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2005/3/1 [Uncategorized] UID:36467 Activity:moderate
3/1     How do I subscribe to the RSS feed of the motd?
        \_ email me. --peterl
           \_ Ooooh!  Is this a SUPER secret?
2005/3/1 [Uncategorized] UID:36468 Activity:high
3/1     This comic summarizes Harvard U. President Summers' comments on
        women in the sciences better than any of the articles I've read:
        \_ Science giving way to policics.
           \_ panel 5
              \_ Ah yes, political correctness cancelling itself out.
2005/3/1 [Science/Disaster, Recreation/Humor] UID:36469 Activity:high Cat_by:auto
3/1     Quantum Sleeper!
        \_ Foster, you're dead!
        \_ Ha ha!  Whoever wants to harm you can just wait outside until you
           have to go to the bathroom.
           \_ Yes, I hear tornados are very patient.
              \_ Tornados can't uproot the whole sleeper?
           \_ Look at the list of features fool, it includes a toiletry system!!
              \_ Can you turn your excrement into an offensive weapon
                 from inside the bed?
2005/3/1-2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:36470 Activity:moderate
3/1     "Dear Federal Agent and/or anyone interested in knowing more about this
        post-- it has been posted by one of the Berkeley students in CSUA. The
        person who hosts this page does NOT aid, contribute, nor has any
        opinion to any content here. Any further concern please email"
        kchang, if you're going to attach this to all political posts, you
        might want to at least use a parsable grammar.
        \_ Problems with this post:
           1. "it has been posted by one of the Berkeley students..."
              - This may not be true. It could have been one of the alumni.
           2. "The person who hosts this page does NOT aid, contribute..."
              - If this is your attempt at self indemnification, it
                is a very confused way of putting it. Also, your comments
                here are contradictory. By merely replicating the post
                on your archive you have already aided in the dissemination
                of the said post.
           3. If you are going to attempt indemnification you should
              specifically state your own name. "The person who hosts this
              page" can be perceived as either the ISP, the carrier, the
              author, etc.
           If you wish to place an indemnification clause within your archive,
           I'd suggest simply placing "The views expressed on this page are
           solely that of the author and in no way reflects the views,
           opinions, beliefs, or actions of ________, the maintainer of this
           site, or _______ the company which hosts this content, or any
           associates either personal or professional of either the maintainer
           or the hosting company. If you wish to inquire about the nature
           of the contents of this archive please refer to
 " Hope that helps.
           \_ hey stupid! the initial complaint is grammar, not content.
              \_ So? The content was messed up too.  -!pp
        \_ If he's going to be an asshole who hates politics threads, just
           leave the shitty grammar as it stands.
        \_ If you use bad grammer, you support the terrorists!
                               \_ Or bad spelling...
                                  \_ Hey, I'm pretty good at bad smelling,,
        \_ lye, smurf, lafe, jrleek, and/or anyone who may have posted the
           stuff above. Thanks for your concern, I'll take that as
           constructive criticisms. If grammar matters so much to y'all maybe
           you can actually do something about it, like help me correct it.
           I'll cut&paste your corrections.                          -kchang
           \_ "You're an asshole" wasn't really intended as constructive
              criticism.  If you're too dumb to understand why other people
              find politics interesting, it seems unlikely that being called
              an asshole will change anything.  I couldn't care less about
              your grammar.
              \_ "couldn't care less" is ungrammatical. You should say
                 "I could care less."
                 \_ are you trying to be funny?  -tom
                    \_ Yes I was. Sorry if I didn't amuse you.
                 \_ Uh, you have that backwards.
                    \_ Neither one is actually ungrammatical. It's a question
                       of meaning, not grammar.
           \_ Here's an idea, maybe you should stop trying to guess who made a
              \_ likewise, maybe you should stop being an anonymous fucker
                 \_ Mr. Pot, I'd like you to meet Mr. Kettle.
           \_ #69 (h07 42n ch1x)
                    \_ I've read and heard similar statements made by
                       white supremacists.
                       \_ That suspiciously sounds like something Hitler
                          might say.
                          \_ Why do you hate America?
                             \_ BUD DAY doesn't like your tone, son.
                                \_ You've obviously never served.
                                   \_ Are you chinese?  Do you know the effect
                                      your tone had on china?
2005/3/1-2 [Uncategorized] UID:36471 Activity:nil
3/1     Hey sl0dans!  Did you know that Paul Wolfowitz and Carly Fiorina are
        leading contendors for the UN World Bank job?  Go Dubya!
        \_ I'd pick Wolfowitz over Fiorina on any given day.
2005/3/1 [Uncategorized] UID:36472 Activity:nil
3/1     When specifying a URL which ends a sentence, do you have to put
        a "." at the end?
                The sentence ends with a
        \_ Yes.
        \_ I do it, but if you worry about parsing, you can use <>, like this:
                The sentence ends with a
2005/3/1-2 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:36473 Activity:nil
3/1     How do I make firefox always ask me for download location confirmation?
        I am doing a proj where I frequently save files to different folders,
        Right now it automatically goes to the default download dir. Thanks!!
        \_ How do I login to my computer?  Thanks!!
        \_ You're an undergrad, right?  it's Tools -> Options -> Downloads.
           \_ Ops. -pp
2005/3/1-3 [Recreation/Humor, Finance/Investment] UID:36474 Activity:high
3/1     Why do people say 'rate of speed?' -- ilyas
        \_ Speed is d(distance)/dt.  Rate of speed is a specific, determinant
           value.  It's legalese.  It has to be that accurate.
           \_ Ok, 'rate' is used to mean 'measure,' rather than
              'rate of change.'  That makes sense.  That's unfortunately
              ambiguous though, and it always sounded jarring to me. -- ilyas
              \_ it's funny and redundant because speed already means
                 rate of change of position to you.  distiniguish it from
                 rate of inflation, rate of decline, etc. and realize
                 some yokels said rate of speed instead of rate of movement.
                 not any more silly than "ATM machine" etc.
        \_ What's wrong with the term "rate of speed"? Ever heard of
        \_ It has more syllables.  If you want a serious answer, that's probably\
           the real reason.  Same with "nukular"--some people just like to add
           \_ People don't use it to mean dv/dt. -- ilyas
           \_ People don't use it to mean dv/dt.  Also, you know, I don't
              mean your regular people off the street.  I mean 'professional
              news people.'  Kind of depressing, really. -- ilyas
              \_ "It made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs"
           \_ If it's dv/dt, it would be "rate of change of speed".
        \_ It has more syllables.  If you want a serious answer, that's probably
           the real reason.  Same with "nukular"--some people just like to add
           \_ That's horrible.  They should really utilize a shorter word.
                \_ +1 funny.
        \_ the same reason that people believe in organized religion:
           because they don't use their brains.
           \_ hey, lookey, a dictionary uses the exact phrase!
              \_ amazing
        \_ People who nitpick on minute things like typo, grammar, and
           what not have above average IQ, but not much higher.
           \_ You don't get out very much, do you?  Perhaps you should, like,
              give your everquest a break and like, meet some real people.
           \_ I believe the word you're looking for is "prig."
           \_ But this is neither a typo nor a grammar problem.
              \_ Because most people are kind of confused about the
                 difference between movement, speed and accelaration.
        \_ hey I got a great idea, how about sharing an MP3 of your voice.
           Let's see if we can improve your loud, annoying non-native accent.
           That and maybe proper grooming will definitely help you get more
        \_ Because language works and evolves in ways that my not be
           completely "logical". Think about expressions like "cheap at
           half the price", or words like "orthogonal", which gets used
           metaphorically, or "finite" which some people use to mean
           greater than zero. For that matter, think about things like
           the negation in Russian "ja nikogda ne...". However, amazingly
           enough, we still manager to seem to be able to understand
           each other.
           \_ But "rate of speed" is logical.  It's legalese.  One could argue
              that their speed was the distance traveled over the time it took.
              If they were going 100 mph, then got caught in bumper-to-bumper,
              they could say they weren't "speeding" because they averaged
              40mph.  Rate of speed pins it down.
2005/3/1-3 [Computer/HW/Display] UID:36475 Activity:kinda low
3/1     Yesterday, the BBC World Service did a review of the Mac Mini and
        the reviewer noted poor-quality greyed-out video on his VGA monitor.
        Anybody here noticed the same thing? I've read forums that
        say that the Mac Mini produces non-standard video signal.
        \_ Friend of mine just go this, and the video looks beautiful on a
           PC VGA monitor.  -John
        \_ Use DVI
            \_ Sure, that is probably a good idea, but for monitors
               that don't connect to DVI (like a normal CRT), that is
               not an option. and since the Mac Mini is advertised as
               as working with "ANY OLD VGA MONITOR" I would like
               to recommend a Mac Mini to my friends who have so many
               problems with their Windows XP systems.  $499+999 > $499
        \_ No problem w/ a Sony 17" VGA CRT or a Apple 15" LCD
        \_ No problem w/ a Sony 17" VGA CRT or a Apple 15" LCD. It might
           be a problem w/ the DVI-VGA adapter. See here for more info:
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