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2004/12/20 [Computer/SW/P2P, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:35362 Activity:high
12/19 is down again, I guess the corporations are winning...
        \_ This time you're actually right.  It has (apparently) gone down
        \_ what's the best replacement out there atm?
           \_ I don't know, but seems pretty good, 1.5 million
              active peers according to the site. Registration req'd.
              active peers according to the site. (free) registration req'd.
        \_ I've never liked bittorrent, it always stalls on me. I also find
           it difficult to find anything with it. The only thing I found it
           good was was dling some anime.
           \_ This makes you ... a loser.
           good was dling some anime.
           \_ BT is the suck for illegal content, as it's always going
              to rely on the tracker being available.  For legit downloads,
              like OS .isos and such, it rocks.  -John
              \_ I use it exclusively for TV shows I've missed.  It seems to
                 do the trick.
                 \_ where do you find sources?
                    \_ Up until last week,
                    \_ "Google"?  -John
              \_ It's great for "popular" illegal content. I see tons of stuff
                 out there, almost all recent stuff appears on there and will
                 be fast for a time. Within those parameters it's the best.
                 It does rely on having popular listing sites like suprnova.
                 \_ so are there any good suprnova replacement sites?
        \_ I suspect they simply paid the site owners off.
        \_ Check the thread about it.  Several other sites are
           mentioned as alternatives.
           \_ If you know good ones can you name a couple? I hate slashdot
              \_  3 guesses what kind of torrents *they* host.
2004/12/20 [Transportation/Car] UID:35363 Activity:nil
12/19   Major, minor, and intermediate service for cars-- necessary or
        it's not a big deal? Can I hear from people who have gotten over
        150K miles using/not using these services consistently? ok thx.
        \_ I had a '97 Maxima with 140K miles.  All I did was oil change
           every 10K-ish miles.
        \_ About all any modern car needs is oil and filter every 6000
           miles or so plus lubing anything with grease fittings at
           the same time and check for leaks and other fluid levels.
           An automatic transmission should get a fluid and filter
           change every 30K or thereabouts if you do it the old
           fashioned way of dropping the pan.  Or you can let it go to
           around 60K and then do a filter change but also do the
           flush so you replace all the fluid instead of just the part
           that's in the pan.  Every 36K/3 years replace the coolant.
           If and when your wheels appear to be wearing funny have the
           alignment checked.  Somewhere along the way you need to
           have the brakes checked if you don't know how or don't want
           to do it yourself. -some guy on usernet...
        \_ What about replacing your timing belt? Is this really neccessary?
           \_ Yes, every 60-90K miles.  You will fuck up everything when this
              goes bad.
           \_ Depends on your timing belt type. On the maxima the timing
              belt does not need to be replaced. On Toyota it's every 60000
              \_ Not all Toyotas have timing belt.  Some has timing *chain*
                 and those usually don't need changing.
2004/12/20 [Reference/Celebration] UID:35364 Activity:insanely high
12/20   Survey:  It's the week before Xmas, and most undergrads have gone home.
        Yet you're still reading this.  Which best describes you?
        Undergrad, checking from home: .
        Undergrad, no home, don't tell security:
        Undergrad, poor sap still in finals:
        Undecided student status, still on campus, delusions of home: .
        Alumnus, and there is no Xmas break: ...
        Unemployed Alumnus, unlimited break: ..
        Alumnus, checking from work: ........
        Alumnus, about to go on holiday: .
        Stud, taking a web-surfing break between humps: .
        Alum in grad school, should be working, but reading motd instead: .
        Alum in grad school, on Xmas break: .
        \_ What undergrads? There are actual undergrads who read the motd?
           \_ The survery would appear to bear witness to this.
              \_ No, the survey would not. Read the survey results
                 thus far, and you will see...
                 \_ Right, like I need a fight over a survey; I agree with you,
                    and I'm saying the survey suggests there are no Undergrads
                    reading this.
                    \_ And bang goes another theory; at least one UG is on.
        \_ There are still undergrads having finals today and tomorrow.
           \_ Those poor, crazy people.
2004/12/20 [Transportation/Car] UID:35365 Activity:very high
12/20   Damn, the older I've become, the more I find young and pretty
        girls irresistible. I don't remember I was like this when I
        was at Berkeley. Is this generally true for man as we get
        older? How do I overcome my shallowness?
        \_ When I was in my teens, I found girls in their early twenties most
           attractive.  Now I'm in my thirties, and I still find girls in their
           early twenties most attractive.
           \- same here.
        \_ YMMV. I'm 35, and my tastes have aged with me; in fact, when I see
           early 20s, I can't help thinking of them as just older teens, and
           that's just not attractive.
           \_ My tastes have aged too, but not as fast as my body.
              \_ I'd just like to say for the record that I know some
                 absolutely stunning 35 y.o.s.
                    \_ NSFW (obviously)
                 \_ Would you rather have a new Civic or an older Porsche?
                    I realize a new Porsche is the best, but this is the
                    CSUA and that's not an option.
                    \_ The question is how do I convince myself that
                       what I really need is a 'family car' like the
                       Camry or an Accord? Sure it don't drive like a
                       Porshe, but you get the 'bang for your buck'
                       and it's not 'high maintenance'. I know it's the
                       right car for me, but everytime I saw a new 'porshe',
                       my blood boils and I just so much want to hold one
                       in my, I mean, drive it... It's my shallowness that
                       is preventing me from buying any car and thus getting
        \_ Why should you try and overcome it? Is it causing your problems?
                       \_ hmmm. When I was a kid, I hated cars and believed
                          that my BMX was the best way to get around, when
                          I was in my teens I really hated cars, and thought
                          my skateboard was the only decent way to get around,
                          and in my early and mid 20's I really really hated
                          cars and felt my roller blades were the best way to
                          get around.  Now I'm in my late 20's and I really
                          really really hate cars and think my mountain bike
                          is the best way to get around.  I figure in my 30's
                          I might work my way up to really really really really
                          hating cars and get a road bike.
                          \_ You're a inconsiderate weirdo judging
                             by the following post.
                             \_ You are correct on both counts.  Do you have
                                a point?
                          \_ Thanks for stomping on my comment asshole.
                       \_ Look, just get the new Porsche and enjoy yourself.
                          I don't see what the problem is. Unless you can't
                          ahem "afford" the Porsche, then you just have the
                          adolescent problem of wanting what you can't have.
                          I dated a 19 year old when I was 34 and enjoyed it,
                          but finally got tired of the drama and settled down
                          with a nice 31 year old UC grad.
                       \_ If you can't ahum "afford" a Porshe, maybe
                          you should consider "renting" one.
        \_ Why should you try and overcome it? Is it causing you problems?
        \_ Stop looking at so much porn.  No, really.  I'm serious.
           \_ You know, I think you may be onto something here.
        \_ I am happy!  Cause I've found my dream girl!  She's going to be
           27 on 1/7.  She's such a kind and considerate person.  Everyone
           loves her.  Be happy for me, soda Brothers!  I've prayed, and
           God sent an Angel!  I cannot fathom his grace!  I shall live in
           the Lord's temple for all the days of my life!
           \_ can i get my own god planet too? - danh
           \_ are you a Republican? Conservative? Religious?
              \_ No, I am not a Republican.
           \_ i'm glad waner found a nice girl instead of turning
              into the csua's version of scott peterson.
           \_ I am happy for you, even though I think you are a freak.
              Have you set a wedding day??
              \_ Haven't reached that stage yet, unfortunately.
                 Just hanging out daily for 4 months.  Many tests
                 ahead, but I am going all out, and even if I crash and burn
                 like a flaming wreck, I will have no regrets.  She's an
                 inspiration, and already helped me renew and deepen my
                 relationship with the Lord.  It would be a such a grace, and
                 such joy to be able to serve the Lord with her.  God's gift
                 is truly much better than what I have prayed for or
                 imagined!  I will love and cherish her all my life.
                 \_ OMG, you are under/around 28 years old right? Yeah, around age
                 \_ OMG, you are under/around 28 years old right? Yeah, around
                    28, you'll finally see the light. Right now you are just
                    blinded by the light.
                 \_ Just be sure you don't let her see you writing crap
                    like this or it will be all over and she'll be humping
                    a black sumo tattoo artist before deciding to settle
                    down. It's not that you are boring or deluded, but
                    that you are placing her on a pedestal. Women hate
                    that, in spite of what they say. Respect, yes. Pedestal,
                    no. Factor in religion and you are toast.
                    \_ heh heh.  Thanks for your advice.  Don't worry,
                       I know how to be a bad boy.
           \_ And you are, 22?
2004/12/20-25 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:35366 Activity:nil
12/20   Looking for skilled, full-time C or C++ software developer, working
        with network simulation software.  In L.A.  See /csua/pub/jobs/snt.
        \_ With an office environment like that:
           "We really don't have any cubicles with tall walls - you'll probably
           have your own 6' folding table, sharing a room with 2-5 other
           Who wouldn't want to work there!
           \_ Yeah ... we are evaluating moving to a bigger office next door,
              I guess I'll update the posting if that becomes imminent.
2004/12/20 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:35367 Activity:nil
12/20   Three cheers for Dubya! today:
        As for Bush, 49 percent of respondents said they approved of the job
        the president is doing. That number is down from his November approval
        rating of 55 percent. Bush is the first incumbent president to have an
        approval rating below 50 percent one month after winning re-election.
        The question had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage
        [Gallup poll.  Washington Post poll says the same thing.]
        \_ Not that I love Dubya, but didn't we all just learn how much you
           can really trust polls?
           \_ Actually, I think the Gallup poll matched the election results.
              It was Zogby that fucked it up.
2004/12/20-21 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:35368 Activity:kinda low
12/20   Has anyone used the parser generator JavaCC?  Is it just me, or is
        it completely awful?
        \_ what do you need it for? If you need to use the visitor and
           traverse the syntax tree, I recommend JTB, available here
   It is built on top of
           javacc and generates visitors that you can extend functionalities
           on. There are tutorials you can use, here:
           \_ I'm using it at work, I don't really have a choice about it.
              A parser was written in it long ago by a guy who didn't know
              anything about parsers, and now I have to update it.
              \_ well, what's awful about it? What does it not have that
                 yacc and bison have?
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