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2005/2/15 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:36172 Activity:moderate
2/14    A friend of mine is having a problem w/ her 2001 civic. She says
        that it occasionally refuses to accelerate past 30 and just makes
        a whizzing sound. She has taken it to the dealer twice and they
        don't think that there is anything wrong w/ it.
        I'm not really a car guy so the only think I can think of is that
        it is the transmission and I was going to check the transmission
        fluid for her tomorrow to make sure it doesn't smell burnt, &c.
        Anyone else have any idea about what else I can check (or know
        of a reliable dealer in SJ or Santa Clara?). tia.
        \_ What dealership has she been using (the one that's claimed nothing
           is wrong two times running now)?
        \_ It's not unusual to replace or rebuilt the transmission after
           120-150K. I had my Accord transmission rebult at 155K, similar
           symptoms. Your engine will be revving high but it will not engage
           at certain speed. I don't have a recommendation except to NOT
           GO TO AAMCO!!! They are a bunch of liars and will rip you off.
        \_ VTEC?
        \_ mechanic recommendations here:
        \_ I have a 91 Civic DX hatchback and it had two occasions of having
           problems accelerating past 40 and past 60 (no whirring noise,
           though, just the sound of the RPM dying even as I floored it).
           Once was a year ago.  I fixed it by starting my car and letting
           it idle for 10 seconds versus the instant drive mode I had sunken
           into.  Now it happened again after I got back from a 10-day trip
           out of the country.  I'm waiting for it to fix itself again by
           letting it warm up.  Methinks there's some air in the fuel line
           somewhere, and by letting the car warm up, the air is being bubbled
           out.  I'm going to add the $10 fuel injection cleaner into my
           tank later this week.  If none of this resolves in a couple weeks,
           I'm taking it to Kondo Motors in Santa Monica for them to diagnose.
           Japanese-owned and operated, and fair prices. -car dufus
        \_ whizzing sound?  from what part of car?  one kind of acceleration
           failure I have seen is bad ignition cables  allowing leakage and
           poor ignition.  can be very intermittent and annoying.
           \_ ucla cs/ee student, is that you?
        \_ I would recommend AAMCO!!!
        \_ whizzing sound?  from what part of car?  one kind of acceleration
           failure I have seen is bad ignition cables  allowing leakage and
           poor ignition.  can be very intermittent and annoying.
2005/2/15 [Health/Men] UID:36173 Activity:very high
2/14    Dear motd, is it normal to have a hard time peeing right after you
        ejaculate? I've had this problem for as long as I can remember and
        I'm not sure if I should see a doctor for this.
        \_ No it's not.  You're suffering from a very rare condition called
           arteriospoorosis.  It occurs when a bunch of your lovin' spoonful
           accumulates inside your nob and hardens in place.  Trouble peeing
           only occurs as a very advanced symptom, and can last for years.
           Usually, terminal-stage gangrene and/or genitalia falling off
           occur rapidly.  Whatever you do, it's good that you asked for
           advice here, as we'll give you moral support and good medical
           information about your unfortunate conditions.  Poor bastard.
           \_ I can't believe I googled arteriospoorosis. Nicely done.
        \_ sounds like you have an STD...
           \_ You're assuming that the first time op can remember ejaculating
              was during an event that could cause an STD.  The probability of
              that is:zero.
        \_ ask a urologist.  could be enlarged prostate, could be slow
           relaxation of that sphincter that reroutes fluids during orgasm.
           -- not a urologist, but remembers biology vaguely
        \_ I think pretty much everyone has this, especially if you've
           been jerking off.
        \_ There's a little 'valve' in your urethra that makes it impossible
           to urinate while ejaculating.  Aside from the ick factor, this is
           a reproductive advantage because any spare urine would kill your
           sperm.  If you wait a couple minutes and still have difficulty, then
           it might be something to worry about.
           \_ how many minute is normal? It takes me about 2-3 minutes, how
              about you guys? Also is it normal to not be able to pee when
              you're erected? And is it normal to be erected for 1-2 minutes
              after you've ejaculated?
              \_ Dude, I really can't say.  I solved the problem by peeing
                 before I have sex.
              \_ It can a while for the sensitivity to wear off enough for you
                 relax enough to piss. Try changing pissing position (sitting,
                 standing, etc.).
        \_ Is it so hard to piss before you fuck?
2005/2/15-16 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:36174 Activity:moderate
2/15    Technical question:  we have a memory leak in our C code, we think,
        but it's not the sort of memory leak where the memory's unreferenced.
        What we'd like to do is sort of a poor-man's profile, we want
        to know who calls our memory allocator "New"...  Sorta like a stack
        trace.  Using an actual profiler is sort of difficult 'cause it's
        a parallel application.  Thanks,  --peterm
        \_ Not sure about parallel application, but how about looking into
           ccured? It reads in code, analyzes it, then generates another C code
           with annotation that could be useful. Never used it myself though.
        \_ I've heard very good things about Purify but it is not free. Also
           take a look at other tools used for Mozilla development:
           Please tell us which tools you ended up using and what you thought
           about it, thanks!
           \_ seconded.  it's been years, but I recall purify being able to
              summarize how much memory was allocated by what code very much
              like op is asking, e.g. counts of how many times a particular
              calling context was used to hit malloc.  don't recall whether
              there were limits to how many levels of caller it tracked.
        \_ What is your platform (OS, version, etc.)?  What is your compiler
           (vendor, version, etc.)?
            \_ It's definitely a problem with our code.  Three compilers,
               3 platforms:  gcc 3.2 linux, HP cc on 21264, xlc on AIX.
               \_ The Boehm Collector is free, and can be used to detect leaks.
        \_ valgrind is free, Linux only
           \_ I thought you said Viagra
2005/2/15-17 [Health, Finance/Shopping] UID:36175 Activity:nil
2/15    To the people that pay for their own individual health insurance
        plans, how much do you pay per month and how is your coverage?
        I'm looking for as cheap a plan as possible, but one which
        will still pay for well visits (regular checkups, etc.) This
        plan that I have now doesn't pay shit for checkups, and I
        want to find a new one.
        \_ I pay $43/month for Blue Cross's $3500-deductible plan.  I pay all
           my health costs out of pocket, up to $3500/year; after that, they
           pay for everything.  It's not what you were asking for, but for me
           it ends up being cheaper to pay for my own checkups and stuff than
           to get a real plan that would cover them.
2005/2/15-16 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:36176 Activity:kinda low
2/15    Is there some library available to make Unix network programming
        in C easier?  I just need to do some very simplistic socket
        communication, but the APIs described in Steven's Unix Network
        Programming books are a real pain.
        \_ C or C++?  wxWindows has a socket library.
           \_ C, wxWindows?
              \_ Which is why I asked if it really was C.
        \_ There is no such thing as simplistic socket communication.
           \_ use IO::Socket;  $s = new IO::Socket::INET "host:port";
              How much simpler do you want?
        \_ sdl_net at is an example of a very simplfied network
           library; it is written in C. There are plenty of others out there but
           that is the first one that comes to mind.
2005/2/15 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Eyes] UID:36177 Activity:nil
        Natural juices are just as unhealthy as soda, drink water instead!
        \_ Nothing is healthy anymore!  Screw it and just drink beer!
           \_ Guinness does contain many vitamins and
              minerals in small quantities, but is lacking vitamin C,
              as well as calcium and fat.  So, to fulfil all of your
              daily nutritional requirements you would need to drink a
              glass of orange juice, two glasses of milk, and 47 pints
              of Guinness.
              \_ "My liver and kidney's hurt." -the guy who peed his way
                 out of an avalanche.
2005/2/15-16 [Computer/Companies/Ebay] UID:36178 Activity:kinda low
2/15    I bought a DVD from this guy on eBay and it turns out to be a DVD
        copy. It has no cover, and the DVD label is printed with an ink
        jet printer (it smears). What's the best way to get my money back?
        Should I confront with the seller, or report it to eBay authority
        which I know will take more than 3 months to resolve? I've been
        screwed before and eBay never seemed to care about it so I'm
        hesitant to report it at all...
        \_ How did you pay him? If you were smart and paid by credit card,
           you can get your credit card company to deny the charge.
        \_ Is it a good copy?  Do you really really care about the booklet
           and case, or does the principle of it just make you mad?  If it's
           the latter, tell eBay and the FBI and whoever else is listed on
           that warning at the beginning of the movie.  Otherwise, just
           watch & enjoy.  -John
           \_ um, if it a collector's item like XYZ Trilogy or Quad Set or
              something like that, I'd be really really pissed. Also it is
              just plain wrong to misrepresent. In addition it is ILLEGAL
              and against the law to duplicate copyrighted materials.
              and against the law to duplicate copyrighted materials and then
              sell it for profit.
              \_ Of course it's illegal, but that's not the point.  He/she/it
                 is obviously aggrieved by the probably impossibility of
                 getting anything done about it (isn't using your SSN to
                 identify you anywhere illegal by US law?  Ever tried arguing
                 about that with someone?)  I'm just making a pragmatic
                 suggestion.  Point taken about the collector stuff though.
              \_ By U.S. law, as soon as I create anything it's copyrighted by
                 default.  That includes this post, and I do *not* give you
                 permission to copy it onto your computer in order to read the
                 motd.  So fuck you.
                        \_ You're so dumb. You post to the motd specifically
                           for the reason of other people reading your post,
                           which is only possible if your worthless post is
                           copied to my computer. So fuck you. Hope your job
                           gets outsourced to India.
                           \_ No.  I post exclusively for profit.  You and
                              your fellow communist thieves with no respect
                              for intellectual property are undermining my
                              business model.  Pay up, bitch.
              \_ Wow, is it high being up on that horse?
              \_ No it isn't.  In this particular case, yes, but in general
                 there is this thing you need to consider called fair use.
                 \_ Fair use doesn't include "sell for profit". kthxbye
                    \_ Brush up your reading comprehension.  I already said
                       that it was illegal in this case.  And the "... and
                       then sell it for profit" part of the parent post was
                       added later.
        \_ Tell the seller you know it's a pirate copy and say you're willing
           to ship it back to him and leave positive feedback in exchange for
           a full refund including all shipping costs.  Don't threaten to narc
           on him to eBay/FBI/MPAA because that will make him angry/scared
           and defensive.  You might want to phrase is as "you may not have
           known that you're offering bootleg merchandise but...".  If he
           starts acting like a dick, denying a full refund or threatening you
           with negative feedback, then it's time to narc him out.
2005/2/15-17 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/Networking] UID:36179 Activity:high
2/15    To conclude yesterday's SBC yahoo thread, we are cancelling SBC
        Yahoo. Neither my wife nor I have sufficient fu or time to hack around
        the uniform port 25 block, which makes the DSL acct pretty much useless
        for her. tom mentioned using another port but socrates apparently won't
        accept outgoing mail via port 587 (tried telnet). I am now wondering
        what DSL providers don't uniformly block port 25.
        \_ Speakeasy DSL is somewhat more expensive, but they _really_ Get It
           when it comes to geek-friendly AUP's. What's the last time you've
           seen a DSL AUP which specifically says "we understand servers are
           cool and useful, feel free to run one, as long as you don't break
           any laws"?  -happy speakeasy customer for 2 years and counting
        \_ Stupid question, are you having problem sending email to specific
           address? Can you use <DEAD><DEAD> to send mail?
           \_ No and no.
        \_ Why don't you just pay any geeky looking kid off the street $20
           to set it up for you? This is totally basic stuff. If you were a
           CS major, you are an utter disgrace.
           \_ I wasn't and fuck you. Now, do you have an actual answer, bitch?
           \_ No and no (the latter was the first thing we tried).
        \_ I think, given the prevalence of spam-drone computers on residential
           broadband ISPs, blocking port 25 by default is the responsible thing
           to do.  Users who need it can just ask to be unblocked, right?  If
           they won't unblock you, then they're being lame.
           \_ No, not right, at least as far as SBC Yahoo is concerned.
           \_ No, not right, at least as far as SBC Yahoo is concerned. They
              have a form that says you can unblock, but their own person
              was apparently unwilling to even look into it and said no outside
              servers period. Go figure.
        \_ Call them up, and they will unblock port 25 very quickly for you.
           They did it within one day for my mother.
           \_ How recently was this? The person my wife spoke to would not
        \_ My co-worker had the same issue last week and he just unblocked port
           25 through SBC, and now everything works.  He did complain he had
           to reboot his DSL modem before it registered.
           \_ I am wondering now what key phrase I need to use on the phone to
              get to a high enough tier that the person on the phone can make
              the change...
              \_ I believe all he did, and what other people on motd seem to
                 have done as well, is:
                 3. Request that SBC removes the SMTP port filter from your
                    account: on our Abuse of Service form, enter the details
                    of your request in the Abuse Description field.
                 Abuse of Service form:
                 \_ Basically yes, with the final step being to reboot the
                    modem and computer after receiving notification that the
                    change has been made. FYI to the patronizing turd that
                    made noise about changing Eudora...that won't work.
                    socrates doesn't allow connections to port 587. Changes to
                    the mail client might work for other accounts or if your
                    object is to use sbc's SMTP server, though.
                    \_ socrates is going to stop mail service entirely in
                       less than a month.  -tom
                       \_ I was wondering when you were going to mention that
                          part. Aforementioned spouse is going to use
                          socrates for mail until the last possible moment. I
                          suppose she'll use calmail thereafter.
                          \_ Aforementioned spouse needs to get a clue.  -tom
        \_ In outlook, I had to choose "" and then
           use "My Server Requires Authentication". Don't know if this will
           help you or not...
           \_  No (see above). Specifically, this will not work for sending
               mail via socrates or calmail.
        \_ If they block port 25, how do they expect you to send mail?
           \_ block port 25 except to authenticated SBC email relays
        \_ You must be joking!  I was the one who suggested port 587 - after
           yesterday's discussion I went to the link Tom posted, filled out
           the "opt-out-port-25" form, and got a response within a few hours.
           Works fine after rebooting the modem...
           \_ I got a level 2 person a few minutes ago. They said they did it
              but I won't know for sure until tonight.
              \_ Alright. It all worked and thanks everybody for being
                 \_ Why do you want to continue giving your hard earned money
                    to a company that provides a service that is so poor you
                    need to repeatedly ask for third party (e.g. the motd)
                    \_ Maybe it's not Yahoo being teh thei, maybe the MOTD
                       is just SUPER DUPER /<-R@D?!?!?!?1111  -John
        \_ I just opted out of port 25 blocking using the URL and it took less
           than 2 hours for them to turn around the request and get it done.  -ax
2005/2/15-17 [Industry/Jobs] UID:36180 Activity:moderate
2/15    In Good Company movie review-- it's pretty funny, and not
        too overly outrageous like Meet the Fockers. It reminded me
        of the Dot-Com era when I was in my late 20s and I worked
        for this 23 year old manager who was very energetic but
        lacked everything that made a manager good. It's a funny,
        feel good type of movie. I give it 2 thumbs and 1 toe up.
        I'm reserving the other toe because it they should've showed
        more Dot-Com shit in it.
        \_ has anyone seen the new thai kickboxing movie pushed
           by the wu-tang clan?
        \_ wouldn't it be funny if Carly got fired when she did because
           HP board members saw the movie
           \_ Carly is not in her mid 20s like the movie (and like the
              dot com days) and the people working under her are
              actually around her age. Other stuff are similar though, like
              the corporate merger, the firing, the confusion, etc. I hated
              the chaos that came during the dot com days, but In Good
              Company made it very comical. Kudos to the directors.
              \_ Carly ~= Teddy K., not the young d00d.  Duh!
                 \_ Teddy K = almighty god who sold the company for profit.
                    Carly = stupid biach who got fired.
                    I failed to see any correlation.
                    \_ To spoon feed it to you:  Perhaps, the HP board saw
                       Teddy K's ostentatiousness and cult of personality in
           \_ Carly got fired because she's a fucking idiot.
              \_ true, but have you seen the movie?
                 \_ No, and I should refrain. Carly is probably not an
                    idiot. CEO of a computer company like HP was not a
                    good match for her, though. Ironically, she probably
                    would've made a good CEO for Compaq.
2005/2/15 [Reference/Religion] UID:36181 Activity:high
2/15    So, I am really curious to see some Christian responses to this
        question, emarkp, jrkleek?  Do you actually believe men who can,
        to put it bluntly, only get erections from other men exist?  As in,
        they don't remember ever being attracted to women since puberty?
        If you believe such men exist, what is their theological status?
        Are they sinners?  Conversely, if you don't believe such men exist,
        why not? -- ilyas
        \_ uh oh, expect Republicans to censor this in about 5 minutes
        \_ I'm sure that there are men who "don't remember ever being attracted
           to women since puberty".  The other claim is stronger and would
           require longer discussion.  Send me email if you're interested in
           that conversation.  As for theology, all sexual relations outside of
           the bonds of marriage are sin (and serious sin at that).  Those who
           are tempted but don't act on it are under no condemnation. -emarkp
           \_ So as long as you just _covet_ your neighbor's wife but don't
              act on it, you're cool?  Good to know.  Thanks, emarkp!
           \_ Could you please remind your audience exactly how long ago your
              religion decided that black people are not an inferior race?
              It was in the 80's, right?  The *ninteen* eighties.
              \_ When did you stop beating your wife?  -emarkp
              \_ I'd say this was aaron, but he still hasn't logged in.
                 That means we have ANOTHER clueless anti-mormon troll!
                 \_ Answer the fucking question.
                    \_ Well, since the question is loaded chock full of
                       false infomation, it's impossible to answer as
                       is.  I would have to answer the question you should
                       have asked.  Would you like me to do so?
                       \_ See, I've read enough of John Krakauers work to have
                          an opinion of his level of honesty and I've read
                          enough of your posts to have an opinion about yours.
                          I'll take his word for this over yours.  So I assume
                          you're going to claim that the LDS curch never
                          claimed that black people are inferior?
                          \_ The skim I did of Krakauer gave me the impression
                             that his book was mostly about splinter groups,
                             not the LDS church.  But seeing his comments in
                             interviews made it clear he wasn't terribly
                             concerned with accuracy.  -emarkp
                          \_ The church officially?  No.
                             \_ Well, I simply am not willing to take your
                                word for it.  I'm going to go look up the
                                references from Under the Banner of Heaven
                                tonight and I'll give you a chance to refute
                                those if you can later.
                                \_ Heck, post the references themselves.
                                   I can at least tell you which ones
                                   would be considered official.
                                   \_ Ok, fine.  Later.  I have to actually
                                      do some work.
                                \_ Here's a quote from Joseph Smith in 1842:
                "Elder Hyde inquired the situation of the negro. I replied,
                they came into the world slaves mentally and physically. Change
                their situation with the whites, and they would be like them.
                They have souls, and are subjects of salvation. Go into
                Cincinnati or any city, and find an educated negro, who rides
                in his carriage, and you will see a man who has risen by the
                powers of his own mind to his exalted state of respectability.
                The slaves in Washington are more refined than many in high
                places, and the black boys will take the shine of many of those
                they brush and wait on."
                \_ Ok, fine, so maybe the founder was not a racist.  That
                   doesn't mean the official church wasn't.  I don't think
                   Jesus himself would have approved of most of the evil
                   bullshit his followers have done for the last 2000 years
                   either, but that does not excuse the christian church
                   for said evil.
                   \_ The question you posed begged the question.  Those who
                      feld that blacks were inferior left in 1978 (and good
                      riddance).  There is a complex history around the policy
                      you're talking about, and it's not easily covered on the
                      motd.  -emarkp
                   \_ Ummm... I'm not sure what you're getting at.
                      \_ I'm merely providing context.  The quotes by
                         Brigham Young are interesting.  -tom
                         \_ Especially the ellipsis.  Note the quote in the
                            article is: "any man having one drop of the seed of
                            Cain" could not gain priesthood.  The full quote
                            is: "Any man having one drop of the seed of Cain in
                            him cannot receive the priesthood; but the day will
                            come when all that race will be redeemed and
                            possess all the blessings which we now have. I am
                            opposed to the present system of slavery"
                            \_ So it sounds like the early mormons were actually
                               progressive for their day.  To bad you have now
                               chosen to be on the wrong side of today's biggest
                               civil rights issue.  It doesn't sound to me like
                               the founders of your religion would aprove of
                               your bigotry.
                               \_ Hi troll!
                               \_ I'm glad you feel that you feel I'm on the
                                  wrong side.  Have you talked to Blacks who
                                  take issue with your comparison? -emarkp
           \_ where in the bible does it say pre-marital sex is a sin?
              \_ Never read the bible, huh?  First one on a search:
                 Matt 15:19
                 \_ It says "sexual immorality" not "pre-marital sex".
                    \_ Hint: it wasn't written in English.  In the Textus
                       Receptus it's 'porneia' which is uniformly translated as
                       'fornication' in the KJV.  I don't have my Nestle
                       intralinear with me so I don't know how Westcott
                       rendered it. -emarkp
                       intralinear with me so I don't know how other critical
                       editions rendered it. -emarkp
                    \_ The King James version says "fornication" which is
                       defined as sex between people who are not married.
              \_ I'm LDS so I don't limit my answers to the Bible. -emarkp
2005/2/15 [Reference/Law, Politics/Domestic] UID:36182 Activity:nil
2/15    Alright Israelyas, I'm so sick and tired of your stupid questions.
        It's time to ask a few questions myself. You are a self proclaimed
        libertarian ("fuck everyone else, all man for himself, meritocracy
        above all else"), and you've made statements to the effect of
        "charity should not be enforced with bruce force", "fuck tax", etc.
        What do you think about existing laws that protect the weak, which
        goes against with the idea of survival of the fittest? What do you
        think about laws on Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Handicap and
        Disability? Law requiring public structures to be accessible by
        wheel-chairs, special phones for hearing impaired, etc? Isn't that
        like almost enforcing ethics/humanity through brute force? Isn't
        that encouraging the weak? How about Civil Rights Law and laws that
        protect the weaker sex/religion/race and ensures and sometimes
        enforces equalness regardless of whether they deserve it or not?
        \_ I am curious, are you the HEIL German John guy? -- ilyas
        \_ I am not the op, but I sure hell feel the same.
                \_ seconded
           \_ Feel the same about what? That the disabled should in fact not
              have special privileges, or that ilyas is annoying?
2005/2/15-16 [Uncategorized] UID:36183 Activity:nil
2/15    Red Hat Enterprise 4 released today
        \_ but no season 4 for enterprise
           \_ you mean 5
2005/2/15 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:36184 Activity:high
        Yes, French engineering is superior (and did I tell you they make
        great looking things?) Anyone gonna fly the new Airbus?
        \_ Newer Airbus regional-flight planes > Older Boeing 737s
           Boeing 787 (on paper at least) > Huge new Airbus
        \_ Masterpiece of French engineering: Citroen
           \_ Actually, Citroen won the World Rally Championship last year.
              \_ Ford (Focus) was second. Draw your own conclusions.
              \_ Renault usually does pretty well in the WRC. However,
                 the production models are not nearly as nice as the
                 WRC models (cf Subaru/Mitsu)
        \_ And American corporations are superior -- Enron, Worldcom, etc.
           Anyone can fuck up building something, this is why statistics >>
           anecdotal evidence.
           \_ I'm glad you think so. So much so I think you should live
              in France permanently.
2005/2/15 [Reference/Religion] UID:36185 Activity:moderate
2/15    emarkp, jrleek, I don't know anything about Mormons, but after
        watching South Park and talking to this Mormon dude at work,
        I'm actually pretty jealous of Mormons. They always seem so happy,
        positive, and cheerful about something and their families actually
        do things together, which is something I never really had as a
        child. As a liberal I'm always pissed about something because I
        always see something wrong somewhere, but if I were a Mormon, I'd
        have a lot to be thankful for, to feel blessed, and to bless the
        less fortunate. And if I were less of a liberal, perhaps I'd feel
        less pissed about all the things that go wrong around me, and I'd
        feel less hate and less sad. God, I hate you Mormons.
        \_ Nice try, troll.
2005/2/15 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:36186 Activity:moderate
        Bush is going to cut education as promised. I bet this is going
        to help with the military recruitment, hence killing 2 birds
        with 1 stone. Bush is brilliant, simply brilliant   -conservative
        \_ You are about as conservative as Howard Dean.
           \_ RAAWWWWRRRRGGGHH!!
2005/2/15 [ERROR, uid:36187, category id '18005#25.32' has no name! , ] UID:36187 Activity:nil
        Thank you veterans! God bless.                  -conservative
2005/2/15 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:36188 Activity:very high
2/15    Freedom Is On The March! (msnbc)
        \_ If they're gonna come out, they should have damn solid proof. Now
           it's going to be a muddy I say you say he says type of deal.
        \_ I seem to remember that Custer Battles employees once got into
           a shoot out with *each other* in the lobby of their hotel.
2005/2/15-16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Jblack, Recreation/Humor] UID:36189 Activity:kinda low
2/15    Funniest thing I have seen in a long time:
        I can't tell if he is serious or not...
        \_ I've posted that a million times before on the motd, and it gets
           deleted every time.  What makes you so special?
           \_ The secret is to post it with a freeper troll, so the motd
              censor feels self-righteous and deletes the obvious bait
              and leaves the other one alone.
2019/02/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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