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2005/2/12-14 [Science/Biology] UID:36152 Activity:very high
2/12    Informal poll: who is your favorite philosopher and why (if the
        explanation can be short)? -- ilyas
        \_ Squashed philosophers:
        \_ I kant pick just one!
           \_ We should locke you out of the motd for that.
              \_ Die both of you.
                 \_ No chance of that, marx my words.
                    \_ Scheler you can't be serious.
                       \_ Are you mach-ing me?
                          \_ That's sarte-nly a possibility, isn't it?
                             \_ And a hume-ongous one at that.
                                \_ I really hobbes so
                                   \_ Jesus, guys.
                                      \_ Foucault of you. -- ilyas
                                         \_ They haven't really abused the
                                            names, just bentham a bit...
                                            \_ Alright, will you guys
                                               stop milling around and get
                                               back to the topic at hand?
                                Seconded.  There must be better things _/
                                to do than russell-ing with these
                                awful puns.
                                \_ Stop it, you're confuciusing me
                                   \_ yes these are weber-low expectations.
                                      \_ Dewey stop, or dewey continue?
                                         \_ Dude, this rawls!
                                            \_ I think this thread reached a
                                               new Plato of pain. -- ilyas
                                               \_ I think this thread has
                                                  pretty thoreau-ly covered the
                                                  \_ Occam on.  There's probably
                                                     some life still left.
                                                       -- ilyas
        \_ Hobbes (the tiger)
        \_ Sarte . Life is meaningless
           \_ You misspelled Sartre.
                \_ This is meaningless
        \_ speaking of philosophers, can someone explain which philosophers
           would agree more with different ideologies? For example, Marx
           would agree more with Communism, Darwin would agree with more
           with say, libertarians (every man for himself, survival of the
           fittest), etc etc.
           \_ I don't know much about Darwin's philosophical ideas, so maybe
              he actually did believe in that, but in general the "survival
              of the fittest" stuff is a scientific observation. I don't see
              any reason why he couldn't be a complete communist. Just because
              one observes a certain facet nature doesn't mean one has to
              believe in that as a philosophy. I also admit to being rather
              illiterate on most of this stuff but I doubt Marx would have
              approved of the form that communism has taken... how did the
              classic socialist/communist writers propose leadership to be
              designated? I was under the impression that they simply
              overlooked that aspect.
              \_ Well answered.  Being Darwin wouldn't necessarily make
                 Darwin a Darwinist.
                 \_ "Darwinism" is a scientific term.  "Social Darwinism"
                    is a political term that has little to do with the man.
                    \_ You're right, I mistook "Darwinist" as equivalent to
                       "Social Darwinist".  According to webster, they're not.
                       Thanks for the correction.
        \_ Jesus - GWB
        \_ Berkeley
           \- aka Ride Bike Drive Hybrid Use Linux Go Vegan Homo Loving
              Anti Nuclear Left Wing Nuts
              \_ Hey, don't dis the hybrids man -- they're pretty sweet.  You
                 can pretty keep or toss the rest, though.
                 can pretty much keep or toss the rest, though.
              \_ You left out free pot and mumia
                 \_ Nice zeugma there.
                 \_ Berkeley is the name of a philosopher, dipwads
                    \_ Here he is:
                    \_ Someone can't take a joke.
2005/2/12 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iran, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:36153 Activity:nil
2/12    THe gift that keeps on giving
        CIA Operation in Iran Failed When Spies Were Exposed
        \_ [IP address replaced with hostname]
2005/2/12-14 [Reference/Religion] UID:36154 Activity:kinda low
2/11    Korn sells out completely, makes lame appearance on Monk (USA).
        Seriously, what the hell happened?
        \_ It almost brings a tear to my eye to think of someone who
           went to Cal ever thinking Korn was not a corporate sellout crap
           band from day one.
        \_ 1: who is Korn (ksh)?  2: What is Monk (USA)?
           \_ hey check out this cool site:
           \_ 1) I have no idea
              2) One of the best shows on TV, airs on USA network.  (It has
              gone downhill a bit in the last few episodes.)
        \_ Didn't they sell out with their lame appearance on South Park?
2005/2/12-14 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:36155 Activity:nil
2/12    OS X users: have you found a way to process LaTeX files on
        your machine?
        \_ Install fink. Install tetex. You're done. Easy.
        \_ Are you completely incapable of using google?
2005/2/12 [Recreation/Media] UID:36156 Activity:nil
2/12    Poll of favorite Porn Movies watched by CSUA'ers:
        Me Luv You Long Time 1:.
        yermom: .
2005/2/12-14 [Uncategorized] UID:36157 Activity:nil
2/12    What should I expect to pay to CoLo a box with 50GB/mo traffic?
        \_ get with the times, foolio, and use the power of the Internet.
2005/2/12-14 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:36158 Activity:moderate
2/12    Monkey Man for the Donkeys: (
        \_ Uh, right.  When this guy ( is no longer
           president, you can start calling democrats "monkeys".  For now,
           it's probably a bad idea.
           \_ So turn about isn't fair play?
              \_ Fair play?  More like affirmative action for people whose
                 political opponents don't really look like chimps.  Find
                 your own jungle animal to use to make fun of Dean.
                 \_ I thought it was a reference to YAAARRGGGHHH!
                    \_ Apparently there is some similarity btwn the
                       the Steve "Monkey Man" Balmer "I love this
                       company" video and the Dean scream. This
                       is what I was refering to.
                       \_ I have a scream speech, v 2.0 by H. Dean
                          starts at around 41 minute mark
                    \_ Being compared to a monkey because of one's behavior
                       is far more insulting than being compared to a monkey
                       because of one's looks.
                       \_ In what way does Dean resemble a monkey to you?
                       \_ I thought the Bush == Chimp was a reference
                          to his intelligence not his looks.
                          \_ Then you're obviously not very intelligent
                             yourself now are you?
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