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2005/2/27-3/1 [Recreation/Media] UID:36441 Activity:nil
2/26    This Internet-only trailer for the Hitchhiker's movie holds out the
        slim possibility that the movie may not actually suck.
        \_ Better site, more media options:
2005/2/27-28 [Recreation/Food] UID:36442 Activity:high
2/26    What's the difference between ice-cream and gelato?
        \_ I have always found gelato to have a more slushy texture
           whereas ice cream tends to have a higher dairy content.
        \_ Wikipedia is your friend:
        \_ If you're a food snob like me, comparing the two is like comparing
           Smurfs and Jem&the Holograms.
           \_ O_o I'm not exactly sure how to evaluate this comparison.
           \_ Wow, this is the weirdest analogy to grace the
              motd in quite a while. What would be the "Jace and the
              Wheeled Warriors" of food?
           \_ except for tom holub and old farts in their late 30s I don't
              think anyone here has ever seen the cartoon Jem, Truely
              Outrageous and babelicious!
              \_ I have no idea what Jem is.  -tom
              \_ I call bullshit.  My gf is 24 and she watched Jem.  In
                 fact, she still knows the theme song.
                 \_ 'I call bullshit'?  What the fuck is wrong with you?
                    \_ Haha, it's 'what the fuck is wrong with you' boy!
                       I missed you, buddy.  What the fuck is wrong with
                       you lately? -- ilyas
                \_ How about YOU? How old are you and do you remember Jem?
                   Is your gf as hot as Jem?
                   \_ I'm 28 and remember Jem.  As far as comparison goes
                      it's hard to judge, with Jem being a cartoon character
                      and all.
                      \_ fine. How about Minmei from Robotech? Is she as cute
                         as Minmei? I love Minmei, she's the hottest. Why
                         Rick Hunter goes for an old hag like Lisa, sheeit mama
                         \_ Uhm, so you like underage delusional ditzes?  You
                            scare me.  You should probably be in jail or on
        \_ Does gelato have any gelatin? - vegetarian
           \_ Generally no
2005/2/27-3/1 [Uncategorized] UID:36443 Activity:nil
2/27    For those interested in the Dark Matter Galaxy. Here is the paper
        describing it:
        The research group's webpage is located at:
2005/2/27-28 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:36444 Activity:very high
2/27    Peter Benenson died last week:
        \_ Now if only Amnesty International would die with him...
           \_ Fuck.  You.
              \_ Hey, I got no problem with the concept, but once they start
                 defending terrorists and cop killers, the implementation is,
                 in my book, obviously hopeless. -pp
                 \_ To what are you refering?  You're claiming something I
                    can't find any reference for.  Please give some context.
                    \_ Everyone in Abu Ghirab and Guantanamo Bay is a
                       terrorist, remember?
                       \_ *Everyone*?!  You're kidding, right?  I've been
                       \_ And torture is OK as long as they're bad guys.
                          \_ Hey, people say there's no intellectual diversity
                             on liberal college campuses like Cal.  The
                             pro-torture sysadmin faction proves that to be
                             false.  I think there are probably a good half
                             dozen motd posters who genuinely support torture.
                             \_ I think anyone who's had to deal with a
                                sysadmin wouldn't be surprised by their
                                pro-torture attitudes.
                       \_ You, sir, are the terrorist.
2005/2/27-3/1 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic] UID:36445 Activity:moderate
2/27    Intellectual Diversity in the Ivory Tower:
        \_ summary: only 1 Stanford professor believes in astrology and only
           1% believe in telepathy. There is no diversity in liberal colleges
           and these elitist Democrats should go to hell. It's written by
           Aaron Swartz. If only our Aaron Smith had written this...
           \_ This summary is taken completely out of context, and entirely
              misses the point.  The article is a sarcastic spoof of a
              supposedly neutral academic study that found only 30%
                       30%? I'd be SHOCKED if it was that high. _/
              of Professors at elite colleges were politically conservative
              and leaped to the clearly ridiculous conclusion, ``There is no
              diversity in liberal colleges...,'' that you cite above.
              Whatever your reason for posting such a weak summary (too caught
              up in your own agenda, too simple to recognize subtle forms of
              humor like sarcasm, not funny enough to carry the joke about
              aaron@csua), you should get a clue.  Please kindly refrain from
              breeding until you do so.  In the mean time, sign your posts so
              I know who I'm insulting. -dans
              \_ Say dans, before you start talking out your ass, might I
                 recommend actually _reading_ what the above piece is
                 satirizing? Hint: the link is at the top. "30%" is hardly
                 the same thing as "9 to 1". And unless you make the argument
                 of "well, the republicans are too stupid to listen to anyway",
                 which, I'd say, only further supports their point re
                 leftist brainwashing, I think there's definitely something
                 to think long and hard about there. -alexf, who, like
                   the authors of the PA weekly article, also votes largely
                   Democrat, and still thinks there's a major problem with
                   extreme political bias in academia
                 \_ Alex, you are a self-described libertarian.  I would be
                    curious about your reasons for mostly voting Democrat
                    as opposed to Republican (Note: I think either are
                    reasonable for a libertarian.  I have just been leaning
                    the other way myself, and I am curious for another point
                    of view that starts from mostly the same premises as me).
                    If you don't want to answer this here, but do want answer,
                    please send me a mail or something.  -- ilyas
                    \_ I'm not alex but I don't think the Republicans are
                       giving "less government". They cut some taxes, fine.
                       But that just goes into the deficit. Meanwhile they
                       pump up spending. A lot. And increased federal gov't
                       power with Patriot Act provisions etc. And engaging
                       in a costly unnecessary war doesn't seem libertarian
                       to me.
                       \_ It's pretty much common knowledge no mainstream US
                          political party is a 'small government' party.  Hence
                          my question.  I am perfectly open to the possibility
                          that the DNC is more in line with libertarian ideals
                          than the RNC, I just haven't found that to be the
                          case in practice. -- ilyas
                          \_ Given that this is the case I don't choose between
                             them on that criteria but rather my personal trust
                             and assessment of them in other areas.
                             \_ I choose based on issues. *shrug* -- ilyas
              \_ LOL, you realize that the post you're responding to is
                 a similarly sarcastic response to the original article,
                 don't you? I suppose that you yourself fail to understand
                 the subtle forms of sarcasm that you supposedly purport.
                 It's rather ironic that the troll got trolled.
                 \_ You do not seem to know what sarcasm means.
                 \_ And you most definitely do not know what ironic means.
                    Please refer to the appendix of Eggers' "A Heartbreaking
                    Work of Staggering Genius" for a thorough introduction.
              \_ I'm pretty sure you've been trolled.  I can't believe anyone
                 on the motd is as dense as pp appears to be.
2005/2/27-3/1 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:36446 Activity:nil
2/27    Does anyone know how to make on OS X hard wrap lines
        to ~ 75 columns?
        \_ Stupid way: set your signature to 75 characters and your font
           to reformat everything as plain text monospace, then resize
           your window so it wraps properly.
2005/2/27-3/1 [Computer/SW/Languages, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:36447 Activity:low
2/26    I've been a slashdot reader for longer than I care to admit, but I'm
        wondering about other sites out there that maybe have a higher signal
        to noise ratio, and/or are more programming-focused.
        \_ It's called CSUA MOTD if jwang did a better job nuking political
           trolls. Email if you want him to do a
           better job.
           \_ Fuck you and die, motherfucker.
        \_ The CSUA motd, of course!
           \_ And a double dumbass on you, too!
2005/2/27-3/1 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:36448 Activity:nil
2/28    jvarga, I have 1 250G HD and an external 200G HD that I use for
        backup. I have about 20G of music, 80G of anime, 80G of movies, and
        the rest I use as OS, data, and some pron. 250G is a lot for me. What
        the hell do you put into your EIGHT HD systems?              -curious
        \_ My desktop is only 5 drives, my server has the other 3.  I keep
           ISO copies of all of my CDs on my hard drive for a) fast access,
           and b) keeping my CDs safe from scratches.  That's about 140GB.  My
           media (mp3s, movies, etc) is only about 20GB.  I have about 50GB of
           "personal data" (I have every document/project I've created since
           I got my 386.  My main drive is about 250GB and I tend to keep it
           filled about 60% with software installations and etc.  And finally,
           I keep about 200-250GB of virtual PC images for software
           development.  I used to keep system snapshots, but that got slow.
           My server maintains snapshots and backups of my personal data and
           media. - jvarga
        \_ I have the same sort of stuff you do and it fills 430GB local disks,
           220GB of backup drives, and 250GB or so in DVD-Rs. -!jvarga
2005/2/27-28 [Recreation/Media] UID:36449 Activity:very high
2/27    Oh great Life God, I demand satisfaction! (in the form of an 'S')
        \_ what do you mean? Sim City 4? Sid Meier's games? Star-Trek?
           Sims 2? Strike Fighters? Silent Hunter? Search and Rescue?
        \_ He's playing angband. It's Shelob
        \_ Sucky sucky five dolla?
          \_ I hear this a lot, what movies is it from?
             \_ Yermom
                \_ Me love you long time!
             \_ Full Metal Jacket, and later by Cartman in South Park
               \_ I love FMJ. It's one of the best reality war movies out there
                  \_ Do hookers increase or decrease the morale in our troops?
                     I know there were a lot of hookers in Vietnam, but what
                     about our soldiers in Iraq? Do they need/want hookers?
                     \_ are you volunteering?
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