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2005/2/28 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:36450 Activity:high
2/28    Baby Gap - How birthrates color the electoral map
        From American Conservative. It says that fertile conservatives (like
        emarkp's friends and family from Utah) are wayyyy out-reproducing
        liberals. Come on you dumb fuck stupid lazy liberals, stop playing
        EverQuest 2, stop using condoms and start reproducing kids.
           -disillusioned liberal still pissed off at the 2000/2004 campaign
        \_ Don't worry, mexican immigration should help.
          \_ except they are leaning conservative thanks to the increasing
             huge Latino military population in San Diego bases.
              \_Me gustan los aviones, me gusta viajar, me gusta el atentado,
                me gustan los muertos, me gusta soņar, me gusta Air Force One,
                me gustan los cazas, me gusta el western, me gusta la lluvia,
                me gusta los misiles, me gusta George W. Bush.
        \_ Haven't you heard of youthful rebellion?  Parental politics !=
           politics of children.
        \_ "The more kids whites have, the more pro-Bush they get."
           That's odd, I thought causality went the other way. The more
           actively pro-bush you are, the more babies pop out. That's what they
           taught us in health class in middle school...
2005/2/28-3/1 [Uncategorized] UID:36451 Activity:nil
2/28    What paper format is the standard in China? Do they use the ISO A
        paper formats, US Letter (unlikely), or something else? My Google
        fu on this is weak. Thanks.
        \_ My educated guess would be they use ISO A format. It's unlikely they
           will follow the US format when they use ISO for everything else.
        \_ The stand office page size is a4.
2005/2/28 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:36452 Activity:nil
2/28    Republican advisor to the Bush-Cheney energy plan claims that Saudi
        oil has peaked: []
        "we may have already passed peak oil".
2005/2/28-3/1 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:36453 Activity:very high
2/28    Baby Gap - How birthrates color the electoral map
        [anonymous reference to me deleted] -emarkp
           -disillusioned liberal still pissed off at the 2000/2004 campaign
        \_ So what's your excuse?  Are you busy making liberal babies, or are
           you part of the problem?
        \_ Don't worry, mexican immigration should help.
           \_ except they are leaning conservative thanks to the increasing
              huge Latino military population in San Diego bases.
              \_ Yes, and we all know that all Latinos live in San Diego.
        \_ Haven't you heard of youthful rebellion?  Parental politics !=
           politics of children.
        \_ "The more kids whites have, the more pro-Bush they get."
           That's odd, I thought causality went the other way. The more
           actively pro-bush you are, the more babies pop out. That's what they
           taught us in health class in middle school...
           \_ Conservatives sleep in double beds, Liberals sleep together.
              This is why there are far more liberals than conservatives.
              \_ But two liberal men sleeping together don't produce babies.
                 \_ they can sure have fun trying, though.
        \_ I've found it funny for a few years that:
           Birth rate varies inversely with income and education.
           Evolution acceptance rate varies with income and education.
           Those who believe in evolution are evolving away.
           \_ The stupid shall inherit the earth.
              \_ No no no.  You don't understand.  The 'stupid' are those who
                 accept evolution but are choosing to have fewer children.
                 \_ This seems like where darin should step in.  He's the
                    only person I've met to decide to have lots of babies
                    because he believes in evolution and is smarter than
                    \_ [troll deleted]
                 \_ What? Why is it smart to have a lot of children? You take
                    care of a bunch of kids for years. Be my guest. You can't
                    win that game anyway and it doesn't benefit you either.
                    You're gonna be dead.
                    \_ Having many kids means that your genes are more likely
                       to be propogated.  That's why it's smart.
                       \_ You'd be smarter to learn to spell propagate. How
                          do you benefit by having your genes propagated?
                          Answer: you don't. Hey you know what? You'd have a
                          better chance if you went around killing other males!
                          Give that a try, let me know how it works out.
                          \_ Why are there still stupid people who think
                             that what's good for the propagation of their
                             genes is good for them.  Please, you are not
                             your genes!  Don't let your genes be your
                             \_ Because historically, the genes for smart
                                people who don't care about propagating their
                                genes don't last very long.
                                \_ What's your point?
                    \_ So does that mean there is a evolutionary
                       counter-pressure on intelligence?
                       \_ Which is why humanity is doomed.
        \_ At first glance I thought it was about the fashion company. :-)
        \_ Apparently, at some subconscious level, liberals understand that
           their genes are not worth passing on.
        \_ This much chatter over an American Conservative article? Holy
           moley, are we bored or what? Read this instead:
  (SF Weekly, punking white supremacists)
        \_ I thought the gun control part was incisive.
2005/2/28-3/2 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:36454 Activity:kinda low
2/28    I have a a few hundred GB of data that exists in two locations
        connected by a slow network. When a change is made in one place,
        I want it to update the second location (one way only with a 'master'
        copy and a 'mirror'). I use rsync for this now, but it is just too
        slow. Products like SnapMirror exist if you want to spend money,
        but they are also hardware dependent (Netapp). Is there some better
        way to solve this problem? I am not opposed to coding my own solution,
        but I'm not sure where the innovation needs to be made. --dim
        \_ we are currently considering a product by availl that does this.
           we are a huge netapp shop and use snapmirror but needed it to be
           r/w on both ends and platform independant.
        \_ how much data is changing?  Which part of rsync is the bottleneck?
           rsync only transfers the parts that have changed, afaik... are you
           using compression (if text-ish data)?
        \_ the problem with rsync is that it .. at run time ... scans the entire
           set of files, on the local and remote, and looks for differences
           between them.  So it is reading every file and checksumming every
           file, regardless of whether they changed or not, and communicating
           this information across the link between source and destination.
           What you need is something that hooks into the file/operating
           system and only notifies of changes when they happen, and
           propagates them over.  This is what SnapMirror does, and does quite
           well.  Maybe you need to look for coding a similar solution.  As a
           quick hack, you could just have rsync go over the files/directories
           that have had timestamp change since last run, instead of scan
           the whole directory tree. -ERicM
           \_ actually, i think if the files are the same size and same
              modification date, it'll skip them, even if the files are
              actually different.
              \_ There are options in rsync to do this, but in general usage
                 you're wrong.
                 \_ Actually, I'm pretty sure (s)he's right; look at the docs
                    for the --size-only option and what it says about the
                    Normal behavior.  --dbushong
              \_ even if you tell rsync to only check file sizes/timestamps,
                 it *still*, at runtime, it still has to communicate with
                 remote rsyncd to determine if local and remote size+timestamp
                 are different, for each file.  This will eat time and
                 bandwidth galore, unless you're trying to only sync a few
                 large files. -EricM
        \_ If you are willing to do a bit of hacking this isn't so hard. You
           want a custom NFS server that journals modifications and ships them
           to the slave. The slave then applies the journal. If the master is
           a linux box you should look into FUSE (File system in User SpacE or
           something like that), as this would be pretty easy with FUSE + clue
        \_ Veritas has a tool, called Veritas Volume Replicator that does
           this. I have never used it, but considering my previous experience
           with Veritas products, I would expect it to work fine. It is
           also cross platform. -ausman
           \_ We used VVR (as well as Cluster FS) at Walmart. It works very
              well and I'd definitely use it again. I love Veritas' file
              system and volume management products. (Not cheap!) -- Marco
        \_ How about giving rsync a list of files that have been modified
           since the last rsync?  First find recently modified stuff on the
           master, then rsync only that stuff to the mirror.  You might
           be able to hack rsync to do this for you--, like:
           rsync --more-recent-than 24 hours
           \_ This is a good idea.
        \_ How about OpenAFS or Coda?  They both have mirrored modes, IIRC.
2005/2/28-3/1 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:36455 Activity:nil
2/28    Unintended consequences of spam-blocking (and spam of course):
        \_ Legit or not, this is almost certainly going to become the "My
           dog ate my homework!" excuse for attorneys who missed deadlines
           through laziness.
2005/2/28-3/1 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:36456 Activity:nil
2/28    Does Yahoo! mail seem pathologically slow lately, or is just me?
        \_ Huh.  Seems fine for me.    -mice
2005/2/28-3/2 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:36457 Activity:moderate
2/28    Alexf, Can you please answer this?  Condemning the whole organization
        over Mumia seems ... overzealous:

        (from yesterday)
        \_ Hey, I got no problem with the concept, but once they start
           defending terrorists and cop killers, the implementation is,
           in my book, obviously hopeless. -pp
           \_ To what are you refering?  You're claiming something I
              can't find any reference for.  Please give some context.
              \_ (FWIW, I don't check the motd nearly often enough to have
                 time to respond before these threads get purged). Anyway,
                 how's this quick selection for a start:
                 Re Mumia:
                 AI supporting the Jenin myths:
                 AI promoting ludicrous notions of moral equivalence:
                 As far as what the rest of the thread brought up -- I
                 don't think them particularly in the wrong on Abu
                 Ghraib (the media has, though, blown it far out of
                 proportion IMHO), and am rather ambivalent in regard
                 to their involvement in the Gitmo stuff. I'll readily
                 admit that they've done a lot of good work in the
                 past, but many of the things they do now, and, yes,
                 the Mumia case is the most disgusting behavior of
                 theirs in my book, color my perception to the point
                 that I definitely think the world would be better off
                 without them (or with a monumental change in their
                 leadership and culture). I don't intend to continue
                 this debate on the motd. If you really want further
                 responses from me, email or better yet come to Soda
                 in person. -alexf
                 \_ ob group masturbation of hooded prisoners at abu ghraib
                    video; also: "I went down to Tier 1 (the cellblock where
                    much of the abuse is said to have occurred) and when I
                    looked down the corridor, I saw two naked detainees, one
                    masturbating to another kneeling with its mouth open," he
                    is quoted as saying. "I thought I should just get out of
                    there. I didn't think it was right, as it seemed like the
                    wrong thing to do. I saw Staff Sergeant Frederick walking
                    towards me, and he said, `Look what these animals do when
                    you leave them alone for two seconds.'"
                 \_ AlexF, I understand you want to provide a more balanced
                    view of the cases cited, but do you really think citing
                    a website devoted to avenging Daniel Faulkner and a
                    website devoted to denigrating any criticism of Israel
                    balances things in any meaningful way?
                    \_ Maybe they were the first things up on Google.  In
                       any case, I hope we can all agree that the far left
                       has been taken for a ride on the whole Mumia thing,
                       and should really just let it go.
                       \_ "Mumia probably killed that guy. There, I said it.
                          ...the efforts to defend him may have overlooked the
                          fact that he did indeed kill that cop. ...He probably
                          did kill that guy." -Michael Moore, from "Dude,
                          Where's My Country"(2003), page 189.
                       \_ I don't know about that. You have to remember
                          that the Philly police bombed a whole city block
                          and killed something like a dozen people to
                          eliminate the MOVE crowd. It was the Waco of the
                          80s but since it was a bunch of black people, not
                          that many people got upset about it. Mumia
                          was a good spokesperson for their efforts. This
                          is all tangential to his actual guilt or innocence
                          I know, but in the real world, this is the way
                          politics works.
        \_ Repost the link, some ass deleted it.
           \_ There was no link.  Mumia is the only thing I could think of
              that he could have been talking about.
        \_ Amnesty International = Evil, Torturing Innocents At Gitmo = Good
           \_ There are no innocents in Gitmo!  They're all very bad people,
              and we're not cutting off people's fingers or feeding them into
              the woodchipper feet-first like Saddam.
              Anyway, even if there's 1 or 2 people in Gitmo who weren't
              planning an attack on the U.S., they were at least doing
              something that they shouldn't have been; otherwise, they wouldn't
              be in Gitmo!
              If a Democrat were in charge the terrorists would be blowing us
              all up by now! -typical Dubya voter who p0wn3d u liberals
              \_ You forgot at least one reference to God, and your faith in
                 His wisdom, etc, etc.
2005/2/28 [Uncategorized] UID:36458 Activity:nil 66%like:36459
2/28    Jeff Raskin, R.I.P.
2005/2/28-3/1 [Uncategorized] UID:36459 Activity:nil 66%like:36458
2/28    Jef Raskin, R.I.P.
2005/2/28-3/1 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:36460 Activity:high
2/28    Hey, where's "GOOG is way overpriced at 100, they will tank when
        shares are unlocked in February" guy?  -tom
        \_ Brilliant troll.  Welcome to the dark side. -troll
        \_ GOOG is below it's November high.  Hasn't done much lately.
           Check out stocks like BHP, RIO, PBR.
           \_ "Hasn't done much lately"?  It is up 80% in less than a year.
              \_ yea, but the last time there's a big debate about it
                 was when it's around 200.  Now it's 187.
        \_ Wrong about the timing. Correct in the end. You will see.
           \_ Well gee, then, Mr. Prognosticator, when should we start
              shorting Google to make back the enormous sums we would have
              lost if we'd listened to your advice in the first place?  -tom
              \_ If you had shorted when I said (after February) there's
                 a good chance you are actually ahead at the moment.
                 Addendum: Buy LEAPs now for 2006, especially on a run-up.
                 \_ The puts or the calls?
           \_ The WMDs were destroyed just before the invasion, buried in the
              desert, or shipped to Iran or Syria.  You will see.
              \_ Yes, ilya.
                 \_ That wasn't me, but yeah, I agree.  Did you also think
                    insurgency wasn't funded and operated from Syria? -- ilyas
                    \_ Hey have you seen this:
                       "While a small number of old, abandoned chemical
                       munitions have been discovered, ISG judges that Iraq
                       unilaterally destroyed its undeclared chemical weapons
                       stockpile in 1991. There are no credible indications
                       that Baghdad resumed production of chemical munitions
                       thereafter, a policy ISG attributes to Baghdad's
                       desire to see sanctions lifted, or rendered
                       ineffectual, or its fear of force against it should WMD
                       be discovered."
                       "From the evidence available through the actions and
                       statements of a range of Iraqis, it seems clear that the
                       guiding theme for WMD was to sustain the intellectual
                       capacity achieved over so many years at such a great
                       cost and to be in a position to produce again with as
                       short a lead time as possible - within the vital
                       constraint that no action should threaten the prime
                       objective of ending international sanctions and
                       \_ I responded to this, but some idiot deleted it and
                          I don't care enough to write another reply. -- ilyas
                          \_ You had written "Hussein would have nothing to
                             gain by doing so".  Obviously, you think the
                             ISG-provided reason for destroying WMDs is BS.
                             \_ Yeah, I do. -- ilyas
                                \_ You should read these:
                       \_ The CIA is trying to make GWB look foolish.
                          \_ "We were almost all wrong, and I certainly include
                             myself here." -David Kay, first ISG head
                             \_ Yeah, that is the Administration line. It
                                conveniently forgets the 15M who protested
                                the war worldwide.
         \_ Trying to predict the stock market is stupid. Nobody does this
            consistently, which means at the end of the day a few people
            get lucky. I think the statistic was that 90% of day traders lost
            money over the long haul. It is especially stupid to try to
            predict how one particular stock will perform a short period
            of time. So, Tom, it's not time for you to gloat, but perhaps
            time for you to dump.
            \_ I'm not gloating; I don't own GOOG and I never have.  From the
               start, I was just pointing out the fallacies of the dweebs
               predicting it would crash and burn.  -tom
               \_ Well, the problem with your post is that you can't predict
                  whether a single company will crash and burn or not,
                  especially so close on the heals of Enron and WorldCom.
                  So if a person were to predict that a company will crash
                  and burn they are no more or less right than if you
                  predicted that it would NOT crash and burn. The fallacy
                  here isn't that people predicted that the company will
                  crash and burn, the fallacy here is that anyone attempted
                  to predict anything at all.
                  The correct method of "prediction" would be to assign it
                  percentages, but under the terms of probability just because
                  you have a higher probability of being right or wrong
                  doesn't mean that you are actually right or wrong. Therefore
                  your belief that GOOG wouldn't crash and burn is no more or
                  less valid than other people's belief that it will. The
                  only thing that really is valid is that your belief probably
                  has a higher chance of being right than others, at least in
                  my opinion.

                  \_ The fallacies were in logic, not in conclusion.  I
                     happen to disagree with the conclusion also, but that
                     was not my point.  -tom
               \_ If you think they are fallacies, then why not?
                  \_ This sentence makes no sense.
                     \_ Dubya-speak universal translator engaged:
                        "If you think GOOG won't crash, why not buy some?"
                        \_ GOOG is too young a company to realistically
                           value; comparing its value with YHOO (which people
                           were doing at the time) makes no sense at all.
                           I prefer to buy more mature companies, so I didn't
                           buy GOOG.  It's on my watch list, and I will buy
                           some if the valuation is established enough to
                           be clear.  -tom
        \_ Google is at what people think it will be worth. Yahoo is
           at what it is actually worth. The two companies are about
           the same. Google is not worth that much more than Yahoo,
           but their stock prices says otherwise. We'll see. -none of
           the above poster.
           \_ Their stock price says they are worth about the same: GOOG $51B,
              YHOO $44B.  -tom
        \_ YHOO has PE 56, GOOG has PE 130.  Any reasons why I should buy
           GOOG instead of YHOO?
           \_ Google has a much higher growth rate.
           \_ Google maps is completely awesome.
              \_ Yup.  Or try searching for movie: anything, then playing
              \_ Are you saying this sarcastically? I didn't know they had
                 a map and I just tried it with firefox and it sucked shit,
                 the image won't even come up. Come on.
                 \_ Works for me.  Sounds like you're blaming them for your
                 \_ You couldn't get <DEAD><DEAD> to work?  Under
                    Firefox?  Not only does it work for me under firefox,
                    it works on Mozilla 1.6 on Linux.  And no, I wasn't be
                    sarcastic, Google maps is seriously a great product.
                 \_ IE works, java on my firefox is broken. damn.
                    \_ Wow, it is nice! -pp
                    \_ I had too much security on my firefox java script, after
                       I enabled all the checkboxes, it works.
                       \_ Wow!  Now I know why I also have this problem.  After
                          I enabled only the "Change images" box, it works.
                          Thanks!  -- !pp
              \_ It looks similar to microsoft street and trips, is it the same?
           \_ I just tried it.  It looks cool, but it doesn't have the turn-
              by-turn map like in Yahoo which is sometimes useful.
              \_ Yes it does.  Try clicking on the numbers next to each
                 direction step.
                 \_ I see.  Is there an easy way to print out the turns?
        \_ When all is said and done, there are more than a few people who
           shorted GOOG. But for the stock to fall, there needs to be a real
           reason. The key is Google ads. As spiffy as GOOG is, you need to
           follow the money. As far as they can pull in the cash, they're
           gonna do fine. The shorters are going to have to wait for a while.
2005/2/28-3/1 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:36461 Activity:nil
2/28    Regarding Putin accusing Dubya of firing Rather and friends:
        Is Putin trying to outstupid Stupid?
        \_ He is trying to deflect criticism about his censorship of
           the press by implying that the US does some of the same stuff.
           I agree that this is silly, but it probably plays well in Russia.
        \_ Link?
           \_ (Post news summary)
2005/2/28-3/18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:36462 Activity:nil
3/1     CSUA General Meeting, March 14th at 5pm, CSUA Lounge or outside!
        Free food, nerds, what more could you want?!
2005/2/28-3/1 [Transportation/Car] UID:36463 Activity:moderate
2/28    Stupid question, at what speed can I safely switch from D to 2 on
        my car? Thx.
        \_ Stupid answer: probably depends on your car.
        \_ At speed below which 2nd gear will bring your RPM to the red line.
           In addition, the lower the speed the better it is for your
           transmission.  If your car is 4-speed, you may be jumping from 4th
           to 2nd which is worse.  Also, your tail brake light doesn't lit when
           your car decelerates from shifting down, so you may get rear-ended
           if the driver behind you isn't paying attention.  Of course if
           you're trying to save yourself when your brakes fail while going
           down hill, shift by all means.
           \_ What "wears out" when I down shift to slow down on hills?
              Puts stress on the engine? Transmission? Breakpads are easy
              to replace, engine is not. I keep hearing car gurus recommending
              to use engine break, just wondering....
              \_ Transmission, but don't worry about it unless you're really
                 abusing it. The biggest problem is remembering to go back
                 to D after the hills.
              \_ shifting down w/ a big mismatch in speeds causes high
                 wear and strains on the transmission and clutch(es). steady
                 engine braking, e.g. on a hill after already in the right
                 gear causes much less wear but can overheat an automatic
                 transmission because more of the energy is being absorbed
                 (converted to heat) in the transmission's fluid couplings
                 than in a manual gearbox.
              \_ As for brake pads, the issue here is not how many months your
                 pads can last before they need replacement, but how many
                 minutes they can last before they fail before you reach the
                 bottom of the hill.  When brake pads (or discs/drums, not
                 sure) overheat, they fail all of a sudden, and you can't brake
                 \_ If your car gets regular maintenance this shouldn't be an
                    issue unless you drive like a maniac or drive a really
                    shitty car.  Transmissions are a lot more expensive to
                    repair/replace than brake systems.
2005/2/28 [Academia/UCLA] UID:36464 Activity:very high
2/28    Estimated motd edits in the past 24 hours by users:
        * 40 ilyas
        * 28 ecchang
        * 19 tom
        Congratulations ilyas, you're the biggest motd warrior today and
        you've broken your record. Again, congrats. And now, you can insult
        me using numbers. Insult #2 expected.                   -kchang
        \_ #69: kchang, you should spend less time talking to sodans, and more
           time making nice with h07 42n ch1x.  once you graduate from UCLA,
           you will not get this chance again.
           \_ kchang IS asian, I expect his mother to set him up with
              some h07 42n ch1k.
              \_ Isn't kchang pushing 40 now? I imagine that his mother
                 has given up by now...
                 \_ WOW, how the hell did you get 40? Even tom's younger
        \_ Since you yourself admitted your script was crap, I am surprised
           you insist on making unsupported statements along the lines of
           'biggest.'  You remind me of that theory crackpot in UCLA who keeps
           ranting about the Church-Turing thesis being invalidated by his
           research (in reality he just redefines what a finished computation
           means). -- ilyas
           \_ ilyas, Ilyas Insult #2.
              \_ This is really dumb.  -!ilyas
           \_ dude, at least he's sharing something. Why aren't you sharing
              your script, Mr. Libertarian?
2005/2/28-7/25 [Uncategorized/Profanity, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:36465 Activity:nil 66%like:36495 66%like:36510
3/2     [troll deleted]
        \_ This was an interesting topic to lots of people. Tell you what,
           if you keep deleting any Valerie Plame discussion, I will start
           nuking your boring ass shit. Fair?
           \_ And you would know who I
2005/2/28-3/2 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:36466 Activity:kinda low
2/28    Making of a 9/11 Republican:
        \_ Was this supposed to be enlightening?  Just because she's a
           conservative, don't assume she can actually write.
           \_ Huh?  Just because you disagree with her, doesn't mean she
              can't write. -!op
        \_ "Having been indoctrinated in the postcolonialist, self-loathing
            school of multiculturalism, I thought America was the root of all
            evil in the world."
           I'm really not trying to make an ad hominem attack or wave a red
           herring, but I've read and heard similar statements made by white
           \_ If this isn't a red herring, I'm really wondering why you
              posted it.
              \_ Good question. What I'm trying to say is that the expression
                 of former solidarity followed by an example of redemptive
                 eye-opening is often used to excuse a following diatribe
                 of vindictive railing against the school of thought once
                 held. In both cases, however, what's being demonstrated is
                 not a logical progression from one carefully thought out
                 position to another but a wild swing from one radically
                 deficient position to another predicated (mostly) on the
                 rancour generated by a philosophical falling out with the
                 former. In other words, from one extreme to the other still
                 makes you an extremist.
                 \_ You are right.  You often see this pattern.  However, you
                    haven't really demonstrated why such a wild swing must be
                    unreasonable, you just used 'negative words': 'wild swing,'
                    'radically deficient,' 'extremist,' etc.  You are
                    complaining about rhetoric using rhetorical means.
                      -- ilyas
                    \_ It's not such a wild swing.  It _is_ a failure of logic.
                       To reject the existence of problems in society under the
                       duress of grief is as bad as rejecting grief under the
                       duress of principles.  In making such a switch, she is
                       as disgusting as her coworker who seemed completely
                       insensitive to the victims of the attacks.  Also, this
                       insensitivity is nothing more than her perception of the
                       guy.  If she took the time to talk to him, she'd probably
                       find grief under the arrogance.
                    \_ It's clear to me that poster was NOT making the general
                       claim, which would be obviously wrong.  Of course there
                       are people who switch sides who remain rational
                       throughout. -someone else
                 \_ It also doesn't make her a decent writer.
                 \_ I liked how she talked about "small government"
                    conveniently neglecting to mention what's currently
                    happening -- Let's face it, when either party totally
                    controls government it goes to hell.
2019/01/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:2005:February:28 Monday <Sunday, Tuesday>