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2004/12/25-27 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:35434 Activity:moderate
12/25   Is email down?
        \_ I am getting an insufficient disk space error when trying to
           send mail. -!op
           \_ Fixed. - jvarga
              \_ Well, wait for the load to get back to normal to actually
                 start getting mail again. - jvarga
           \_ sweet!
            df -k /var/spool/mqueue
            Filesystem  1K-blocks   Used  Avail Capacity  Mounted on
            /dev/da0s1f   1016303 974635 -39636   104%    /var
2004/12/25-27 [Reference/Celebration] UID:35435 Activity:very high
12/25   Merry Christmas!
        \_ Is there any evidence of any kind in the bible or elsewhere that
           Jesus was even born this time of year?  Is this just a
           christian/consumerist cooption of solstice celebrations?
           \_ The latter.  -tom
        \_ I think based on historical accounts of when the census was taken
           they believe it was during the winter.
           \_ No, this is not true. Jesus, if he existed, was probably born in
              the spring or fall. One way we know it was not winter is that the
              shepards were in the fields with their flocks. They did not
              do that in the cold of winter.
              \_ Cold of winter? In Jerusalem?
                 And even if it were cold, do you think sheep hibernate in
                 the winter?  Being a shepherd is not a seasonal job.
                 I know exactly jack shit about christianity, but I do know
                 a thing or two about sheep. -!pp,!ppp
                 \_ Maybe you should learn a thing or two about shepherds
                    in Israel at that time. They put the sheep in pens
                    in the winter and let them out in the fields when it
                    was warmer.
                    was warmer, keeping them in at night especially.
                    \_ We Mongols put our sheep to pasture the whole year
                       even though our winters are much harsher.
        \_ A&E and the History Channel had a one hour show in their classroom
           series about Christmas.  Basically, Chirstmas was a pagan holiday
           for a long time.  The Chirstian church couldn't suppress it so they
           co-opted it around the 4th century by turning it into a celebration
           of the birth of Christ.  Various theocratic governments including
           Cromwell in England and the Puritans in America specifically
           banned the celebration of Chirstmas because it was viewed as
           frivolous and non-Christian.  The modern form of Christmas we
           celebrate in the US started in the mid 1800s basically.
           \_ Eh, December was long celebrated by Christians before that,
              placing the conception in the spring and hence Christmas in
              December.  AFAIK Dec 25 was settled on because it *wasn't* the
              solstice and because it would give the pagans a party to choose
              instead of the solstice.
           \_ Yeah, and the 4th of July is a meaningless day too if you
              want to consider historicity.
2004/12/25-27 [Consumer/PDA, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:35436 Activity:kinda low
12/25   Is there a HotSync Manager (or free equivalent) available for
        syncing a sony clie with os x? All I see is this "Missing Sync"
        which costs.
        \_ Which CLIE model?  USB cradle?  I think you can use the Mac
           version of Palm Desktop from palmone's site.  If you want
           other features (such as being able to mount the Memory Stick
           as a drive through the CLIE), then you do need Missing Sync.
                \_ Clie PEG-665C, with USB cradle. There is no mention
                   of sony clie's on the palmone webpage, so which
                   one should I select before I download?
                   \_ Well, it won't say that CLIEs are supported.  They
                      just might happen to work.  Probably try downloading
                      the version for a Palm m505 or something, although
                      I don't think the model number really matters.  I
                      could be wrong about all of this, though. --jameslin
         \_ Just a thought (since I don't own  OS X), but aren't you able
            to compile one of the various UNIX hotsync clones out there?
            It probably won't have all the features you want, but if all
            else fails...
2004/12/25-27 [Consumer/Camera] UID:35437 Activity:low
12/25   Ok camera people: what's your 2 cents on the longevity of this "APS-C"
        format or whatever (the smaller sizes on cheap dSLRs). The best lenses
        still have the practical zoom range for full 35mm.
        \_ I wrote this 5-6 years ago
           \_ Perhaps I wasn't clear. I was referring to digital SLR sensor
              sizes. I did read this but it didn't really convince me either
              \_ personally?  I think the dSLR eventually going to full-frame,
                 36mm-24mm.  The reason is simple.  CCD/CMOS sensors will
                 eventually drop in price like LCD as the manufacturing
                 techniques gets better.  The cost of making ultra-wide
                 lenses are much harder to come down.  So, there isn't much
                 incensitive to roll out APS size cameras.
2004/12/25-27 [Science/Biology] UID:35438 Activity:insanely high
12/25   Why don't religious types who hate the theory of evolution cry about
        gravity being taught in high school physics?
        \_ Because 'theory' or not, gravity does not contradict anything in
           the bible.
        \_ Because they have about an 8th grade level education and it
           never occurred to them.
        \_ natural law was created by god
        \_ Because Newton was a devout Christian?
        \_ I'll vote for an overturn of gravity.  Gravity sucks.
        \_ It's hard to argue with 9.8m/s^2 in the here and now.
           it's verfiable, repeatable, and subject to continual experiments
           that can be completed within ones lifttime.
           \_ Just like evolution, gravity is a *theory* and not a *fact*.
              Schools should be emphasizing this and not teaching gravity
              as a universal truth.
              \_ Actually, Newton's gravitational theory is known to be wrong,
                 thanks to the accurate predictions of general relativity. I
                 don't think any effort is made to hide this fact.  Of course,
         at some level GR has to be wrong because of its inconsistincies
         with quantum mechanics, which in turn could only be an absolute
                 truth if God is a sick bastard.
                 \_ Newton's gravitational theory is NOT wrong. It is merely
                    incomplete. It's a great fallacy of the layperson who
                    has an incomplete understanding of classical mechanics
                    to believe that it is "wrong". If you were to argue
                    that classical mechanics is "wrong" then you'd have to
                    assume that 90% of science is "wrong" in the sense
                    that we utilize approximations for almost everything.
                    In fact, Newton's gravitational theory is what general
                    relativity approximates to in day-to-day observation.
                    Your definition of what "wrong" is is plainly idiotic.
                    \_ I can't believe I'm being called a layperson by a
                       fucking sysadmin.  Newtwon's laws of gravitation
                       predict, among other things, an incorrect result
                       for the precession of the perihellion of Mercury.
                       GR gets the right answer, Newton's laws don't.
                                   \-GR gets a "better" answer.
                       Period.  The sense in which it is wrong is exactly
                       the sense in which creationists and their ilk are
                       claiming that evolution is not "right" as an absolute
                       truth.  I agree that that is a red herring which would
                       render most science wrong in some sense, but I think
                       that is precisely the point.  It is yet another way
                       for the right to try to not just fight a specific
                       scientific/political battle but to try to undermine
                       the very essence of science.
                 \_ QM has fully deterministic interpretations. -- ilyas
                    \_ Which almost no one believe.
                    \_ Which almost no one believe. I'm not saying they're
                       wrong.  I have no opinion one way or the other, but
                       these fundamental philosophical questions about QM
                       are awfuly hard to resolve experimentally.
                       \_ On the contrary, if no one believed in QM then
                          we wouldn't be sitting here typing to each other
                          on MOSFET driven devices, idiot. -williamc
                          \_ re-read the fucking post, idiot.  I meant the
                     deterministic interpretations of quantum mechanics.
                             The philosophical interpretations of quantum
                             mechanics have no bearing on practical predictions
                             or applications like MOSFET design.
                       \_ Your brain has been classified as: small.
                          \- you must pay me 5cents.
                             \_ ?
              \_ it is far more testable and verifiable via experiment than
                 evolution is (at the moment).
        \_ Biogenesis evolution is equivalent to a religious cult for
           secular extremists.
           \_ I think the appropraite response to this is "fuck you and die."
              \_ this is perfect example of cult behavior.
                 \- the comparison between the "evolution debate" and the
                    physics theories arent really comparable because the
                    anti-evolution crowd is not attacking they evolution
                    theory scientifically but are affimatively pushing a
                    crazy and non-scientific "explanation" [sic]. it's like
                    saying "newton's theory is wrong because it doenst
                    explain clairvoyance or telekinetic motion." something
                    like refining evolution from the crude species theory
                    to something more sophisticated on genes may be more
                    comparable to the "upgrade" to relativisitic theory. --psb
                        \_ from wikipedia: Since the emergence of modern
                         genetics in the 1940s, evolution has been
                         defined more specifically as a change in the
                         frequency of alleles from one generation to the next.
2004/12/25-27 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:35439 Activity:nil
12/25   Anyone else notice spammers being out in full force the last couple
        of days? The amount of spam that has gotten past the spam filter
        seem to have increased ten fold.
        \_ The last two weekends, definitely.  I've also seen a number
           of email services being crushed because of bounces to forged
           From addresses.  Bad shit.  --scotsman
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