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2004/12/31 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:35503 Activity:low
12/30   katamari! - danh
        \_ I will never understand why people flip over this game.  It was
           amusing for about 10 minutes.  After that it was just kinda stupid.
           \_ It's not our fault you have no taste.
2004/12/31-2005/1/2 [Academia/UCLA] UID:35504 Activity:nil
12/30   BCS is no joke.  Cal stinks.
        \_ Oh c'mon... whatever we were doing out on the field tonight is
           not how we played all season.  You could tell that Cal wasn't
           really there; they didn't want to be there, they were not
           playing with much effort at all.
        \_ I see it as, as nice as our season was, we still have a ways to
           go. Notably special teams and tougher DBs.
           \_ I went to the game and I agree with this. You don't give up
              520 yards passing because of lack of effort. There were
              problems. Oregon, for example, exposed them. Cal faded late
              in the season for whatever reason and still won because
              the schedule got easier. UCLA lost to Wyoming! I think
              USC will get pounded by Oklahoma. We will see.
2004/12/31 [Uncategorized] UID:35505 Activity:nil
12/31   CompSci, my Anti-Drug: (SomethingAwful pic, worksafe)
        \_ A blackboard in a computer lab?
2004/12/31-2005/1/2 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:35506 Activity:high
12/31   350 million, now that's more like it!!
        \_ How much have China, Japan, and Korea donated?
           \_ After the tsunami, China was the first foreigh country to send
              money, goods, and rescue team to Thailand and probably others
              as well. They pledged 2.62M US$ then added an extra 60.46M US$
              yesterday.  Incidentally, judging by GDP per capita, China is
              poorer than two of the countries to which it is donating money.
              Its rank is 123th (below average), quite a bit behind
              Thailand (97), Malaysia (86). cf Korea (50), Japan (17), USA (3)
              \_ Damn fucking US media, I find no mentioning of this.
                 Yeah, balanced and unbiased, my ass.
                 \_ So naive, little boy.  Go back to drinking your kool-aid.
           \_ *IF* USA has pledge to donate let say, $50 million within hours
              of diseaster (instead of days), it would of made differences
              in opinion poll.  China's aid is minute compare with USA, Japan,
              and Germany, but China was one of first nation which send out
              aids to them.
        \_ They didn't spend billions invading another country.
        \_ hopefully they buy American first, gotta pump up our economy
           \_ they already are.  buying cigarrets :p
2004/12/31-2005/1/2 [Industry/Startup] UID:35507 Activity:nil
12/31   During the final phase of check-out at some e-commerce site I was
        asked to give the email address I registered with my credit card
        company.  Is this normal?  Does my CC company really check email addr?
        \_ There is a whole slew of information available on you that any
           willing company who will pay for can check very easily. One of them
           (I worked in implementing it for a large online retailer) VerID,
           basically will verify all sorts of information including your last
           three places of residency, your last couple of cars, etc to
           anyone who is willing to sign up for an account. This is all
           done through XML.
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