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2005/1/25 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:35885 Activity:very high
1/25    Why was Mainland China willing to give up outer Mongolia before but is
        not willing to give up Taiwan now?  Thanks.
        \_ Republic of China lost Mongolia because CKS made a deal with Soviet.
           Give up Mogolia, in return, stop assistance to Communist in China.
           Of course, Soviet never kept their end of bargain.  Thus, Republic
           of China revolked its recognization of Mogolian's soverignty.
           Until this day, Republic of China (e.g. taiwan) still claim
           soverignty over Mogolia. When Communist overran the mainland,
           as part of cozy up with Soviets and the fact that majority of
           nations already recognize Mogolia as a nation, PRC gave up the
           soverignty.   This is one of the most shameful part of
           the Republic's history.  And for this reason alone, The Republic of
           China deserved to be overthrowned.           kngharv
           \_ Wow, using this logic, I could argue that the PRC giving up
              Mongolia to cozy up with the Soviets was one of the most
              shameful parts of PRC's history.
              \_ I am not happy with that, but remember unlike ROC, PRC never
                 had Mongolia.  ROC literally handed it to Soviet red army
                 and then later when it changed its mind it rewrote history
                 to pretend otherwise.  CKS also cozied up to Stalin for quite
                 a long time and never rose up to the soviets (except for
                 kidnapping a wrecked civilian ship).  PRC on the other
                 hand fought a very bloody skirmash with the soviets.
        \_ Give up?  When was Outer Mongolia part of China?  Are there even
           very many Chinese people living there?
           \_ Depends on how the communist party like to define "Chinese".
           \_ From what I read, Outer Mongolia broke away from China in 1921
              under Soviet backing.  The ROC govt never released claim to
              that land, but the PRC did.  After 1949, Taiwan's version of the
              map of R. O. China still included Outer Mongolia while Mainland's
              version of P. R. China didn't.
              \_ But the population is less than 0.1% Chinese.
                 \_ Depends on your definition of "Chinese".  The common
                    Chinese (Han?) definition includes more than the Han.
           \_ Most americans (left and right alike, except the neo-nazis and
              klansman) would find it very offensive/ignorant if someone tell
              them only the whites are Americans, but are utterly eager to make
              the same statement about other multi-ethnic countries.  Why?
        \_ Is it that not obvious in terms of geography and economy of each
        \_ "Why" doesn't matter.  "Whether" matters.
        \_ The soviets occupied Outer mongolia by force.  As for the later
           posts, outer Mongolia was expelling large number of Chinese living
           there all the way into the 80's, so yes, at least the outer Mongolia
           government thought there are many chinese living there.
        \_ There was a revolution.  Previous government withdrew to Taiwan.
           New government stayed in China.  Previous government is not
           currently in Mongolia.  Duh.
2005/1/25 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:35886 Activity:very high
1/25    Budget deficit of $368b predicted for this year, plus whatever Bush
        gets for Iraq. How does that compare to Reagan?
        \_ Here's a graph from 1960-2002.  Sadly can't find one including
           the last two years.   Not sure if the projected '03 and '04
           numbers include projected Iraq expenses.  [thanks for stomping
           my change, asshat]
           \_ Great resource, thanks! More specifically, how do these deficits
              compare in terms of real dollar value at the time (i.e., Reagan's
              deficits in 1980 dollars vs. Bush's deficits in same)?
                 The tables are not in constant dollar, but they also give
                 the amounts in percentage of GDP, which is really what you
                 should be looking at anyway.  The Reagan and the early
                 Clinton years were both worse for the deficit.
                 \_ Uh.  When do you think the "Clinton years" started?
                    Starting in 93 (The start of the clinton years), the
                    deficit headed DOWN.  It's Reagan and Bush I that were
                    "worse for the deficit".
                    \_ Clinton had the good fortune to enjoy the benefits
                       of the heavy lifting Bush I did on raising taxes.
                       Bush II won't repeat the same mistake of doing the
                       hard work so a Democrat can take the credit.
                       \_ Or you could say that Bush I took the brunt of
                          trying to keep the country solvent because of the
                          excesses of the 80's, and people realized that
                          cutting taxes while increasing spending ... doesn't
                          \_ The 2 views are not contradictory.
                       \_ Have you heard of "The Pledge?"  No Republican will
                          ever raise taxes again, ever.
                          \_ Why do Republicans hate America?
                          \_ "Read my lips" notwithstanding, Bush I might well
                             have won the re-election if he had another year
                             in his first term and the country started
                             enjoying the fruits of his tax increases.
                             \_ Maybe, but the lesson the Republicans learned
                                from Bush I was "Raise taxes and die."
                   \_ Much credit goes to Newt Gingrich, for keeping down
                      spending from 96 onwards. -liberal
                      \_ And for championing "family values" while in the
                         midst of a 7 year affair with one of his employees!
        \_ $368 + $100B for war + ??? for SS "reform"
           It could easily be over $600B.
        \_ How the hell did Clinton get +523 while all the rest get negatives?
           He didn't do anything that was so radical from the other
           presidents. Talking about radical, Bush=radical conservative.
           \_ Between 91 and 95, they fixed a number of structural budget
              problems.  From that, the discussion was able to move from
              "how to balance the budget" to "how much do we use to pay
              down the debt and how much to cut taxes".
2005/1/25 [Recreation/Celebrity] UID:35887 Activity:very high
1/23    Oscar bids for F9/11  = ZERO
        \_ Hm, could that be because Moore withheld it from consideration in
           the documentary section?
           \_ Keep drinking the kool-aid , it'll help with the pain of defeat
              \_ How is truth kool-aid?
                 \_ Because it was not, and can not be considered a
                    documentary by any standard.
                    \_ You, and a number of "reports" from conservative
                       sources, make it sound like it was rejected from
                       consideration as a documentary.  You're the one
                       with the kool-aid glass half full..
                    \_ Hence, as poster said, Moore removing it from
                       consideration. Now what kool-aid were you speaking of
                       again? BTW, I thought the movie sucked but you seem to
                       be feigning density and I just wanted to be sure.
2005/1/25 [Uncategorized] UID:35888 Activity:high
        [Mostly restored, fucker]
           FOR THE EMPEROR!
        \_ Isn't that thread from yesterday?  Political posts have a half-life
           of about half a day, and trolls less than that.
           \_ I applaud whoever's deleting dirty political posts. Please
              keep the motd the way it used to be many years ago-- pristine,
              with mostly technical and useful stuff.
              \_ I too, would prefer to be ignorant. Please delete any
                 posts that you think I might not like.
2005/1/25 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:35889 Activity:high
        Your pro-Bush fanatic Bill says "The truth is the Bush
        administration has made mistakes in Iraq and in defining the
        new rules in the terror war."
        Fox is becoming more and more Fair and Balanced.
        \_ If you think O'Reilly is pro-Bush fanatic, you didn't see his
           interview with Bush (which is the only thing I've seen of him in 2
           years). -emarkp
           \_ Is that something I might be able to find on the web?  When was
              \_ Your google fu is weak:
        \_ Dubya needs to clarify to Americans and the world that we were wrong
           about WMDs.  He can open reconstruction bids to other countries.
           Then he can say, regardless of the U.S.'s mistake in presenting
           its case on WMDs to the UN, the people of Iraq don't deserve to
           Then he can say, regardless of the U.S.'s incorrect conclusions on
           WMDs as presented to the UN, the people of Iraq don't deserve to
           suffer because of one nation's faulty intelligence.
           Then he can ask for help from Americans and the rest of the world.
           Dubya has had the ball in his court since Kay and Duelfer's
           findings, and arguably, since his re-election.
           It has been fully Dubya's decision to not make the clarification on
           WMDs to the world, and all the consequences follow naturally and
           WMDs to the world, and all the consequences of people not wanting
           to ally with him follow naturally and deservingly.
           \_ Dubya has made no mistakes that he can recall. Didn't you
              watch the debates? He has a mandate from God. He doesn't
              need to admit to error.
        \_ O'Reilly is neither Pro Bush nor Anti anything.  He is merely
           Pro-Ratings and Pro-Publicity and Pro-OReilly
           \_ Pro-O'Reilly is closest, but I also say he's anti-liberal.
              Hard to defend Dubya's mistakes, but in the context of
              "liberals", O'Reilly says Dubya is still better than them.
2005/1/25 [Uncategorized] UID:35890 Activity:low
1/25    John, what happened to the Heil Cherman John Guy? Did you physically
        threaten or harm him?
        \_ Threaten, cajole, mock, but I think he just got bored.  -John
2005/1/25 [Recreation/Media] UID:35891 Activity:insanely high
1/25    Most memorable movie scenes:
        \_ Godfather: TOO MANY TO LIST
        \_ Godfather II: TOO MANY TO LIST
        \_ Pulp Fiction: TOO MANY TO LIST
        \_ Reservoir Dogs: TOO MANY TO LIST
        \_ Alien: Alien bursting from the guy's chest during dinner
        \_ Aliens: "It's the only way to be sure."
        \_ Basic Instinct:  Interrogation Scene
        \_ Boondock Saints: "You and your fucking rhope."
        \_ Evil Dead: A tree does WHAT?!?
        \_ Indiana Jones: Stealing the Golden Idol
        \_ Evil Dead II: "Who's laughing now?  WHO'S LAUGHING NOOOW AAAHH!"
        \_ Exorcist: Head spinning
        \_ Ghostbusters: "Are you a GOD?!?"
        \_ Jaws: "You're going to need a bigger boat."
        \_ The Lover: Holy Shit They're Actually Doing It
        \_ Monty Python and the Holy Grail: "What's the airspeed...?"
        \_ Network: "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!"
        \_ Office Space: trashing that fax/printer whatever thing
        \_ Passion of the Christ: "AAAAHHHHH!"
           \_ hehe
        \_ Planet of Apes: Last Scene
        \_ Raiders of the Lost Ark: Stealing the Golden Idol
           \_ Six-shooter versus swordsman.
        \_ Terminator: "I'll be back."
           \_ "It can't be reasoned with.  It can't be bargained with..."
        \_ Witches of Eastwick: "He did it to us ON PURPOSE!!!"
        \_ Exorcist: Head spinning
        \_ Clockwork Orange: Brainwashing
           \_ Clockwork Orange: Singing in the Rain
        \_ Dr. Strangelove: riding the bomb
        \_ The Longest Day: kraut trooper looking at the fleet
        \_ The Longest Day: Lesbian love scene
        \_ Citizen Kane: Kane dying.  Rooosebuuuud!
        \_ Star Wars:  That's no moon.
           \_ Vader / Obi-Wan duel
           \_ Luke, I am your father!
           \_ 1. "Mos Eisley Space Port, a more wretched hive of scum
                  and villainy you will never find. We must be careful"
              2. "These are not the droids you are looking for"
        \_ Mulholland Drive: Lesbians in bed
           \_ Best mainstream cinema lesbian sex scene Evar!
              \_ Better than Gina and Jen in Bound?
        \_ Casablanca: Rick & Renault walking away at the end
        \_ Jurassic Park: introducing the brontosaurs
        \_ Apocalypse Now: Napalm in the Morning scene.
        \_ When Harry Met Sally: Faked Orgasm scene
        \_ Bad Lieutenant: nun rape scene
        \_ Blade Runner: Rachel's V-K test
           \_ Is this to test whether I am a replicant or a lesbian Mr. Decker?
        \_ Blade Runner: Rutger Hauer's ending death scene
        \_ 2001: Space station docking (Blue Danube)
           \_ deactivating HAL
        \_ The Matrix: Lobby shootout
           \_ "Are you saying I can dodge bullets?"
        \_ Matrix Reloaded: Motocycle chase.
        \_ Jurassic Park: the T-rex
           \_ The little girl looks at the monitor with fancy GUI and says
              "I know this! This is UNIX!"
        \_ Blues Brothers: Car chase at the mall & at the end
           \_ "We're on a mission from god."
        \_ Few Good Men: You can't handle the Truth!
        \_ Wrath of Khan: Spock's death
           \_ "Here it comes."
           \_ Khan to Kirk: "I wanted you to know who it was who had
              beaten you!"
        \_ Shining: Jack with the Axe
           \_ Jack alone with the ghost bartender
           \_ The part with Scatman Crothers coming to save the boy, running
              down the hallway, then getting axed in the head, is priceless.
        \_ The Birds: Trapped in a phone booth
        \_ Psycho: Shower scene
        \_ E.T.: Flying bike by the moon
        \_ Koyanisqatsi: Abandoned buildings / demolition
        \_ E.T.: Bicycling in front of the moon
        \_ Koyanisqatsi: Abandoned Buildings / demolition
        \_ American Beauty: Lester's sexual fantasy at halftime
        \_ The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: ending sequence in the graveyard
        \_ The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Final sequence in the graveyard
        \_ Dr. No, opening scene, "Bond, James Bond"
        \_ (on the waterfront etc.)
           \_ A pretty damn worthless list.
              \_ Well you're stupid.
                 \_ Pay attention to the release dates of the movies that
                    made it onto the list.  Is it reasonable that only 2
                    films from the '40s, 1 from the '50s, and 1 from the
                    '60s made it onto the list?  Such polling lists can
                    only measure what the polled population has seen, which
                    is hardly the same thing as measuring what is "the best".
                    '60s made it onto the list?
                    \_ Yes. It's as reasonable as anything else. There's a
                       broader section on the site with pages and pages of
                       "moments". They aren't my personal best but there
                       were some good ones that weren't posted. So fuck off.
                       \_ I am dazzled by your faultless logic and analysis.
                       \_ Hey, I just noticed that no woman has a monolog
                          in the top 20.
                          \_ Ok try to list the best female monologues. I can't
                             think of any right now.
                             \_ Cher in the Witches of Eastwick was cool.
                             \_ Bette Davis had several. "Buckle up!"
                             \_ Obvious choice is "Sunset Blvd" "I'm ready for
                                my close up".  Probably something Hepburn,
                                likely from "Keeper of The Flame".  "Who's
                                  \-Try the "it's 1185 and we're all
                                   barbarians" speech from Lion in Winter.
                                   Although that is a play originally.
                                   There are plenty if you count plays. --psb
                                Afraid of Virginia Woolf" has some gems.
                                Angela Lansbury had a good speech in "The
                                Manchurian Candidate".  Just off the top of
                                my head.
                             \_ In 'His Girl Friday' Rosalind Russell has a few
                             \_ "Oh, maybe just whistle. You know how to
                                 whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your
                                 lips together and... blow." - Lauren Bacall
                                 in "To Have and Have Not"
                             \_ Wendy Hoopes on 'Daria' (Helen/Quinn/Jane) had
                                a bunch of good rants
                             \_ Faye Dunaway in "Network".  Or just "Network"
                                in general, which is a brilliant film.
                                \_ Eh, agree about the Film, but she didn't
                                   have all that many really good monologues.
                                   I think Peter Finch and Ned Beatty had the
                                   monologues with any real substance.
                                   \_ Agree that it's hard to beat Holden,
                                      Finch, and Beatty, but I had in mind
                                      Dunaway's negotiation with the Black
                                      female militant.
                                      female militant, since this thread is
                                      about female monologues.
                    \_ This isn't a film historian society if you haven't
                       \_ When you say "the best", it implies a range that
                          covers from the start of the talkies.
                          \_ That implies that a good chunk of people posting
                             here have seen/remember black & white movies.
                             I added "Sons of the Desert" ... happy?
                          \_ That list wasn't about the best scenes, just the
                             best monologues. A lot of old films don't have
                             powerful speeches and such. A lot of old films
                             are also boring and cheesy.
                             \_ A statement of "a lot of old films don't have
                                powerful speeches and such" is only meaningful
                                when you have in fact sampled extensively older
                                films.  I suspect most "experts" have the
                                opposite opinion that dialogue and strong
                                characters have been on the decline in film.
                                \_ Give us some examples then. I don't know
                                   much until the 40's and then the best ones
                                   are pretty famous.
                                   \_ Again, off the top of my head, "Maltese
                                      Falcon" "I like talking to people who
                                      like to talk" or "When somebody kills your
                                      partner, you're supposed to something
                                      about it".  Or Bogart's great speech
                                      about sacrifice and hope in "Sahara".
                                      How about the "moon goddess" speech in
                                      "The Philadelphia Story"?  Or the many
                                      examples in "Sunset Blvd"?  Or the great
                                      Gary Cooper average man speech in "Meet
                                      John Doe", or Stewart in "Mr. Smith Goes
                                      to Washington"?
                                      \_ I've seen Maltese (1941). I've seen
                                         a lot of the famous 40's flicks. For
                                         one thing I don't remember a real
                                         speech in Maltese. It's reasonable to
                                         decide that a lot of later movies have
                                         better speeches in them. I don't
                                         personally try to rank these things
                                         because it's impossible.
                                         \_ There's probably something here
                                            about extrapolating from a small
                                            data set or even one data point.
                                         \_ You might find it telling that most
                                            best lists are top-heavy with older
                                            films, and it's the rare modern
                                            film that gets a mention.
        \_ Sideways: Naked chase scene
        \_ Day After Tomorrow:  Americans crossing the Mexico borders.
        \_ Last of the Mohicans: ending slow-mo promontory fight
        \_ Day After Tomorrow:  crossing the Mexico borders.
        \_ Last of the Mohicans: ending slow-mo promontory scene
        \_ John Carpenter's The Thing: ending scene, waiting as the fire dies
        \_ Westworld: Yul Brynner goes 'rogue'
        \_ Taxi Driver: "You talkin' to me?"
        \_ But I'm A Cheerleader!: Lesbian love scene
        \_ Requiem for a Dream: The fridge attacks Sarah Goldfarb
        \_ Trainspotting: Dead baby on the ceiling
        \_ nothing from Army of Darkness??
           \_ This is my BOOMSTICK!
        \_ Tha Passion of Joan of Arc: Joan recants her confession
        \_ The Usual Suspects: Chazz Palminteri's realization scene
        \_ Bladrunner: Decker giving the Voigt-Kammpf test to Rachel
           \_ "Is this a test to see if I am a Replicant or a Lesbian
               Mr. Decker?"
        \_ Chinatown: "she's my sister...she's my daughter...she's my sister
                      *and* my daughter!"
                      \_ I'd rather say "she's my niecer...she's my daughter
                      \_ I'd rather say "she's my niece...she's my daughter
                         ...she's my niece *and* my daughter!"
                        \_ Why, because you have the hots for your sister?
                           Incest kids are fine! Just have to cull the bad
                           \_ Yup.  I want my sis badly.
                              \_ Wow. Uh, what race are you? Did you grow up
                                 \_ Asian.  Yes.
        \_ Das Boot: Scraping bottom in the strait of Gibraltar
        \_ Top Gun: "Goose, she's lost it"/"I hate it when she loses that!"
                    "You were in a 4G inverted dive with a Mig 28?"
                    "Son, your ego is writing checks your body can't cash"
        \_ Gandhi: "There are no coloured barristers in South Africa!"
        \_ Mishima: Making a speech before a crowd of mocking soldiers
        \_ Sons of the Desert: The wives confronting Stan & Ollie at the end
        \_ To the Limit: The sex scene where the nude Anna Nicole Smith is
           humping slowly on top of Joey Travolta.  I watched the movie twice
           while masturbating, and in both times I couldn't hold myself but
           cum when I saw that scene.
           \_ Ok I'm interested now.
        \_ The Ten Commandments: "His God, Is God."
        \_ The shootout scene in the store from Repo Man.
2005/1/25-26 [Finance/Banking, Finance/Investment] UID:35892 Activity:very high
1/25    Let me ask a stupid question, how will the deficit be paid?  How
        will the huge deficit really impact our lives in the future?
        Where is the money coming from currently? Are we borrowing
        from foreign governments? Are we printing money like crazy?
        How does it work?
        \_ um..  *deficits* dont get paid.  *debt* does.  deficit is the rate
           at which you accumulate debt.  Petty semantics.
           In 2003, the most recent year with full international
           statistics, central banks financed 83 per cent of the
           US current account deficit, with Asian central banks
           accounting for 86 per cent of flows.
        \_ The dollar right now is a lot like .com stocks in 1999 ... As long
           as there is a consensus that the dollar holds true value, it will
           remain more or less propped up.  If enough central banks decide to
           get out of the dollar, it will collapse, taking the world economy
           with it.  The universal desire to not have that happen is colliding
           with our desire to borrow indefinitely.
           \_ Son, that's been the case since we left the gold standard.
                \_ This is true for any floating currency.  However, in the
                   past there were structural reasons for the value of the
                   dollar ... Now it's mainly our military keeping it afloat.
        \_ let me ask another stupid question, from which countries do we
           borrow money from?
                \_ Mostly Japan, Europe, China & Middle East (Saudi Arabia)
                   That's one reason why freepers are funny ... They preach
                   "fuck the rest of the world" yet don't realize how their
                   lifestyles are being subsidies by the entire planet.
                   lifestyles are being subsidized by the entire planet.
                   \_ haha silly liberal you are.  freepers believe that by
                      bombing the rest of the world into oblivion all debts
                      will be gone.
                   \_ I read that most of it is held by Americans, but the
                      largest amount of debt held by foreigners is held by
                      England. Maybe we'll become a colony again.
                      \_ I just checked and most of it is owned by Japan
                         and China. England is third. Japan owns FAR more
                         of it than anyone else. -pp
                   \_ Um, I thought the debt was financed by treasury bonds.
                      That is, people buy the bonds and collect interest--we
                      don't go out and borrow from other countries.
                      \_ Foreign entities also buy those securities.
                         Roughly half of the $7 trillion debt is owned by the
                         Fed and federal trust funds. Of the other half
                         that is privately held, foreigners own about half
                         of that. More disconcerting is that almost all of
                         the recent debt was purchased by foreigners and
                         so the ratio is getting worse.
                      \_ But we buy the products from foreign countries and
                         give them dollars for it.  Since there is a $60
                         billion a month trade deficit and dollars are
                         basically IOUs, how is that not borrowing from
                         foreign countries?
        \_ The day is coming when we will be called and at that
           point this country will be in a world of hurt. If we
           manage to survive this, the result will be spectacular.
           The nature and scope of central gov in this country
           will be severely curtailed for decades and we will
           finally get Jefferson's "wise and frugal gov" that
           would provide a common judiciary and military but
           little else.
        \_ What's the easiest way to diversify one's cash savings denomination?
                \_ Buy gold. Dig hole. Insert gold. Cover up.
                   \_ Buy metal detector.  Buy shovel.  Head over to your house.
                   \_ Buy metal detector.  Buy shovel.  Head over to
                      your house.
                        \_ The "don't tell anyone you've buried gold at spot
                           X" was implied.
                \_ 2nd the motion... check out "GLD" gold ETF
                   this will protect against a deep drop in the dollar..
        \_ Oh, and one possible answer to "how will the deficit be paid"
           might be "the conservative Christians running the country believe
           the Rapture will arrive before that day comes".
        \_ Up until now, we have been able to roll it over each year,
           but soon it will start to become a drag on our economy. If
           the Bush deficits continue at 4-6% of GDP for another 4 years,
           the cost of financing the deficit will put a drag of -1%/yr
           to GDP growth. At some point, we go the way of England.
           Check out The Economist article at /tmp/ausman/dollar
           \_ That was a good article, thx.
2005/1/25 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:35893 Activity:very high
1/25    $1.5 billion for a new embassy in Iraq.  What the FUCK?
        \_ Holtzmann's shields are expensive.
           \_ And the "defensive" lasguns
              \_ Shields are suicide in Irakkis anyway.  They'll just end up
                 bringing a worm.
                 \_ Then we can use the family atomics.
                    \_ So...has Dune been translated into Arabic? I somehow
                       hope not.
                       \_ Frank Herbert is Muslim, so probably.
                        \_ frank herbert is a was now, he died
                           20 years ago, and was not muslim.
                          \_ ??? Where did you find this? And according to
                             the most recent Dune FAQ, no, Dune has not been
                             translated into Arabic (at least not officially),
                             but is has been translated into Turkish.
                       \_ The last catfight here over Herbert and Islam was
                          about a year ago so I guess we're due.
        \_ I supported the action in Iraq, but this is beyond ridiculous.
        \_ It's going to contructed by Haliburton, right?  $1.5B might not
           be enough.
           \_ no it is not ridiculous. The embassey will be 1/2 the size of
              Texas and it'll have enough space for an airport and
              everything else, like McD and Walmart.
                \_ When Iraqis can start being blown up at Home Depots and
                   Burger Kings, then they will truly be free.
2005/1/25 [Uncategorized] UID:35894 Activity:kinda low
1/26    Least likely to get opened spam email subject:
        "over 98 but lesbian"
        \_ Is it from Japan?  98 might be 98cm bust.
2005/1/25 [Uncategorized] UID:35895 Activity:nil
1/25    Lesbian lesbian lesbian lesbian lesbian
2005/1/25 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Recreation/Humor] UID:35896 Activity:kinda low
1/26    Awesome.  MOTD full of 5 most important subjects:  Bush, Abortion,
        Death Penalty, Iraq, and lesbians.  -John
        \_ dude, it's boring. How about posting something interesting or
           funny or odd? For example your Black German link was pretty funny.
        \_ But where are the Swift Boats?!
2005/1/25-26 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:35897 Activity:nil
1/26    Was there some talk going on tonight in Mountain View?  Any details?
        \_ Diffie is giving a talk tomorrow at the computer history
2005/1/25 [Uncategorized] UID:35898 Activity:nil
1/25    Hey morons--it's still the 25 of Jan.
        \_ Maybe it is where you are.
2019/08/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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