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2005/1/11 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:35647 Activity:high
1/11    Man, is this photo where O'Reilly looks like Satan intentional or not?
        \_ That's the way he looks after he's been denied steamy hot
           falafel sex for 3 months.
           \_ "falafel sex"?
2005/1/11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:35648 Activity:very high
1/10    When girls say "I don't care (whether you are the 'best' or not)"
        and "I just want to be with you", are they serious or they are
        \_ Why/when would she say this?  Did you ask?
        just saying it to be nice? I know girls don't put as much
        importance in sex as guys do, but it's hard to imagine if they
        can "not care", I mean obviously this depends on the girl, but
        how often does a girl stay with someone who's not that great
        in bed in real life? I mean all guys would want to believe
        they are great in bed, but just like anything, some guys are
        better than others, and I can't quite imagine why girls would
        settle with someone being only OK in bed rather than someone
        who gives them mind blowing experiences... so what happens in
        real world? How much do girls care about sex? -silly sodan, not troll.
        \_ Women vary tremendously in the importance they place
           on sex. Much more so than men, in my experience.
           Unless I had a good reason to think otherwise, I would
           believe her on this. -sodan with lots of experience
           \_ Also, you can always work on getting better.  Talk with
              her about what she likes and what you like.  Be creative.
              Be communicative.
        \_ Would you dump a kind, attractive, compatible woman you really
           got along with just because she was bad in bed? Or, what if
           she was good in bed and then something happened (e.g. an
           accident)? When we choose life partners (or just potential
           life partners) there's a lot more important than if we have the
           best sex ever. That is, OK is OK if everything else works. I
           doubt most women would want to stay with their best fuck ever.
           I know most men wouldn't, since good sex equates to lots of
           partners in many cases and many men freak out when they find out
           women aren't virginal (or even close by a mile).
           \_ Is this due to gene or society? -serious question
           \_ Is this due to gene simmons or society? -serious question
           \_ How is an attractive woman bad in bed?  I mean, you're a dude,
              \_ Dude, there's *a lot* more to good sex than mounting and
                 thrusting; not only interms of enthusiasm, but in terms of
                 what she's willing to do, and whether it's pleasant when
                 she does it, or just damn painful.  It also matters what she's
                 willing to let you do, and whether she can figure out how to
                 make it more comfortable and enjoyable for you.  Otherwise,
                 you're better off fucking a sack of potatoes, since they
                 don't ask for dinner afterward and will at least stay moist
                 from beginning to end.
                 \_ Sack of potatoes?  Jeez, you could at least come up with
                    an inanimate object for which it's physically possible.
                    Your metaphore is dumber than a wet donkey with one sail
                    in the water.
                    \_ heh, wet donkey with one sail in the water....that
                       cracks me up.  I'll have to remember that one.
                    \_ Seconded! I salute your skill in neology.
              \_ Well if she doesn't seem to enjoy it that would turn me off.
                 Of course you could say that's not the chick's fault.
              \_ Hahahahaha, u are funny man.
              \_ This was a joke, but imagine if that woman was horribly
                 disfigured. If she'd still be worth a fuck then she's
                 good. If not, she's just a living fantasy.
                 \_ Would I dump a kind, horribly disfigured, compatible
                    woman who was good in bed?  Doh!
           \_ I prefer women with experience for that very reason. -swloe
        \_ At least when Anna Nicole Smith said "I don't care", she really
           meant it.
        \_ Yes. I'm terrible in the sack, but my wife has stuck with me for
           years. And, no, she's not cheating, thanks for asking.
           \_ Yes, but is she still fucking you? Mine won't anymore because
              I'm not enough. I'm not kidding.
              \_ This is why the Europeans have both a wife and a
                 mistress. They fill different roles.
                 \_ You realize this is an American fantasy, right? Actual
                    survey data puts the French infidelity rate below the
                    American. The rich have mistresses there, jsut like here.
                    The rest of them deal, just like here.
                    \_ Probably because the women there are better in bed
                       to begin with. Regardless of your survey, it is
                       more accepted to have a mistress there than it is
                       \_ I went and re-read a synopsis of the survey results.
                          It agrees with what you are saying, but not quite
                          the way you might think.
                          \_ Read this and don't think it addresses the
                             issue at all. It assumes, for instance, that
                             a married person having sex with one partner
                             is having sex with his wife. Plus, it is
                             self-reported. Not sure people want to admit
                             in a phone survey to a stranger that they are
                             having an affair.
              \_ What exactly is wrong with you?
                 \_ He's married.
                    \_ No. I know plenty of happily married couples that even
                       do a lot of fucking, though that is less common among
                       at least the people I know about. There is not
                       necessarily wrong with either of us (believe me, we've
                       been over this in gory detail for years). THe case now
                       is that I'm just not what she wants. I'm probably
                       asking for a divorce soon.
                       \_ Gonna divorce over some poon or are you not
                          getting along in other ways?
2005/1/11-12 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:35649 Activity:moderate
1/11    Yawn.  Another reason to switch away from IE.
        "Yahoo! News - 'Extremely Critical' Flaw Threatens Internet Explorer
        \_ who uses IE anymore?
           \_ ~90% of web surfers, sadly.
           \_ A lot of intranet web apps are written such that they require IE
              to function (ActiveX stuff).  The SF Police crime statistics
              site requires IE.  Design decisions are not always made by smart
              people.  "Who needs standards when we can standardize on MS!"
              \_ That's awesome.  The fastest growing crime is identity
                 theft, and the SF Police crime site require IE.  Trying
                 to boost that stats, are we?
                 \_ Viruses, crashes, hiring hordes of admins to keep the
                    rickety systems functional -- Yet Windows just keeps
                    becoming more popular.
                    \_ In this sense, Windoze keeps the economy going.
                        \_ Only in the sense that an inefficient economy is
                           a good economy.
2005/1/11-12 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:35650 Activity:nil
1/11    In my HTML mail there is this tag <IMG src="cid:picture.jpg">.  What
        is "cid:"?  Thanks.
        \_ Displaying attatched images?
        \_ Aargh. If we keep feeding you, you'll never learn to STFW. Sigh:
2005/1/11-12 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:35651 Activity:low
1/11    When does the new $500 Mac get announced?
        \_ By 10:30 today or never
        \_ It's been announced!  It's the Mac SE!
           \_ I've got the upgrade, the Mac SE/X
        \_ Mac Mini
        \_ also the iPod Shuffle for $99
2005/1/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:35652 Activity:low
1/10    Has anyone tried WinXP Media Center Edition? Good/bad/comments?
        \_ No, get an iMac Mini.
           \_ Yeah I see the vivo ports on the Mac Mini.
2005/1/11-12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35653 Activity:high
1/12    In case any of you were wondering, the MOTD is beginning to propagate
        across the web, thank to KAIS MOTD.
        \_ You should fix your topic recognition, Kevin.  A discussion of
           the Trojan War is not middle eastern politics.
           \_ I'm not kchang.
           \_ Darn it, the pigeons are slacking off again:
              and by the way I didn't post the original message       -kchang
        \_ Explain? The motd has been popular on UNIX since the 80s
           \_ *This* motd has only been read-able and write-able by sodans
              until recently. The version available on the CSUA main page
              doesn't count because it had no archive, even when it included
              below-the-line posts.
                \_ THIS motd has been world readable on the newsgroup
                   (remember the newsgroup)? Search csua newsgroup on google's
                   newsgroup archive and you'll see it.
                   \_ What's a newsgroup?  How do I get to that?
                   \_ Some particularly memorable motds have been posted
                      to alt.motd in the distant past. -geordan
              \_ You can use finger to read motd and lwall without having
                 a soda account.
                 \_ Just, uhm, don't finger too often.
        \_ When MOTD finally becomes self-aware, nukes will fall from the sky.
2005/1/11 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:35654 Activity:nil
1/11    FTC Moves to Stop Illegal X-Rated Spamming
        "Harrington said the agency located the companies and individuals
        through e-mails consumers sent the FTC's data base in the spring."
        Wow!  I didn't know that spam forwarded to the FTC are actually looked
        at.  I thought it was a /dev/null to keep the public happy.  Can we
        make SpamAssasin forward all spam automatically?
        \_ Aargh, mixed feelings....
2005/1/11 [Uncategorized] UID:35655 Activity:nil
1/10    So does aaron only hate a few religions?  Or is he an equal opportunity
        \_ He's on wall.  Why don't you ask him yourself? -meyers
2005/1/11 [Uncategorized] UID:35656 Activity:nil
1/10    Man, the iMini is so cute. If its a PC and I can install my
        software on it, I'll dump my big box.
2005/1/11 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:35657 Activity:nil
1/10    Is it generally a good/bad idea to defragment a disk running
        under VMware? The disks are represented in files, disk.vmdk
        so I presume thath if I defrag it should make them faster.
        How about defragging outside? The second question is, is it just
        my imagination or it seems like copying *.vmdk file is a lot
        slower than copying regular files?
        \_ Read the help.  Defrag within the guest, then defrag from the
           Workstation UI (under the disk properties), and then defrag the
           host.  Copying .vmdk files shouldn't be any different from copying
           other files; they *are* just ordinary files (they just happen to
           be larger than most others).
2005/1/11-12 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:35658 Activity:low 75%like:35788
1/10    Does the Mac Mini have a fan?
        \_ Yes.
        \_ Yes. Even a PowerBook or an iBook has a fan.
        \-yes, mini-mac-fan#1
2005/1/11 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:35659 Activity:low
1/10    Once a day I get a telephone call of some recodred message in Spanish.
        I have no idea what they're saying other than the opening "Hola, es
        Veronica..."  What can I do to stop these calls?
        \_ TeleZapper worked great for me.
        \_ Caller ID is your friend.
2005/1/11 [Computer/SW/Apps] UID:35660 Activity:nil
1/10    I used the font "ITC Kabel Medium" to make a busines card, but
        I can't find the font on my disk anymore. Any idea what software
        this font might have been bundled with? Thanks!
        \_ Nevermind, Adobe says Pagemaker 7. Which I bought and
           returned because Quark is so much better. Font missing! -op
2005/1/11-12 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/HW/CPU] UID:35661 Activity:low
1/11    Can I install XP on an iMac Mini?
        \_ You sick, sick human being.
        \_ Think about this for a second:  It's a G4 processor.  Is there a
           PowerPC version of WinXP?  No.  You could install VMWare on a mini
           mac, and then put XP into that, but it'll be s-l-o-w.
           \_ Microsoft bought Virtual PC to offer this kind of functionality,
              which has been mostly stable on G4 for awhile.  Yes, it's
              very slow.
           \_ You mean VirtualPC.  VMware is x86 only and doesn't do emulation.
2005/1/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:35662 Activity:kinda low
1/11    Hey, anybody on motd know anything or have experiences or advice about
        keeping crows or ravens as pets?  TIA.
        \_ I knew a guy who tried it. He quoth, "nevermore, nevermore."
           \_ That bad, eh?  Suck.   -op
        \_ No, get an Mac Mini.
        \_ I thought it couldn't be done, but I had to eat crow.
           \_ What did it taste like?  Chicken, I assume?  It doesn't sound
              pleasant.    -op
2005/1/11-12 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:35663 Activity:nil
1/11    How do I set up a spam filter without hosing soda with perl processes?
        (something running on soda, not in my Windoze e-mail client)  Thanks!
        \_ The best you can do is to run spamc (which uses the shared spamd
           daemon) instead of running spamassassin directly.
2005/1/11 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Domestic/California] UID:35664 Activity:high
1/11    What's the libertarian/conservative repsonse to the mudslide
        in SoCal?  Should be be forcing Ilya, at gunpoint, to pay to
        try to rescue people who *choose* to live downhill from, um,
        anything?  Should surivors be able to sue the owner of the
        mud for damages?
        \_ I am no libertarian or conservative, but I think aid for people
           who built million dollar houses in obviously idiotic places is
           bullshit.  When a once in a hundred years tsunami floods your whole
           town, you can call it an act of God, but when you build your
           house in a fucking flood plane and it gets flooded you deserve
           what you get.
           \_ I don't mean extra aid, I mean digging bodies out of the
              mud.  And suppose the mudslide was caused because the owner
              of the land uphill cleared out the vegetation?  Lastly, calling
              the little bit of rain they're getting a tsunami is a stretch,
              given the widespread destruction of the real one.
              \_ [ bitch. ]
           \_ La Chonchita was hardly a place of million dollar homes, fyi.
        \_ If I remember correctly from yesterday's hate fest, ilyas would
           deny such basic assistance as food stamps to poor people.  Why
           would he want to waste money rescuing anyone?
           \_ It's not a waste to spend money to rescue people, but if I were
              in charge of the country, I wouldn't consider it my money to
              spend.  I would encourage people to not be fucktards and help,
              but I will not be a fucktard in return and make them help if
              they do not wish. -- ilyas
              \_ And while you're taking your time gathering support, real
                 people are dying buried beneath the mud.
                 \_ I think the libertarian solution would be to have people
                    donate in advance to a relief group which would help out
                    when necessary. --not libertarian, but trying to understand
                    \_ Or it could work kind of how home owner associations
                       work. Places have their own local organisations
                       responsible for providing or contracting private
                       emergency services. --also non-libertarian
                 \_ I will not force people to do good.  If you want to go
                    down that path, why have free will at all?  Just lobotomize
                    them into some sort of drone-saint and be done with it.
                    Of course, drone-saints are not moral agents, but that
                    probably doesn't bother you.  If you ever wondered why
                    Christians tend to not be liberal, it might be because
                    they have this intuitive notion that God considered free
                    will important as far as doing good.  Otherwise, he wouldn't
                    have bothered with it, and just made everyone act as they
                    should act.  Liberals ignore the issue of human goodness
                    entirely using the machine of government. -- ilyas
                    \_ Hmm, libertarians seem to take the notion of human
                       goodness for granted, and conveniently ignore the fact
                       that expensive life saving equipment and training is
                       usually outside of the range of affordability for me
                       and neighbor Joe.  That money's gotta come from
                       somewhere, and if that means through taxes, then so
                       be it.  Saying that this 'ignoring the issue of human
                       goodness' seems, at best, non sequitur.  Perhaps you can
                       give clarification.
                       \_ Eh, rescue stuff is sort of a gray area.  In
                          principle libertarians tend to not fund stuff other
                          than police/army.  On the other hand, rescue
                          operations are often done _by_ the army, since they
                          tend to be very qualified for this kind of work
                          (see the tsunami thing for example).  Personally,
                          I don't consider rescue efforts, and general
                          'good samaritan' stuff to be the province of the
                          government, though I recognize government agencies,
                          even in limited government, tend to be good at it.
                          Anyways lifesaving equipment/training maybe outside
                          the scope of the average Joe, but so are blood
                          transfusions, or AIDS research.  This does not mean
                          average Joe would not contribute, and that effective,
                          fast acting charity based rescue orgs cannot exist
                          (in fact they exist now).
                          I ll modify my original claim somewhat, and say that
                          short term crises of any kind can be reasonably
                          claimed to be the province of the army/law
                          enforcement agencies, which are tax-funded.
                          Or they may not (also reasonable).
                          The 'human goodness' comment is more of a general
                          comment on how libertarians view acts of charity
                          and decency.  -- ilyas
                    \_ Eh, rescuing people in need of immediate disaster
                       response is part of the reason IMO we have government.
                       Long-term aid should be through private groups, etc.
                       Rebuilding should be done (if at all) via funds from
                       private insurance. -emarkp
                       \_ This mostly makes sense to me.  I don't understand
                          why this would be 'ignoring the issue of human
                          goodness', though.           -mice (a moderate)
                 \_ Haven't you been keeping up with motd?  God punishes the
                    unworthy (esp if they're poor and ideologically unsound).
                    It's their fault, so sit back and enjoy yer stuff and feel
                    no conscience about (or need to participate in) society.
           \_ Dig them out and then mail them a bill.
        \_ Rescuing people is a reasonable government action.  Paying them
           relief money so they can rebuild in the same spot isn't.  Morons who
           drive around barricades to cross a river which was a road should be
           charged the cost of the rescue.
2005/1/11-12 [Science/Space] UID:35665 Activity:nil
        "makes you tread water and swallow some water" indeed.  dumbass.
2005/1/11-12 [Computer/HW/Display, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:35666 Activity:moderate
1/11    So the iMac Mini is basically an evolution of the old Cube thing. Or
        those little Shuttle PC boxes. Or a Gamecube. But it doesn't seem
        to make much sense compared to an iBook. Why no digital audio output?
        \_ you can still do digital audio over usb. Probably the reason
           there is no spdif connector is b/c of space/price. I think
           it makes a lot of sense (I bought one for my living room),
           hopefully it works w/ my HD-TV and I can ditch my noisy
           xbox and maybe get eyeTv and do HD capture w/ it.
           \_ And you can also do digital audio over firewire. The Mac Mini
              is also much cheaper than the Cube. I think it's basically the
              cube done right.
              \_ Yeah, and you could've been doing this for the past two years
                 now for about $350 by buying a small  multimedia PC at Fry's.
                 Plus you get expansion slots that will fit in a decent
                 VIVO card and you're not stuck with 40 gigs. Apple, the
                 company that's great at repackaging things that already
                 exist for a higher price.
                 \_ I bought a small multi-media PC from Fry's two yrs ago
                    to use as a home theater pc. It was a complete flop.
                    The damn thing was too loud, it ran way too hot to put
                    \_ Really? What was loud about it, the hard drive?
                       The EPIA MB that comes with these devices are
                       fanless otherwise. Perhaps it was the PSU? I have
                       a microtower PSU and it's pretty noiseless. As for
                       heat issues, not quite sure about that one. I guess
                       if you stick in a Radeon XT800 in there it will
                       \_ Mine was a P4/Celeron mb. I got the slowest
                          celeron I could find and I down clocked it
                          so that it would generate less heat. I also
                          got the biggest damn zalman hs that fit in
                          the case. I replaced the 2 40 mm fans w/
                          3 quiet (17 db) 40 mm fans. The ps fan was
                          pretty quiet (~ 27 db), but a new quiet ps
                          in that ff would have cost $150 or more (not
                          quiet worth it). I had a GeForce 4 Ti 4600
                          in the box b/c I wanted the video out. Later
                          I went down to a GeForce 2 which helped a
                          bit in terms of head b/c it was passively
                          The HD wasn't too noisy b/c I had a cuda4,
                          the main problems were the fans. I needed
                          lots of fans.
                    in my stereo cabinent, windows had the darndest time
                    doing TV out, Wireless support in windows sucked so
                    \_ Never had a problem with Windows doing VIVO. Guess
                       you just suck. I also never had a problem with
                       wireless in Windows. In fact, AFAIK the Apple
                       wireless is crap, the Airport sucks, the builtin
                       WiFi card on the laptops suck, so...
                       \_ I have had exactly the opposite experience.
                          WiFi in Win2K never worked for me (I'm using
                          linksys 802.11G PCI card) and would often
                          cut out intermittently w/ XP. (I did not
                          have this problem w/ the same PCI card in
                          My G4 or my Linux box, I tested them in the
                          same approx spot as the windows PC.
                          The problem w/ video output was that the PC
                          just couldn't display properly on my Wega.
                          I futz around with all sorts of stuff and
                          the display was always screwy. My mac's
                          don't have this problem. I tried the PC
                          after getting an HD Wega and I still have
                          the same problem. I just plug the macs in
                          and they work. I could probably get the
                          PC to work in XP after futzing around w/
                          drivers &c., but then again I could probably
                          also install linux, rebuilt the kernel w/
                          50 patches and d/l the latest cvs branch
                          of 8 different programs and get that to
                          work as well, but these days I don't have
                          time for that.
                          I have never had a problem w/ airport. I
                          have an original abs, a new AEBS and a AE.
                          All work flawlessly w/ my iBooks, my PB,
                          my G4 and my mom's thinkpad.
                    everytime I needed to put movies/music on my HTPC I
                    had to run a ethernet cable from my switch in my rack
                    upstairs down to my living room.
                    Yes I could drop in a 250 GB ATA/100 drive but the
                    extra storage was useless b/c the HTPC couldn't
                    integrate w/ my Digital Lifestyle. Even the hacked
                    xbox which ultimately replaced the HTPC didn't quite
                    fit w/ everything until I got a AirportExpress and
                    I could finally talk to the damn think wirelessly.
                    The problem w/ the xbox is that even though it is
                    a P3 733 w/o a cpu fan, the case fan is loud and I
                    can't seem to find a good quiet fan that will keep
                    the xbox from overheating.
                    The mini-mac is quiet, wireless and integrates
                    perfectly. To me this is worth the apple premium
                    b/c I no longer have time to futz around w/ diy.
              \_ I know you can do digital audio over firewire but a usb to
                 spdif converter or usb to component audio converter is much
2005/1/11-12 [Computer/Networking] UID:35667 Activity:high
1/11    My linksys 8 port router to dsl/cable just died, the 3rd piece of
        linksys equipment to fail on me in so many years. Anyone have
        a good recommendation of a brand that won't die on me like this,
        or is everthing just cheapie these days and you can't get a
        decent router? This is for an office, so in the long run it's
        much cheaper for us to pay $150 vs. $50 for a router. I need
        an 8 port, no wireless.
        \_ Did you try updating the firmware? I've had to upgrade
           my Linksys firmware about 4 times. Then it works again.
        \_ I had good luck with netgear's "metal casing" router.
        \_ No, get an Mac Mini.
        \_ Buy a cisco switch. It will cost 5X as much, but it won't break.
           \_ Uh, a cisco switch doesn't exactly hook up to a cheapie
              ADSL. A cisco switch hooks up to something like a frame relay
              or a T1 minimum.
              \_ Stand corrected, I called up cisco and apparently they do offer
                 ADSL routers. If it's $250 it's well worth it if it keeps the
                 network up.
              \_ I get my ADSL router from my DSL provider, don't you?
                 Then I connect a simple netgear wireless router/switch
                 to it. Are you looking for something that does both?
                 \_ You mean the ADSL Bridge? When I had SDSL they gave me a
                    router, which included the bridge. The cheapie ADSL
                    deals give you a bridge only (aka "modem). If you
                    order the more expensive deal you get the router.
                    I didn't know the bridge was called the "router" also
                    since it doesn't "route" anything....
        \_ I use netgear now, linksys is crap. -smurf
           \_ Linksys has worked great for me.  Now D-Link *is* crap. -not op
              \_ Hmm, I've had NO luck with Linksys myself.  Even the staff
                 people at the company I work at loathe Linksys, since they're
                 always having to work on the Linksys equipment that's been
                 deployed.       -!smurf
                 \- my linksys wireless unit is also ass but not as ass as
                    the apple airport express, which is essentially unusable
                    from my powerbook. ok tnx. --psb
2005/1/11-12 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:35668 Activity:moderate
  3293 root           60   0 22512K 16640K RUN     42:15 12.74% 12.74% perl5.005
  2610 root           60   0 22328K  8036K RUN    277:52 12.60% 12.60% perl5.005
  amirs     3293 12.7  2.1 22512 16640  ??  R     4:08PM  42:18.75 /usr/local/bi\
n/spamd -a -c -d -m 5 -r /var/run/ (perl5.00503)
s  etol     2610 10.9  1.0 22328 8036  ??  R     3:29AM 277:55.77 /usr/local/bin\
/spamd -a -c -d -m 5 -r /var/run/ (perl5.00503)
        \_ pretty sad that spamass can run out of control like that
           \_ It is.  It might also be the fault of the ancient perl we're
              running it on.
              \_ I dunno, the docs I read specifically warn against
                 running spam assassin on large emails. (>250K)
        \_ I switched from spamd to spamass after spamd kept dumping
           huge cores in my home directory, putting me over quota.
           Has this problem been fixed?
           \_ I dunno, did you ever tell root that that was happening?
              \_ No, I just switched to using spamassin directly.
2005/1/11-12 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:35669 Activity:moderate 50%like:33071
1/11    A vote for Al Gore is a vote for the complete annihilation of all
        possible worlds.
        \_ is this amusing?  I couldn't tell.  -tom
           \_ It is if you have ever taken undergraduate philosophy, and
              especially if you have had to read an undergraduate philosophy
2018/10/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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