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2005/3/7 [Uncategorized] UID:36551 Activity:nil
3/7     Stormtrooper push it (work safe, well, uh, yeah.)
        \_ interesting for about 5 seconds
           \_ Well, considering it's a 1 second video on loop, I'd say 5
              seconds is pretty good.
2005/3/7-8 [Transportation/Car/RoadHogs, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:36552 Activity:low
3/7     Why American car companies are gonna die in a decade or two (but we
        all knew that long time ago right?)
        \_ by that logic, european car companies will die first.
           \_ Yes.
2005/3/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Finance/Investment] UID:36553 Activity:moderate
3/7     ING Direct U.S. pays 2.6% interest rate now. I looked up and ING in
        Canada pays 2.4%, ING in Australia pays over 5%, and ING in Spain
        pays 6%. That got me curious. I'm pretty sure this is all irrelevant
        unless I know what the inflation rate is, and how each currency
        exchanges relative to US dollar. Is there a site somewhere that can
        give me historical data on inflation and historical exchange rates
        all in one chart or one site? Thanks.
            \- Hello, For a bt of theoretical perspective, you may wish to look
               up "Covered/Uncovered Interest Rate Parity", "Real Interest
               Parity", "Purachsing Power Parity". There are lots of studies
               over how well these hold and deviate in the short and long runs.
               You can also look at the BigMac and Latte Indexes for the cases
               of involving the price of good [as opposed to interest rates,
               the price of money].
               \_ What happened to the oky,thx?
           This is telling me that US dollar to Australian exchange rate was
           1.6 in 2003 to 1.3 in 2005. That, and the fact that they get a
           much better interest rate than us, makes me wonder why I'm keeping
           any money in US bank. I guess you can argue FDIC or some excuse.
            \- Hello, For a bt of theoretical perspective, you may wish to look
               up "Covered/Uncovered Interest Rate Parity", "Real Interest
               Parity", "Purachsing Power Parity". There are lots of studies
               over how well these hold and deviate in the short and long runs.
               You can also look at the BigMac and Latte Indexes for the cases
               of involving the price of good [as opposed to interest rates,
               the price of money].
               \_ What happened to the oky,thx?
                  \_ Hello, BTW, you cant blindly look at these kinds of
                     historical graphs or cross country comparisons. For
                     example, there may be some sudden discontinuitites
                     due to external events like say Regulation Q changes.
                     Especialyl for countries with more controlled mkts
                     you may need more info about that country, e.g. for
                     certain kinds of accounts, senior citizens in India
                     are given slightly higher interest rates.
                     \- BTW, people interested in cross-border issues
                        may want to read about the "Tobin Tax" debate
                        as well. ok tnx.
        \_ I thought ING's interest rate has more to do with how the central
           banks of the various countries are setting their interest rates.
           Inflation rate would influence the central banks' decisions
           but it's likely just one of many factors.  I don't know about
           other countries, but Australia's economy is just plain hot,
           mainly due to the China led commodities boom, so you get cool
           exchange rate appreciation plus nice interest yield.  But yes,
           historical charts on inflation and exchange rates would be
        \_ I think the summary is that US economy is fucked and will continue
           to be fucked for a while and that keeping your money in US currency
           is just dumb dumb dumb. Yes I hate America.
           \_ No no no. We **know** you hate America. We asked you why.
        \_ Why is the Afghan to US exchange rate completely flat? Ditto with
           the Iraq Dinar to US dollar. What does this say, that Iraq/Afghan
           dollar are exactly the same as US dollar?
           \_ You mean like how the Chinese Yuan is pegged to the dollar
              along with the Argentine peso? Egads, it's a conspiracy!
           \_ Many currencies are pegged to the dollar.  -tom
              \_ Afghanistan and Iraq are like the 51st and 52nd States in
                 the U.S., of course the exchange rate is the same. DUHHHH. -/
2005/3/7-8 [Computer/HW] UID:36554 Activity:low
3/7     Hello, just sort of wondering, when is the CSUA's IRC server
        going to come back?
        \_ Don't hold your breath.  You can use,
           though, which is on the same network.  --root
           \_ has the ips of the three servers that are usually
              on the network (irc.ocf, irc.csua,
2005/3/7-8 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:36555 Activity:high
3/7     Anyone know where I can get old PC components? For example, I want to
        get a replacement Pentium CPU. (The good old Pentium)... Thx.
        \_ ebay or craigslist.
           \_ Seconded, but you might have to wait a while to see anything come
              up.  There's Wierd Stuff and SurplusComputers both around
              Sunnyvale / North San Jose, and they will have what you need for
              cheap.  You could probably build a whole 386 from parts at those
        \_ Jesus. I threw away a P-133. I didn't realize someone would
           want it. What do you want it for?!
           \_ To play Doom. ;)
           \_ Too bad. They make mediocre file servers without having to heat
              up your room like modern machines. Or they make great machines
              that display slideshow in your living room or something.
              \_ They're hot and noisy. I ran a lab of them, and you really
                 want the window open after a while.
        \_ Try "The Used Computer Store" on Shattuck.
           \_ God's sake no.
        \_ I've one lying around somewhere.
           \_ I just gave away several PII machines on craiglist.
              \_ They're bad?  Any experience with them?
        \_ Come by 337 Soda, we've got lots of old pc sh*t destined for e&s.
           I think we have a couple pentium pro processors in our freezer too.
           Which is awesome.  -mrauser
2005/3/7-8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:36556 Activity:moderate
3/7     Dear Motd Advice Column:  I've had lunch with this woman twice,
        once with her and her friend, once with just two of us.  We
        were introduced to each other by the friend as possible dating
        prospects.  This woman has sent me flowers.  Should I freak out?
        \_ is your name waner?
        \_ Unless it's a huge spread, no.
        \_ Woman sending guy flowers?  Are you serious?
           \_ Yes, I'm serious.  -op
           \_ Um, what's wrong with that?
        \_ Only if you don't want to sleep with her.
           \_ Or if you're not interested in her at all. Be flattered, then
              be honest.
        \_ Why would you be freaked out?  Do you not like her?
           \_ Sending flowers indicates she may be desparate, clingy or a
              Romantic Totalitarian.  This should trigger a re-evaluation
              function but not necessarily a cut off.
              \_ Maybe she has a crush and did something she thought would be
              \_ Well, if you post on the motd, odds are you're pretty
                 desparate too.  Those in glass houses ya' know...
        \_ Maybe she's a feminist who believes in working outside the
           constraints of the traditional patriarchy!
        \_ Yes. Run like hell. Keep away from all females. It is the sodan way.
        \_ freak out?  were the flowers in a box w/ a severed hand?
        \_ Invite us to the wedding!
        \_ Are you Chinese?  Do you have any idea of the effect of flowers on
           the Chinese?
            \_ No, please enlighten me. -op
               \_ I bet BUD DAY wouldn't _need_ to be enlightened!!!1!
2005/3/7 [Uncategorized] UID:36557 Activity:moderate
3/7     Favorite interjection(s)?
        Fuck!: .
        ASIAN!: /
        Nertz!: .
        w00t: ..
        \_ % webster interjection
           [... snip ...]
           1 a : the act of uttering exclamations : EJACULATION
           \_ They're usually set apart from the sentence by an exclamation
              point, or by a comma if the feeling's not as strong.
              \_ After interjection, an exclamation point becomes a comma.
              \_ In-ter-ject-ion!  Thanks for the School House Rock flashback.
2005/3/7-8 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:36558 Activity:high
3/7     What is everyone doing to backup data on their home computers?
        \_ cron + ssh + rsync.
        \_ I back up my p0rn to soda.
           - jvarga
        \_ I have a semifunctional scheme working involving tar.gz, crypto, and
           cron'ed web fetches with friends.  I'm looking to add something
           involving rdiff to send smaller tarballs.  This is only for critical
           data (just a few gigs) --dbushong
        \_ I scp the whole directory tree over to my home account at work
           periodically (like three times a year, max). -ausman
        \_ rsync to a firewire/IDE enclosure.
        \_ I burn it to DVD+R/RW every now and then.
        \_ DVD-RW + Toast
2005/3/7 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Health/Women] UID:36559 Activity:kinda low
3/7     Anyone else thinks that the wounded Italian communist journalist looks
        like Hillary?
        \_ A little bit. I have to say, she looks a LOT better than most of
           the 57 year old women I've known in my life.
           the 57 year old women I've known in my life. To hell, she looks
           better than a lot of the EECS women I've seen.
2005/3/7-8 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:36560 Activity:nil
3/7     Are there any ISPs that still offer generic dial-up PPP accounts that
        works with the Windoze generic dialer and don't require custom dial-up
        clients?  I have an AT&T Global Dialer account, but it needs the Global
        Dialer client.  I remember the old days where all I needed was to enter
        the phone number, login and password into the Windoze dialer, and it'd
        work.  Thanks.
        \_ SBC Global works for me when I'm on the road. - jvarga
        \_ works well for that. even works with linux.
        \_ They've always had the at&t dialer, but you've been able to
           authenticate with PAP and with login in the past with the
  and the gibberish password.  Look for
           an account.txt file -dwc
2005/3/7 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:36561 Activity:nil
2005/3/7-8 [Consumer/Audio] UID:36562 Activity:moderate
3/7     With the new Sony CEO, any hope for Sony to come out with a decent
        mp3 player to compete with ipod?
        \_ Who needs mp3 when you can have ACRAP?
        \_ I don't understand why a portable MP3 player is something I
           should want.
           \_ I somewhat agree.  I don't have a portable MP3 player, nor do I
              feel any need whatsoever to get one. - jvarga
              \_ This is because you carry a laptop/have access to a networked
                 computer what you can get at your mp3's remotely 90% of the
                 time.  The reason a lot of geeks (myself included) had
                 trouble grokking what exactly the big deal about the ipod
                 was that carrying *ALL* your music with you wasn't new to us.
                 But from the layman's viewpoint it's a radical idea. -dans
           \_ You've been on a desert island?
              \_ If I was then maybe I'd have a need for one, but
                 otherwise I don't see why this glorified Sony Walkman
                 is such a must have.
2005/3/7-8 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:36563 Activity:nil
3/7     Can somebody recommend a web hosting plan that offers unix shell
        access?  I'm currently paying $24.95 with verio and I want something
        cheaper.  I'll settle for IMAP/SSL access if I can't get unix
        shell access.  I'm an old fart that can't let go of pine.  Thanks.
        \_ What's wrong with soda?  -- old fart that can't let go of RMAIL and
        \_ offers cheap domain reg. plus IMAP/SSL mail
           handling.  I got mine for about $30/year, with about 100 MB
           mail spool size and a web interface to create mail accounts
           in the domain and set quotas.  each gets its own IMAP box
           and IMAP/SMTP+SSL authentication settings
2005/3/7 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:36564 Activity:high
3/7     Freedom of Speech is dying.
        \_ Just for the record, CU is run by total fuckheads.  Read up on
           their various football related scandals, and how the administration
           reacted.  I know someone on the faculty there, and the faculty
           are PISSED about how that was handled.  It's clear that the
           university has more respect for their rapist football team than
           they do for their nobel laureate physicists.  I'm not taking a side
           in this case, I'm just providing background on how this school is
        \_ Umm... so some crackpots are screaming to get someone fired for
           something they said... is that new?  I don't think he should get
           fired for his writing, he should be fired for getting tenure
           under false pretenses.
        \_ I don't see the Federal gov't involved, so what is the problem?
           \_ State Government cesorship is okay in your book?
              \_ You are misappropriating the term censorship.  He can say
                 whatever he wants ad nauseum, but that does not entitle
                 him to be a taxpayer subsidized fraud.
                 \_ A government official firing you because you said something
                    unpopular definitely qualifies as censorship. But I admit
                    in this case no one has been fired yet, there has just
                    been a lot of mau-mauing by the governor.
                    \_ I think you are mistaking unpopular w/ untrue. This
                       guy is going to get his ass kicked out of CU b/c he
                       have been going around making up stuff that is
                       completely bogus and he finally got called on it.
                       \_ "The WTC attacks are an example of the chickens
                          coming home to roost" is nothing more than an
                          unpopular opinion. Your belief that it is "false"
                          says a lot more about you than anything else.
                          \_ Ummm... he's refering to the guy's previous
                             articles, which are indeed, often full of
                             false information.  As it, it doesn't even
                             vaugely agree with the sources he sites.
                             This 9/11 crap just drew attention to it.
        \_ How is it dying?  A loudmouthed professor got scrutiny which turned
           up his past lies, plagiarism and exposed him as someone who assaults
           reporters.  The guy's a scumbag who got his job under false
           pretenses. -emarkp
        \_ His essay is hilarious. He actually ties 9/11 to Iraq.
2005/3/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:36565 Activity:very high
3/7     Isn't it weird that 33 people got killed in Iraq today and it's no
        longer on headline news? Instead, Michael Jackson's trial is
        on it. It's like we no longer care about deaths in Iraq. Weird.
        \_ But those are brown people.
           \_ good point, thanks. I guess they'll be on headline news when
              they're white, or when they're brown people with special
              Vitilgo skin whitening disease and noses that change frequently
           \_ MJ is white though
              \_ and female.
                 \_ And he *loves* children.
        \_ It's not on the Conservative Media Cartel's list of stuff the public
           should be informed about.  Kind of like Gannongate, which, if it
           had happened under President Clinton, would be broadcast 24/7 like
           Monica Lewinsky was.
           \_ Oh come, ON.  You don't think there's a difference between a
              reporter getting 1-day passes to press conferences, and a
              president commiting perjury?
              \_ Do you think there's a difference between lying a personal
                 matter and lying about the need for war?
              \_ Do you think there's a difference between lying about a
                 personal matter and lying about the need for war?  Or how
                 'bout marital infidelity vs. outing a CIA agent working on
                 WMD proliferation (to bring the argument closer to Guckie).
                 I'm sickened that Clinton would cheat on his wife.  I'm
                 sickened that he lied under oath.  But it was a personal
                 matter and a civil suit and it was thrown out as meritless.
                 Also, no one fucking died.
                 \_ it was not thrown out. He was disbarred in Ark. and
                    before the USSC.  The suit was settled for money.
                    How is Iraq and different than Kosovo, at least we
                    are fighting on the right side this tims.
                    \_ Are you pro-Serb?  I am not quite energetic right now
                       enough to tell you why Iraq is not Serbia. - danh
                       \_ It smelled of "Christian: good.  Muslim: bad."
                          bullshit.  I'm guessing emarkp.
                    \_ The settlement was on appeal.  The case was dismissed
                       in a summary judgement: "There are no genuine issues
                       for trial in this case." - Judge Susan Webber Wright
                 \_ 'Also, no one fucking died.'  I think it's a little trickier
                    than that.  People can die because of indirect action
                    (sanctions, etc), and inaction.  If you want to pin
                    unintended casualties on Bush, I will pin people Saddam
                    killed during Clinton's term on Clinton. -- ilyas
                    \_ Don't forget Vince Foster. He died.
                       \_ I think we should execute Bush for killing Iraqi
                          children.  With his texan, oil-stained hands. -- ilyas
                    \_ How many millions starve to death each year just
                       because there is no profit in feeding them???
                    \_ We are talking about American lives here.
                 \_ Wow, I'm impressed.  That was a very successful
                    subject change.  "Dang, he caught me in a stupid
                    statement!  Change the subject!  Bush Bad!"
                    \_ Conservatives prefer a bumbling but honest fool to an
                       intelligent prevaricator.
               \_ A political hack, with no journalistic experience but
                  working as a prostitute, somehow gets a press pass
                  in order to lob softballs week after week. Yes, this
                  is a scandal. Not on the order of Monicagate though.
2005/3/7-8 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs, Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:36566 Activity:nil
3/7     Suggestions for a Tex editor? I've used TeK, and found it lacking.
        any others?  -nivra
        \_ On windows? WINEDT!!!!!! WINEDT is the standard!!!
   If you use it, send the guy his money.
        \- emacs + auctex
        \_ I do all my latex work in vi.  *shrug*.  What do you want your
           editor to do? -- ilyas
        \_ obEDIsTheStandard!Editor!
2005/3/7-8 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:36567 Activity:very high
3/7     What are people's opinions on the Italian intelligence agent who was
        shot by US soldiers?  All reports seem to be fuzzy at best.
        \_ Not intentional.  All Italians driving to the airport and getting
           shot just before they got there, means they likely got an OK with
           some Americans on the way out, whether officers or CIA, even with
           the reports to the contrary ("They didn't tell us they were
           coming!" -- this is unlikely).  Probably some grunt in a mechanized
           platoon on patrol (not necessarily a checkpoint) freaked out when
           he saw the car full of buff brown people, screamed out to his
           squadmates, "INCOMING BOMBER", someone lit up the search light, and
           blew the car fucking away.  It was night after all.
           Naturally, those who would know best (the Italian intelligence
           officers and the soldiers who opened fire) are all cogs in the
           Machine and cannot speak.
           \_ it's clear that our sharp shooting Republican hick boys from
              Kentucky can't tell the difference between Italian and Iraqi
              \_ You're the Italians.  Are you screaming "We're Italians!"
                 because you saw the patrol a long ways ahead while not hitting
                 the fucking brakes, or are you screaming "We're Italian you
                 dicks!" because you're getting blown to pieces before you even
                 got the chance to brake?
                 \_ I scream "I'm jctwu don't shoot!"
                 \_ What's the fucking difference? Our country music listening
                    Bush loving armed forces can't tell the difference between
                    "Ala Akbar" and "Non Spari!"
                    \_ The difference is some sodan's incorrect assumption
                       that the inability of coalition soldiers to understand
                       Italian was a non-negligible reason for what happened.
        \_ From what I've read, she claims 300+ bullets were fired but pics
           of her car don't show any damage at all and it seems that the
           dude who was driving was killed by a single bullet. Unless the
           troops guarding that checkpoint were replaced w/ Imperial Storm
           Troopers, her story seems a bit fishy.
           \_ It's even worse than that.  First she says it was at a check
              point, then she says it wasn't.  (This should be easy to
              verify)  First she says they were driving slow, now in
              yesterday's article in her paper, she talks about how fast
              they were going.  (Almost losing control to avoid puddles,
              and yes, she says they were "suddenly attacked" going that
              fast. )  etc. She can't get her own story straight.  She
              talks about being able to pick up "handfuls of bullets" off
              the back seat, which is obvious BS.  She's a liar.  I had
              sympathy, but she's lost me.
              \_ Why do you think her claim to picking up "handfuls of bullets"
                 is obvious BS?
                 Don't you think the people who were with her could easily,
                 so easily refute this?
           \_ Your information is old.
              Search for "Maybe all 400 bullets missed?"
              Are you a moron?
              A guy died with a bullet to his temple, and the windshield
              in that photo isn't even cracked.
              Do you always believe the blogs over using your brain?
2005/3/7-8 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:36568 Activity:high
3/7     Ilyas, you really don't see the difference between lying about sex
                 Don't you think the people in the same car with her could
                 easily, so easily refute this?
        vs lying about a war? Do you consider shop lifting and murder
        to be the same as well? What would you think if Bush lied
        about sex and Clinton lied about war? Just think for a second.
        \_ Reading comprehension is your friend. -- ilyas
           \_ Reading comprehension is Ilyas Insult #4.
        \_ Lying about sex is much worse than lying about war. Everybody
           knows that.
        \_ Your whole statement is based on the "fact" that Bush
           lied. Some of us don't agree w/ that for various reasons.
           In contrast, everyone agrees that Clinton lied.
           In a legal theory, a shop lifter is considered less culpable
           that a murderer. On one moral level there is no difference
           btwn the two, both are willing to do something which is
                 \- Your brain has been classified as: small.
                    \_ Why? While one can say that shop lifiting
                       is in some ways just a property crime and
                       no one is really hurt, it is still a crime.
                       It is a violation of someone elses rights,
                       and in an absolute sense all such violations
                       are equally wrong.
           generally viewed as wrong (it is like Shaw haggling for
           price). On an even deeper moral level, it doesn't really
           matter what they do b/c the universe doesn't give a damn
           about the activities of a bunch of apes on a minor world.
           \_ This boggles the mind. If he didn't lie, he made a concerted
              effort to avoid knowing information that would have contra-
              dicted what he was saying, which is worse than lying.
              \_ He either saw the reports with the massively qualified
                 language regarding Iraq's weapons and knowingly stated
                 qualified intelligence as fact (lie), or he didn't even
                 read it and just read what was on the prompter (incompetence).
                 I'm not sure which is more frightening.
              \_ You do not know what intelligence he saw and whether
                 he willfully avoided seeing intelligence that would
                 not support the invasion plans. You are assuming
                 this. It is plausible that he was not presented w/
                 such evidence or that those presenting pro-war
                 evidence strongly discounted it. As I stated below,
                 I think that he was subjectively honest in his
                 belief that we needed to attack Iraq. In order
                 to "lie" he would have to have known your version
                 of the "truth" and then chosen to state otherwise.
           \_ So do you think that Dubya told the truth about WMD in Iraq
              in the leadup to the war?
              \_ I believe he was being subjectively honest. Whether or
                 not this subjective belief reasonably corresponds to
                 the actual state of affairs in Iraq is debatable. Many
                 times one has to make decisions based on limited,
                 partially incorrect, qualified, &c. info. You do the
                 best you can. I think that he did the best he could.
                 Would I have made the same choice? Maybe not. I can't
                 say for sure. I wasn't sitting in the Oval Office.
        \_ There is insufficient evidence (audio tape) to say that Dubya lied.
           There is sufficient evidence that he laid it all on Tenet, Director
           of Central Intelligence, who said WMDs in Iraq was a "slam dunk".
           As for Bubba, the sentence "I did not have sexual relations with
           that woman, Ms. Lewinsky" is not a lie.  Bubba has huge brain, and
           in his huge brain, believes oral sex != "sexual relations".
           Nevertheless, Bubba probably lied about the Lewinsky affair in a
           previous court appearance -- someone send me a URL, please.
           As for lies to Hillary, of course he lied.
2005/3/7-8 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:36569 Activity:moderate
*/*     Ilyas Insult Database:
        \_ #1 Lazy Bitch
        \_ #2 You're a fool,
           \_ Tell us about the stars, Ilya
        \_ #3 Get a life
        \_ #4 Your reading comprehension sucks
        \_ #5 Your sarcasm meter is broken
        \_ #6 Your brain has been classified as:small
              \- you must pay me 5cents.
           \_ hahaha thanks I totally forgot this one
              \_ I can't take credit for this one. -- ilyas
                 \_ Seems like a parthaism to me.
2005/3/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:36570 Activity:kinda low
3/7     How to argue with unyielding morally right conservatives (how to talk
        to conservatives when they think they're right and you're wrong):
        \_ I prefer to talk to liberals with a baseball bat. -Ann Coulter
2005/3/7 [Recreation/Humor] UID:36571 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
3/7     If you have a penis, I recommend dropping reference of this site
        to your sex partners:
        There's a quick and handy bookmark too:
2005/3/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:36572 Activity:moderate
3/7     I've heard that armed forces in other countries (Switzerland,
        France, and even UK) are REQUIRED to take extracurricular classes like
        military history, Western Civilization, foreign languages, etc. How
        about our armed forces in Iraq, how well educated are they? And what
        about the liberal motd guy who has a brother that loves Bill OReiley,
        how is he doing in Iraq right now? Is he still worshipping OReiley?
        \_ No they're not.  The officer candiates must take some additional
           theoretical training, as well as some "how to be a gentleman" type
           classes (as a bunch of their guys will essentially be farmboys.)
           Basic training?  All the guys I knew in the Swiss, French, German
           and British armies spent basic training running around, screaming
           a lot, doing pushups (as one does) and smoking dope and drinking
           loads whenever they had the chance to get out.  This is the big
           argument against draft armies--not only do you get the usual
           losers, but you also get the losers who'd much rather be
           anywhere else.  -John
        \_ I had another big argument with him, but this time handed him some
           articles penned by O'Reilly saying how the U.S. was very wrong about
           WMD intelligence, and also gave him the CIA key conclusions on this.
           He was so convinced about WMDs, but now he sees the other side, he
           is much less angry.
           After that, he read a whole bunch of books on what military life was
           like, and will be starting boot camp at Ft. Benning March 11.
           I also think he got my basic message that Dubya really needs to
           unite the country and the world.
           \_ Marines? Navy? Army?
              \_ Army National Guard, Infantry
        \_ Most of the guys on the ground in Iraq are not well-educated
           and would be unemployed if not for the military. My
           acquaintance in Iraq (who is still here on leave for another
           week) said that lots of guys have nothing to go home to and
           when their enlistment ends they work as private contractors.
           He brought back lots of interesting photos and videos in
           addition to telling stories. He's been there 6 months and in
           the Army for almost 13 years. BTW, he's in NW Baghdad, an area
           not particularly friendly to the US unlike some areas. If you
           really want to know what the heck is going on over there then
           e-mail me. --dim
           \_ It's alright dim, I have a pretty good idea what's going on.
              I watch Fox News every day to keep up with current affairs.
              Everyday, our troops are spreading freedom. They are building
              infrastructures that provide food, water, shelter, and
              teaching Western ideologies to the Iraqi savages. The world is
              safer today thanks to George W. Bush. God Bless America  !mormon
              \_ The more you watch Fox News, the more inaccurate your
                 view of the world becomes:
                 \_ LIBERAL LIES! Everything but Fox is full of liberal lies.
                    Truth is in Fox and truth in God.       -real conservative
2005/3/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Recreation/Humor] UID:36573 Activity:moderate Cat_by:auto
3/7     Wouldn't it be funny if you type Republican on google and out comes
        anti-Republican sites? YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! On your homepage, insert
        the following "<a href=http://www.bushin30seconds.orgRepublican</a>"
        If you get enough friends to do this and if they can do the same, it
        will happen! Now go and spread the word!!!
        \_ Eh.  Googlebombing is so 2002.  Try starting a blog, they're much
           more effective at googlebombing than static web sites. -dans
2019/04/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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