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2005/1/2 [Uncategorized] UID:35512 Activity:insanely high
1/2     Someone explain the difference between waist, inseam, and all these
        fancy sartorial terminologies? Thanks.
        \_ You know what "sartorial" is but you don't know what "waist" and
           "inseam" are?
        \_ STFW
        \_ You do know what a dictionary is don't you?
        \_ fancy ... only if you like wearing potato sacks
        \_ waist = circumference   inseam = length inside leg
           rise = length from crotch to waist
           outseam = overall length from cuff to waist
           inseam + rise = outseam
2005/1/2 [Uncategorized] UID:35513 Activity:nil
[restored again.]
2005/1/2 [Uncategorized] UID:35514 Activity:very high
1/2     US often does not deliver the money it pledges.
                \-I believe the US gives more private charity than
                  Europe and the US also makes a lot of non money
                  contributions [security burden, say w.r.t. to
                  Korea, Taiwan, Japan, NATO etc]. I think these
                  aggregate numbers dont however capture some
                  distribution issues. For example the US has
                  given $200bn in aid to Israel alone [pop ~6m]
                  over the last 30yrs. If you take out Israel,
                  Egypt and Philippines, the total numbers are
                  pretty low. --psb
                  \_ give me a break.  We were "protecting" Phillipines,
                     but when Japanese invaded, we gave up that island
                     without putting up with a good fight.  Those "security"
                     burden are imposed by USA themselves for USA's own
                     interest.  To compare what US 7th fleet doing versus
                     donations from Red Cross is ridiculous.
                     \- nobody is calling this kind of thing humanitarian
                        aid, and some of it is certainly self-serving. however
                        this kind of "hegemonic stability" does have real
                        benefits. to take a less controversial example, take
                        the US GPS satellites. the US certainly spent more
                        resources in europe's backyard in the post-yugoslavia
                        conflict than a lot of the countries criticizing the
                        US. i think it's clear i'm not an apologist for
                        the us govt like some hacks here, but the simplitic
                        view on aid does miss some very relevant considerations.
                        \_ I called that American Imperalism.  And there are
                           plenty of downside to it.  You probably don't live
                           outside USA often, you have no idea what kind of
                           misdeed Amercan has done to other nations, from
                           as benign as bending trade rules to American
                           advantage (DMCA, currency manipulatn) to overthrown
                           of governments (Iran, Chili, Guatemala, and now,
                           Afganistan and Iraq); not to mention our barbaric
                           policy toward dozen Arab nations which spawn radical
                           Fundamental Islamic movement we are facing today.
                           It is hard to see the downside of it unless some
                           other country is dominating the world.  Given the
                           choice, I would much prefer three to five
                           dominating powers in the world than American
                           hegemony.    -kngharv
                  \_ Maybe this is off-topic, but no one really has a
                     right to complain. The fifth fleet and US military
                     has secured Middle East oil for 15 y.  World sea
                     commerce prospers because the US Navy, and less so
                     \- well, it's not only the USNavy ... for example the
                        indian navy does some anti-piracy stuff in the
                        indian ocean. not all the security issues are
                        state vs state, "high politics" and national
                        security, but yeah there are a lot of free-
                        riding and coat tail effects [like the us funded
                        tsunami monitoring program] but a lot of that is
                        pocket change. the US's real power is to shape
                        things in "convenient" directions ... like in
                        the area of IP regimes ... like the GE/Chakraborty
                        oil eating bacteria case that opened the door to
                        orgaism patents, but the place with soverignty
                        over where some useful organism is found in nature
                        doesnt necessarily have any rights [say amazon],
                        or the exceptions to free trade [steel, agri,
                        textiles] etc.
                        \_  India doesn't have a blue water navy, only the
                            US and less so Britain.  I would not call
                            maintaining the US Navy and enforcing the doctrine
                            of MAD during the Cold War or ABM now as
                            "pocket change".
                            \_ "ABM"? You mean anti-missile defense? You
                               have got to be fucking kidding me.  Yeah,
                               without the charity of the American tax payer,
                               those poor defense contractors might actually
                               have to build useful stuff that actually fucking
                               works.  Let us all take a moment to thank God
                               and the GOP for giving them this bounty of pork.
                               \_ TMD already functions... I'm not fucking
                                  kidding you.
                                  \_ wtf is TMD?  Total missile defense?
                                     I don't believe it, and if it existed,
                                     it would be instant missile crisis.
                                     Related question: Why does W trust the
                                     ABM but tests the kids every year to make
                                     \_ TMD == The Mean Dude. He's a 280 lbs
                                        redneck who sits on a rock on Kodiak
                                        island with a billion dollar
                                        shotgun and hundred million dollar
                                        shells.  If he sees a missile with
                                        a North Korean flag on it go over head,
                                        he takes long pull from his flask of
                                        hundred million dollar moonshine and
                                        blasts away.  TMD has an over 75%
                                        success rate against all road sign
                                        test targets.
                            \- there are problems the US doesnt consider of
                               interest and the dont devote resources to it.
                               i am not saying the us's "hegemony" doesnt
                               have widespread benefits. i gave a specific
                               example of "regional maritime policing". i didnt
                               say they have a global projection capability
                               and i am not sure why it is important to decide
                               whether it is a "blue water fleet" or not. --psb
                     the British, secures the high seas.  No one else
                     has a blue water navy.  And don't overlook the paltry
                     contribution of a few trillion during the Cold
                \_ People took it for granted, but if the US had not
                   wiped out the aborigines, the world would have been
                   under the tyranny of the indians.  There would be no silicon
                   implant nor viagra.  The whole world benefited from US!!!
2005/1/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:35515 Activity:high
        I didn't know it's illegal in so many states to have m/m or f/f.
        What's the punishment if caught? Jail? Fine?
        \_ Well, in Texas, according to the laws on the books, just having
           oral or anal sex with your own wife is a third degree felony,
           the maximum pushiment for which is 10 years in jail and a 10,000
           dollar fine.
           See the section on "offenses against the family."  Although,
           if you look at the exact wording of the law, all you have to do
           is prove that neither of you were aroused by the "deviate activity"
           and you'll be off the hook.  Now why can't major natural disasters
           ever happen in Texas?
           \_ in Texas where all the morally right and good people live,
              they're asking why natural disasters can't kill off
              all the evil gays, wicked lesbians, and damn minorities
              who live in CA and are corrupting the pure Southern race.
              \_ The religious right, in their own words:
                 "Sodomitical acts have not only external consequences like
                 death, disease and childlessness..."
                 "Does your friend know that the rate of syphilis among women
                 who practice lesbianism is 19 times what it is among other
                 Fuck Iran and Syria, if you want to fight religious zealots
                 bent on destroying the American way of life, I say nuke
                 Colorado Springs first.
        \_ Pointing and laughing.
        \_ Wow, I didn't realize that some states had 14 as the age of consent!
2005/1/2 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:35516 Activity:very high
1/2     Sean Penn says bad things about Bush and it gets published, how did it
        happen, on *FOX*???,2933,143079,00.html
        \_ because fox viewer's estimation of actors opinions are the same as
           tom's evident opinion of published author's opinions.  When some
           hollywood celeb says somthing bad about Bush, it is probably taken
           as a sure sign he's doing the right thing.
           \_ crebbs, if you're going to personally insult me, have the balls
              to sign your name.
              Oh, and you're also an idiot.  -tom
              \_ Not really a personal insult as much as a slight. -crebbs
                 \_ now there's a fine hair to split.  -tom
                    \_ <shrug>, You said something I thought idiotic, I
                       simply referred to it, that is a slight.  If I
                       said, "you said this, you are an idiot" that would
                       be a personal insult.  I see a significant distinction
                       there, but whatever.  Whether or not that distinction
                       has any bearing on whether or not I should sign my name
                       is another question. -crebbs
                       \_ "Slight: The act of slighting; the manifestation of a
                          moderate degree of contempt, as by neglect or
                          So, you're wrong.  And it is clearly pathetic to
                          insult (or "slight" or "diss" or whatever term you
                          wish to use) someone by name while trying to
                          remain anonymous.  -tom
                          \_ Words fail me.
                             \_ It is clearly pathetic to have words fail
                                you while trying to remain anonymous.
              \_ tom, you're a crank.  sometimes you're a lovable crank, but
                 in general you're just a crank.  of course, I only know you
                 through the motd, so your Real Life persona may be entirely
                 different. --erikred
                 \_ Not the word I would use. -- ilyas
                         \_ YOU ARE THE ONES WHO ARE THE BALL LICKERS...
                            -Silent Bob and Jay
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