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2004/12/19-20 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:35358 Activity:insanely high
12/19   In case some of you haven't heard, W is the man of the year:
        \_ That makes it official, the time man of the year means
           absolutely nothing.
                \_ Time's Man of the Year has never been an honor,
                   just a recognition that good or bad, that person
                   made the biggest impact in the news.
                        \_ I know, but in recent years, the MOY hasn't
                           even accomplished that. Take for instance,
                           "the whistleblowers", or Jeff Bezos, or
                           the best example yet: Rudy Giuliani. None
                           of those people made a huge impact on domestic
                           or global affairs. Most of those people were
                           clearly chosen because there wasn't a single
                           person that made a great accomplishment (in
                           other words, a slow news year), so they just
                           chose someone that was semi-prominent.
           \_ That makes it official, you have no idea what you're
              talking about.
                \_ why?
        \_ You know how last year they selected the American soldier?  This
           year they should have picked the American voter.  He definitely
           wins out over Dubya in terms of stupidity.
           \_ I agree. I can't believe something like 5.8x10e7 people voted
              for John Kerry. Where did all these idiots come from?
              for Dubya. Where did all these idiots come from?
           \_ I agree. I can't believe something like 5.5x10e7 people voted
              for Kerry. Where did all these idiots come from?
                \_ wow when you state it that way, I realize how wrong I was.
                   \_ I said Kerry, some ass keeps changing it to Dubya.
                      Personally I can't believe there are people in America
                      dumb enough to vote for the "global test". Fortunately
                      enough sane people went to the polls in Ohio.
        \_ Wasn't Hitler Man of The Year in 1938?
           \_ Hitler, Stalin, Khomeni, Castro.. pretty good company.
              \_ I'm glad you neglect to ignore the above about the American
                 soldier who you owe your very right to say such ignorant
                 things. Demonstrates your supreme grasp of MOY award.
                 \_ we wouldn't be in this war if there weren't so many
                    _voluntary_ American soldiers.  Conscription woulda
                    nixed it.
                 \_ that's right, because the american soldiers who were
                    honored as MOY that year are really helping to
                    provide our current freedom. you sure sound like one
                    of the many geniuses who seem to confuse who we're
                    fighting in this war and why.
                    \-I think they should have picked K. ROVE. --psb
                        \_ Yeah, I read they were considering him. If
                           they wanted someone in the Bush camp as MOY,
                           Rove should have been picked, since he was
                           responsible for Bush's victory.
2004/12/19-20 [Computer/HW/Display] UID:35359 Activity:kinda low
12/19   I'm running X apps on my Athlon 2GHz box and displaying them over a
        100Mb network to the xserver running on my via ezra 866 MHz desktop
        with a Matrox MGA PCI video card. With my xserver at 16 bpp,
        everything is snappy and fast, but when I increase the color depth
        to 24 bpp, scrolling is a little jerky.  If I run the apps locally
        on the via box at 24pbb scrolling is smooth.  Is my network the
        bottleneck?  Any software tricks to speed things up?  Any
        recommendations for a good inexpensive gigE nic for linux?
        \_ Without trying anything else complicated, first try sending your
           X connection through a compressed ssh tunnel (as someone already
           mentioned below). X is very chatty with small packets and this may
           help a bit. Before investing in a gigE nic, check with your IT
           group to see if they even have gigE ports available.
        \_ You might look into's NX technology; it basically
           caches and compresses X requests, reducing roundtrip times etc.
           There's a free client in the works for KDE, but I've heard you
           can do it really easily using the NM libraries with just a couple
           hundred lines of bash.
        \_ See if ssh compression helps.  As far as a good gigE nic for
           linux is concerned, try NetGear. They have a copper gigE nic
           for ~ $25.  I seem to get decent performance w/ that nic under
           FreeBSD, WinXP, OpenBSD and Linux. I have a NetGear switch
           and a AirLink switch at home and both seem to work pretty well
           given that I paid less than $50 for each.
           \_ ssh compression doesn't seem to help. Thanks for the tips.
2004/12/19-21 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:35360 Activity:low
12/19   How do you override the hardware MAC addr in OS X?  I tried the usual
        ifconfig en0 laddr anotherAddr but besides disabling the interface
        it seems to do nothing.  It no longer receives DHCP message from
        the cable modem.  (Another machine which has anotherAddr as its real
        MAC works just fine so it's not the fault of the isp.)[restored]
        \_ The MAC address is hardwired to your ethernet controller. You
           can't change this unless you're willing to flash a ROM.
           \_ you're an idiot.
        \_ The following seems to work for me:
           sudo ifconfig en0 down
           sudo ifconfig en0 ether XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX
           sudo ifconfig en0 up
           \_ Some sites I went to after googling said the same thing, but
              the second ifconfig gave me
                        ifconfig: ioctl (set lladdr): Network is down
              and refused to change the lladdr.  I got no complaint if I
              ifconfig with the interface up and the lladdr was indeed changed.
              However the interface stoped receiving anything unless I
              change the lladdr back to the hardware value.  So it didn't work.
        \_ Someone here says the ifconfig commands don't actually change what
           MAC address is used; you need to recompile the kernel to enable it.
2004/12/19-20 [Health] UID:35361 Activity:nil
12/19   Dude, I think your kidneys would've been in better shape if you
        had taken the drugs after all...
        \_ Sounds like mild schizophrenia, and a misdiagnosis.  Poor bastard.
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