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2004/12/16 [Uncategorized] UID:35315 Activity:nil
12/15   A little fun from The Onion (unless you're in PETA)
2004/12/16 [Computer/Rants, Reference/RealEstate] UID:35316 Activity:high
12/15   some terraserver data in color now in urban areas - danh
        \_ Jesus, I can see my sister's car.
           \_ Peter, I can see your house from here.
                \_ i can see his mom
        \_ this is still cooler
           \_ this IS cooler, but it ain't free like TerraServer
        \_ I can see my wife in the pool and ...... hey, who's that man!?
        \_ This is awesome.
        \_ alright this is awesome. Let's collect some interesting data
           points, like Sather Tower, Statue of Liberty, Bill Gates' house,
           etc etc. Can someone start the list? Thanks.
           \_ is slightly out of date - danh
           \_   Oracle, my former employer
                Anyone know the address of B Gates and Larry Ellison?
                I'd like to know where the rich Walmart people are as well.
                \_ Ellison has a home in Pac Heights on the same block
                   as Sen Feinstein. I am pretty sure it is that last
                   block of Broadway just before the Presidio. Not
                   sure exactly which house though.
           \_    Soda Hall
           \_ - danh
           \_ Hearst Castle
2004/12/16 [Uncategorized] UID:35317 Activity:nil 66%like:32602
12/15   A little gift to atom:
         /                \
        / /          \ \   \
        |                  |
       /                  /
      |      ___\ \| | / /
      |      /          \
      |      |           \
     /       |      _    |
     |       |       \   |
     |       |       _\ /|     I am Corn Julio!!! I need TP for my
     |      __\     <_o)\o-    bunghole!!!! Where we come from we
     |     |             \     have no bungholes...Would you like
      \    ||             \    to be my bunghole?
       |   |__          _  \    /
       |   |           (*___)  /
       |   |       _     |    /
       |   |    //_______/
       |  /       | UUUUU__
        \|        \_nnnnnn_\-\
         |       ____________/
         |      /
        \_ "Corn Julio"?
2004/12/16-17 [Recreation/Media] UID:35318 Activity:high
12/16   anyone have or know where we could find this mysterious
        Star Wars Holiday Special?
        \_ Hit #1 on google for "star wars holiday special" leads to
  via the "buy DVD" link.  STFW.  And here's
           even a .torrent for you:
        \_ Wow, has anyone seen this?  How was it?  It sounds awesome.
           \_ will somebody put a copy in /csua/tmp, please.
                \_ Dude, how fucking lazy are you?  I went to the trouble of
                   posting both a "buy DVD" and "download torrent" link for
                   you.  This is copyrighted material, which doesn't belong
                   on a CSUA box.  You figure it out.  Muppet.  -John
                   \_ I suspect the "buy DVD" is even worse than the torrent.
                   \_ You can download at: --danh
                      \_ W-ESG (Warning - Eyeball Scarring Graphic)
                        \_ uh i didn't make the above link.  why pretend
                                 to post as me ?  - danh
                                 \_ Why are you denying what is in the
                                    MOTD archive?
2004/12/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:35319 Activity:moderate
12/16   Life not going anywhere, haven't accomplished much, getting mildly
        discouraged about things in general.  Anyone have experience with
        temporary insanity as an option?  Considering spending a few years
        sitting on an island yelling at trees or similar.  How are the
        benefits?  Downsides?  Is this a worthwhile career move?
        \_ Why not become a logger and get paid for it?  You'll learn exciting
           new ways to use the English language to yell at trees, and make
           enough money to support youreslf on top of it.  Oh, yeah, and
           read "Into the Wild" by Krakauer to give you an idea of what *not*
           to do.
           \_ Stop shrinking forests.
        \_ Sounds like yet another reality show.  Yawn.
        \_ Try doing something. It helps.
        \_ Try Paxil.
        \_ Whatever madness you indulge, do it somewhere away from people, or
           they will call the cops to 5150 you, and you will end up under
           observation for 72 hours.
        \_ I'm not the only one who is feeling this then.  - !op
2004/12/16 [Uncategorized] UID:35320 Activity:nil
12/16   Bobby Fischer, found:
        \_ Isn't this, like, months old?
           \_ His detention is months old, his residency offer from Iceland is
              \_ Then say that in the link description
2004/12/16-17 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:35321 Activity:kinda low
12/16   When I downloading a directory with wget, it some generates multiple
        and identical copy of index.html with names like index.html?C=N;O=D,
        one for each real files in the directory.  Which option should I
        give wget to stop this stupidity?  I read the man page already.  tnx.
        \_ if there's a certain type of file at that site you want,
           use "-A"
           wget -r -l 1 --no-parent -Amp3 http://www - danh
           \_ But that still download the duplicate files but only remove
              it later, right?  Actually it fetches a duplicate of this
              dynamically generated index.html for every real file in the
              directory so it can be a real waste of bandwidth/time.
           \_ But that still downloads the duplicate files but only remove
              it later, right?  Actually it fetches a duplicate of these
              Apache generated index.html for every real file in the
              directory so it can be a real waste of bandwidth/time.  How
              do I tell wget that they are the duplicates?
2004/12/16 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:35322 Activity:high
12/16   GW Bush shutting down GPS
        \_ You fucking liar.
           \_ Do you mean liar as in "There Are WMD in Iraq, I Guarantee It!"
              kind of liar or "No Honey, I never think about your sister
              when we are having sex" kind of liar?
              \_ Look at the headline in the link and then at what the OP
                 \_ So more like a Bush, totally exaggerating but from
                    a germ of truth.
        \_ Wow.  What a completely misleading title.
        \_ Assume for a second that you don't trust GWB's big brother tactics.
           That they wantonly label anyone they don't like a terrorist sez,
           yes, he could shut down GPS for any stupid reason he chooses to.
           Welcome to the future of the past.
           \_ Welcome to the sanitorium. Would you like coco-puffs with your
              anti-psychosis medicine today?
        \_ Kind of depends on whether he intends to jam Galileo signals
           outside of the US when someone decides it's terror alert time
           again.  If not, who cares.  -John
2004/12/16 [Consumer/TV] UID:35323 Activity:low
12/16   TiVo giving away free DVR's to Bay Area comcast subscribers tomorrow.
        Just need to haul yourself and a new toy or clothing donation down
        to their offices off of 237.   See
        \_ so these are useless without paying monthly subscription fees right?
        \_ I wonder if you'll have to sign up for the Tivo service right
           then and there.  It'd be nice to have a box to hack on.
2004/12/16-17 [Recreation/Dating] UID:35324 Activity:very high
11/16   How can "not feeling sexy" be a reason for a woman not to have
        sex?  Doesn't the fact that someone wants to have sex with her
        make her, by definition, sexy to that person?
        \_ Welcome to the world of women.  They're wired differently.  I
           start believing that they are somehow related, species-wise, to
           managers, who are also strangely circuited.  Women don't seem to
           want/like sex at all (except for yermom.)  Valid excuses for not
           having sex with you, beside the obvious (fat bastard, smell bad,
           and the same goes for you) include time of month, feeling
           unattractive for whatever reason, lights on, lights off, it's
           Tuesday, that thing you said when talking to Bob & Vicky three
           years back, it was in January, yes you know the one, solar flares,
           and the general state of the world.  This is a species that may
           have a PhD in astrophysics and her own company, but still gets off
           reading trashy gossip mags at the gym.  Get used to it, you can't
           win.  As a guy, you are immediately placed in the category of
           people whose thought processes do not extend beyond "whoa, a pulse,
           maybe she'll sleep with me."  They don't give us more credit than
           that.  Best thing to do is just accept it, or ignore them.  -John
           \_ Most women enjoy sex. You must be a crappy lover.
              \_ Beyond any doubt.  They're still bizarre.  -John
              \_ I dispute this. Most women enjoy sex at some point, but
                 not most of the time. I think that as a relationship
                 matures they don't enjoy sex like they did in the
                 beginning. This is true of men, too, but men like sex
                 so much that they still want to have it. Women would
                 rather paint their nails, read a magazine, or impale
                 themselves on sharp hooks.
                 \_ Too true. Sex gets boring after a while. Then
                    the relationship gets boring. Then it goes down
                    the shitter and you start looking elsewhere.
                    I guess the point is is to find someone you can
                    delude yourself to be interested in enough for
                    a long enough period of time that you just don't
                    give a crap about it anymore and just live with it.
                    Sometimes a relationship is kind of like having a
                    roommate that you fuck on occassion. That's just
                    life, people get used to each other after a while.
                 \_ I'm sorry you are such a bad lay.
                    \_ Said the soda virgin.
                    \_ I'm sure you've been in lots of long-term
                       relationships. If you have you would know. If
                       you're a playboy then of course you think women
                       enjoy sex, because you're not around long enough
                       for it to matter. I could go find lots of single
                       women to fuck, but that doesn't change the fact
                       that women overall just aren't that into sex beyond
                       the courting stage.
                       \_ there's a huge difference between 'not being into
                          sex' and 'not being AS into sex'.  I've met, known,
                          and been friends with many women that have very
                          aggressive libidos.  Most I've spoken to at length
                          express great enjoyment of sex...when their lover
                          has at least a modicum of skill.  Sadly, this isn't
                          a skill that guys typically seem willing to learn, or
                          are just too prideful or embarrassed to admit they're
                          lacking.  women don't generally hit the big O easily,
                          and many rarely can get there with just wham-bam
                          penetrative vaginal intercourse.  put the pride aside
                          and you'll be a much better lover in the long run.
                          \_ Of course there are nymphomaniacs that can't
                             get enough sex. I have met some of these.
                             However, most women just aren't into sex
                             beyond procreation after the novelty wears
                             off. I'm not looking for extremes, but
                             commenting on the average.
                             \_ Nah man, I mean, I've never actually HAD
                                sex, but I've got all these videos that
                                show that women all love lots of sex, and
                                always reach the big O!  It must be you.
                             \_ I'm not talking about nymphomaniacs or
                                extremes.  As for 'most women not being into
                                sex etc' -- I'm not convinced it's a problem
                                with women in general (or an issue that can
                                be attributed to them).  Do you really equate
                                'aggressive' with 'nymphomaniac'?
                             \_ I have been in three long-term (> 18 month)
                                relationships, and in all three cases the
                                woman was more interested in sex by the end
                                than she was at the beginning.
                                \_ Wow. 18 whole months. I find this
                                   anecdote hard to believe, frankly, but
                                   perhaps you attract women who can only
                                   get off with people they know well.
                                   "Hypoactive sexual desire disorder involves
                                   little or no interest in any type of sexual
                                   activity. As many as 50% of patients who
                                   come to sexuality clinics for help complain
                                   of hypoactive sexual desire, and most of
                                   these are female. Approximately 22% of
                                   women and 5% of men suffer from this
                                   disorder. Prevalence of female arousal
                                   disorders is hard to estimate as many women
                                   do not consider absence of arousal to be a
                                   problem. [Editor's note: That is, they see
                                   it as normal.]
                                   \_ What's your source?  (I'm assuming that
                                      your numbers are based in some sort of
                                      clinical study and not wishful thinking).
                                   \_ 22% is one in five.  Meet more women.
                                      \_ Seriously.  The poor guy clearly has
                                         has some bitter and painful
                                         experiences with women -- sadly he
                                         seems really insistent on blaming his
                                         inadequacies on women.
                                      \_ 22% are so sick as to not be
                                         interested in sex AT ALL. That
                                         does not mean the other 78% are
                                         out there fucking like rabbits.
                                         Meanwhile, only 5% of men have
                                         this problem. Almost all men like
                                         sex, while lots of women do not.
                                         It doesn't take a PhD to figure that
                                         out. I have had women tell me
                                         that they do not care if they
                                         ever have sex again (I was a
                                         friend and not their partner).
                                         You think a man says that?!
                                         \_Isn't masterbation better than
                                           having sex with an unattractive
                                           partner, or does motivation and
                                           having the lights off make up
                                           for it?  (I am the poster below!)
        \_ Not feeling sexy may be a euphemism for a variety of things.
        \_ Your argument is based on the assumption that women are logical.
           \_ or that men are.
        \_ Try to ease off the pressure, turn up the romance, and just take it
           easy.  It may take time, but the rewards are worth it.
           \_How many of you are dating somebody unattractive but you figure
             when the lights are off, it's not that hard to forget, unless
             they smell or are really heavy and it is better than masterbation?
             This is a serious question.  I can't understand how so many really
             unattractive people are in relationships.  I would throw up before
             having sex with a lot of these people.  Thanx in advance for
             \_ I guess the 'sad' answer is you get use to them after a while,
                and then you might actually develop feelings for them, and
                after which appearance is probably less important. Think
                about it this way, do you ever cared how your mom/dad looked?
                But you might care a lot of something were to happen to them.
                Same thing, they may not be the best eye candy, but once
                you become attached to them and have real feelings, those
                things are less important...
                \_Unattractive people can be good friends.  I just dont think
                  about them in "that way."  The feelings can come over time
                  but initially aren't you disgusted when you kiss them or
                  see them naked?  Or is everything different with the lights
                  off?  Thanx!
                \_ What I noticed is that sometimes after getting to know girls
                   whom I find very attractive at first, their personality
                   starts showing through and affects my perception of
                   their physical beauty , and I would start thinking,
                   "huh?  how come I find this girl attractive back then?"
                   And w00t!  My beautiful, kind, and hardworking dream
                   girl was really sweet to me today!  I am in heaven!
                   \_ She said "Hi!", huh?
2004/12/16 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:35325 Activity:very high
12/16   I guess Bush might not be destroying the environment after al.
        \_ more like he hasn't gotten arount to implementing his retarded
           pollution credits scheme.  i dislike stacked cost benefit
           analysis on pollution.  the study is for 1999-2003, so ok
           i'll give bush credit for 2 years. - danh
        \_ Also interesting, death due to traditional fossil fuel powerplants:
           ~30,000 per annum.
           Death due to nuclear powerplants:
           currently 0. Projected to be about 400 per annum if there was an
           actual meltdown of the type experienced in Russia.
              \_ Everyone likes nuclear power, they just disagree on how far
                 away it should be.
                 \_ No.  Everyone agrees it should be near someone else.
2004/12/16 [Uncategorized] UID:35326 Activity:nil
12/16   Remember those missing WMD? They have been found! (CalTech)
2004/12/16 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:35327 Activity:moderate
12/16   Another report showed housing starts unexpectedly plummeted 13.1
        percent last month, the biggest dive since a 17 percent tumble in
        January 1994, as groundbreaking activity fell sharply across the nation.

        Housing starts slid to an annual rate of 1.771 million units in
        November from an upwardly revised 2.039 million clip a month earlier,
        the Commerce Department said.

        Economists had expected starts to ease only slightly and some saw
        the report as a sign of brewing trouble for the long high-flying
        U.S. housing sector.

        "The housing market is finally beginning to cool off. This is the
        beginning of the end," said David Wyss, chief economist for
        Standard & Poor's. "The housing number is scary." (Additional
        reporting by Alister Bull in Washington and Pedro Nicolaci da
        Costa in New York)
        \_ Why do you hate America?
        \_ Am I naive to think that this is just the price rising enough to
           get closer to the point that supply and demand actually meet?
           \_ Yes, because housing has always tracked inflation. When housing
              tracks 10X inflation you know you're in a bubble.
              \_ hey it's Missed Buying A Home Sour Grapes Guy!
2004/12/16 [Recreation/Food] UID:35328 Activity:moderate
12/16   MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - A Mexican man killed his lover in a
        drunken, drugged fight then cooked the man's body in tomato and
        onion sauce and ate it over three days.
        \_ Those damn Mexicans! Why do we let so many of them into
           \_ because of the new reality show next season about them.
        \_ can you say HOLE-EEE MOLE (pronounced: mole-lay)
2004/12/16-17 [Consumer/Camera, Recreation/Humor] UID:35329 Activity:high
12/16   John, what are they saying? Can you please translate?
        \_ "A bazooka as alarm clock?  Would you have understood this joke?
           In the US, people are currently having a hearty laugh about such
           practical jokes.  What looks like a brutal assault commando is
           a new humor show in the US--candid camera for the really hardcore."
           Uh, I'm torn between (a) this is true and Fox has outdone itself
           and (b) RTL (kraut equivalent of Fox) is taking random shit out
           of concext again so we can all say "look, ha ha, ze silly
           Americans!"  I suspect the latter, it's quite common.  For a
           Dutch perspective,  -John
                \_ THANK YOU. It's nice to see that motd is contributed
                   by people other than the typical Berkeleyean, Bush
                   hating self righteous hippies
           Gift for you John. Nice looking German girl. NOT WORK SAFE.
           \_ What is that from?  Some kind of public nudie contest?
           \_ Good God.  That woman must have no feeling in her chest.
2004/12/16 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:35330 Activity:high
12/16   Can someone tell me where jni.h (a java header file) usually
        resides in OSX? This appears correct:
        \_On my system it's
          \_ Huh.  That's exactly the same as mine, although Current
             contains a symlink to the correct version.  I thought my system
             was wierd.
             \_ Yeah, "Current" is a symlink to "A"
     \_On my system it's
        \_ Huh.  That's exactly the same as mine, although Current
           contains a symlink to the correct version.  I thought my system
           was wierd.
           \_ Yeah, "Current" is a symlink to "A"
2004/12/16-17 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Virus] UID:35331 Activity:moderate
12/16   Odd sort of viral marketing (as in computer virus viral)-- the site will send you an email from your friend asking you to
        sign up for free text messaging (sms) service on their site; they then
        comb your address book and auto send an invitation to all your friends.
        The most insidious feature of this is that the invitation uses passably
        decent grammar and spelling.  May God have mercy on us all.
        \_ How did a website comb your personal address book?  Did you
           actually install something from a untrusted and unknown site?
           \_ Lots of people are security-unaware enough to do it, especially
              if a friend 'invites' them to do it.
              \_ I don't know how it works; I got the invite from a friend
                 who subsequently mailed me saying it was a scam.  The email
                 invite looked pretty legit though; I can't say anything about
                 the website since I didn't visit.
2004/12/16-17 [Finance/Shopping] UID:35332 Activity:nil
12/16   Cheaper than Fleshlight:
2004/12/16 [Uncategorized] UID:35333 Activity:nil
12/16   Anyone know why agate is not receiving any new articles?
2004/12/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:35334 Activity:nil
12/16   Is anyone selling Holiday Bowl tickets? The agencies want too
        much money for Cal football.
        \_ why bother? it's not the Rose Bowl..
           \_ My nephew plays football and lives in San Diego. It would be
              fun to go with him.
2019/04/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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