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2005/1/4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:35533 Activity:high
1/4     When you buy something online with CC, does the shopping site
        transmit the ip/domain name you are using along with the card
        info to the bank?
        \_ Not to the bank AFAIK, but the payment processor gets it.
        \_ look, just buy your porn already, no one cares.
           \_ married, don't want this popping up on the credit card report.
              \_ They have these buildings where they accept little pieces
                 of green paper in exchange for goods such as porn.
              \_ Sheesh, it's not like there isn't pleanty of free porn
                 on the 'net.
              \_ It will show up on your CC statement as a transaction.
              \_ Buy one of those gift cards that work as a credit card.
              \_ You could save everyone a lot of trouble by just being
                 faithful to your marriage vows.
                 \_ gee I didn't realize "no porn" was in the marriage vows
                    now.  -tom
                 \_ If the bitch won't put out what are ya gonna do?
                    \_ I think if you have to be deciteful your marriage
                       is already screwed.  You could at least be honest
                       about it.
                       \_ Most people don't understand that marriage is both
                          a social contract and a financial contract.  Just
                          because the social part of it has broken down
                          doesn't mean you are willing to dissolve the
                          financial component also.
                          \_ That may be, but in that case op should work
                             on fixing the social part.  Doing otherwise
                             is just pathetic. Anyway, I think this
                             subthread has already read too much into this
                             guy's personal life.
                             \_ I'm going to guess you are either not
                                married or have been married only a short
                             \_ Your advice is well and good, but there are
                                times when one partner or the other may not
                                be interested in sex as much as the other
                                (due to stress, work, school, kids, etc.);
                                this is usually temporary, and trying to talk
                                about it is just as likely to increase the
                                stress. In times like these, pr0n is a much
                                better alternative to professionals, affairs,
                                or coercion.
                                \_ Which is why I said we were reading too
                                   much into this post.
                                   \_ Doh. Teach me to read everything.
2005/1/4 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:35534 Activity:nil
1/4     When is Bill Gates the philanthropist going to donate
        millions of dollars worth of Windows XP license to the
        tsunami victims? They really need an OS right now.
        How about the super wealthy Walton/Republican families?
        \_ Why bother, the countries affected probably already have i
           pre-release versions of Longhorn pirated.
2005/1/4 [Recreation/Food] UID:35535 Activity:nil
1/4     What makes corns pop to turn them into popcorns? Is it because
        they have something that's flamable inside and less flamable
        outside? How about rice, sunflower seeds, ants, and other
        things, can they be popped as well? I'm interesting in
        inventing, producing, and marketing a new genre of food and
        I'm wondering what is possible, ok thx          -amateur chef
        \_ Popcorn pops because of the water inside the kernel. Once you
           heat it to above boiling the water turns into gas, causing
           a small explosion and the resultant piece of popcorn. - williamc
        \_ A more detailed explanation is that popping corn (a special variety)
           has been bred to have a hard outer seed coat and a large 'horny'
           endosperm high in protein, and a small starchy endosperm at the
           center.  What heated, the water in the center turns to steam and
           dissolves the protein that makes up the bulk of the kernel.  When
           pressure gets too high, the seed coat pops, and the steam-hydrated
           proteins of the horny endosperm expand and cool rapidly.  Once it
           cools and loses steam, the protein sets into a dry foam.  Through
           a lot of selective breeding or gene splicing, it might be possible
           to create other seed varieties that pop, but I can't see how it
           could recoup the R&D.  In any case, it's not something you can do by
           just cooking.
           \_ (To myself) I got that slightly backwards.  The horny endosperm
              holds most of the water and the puffy texture is expanded starch,
              not a protein foam.
           \_ I don't think that popcorn was specially "bred" to be popcorn.
              Native Americans have been popping corn since 5000 years ago.
              Perhaps it was a lucky discovery, perhaps it was bred, nobody
              \_ Corn has been bred a very long ways from its natural form.
                 Some bred variety along the way could pop.  It was later
                 specialized into a corn that is good for popping, but lousy
                 for masa harina.
                 The indians probably grew something similar to modern
                 'dent corn', which makes up like 98% of the U.S. crop, and is
                 not a very good popper.
              \_ Almost all corn has been bred by humans.
2005/1/4 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:35536 Activity:moderate
1/4     Why did Sweden lose so many more people in the tsunami compared to
        other countries like Australia, Germany and France with much larger
        population?  Are Indonesia and Thailand extremely popular tourist
        destinations among Swedes?
        \_ Yes. There were a lot of Swedes there.
           \_ Yeah my Swedish relative told me they have lots of flights
              there from Sweden at pretty good rates. Swedes have long dark
              winters so they like to go to warm places then using their
              long communist vacations. Speaking of Swedes,
              is a great bittorrent site!
        \_ Can't speak to Sumatra, but Phuket and Krabbe have (had?) a lot
           of Aussie and German tourists.
2005/1/4-5 [Finance/CC] UID:35537 Activity:high
1/4     Forget porn for a moment: if I want to buy something for my wife
        without her knowing about it, and it's too late to establish separate
        credit cards/bank accounts, will most online vendors (including PayPal)
        accept a Gift Debit Card? Are there other solutions?
        \_ I think the question of how to spend money on the credit card
           system without using a tracable credit card is a useful one for
           everyone regardless of this whole hiding from the wife thing.
           It seems to me that the main application for this would be to
           use a card with a vendor you don't trust.
           \_ Trust to do what? What are you afraid might happen?
              \_ Steal my money.  Also, I don't want the feds and the
                 corporations to be able to track me.  I'm not the op, btw.
                 My wife is just about the *only* person in the world I trust
                 with my financial information.
                 \_ If they steal your money then you complain to the CC
                    company. If you don't want to be tracked then use cash.
                    \_ If you have no answer then don't bother posting.
                       \_ That is the answer. No one can steal your money
                          and if you do not want to be tracked then you
                          must use cash.
                          \_ Cash will not be around forever.  There are
                             exactly two possibilities for the future of
                             currency: anonymous digital currency and slavery.
                             \_ uh, right.
        \_ Have a friend buy it for you and pay him/her back with cash?  What
           in the world are you buying???
        \_ Buy it on the credit card and give it to her soon after. Most
           people do not check their statements daily.
           \_ You could also time the purchase just after they send a credit
              card bill.  Unless she checks online, that should buy you a month
        \_ Set up a checking account at a different bank under your name only
           and have the statements mailed to a PO box.  Then get a check/debit
           card on that account.
        \_ Forget porn ... forget porn ... OH FUCK! I'VE FORGOTTEN ALL MY
           PORN, THANKS A LOT!
2005/1/4 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:35538 Activity:high
1/4     If Washington wants to boost America's image in the Muslim world, why
        didn't Powell go directly to Indonesia instead of Thailand?  Better
        yet, why didn't Bush send someone higher like Chaney or even go there
        himself?  That would've been a big boost if Bush show himself there
        even if he leaves the real work to someone else.  (The prime minister
        of Singapore went to Indonesia himself, for example, not that
        Singapore has an image problem.)
        \_ Powell got sent because they're building him up for something big
           later on-- it's pretty much the same reason he presided over the
           NYC New Year's Eve apple-dropping.  Thailand is a strong US ally,
           and BushCo have a pattern of recognizing allies first, potential
           allies second; it's their way of rewarding loyalty.
           \_ OK.  I'll bite.  What are they building Powell up big for
              later on?  Is he running for U.S. President in 08?  Or the
              U.N. Secretary General in 06?  I thought Clinton wanted that
           \_ I'll bite too. What could they build him up for, since he
              has vowed to leave politics?
              \_ Pope.
        \_ Because our image can't be changed in the Muslim world until the
           Mullahs stop preaching hatred of the USA, or the people have enough
           freedom to learn for themselves that we're not the great Satan.
        \_ If Washington wants to change their image in the middle east,
           they should simply not overthrow any more mossadeghs, not
           support israel, and not invade any more iraqs.
           \_ You've never spent much time with Arabs have you?
              \_ You mean "crazed, fundamentalist Arabs". Lots of Arabs
                 are perfectly rational people.
                 \_ In my small experiance, most of the ones who come to
                    the states are perectly rational people.  The ones
                    stuck in fascist hellholes are nuts because all they
                    hear is propoganda 24-7.  It's hard to be rational
                    when your whole life experiance is insane.  That's
                    what I was trying to get at above.
        \_ you forgot that 53% of the Americans don't really care about what
           the world thinks about U.S. Only sissy peacenik gay liberals
           care what other people think about themselves.       -conservative
2005/1/4-5 [Health/Disease/AIDS, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:35539 Activity:moderate
1/4     Ranking of govt. aids:
        #1: Japan       $500m
        #2: Australia   $450m
        #3: US          $350m
        \- this really understates what the US is doing with it's
           navy and such. also japan has a self-interest movtive
           i would guess in getting aceh back on line. they get
           some amount of natural gas and other resources from the
           Aceh area directly.
           \_ What are the Russians doing?
                \_ they're busy doing insane things nationalizing
                   their gas/oil company and selling a chunk of it to china.
                   \_ agreed. Maybe they should do the sane and smart thing
                      like giving private enterprizes more power because
                      they run the industry more efficiently. In fact
                      they should just follow the Enron model-- ethics
                      aside, it was a very efficient and profitable model.
                      Produce less, make more. -conservative who totally
                                                trusts private enterprizes
                   \_ [troll deleted]
                \_ pretend the US only has one oil company.  now
                   nationalized it.  big undertaking!
                      \_ Welcome to the ownership society.
        \_ Japan is trying to buy his way to a permanent seat in security
           concil in United Nation.  So, Japan's contribution is not really
           an altrustic aid.
2005/1/4-5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:35540 Activity:high
1/4     Do people try to get CA REFUND from bottles and cans?
        \_ Lots of people do.  You can see them pushing shopping carts down the
           \_ how much do people get for recycling?
              \_ I assume you mean per hour, since obviously it's 5 cents
                 per can.  In a good location at a good time, you can make
                 a good 15-20 bucks in an hour and a half of scrounging.
                 "Good location" here partly means someplace where no one
                 else is doing it, i.e. not Berkeley.
                 else is doing it, i.e. not Berkeley.  I have no idea what the
                 bums in Berkeley make.
                 \_ Uh, no. At 5 cents a can you'd have to pickup 400 cans
                    an hour to make 20 bucks. You'd be lucky to get 400 cans
                    a day from a restaurant. I think your order of magnitude
                    scale is waaaay off. I used to trade in cans, after a
                    couple months we usually had enough to buy a 24 pack of
                    \_ My numbers aren't "off," they're based on direct
                       experience.  Yes, that's 400 cans.  No fucking shit.
                       You have to be someplace where poeple will drink
                       a whole 24 pack and then throw all the cans in the trash.
                       Repeatedly.   And yes you have to bust ass to collect
                       them and yes you will completely fill up your car with
                       smelly bags of cans...but my numbers are correct.
                       \_ First off, I've never really seen any of those
                          bums/bag ladies "bust ass." They're either
                          incapable of "busting ass" or they choose not
                          to. Most of them are unfortunately mentally ill
                          or have a drug addiction problem.
                          Second, you simply can't pick up 400 cans per
                          hour from the trash in the real world. You might
                          be able to do it under ideal test situations, but
                          give me a break, you can't do it in real life. In
                          order to get even close to 400 cans per hour you'd
                          basically need to raid EVERY recycling bin in
                          a couple square miles, it's simply not going to
                          happen. The only way you could do it is to actually
                          OWN the recycling bins, and the city owns them,
                          so bums/bagladies are going to have to stick their
                          hands through the receptacle and manually grab
                          each can out of the recycling bin. It gets much
                          much harder to do this if you're going to go through
                          the regular trash.
                          Third, people don't deposit soda cans in a neat
                          little heap for you to pick up. They either are
                          A) Tossed into the recycling bin if they're good
                          B) Tossed into the trash, a much more likely
                          C) Tossed into the bushes.
                          Fourth, hauling 400 cans per hour isn't exactly
                          easy. Have you even picked up a bag of say 150
                          cans? It's not exactly light at that point.
                          Hauling 400 cans per hour is just going to be
                          exceedingly difficult unless you're a long shoreman,
                          and it's obvious bums/bagladies aren't exactly
                          physically fit.
                          In reality, I bet they get around 10-15 bucks a
                          day worth of cans if they're lucky.
                          \_ I wasn't talking about bag ladies or bums, and
                             for the third time, I'm not speculating, I've
                             done it.  Do you want a fucking video tape?
                             Your idiocy has pissed me off enough, I'm
                             tempted to go do it this weekend, video tape
                             the whole fucking 2 hour project and send it
                             to your dumb ass just to put you in your place.
                             I don't have any idea what homeless people in
                             berkeley make.  Probably not much. I never claimed
                             that this was a viable way to make a living,
                             I'm just telling you what a resourceful, able
                             bodied sodan can make.
                             \_ Okay, you've got some major issues. 1. Why
                                the fuck are you collecting cans for a
                                living if you went to Berkeley? Isn't the
                                fucking concept to get an education so
                                you don't have to PICK CANS FOR A LIVING
                                IN THE FIRST PLACE? 2. I don't give a shit
                                about your fuckiing one shot project because
                                your one shot project proves only one thing,
                                that a person can carry 400 cans around in
                                an hour. The question is how mucn can
                                people make per hour in real world situations,
                                not in your fucking ideal setup. Get a fucking
                                clue and STFU. If you could realistically
                                make 15-20 an hour picking up soda cans
                                off the street bums wouldn't be on the
                                fucking street. Your idiocy amazes me.
                                Hell, if you want to rent a dump truck
                                you can pickup a couple tons of cans in
                                a minute. I mean, what kind of moron are you,
                                do you believe that you can actually get
                                exactly the MPG on a car day-in-day out?
                                Or do you believe in 100% efficiency in
                                conversion of energy? God, why do people
                                like you even bother to attend school?
                                Might as well give up your seat with someone
                                with half a brain of common sense.
                                \_ You don't fucking read, do you?
                                \_ I haven't posted in this thread yet, but
                                   I have to say, this is awesome.  You
                                   sir, are a total moron.  It's rare to
                                   see stupidity in such a pure state.
                                   \_ No shit.  If he had half a brain, he
                                      could easily have convinced me to spend
                                      my weekend running around tearing through
                                      trashcans with a camcorder and a
                                      stopwatch. His loss.
                       \_ Try it again with a shopping cart and see how it
2005/1/4 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:35541 Activity:high
1/4     emarkp, jrleek, and other conservatives who think the war on
        Iraq is a good thing and has made the world safer, please
        read this:
        \_ Funny, I never remember saying the Iraq war is a good thing or
           has made the world safer.  Why do you continue to mix me and
           emarkp up?  Are the names that similar, or are you just stupid?
           \_ you're a conservative.
              \_ Wow, good thing you can use that word to extrapolate
                 _all_ of my political opinions.  I take it you're
                 'liberal?' because, you know you can only be one or the
                 other. Oh, and don't forget, liberal = democrat and
                 conservative = republican. -jrleek
                 \_ Personally, I pride myself on being a raving, wingut
                    \_ I pride myself on being a radical apathetic.
        \_ Why would anyone read this drivel?  And what does this have to do
           with the war in Iraq being a good thing and/or making the world
           \_ I envy you.  -poor dumb bastard suckered into reading drivel
        \_ OP is an idiot. 'Nuff said.
           \_ Man, I wished he had signed his post.
2005/1/4-5 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:35542 Activity:low
1/4     I added a user to my Windows 2000 machine, and now I can't login as
        Administrator or any of the other user accounts. I think I changed
        the automatically login user without password box. I think I need
        to reset the administrator password. Any ideas?
        \_ obgoogle.  try system internal's website. they got tools
           \_ Perfect! That worked very well, I'm keeping that CD in my kit.
        \_ Get tweakui for win2k.  It will allow you to turn the proper login
           back on.
2005/1/4-5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:35543 Activity:high
        \_ where was that?
           \_ The Chinese part mentions that she used to live on Collingwood
              St. in the west part of a place called Wen-something.  So it was
              probably Vancouver, BC where there are a lot of Chinese
              immigrants.  Yahoo Maps confirms that there is a Collingwood St.
              in Vancouver.  It also says she now lives in/on Arbutus.  Maybe
              that's a different city or a different street.
              \_ Arbutus is another street in Vancouver.
        \_ What does that character mean, the fourth to the left of the
           "Collingwood" at the top? looks like a face wearing glasses.
           \_ I think it means "formerly".
        \_ funny funny funny!!!
        \_ funny funny funny!!! Thanks for sharing it.
          \_ Here's something I don't understand. Why isn't the humorless
             motd guy nuking this? I mean, it's not THAT funny. I guess
             this illustrates that humor is subjective and the humorless
             nuke guy is an ass.
        \_ The Chinese part is more explicit than the English part.
           \_ No fair dropping a teaser like that and running.  Share!
              \_ Literal translation: "Taiwan "astronaut's" (meaning immigrant
                 who frequently flies back to the home country to work) wife,
                 lonely horny woman, Teresa Chou Liang (maiden name Chou) has
                 lonely horny woman, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX has
                                     \_ posting the link is bad enough
                                        Imagine you enemey putting a flier
                                        like that with your name on it.
                 a daughter.  Formerly lived on Collingwood St. in west
                 Vancouver, now lives in/on Arbutus.  Horny and easy (something
                        yinjian - whorish (sexually insatiable and immoral,
                                           cheap and lowclass)
                                  \_ slutty (and base) is more accurate
                        fangdang - debauched
                                   \_ wanton is the word you want
                 like that).  Specialized in breaking other people's families.
                 Shameless.  In recent days she keeps on making erotic phone
                                                        better translation:
                                                        indecent / obscene
                                                        \_ Thx.
                                                        \_ should be "lewd"
                 calls to someone else's husband, saying that she's lonely, her
                 desire is buring, her vagina badly needs to be fucked by man's
                 sexual organ, and she wants the cheating husband to compare
                 whether she fucks better or his wife fucks better.  Any man
                 can fuck her, shameless.  (... something ...) say all Taiwan
                 women are the same.  Please don't shame other Chinese and
                                        huh? the correct translation should be
                                        \_ Thx.
                 other women."  There's no reference to "bitchy" or "hooker".
                 P.S. "In recent days" might be "every day".  I can't read it
                 clearly in the photo.
                 \_ Ahh!  Someone please give me Teresa's address or phone
                 \_ Ahh!  Someone please give me XXXXX's address or phone
                    number so that I can go satisfy her need!  (If she's of
                    MILF quality.)
                    \_ You do realize that probably someone other than "her"
                       posted flier.
                       \_ Yeah, and I think whoever posted the flier would be
                          more than willing to give out her contact info,
                          either to further humiliate her or to direct other
                          men to her so that she'll leave the poster's family
                          \_ You're an idiot - !tom
2005/1/4-5 [Industry/Jobs] UID:35544 Activity:moderate
1/4     I'm developing a website and would like it to look as professional
        as possible, but I don't have enough money to hire a web designer
        to design the entire site. I do, however, want to hire someone to
        design and create the logo and title image/logo of the home page.
        I can't afford to pay too much though (<$100). Does anyone have any
        ideas (or even specific recommendations) how to go about finding
        someone for this job? Thanks.
        \_ craigslist
           \_ Good plan "NSA bj in exch for web design work" should do the
              \_ What does "NSA" mean in this context?
                 \_ No strings attached
                    \_ That's not the NSA I know and love. -jrleek
                       \_ There No Such Agency, citizen.
2005/1/4-5 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:35545 Activity:moderate Edit_by:auto
1/4     Hello UNIX command line gurus, let's say I have a file called
        filenames.log that contains file names, like /usr/bin/hello,
        /media/dvd/wayne's world, /media/music/my music!.mpg. I'd like
        to do something like:
        % cat filenames.log | xargs tar rvf /backup/today.tar
        However, I can't do that because I need to escape characters
        like ', \ , \!, and many others. What's an elegant way of
        doing this? I thought about using sed, but I'd have to come
        up with a comprehensive list of characters that I have to
        escape, which is lame. Ideally I'd like something like:
        % cat filenames.log | escape | xargs rvf /backup/today.tar
        Got ideas? Thanks!
        \_ Here are a few ways to do it.  Hopefully you find one elegant.
           sed 's/[^A-Za-z0-9]/\\&/g' filenames.log | xargs tar rvf ...
           sed 's/./\\&/g' filenames.log | xargs tar rvf ...
           tr '\n' '\0' <filenames.log | xargs -0 tar rvf ...
           sed 's/[^A-Za-z0-9]/\\&/g' filenames.log | xargs tar rvf today.tar
           \_ thanks. So the above sed, with "&", is equivalent to
              perl's $1 or \1? It's seems like it's the same as perl's
              So here is another question. How do you specify $1, $2,
              etc in sed? thanks.
              \_ Sed's & is perl's $& (the entire search string).  Sed uses \1,
                 \2, etc. to retrieve stuff from parens.  Also note that you
                 have to use \( and \) in sed, not just ( and ) like in perl.
           sed 's/./\\&/g' filenames.log | xargs tar rvf today.tar
           tr '\n' '\0' <filenames.log | xargs -0 tar rvf today.tar
           tar rvfI today.tar filenames.log
        \_ % cat filenames.log | perl -ne 'print quotemeta;' |
             xargs rvf /backup/today.tar
             \-i'd use the tr command above to NULL pad + xargs -0 OR
               modify a perl script called "findtar" OR use GNU tar's
               -T|--files-from option possibly with --null. ok tnx --psb
             \_ if performance is an issue would perl be slower because the
                executable is bigger? Or would it be faster because it's
                got optimizations built in?
                \-no offense, but this is not a question worth asking.
                  or at least not worth answering.
        \_ xargs is wrong in this case. Use normal tar with -T. -vadim
           \- tar -rv -f mybackup.tar -T file_list.txt
        \_ keywords: perl escape character space
2019/02/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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