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2005/1/22-24 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:35856 Activity:moderate
1/22    I've had netflix now for about 6 months now, and their turn-around
        time is slowing down; it used to be about a day or two, and now it's
        a few days. Has anyone else experienced similar service?
        \_ I've had netflix since 2001 and have noticed no slow down at all
           and have lived in 3 different places. It did get a bit rough when
           I started filling my queue with New Releases and freeing up space
           right when they released, but that was because they were shipping
           the movies to me from Texas and Boston since the demand here was
           too high.
        \_ I just signed up two weeks ago.  Day 1: Mail old stuff in
           Day 2: Gets there, they mail new stuff Day 3: I get it
        \_ wasn't there some talk about how netflix slows down service for
           users who borrow too much?
           \_ New and light users get priority for high-demand discs.  It
              doesn't affect your throughput, but if you have high throughput
              and like new releases you'll have a bunch of stuff stagnant at
              the top of your queue.
        \_ I think it's more dependant on the vagaries of the post office.
           I have noticed an increase in the <stddev> of arrival time which
           might be that they opened up more shipping centers and will mail
           your #1 disc from which ever center gets it back in first.
        \_ Netflix gives priority to new customers over old customers.  This
           happened to me before, and my DVD turn around time went from
           3 days to 5+ days within span of 6 months.  I discontinued
           the service for a while resubscribed again.
           \_ Did you primarily rent new releases?
        \_ I've had Netflix since 2001 and my turn around time has always
           been 1-2 days (except during the holidays).  I'm in SJ, less
           than 1 zip code away from the distribution center and I mostly
           only watch PBS/BBC/SciFi  so perhaps my experience is better
           than can be expected. If you want an alternative, my cousin
           has had pretty good luck with greencine.
        \_ I subscribed to greencine for about 6 months now and turn around
           has always been 2 days.  But they dont have pr0n and I'm thinking
           of also subscribing to bushdvd unless anyone here knows a better
2005/1/22 [Uncategorized] UID:35857 Activity:nil
1/22    Frank Zappa on Crossfire in 1986 kicking censorship advocate butt.
        The more things change...And watch for the bit around 16 minutes
        where Lofton self-Godwins. (
        \_ Lofton makes Novak look like less of a douchebag, but only
2005/1/22-24 [Transportation/Car] UID:35858 Activity:kinda low
1/22    I went and test drove a civic and corolla today and found both
        to be approximately equivalent (except that the corolla seemed
        to be a bit "more" car, ie not so bare-boned). So I am still
        on the fence there. But I then noticed one of the new Scion tC's on
        the lot, and it looks very nice. Does anyone have any advice
        on Scions, negative or positive? Thanks. -poster from below
        \_ I will weigh in.  I looked at both corolla and civic, and
           the corolla seemed to have more power with equivalent mileage,
           and the AC worked better.
2005/1/22 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:35859 Activity:very high
1/22    Does anyone here find the "nuclear oxide" alert a bit odd?  On the one
        hand they say it's uncorroborated (and indeed I found it comical
        were it not for the serious implications), on the other hand the fed
        is formally releasing the "plot" to mass media and keep making it
        bigger.  In the meantime conservative propanganda sites are spreading
        the hyesteria faster than a wild fire.
        \_ What the heck is "nuclear oxide?"
           \_ That's what the fed is accusing them of possessing.
              \_ No, that's what the anonymous accuser said they had, and
                 since it's being reported in quotes, I don't think the
                 Feds think that's a real substance either.
                 \_ so you know the "anonymous" accuser?
                    \_ Yeah, it was aaron.
                    \_ No, moron, I read the news article.  Here's the
                       first one off google news:
                       \_ I read the news too.  Even though I believe 100%
                          in what I read, I haven't seen any reporter claiming
                          to have talked to the anonymous accuser.
                          \_ Never said they did.
        \_ What's odd is that the Feds have released as much info as they
           have without thoroughly investigating the source. I mean, hell,
           all I have to do is call the FBI desk in San Diego and say I've
           got proof of a plot, then throw aaron's picture over the fence
           and they'll lock him up? Why hasn't this been done before?
           \_ An anonymous source told me that that there was no anonymous
              accuser at all.  The names on the list that are not fabricated
              belong(ed) to illegal immigrants locked in dentention center.
              One is in fact in a San Diego camp.  Most others have either
              been locked up for ages or alredy died there.
2005/1/22-24 [Reference/History/WW2, Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:35860 Activity:insanely high
1/22    Can anyone give advice for preparation for the US citizenship interview
        \_ It's nothing to worry about. All you need to do is memorize
           the answers to the 3 pages of questions in
  From my
           experience, that of everyone I've talked to (half a dozen people),
           and some vague suggestions to that extent on their website,
           they always just pick a subset of those questions. This is
           presuming that you're talking about the US history/government quiz
           rather than the standard set of "are you a communist?"-like
                                            \- No one expects, the America
                                            \- No one expects, the American
                                               Inquisition. --psb
                                        \_ They sometimes ask whether you
                                           support communism or are sympathetic
                                           to any communist party.  You are
                                           free to believe, but some belief is
                                           less free than others.
                                           \_ Obviously.  Some ideologies
                                              (militant islam and communism)
                                              are 'hegemonizing.'
                                              \_ so this is a commie country?
                                                 \_ The point just whizzed by
                                                    your head, didn't it?
           questions that comprise the rest of the interview. The latter
           are nothing to worry about unless you've got something to hide.
           \_ Ok, thanks.
        \_ if it's Canadian, you can try this:
           [it's simply a joke of the day]
2005/1/22-24 [Health/Men, Health/Women] UID:35861 Activity:insanely high
1/22    My gf and I were always fit, but as we get older we'd like to
        start working out. We already do stuff like Pilates. We want to
        learn to weight train, but not break the bank. Where do we start?
        We checked out some health clubs and they seem more geared towards
        parting us from our money. Do we hire a trainer? If so, how do we
        choose one?
        \_ Have you looked at the good ole fashioned YMCA? There are many
           cheaper but the Y staff aren't used car salesmen. Most Ys
           have pools, sauna, hot tub, steam room, towel service, many many
           classes, trainers (separate fee) and, should you end up that way,
           2 hours of free child care/visit. -- ulysses
        \_ How about getting your own weight machine type of thing and
           using it?
           \_ Sure. Which one works and how do we learn to use it?
        \_ Get a bench and a bunch of free weights.  The home machines are
           not worth what you have to pay for them.
        \_ Don't discount gyms out of hand--I'd ask around.  There are bound
           to be reputable ones, which will give you help with weight
           training (before trying a new exercise, you should ask someone who
           knows what they're doing, or you'll very possibly do it wrong and
           have no benefit or hurt yourself--lots of people are embarrassed to
           ask the trainers at gyms, which is what they are paid for.)  If
           you get a home setup, the above poster's spot-on.  -John
           \- re: "health clubs seem like a ripoff" ... what do you feel
              is a reasonable monthly or yearly fee for a "health club"?
              and i assume you mean a gym. if you want stuff like towel
              service, you should expect to pay. if you feel the gym fees
              are too much, i think you will find the trainer fees high.
              you do pilates? are you a woman? --psb
              you do pirates? are you a woman? --psb
              \_ It's interesting that you point out the "gym" vs. "health
                 club" thing. I've spent the last few months comparing
                 outfits in the east bay. There are now many many more
                 "health clubs" than gyms. For gyms you have Gold's, World,
                 God's (in Oakland) and Ironworks. Everybody else is a
                 health club, which range from hole in the wall personal
                 trainers to glorified yoga studios to full-on 24 Hour-esque
                 franchises like Club One.  The neighborhood gym appears to
                 be a thing of the past. -- ulysses
              \_ Are you asking me?  I have no clue, as my gym is in .ch.  I
                 get good weights & exercise machines, it's clean, the
                 trainers are professionals, and a sauna/hot tub/steam bath,
                 squash courts and nice selection of exercise classes for
                 about 70 bucks/month.  -John
              \_ It's not that the fees are too high. It's that the clubs
                 seem mostly interested in screwing you out of your money
                 in the way a used car dealer does. I didn't find anything
                 upfront about it and I wasn't exactly sure what I'd be
                 paying for. At least with a trainer I'd feel less likely
                 I'm being fucked around with - or are trainers also a
                 shady lot?
                 \_ Could you be more specific about their ripoff schemes?
                    I've never joined a gym, but I'm curious.
        \_ I would definitely lift for the first couple of months with a
           professional who knows what they're doing.  It's very easy to
           injure yourself on weights if you don't know what you're doing.
           I think after the first few months you could indeed lift without
           a trainer.  However, remember that weight lifting is not
           super-aerobic, and you should pair it with some cardio-based
           workouts for your heart.  -chaos
        \_ Consider joining the Cal Alumni Association (a flat $500 for a
           lifelong membership, or $50 per year if you don't think you're
           going to live 10 more years), and then signing up with the RSF.
           \-I think the RSF is a poor choice unless possible you live within
             walking distance or you are trying to hit on students. The hours
             arent great. It is crowded. It is hard to park. It is not really
             cheaper than other options. It only has one branch. etc. --psb
             cheaper than other options. It only has one branch. etc. What is
             good about the RSF? --psb
             \_ the college babes?
                \_ At Berkeley?!
                   \_ Uhm, yes.
                      \_ I don't believe it.
                         \_ You haven't been to campus recently, have you? :)
                            \_ I haven't but my wife is there almost everyday.
                               She assures me that the eye candy for women
                               is more plentiful than that for men, just as was
                               the case in the mid 90's when I was there. This
                               compared to her earlier campus, UCLA, where she
                               said she often felt faint walking through
                               campus for all the esteem-destroying
                               competition. Not in Berkeley. If you can
                               prove otherwise with pix. Please post.
                               \_ I don't think using UCLA or UCSD as a
                                  standard is sane.
                               \_ I guess it depends on whether you prefer
                                  the bleached blond, fake bake, boob job look
                                  over the healthy lean asian hottie. I prefer
                                  the latter.
                                  \_ Have you not sat down and watched at
                                     UCLA yet?  You can also go to Beverly
                                     Center on a weekend.
             \_ A healthy number of pools, fitness classes, a good range of
                equipment, and you'll always be in better shape than that
                old Sociology prof who keeps trying to make good on his
                '01 resolutions. Seriously, though, it's fine if you live
                nearby, much less so if you don't.
             \_ The RSF gym is not just crowded.  It's VERY crowded when I was
                in school a decade ago.  You couldn't do something like do a
                set, rest 10sec, and do one more, because there would be six or
                seven pairs of eyes looking at you disgustingly.  You have to
                either start your next set immediately, or get up and wait at
                the end of the long line again.
        \_ You can haggle.  My 24 hour fitness membership is 24 a month
           and my company reimburses me for it.  But you pay a huge fee
           up front.
           \_ Indeed, I acted extremely hesitant when I went in to sign
              up at one place, so the guy kept tacking on extra months
              at no extra cost.  Then he gave me a $100 gift certificate
              at a shoe store, free training sessions, etc..
           \_ Ah, so at 24Hour things are negotiable.  I didn't know that.
        \_ When I lived in LA back in 1996, I went to Family Fitness.
           Lots of machines, nice friendly atmosphere, new and clean
           facilities.  No frills except for a juice / smoothie bar.
           It was like $100 for 6 months then, and they stated it
           upfront, no oily sales pitch, no any other fees, just $100
           for 6 months.
           \_ 24 Hour bought Family Fitness a while back.  All hail 24.
           \- The one thing I will advise you is if you get any special deals
              absolutely get them in writing. I asked for things like being
              able to put the membership clock on pause when i was on travel
              and sometimes they "forgot" about those agreements or didnt
              mention you can only do tht for n-weeks or that there was a
              $10 charge to freeze etc. Otherwise if you know what you want,
              the pressure shouldnt matter too much.
        \_ go to UCLA. Go to the John Wooden Center nearby Ashe Center.
           They have a really nice synthetic wall to climb, 3 really really
           nice swimming pools, and the gals there look fantastic. Maybe
           you can get a new gf as well [one who doesn't yet need to workout]
           \_ Go to a gym to find a girl who doesn't need to workout? I
              would speculate they look great because they work out.
              Otherwise they wouldn't be there.
              \_ You and your damn logic.
        \_ Threesomes will keep you healthy.
           \_ With a female third or male?
              \_ Which way is your bread buttered?
                 \_ Hmm.
                    1) The third guy screws you while you screw your gf's
                    2) You screw the third guy while he screws your gf's rear.
                    3) The third guy screws your gf's front while you screw her
                    Each of the three of you have two partners and four
                    different intercourses.  It only takes three positions.
                    Highly optimized.
                    \_ If sex were about optimization, you'd just go to a
                       sperm bank.
                       \_ Sperm bank is for reproduction, not sex.
                    \_ This works just as well for guy-girl-girl.
                        \_ As long as the extra girl has a penis.
                           \_ Or strap-on, if you're so inclined. However,
                              you can get four intercourses per person in
                              m-f-f scenario as well, as long as you include
                              oral (and why not? You're already accepting
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