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2005/3/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:36710 Activity:nil
3/16    Why do messages with subject lines containing: [SPAM:XXXXXXXXX]
        make it though Spam Assasin?
        \_ Because everything goes through SA.  That looks like it was
           tagged by SA, so that you could handle it properly.
2005/3/16-17 [Transportation/Car, Reference/RealEstate] UID:36711 Activity:high
3/16    Hitachi's new robots: (
        \_ Why do robots have to resemble human appearence anyway?  Eyes (video
           cameras) on head, two arms, and so on.  And somehow using wheels
           that are much simpler instead of legs is a technological
           \_ Cf. Daleks.
              \_ mere shells housing organic matter.
              \_ Do you have stairs in your house?
                 \_ No.  But if you do, you can get two robots without legs at
                    lower cost.
                    \_ Then I'd be protected.
                       \_ You might also stand a better chance of getting away
                          in case they went nuts and started biting off
                          people's heads or bludgeoning them with their own
                          torn off limbs or something.
2005/3/16-17 [Finance/Investment] UID:36712 Activity:kinda low
3/15    Yes, people should look into BHP and RTP.  These Australian,
        British global commodity giants capture all 3 of these trends:
          (1) Falling dollar - Being foreign, they are a dollar hedge
          (2) Inflation and rising interest rates - Commodity
          (3) China growth - strong demand for all kinds of commodities
        Either hope for a pull back or buy for the longer term.  I have
        BHP (pe 17) for some time and I think I am going to add some RTP
        (pe 12).
        The other choice is RIO (CVRD) which is cheaper but also less
        diversified (strong concentration in iron ore).
        \_ Thanks. How do I do this, via ETrade or some sort? I'm asking
           because you have to deal with tax implications, whereas if you just
           open up an account outside of US, it might be a different story
           \_ All 3 are available as ADRs which are traded like stocks
              on US exchanges, so yes, you can just buy it on Etrade like
              any other stock.
              any other stock.  If you are thinking about buying overseas
              so you can not pay uncle sam taxes, I am not sure how.  I
              guess these are listed in their respective country's stock
              exchanges at the very least.
        \_ Once everybody knows something like this, it is probably too
           late to make any real money doing it.
        \_ Those had stellar growth in the last year... but there's no reason
           to think they'll maintain that. The price probably already has
           those factors built in.
           \_ I don't disagree with you guys that it would be better if
              you entered last year (or even before), but I think these
              still have room to go.  A lot of money is very short-termed,
              but these trends are mid to long term.  Also, just because
              but these trends are mid to long term.  Just because
              everyone thinks the dollar will fall doesn't mean it will
              fall immediately.  It hasn't fallen much against asian
              currencies for instance.  And there are people who think
              currencies for instance.  It hasn't fallen much because,
              as investors, the asian central banks are "stupid" and
              kept buying US treasuries.  Also, there are people who think
              commodities will come back down once production can be
              revved up, which I disagree, at least not anytime soon.
              With China and India joining the global economy in full
              force, labor, including skilled ones, is limitless, so
              where is the future bottleneck?  Commodities.  That's
              where inflation will be seen.
2005/3/16 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:36713 Activity:nil
3/16    I run FreeBSD.  I keep my ports tree updated.  I know what
        tinderbox is.  I know how to set my PACKAGESITE.
        When I upgrade or install something huge
        like gnome or kde or openoffice with portupgrade or pkg_add,
        I want FreeBSD to grab the latest package instead of
        determining that the latest available port of libgnome is 2.01_1,
        but the most recently available package is 2.01 so it
        tries to compile the port from source.  I would be fine with
        the package for 2.01.  How do I do this? - danh
2005/3/16-17 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:36714 Activity:moderate
3/16    Why is Congress investigating steroid use in baseball? Were the
        steroids illegal?
        \_ Yes.  But it seems that there might be a few things more pressing
           for Congress's attention right now...
        \_ My question would be: why does the Congress care about steoid use in
           baseball?  If it's legal, leave them alone.  If it's illegal, leave
           them to the judicial branch.
           \_ Bread and circuses my friend.  Bread and circuses.
           \_ Interestingly, congress gave baseball a special exemption from
              anti-trust law.  So they do have special status according to
        \_ Kind of like how our tax dollars are wasted policing things like
           illegal MP3 and movie trading? Or for that matter, the whole
           "war on drugs" which has resulted in nothing but wasted lives
           and wasted money? Welcome to the world of politics, my friend.
           \_ I'm not your friend.
              \_ Welcome to the world of politics, you dick.
              \_ I think he was being mildly patronizing and you're clearly
                 too stupid to pick up on that, my overly literal and rather
                 obtuse friend.
                 \_ I knew he was being patronizing and was calling him out on
                    that.  Now who's being obtuse, friend?
                    \_ Hmm.  No, it's still you.  Train harder, grasshopper.
                       \_ You're a doody-head!  NYAH NYAH NYAH!!!
                          \_ I guess this means that you're not \my\ friend
                             either...thank God.
        \_ Just for fun, order these by how much the government spent on each:
           Investigating Bill Clinton's alleged real estate fraud
           Investigating why the last space shuttle tragedy happened
           Investigating the 9/11 terrorist attacks
           \_ Looks like you already have.
2005/3/16 [Uncategorized] UID:36715 Activity:high 60%like:36721
3/16    Does anyone here hyphenate 'hip hop'?
        \_ Yes, unless I'm being lazy.
2005/3/16-17 [Recreation/Shopping, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:36716 Activity:high
3:16    We've been through why some of you think it's such a god-damned
        sin to WASH YOUR HANDS after you pee, people so afraid of germs
        that they use a hand towel to open the door, and people who use
        the handtowel to turn off the water, but WHAT THE FUCK is wrong
        with you people who don't FLUSH THE TOILET?!?!?!
        \_  Feel rich when you're in the bathroom
        \_ What is with this obsession over public restrooms?  Seriously,
           unless you have an autoimmune disorder, you're all just being
           stoopid.  There's probably more contaminants in the food at the
           restaurant than you'll pick up by flushing the damn toilet.
           I would love to see what happens when you all get to child-rearing.
           \_ I think there's just one OCD guy...
        \_ use your foot then.  problem solved.
        \_ Same reason: those people are afrard of germs.  They can't get away
           with not opening the door, so they use a hand towel.  It looks very
           obvious if they don't turn off the water, so they use a hand towel.
           But they think it's less obvious if they don't flush, so they don't.
           I'm lucky that the urinals at my workplace are automatic even though
           the faucets and doors aren't.  At other places, I'd very unwillingly
           flush the urinal.
           \_ Flush it with your foot.
              \_ That's fucking stupid -- not to mention rude.
                 \_ Stupider and ruder than not flushing the toilet?
                    \_ As if those were the only two solutions to the
                       \_ What is the other solution? Crap on the floor???
                          \_ Are you seriously this retarded?  If you really
                             believe this, then there's not much point
                             talking to you, you inconsiderate OCD bastard.
                             \_ Let's see the choices presented so far have
                                been flush with your hand, don't flush at all
                                and flush with your foot. You claim that there
                                are other solutions. I don't see any. Oh wait!
                                I just thought of another: crap your pants.
                                Is that your solution???
                                \_ Use some TP wrapped around your hand to push
                                   the lever.  Sheesh.
                                   \_ This is just a variant of flushing with
                                      your hand.
                                \_ Oh my god.  This is just amazing.  I don't
                                   think I've ever been this flabbergasted
                                   by motd before.  How did you get into
                 \_ I always flush with foot at public places like restaurants
                    and airports, etc. I don't kick it like I want to break it,
                    just tap it lightly. I don't consider this rude at all as
                    everyone else I know does the same thing. -!pp
                    \_ How about when you're visiting someone?  What about
                       when a guest uses your toilet?
           \_ I hate the oh too sensitive automatic flushes at my workplace.
              Everytime I take a dump, it flushes like 6 times while I was
              sitting there.
              \_ Are you sure it's not you? Our work place's automatic one
                 works fine.
           \_ Can't you germ fearing people just WASH YOUR HANDS after you
              flush?  What's the problem here?  Afraid of germs in the
              soap too??
              \_ I use my foot. Being able to wash afterwards doesn't really
                 solve the problem... would you happily smear your hands full
                 of shit? You can just wash your hands afterwards right?
                 \_ Are you the "Are you chinese" guy?  You seem to have the
                    same predilection toward irrelevant repetitive idiocy.
                 \_ Wow man, you really suck at wiping.
                    \_ Uhm, no, but I don't trust that other people have
                       touched the handle with clean hands.
                       \_ So you make goddamned sure it's soiled with your
                          filthy shoes.  Nice.
                 \_ Come back to this conversation.  We're talking about
                    leaving shit in the bowl.  Would you smear shit all over
                    your shoes to flush?  Do you wash your shoes afterward?
                    \_ Maybe he buys a new pair of shoes every time he
                       flushed the toilet, which would explain why he's so
                       flushes the toilet, which would explain why he's so
                       averse to flushing it.
                       \_ That or he wears birkenstocks or something.
2005/3/16 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:36717 Activity:nil 75%like:36723
3/16    Robert Blake aquitted for murder.  Hung jury on hiring a hit man.
        I'm still wondering how Scott Peterson got convicted "beyond a
        reasonable doubt".
        \_ Nobody cares if a woman dies, but a fetus on the other hand..
        \_ Because the whole body of evidence pointed to Peterson killing his
           wife and unborn child, and there wasn't a reasonable doubt.
2005/3/16-17 [Recreation/Activities] UID:36718 Activity:kinda low
3/16    Michelle Wie - the Anna Kournikova of golf?
        \_ Given a choice between two women of equal attractiveness, one of whom
           plays golf, and one of whom does not, I'll take the non-golf player.
           Kournikova is famous for being a very attractive *athlete*.   Golf
           players are not athletes.
        \_ Uh.. she's, what, 14?
           \_ 15.
        \_ Annika is the Anna of golf.
           \_ The one that wore a bikini at a tournament in Texas?
        \_ not really. She's big and not all that pretty.
2005/3/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:36719 Activity:kinda low
3/16    Who were/are the best CS/EECS Collegiate Athletes?
        \_ I am!  I can do two push-ups in a row!  (Cough cough)
           \_ Those are girl pushups, son.
        \_ Patrick Sagisi went to two Olympics for Guam in swimming.
2005/3/16-19 [Industry/Startup] UID:36720 Activity:moderate
        \_ With all due respect, you might as well do this yourself if you
           really want to do a startup. They give you $6000 a person plus
           some seed money for equipment and you have to move to cambridge.
           A much more realistic goal is to get a job during the day and
           work on your startup at nights.
           \_ Maybe your experience is different than mine (if it is, I'd like
              to hear it), maybe your work ethic is vastly superior to mine
              (congrats), or maybe you can pull three months of 24-hour days
              fueled by methamphetamines without obliterating your brain (more
              power to you, I guess), but the idea of holding a day job, even
              a mindless job slinging coffee at the 'bucks, and seriously
              working on a startup at nights strikes me as not only
              unrealistic, but categorically insane.  If you're serious about
              bootstrapping a company from scratch, it's a 60 hour a week
              commitment minimum.  Conversely, stealthily working on your
              startup while pretending to work your real job has worked
              out nicely for a number of people.  $6000 a person is pretty
              weak, but if you think the money is their to incentivize
              applicants, you're missing the point entirely.
              -dans (been there, done that (poorly I should add), may do it
                     again some time (better I should hope) after I build a
                     suitable startup shelter)

              \_ Dans, then you must really suck. I've been there, done that,
                 a couple of times. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
                 I raised 1.5 Mill during the dotcom boom while holding down
                 part-time jobs for my startup. We incorporated, sold some
                 systems, then went BK like everyone else during the bust.
                 Got another job, got involved in another startup part-time,
                 helped them raise some money, ended up working for them as
                 a contractor. Currently I am involved in my day-time job,
                 go to Law School at night, am starting up another small
                 online business with a buddy (also at night), flipping some
                 real-estate through a REIT, and getting ready to buy a
                 2nd home. I also volunteer 3 hours every week down at the
                 Pro Bono law clinic in Downtown S.J. I am also trying to
                 hold down a relationship. So I don't watch TV or play Counter
                 Strike for fourteen hours straight or watch Japanese Cartoons
                 during the weekends. It's pretty amazing how much time you
                 waste in a typical day. --PP
                 \_ are you posting on craiglist too
                 \_ ...yet you have no trouble finding the time to post long,
                    angry rants to the motd.
                 \_ Very few people are as OCD or manic as you are.  Get some
                    perspective here, son.
                 \_ I don't think dans sucks; I think you're exceptionally
                    motivated and an arrogant ass to boot.
                 \_ you sound like a workaholic
                 \_ Before I launch into, entirely justified, ad hominem
                    attacks, I think I'll point out that you and I appear to
                    be using very different working definitions of the word
                    startup.  When I say startup, I mean a nascent business
                    that you hope to grow into something big.  Your definition
                    seems to include small businesses that, though successful,
                    aren't really intended to grow into something huge.  To
                    use a meatspace example, yeah, you can hold down a real
                    job and run a corner grocery market but not if you're
                    trying to grow into a chain the size of safeway.  There's
                    nothing wrong with small businesses, you just can't retire
                    in Paris off the proceeds.  Anyway, ad hominem attacks, as
                    an earlier poster indicated, you're an arrogant ass, to
                    that I'll add, and a cunt to boot.  We should probably sit
                    down over I beer sometime, I think we'd get along. :)
                    Okay, bact to facts.  1.5M is a passable angel round, but
                    it's not very much money.  Yes, a good manager can turn
                    1.5M into three years operating expenses, but only because
                    they're insane, willing to live off dog food, and will try
                    to make everyone else working under them live the same
                    way.  Of course, if three years go by and you're still
                    running of the same 1.5M seed capital, someone fucked up.
                    When you say ``my startup'' do you mean the company *you*
                    co-founded and had greater than 33% (50 would be a more
                    realistic number) of the stock in, or do you mean the
                    company that happened to be a startup that you were
                    shilling for as employee #n (n > 4).  There's a big
                    difference.  Maybe during the boom there were angels
                    who were crazy or stupid enough to throw money at a
                    startup where:
                    a) the founders are startup virgins  *and*
                    b) the startup's only assets are IP  *and*
                    c) the founders are only working on the startup part time
                    It strikes me as unlikely to happen again.  And no, I'm
                    not counting friends and family as proper angel investors,
                    because grandma rarely says ``no.''
                    \_ Not to be snarky, but do you actually use words like
                       'meatspace' in real life?
                       \_ By all means be snarky, I was raised to appreciate
                          snark, and am always happy to see more of it in the
                          world, even when directed toward me.  To answer your
                          question, yes I use words like meatspace in real
                          life, but meatspace, in particular, is one I use
                          sparingly.  It raises some goofy/gross imagery, and
                          is subject to misinterpretation.  In nerd circles,
                          it's a nice, succinct way to disambiguate between
                          the net and the real world (TM). -dans
                          \_ Uh oh. Now some one will hassle dans for using
                             the word "disambiguate", which will lead to
                             another reply with some screwball non-standard
                             word, leading to another snarky reply, leading
                             to... BREAK THE LOOP!
                             \_ Nah, there's nothing ambiguous or non-standard
                                about my use of disambiguate. -dans
              \_ I concur. It doesn't work.
              \_ I've done it once before, and I am starting to spin up again.
                 A good friend has managed to self-fund by contracting for
                 for the last 7 years, and she has designed 4 cpu  cores, a
                 dozen other ip blocks, plus her own cell library for her
                 \_ Your friend sounds very smart and methodical, and (though
                    this may be semantics) the cpu cores, ip blocks, and cell
                    library strike me as preparation before she hits the
                    `ignition' switch to do the startup whole hog.  I hope to
                    lay similar groundwork before launching my next startup.
                    When I say that doing a startup and holding down a job is
                    unrealistic, I'm not talking about slowly laying
                    groundwork.  To me, there exists a point of no return
                    moment past which one must focus all energies solely on
                    the startup. -dans
                    \_ Her business is licensing ip cores and libraries.
2005/3/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:36721 Activity:moderate 60%like:36715
3/16    Does any-one here hyphen-ate 'hip hop'?
        \_ Yes, unless I'm being lazy.
        \_ Yes I do.
        \- I hyphenate it as "loud annoying music that seeks for bullets" or
           "obnoxious music that represents the low lifes who listen to it"
           \_ You haven't found the right hip hop.
           \_ I think I found your prunes.
2005/3/16-18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:36722 Activity:nil
3/16    House cleaning with a lot of tech books.  Does the engineering
        library / Moffit take donations, so I can just drop the stack?
        \_ Try Berkeley main.  If they can't use them, they'll be in the book
           sale.  I have no idea if Moffit will take them.
        \_ Depending on the tech books, the CSUA library might take them. -gm
           \_ What's in the CSUA library? should I visit it when I am in
        \_ donate it to CSUA.
        \_ or donate to
2005/3/16-17 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:36723 Activity:high 75%like:36717
3/16    Robert Blake aquitted for murder.  Hung jury on one count of asking
        someone to kill Bakley; acquittal on the second count.
        I'm still wondering how Scott Peterson got convicted "beyond
        a reasonable doubt".
        \_ Nobody cares if a woman dies, but a fetus on the other hand..
        \_ Because the whole body of evidence pointed to Peterson killing his
           wife and unborn child, and there wasn't a reasonable doubt.
           \_ Which trial did you follow? The one I saw had plenty of room
              for doubt.
              \_ I guess we just disagree then.  That happens, even on juries.
              \_ The law requires 'reasonable doubt'.  I saw doubts, but didn't
                 consider them very reasonable.  Murders are never proved 100%.
                 \_ Uh, so that guy, Brian Nichols, we aren't 100% sure that
                    he murdered the judge, the court reporter, and the security
                    guard who chased him out front?
                    \_ No, we are 100%-epsilon sure.  What is epsilon and what
                       epsilon constitutes reasonable doubt is a matter of
                       personal choice.
                       \_ This analog thinking will get you into trouble;
                          think Digitally, the new revolution!
                 \_ Scott Peterson was guilty in my mind. He's one of
                    those guys who, even if not guilty, deserves jail time
                    anyway for being a dick. The death penalty seems a
                    bit harsh, though.
           \_ Is it possible we have:
              Backlash against OJ -> Convict Scott Peterson
              Backlash against Scott -> Acquit Blake
              \_ You really think there was a backlash against Scott?
                 \_ Nah, not really.  That's one of the "benefits" of anonymous
                    posts - you can troll every once in a while.
              Backlash against Blake -> <Screwed individual>
        \_ This is not rocket science. The trend is simple. If you're a famous
           guy in football or Hollywood, you're acquitted. And if you're not
           (Scott) then you're guilty.
2005/3/16-17 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:36724 Activity:nil
3/16    New White House cliche: "We were all wrong"
        We were "all" wrong about WMD, "all" wrong about deficits:
        \_ Don't forget:  "If confronted with the same evidence we had back
           then, I would recommend exactly what I recommended then"
2005/3/16-18 [Computer/Networking] UID:36725 Activity:nil
3/16    Is there an RFC that says that routers "must/should" respond with
        ICMP "time exceeded in transit" error when it receives an IP packet
        with a TTL of 1 or 0?
        \_ 1812 -op
2005/3/16-17 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:36726 Activity:nil
3/16    Maybe there were WMD in Iraq:
        \_ That troll is so two days ago.
        \_ "looters systematically dismantled and removed tons of machinery
           from Saddam Hussein's most important weapons installations"
           != "Saddam's Iraq was a fairly highly-evolved WMD state, with a
              contingency plan for further concealment and distribution of
              the weaponry in case of attack or discovery"
           We thought they had WMD stockpiles and active programs --
           instead, they had no WMD stockpiles, and no active programs --
           just dual-use equipment and dormant programs -- which we did NOT
           go to war for.
           And anyone still calling Dubya a liar isn't doing themselves any
           favors -- you need hard evidence (audiotape) for that.  From what
           you've got, you can only say he laid it all on "Slam Dunk" Tenet,
           Director of the CIA who would be the expert on the topic.
           Such an audiotape would need to have Dubya saying:
           "Yeah, Tenet's 'proof' is all circumstantial, but I'm going to go
           with saying 'no doubt' anyway, because, if America shows uncertainty
           or weakness, the world will drift toward tragedy.  Besides, this is
           the guy who tried to kill my Dad."
           It's almost like you had a tape of Kerry saying:
           "Yeah, that intern I had gave really great head!"
2005/3/16-19 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:36727 Activity:nil
3/16    I have a disc with 2 primary partitions, 1st partition
        is NTFS and contains win2k, 2nd partition is FAT32 and contains
        win98.  how do i dual boot between the two?  what bootloader
        would work?  to use the native win2k bootloader and have
        it work with win98 in the 2nd partition, partition
        number 1 needs to be in FAT32. - danh
        \_ Win2k supports dual booting in the default install... I think if you
           search in My Computer there's an option for it, but I don't have a
           Windows machine handy to test this.
           \_ danh above said "1st partition is NTFS ...... to use the native
              win2k bootloader partition number 1 needs to be in FAT32."
              -- !danh
        \_ If the native bootloader won't do it, try partition magic or some
           other partition moving program.  PM also has a bootloader program
           in the package.  It's been a while but I think some combination of
           PM tools can do what you want.
2005/3/16-17 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:36728 Activity:moderate
3/16    Yahoo News:
        Elephants paint a picture
        \_ This sounds like the work of Komar and Melamid:
2005/3/16-17 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:36729 Activity:nil
3/16    Homosexual birds (Yahoo News):
2019/08/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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