the inbred?
        \_ San Francisco is a similarly pro-union and Democratic town,
           yet it is thriving. How do you explain the discrepancy?
2005/3/21-23 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:36788 Activity:moderate
3/21    Nurse: Terri Can Eat Normally
        \_ "'When is that bitch gonna die?'"  Do you really buy this?
           \_ I really don't care about this case one way or the other,
              but, do you this the Nurse is lying?  How do you know?
              \_ I think there's a lot of shit being piled on a guy who
                 has gone through a horrible ordeal.  As he has no political
                 gain in the matter, and others do, I tend to give him more
                 benefit of the doubt than newsmax.
                 \_ You may very well be right, but it seems like there's
                    enough evidence of douchiness that it makes sense to at
                    least try feeding her by mouth.  I mean, this sort of
                    decision is supposed to happen with full support of all
                 \_ Ordeal?  1.5 years after she collapsed he was screwing
                    another woman.  At the same time he was telling a court
                    that he loved Terri!  And only needed $1M to take care of
                    her.  Then he got the money and hasn't stopped trying to
                    kill her.
                    \_ The money went directly to her care.  He has declined
                       an offer of $1M from some loony businessman to walk
                       away.  If he were trying to kill his wife for personal
                       gain, as you seem to think, would he have done that?
                       You suck.
                    \_ This case is not about the husband being a jerk.  And
                       1.5 years is not short.  Most people would have pulled
                       the tube within 6-months and move on with their lives.
                       \_ Um, yes it is.  He's the one who decides whether she
                          lives or dies and he's fucking someone else.  1.5
                          years after her collapse he WAS IN COURT ASKING FOR
                          \_ You do not know this person.  You would never
                             have known about this person in a sane world.
                             You spout anger as though Terri was your sister.
                             Check yourself.  When you can translate rage
                             at something like this (which is truly a false
                             rage perpetuated by selected facts and rumors)
                             into empathy, you might learn to get your point
                    \_ Her parents encouraged him to get on with his life.
                       Look into it.

        \_ I have no problem with keeping her alive as long as the medical
           bills don't go to the taxpayers.
           \_ What do you think happens when an insurance company pays for
              medical care?  They do it out of the goodness of their hearts?
                \_ Insurance companies have no hearts.  They're out there to
                   maximize profits.
                   \_ which is why they pass on their costs to their policy
                      holders; that is, taxpayers.
           \_ She's on Medicaid, which Bush is in the process of trying to
        \_ The congress should be focusing on the real problems.
        \_ 70% of Americans think Congress is wasting time on this circus:
        \_ arbiter says she had no awareness
        \_ Terri is practically Einstein according to some of the more fundie
           websites.  Let's see, she can talk, swallow, communicate, and her
           husband tried to kill her.  The big questions are, why did 7 years
           worth of court trials and doctor examinations not uncover any of
           this (are they all idiots or in a conspiracy), and why did the
           husband not accept the multiple $1M+ offers to let his wife go?
           \_ Her husband can't stop it now even if he wanted to. As for
              medical care, you will see when you are very sick and/or old
              that doctors stop caring as much when they think you are not
              worth the effort. I watched my 86 y.o. grandfather die because of
              this kind of nonchalance. "Well, we *could* do xyz, but he's
              so old that..." I am sure the doctors think she's not worth
              their time at this point. My neighbor is a neurologist and
              one time he ordered an MRI for a boy who had severe
              neurological problems. He was diagnosed with a stroke, I
              think. Anyway, the insurance refused to pay.
              one time he ordered an MRI for a boy who had severe neurological
              problems. He was diagnosed with a stroke, I think, by the
              previous doctor. Anyway, the insurance refused to pay for an MRI
              on a 'stroke victim'. My neighbor resigned as the boy's doctor.
              Later on, it was discovered the boy had a brain tumor. It was
              removed and the boy is fine now. The MRI would have caught it.
              There are a lot of doctors who don't care enough to fight
              the bureaucracy and you can't really blame them.
                \_ This is obviously not the case here since she's lived for
                   15 years despite having little brain function.  Why can't
                   her husband stop now even if he wanted to? Take the money
                   and run!
                   \_ He can't stop, because it is the court's decision to
                      make now. My point was that maybe Terri would be
                      better now or would be improving if she had had
                      better medical care. However, lots of doctors see
                      'vegetative state' and 'Medicare' and don't do
                      anything for her. For many of those years she was in
                      a home with no specialized therapy or care. She has
                      had nursing, but not good physicians. Most of the
                      doctors around her now are trying to determine if
                      she is a vegetable, not what the best treatment
                      might be. Frankly, they hold out little hope and
                      project that lack of hope onto her.
                \_ it's in the hands of the courts.  congress is trying
                   to take the decision out of the hands of the state courts
                   right now.  at this point it's out of the husbands control.
           Republicans take a dump on the Constitution then wipe up
           with the Bill of Rights.
           \_ There is a strong possibility that the fed ct judge
              or the 11th cir ct of appeals will rule that article
              3 does not give congress the power to authorize a
              new c/a wrt to a previously adjudicated state law
              claim. The parents seem to have hedged their bets
              and are claiming that the procedural errors by the
              judge amount to a depravation due process rights
              under the color of law, which is actionable in fed
              ct. If this claim works out, the case may be remanded
              to state ct to fix the procedural errors, assuming
              that they were prejudicial.
2005/3/21-23 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:36789 Activity:nil
3/21    GNOME/Mono dude visits Lebanon refugee camps:
        \_ In case you are not familiar with Robert Fisk, here's an
           (admittedly adversarial, having been written by a pro-Israel
           watchdog) introduction:
2005/3/21-22 [Reference/Tax] UID:36790 Activity:moderate
3/21    Does the TurboTax CD this year let you pirate it onto more than one
        \_ I have it, althought I havn't tried it on another machine, I don't
           see anything that will prevent you from doing it...
           \_ Last year there was some protection scheme that prevented one
              from doing it.
              \_ I know, I didn't see anything this year. Things look normal.
                 \_ Thanks for the info.
        \_ Completely unprotected.  The CD contains both the PC and Mac
           versions and does not require you to have the CD after you have
           installed the program.
        \_ TurboTax may let you, but one might hope that your conscience
           may not.
           \_ Well, it does cost $15 to file electronically for federal;
              same for state.  As someone else pointed out, you can always
              print out the forms and mail them in for the cost of postage.
2005/3/21 [Health/Disease/General] UID:36791 Activity:high
3/21    Motd poll:  Have you had the flu going 'round lately?
        \_ No: ....
           \_ I get sick 1-2 times per year and almost never a flu.
           \_ No, all my coworkers got sick this year, but I did not.
              I attribute it to drinking heavily.
           \_ No, eventhough I was exposed. My throat was sore, and I
              thought I came down with it for 12 hours, but it passed.
              I get plenty of exercise, do yoga, eat lots of fresh
              organic fruits and vegetables.
              \_ go fuck yourself.
           \_ No.  I don't exercise or get much sleep.  The only healthy things
              I do is drink tea, eats little meat and lots of vegetable and
              fruit, and take the stairs instead of the elevator.
           \_ No, I've only been sick once in 7 years ever since I started
              exercising proper hygiene, or as sodans would say being a germ
              freak ... Nutty stuff like washing hands before eating.
              \_ go fuck yourself.
                 \_ That's a good way to avoid acquiring STDs.
                        \_ You've got to break eggs to make an omelet.
              \_ yeah I used to get sick a lot in Cal. It might have something
                 to do with sharing common lab keyboards in Soda hall and
                 seeing ~1/2 of the people who use tho restroom don't wash
                 their hands, most of them smell or haven't taken a shower
                 for a few days. Here's what you can do for fun when you're
                 bored in the lab. Flip those lab keyboards up-side down
                 and watch snowflakes falling!!! Ok maybe dandruff isn't
                 exactly snowflakes but you can use your imagination.
        \_ Yes: ....
        \_ I got flu AND strep!: .
           High fever: 102.4
           Coughing: (green phlegm) ..
           Coughing 'till you barf: .
           Bloodshot eyes:  completely bloodshot
           Eye discharge:  woke with eyes glued shut
           Ear pain/discharge:  soaked my pillow with ear flow
           \_ . (but not as severe)
           Frog in the throat:  I keep swallowing, but it stays
           Snotty nose: ..
           Body aches: ...
           Voice gone:  ..
        \_ I started to have a sour throat on Friday, I am recovering...
        \_ sick for 2+ weeks, still not 100%
2005/3/21 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:36792 Activity:high
3/21    The way I see the Schiavo case is as follows, it is just my opinion
        and you're free to criticize me if you want:
        -Scientists claim she has no consciousness, and that the probability
         of her regaining consciousness is less than 0.01%, which is
         unlikely. Let's just move on.
        -Family members and religious right activists say that all lives
         are sacred and that despite statistics and science, miracles   DO
         happen. Let's keep her alive.
        \_ Husband claims that Schiavo explicitly requested death over
           being kept alive artificially like she is.
           \_ yeah, after he smacked her so many times she ask
             him to just kill her off
           Also, ^Family members^parents (above)
        \_ I think you have a large number of mitigating factors.
           This is not a right to die case, there is no living will
           and testimony to her wish to die is suspect at best.
           Michael Schiavio's behavior is very suspicious and there
           alot of facts that are not publicized.
           \_ what the hell are you talking about?  there are lots of
              facts.  here is a list:
     - danh
              \_ i suspect less than 10% of US population is aware
                 of the full story involving her case and are basing
                 their judgement on what they see on the alphabet
                 networks.  No need to work yourself into a frenzy.
                 Are you aware of the conflicts of interest between
                 Schiavos lawyer?
                 Are you aware of affadavits from girlfriend stating
                 Michael denied ever discussing Terri's wish to die?
                 Are you aware he euthanized her cats so he could move
                 in with a girlfriend 2 years after her collapse?
                 Are you aware Michael was undergoing pyschological
                 counseling and on prescription drugs at the time
                 of her accident?
                 Are you aware judge Greer is legally blind?
                 \_ It's just a typical case of American blind justice, and
                    there ain't a-nothin' you can do about it.
                 Are you aware several women have restraining orders
                 on Michael?
                 \_ I have read stuff like "michael greer works
                    near the hospital in question and really annoyed
                    the staff about his vegetable wife's care, kind
                    of like an annoying cast member of ER, so someone
                    got a restraining order against michael".  this is a lot
                    different than random women getting restraining orders
                    against him.
                 \_ you mean the hospital staff does.
                 Are you aware Michael's testimony in the malpractice
                 suit contradicts his later testimony about her
                 wish to die?
                 Want more?
                 Murderers on death row get better treatment
                 than this.
    Since 1990, Theresa has lived in nursing homes with constant care. She is fe\
d and hydrated by tubes. The staff changes her diapers regularly. She has had nu\
merous health problems, but none have been life threatening.
    Over the span of this last decade, Theresa's brain has deteriorated because\
of the lack of oxygen it suffered at the time of the heart attack. By mid 1996,\
the CAT scans of her brain showed a severely abnormal structure. At this point,\
much of her cerebral cortex is simply gone and has been replaced by cerebral spi\
nal fluid. Medicine cannot cure this condition. Unless an act of God, a true mir\
acle, were to recreate her brain, Theresa will always remain in an unconscious,\
reflexive state, totally dependent upon others to feed her and care for her most private needs.
                 \_ tjb?  is that you?
                 \_ These are good to know, but the most important fact
                    is that there is no documentation of Terri's supposed
                    request to die. Michael could be wanting to sell her
                    organs to the highest bidder for all I care. We don't
                    know what Terri wanted and there is still a chance for
                    her to recover. Given that, she should be kept alive.
                    Anything else is murder, IMO.
                 \_ Why should the US population be aware of this case?
                    Even if all of the above were true, should Congress
                    intervene in this case?  What about in all similar
                    cases when a person in a vegetative state has relatives
                    who fight over the person's right to die?  Should
                    all those people ask Congress to intervene?
           \_ This whole affair is just political grandstanding by the
              Republicans, especially certain congressional leaders
              that have their eyes on 2008.  This is red meat for their
              base and everybody (including the public) knows it.
               \_ Exactly. Come 2008, and they'll say that Democrats are
                  evil heartless liberals, and that Republicans are
                  compassionate. Personally, I think the Democrats should
                  just give in on the basis of "compassion for election" -lib
                 \-If this schavio vegetable woman was say a portugese
                   woman and this drama was playing out in lisbon instead
                   of florida, would you "pro culture of life" people advocate
                   congress offering to bring her into the us and continue
                   feeding/hydratiing her? [assuming portugal and her parents
                   would be happy to let her move to the us, it could be done
                   safely, from a medical perspective etc]. --psb
                   \_ No.
                      \- why doesnt the culture of life apply here?
        \_ I think you are a superstitious loon.
2005/3/21 [Politics/Domestic] UID:36793 Activity:nil
3/21    The way I see the Schiavo case is that the facts of the case are very
        hard to discern, especially with all the politicking going on.
2005/3/21 [Uncategorized] UID:36794 Activity:high
3/12    Is that Hootie in those KFC commercials???
        \_ yup.
        \_ Hootie was in there? I was distracted by Brooke Burke
        \_ Don't you mean the Burger King commerical?
           \_ Are Brooke's real or fake?
              \_ she's married to a "cosmetic" surgeon
              \_ before or after I denied her sex? -tjb
                 \_ Haha! Wrong Brooke, but clever!
2005/3/21-24 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:36795 Activity:nil
3/21    Is there a "skip" command in GDB?  I want to see what happens when
        I don't execute a certain command in a certain case.
        \_ I don't know of any, but you could do this:
           if (variable==1) { your command; };
           then use the set command to change the variable at your whim. --PM
        \_ If by "command" you mean "instruction in the program being debugged",
           you can use the "jump" command -- it sets the PC to a value you
           specify. -gm
           \_ I think it is clear he means a gdb command that will allow him
              to skip certain lines in the program, i.e. a pretend step.
        \_ There are hairy ways to do this ... if to break copy protection ...
           but there is no simple "skip" instruction in gdb.
        \_ jump?
2005/3/21 [Uncategorized] UID:36796 Activity:nil
3/21    [Can someone recommend a motd formatter?]
        \_ emacs
2005/3/21 [Uncategorized] UID:36797 Activity:nil
3/21    Where is ilyas? I need my daily dosage of idiocy and humour.
2005/3/21-23 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:36798 Activity:kinda low
3/21    Can anyone recommend a lightweight X-based terminal that supports
        UTF-8?  If it can support pseudo-transparency or background colors,
        it'd be good.  I've been very happy with aterm, but it doesn't support
        \_ gnome-terminal
           \_ ...lightweight?
        \_ xterm! xterm is the standard UTF-8 terminal
           \_ xterm is what I'm using now whenever I need the UTF-8 support.
              gnome-terminal doesn't quite meet my lightweight requirement.
              I'm just hoping for something that's lightweight and still let
              me make it pretty.  -op
                 \_ I agree that konsole is much nicer than gnome-terminal.
                    But I already use a window manager that provides tabbing.
                    So the chance of me using konsole tabs is very small. -op
2005/3/21-23 [Science/Biology] UID:36799 Activity:nil
3/21    An evolutionary basis for altruism
        \_ see also
2005/3/21 [Reference/Religion] UID:36800 Activity:nil 80%like:36802
3/21    Dear Mormons, what do you think about assisted suicide? Curious.
        \_ -5 Flamebait
           \_ no, seriously, I want to know how jrleek and emarkp think if
              they're trapped in their own body without any freedom to do
              what they want. Do they agree with "Give me freedom or give
              me death", or do they agree with "Jesus trapped me in my own
              body for a reason, god bless"?
              \_ Do what they want? Vegetable people don't "want" anything.
                 Their primitive life functions just tick away without
                 an active consciousness. The whole fact of people's
                 personalities and consciousness being altered by physical
                 brain changes isn't really compatible with religious
                 notions of the soul, I think. One could argue the woman's
                 soul is gone. But what if in a different case she merely
                 became a retard? How would that be interpreted... perhaps
                 the soul is there but the body too damaged to express the
                 soul's desires? But some people are born retarded. Or
                 merely become a bit thick from eating lead paint chips
                 as a child.
2005/3/21 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:36801 Activity:high
3/21 = liberal trash media. The front page has a poll that
        asks "Who would you want to make the decision about pulling the plug
        if you were in a vegetative state? Spouse:78%, Parents:15%, Somebody
        else:%7., trashy, unfair & unbalanced liberal media. Go Fox!
        \_ Your troll is limp and flaccid.
        \_ Did they cancel your Free Republic account for trolling too?
        \_ Who would you trust, Jesus?
2005/3/21-22 [Reference/Religion] UID:36802 Activity:kinda low 80%like:36800
3/21    Dear Morons, what do you think about assisted suicide? Curious.
        \_ -5 Flamebait
           \_ no, seriously, I want to know how jrleek and emarkp think if
              they're trapped in their own body without any freedom to do
              what they want. Do they agree with "Give me freedom or give
              me death", or do they agree with "Jesus trapped me in my own
              body for a reason, god bless"?
              \_ I almost never agree with jrleek or emarkp, but honestly.
                 Anonymous trolling of them, just because they are Mormons,
                 is pure-grade 100% lame.
        \_ Obviously, you could just send an email.
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