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2005/1/18 [Uncategorized] UID:35758 Activity:nil
1/18    Satire poster for W2:  (both work safe)
        And the original from Mad Magazine:
2005/1/18 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:35759 Activity:nil
1/17    Thank to all the people trying to help me configure ATA133.
        I fixed it. Basically, WinXP was configured to auto use DMA,
        and it was using DMA Mode 2 automatically. According to the site:
        ...the max expected rate was 33.3MB/s. However after playing with
        the BIOS I got WinXP to go up to DMA Mode 6. Now I'm getting
        a transfer rate that is 3-4X faster than before. The difference
        is astounding. Thanks for all the gurus who helped out!
        \_ just curious:  what did you change in the BIOS?  By default in
           newer mobos the HD access mode is set to Auto, which usually ends
           up as the highest speed.
           \_ my MB is kind of weird. It has built in SATA and built
              in RAID. I disabled both of them long time ago because I
              didn't use them. When I noticed the performance hit 2 days
              ago I tried turning them on/off again to see if WinXP
              would jump from DMA Mode 2 to DMA Mode 6 and it didn't, and
              as a last resort I reset (default) the entire BIOS,
              turned SATA/RAID off, and voila, DMA Mode 6!!!
              In another word, I have no idea what happened, but I
              guess I should have tried resetting in the first place.
2005/1/18 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:35760 Activity:moderate
1/17    Each day the war goes on the hatred increases in the hearts of the
        Vietnamese and in the hearts of those of humanitarian instinct.
        The Americans are forcing even their friends into becoming their
        enemies. It is curious that the Americans, who calculate so
        carefully on the possibilities of military victory, do not
        realize that in the process they are incurring deep psychological
        and political defeat. The image of America will never again be the
        image of revolution, freedom, and democracy, but the image of
        violence and militarism. -MLK
        \_When we let freedom ring, when we let it ring from every village
          and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able
          to speed up that day when all of God's children, black men and
          white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will
          be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro
          spiritual, "Free at last! free at last! thank God Almighty,
          we are free at last!"
          And yes, they are free at last.
        \_ No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country.  He won it
           by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.  -GPJ
        \_ MLK was a marxist.. you didn't know this?  I wonder if he ever
           talked to any of the Cambodians or Viet boat people?
           \_ Cambodians?  Luckily the Vietnamese invaded Cambodia and
              unseated the US and China supported Khmer Rouge from
              power.  Otherwise, the killing fields would be even
              power.  Otherwise, the killing fields would've been even
              \_ Yeah, luckily Cambodia was invaded by a rival communist
                 power to stop an oppressive government... Hmmm, doesn't
                 this somehow sound vaguely familiar?
                 \_ doesn't sound familiar at all.  do elaborate.
           \_ MLK was on FBI's top 10 most wanted list as well.  From
              US government's track record (black panther), i am still
              wondering who killed MLK.
           \_ MLK was on FBI's top 10 most wanted list as well.  From
              US government's track record (black panther), i am still
              wondering who killed MLK.
2005/1/18-19 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:35761 Activity:kinda low
1/18    Western Digital vs. Maxtor, round one. I have 2 drives, a Maxtor
        250G and a WD 200G. Both have been running for a while since
        this summer, and out of curiousity I checked out their warranties.
        WD has a 3 year warranty while Maxtor only has a 1 year warranty.
        Is there anything I can conclude about the reliability,
        availability, and serviceability of the two drives?
        \_ Most manufacturers switched to 1 year warranty on most of their
           ATA drives last year.  WD kept the 3yr warranty on their 8MB cache
           models.  So I doubt you can make any assumptions based on the
           warranty period.  But there appears to be a big difference in
           reliability between 200GB and 250GB drives that's common on pretty
           much all of the manufacturers, which 300GB drives failing more than
           any others.  Based on that, I'd say your Maxtor 250GB would be more
           likely to prematurely fail.  I also had to replace 2 Maxtor 250GB
           drives in one of our ATA raid systems just last week, whereas I've
           yet to replace any of the drives on the same ATA raid system that
           has WD drives.  But the WD one is newer, so nothing can be concluded
           from that either.
        \_ All drives fail it's a matter of luck. Ive had all types. IBM
           Seagate, Maxtor, WD, Hitachi, etc.. I would suggest going with
           the manufacturer that has the best warranty. that's why I've stuck
           to only Seagate drives now since they have 5yr warranty.
        \_ As the former owner of 3 Maxtor drives (2 120 GB and 1 250 GB)
           drive, my experience was that Maxtor had really poor reliability
           and frequently failed before the 1 yr warranty was up. I switched
           to WD and Seagate and haven't noticed any problems to date (1yr +).
2005/1/18-19 [Finance/Banking, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:35762 Activity:moderate
1/18    A bunch of CD-ROMS I have are corrupted. They're in a nice
        CaseLogic case, closed, stored in a temperate (70-85F), dry
        location. I have no idea why they're corrupted, but I know
        one thing-- they've been sitting close my Sharper Image Ionizer
        [plus UV mode turned on], for maybe 6 months. I'm suspecting
        that either the ions or the UV killed them, but is it actually
        possible with the CD case closed? How about ions, are they
        bad for electronics, etc? ok thx.
        \_ Nah, most likely you got a bad batch of CD-Rs. Some CD-Rs
           were just badly manufactured and the dye just broke down.
           I'm assuming these are CD-Rs and not regular CDs. If they
           are regular CDs then there's something wrong with your drive,
           assuming that the CDs aren't melted or something. Otherwise,
           pressed CDs are very sturdy.
                \_ I thought about that, but both of my Memorex and
                   Maxell batch are dead. And the weird thing is that
                   initially the disk read were alright till maybe the
                   last 10% of the files, which end up to be corrupted. So
                   I think maybe one side of the CD got exposed to
                   something harmful, but I don't know...
        \_ How old are they? CDs are known to "go bad" after 7-10 years.
          \_ I made them since 2000-2001. Never really subjected them to
             sunlight or extreme heat. Must be the UV+ionizer           -op
        \_ the data is written from the middle outward, so your experience
           of the "last 10%" failing first indicates that the seal on
           the outer rim failed and the dye layer degraded from the outside
           towards the middle.  do you see any funny patterns on the data
           side, e.g. corrosion or weird non-concentric variations?  i too
           would blame the ionizer.
2005/1/18 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:35763 Activity:nil
1/18    Between Fannie Mae (Gorelick and Raines), Berger, and this you
        really have to wonder.
        Cut-Rate Diplomas:How doubts about the government's
        own Dr. Laura exposed a fraud
        \_ Who is Laura Callahan?
2005/1/18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35764 Activity:nil
1/18    Someone please give me a 411 on the aaron incident? I don't read the
        wall/motd every day and I just want to read a short paragraph
        summarizing it. Thank!
        \_ he went nuts.
           \_ Is he squished yet?
              \_ /csua/bin/finger aaron | less   --- no
                 \_ /csua/bin/finger -mp aaron   --RTFManpage
2005/1/18-19 [Uncategorized] UID:35765 Activity:low
1/18    I know glass is SiO2, but what is 'stoneware'?
        \_ Just a guess that it is a type of clay.
           \_ Which is chemically what?
              \_ STFW maybe?  *sheesh*
              \_ Clay is Al2O3.2SiO2.2H20 in a general sense, but not all
                 clays are exactly the same.
2005/1/18-19 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:35766 Activity:low
1/18    Anyone know where Mozilla Thunderbird keeps its cache?
        \_ Thunderbird?  What cache?  Which OS are you talking about also?
        \_ need to clean it? get cache cleaner - freeware for windoze.
2005/1/18-19 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Security] UID:35767 Activity:nil
1/18    WinXP question. Let's say I have a backup folder, encrypted using
        EFS. Then I backup my private keys using "cipher /x:keys".
        Then one day my computer crashes and I'd like to read the
        backup folder. How do I export the keys to a newly installed
        WinXP so that it'll read the encrypted files? ok thx.
        \_ I believe all you need is to attach the hard drive to another
           computer (via IDE or external drive) and login with the same
           username and password, and the files will magically decrypt
           as you open them.
           If you want to access the files with another username, there
           are steps in the link (search for "import your keys"), but it
           sounds complicated.
2005/1/18-20 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:35768 Activity:nil
1/18    Did anyone go out to see the Bus 19 protest stuff in Berkeley?
        \_ But wait, Palestine is a democracy now!  I thought once a nation
           had elections terrorists magically evaporated.
           \_ No, it's when everyone has guns all crime with magically
              stop!  Er, wait, that doesn't hold up either..
2005/1/18-19 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/HW/Display] UID:35769 Activity:kinda low
1/18    Recommendations for MoBo/CPU for a game PC (Windows XP)  -John
        \_ MSI Neo2 Platinum plus A64 3000/3200/3500
           \_ What about future-proofing by getting a PCI-X mobo?
              \_ Most of the ones that have all the features you could
                 possibly want (SLI, hi-def sound, RAID) are either too
                 expensive or aren't available yet. FWIW, i'm waiting for
                 the MSI K8N SLI Platinum
                 \_ SLI is stupid. But PCIE (not PCI-X... that's something
                    else) you should get for future compatibility although
                    they will likely release cards using AGP bridge chips
                    for a while yet.
        \_ Athlon 64 3500+/3200+ "Winchester" (90nm) with Asus A8V -
2005/1/18 [Finance] UID:35770 Activity:moderate
        Salinas with the third least affordable housing??
        \_ Wow, Yuba City made the list!  I guess Chico has a slightly
           higher median income?
           \_ Chico has seen a huge increase in home prices lately.  I've seen
              houses comparable to mine going for more than 2x what I paid 4.5
              years ago.  Meanwhile salaries really haven't changed much.
        \_ I find this hard to believe. San Jose, San Mateo, Mountain
           view are not listed, yet Oakland made it to the top? And
           Merced/Modesto made the top list, even though ppl there are
           unually poor farmers who could barely make a living there?
           \_ Umm... re-read the explanation at the top of the page.  It's
              based on median income vs home cost, not flat home cost.
           \_ Damn, NYC beat Modesto by just one ranking... bastards...
2005/1/18 [Reference/History/WW2/Japan, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:35771 Activity:moderate
1/18    I want to see this: (Wierd Japanese Kiddie show)
        \_ Are there non-weird Japanese kiddie shows?
           \_ I'd actually be interested in Japanese TV in general
              to assist in learning the language. Does anyone know
              of regular Japanese language shows you can get in the US
              through cable or satellite? -bz
              \_ channel 26 ktsf(?) on the public airwaves has dramas
2005/1/18-19 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:35772 Activity:very high
1/18    Would you want to fly (ride in) the A380?
        \_ There's something I've learned about the world of engineering.
           The first time a product is released to the public, there are
           always "kinks". Never be the first to try a certain product
           because those kinks will bite you. I certainly don't want to
           be the first to fly an A380.
        \_ Sure, depending on the price. Having a bed and a casino would
           certainly make flying more fun - like crossing on a ship
           used to be.
           \_ Yeah, dream on. Every time a bigger airplane is made, it's
              predicted that you'll have a bar and such on it. In the end,
              very very few airlines opt for such amenities, and most end up
              using every single inch of free space for passenger seats.
              \_ Well, this is what Virgin has announced.
                 \_ Virgin already has bars on its existing 747s.  However,
                    Virgin seats are pretty cramped, so it may not be the
                    best trade off.
                    \_ Personally, I'd rather have comfortable seats and have
                       my drinks there ..
        \_ will they be able to fill the planes?  800 people a plane?
           500 people a plane?
           \_ They're only intended for long-distance, high-traffic routes, so
        \_ new Terrorist weapon released?
           \_ why not 747?
                \_ cuz it's the old terrorist weapon
        \_ not for Airbus, hell no. First of all I don't trust their
           record. In 1998 during a demonstration flight, due to a bug
           in their fly-by-wire software the then new A320 crashed into
           trees. Secondly I don't trust Airbus management. After the
           the Habsheim debacle, Airbus recovered the blackbox (they
           don't have NTSB equivalent) and actually SWITCHED the black
           box to cover up their mistakes (gotta make stockholders happy):
           Thirdly, I just don't trust French men and their snobby
           "I am better than you" attitude. I certainly would not fly
           in a plane designed by French men and flown by French
           \_ This is a long shot, but I played around with A320 model and
              747 model in AeroFlyProDeluxe (R/C flight sim), which is
              supposed to be very physics accurate, and I found A320 to be
              far worse in many aspects, such as handling, response, and
              stall reaction.
           \_ Yeah, only Americans are allowed to have that "I am better
              than you" attitude.
           \_ But your modest "I am better than French men" attitude is just
              \_ I wonder if he would fly in a plane designed by himself
                 and flown by himself?  Probably not.
                 \_ Not sure about op, but I would fly in a plane that I
                    designed b/c there is a snowballs chance in hell that
                    any plane I designed would actually leave the ground.
           \_ Do you still call them Freedom Fries?
              \- one of the standards used for eval new aircrafts is called
                 ETOPS which stands for extended range twin-engine operations.
                 there is a joke it really stands for "engines turn or passen-
                 gers swim". if memory serves boeing wanted to move to faster
                 cetification for things like over large bodies of water
                 flights after they switch to heavy computer design ... i think
                 for the 757.
2005/1/18-19 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iran, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:35773 Activity:very high
1/18    I just don't get it. We have enough nukes to nuke every major
        city on this planet, yet we go around the world telling other
        countries "no, you cannot have nukes", not to mention we are
        the only country on the face of this planet in the course of
        humanity to use a nuke. We said Iraq definitely have WMD, well
        where the fuck is it? Now we say Iran definitely have it and
        must be eliminated or the world will come to an end. It's like
        a millionaire telling the poor guy on the street, "no, you
        cannot have $10!!" All this shit, and there are still idiots
        on the motd believing Bush and the lies that are coming out of
        this administration. I just don't get it. Without Iran and NK,
        BushCo would have you believe that China would be ready to
        nuke us any minute now. Just tell me again why Iran cannot
        have nukes but we can, and we have shit loads of them.
        \_ Because why does an oil-rich country need nukes?
        \_ Because Iran is ruled by a cabal of religious extremists.
           \_ And the US is not?
              \_ Your brain has been classified as: small.
                 \- you must pay me 5cents.
              \_ No, it's a republic with 3 branches of government.
                 By the way you are stupid.
                 \_ I see it ruled by the republicans.
                    \_ Who were lawfully elected to the offices
                       which they hold. If they fail to properly
                       enact the will of the people they will be
                       voted out of office. Just b/c you didn't
                       vote for them doesn't make them a cabal.
        \_ Do humanity a favor and jump off Evans.
           \_ Do humanity a favor and go fuck yourself.
        \_ Stop thinking! It is unpatriotic.
                        \_ The will of the people?  Bah.  Bush won
                           a popularity contest, not an election
                           based on an electorate rationally considering
                           the issues.  Now, having his illusory "mandate",
                           he will do is own will, not ours.
                           \_ Clinton also won a popularity contest. That's
                              what elections are. Ar-nold.
        \_ You don't understand the difference between Iran and the US?  Try
           living in Iran for a year and let us know how it goes.
        \_ Even forgetting about the arguments about how we're morally
           better than them or have a better form of government, we don't
           want them to have nukes because they are not our friends and we
           want to have more power than them.  It has nothing to do with
           being fair.  It's a seperate argument to say that we are a
           democracy and they are not.  But the real answer to the op's
           question is that we don't let them have nukes because we don't
           want to be threatened by them.  We want to be the ones pushing
           them around, and not vice versa.  Besides, they might be crazy
           and use them for all we know.  Even if this is unlikely, why
           risk it?
        \_ Please tell me that you are a conservative trolling.
        \_ Please tell me that you are a conservative trolling. -liberal
           \_ I think it might be Chicom troll. His English probably improved.
              \_ no, it's not me, and FYI, i don't think he is trolling.
        \_ I've got a gun. That bad guy down the street who hates my guts
           and wants to kill me is trying to figure out how to get a gun.
           He hasn't done it yet but he's getting pretty close. In your
           little world, I should go knock on his door and give him my
           gun so that he can shoot my head off. HINT: Its a jungle out
           there and only the fittest survive. I'm not a saint, and I
           won't be in this life so if its btwn me or the bad guys, I'm
           chosing me.
           \_ I don't have a gun.  But the guy up the street has one and
              hates me.  He has not shot me yet but I am not going to
              sit here and wait.  But since he is trying to keep me from
              getting a gun, obviously he is preparing to shoot me.  In
              your macro world, you would shoot everyone who you think may
              shoot you.  And yes, the guy just hates you because you're
              free.  Ever figure out why people hate each other?
              \_ Good try, but you have made some key mistakes. The
                 critical one is that you assume the good guys want
                 to shoot the bad guy who is trying to get the gun.
                 This is not true. If the bad guy wasn't out to
                 get the good guy, he would leave them alone.
                 The second mistake is that you state that the guy
                 up the street hates you. This is also not true.
                 You are the hater who is going after the good guy
                 who lives up the street.
                 The reason why the bad guys hate us is quite simple.
                 It is the green eyed monster known as envy. Those
                 buggers hate the fact that a free and open society
                 leads to scientific progress and material gain.
                 They resent the fact that our freedoms have made us
                 the most important and prosperous nation in the
                 history of human civilization while their own
                 outmoded ideas have brought them nothing at all.
                 \_ I was with you for your first paragraph, but the second
                    one is bullshit.  You really think the average Iranian
                    who shakes his fist at the Great Satan of the U.S.A.
                    is pondering where their civilization went wrong, and
                    becoming envious as a conclusion?  When people live in
                    a dictatorship, they tend *not* to do much thinking,
                    which is the problem.  Maybe the people *writing* the
                    propoganda think the way you say, but the average man
                    on the street is just spouting crap he heard from his
                    TV/radio/Cleric.  I'm guessing that the real thinkers among
                    them hate the regime so much that they secretly like
                    America just because it's the opposite of what they hate.
                    I've sure met a lot of former soviet citizens who felt
                    that way about Reagan's America.
        \_ Because Iran said they won't
           \-You may wish to read the famous paper "the spread of nuclear
           weapons: more may be better" [adelphi paper #171] by fmr/emeritus
           ucb prof kenneth waltz. there is also a book by waltz and sagan
           that is ok. --psb
                \- oh this paper is online at:
                   [i didnt check if it is complete. pretty much everything
                   by waltz is good.]
             \_ Please explain why the world will be better with a nuclear
                \_ Someone to nuke Israel, duh!
                \-are you more worried about nuclear "leakage" from
                  the ex-Soviet Union or an Iran bomb? How about Iran
                  vs. Pak? I think Pak is more likely to fall apart.
                  My concern w.r.t. nukes is not the ability of states
                  posessing them increase their ability to influence
                  outcomes beyond their borders, but their ability to
                  maintain good command and control systems. It makes
                  sense for Iran to chase the bomb. It probably didnt
                  make sense for South Africa. I dont think it makes
                  sense for Brazil at the moment, but who knows 10yrs
                  from now under the Jeb administration.
                  \_ Sodians are mostly white imperialist,
                     who uses different standard to judge others because
                     they think USA is morally/culturally  superior.  And
                     if you notice, it's not just nukes.  Chemical weapon,
                     biological weapons, land mines... the theme is
                     we got them all and free to use it, but no one else
                     should have it.  *ESPECIALLY* if you are not Christian
                     Jews, and/or white.   Did USA signed universal nuclear
                     test ban treaty? nope.  is USA destroying stockpiles of
                     chemical/biological weapons nope.
                     \_ If the jackal asked the elephant to please give
                        up his trunk and his tusks, the elephant would
                        laugh. There is a universal law, it is called
                        survival of the fittest. If you foolishly give
                        your advantage away you are asking to get killed.
                        The TBT is a terrible idea. It ties our hands
                        but allows our enemies to to whatever they like.
                        It is a good thing that ADULTS run this world,
                        not fools like you.
                        \_ In other words, let's quash those Tibetans
                           since TI is bad for China and detrimental to
                           China's vital national intereset.  It's
                           a matter of survival of the fittest.  When
                           Americans complain about human rights, they
                           are just being a bunch of hypocrites and
                           Pharisees, just like in the Bible.
                                                        - Chicom troll
                          \-ObMelianDialog: The strong do what they can
                            and the weak suffer what they must. [nb i mean
                            that as an empirical not normative statement.
                            assessing the normative nature of the international
                            system is beyond the scope of the motd, but see
                            man, the state, and war, and the Stag Hunt example]
                            \- ObAbeLincolnQuotes:
                               "Let us have faith that right makes might, and
                                in that faith, let us, to the end, dare to do
                                our duty as we understand it."
                               "The only assurance of our Nation's safety is
                                to lay our foundation in Morality and Religion"
                               -- chicom troll
                            \- Does the Melian Dialog fit with some kind of
                               Hindu or Buddhist karma world view?
2005/1/18-19 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:35774 Activity:moderate
1/18    Looking for a good backup program on XP. I like the simplicity
        of the default XP backup program, but I'd like to have encryption
        on top of it. I've considered WinZIP with encryption but it is a
        bit clumsy, and I've considered tar/pgp, but I'd hate to tar and
        then pgp separately. What are some alternatives? Thanks.
        \_ Can you just create an encrypted volume with Pro and just dump
           all your data on a backup drive? I tend to do USB HDs since
           dumping stuff to CDR/DVD isn't practical anymore these days with
           hundreds of gigs of data.
           \_ well if your primary disk is hosed and lose the keys you'll
              never retrieve your content. I don't know how/and have enough
              faith to backup/restore the keys.
              \_ See post and URL in other thread about username / password
                 based retrieval of WinNT-encrypted files.
2005/1/18-19 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:35775 Activity:very high
1/18    And now, a non political question. I want to do semi-transparent
        on a bitmap. Is turning every other bit transparent and staggering
        this on every line effective?
        \_ It does work, but it doesn't look great.  As the poster below
           suggested, use a bitmap format with real translucency (like PNG)
           if you can.
        \_ Are you chinese?  Do you understand the effects opium trade
           had on china?
           \_ Fuck you and your bitmaps.  How much did Karl Rove pay you to
              to say that about bitmaps?
              \_ Obviously you've never served.
        \_ Uh, you mean a checkerboard pattern? =P Sure, it's fine, except
           that if by "bitmap" you mean a "Windows bitmap", then you don't
           get any transparency.
           \_ This can make nasty moire patterns on CRT monitors, in case that
              matters to OP.
        \_ use png files if you can
        \_ The easiest way is to create a layered image in whatever tool you
           prefer (photoshop, psp, gimp, etc.) and set the transparency.  Do
           you want to simply make 1 bitmap?  Many?  Programatically?
           \_ I want to have a floating bitmap as a window (already
              accomplished) that is semi-transparent so that you can see
              everything behind the window. Other option I suppose is to
              take a clipped screenshot of everything behind the window
              and do an alpha on the two bitmaps, but that seems
              to be somewhat difficult to accomplish.
              \_ On Windows 2000 or XP, why not use normal alpha?
2005/1/18 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:35776 Activity:nil
1/18    This seems kind of odd.
        26.5 million pounds... they call it a "raid" but it sounds like it was
        two guys carrying money out in boxes?
2005/1/18 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Abortion, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:35777 Activity:high
        An alternative inaugural speech.
        \_ Wow, I remember when PJ O'Rourke wasn't a raving ass.
           \_ when was that? I'm not fucking with you, I'm just curious, since
              I haven't really read much of his stuff.
        \_ That was a lot funnier than I expected.
        \_ I agree with the ass guy.
2005/1/18 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:35778 Activity:high
        Spanish King's concern on illegal immigration. Two ways I read
        this article:
        1) the Spanish King is very classy and expresses his concerns
           to Morrocco. The US government has no class and gives out
           this crude "fuck you immigrants" message.
        2) The classy Spanish King hates immigrants and uses his superior
           negociation skills (something that most American politicians
           lack) to get across his subtle "fuck you immigrants" message.
        What do you guys think?
        \_ I think anyone who bears the title of "king" from any nation can
           go fuck himself.
           \_ King George the 2nd from the USA!
              \_ I voted for Kerry, and I think Bush is a really shitty
                 president, but I'll take a shitty president over a king
                 any day of the week.  Fuck the King of Spain, and fuck
                 the English royal family.
                 \_ But the English royal family is just ceremonial ...
                    just like the emperor of Japan
                    \_ The emperor or Japan can go fuck himself, also.
2005/1/18 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:35779 Activity:nil
1/18    When you sit in a coffee shop all day working on your laptop and using
        their free wireless, what quantity of tasty snacks do you feel obligated
                                       und keine Eier! _/
        to buy?
        \_ Strongly depends on how busy they are.  If there's free tables
           and/or AC outlets, then average $1/hr. with a 1 drink minimum.
           If there's a demand for tables, then 1 purchase/hr, unless it's a
           meal of some sort, which buys 2 hrs.
           Never take up a big table when there's demand, no matter how much
           you're buying.
2005/1/18-20 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Graphics] UID:35780 Activity:nil
1/18    I want to do a personal project involving OpenGL.  I also require
        basic GUI widgets of some sort in a cross-platform way.  What would
        you reccomend?  Java-OpenGL doesn't seem standardized.  Should I try to
        use GLUT?  Should I use some cross-platform scripting language?
        I'm looking for cross-platform, full OpenGL support, and lightweight.
        \_ Take a look at GLUI.
2021/10/17 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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