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2005/3/18-4/4 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Security] UID:36744 Activity:nil
3/18    Office account holders - please clean up your directories, or
        we'll have to unleash the wrath of root (and karen) on you! =)
2005/3/18-19 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic] UID:36745 Activity:nil
3/15    Cut tax, cut funding,  every man for himself. Also,
        bring your own toilet paper. Is this every Libertarian's
        dream? Yahoo News:    
        \_ No, the Lib dream is to not have these people working in government
           offices at all.
2005/3/18-19 [Reference/Military] UID:36746 Activity:low
3/15    Yahoo News:
        More gun control = increase in cross bow sales
        \_ and 10% drop in murder rates
           \_ Well, it IS a bit harder than handguns to aim and reload.
2005/3/18-19 [Consumer/Audio] UID:36747 Activity:nil 50%like:34374
3/17    What is the name of that song on the Apple iPod Shuffle tv commercial?
        \_ The band is The Caesar's.
2005/3/18-19 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:36748 Activity:kinda low
3/15    Someone asked about popular backup options?
        \_ I appreciate the helpfulness, but as usual, they all suck.  The
           closet thing to easy I've heard of are the one-touch backup drives
           closest thing to easy I know of are the one-touch backup drives
           from Western Digital, but I just wish they did encryption too.
           \_ It's kludgey, but have you considered backing up encrypted
              content rather than encrypting backed up content?  -John
              \_ Yes.  But it would be nice if, on the backup, the whole
                 drive is encrypted.
                 \_ How non-interactive must it be?  Can you back up to a
                    pgpdisk or EFS, or cfs/encfs on FreeBSD/Linux?  -John
                    \_ Well, when I said "closest thing to easy" I really
                       meant for yermom, I mean, my mom or my boss to use it,
                       and ideally easy for me to setup as well.
2005/3/18 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:36749 Activity:moderate
3/18    How chaotic can Florida's (or America's) court system be? One
        court rules to keep the feeding tube in, and 10 minutes later
        another rules to remove it. Isn't there a hierarchy? It's already
        gone to the State Supreme Court; how can little florida courts
        keep overturning their decision?
        \_ The Senate Health Committee has subpoenaed her and her husband.  She
           can't do that if she's starving to death.
           \_ That is what I mean. This entire situation is quite chaotic.
              Which ridiculous congressman is subpoena'ing a woman in
              a persistent vegetative state? Is he trying to be symbolic?
              \_ Short answer, yes.  I'm sick of hearing about this case.  If
                 she told her husband that she wouldn't want extreme measures
                 to keep her alive, she probably also told her parents.  If
                 they're not respecting her wishes, it's out of selfishness.
                 I think left to their own devices they could have worked
                 it out.  But since we've apparently got nothing else for
                 Congress to do than steroids and this, it's ended up center
                 \_ Congress is going to do steroids and remove a feeding tube?
                 \_ Congress loves shit like this.  Keeps them from having to
                    deal with real problems.  I bet they'd have Michael Jackson
                    hearings too, if they thought that they could get away with
2005/3/18 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:36750 Activity:kinda low
3/18 vs.  Which one is better?
        \_ I searched "naked" on Google and the first 5 links are all FAT UGLY
           women and 2 gay men, naked. Yahoo came up with attractive women.
           However, Google did in fact come up with 5X more links (100,000)
           vs Yahoo which came up with only 25,000 links. So, draw your own
           \_ I tried "busty Indian".  Both returned relevant picures, but
              Yahoo gives me more variaty.
              \_ Wow, you guys' workplaces are pretty lax.
                 \_ WORK? In Silicon Valley? MOOOOOOOOOO...
2005/3/18 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:36751 Activity:moderate
3/18    gay marriage people, i liked the following: (   - danh
        \_ uh, so how many gay people find this funny? I mean, do Polish
           people think Polish jokes are funny?
           \_ Wow.  idiocy reigns supreme
2005/3/18-19 [Computer/SW/Virus] UID:36752 Activity:nil
3/18    What's better, SpyBot or Ad-Aware?
        \_ I use Ad-Aware at work and it's fine for me. I also tested SpyBot
           and I like Ad-Aware better.
        \_ SpyBot stopped working for me about a year ago and hasn't
           worked since (last checked 2 months ago).  (It gave up when it
           hit a certain definition.)  After googling and trying several hours
           to fix it over that year, my diagnosis was that I need to re-install
           my notebook in order for SpyBot to work again.
           Yes, I was infected once when I accidentally clicked "Yes" in IE
           for one of those spyware ActiveX installations.
           So, my opinion is Ad-aware is better.
2005/3/18-19 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:36753 Activity:kinda low
3/18    What's the difference between J2EE and EJB?
        \_ One merely sucks, while the other blows.
        \_ EJBs are a subset of the J2EE specification (which also
           includes RMI, JSPs, etc.)
2005/3/18-20 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:36754 Activity:nil
x3/18   Can small claims be used to get judicial orders. I mean, say some
        company has some information that I believe I am legally entitled to
        but will not give me that information, can I sue them in small claims
        for it.  If not there, the what is my recourse?  It seems that small
        claims court is geared more towards "this person ows me money".
        \_ Original jurisdiction of small claims courts is usually limited
           to rewarding monetary damages. However, theoretically they could
           order this. Check with your local jurisdiction on the matter.
           If you really want to do this cheaply, I suppose what you can
           do is sue the company for something related to that information
           and then issue a subpoena for it. You can issue a subpoena
           after the OP has been served. What kind of information is
        \_ You can also request a Subpoena Duces Tecum through the Court
           Clerk. However, the OP may move to quash it and you have
           to show a valid reason for the Subpoena. If OP claims the
           information is priviliged and has no bearing on your case
           then it may be quashed. If the information falls under
           the statutory jurisdiction of a freedom of information act
           within your state or under federal law then the OP is
           compelled to produce the documents. If they fail to do so
           OP is in contempt and will be sanctioned as such.
           A SDC requires the following:
           1. shows good cause for the production of the records
              described in the subpoena
           2. specifies the exact records to be produced
           3. fully details the relevance of the records requested to the
              issues involved in the case
           4. States that the witness has the desired records in his/her
              possession or under his/her control
           OP can squash under 3 if it challenges your prima facia case.
           \_ I thought that you could only get a Subpoena Duces Tecum
              once the judge approves your discovery plan (haven't covered
              this yet in civ pro)
2005/3/18-21 [Industry/Jobs] UID:36755 Activity:nil 57%like:36020
3/18    Job opening in Mountain View for J2ME Mobile applications engineer.
        See: /csua/pub/jobs/vidiator
2005/3/18 [Transportation/Misc] UID:36756 Activity:very high
3/18    The next revolutionary commuting device that's better than Segway:  (ok not really)
        \_ It's better than motorcycles because ...?
        \_ Wasn't that in a South Park episode?
           \_ EXACTLY, that's why it's funny! Obviously, the guy who asked the
              motorcycle question didn't see the Mr. Garrison "IT" episode
2005/3/18-19 [Uncategorized] UID:36757 Activity:nil
3/18    Cleaning your computer may cut down temperature by 15 degrees:
        \_ Why people don't just use a vacume cleaner to suck the dust
           out? I do that every now and then and it works well and the
           dust doesn't end up somewhere else.
2005/3/18-20 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:36758 Activity:moderate
3/18    Get yer weekly culture fix.  Art Show @ The Clinic, 2801 25th St.:
        \_ hey dans, you're a pretty cute guy. Are you attached to anyone?
           Here's a bit of info about myself. I'm single, clean, and
           neat. I like opera, I love fine arts, I love cats (they're soooo
           adorable!), exotic cuisines (ever tried and
           everything that is unusual or exciting. Would you like to have
           lunch or coffee some time? If so, email
           \_ wow, i am speechless. -!dans
              \_ jealous?
                 \_ that sodans can be this blunt/brave. ;)
                 \_why not? it's not like they'll get pregnant and stuck
                  with each other.
           \_ wait, so just to clarify, is this... a gay wanted ad on motd?
           \_ I wouldn't consider asiasf to be exotic cuisine per se, though
              I've never been there, but I'm told it's pretty amusing as
              tranny bars go.  Anyway, if this is actually serious and not
              just motd wankery, drop me an email. -dans
           \_ A good friend of mine is actually a bartender at asiasf.  Even if
              it is far from what my lifestyle is like, I will say that it is
              a fun place to hang out if you are just looking for a fun and
              interesting evening. -phale
           \_ I'm surprised this thread has hung around this long.  No email
              received thus far, guess it was just motd wankery.  Pity,
              flattering while it lasted. -dans
              \_ gosh, I'm so sorry... have you tried or
        Motd isn't exactly a gay-friendly place.
2005/3/18 [Uncategorized] UID:36759 Activity:nil
3/18    Advice for you dans-- motd less and ye shall find more work done.
        \_ Thanks.  My work is coming along just fine, thank you very much.
2005/3/18-21 [Finance/Banking, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:36760 Activity:moderate
3/18    Hello, I've contacted my friend in UK who says an interest rate of 4%
        is not uncommon. He suggests that I look into the following big bank in
        UK: NatWest, LloydsTSB, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Abbey Bank.
        Indeed, they all have much higher interest rates than in the US. Here
        is the problem. They all have a requirement that you be a "Resident of
        UK." What kind of proof do they want as a resident of UK? I'm thinking
        that if I do e-banking, they shouldn't have to mail me anything...
        \_ You can get a CD at Wells for 3.75 over 22 months. Minimal
           deposit of 10K. Auto-rollover with higher yield at maturity. So why
           even fucking bother...
           \_ that's not so great. has 3.75% for 18 months,
              or 3.95% for 24.
           \_ ING Direct in US is 3.6%, you put in/take out any time you want.
              \_ Try 2.6%  I wish it was 3.6%  Still damn good for short-term.
                 \_ now at 3.25%. competition is good.
              ING Direct in UK is 5%. With devaluating dollars and the deficit,
              relative to the US it is more like 20%. Why even fucking bother?
              You do the long term math.
              And by the way my mom (over 60) has annuities, and gets over
              5% for a 5 year plan, so I did in fact have her open up an acct
              in her name for me.
              \_ Now what guarantee do you have that this trend will hold over
                 the long term? Then factor in the price of currency
                 exchange, and the fact that you probably don't have nearly
                 as ready access to your money.
                 \_ Ok, ideally I'd like to access the money within 1 month.
                    Overseas transaction falls within that timeline. Why
                    1 month? So that if I decide to use it to buy something
                    big like a down payment for a house or a condo investment
                    in Shang-hai, I can do so within 1 month. I know that
                    someone will ask me why not just buy a house.
                    I already have 2 houses, 1 rental. I don't want to
                    buy a 3rd house (not now). I have been thinking about
                    investing in Shang-hai as my friend's dad bought a
                    hi-rise floor that doubled in price in the last 1.5
                    year. But until I've made up my mind, I just want
                    to keep my money in a nice place. By the way, if you have
                    ANY idea what people in HK and Taiwan are doing with
                    their investments, you'll also have little faith in
                    crappy US currency as well. I don't want to know the
                    financial impact of a swarm of people (esp. Asians)
                    moving their assets outside of US as is happening now.
                    \_ Well, good luck to you. Just be aware that the dollar
                       has always rebounded in the past, and very strongly
                       against any Euro currency. If you really want to be
                       this anal about your investments you can go ahead and
                       dump it into gold. Also, be aware that the europeans
                       are running pretty large defecits themselves. Plus,
                       the europeans are much less dynamic in terms of
                       adjusting to global changes in the economy. You sound
                       like the geeks who kept on buying yens during the
                       late 80s, then the big miracle of Japan ended and
                       you were stuck with 120+ for years.
                       \_ actually the dollar has been falling over the
                          past 40 years.  OTOH, buying property in
                          Shanghai is highly risky.  Many think it's
                          at a local maxima.  As for a swarm of asians
                          moving their assets out of US, I think it is
                          exaggerated.  Asian central banks diversifying
                          is the big worry.  -yap
                          \_ Bank of Japan is pretty much propping up the
                             dollar all by themselves at this point. I think
                             they have 1T in dollar denominated bonds
                             right now.
        \_ probably valid ID.
        \_ If you can't open a UK bank account, how about buying 'blue chip'
           Pound-denominated corporate bonds?
2005/3/18-19 [Politics/Domestic/Abortion, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:36761 Activity:very high
3/19    Congress is being run on motd-logic - they subpoenaed a brain dead
        person today!
        \_ I remember when the GOP was the states-rights party.  What the
           hell happened?
           \_ Like most Christians, they are raging hypocrites and do
              the expedient thing at the time.  When they're not in power,
              they're all for devolving power to the states.  Now that
              they have control of the federal gov't, it's all about using
              its power to shove their agenda down everyone's throat.
        \_ they subpoenaed George W. Bush?
        \_ you are all disgusting individuals. Does the phrase "deprived of
           life, liberty, or proerty..." mean anything to you.  You want to
           starve to death a woman who is not brain dead.
           \_ And of course the wishes of the woman (while she was still
              capable of making decisions for herself) are no longer relevant
              in the face of your righteous religious agenda.  And so the
              religious hegemony settles in.
              \_ her wishes have never been established.  There is no living
                 will, only hearsay from her husband and his family, whose
                 motives may be compromised.  Her wishes were "revealed"
                 after 3 years into her ordeal.  Don't you think someone
                 on her side of the family, her brother, father, mother,
                 anyone, would also have had known about this "wish"?
                 This is not a right to die case, it is a euthenasia.
                 \_ Apparently the Florida courts have felt that her husband
                    and witnesses testifying on his behalf (yes witnesses --
                    as in more than one person heard those sentiments
                    expressed) have the truth of the matter.  And no, the
                    fact that she didn't explicitly express those wishes to
                    her family means almost nothing; there are a lot of things
                    a woman is more likely to discuss with her husband than
                    with her family.
                \_ She's not brain dead? If so, then her brain is not getting
                   much exercise, what by just sitting there all day, not letting
                   her speak, eat, move in a coordinated fashion, or do other
                   activities that involve higher intelligence. For 10+
                   years, mind you.
           \_ I bet it means alot to BUD DAY!
              \_ you are pitiful excuse for a human being.  Consider this:
                 Michael Schiavo: Loving Husband or Monster?
                 \_ Are you Chinese?  Do you understand the effect Monsters
                    had on China?
                    \_ Don't you mean Japan?
                       \_ Obviously you've never served in China.
2005/3/18-19 [Politics/Domestic/California, Health, Health/Disease/General] UID:36762 Activity:high
3/18    Best and worst states & public schools for raising healthy kids:,2933,150763,00.html
        California ranks 13th.
        \_ As someone who spent half his youth in their lowest ranked state and
           half in their highest, I just want to say that these people are
           *completely* full of shit.
            \_ indeed, because, like most people, they are idiots
               They didn't even measure how fit kids were in these states
                These are your standard liberal dumb asses who think that
                the way you get kids to be more fit is upping the "school
                requirements and recommendations for physical education and
                nutrition classes [and] playground safety"   Jeesh.
2020/07/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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