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2005/2/3 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:36044 Activity:moderate
2/2     This is a really really cool CPU fan:
        \_ Meh.  All that metal and yet they use a central fan.  Which means
           their fins aren't getting near optimal air flow at all.
        \_ WHat's so cool about it?
        \_ This supermega CPU fan reminds me of those supermega spoilers
           kids put on their souped up Honda Civic. It is both funny and
           ridiculous at the same time.
2005/2/3 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:36045 Activity:high
2/3     Can someone explain to me why no car mfgrs. produce a sports car
        with a turbodiesel?  I rode in a friend's A6 TDI, not a small auto,
        which went like shit off a shovel.  Just curious.  -John
        \_ Probably because not a lot of people like diesel, it's not even
           economical anymore. Plus a sports coup with a turbo diesel would
           probably not meet emmission standards, after all, diesel is
           dirtier than regular unleaded.
           \_ I think we've had this discussion before, about diesel vs. gas.
              We're not talking about a diesel tractor engine, but something
              like a CRD or TDI with particle burner, which runs very clean.
              As far as I can tell, the main differences between a sports car
              and small high-end coupes are the chassis, suspension, gearbox
              and maybe performance tweaks to the engine, but not the
              fundamental engine (i.e. where in between BMW 316 and M3 CSL
              does it become a "sports car"?)  Anyway, after some research I
              found the C30 AMG.  -John
              \_ I _have_ heard that acceleration is one of the disadvantages
                 of diesel engines, but I am not an engine expert by any means.
                   -- ilyas
              \_ Sure you can probably get diesel to be as clean as regular
                 unleaded. That's not really the point. The point is, why
                 bother when diesel is as expensive as gas for the end-user.
                 Plus, it would cost more to maintain since you'd have to
                 get special parts for it, etc. Diesel tanks also corrode
                 over time with mold/bacteria/etc. There are reasons why
                 diesel never became popular in the U.S. for consumer level
                 vehicles, and why it's still not necessarily as popular as
                 it could have been in Europe.
           \_ Provincial fool! You're talking to Eurojohn. Euros love diesel.
              Diesels tend to generate tons of torque but not too much HP.
              But gas engines still get better performance for a sports car.
              They can build the engine lighter and run higher rpms without
              blowing up. And they sound cooler. Sports cars don't need to
              pull stumps. A turbo gas engine of the same displacement would
              probably go like even faster shit off a faster shovel.
        \_ Related, are there any manufacturers besides VW selling TDIs in
           California?  I was very interested in one but I've nixed those plans
           on account of VW's quality problems.  TIA.
        \_ Heil Eurotrash John!
        \_ For one thing, diesel engines usually require more space to
           generate the same HP as regular engines. Secondly, new
           technologies such as the Accord Hybrid prove that motors
           in fact generate a lot of torque which really helps you
           get to red-line quickly even if your engine is starting
           from near-idle speed. The new Accord Hybrid engine is small,
           goes 0-60 in 6 seconds, is less than $30,000, and has 37MPG.
           I doubt conventional diesel technology has all the
           combinations of form size, torque, mileage, and price range
           offered by hybrid technologies.
2005/2/3 [Uncategorized] UID:36046 Activity:nil
3/2     Bottom 50 blogs
2005/2/3 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:36047 Activity:low
2/3     When should I expect to see 'Sonoma Centrino' laptops become available
        from the major vendors?
        \_ It already is. They did a trade fair showing it off. Retail should
           already be available or within the next month or so.
2005/2/3 [Uncategorized] UID:36048 Activity:nil
3/2     I just got a spam which contained this body (and a bunch of HTML)
        "Our only aim is to get more money into own pocket at the end of
         each month" I thought it was refreshingly honest.
2005/2/3-4 [Finance/Investment] UID:36049 Activity:insanely high
2/3     Do you put money in savings accounts, money markets or CDs?
        \_ 99% checking, 1% cash.
        \_ All of the above?
           \_ how do you divide your money?
        \_ stocks, mutual funds
           \_ don't you have an emergency cash reserve?
                \_ yes, it's called the wife
                        \_ But she has to compete with yermom on the streets
        \_ For savings accounts, I really like ING. You won't find better
           interest rates. Then I put some in CDs, and the rest in the market.
           About a third evenly all around.
        \_ i-bonds! (
        \_ There is no point to CDs right now with rates so low. A savings
           account and a money market are roughly the same in most
           aspects, but the MM returns more. I only bother with a MM and
           put very little in a savings tied to my checking. Most goes
           into mutual funds of varying sorts (including MM-like types).
           \_ Bleh, mutual funds are near worthless. Might as well just buy
              QQQ on your own or just get the stock index fund.
              \_ QQQ is an exchange traded mutual fund.  Same idea as the
                 mutual fund with expense ratios and all.
              \_ Thanks for the advice, Peter Lynch! If you really want
                 to know, I have an international fund, an index fund,
                 a bond fund, and a government bond fund and I am very
                 happy with them. You can feel free to put all of your
                 savings into GOOG.
                 \_ I don't really give a shit about what funds you personally
                    have. The point was that mutual funds in general are
                    worthless and the only funds you should invest in are
                    index funds such as QQQ. Just an FYI to people who
                    might be reading this and deciding on what they should
                    invest in.
                    The bottom line is: If you have the time buy bluechip
                    stocks and hold them.
                    If you don't have the time buy an index fund.
                    All other funds are worthless because they consistently
                    UNDERPERFORM the broad range bluechip market. In other
                    words, you're paying someone to do worse than simply
                    buying the index.
                    Frequent trading is worthless.
                    Owning stock in one single company may be worth something,
                    but you might also lose your shirt.
                    \_ Your point is idiotic. How will you get exposure to
                       the bond market without a bond fund? Buying
                       the NAQDAQ, Russell, Wilshire, or whatever index
                       is smart. That's why I bought it. It's also:
                       1. A mutual fund, 2. Only part of a portfolio.
                       Your statement that mutual funds in general are
                       worthless is retarded, especially when you advocate
                       buying an index fund.
                       \_ Try actually reading the statements, moron.
                          Mutual funds ARE worthless, because the ONLY funds
                          that consistently perform as well as the market
                          are INDEX funds, duhhhh! If that's the case all
                          you have to do is just buy the index, that means
                          buying and holding the bluechip stock individually.
                          It's not hard, it doesn't take a fucking Math
                          PhD to do this, and with Ameritrade it's cheap.
                          All you need is either a paper with stock prices
                          in it (i.e. Wall Street Journal people!) or
                          look it up on the web (again, not fucking hard
                          to do people!)
                          If you know absolutely NOTHING about buying stock
                          for $5 a trade and are afraid to manage your
                          portfolio or are too fucking lazy and want to pay
                          someone to do BASICALLY 20 HOURS OF WORK A YEAR
                          that's fine, go buy QQQ or Magellan or whatever
                          index fund you want. Capiche? Capiche, now stfu
                          and go comment on something you know about.
                          \_ You are a fucking retard!!! How will you get
                             exposure to the international market or to
                             bonds or to government-backed securities
                             without a mutual fund?! Your statement is
                             narrowly applied to the universe of US
                             equities. You use a lot of foul language, but
                             it doesn't conceal your stupidity. Mutual
                             funds are an easy way to get broad exposure
                             to different markets and as such are very
                             useful. You *can* buy T-bills and individual
                             stocks and perhaps even ADRs for every region
                             in the world, but mutuals make it cheap and
                             \_ I'm too ignorant about finance to tell which
                                of you two knows more about the subject, but
                                you're both very entertaining.  Thank you.
                             \_ I would just like to point out that if
                                you had invested any money in QQQ from 2000-
                                2003 or so you got burned!  Not that mutual
                                funds performed that much better ...
                                \_ You are an idiot.
                                   \_ Bought QQQ at $100, eh?
                                      \_ Sure. I DCA into the NASDAQ and
                                         have since the early-mid 1990s. I
                                         don't worry about a 3-4-10 year
                                         period and neither should you.
                \_ to both of you: please make a distinction between
                   actively traded mutual funds, and index funds.
                   Also, there are index funds which track different indices
                   such as bonds or international or sectors.
                   Foul language is also not necessary.
                   There are those who support the idea of using index funds
                   \_ Often an index fund is a good buy. Many actively
                      managed funds do not beat their benchmarks. There is
                      no debate about that. The problem is when you are
                      trying to track 'microcap companies in a particular
                      nation' or similar. Indices do not exist for all
                      situations. A mutual fund can identify those
                      companies which are excluded from the index (or which
                      make up a miniscule % of the index) and purchase
                      shares. Sometimes individual investors cannot even do
                      that because of foreign regulations. If you decide to
                      weight heavily in small sectors like that then mutual
                      funds are great. Whether this is wise or not depends
                      on tolerance for risk, but one can certainly see
                      where individual equities or bonds might not be a fit
                      and no index (or only a poor approximation) exists.
        \_ I don't keep a reserve. It is all in stocks and bonds. My
           wife keeps a 2 month reserve though and she puts it a
           savings account. I think she is being overly conservative.
                \_ Are you nuts?  I've got an 8-month cash reserve.
                   \_ This is all moot w/o knowing how much you make and
                      how much you spend. It's easy to save 8 months of
                      burger flipper salary. It's more difficult to save
                      8 months of MD salary. Expenses come into play, too.
                                \_ 8 months of my current lifestyle EXPENSES.
                                   \_ Of course, but saving 8 months of
                                      burger flipper expenses is pretty
                                      easy. For most people, as income
                                      rises so do expenses. If you live
                                      with a roommate in a studio
                                      apartment and ride bike to work then
                                      you can have 8 months worth of
                                      expenses saved easily. If you have
                                      a mortgage and a car and such it is
                                      much more difficult. Thus this x
                                      month penis size comparison is lame.
                                      \_ It's said that liars tend to assume
                                         other people are lying.  I guess
                                         burger flippers make a similar
                                         \_ I think the point here is that
                                            if your expenses are $120,000
                                            per year (say) then keeping 8
                                            months as a reserve is $80,000.
                                            That's a lot of money to invest
                                            in low risk investments "in
                                            case of emergency." One can do
                                            something better with that money
                                            than a cash reserve. If it
                                            comes to $8,000 it's quite
                                            \_ $8,000 to someone earning
                                               $12,000 a year is a lot more
                                               than $80,000 to someone earning
                                               $120,000 a year.  -tom
                                               \_ Expenses, not earnings.
                                                  \_ "saving 8 months of burger
                                                     flipper expenses is pretty
                                                     easy." That may be true
                                                     for a fat sysadmin, but
                                                     it's not true for a
                                                     burger flipper.  -tom
                                                     \_ I think you missed
                                                        the point.  Saving
                                                        8 months of burger
                                                        flipper *expenses*
                                                        is easy on a fat
                                                        sysadmin *salary*.
                                                        Most people here
                                                        are in the latter salary
                                                        category, but expenses
                                                        are a choice.
                                      \_ 8 months of expenses as single (no
                                         SO) vs single (w/SO) vs married vs
                                         married (w/children) are very
                    \_ Perhaps I am nuts, I don't know. My job feels
                       pretty secure, we could live on either one of
                       our's salary and I have enough in stocks and bonds
                       equal to about 3 years salary, so even if the
                       market takes a dive, I can live for a long time
                       on that. I prefer more risk than you.
                       on that. Maybe I prefer more risk than you.
                       \_ I second that.  Besides, if I get laid off,
                          company gives like 10.5 weeks of salary.
                          That's good enough for 5 months of expenses.
                          Add to that unemployment insurance, and I
                          can last 6-7 months.  Also, if you are
                          invested in a diversified portfolio, with
                          ETFs, mutual funds, long, short bond funds,
                          etc., it's not that volatile, so there's
                          always something one can sell without too
                          much of a bad effect.  Then there's
                          always family, if worse come to worse.
                          I don't buy the 8 months emergency cash
                          advice, unless you are rich and it
                          represents just a small portion of
                          your liquid assets.  But in that case
                          why worry?  I think the idea is to have
                          an emergency reserve of liquid assets as
                          opposed to an emergency reserve of plain
                          cash, and to not have any credit card
                          debt, or be living month to month due to
                          too expensive a lifestyle.
        \_ Just because many mutual fund managers suck doesn't
           mean there aren't good ones.  I believe active management
           still makes a difference if the fund manager is good.
           And like one of the above posters have pointed out,
           if you are interested in certain markets (eg. eastern
           europe / russia / china / emerging asia, bonds, or even
           Japan), you often have to buy a mutual fund.
2005/2/3 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:36050 Activity:very high
2/3     Obama for Pres.
        \_ Obama lin Saden!
        \_ Obama for Pres... in 20 years.
        \_ Seriously guys, he only just got in the Senate.  Let him
           actually do something before you make him a saint.
           \_ Saint, schmaint. I just want a Pres.
        \_ I really don't know much about the guy, what makes him so
           \_ Charismatic, young, liberal, good public speaker.  The
              overachieving son of an overachieving immigrant father.
              \_ And yet, somehow not Republican. What's not to love?
              \_ Not to mention true believer
                 \_ What does he believe in? Democracy? America?
                    \_ Spiderman!
           \_ I don't understand it either.  Although I'm proud to see
              fellow Mixed person get so much press, it seems
              underdeserved.  If he does something like craft a balanced
              budget, or start a successful initiative I would take
              more notice.
        \_ The first black president (if we ever elect one) will not be
           a Democrat.  -tom
           \_ To quote you, "you're an idiot."
           \_ He's not Black, he's Bi-racial, which means you could call
              him as much White as Black.  But electing even a Mixed
              person would be an achievement for America as long as he was
              \_ He was raised in Hawaii by his white mother and grandmother,
                 so I don't think he's "black" in any way that really matters.
                 But that's not the way people in the red states see it.  -tom
              \_ Don't you know the one-drop rule?
                 \_ My bad, thought we were in the 21st century.
              \_ The Democrats would never allow Bush to get a non-White
                 elected; I mean, just look at Gonzalez, right?
                 \_ That's because any non-white Republican is a traitor
                    to their race.  They even have special racial epithets
                    for them, like "Uncle Tom" or "House Nigger."
                    \_ It's funny, but these are the horrifying words
                       that black people give to Condoleeza Rice and
                       Colin Powell. Bush has so many 'token' minorities
                       in his cabinet that I think they outnumber white
                       \_ Not even close, fella:
                          Two blacks, two asians and 11 whites.
                          \_ This is the current cabinet excluding Powell.
                             I was exaggerating, but the point is the
                             same. If 1/3 of the cabinet is 'token'
                             minorities are they really tokens? I find
                             that notion in itself to be offensive.
                             \_ Aren't minorities overrepresented (given
                                population proportions) in the Bush
                                cabinet? -- ilyas
        \_ the next president will be Jeb Bush, not some lame ass Democrat
           who has no connection, no clout, nothing, like our dumb ass
           losers like Gore and Kerry.          -disillusioned Democrat
           \_ Man, I sure hope the Republicans can come up with someone
              better than Jeb.  I really think the whole elcet Jeb thing
              is just democrat whining anyway.  I sure do wish the dems
              could come up with a reasonable canidate though. Is it
              really THAT hard?  --republican
              \_ Funny.  My view of the republican noise about Hillary is
                 similar to your view of the Jeb fears.  I guess because the
                 hatred is so visceral on both sides. Just thinking about
                 Jeb raises my blood pressure, and my impression is that
                 a lot of republicans feel that way about Hillary.  I'm
                 actually planning to register republican just so I can vote
                 against Jeb in the primary.  That's how much I fucking
                 hate that guy.  Call me irrational, but when a political
                 leader comes out in favor of voter fraud, I consider that
                 to be simply un-American, and worth fighting against.
                 \_ I agree with you on the Hillary thing.  The dems would
                    have to be nuts to field Hillary.
        \_ Obama is a marxist.  In case you motd people who don't get out
           much haven't noticed, Communism is dead.
           Even worse, he is a muslim.
           \_ It is funny to me that I can't tell the difference between
              the trolls and the Real Bush Republicans anymore.
              \_ yea, make the most powerful man in the world a marxist
                 muslim.  The left's wet dream.
                 \_ Troll harder, young master.
                    \_ trite idiocy is not going to change his politics
                       or heritage.
           \_ Link?
2005/2/3 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:36051 Activity:kinda low
2/3     Don't dial your cell phone, jiggle it! (and the girl is kind of cute)
        \_ Usually I consider jiggling my electronics to get them to work
           a bad thing.
2005/2/3-7 [Industry/Jobs] UID:36052 Activity:kinda low
2/2     We just IPO'd and are hiring like mad. -ausman
        also at /csua/pub/jobs/PlanetOut
        All jobs are in San Francisco.
        \_ gay!
           \_ You don't have to be gay to work here, but you have to be
              gay friendly.
              \_ isn't that discriminatory?
                 \_ No.  It's pretty reasonable to require prospective
                    employees to be able to get along with the existing
                    employees.  You don't have to love homosexuality, but if
                    you have a serious problem with it, it will have major
                    impacts on your interaction with other employees and
                    \_ Wow, I didn't even write that! -ausman
                \_ I think a great story would be one about
                   a straight guy hired to work at Saks or Neiman Marcus
                   in SF and gets sexually harassed and made fun of by the
                   other male employees.
        \_ Initial Public Out-of-the-closet?  Congrats!
        \_ dear religious conservatives like emarkp and jrleek, what do you
           think about this company? Do you think it is immoral and that they
           will fail and go to hell? Would you consider joining their company
           for the purpose of converting these pagans into good Christians?
           \_ Mmm, anonymous flamebait directed at specific sodans!  Yay!
           \_ The important distinction is the compnay is in the private sector.
              Consequently, if they want to give "partnership" benefits to
              random individuals,  make the bathrooms gender
              neutral, and make workers accept cross-dressers, and
              promote unprotected sex with strangers
              congrats to them.  However, when you try to
              force everyone to accept this, or even compensate you for
              your lack of resposibility, at the point of a gun, using the
              government as your agent, it becomes a problem.  Is this really
              that hard to understand?
                \_ I nominate this as "most likely to get flamed"
        \_ The first entry in the list says it's in New York.
           \_ They just added that one.
        \_ have you guys considered expanding to say, Oklahoma, Tennessee,
           and Texas? Just as missionaries go to foreign countries to
           spread their good will, maybe you guys can go abroad to spread
           your belief as well.
           \_ Not really, though the region a plurality of our members live
              is The South. -ausman
2005/2/3 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:36053 Activity:moderate
2/2     What is the exact user-agent string I shouold give lynx, wget, curl and
        the like to make them indistinguishable from say, MSIE browser running
        on a wintel?  Googling led me to to things as simple as MSIE or
        something with parenthesized list and I am confused.  Thanks.
        \_ tail -f /var/log/httpd/access.log
        \_ somebox% nc -l -p 8888
           point your browser to be imitated at <DEAD>somebox:8888<DEAD>
           copy the part after "User-Agent: " and use that.
2005/2/3 [Politics/Domestic/Abortion, Politics/Domestic/California] UID:36054 Activity:nil
        Liberalism outnumber Bushism by more than 4 to 1, freshmen liberalism
        on campus the highest since 1972. "Berkeley's white students are the
        most liberal ethnic group, at 59.9%. That is, white female students.
        White women were the most liberal group of all freshmen at Berkeley,
        at 65.9%"   Too bad this doesn't mean they will date Asian men -Asian
        \_ do we really have to encourage the Cal Patriot?
2005/2/3-5 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:36055 Activity:moderate
2/3     So, I'm really confused about this notion of computer science
        metrics where everything's kind of 2^n, but sometimes not. For
        example, if I have a 4 GIG hard drive, does that mean I have
        exactly 2^32 bytes of space? Does that translate to 4000000000
        bytes, or some number that's close to it? How about megahertz?
        Say I have a 2.5GHz computer, does it run at exactly 2500000
        hertz? Or 2^n for some multiple of n?
        \_ As a few other people have said, just about everything is ordinary
           decimal units now.  A 4G hard drive is (about) 4,000,000,000 bytes,
           and a 2.5GHz processor runs at (about) 2,500,000,000 Hertz.
           Operating systems still tend to report file sizes in binary units,
           though, so a 4G file is probably 4,294,967,296 bytes.  (Sometimes
           it's configurable: GNU du and df let you specify -h for binary
           units or -H for decimal.)  The only hardware still sold in binary
           units is memory -- a 1G flash memory card is 1,073,741,824 bytes.
           Also note that all storage devices are sold by raw capacity, not
           counting filesystem overhead.
        \_ I'd actually argue that in computers, all standards and measurements
           are 10^n with the exception of RAM and addresses.  HDDs, bandwidth,
           frequency, resolution (megapixels) are all base ten.
        \_ The ISO standard (IIRC) is Gibibytes for 2^30 and Gigabytes for
           10^9.  Memory is addressed by logic which is friendly to powers of
           2.  Non-memory doesn't matter.
        \_ Frequencies (Hertz) are not stated in powers of two obviously.
           You can usually find the exact frequency in the tech specs.
           Computer data quantities are normally referred to with binary
           prefixes (kilo=1024). Hard drive producers use 1000 because
           they are fuckers. A frequency is not a data quantity.
           \_ The whole k=1024 thing was a cute hack invented by computer
              folks, but it becomes imcreasingly strained as you move into
              mega- and giga- prefixes.  At some point you need to admit it's
              more trouble than it's worth.  The computer should be the one
              worrying how to address it's memory in base-2, rather than the
              end user  wondering how many bytes are in a gig.
           \_ Memory is sized in 2^n because that's how the chips are laid out.
              The capacity of a hard drive is determined by the track width
              and magnetic domain size.  This gives you a non-binary capacity.
              It makes sense to therefore measure it using the SI system.  The
              fact that CS people started calling 1024 and 1048576 kilo- and
              mega- when those prefixes had been in use for ages says to me
              that the CS people are the fuckers, not the engineers who are
              just adhereing to standard terminology.  I personally count all
              file and data sizes in base-10, except when refering to memory
              usage.  Anyway, this debate has been done to death before.
              \_ so 1M is what really? 1000000 or 10^20?
                 \_ Officially, 10^6 (you mean 2^20, right?).
                    M = 10^6, Mi = 2^20
              \_ No, it doesn't make sense when you're talking about computer
                 storage capacity to use a different meaning of GB than
                 everybody normally uses when talking about computer storage.
                 It's not like the drives are storing non-binary data. It's
                 going to have a filesystem and store vanilla kilobytes and
                 megabytes. Nowhere else does Gbyte refer to 1000*1000*1000.
                 In a computer environment, files are loaded into memory and
                 to disk, it's idiotic to change the terminology just because
                 the underlying media is different. CD and DVD storage is
                 referred to in binary. Sorry, you're wrong.
                 \_ FWIW, floppies are counted under a bastardized hybrid
                    system where 1.44 'megabytes' = 1440 KiB, or 1.44k-KiB
                 \_ No.  CDs and DVDs are counted base-10, as is bandwidth.
                    The fact that the drives are storing binary data has no
                    bearing on the method you use to count the bytes, which
                    this debate shows, is a matter of dueling conventions, not
                    some underlying fact.  I'm not wrong, you're just an ass.
                    \_ The orange book standard says a cd has a capacity
                       of 650*2^20 bytes.
                       \_ A DVD+-R(W) is 4.7*10^9
                          \_ Hard to argue, since they charge $5,000 for a
                             copy of a DVD format spec ($500 for each
                             additional spec) and require an NDA.  Do you
                             actually have access to the four specs you
                             mention?  The holder of DVD Forum's specs is
2005/2/3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:36056 Activity:nil Cat_by:dlong
2/3     Dear soda luzer virgins, this is your only chance to interact
        physically with a woman:
        \_ I don't think 'physically' means what you think it means.
        \_ virtually physical contact. TURN UP THE SOUND!!! It is so cool.
           it is actually my only interaction with a woman, THANK YOU.
           \_ Apply at ausman's company and maybe you'll meet a nice guy.
2005/2/3 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:36057 Activity:high
2/3     What is the most non-intrusive web site that you wouldn't mind your
        boss seeing you looking at? Javadoc? CNN? Google/Yahoo? I'm asking
        because I'm thinking of writing a program that translates
        controversial stuff (like freerepublic) to make it look like Yahoo
        email so that my boss wouldn't say something about it. ok thx
        \_ of course
        \_ Our regression status report internal page. Actually I can imagine
           making it link to news stories and formatting the stories as test
           output. Haha.
2005/2/3-7 [Industry/Jobs] UID:36058 Activity:low
2/3     IGN / Gamespy is hiring. J2EE, .NET, DBA, C++, a ton of marketing
        and sales, some creative folks such a graphic artists and video
        producers. Even a lawyer. Some jobs in Brisbane and a couple are down
        in Irvine. All listed online. email for info. -shac
        \_ I love the qualifications:
           - Minimum of 5 years experience creating features for a hi-profile
             Windows application in widespread use.
             \_ and then?
        \_ J2EE is an acronym that stands for "Horrible Fucking Job That You
           Don't Want."
2005/2/3 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:36059 Activity:nil
2/3     Toughest sport in the world?,10488,1404903,00.html
2019/08/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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