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2005/3/10 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:36608 Activity:high
        Blogger Sheds No Tears For Rather
        \_ IP address replaced with hostname.
           \_ oh, we all know it's anyway by now, it's ok
2005/3/10 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:36609 Activity:high
        Re-release of The Passion. In another news, religious conservative
        membership increases and Republicans are expected to rule for the
        next decade or two. Also, Mel Gibson is running for president:
                \_ No, he's not.  Read the site.
        Hooray for the rise of conservative media and conservative actors.
        \_ All in favor, say "die".
           \_ Die. But it's not gonna happen, conservatives are reproducing
              faster than liberals.
              \_ Must watch episode AABF23.
              \_ You got whooshed by a Simpsons reference.
           \_ Gibson, the next Reagan for Republicans?
            \_ "I am Mel Gibson, and I see before me an army of my countrymen
               here in defiance of tyranny. You have come to fight as free men,
               and free men you are. What would you do without freedom? Will
               you fight? FREEDOM!!! VOTE FOR ME!!!"
               \_ Haha, good memory!
                  \_ You do realize that quotes and scripts are available
                     online?  It's this handy little technology thingy called
                     a 'search engine'.
        \_ IIRC the re-release is a slightly different cut to get it under an R
           \_ ...which effort failed miserably. -John
        \_ I am a Christian and have always voted for the Democrats, but this
           anti-Christian rhetoric on the motd is annoying.  I think
           I am going to switch to Republican.  I mean, what did Mel Gibson
           do that people here hate him so much.
           \_ Produced a movie that plays on Christians' sense of religious
              persecution to ensure a steady profit base while inflicting
              gratuitous scenes of torture on said audience. It's exploitation
              of the worst kind.
              \_ I don't particularly like the movie, but if Mel Gibson
                 wants to make money, I am sure there are plenty of much
                 easier ways for him to do so.  I disagree that his
                 intention is purely, or even mainly for monetary gain.
                 And I think there have been way too few mainstream
                 movies about Christ, or other Christian related theme
                 for quite some time.  I applaud Mel Gibson for his
                 courage in making the movie.  And boy, did he get
                 attacked ^ for it, but I think he saw it coming, and did
                          sort of like jesus
                 it nevertheless ^.  The movie didn't do it for me
                 because it focused on the physical suffering of
                 Jesus, but that's certainly one aspect of Christ's
                 road to the cross, and if Gibson wants to focus on
                 that, I don't have a problem with it.
2005/3/10 [Computer/Networking] UID:36610 Activity:high
3/9     Home WIFI poll.
        WPA: ..
        \_ My WPA is mainly a formality.  I have my AP on a DMZ interface on
           my firewall--if someone manages to use it, power to them.  Use
           SSL/TLS/ipsec for all your important shit anyway, and run a packet
           filter on your wifi clients.  -John
        WiFi, no security, everyone can use my connection: ....+++
        WiFi, 64/128/256-bit WEP: ..+
        I don't use WiFi: ..
        \_ Please use a + symbol if you also restrict by MAC address.
           Please use a x symbol if you successfully snoop on such systems
             on occasion.
2005/3/10 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:36611 Activity:low
3/10    Don't ask why, but anybuddy know a relatively easy way to add/define
        more than 32 tape drives in Linux 2.4 kernel?  Does 2.6 solve this?
        Or... am I basically down to hacking ioctl's header files? -mtbb
        \_ No need to ask why, there's an obvious use.
        \__ looks like I need to modify mtio.h, but I can't figure out exactly
            which bit(s) need modification.  My Linux kernel hacking Foo is
            low.... -mtbb
            \- So is your Fu Fu.
               \_ My Foo is superior to your Fu!
                  \_ Too bad it's also wrong.
            \_ Use the Technology, buddy!
2005/3/10 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:36612 Activity:very high
3/9     Sun Tzu's Art of Winning Election, Liberal Edition:
        - If you want to protest on the streets WEAR NICER CLOTHES for
          heaven's sake. Door-to-door salesmen and businessmen don't wear
          tie-dye shirts and jeans to persuade people. Neither should you.
        - Don't show conservatives how pissed off you are. Sun Tzu in The
          Art of War says to never show your emotions.
          \_ Perhaps Republicans are just more polite.
             \_ Very well. In that case, if you're a rude liberal, FAKE IT
        - Listen to Sun Tzu. Trick your enemies by feigning incompetence
          when you're strong. If you want to exterminate your enemies, you
          don't announce how you're gonna do it. You agree with them, party
          with them, drink with them, and when they're drunk and asleep in
          victory, kill them and their families when they least suspect it.
          \_ I'd keep their hot daughters.
             \_ Is their a site with "republicans we'd fuck"? I mean beyond
                the Bush twins and Coulter, both of which, well, yuck.
        - Attack conservative views aggressively, but with sensitivity.
          The more nasty names you call your foes, the more likely they'll
          disagree with your views (examples: idiots, Red necks, hicks).
        - Get a clear, simple & maybe stupid message this time, just make
          sure to stick to it. To some [sad] extent, it's not what you say,
          but how you say it.
        - Support liberal views early. Not 1 year before the election,
          not 1 month. NOW.
        - Talk about tolerance and the history of Civil Liberty EXCEPT
          in predominantly white/Red states because they hate "Nigers"
          \_ I disagree with this. Even in the South, most people are
             in favor of equal rights these days. Don't make this
             the focus when talking to uneducated whites, obviously.
             \_ In Mississippi and Tennesee, blacks and whites still don't hang
                out together.
                \_ You're an idiot.
                   \_ Have you been there?  I have.
                      \_ Not only have I been, but my gf is from
                         Mississippi. You're an idiot. Yes, they are more
                         backward than, say, NYC but your comments are
                         \_ If your gf from a different race? Why did she
                            leave Mississippi?
        - Tie in liberal views with family values. Just because you
          support gays and lesbians doesn't mean you must support drugs,
          rave parties, and swingers.
        - Do what your enemies do, and do it better. For example, work less,
          try to enjoy life more, and for heaven's sake PRODUCE MORE KIDS.
        You're more than welcome to add to the list, and God Bless Liberals.
        \_ Improve visual presentations better. The power of persistence and
           suggestion is great. Fox pioneered the flashing Red/White/Blue logo,
           so should liberal media. For example when you talk about gays &
           lesbians, flash those colors around.
        \_ Stop buying at Walmart and Dell! They write big checks to RNC.
           \_ Low prices at Walmart are good for low-income consumers which
              are more likely liberals.
              \_ I agree but look at long term implications.
        - Stress your patriotism. Talk about your military service, if you
          have it, support the troops even if you don't. Sing along with the
          national anthem at football games. Let everyone know that you
          love your country, even if it is flawed. Dissent is not unpatriotic.
2005/3/10 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:36613 Activity:nil
3/10    Is there a newer release of Firefox 1.0.1 that fixes the broken pop-up
        blocker?  The Firefox site doesn't mention anything about this problem.
        I'm still using 1.0.  Thanks.
        \_ The pop-up blocker works fine in 1.0.1.
           \_ Regular pop-up blocking works, but some sites get around it by
              making a popup in a seperate layer of the main page, or using a
              link-click to create a pop(up|under) and load the next page in
              the parent window.
           \_ Try Nice site, and the pop-up blows
              Firefox and Google blocking like a stiff wind.
              \_ I got no pop-ups from them using Firefox.
           \_ I thought someone posted on motd a while ago saying that some
              pop-ups were blocked by 1.0 but not 1.0.1.
2005/3/10 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:36614 Activity:kinda low
3/10    If I run to run X11 through NAT, is it better to set up raw forwarding
        of port 6000, or ssh-tunnel the connection?  I'm not using WPA or WPA2.
        \_ SSH tunnel--use -c for compression, it helps a bit.  Unless you
           have serious computer (not net) performance issues, port forwarding
           through SSH is very often a good idea out of principle.  Also, does
           X11 now let you use just 6000?  Used to use 6001..2..n as well, or
           has someone fixed that?  -John
           \_ my understanding is you can use just 6000, defaulting to 0.0,
              6001, ..., n for 0.1 ... n, if desired, but not necessary.
2005/3/10 [Reference/Law/Court, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:36615 Activity:high
3/10    Hey ilyas, take your philosopher kings and blow 'em out your nose
        with a rubber hose!
        \_ Intelligently written, but horseshit.  Imagine a world where
           legislation is so thorough as to leave absolutely no gray areas?
           The fact that lawyers can exploit this is not a failure of the
           way our legal system works, but a failure of the way lawyers work.
           No matter how clever a restriction you put into place, you'll
           always find some smartass who'll take advantage of it.  -John
           \_ Then legislators can correct the problem.  That's not the role of
              a judge.
              \_ interpreting the law is exactly the role of the judicial
                 system.  -tom
                 \_ There is a huge difference btwn interpreting the law
                    and making it. No one objects to interpretations of
                    the law, but when judges base their decisions on the
                    current prevailing views (as Kennedy recently did)
                    the foundation upon which the law is based becomes
                    quite unstable.
                    The whole idea of separation of powers comes into
                    question if you allow judges to "interpret" the
                    legislative schemes to fit into their notion of how
                    the scheme should work (look at the reluctance of
                    the USSC to allow judges to fashion soln to the
                    asbestos mess)
                    WRT to the posted article the comparison of fixed
                    speed limits to no undue speed is a poor analogy.
                    In many cases the law needs to be flexible so that
                    various factual situations can be handled. Things
                    "undue" and "prudent" are not just arbitrary, they
                    have specific meanings that judges and lawyers
                    know and adhere to.
                    In many ways the flexibility of modern law is a
                    reaction to the common law writ system which had
                    specific (but arbitrary) requirements on what a
                    person must plead, &c. which forced people to
                    distort their facts to fit into one writ or the
                    the other.
              \_ Nowhere did I say "correct".  The law is deliberately
                 ambiguous in a lot of areas.  The EU has a famous statute
                 governing the curvature of bananas, as well as one about
                 the positioning of light fixtures--something like 600,000
                 pages of random shit that their legislators use to try and
                 regulate things they have no business with, which is what
                 legislators do given the opportunity.  This breeds a culture,
                 all too pervasive in a lot of countries, that everything not
                 explicitly permitted is forbidden--innovation and personal
                 accountability are stifled.  I am arguing against the
                 extremes that the approach taken by Sowell's article would
                 create implicitly.  That said, striking down laws judged to
                 violate the constitution (created by legislation) is a form
                 of "correction", no?  Would you ban that?  -John
           \_ In our system a lawyer has a duty to represent the best
              interests of his client. If the clients interests means
              that he has to be creative in his interpretation, then
              it is not really his fault, he is doing what is required
              of him.
2005/3/10 [Finance] UID:36616 Activity:nil
3/9     Low prices at Walmart are good for low-income consumers which
              are more likely liberals.
              \_ I agree but look at long term implications.
              \_ The goverment should give them and subsidy to make up the
                 difference if they chose to shop somewhere else.  That way
                 the poor don't lose thier voice in the marketpace.
        \_ Do you have specific data to back your claim that liberals are

                 the poor don't lose thier voice in the marketpace.
2005/3/10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:36617 Activity:moderate
3/10    Shinteki: Decathlon, a day-long puzzle-scavenger-treasure-hunt-road-
        rally event, on Apr 30 or May 7 (4-person teams can participate in
        either). I've done several events by this
        group and they're terrific. Let me know if you have questions. -jowens
        \_ cool suggestion.  they are one day events?
           \_ Yes (although there are occasional weekend-long ones, usually
              in the summer ...
              for instance).
        \_ can u meat h07 42n ch1x?
           \_ Unlikely, unless you're the one bringing them. But you can
              check out pictures:
        \_ Who removed the h0t A4Z cH1X?
2005/3/10 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:36618 Activity:high
3/10    Online hunting (real animals are killed):
        \_ How long before we can do that in Iraq?
2005/3/10 [Health, Recreation/Food] UID:36619 Activity:nil
3/10    Robert Downey Jr.: Burger King saved me from drugs!
2005/3/10 [Computer/HW/IO, Computer/HW/Display] UID:36620 Activity:kinda low
3/10    So the Dell 20.1" is again at $487 shipped. Damn I am tempted!!
        Need to resist......
        \_ I got one and returned it because it sucked (backlight bleeding).
           It also didn't feel as big as I hoped. The new 24" now, that
           could interest me again. It has 19x12 resolution too unlike the 20".
           But I am now kind of leery of Dell quality.
           \_ Interesting, I got one and the picture quality is stunning
              after calibration, no bleeding problem either!
              \_ The bleeding problem was pretty common, although not
                 necessarily very noticeable. On mine, it was on the top
                 corner edges a bit, mostly annoying with the lights out.
                 I also personally found the "purple" effect at some angles
                 to bother me. The 24" is way cheaper than Apple's 23"
                 and seems to be the right size for me... but, I need to
                 see it in person to judge.
           \_ I have lots of 2000FP and 2001FP at work and they are fine.
              Only one DOA. The 19" (1905?) is a better monitor as far as
              picture quality, though.
        \_ urlP ?
2005/3/10 [Academia/OtherSchools, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:36621 Activity:high
3/10    So the University of Colorado won't fire Churchill (free speech) but
        they will fire a professor who's a christian.,1413,36~53~2748616,00.html
        \_ A totally one-sided opinion piece.  They could try actually
           asking the university more beyond the answer "his teaching
           was not up to the department standards." Note how they just
           sort of deflect that they're not quoting the school.  They
           quote the prof being fired quoting another prof (from whom
           they got confirmation), then say a dean denied the quote.  They
           never say what the dean said was the reason.
           \_ I agree.  I'm willing to believe that a double-standard is
              being employed, but that article is terrible.  You really
              shoot yourself in the foot by using that article to portray
              your point of view.
        \_ There is a HUGE difference between what a tenured prof can get
           away with a what a lecturer with a MS can do.  If Churchill had
           be the latter he would have been fired instantly.  That's the
           whole point of tenure.
           \_ It's actually more severe than that.  Some schools hire as many
              as twice as many junior faculty as they have tenured positions,
              *expecting* to fire half.  If you don't have tenure, you're
              really just a temp.
              \_ that's academia.  Are you surprised?
              \_ Expecting to fire them or just leading them on until
                 they eventually go away? I doubt that many are actually
                 fired. Do you mean layed off?
                 \_ You can call it whatever you want, but I know MIT works
                    this way.  If you get an offer as junior faculty there,
                    at least in physics, you know you have around a 50/50
                    chance of survival, and that you may get the axe just
                    because your field lost out that year.  I have a friend
                    who turned down an offer there for exactly that reason.
                    There are plenty of top places that do not operate this
                    way, however.
                 \_ At MIT the phrase is "hire three, tenure one". But neither
                    Stanford nor UC (any campus) work in that way.
2005/3/10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:36622 Activity:insanely high
3/10    Fuck you emarkp for your incessant censorship on anything that doesn't
        align with your belief, like anti-religion and anti-Republican trolls.
        Fuck you, I hope you go to hell. P.S. deleting this message is futile.
        \_ I, a moderate liberal, recently deleted a number of leftist
           things because they were boring/stagnant/stupid.
        \_ Errr... do you have any proof it was emarkp?  It seems unlikely.
           Not to meantion, an anti-mormon troll stayed on the motd for 3
           days.  It doesn't look like he's been censoring things that
           don't agree with him. Why don't you post your name, anonymous
           accuser? -jrleek
        \_ Get a life anonymous accuser. -emarkp
        \_ Wow, above moron is really persistant.
           Poll, who thinks op is not a moron?
           op is moron: ...........................................
           op is not moron:
           op should have had "no doubt" it was emarkp: .
           \_ I don't understand this last one.  There's been a confession
              by someone who obviously is not emarkp, yet op continues to
              repost.  It spells moron.  (or troll)
        \_ Hey you putz.  If you're going to restore it (I didn't delete it)
           put it back with all the comments. -emarkp
        \_ I love it how people who back up their opinions with their
           names always get blamed for deletions.  (save jwang) As if, to
           the anonymous weinnie, anyone who posts their name is
           automatically untrustworthy. ilyas, tom, and emarkp MUST be evil,
           they post their names! If you're so sure emarkp is the deleter,
           why won't you post your name?  -jrleek
2005/3/10 [Recreation/Celebrity/MichaelJackson] UID:36623 Activity:low
3/10    "He told me that if men didn't masturbate, they can get to a point
        where they might rape a girl or might become unstable ... [Jackson]
        said if I didn't know how to do it, he would do it for me. ... I said
        I didn't really want to ... I was under the covers and he put his hand
        in my pants and he was masturbating me ..." Asked if Jackson was also
        masturbating, the boy replied that he couldn't see, but, "I could feel
        him moving." ... The boy described the second time when Jackson said
        he wanted to touch him: "The same thing happened again. He said he
        wanted to teach me. He started doing it again and then he kind of
        grabbed my hand like he wanted me to do it to him ...I pulled it away."
        \_ Sounds like Jacko needs to do a Polanski for a while.
        \_ Don't look at the disaster in Iraq, look at that freak over there!
           Quick look!
           \_ Isn't that Martha?!
                \_ Bush & Co must be pinching themselves in giddy joy.  While
                   they're busy pissing off the world and plundering the
                   nation the "liberal" media just saturates the airwaves
                   with fluff, keeping the sheeple distracted.
2005/3/10-11 [Politics/Domestic/Abortion, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:36624 Activity:high
3/10    Why is it that the perception is that Christians are Republican.
        There are many Christian views that fits with Democrat/Liberal
        values.  Eg. Care for widows and orphans, giving to the poor,
        strong dislike for self-righteousness, peace on earth, care for the
        environment, spreading the gospel through peaceful means, equality
        for all, etc.  Why is all the focus on gay and lesbian marriages
        and abortion?
        \_ abortion has very little shades of grey.
           with regards to helping the poor.  Do you want to help the
           poor by giving money to government who will then enact social
           programs?  Or do you have tax cuts which give more money
           to the poor, or maybe give money to charities who will help
           the poor.  Either way could be acceptable to a Christian.
           \_ This might hold water if recent tax cuts had anything to do with
              cutting what poor people have to pay vs richer people. I would
              also need to be convinced that they increased money given to
              charities (charitable contribution has been down in general the
              last few years). I understand the reasoning but the reality
              doesn't agree very well...particularly since the nature of more
              recent actions by the right are effectively increases on money
              the poor must pay. -- ulysses
           \_ Tax cuts to the poor?  Last I saw most of the tax cuts went to
              the wealthy.  Or do you really think dropping the capital
              gains tax (and dividends taxed at cap gains rate) is something
              that really helps the impoverished?  Or eliminating estate/gift
              tax so their wealthy ancestors can bring them to fortune?
           \_ Actually, I think the same applies to abortion - i.e.
              how much should the government be involved.  I am a
              Christian and I don't believe in abortion.  If you can't
              take care of a kid, don't fool around.  I don't buy
              the "woman has right over her body ... " crap, at least
              not in its most irresponsible sense.  However, I also
              think that there are certain sins that perhaps are
              not for the government / legal system to deal with
              eg. infidelity.  Perhaps abortion is another one of
              these.  Perhaps it's a matter for the mom (and her
              family) and God.  The government should not subsidize
              family) and God.  i.e. God has given the mother
              (or the parents) ultimate responsibility over
              over the unborn child.  The government should not subsidize
              over the fetus.  The government should not subsidize
              it.  Society should discourage it.  But we should
              not make it illegal.  Is my view considered very
              conservative / on the right ?
              not make it illegal.
              \_ As a Christian, can you live in a society where murder
                 (includes abortion) is legal and accepted and a "right"?
                 \_ Can you live in a society where infidelity is legal?
                    \_ Or war?
                       \_ interesting article here regarding all this:
        \_ Much of the Christian == Republican comes from the conservatives
           efforts to show its primary issues are the same as Christianity's
           primary issues. You choose the other side, you're not a REAL
           Christian. Mix this with American mythos of Horatio Alger, the
           individualist, and on-going xenophobia, and then other "Christian
           value" social issues become Someone Else's Problem best treated
           by a charity/local government, not a godless Federal Bureaucracy.
           Or even worse, those problems are simply impossible to solve. As an
           aside, a large part of the conservative success is that they have
           been successful. It gives supporters hope that they can influence
           or control the government, an entity most people feel helpless
           fighting against. Success breeds success.
           \_ I'm not sure I agree that the Republicans chose the Christians
              and then successfully courted them.  I think a specific group
              of activist protestants chose the Republican party as their
              vehicle to political power, and the Republicans have just
              capitalized on that.  The Democrats didn't get to where they
              are as a major party without getting vast numbers of Christians
              to loyally vote for them.
              \_ I agree with your premise, but not with the Democrats gain
                 as majority party. Their rise came from repercussions of
                 the Civil War and the Depression.
        \_ an pithy quote by John Paul II will give you all a good answer:
           [URL with IP address replaced.  Fuck you.]
           There are many many more quotes on this page that fully rebut
           your argument on many levels.
           \_ Funny how you and your fellow republicans have no qualms about
              redistribution of wealth at gunpoint as long as the recipient of
              the welfare is a corporation.  I wonder what your savior would
              have to say about welfare for defense contractors.
              \_ Funny how you have no idea what you're talking about.
                 \_ Yeah, funny that.
                    Corporations get a lot more in welfare than individuals.
                    \_ screw you meyers, Christians good, you are bad, and um,
                       terrorists terrorists 9/11 9/11 9/11  -true conservative
                    \_ You misunderstand.  I didn't say corps don't get
                       welfare, I say that conservatives aren't in favor of
                       it.  Bush, BTW, is not a conservative.
                       \_ The post you're arguing with says "Republican",
                          not conservative.  Are you seriously going to
                          argue that the Republicans in congress do not
                          support corporate welfare?  Is your arguement just
                          that no one in congress except maybe a couple people
                          in the House are true conservatives?
                       \_ Hmm... "Conservatives" aren't in favor of it.
                          "Liberals" aren't either.  Then why do YOU think
                          it happens SO DAMN OFTEN.  You're buying a lie.
                          \_ Because "Lobbists" are in favor. duh.
                                     \_ "Lobbyists"
           \_ Summary and refutation:
              (1) Poor people are poor because they are lazy and don't
                  like to work, so they deserve it.
                  Ans: According to the Bible, being lazy will lead
                  to poverty, but poverty does not imply lazy (check
                  out Proverbs for instance).
              (2) Government is bad, we should not help the poor
                  through government.  Christians make lots of private
                  donations, so we should not help through the govern-
                  Ans: Our government is democratically elected.  We
                  allow it to lead us into war spending hundreds of
                  billions of dollars.  We can also allow it to help
                  the poor.  There are laws and practices mentioned
                  in the Old Testament for helping the poor.
                  What's wrong in having a safety net?
                  \_ not everyone will agree with me, but safety net is good.
                     but the lifestyle shouldn't be encouraged.
2005/3/10 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:36625 Activity:moderate 66%like:36634
3/10    Violent Dems!
        More Violent Dems!
        \_ Republicans do this kind of shit every day.
2005/3/10 [Health/Dental] UID:36626 Activity:low
3/10    Poll - How many times per day do you brush your teeth?
        0                               :
        1 (wake-up)                     : ..
        1 (before sleep)                : ..
        2 (wake-up & before sleep)      : ..
        3 (after every meal)            :
              \_ Usually I brush after breakfast.  The other reason is the
                 usually your breath smells really bad in the morning.
        \_ Curious, why would you care?
           \_ Needs moral support that zero times is an acceptable average.
           \_ I want to know what's the point of brushing again in the next
              morning if I already brushed it before sleep.  My gum hurts when
              I brush again in the next morning.
              \_ Usually I brush after breakfast.  The other reason is the
                 usually your breath smells really bad in the morning.
              \_ Seriously, your gum should not hurt when you brush. You need
                 to see a dentist. Usually when you have tooth problems it
                 will bleed or hurt when you brush. You do need to brush again
                 in the morning because overnight bacteria in your mouth
                 has a chance to grow again.
              \_ Umm... you probably need to brush more gently.  Only use
                 soft-bristle tooth brushes.  Use a circular motion, and
                 brush more often. -jrleek
2005/3/10 [Computer/SW/P2P, Recreation/Media] UID:36627 Activity:low
3/10    Is there a tutorial on how to use bittorrent? I downloaded Azureus
        but now what? Where do I find the torrents?
        \_ Depends on what you want.  A good place for legal(ish) anime
           is  There are also site for bollywood movies
           and such.
        \_ It's really pretty straightforward.  Download a .torrent file, open
           it with your bittorrent client.  Some things of interest:
           The Grey Album (mashup of Jay-Z's The Black Album and The Beatles'
           The White Album):
           The Harry Potter Remix:
  posts torrents of recently aired TV shows.
           Otherwise, try googling for 'torrents'.
           \_ dans, I'm reporting you to the FBI for illegal distribution
              of copyrighted TV shows.
           P.S. you might want to check out the official BitTorrent 4.0
           client just released for Windows and Linux.  I'd comment on it, but
           I mostly use a Mac these days.
2005/3/10 [Uncategorized] UID:36628 Activity:nil
3/10    Just got Ohio Players "Fire". Yowza.
2005/3/10 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:36629 Activity:kinda low
3/10    Finally a reason to write a cell phone virus:
        \_ Jenna Jameson has been selling moan tones for a while.
2005/3/10 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:36630 Activity:nil
3/10    Mike Davis - "Planet Of Slums"
        Sometime in the next year, the world's urban population will outnumber
        its rural population for the first time in history.
2005/3/10 [Science/GlobalWarming, Science/Physics] UID:36632 Activity:nil
3/10    Berkeley physicist Charles Townes wins Templeton prize for "advancing
        knowledge in spiritual matters".  News link: and here's a link to the
        essay that is primarily responsible for him winning the prize:
        The subject of the relationship between science and religion has come
        up a few times on the motd, so this seems relevant.
2005/3/10 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:36633 Activity:nil
3/10    Reading up on MySQL, it says there are 4 String data types:
        TINYTEXT, TEXT, MEDIUMTEXT, LONGTEXT.  The part I don't get is
        why are the character limits 255, 215, 223, 231 characters? I must not
        be reading the book correctly because that makes absolutely no
        sense.  Why would TINYTEXT have more storage than the others?  Why
        even have the others if TINYTEXT is bigger?
        \_ I just use char,varchar, and text
2005/3/10 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:36634 Activity:very high 66%like:36625
3/10    Violent Dems!
        \_ Gosh this sucks. I wished the man had actually run down the woman
           and have gotten away. That damn bitch supported an illegal war
           that killed a lot of innocent lives. Fuck her.
        More Violent Dems!
        \_ Republicans do this kind of shit every day.
           \_ Every day? Do tell!
2005/3/10 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:36635 Activity:nil
        UN envoy to present ultimatum to Syria to withdraw completely or face
        (It didn't matter if the Syria president had no idea, it didn't matter
        if the Syrian military/intelligence apparatus didn't do it, it didn't
        matter if al Qaeda did it just to stir up a civil war and create
        another haven for terrorists in Lebanon -- the world is uniting to send
        a message to whoever did it, and Syria just happens to be the one
        paying the bill.  Not that I have any problem with this whatsoever.
        The world never said Syria did it, and so is being completely honest
        about not having any physical evidence of Hariri's assassination by
        Syrian interests as a reason for the sanctions.
        This is in contrast with Dubya, who said there was "no doubt" Saddam
        had WMD stockpiles and was building more, and hasn't plainly conveyed
        the CIA's judgment of this as a mistake to the American populace.)
2005/3/10 [Uncategorized] UID:36636 Activity:nil
3/10    I'm looking for a spider program for Windows that is free and at least
        semi user-friendly.  The idea is to download the latest from my
        favorite sites for offline viewing later.  Any suggestions?
2005/3/10 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:36637 Activity:nil
3/10    Okay, last one: (
        In recent weeks, Bush administration officials have taken a far more
        conciliatory tone with some of America's oldest European allies.
        Whereas Rumsfeld once slighted NATO's western European members --
        referring to them as "Old Europe" -- he poked fun of those comments to
        win over European ministers during his trip to the continent last
        month. "That was Old Rumsfeld," he said.
        On Thursday, Rumsfeld hosted French Defense Minister Michelle
        Alliot-Marie at the Pentagon, praising the cooperation between the
        nations' militaries over the years.
        \_ You will never hear an apology from those demagogues that passed
           a House resolution renaming French Fries "Freedom Fries" or
           that NRO editor who called the French "Cheese Eating Surrender
           Monkeys." Actually, write that NRO editor and tell him what
           an idiot he is for me, okay? -ausman
2005/3/10 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iran, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:36638 Activity:nil
        "Europe and the United States have agreed on a joint approach to
        negotiating with Iran over its nuclear program after months of
        dispute, with the Bush administration agreeing to offer modest
        economic incentives and the Europeans agreeing to take the issue to
        the United Nations Security Council if negotiations fail, senior
        American officials said Thursday. The American incentives would go
        into effect only if Iran agreed to halt the enrichment of uranium
        permanently. The agreement represents a major shift in strategy for
        both the Bush administration, which has refused for years to offer
        Iran incentives to give up its program, and for Europe, which had been
        reluctant to discuss penalties."
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