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2004/12/18-20 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:35350 Activity:nil
12/18   Why is shit like "replica watches" still getting through SpamAssassin?
        Aren't the rules updated regularly? And how do I increase the number
        of points that the Bayesian filter can add? thanks.
        \_ perldoc Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf
           As for why, look at the report of tests failed in the message
           header.  It will always be easier to defeat filters than to
           detect spam; detecting spam is an unbounded problem.  -tom
           \_ Like NMD.
2004/12/18-19 [Computer/Networking] UID:35351 Activity:high
12/18   How do I find soda's IP address?  More specifically, if I want to
        give out my email address as <login>@IP_address, how would I do it?
        \_ host
           Why would you want to give that out as an email address?
           It would be very ill-advised. IP addresses change.
           \_ Wanted to trick a subscription list into letting me have more
              than 3 subscriptions.  Can get away with soda, soda.csua, and
              csua.  Was hoping for a 4th to the same address.  But,
              nevermind, I'm not going to bother with the IP address idea.
              Thanks.  -op [ moved ]
              \_ Use spamgourmet or just get multiple yahoo accounts.
              \_ Can't you already do <user>
        \_ ifconfig -a or nslookup I agree with the
           previous poster, your idea is really dumb.
        \_ Also, not all mail servers accept mail to/from IP addresses.
2004/12/18 [Uncategorized] UID:35352 Activity:nil 52%like:35341
12/18   John, please send more American trash bashing European humour
        links please!!!                                 -John #1 fan
2004/12/18 [Politics/Domestic/California, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35353 Activity:nil
12/18   This is about a month old but hadn't seen it on the motd or news.
        Tara Reid had a wardwobe malfunction, sure some of the guys on the
        MOTD would appreciate it:
        \_ tangent: that much makeup looks gross IMO.
           \_ Yeah, I was really looking at the makeup too (shrug)
              \_ Of course I looked at the tit first. "okay, a large tit."
           \_ Yeah, between the makeup and the scars from her implants
              she's not really all that attractive.
2004/12/18-20 [Transportation/Car] UID:35354 Activity:insanely high
12/18   Make sure that you are doing business with a company that
        only supports "blue" candiates:
        \_ How the hell could Fox Cable Net be blue?
        \_ Hey thanks!  Now I know what businesses to avoid.
          \_ Wanted to trick a subscription list into letting me
             have more than 3 subscriptions.  Can get away with
             soda, soda.csua, and csua.  Was hoping for a 4th to the
             same address.  But, nevermind, I'm not going to bother with
             the IP address idea.  Thanks.  -op
        \_ uh, HJ Heinz is red, very red. How can that be?
           \_ Because Heinz is a fucking hypocrite.
        \_ Video games are all democratic while for cars, all except Toyota
           are red. Ditto with gasoline companies. Come on, it's not like we
           really have a lot of choices. The fact of the matter is, most
           corporations are in fact red... what are you gonna do about it,
           move to Montana and not buy anything?
                   \_ s/Montana/Canada/
           \_ Amazingly, there's a reason why businesses are Republican, because
              business owners are overwhelmingly Republican. The reason why
              they are is because the Republican administration favors
              businesses by not demonizing them or overtaxing them or
              over regulating them.  Duhh. Yes, the democratic party is stupid,
              but we already knew that when the only thing its dumbass elitist
              followers can do is pull a stupid stunt like this. You figure
              that after the Iraq debacle they would've learned sanctions
              don't work.
              \_ Why not? If a business wants to go out and align itself with
                 political agendas then it has to accept the possibility of
                 pissing off customers who have a problem with that. Businesses
                 don't have to do that shit.
        \_ Funny exercise: find the most lopsided category.  I found meat
           sellers to have only one blue business.
        \_ Try this with actors. If you are red person like me, makes it
           hard to ever see a movie or watch TV.
           \_ Out of curiosity, have you found any red movies at all?
              How about Red Dawn?
           \_ You're not missing much.  Read a book.
           \_ You blue state people crack me up. Who cares which party
              an actor supports if they do a decent job of acting?
        \_ Toyota is the ONLY blue automobile company. That does it, I'm gonna
           \_ Toyotas suck, dude.
              \_ Such a balanced statement.  Well researched, too.
                 \_ If you could pick a car out of the following, BMW, Mercedes,
                    Jag, Honda, Toyota, I doubt anyone would pick the Toyota.
                    The only thing that's good from Toyota is Lexus and that's
                    only if you get the high-end Lexus. The only time I would
                    pick a Toyota would be if you relegated me to it and
                    domestic cars like Ford or GM. Hell, I'd rather drive
                    a MiniCooper rather than a Toyota, and I'm not a
                    \_ Do you have to be metrosexual to drive a mini? Actually,
                        I don't know any gay guys who drive minis, just metros...
                    \_ The Toyota Camry is the top selling car in America.
                    \_ I'd pick the Toyota.  I think they're reliable,
                       not bad looking, fuel efficient, and gives me bang
                       for buck.  But you knew all that, right?
                       \_ They are expensive, but they are probably the
                          best cars made right now along with Honda. I say
                          this as an owner of a BMW who has experience
                          with Jaguar, Toyota, Honda, and Mercedes.
                    \_ If have the money to buy cars like BMW, jag, and
                        Mercedes, I would still buy a Toyota and spend the
                        extra money on options and upgrades.

        \_ Oh fuck Dell, i am going to throw out my Dell 20" into the trash!!
2004/12/18-20 [Uncategorized] UID:35355 Activity:nil
12/18   MS TerraServer is GREAT but it is US only. Are there other [free]
        servers out there for Europe and Asia? Thanks.
2004/12/18-20 [Reference/Religion] UID:35356 Activity:insanely high
12/18   Nearly 1 in 2 Americans supports restricting the rights of Muslim-
        \_ Thanks for testing my faith in humanity.  Just what I need before
           singing christmas services.  "I heard the bells on Christmas Day"
           has been hitting pretty hard this year.  And on a related note,
           "I'll be home for Christmas" is our most requested song now.
        \_ Wow, no definition at all of what that means.  Let me hazard a
           guess:  most intelligent Americans think that allowing Mosques to
           preach hatred of America or be a haven for organizing attacks is not
           a good thing.  Not that all or even many Mosques are doing this, but
           if any one of them is doing it, it should be closed.
           \_ The survey responses are at the bottom of the linked page.
              What you say would make sense if the article author had
              paraphrases "mosques meeting certain criteria" as "mosques" as
              a whole.  As it stands, it is scary.  -John
              \_ One of the restriction possibilities listed is "mosques
                 should be closely monitored by U.S. law enforcement
                 agencies." I don't see anything wrong with that.
                 \_ Maybe not, but then, out of fairness, you should also be
                    in favor of US law enforcement "close monitoring" of many
                    christian fundamentalist congregations for inciting
                    violence against abortionists, sodomists, and other
                    undesirable types.  Of course I'm just taking this to its
                    absurd conclusion, but one of the reasons western nations
                    have such a problem with islamic fundamentalism and with
                    islamism is that we have rules restricting our ability
                    to deal with evil through law enforcement, the very
                    erosion of which laws would be a terrifying end in its own
                    right.  "Those who give up a essential liberty" and all
                    that.  I'm not saying imams (as with any preachers) who
                    order their obedient hordes to engage in mayhem shouldn't
                    be closely watched, just suggesting that you think very
                    very carefully about where this can lead.  -John
                    \_ I hope you realize that lots of fundamentalist groups
                       that advocate violence against abortion doctors, &c.
                       are routinely monitored by the FBI and state law
                       enforcement agencies.
                       \_ That's ok, they voted for Bush.
        \_ Nearly 1 in 1 Muslim countries restrict the rights of it's
           non-Muslim citizens.
           \_ If all your friends jumped off a bridge...
           \_ Its more like nearly 1 in 1 Muslims favor restricting the
              right to exist of a non-Muslim.
              \_ That's absurd.  I think more to the point is that 100%
                 of muslim countries restrict the rights of *all* their
                 citizens, including muslims.
              \_ If you can't see the difference between a Muslim and a
                 Muslim-American, you're blind.  Do you also think that
                 the Japanese americans should have been interned during
                 \_ the Japanese Americans fought in the fields
                    I don't see any muslim americans fighting against
                    Al-Queda or fingerpointing the bad mosques?
                    \_ Key phrase:  "I don't see..."
                       \_ show me a news report of a Muslim whistleblower
                          exposing a Mosque
                    \_ Actually that's a really good point.  Perhaps the media
                       should do more stories on MAs in the armed forces in
                       Iraq or Afganistan.  All we hear about are desertions
                       or people throwing grenades into tents. -- ilyas
                    \_ just to cloud this issue with facts, most of the
                       Japanese Americans who served in the US Army during
                       WWII served in Europe.  A much smaller number served
                       in Asia with the US military intelligence services
                       as linguists.
                       as linguists.  Their (MIS) involvement was not widely
                       known for decades after the end of WWII.
                 \_ I don't think internment is the answer (then or now).
                    The Japanese-Americans were on the whole trustworthy
                    and dedicated to this country. Support for Japanese
                    expansion in Asia was limited among JA's living here.
                    This is not true of Muslim-Americans. There are plenty
                    of mosques, &c. that preach anti-Americanism and
                    militant resistance of American. The nature of this
                    enemy is different.
                    \_ I live in a town with a lot of muslims, and I know
                       quite a few muslims.  Many of the local businesses
                       here are run by muslims.  All of the muslims
                       I've met are American immigrants first, and muslims
                       second.  They speak better English, work harder and
                       generally act in a way that I find to be more compatible
                       with the American way of life than their fellow
                       immigrants from a lot of other regions I won't name.
                       Yes, there is an international conspiracy of Muslims
                       that wants to destroy America, but I'm convinced that
                       the fraction of them among Muslim Americans is *really*
                       small.  If it wasn't, we'd know by know.
                       \_ This is, of course, part of the irony.  A lot of
                          the immigrants came here to get the hell out of
                          the Middle East.
                          \_ What's even more sad and ironic is the Sikhs who
                             come here to escape persecution by muslims only
                             to be persecuted for *being* muslims by
                             know-nothing ninnies because they wear turbans.
                             \_ The worst thing about this is that Sikhs
                                saved large sections of humanity from
                                subjugation by the Muslim hordes. For
                                these brave men to be treated like the
                                enemy is an outrage and a disgrace.
                       \_ You may be right or you may not. An acquaintance
                          knew a Muslim terrorist living in LA. He seemed
                          like a great guy, fun-loving and always willing
                          to lend a hand. Then one day he disappeared and
                          the FBI showed up looking for him. You never know.
                          It's like those serial killers where the neighbors
                          talk about how they seemed to be great guys.
        \_ Doesn't Michelle Malkin say we should intern all the Arabs in
           Concentration Camps? To save our civilization, natch.
2004/12/18-19 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:35357 Activity:nil
12/18   Really interesting article on the sociology of International
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