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2004/12/15 [Uncategorized] UID:35300 Activity:nil
12/14   I am thinking of taking intro to complex analysis course with
        Daniel Geba. Has anyone had an analysis course with him before?
        What are your impressions? Is he a good lecturer?
2004/12/15 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:35301 Activity:very high
12/14   Say goodbye to Bittorrent you hax0rz!
        \_ Have you even looked at Bit Torrent model? Put up a few trackers
           in China and see if the MPAA can touch them.
           \_ For once, Chicom troll have point.  Thank you, China!  -John
              \_ chicom troll? you must be an old fart john! ;)
              \_ John, for some time you have been crying "Chicom troll"
                 whenever there is any mention of China free of vitriol
                 on the motd.  Did some Chinese abuse you in some way?
                 You used to be more reasonable, or so I thought.
        \_ Isn't hosted in the Ukraine or something?
           \_ whois says netherlands.
                \_ so if I host an anti-Bush site out of US, I will not get
                   a visit from the CIA? How about child porn and drug
                   trafficking and prostitution ring? No CIA no FBI? Hmmm
                   \_ No, you'd probably get a visit from your local law
                      enforcement community (for the child porn/drug/whore
                      wite.)  Civilized countries tend to frown on that sort
                      of thing.  -John
                      \_ Do people generally consider Switzerland a
                         civilized country?
                         \_ More to the point, do people in Switzerland
                            consdier Switzerland a civilized country?
                            \_ Yes, and we get machine guns.  -John
                               \_ Still bitter about the gun debate?
                                  \_ You can take my bulldozer when you
                                     pry it from my cold dead fingers!!
                                     - ilyas #1 fan!
                                     \_ Yay!  I finally have a #1 fan!
                                          -- ilyas
                                        \_ Why don't I ever get nice things?
                                           \_ Because you are already
                                              pverpowered. -- ilyas
                                     \_ Your proposal is accepted.
        \_ You know, for once, I actually agree with Dvorak, "You can
           download movies on the internet??", woohoo, thank you MPAA.
2004/12/15 [Reference/Celebration] UID:35302 Activity:nil
12/14   Kato Kaelin is standing by!
        \_ Dude, screw Kato, Todd Bridges man, Todd Bridges!! Can you
           imagine a happy birthday greeting from Todd Bridges while
           he's high as a kite? "Happy Birthday, uhm, whoever you are,
           man, this coke is sweet!"
2004/12/15 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:35303 Activity:nil
12/14   So Paul Bremer, Tommy Franks, and George Tenet were awarded the
        Presidential Medal of Freedom today.  Can someone else think of any
        other semi-competent jackasses that have won this, or has Bush set
        a new precedent here?
        \_ Mr. Rogers.  Always hated that bastard.
        \_ Seriously lowers the bar.  Fucking assholes.
        \_ I have to wonder what Tenet has on Bush.
           \_ It's Dubya's loyalty reward.
              "Stick with me, I'll take care of ya".
              He's trying to recruit for his administration.
              Lieberman reportedly already won't take the Homeland Security
              job or the UN ambassadorship.
              \_ "Come with me if you want to live!"
2004/12/15 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:35304 Activity:nil 66%like:30894
12/15   Do it for Dubya!
2004/12/15-16 [Uncategorized] UID:35305 Activity:low
12/15   Anyone know where I can find a complete archive of 'Dysfunctional
        Family Circus'?  All I can find is little collections here and there.
        \_ isn't
           big enough for you?  It looks like Bill Keane slapped a C&D order
           on the sites hosting the full material.
           \_ There are something like 500 in existence, and I've seen a lot
              better than those.
           \_ I second this. The true Dysfunctional Family Circus totally
              rocked, much more than this site does.
                \_ ?
                \_ was there really a "true" one?  Looking in the archive, it
                   looks like it was always a collaborative effort
                   "(Last change 15 Mar 94.)"
2004/12/15-16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:35306 Activity:high
12/15   I need gift ideas.  What are you guys getting for your girlfriends /
        wives for Christmas?
        \_ Jewelry, the nice kind. No cubic zirconium. They're just overpriced
           trinkets, but for whatever reason women go mad for them. I guess
           the same can be said about males and sports memorabilia.
           \_ Sports memorabilia? Are you kidding me? Electronics, maybe.
              Yes, women like jewelry.
              \_ I was attempting to think of trinkets. I suppose electronics
                 are trinkets to other people. They're a necessary part of
                 everyday work for me since I'm in the hardware business, so
                 the analogy doesn't apply to me. I don't get excited if
                 someone gives me a new laptop, I already own 3 and work
                 on a dozen more on a daily basis. Same goes for PDAs,
                 dvd players (we have more here than one can count), routers,
                 ethernet cables, soldering irons, etc. I had assumed the
                 same for the majority of males at sloda, but I guess I was
                 wrong. Also, electronics aren't really that expensive compared
                 to things like a signed baseball/football/basketball by
                 <insert your favorite player's name>. It's completely useless
                 on a day-to-day basis, but everyone wants one.
              \_ Mine doesn't.  I think she wants a bikini-babe calendar.
                 \_ How about "The Men of Berkeley EECS" calender?
                    \_ Selma: "There go the last vestiges of my
        \_ a second girlfriend.
        \_ a new DVD player that plays DivX files.  Now she can watch her
           collection of MST3K more easily.
        \_ A Club Med vacation for the both of us.
        \_ Make her use
        \_ How about a nice pillow:
           \_ Better, earlier, and not M$NBC:
              \_ I think that this is the saddest thing I have ever seen.
        \_ Opera tickets at La Scala or Staatsoper (her pick, busy consultant,
           no clue when she has time), the trip there, and a nice hotel.
           \_ Only works if you're into opera. Most of the women I've dated
              would prefer a basketball game or even bowling than <<YAWN>>
              opera. Sorry, we're not all new york weenies.
              \_ Too true. My girlfriend likes theater, musicals, dance,
                 the symphony, and other arts. She hates opera. Yes, she'd
                 go to basketball 100 times before the opera.
2004/12/15 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:35307 Activity:low 50%like:34252
12/15   What the heck, the motd is so boring today, where are all the trolls?
        \_ Bush sucks dude. Move to canada. We are losing the war on
           terror because of scumbags like you. FreeBSD is the real OS
           of manly men. Ilyas needs to be squashed. Tom needs to fuck
           \_ Real Mem Use Linux.   --- baited
2004/12/15-16 [Science/Space, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:35308 Activity:high
12/15   Anyone know how laser distance measurement work? Intensity of
        reflected light? But doesn't that depend on the reflecting
        surface? Curious. Thanks.
        \_ I thought it was the time-to-travel of a beam of light. I assume
           you mean far distances.
           \_ I recently tried a Leica Disto laser measurement device, it
              can measure from 1 ft up to 600 ft. Just wondering how it
              works because it seems to be pretty accurate and works on most
              surface I point it at, even tree leaves at night.
        \_ It modulates the laser's strength to produce pulses, and then with
           a high-resolution timer it can tell how long it took for the
           roundtrip.  An advantage of this is that the shininess and distance
           of the target do not effect the measurement as long as they are not
           too far and too dark.  If you shone it on a smooth enough mirror
           at the wrong angle, you could disrupt the measurement though.
           \_ wow, how high resolution of a timer are we talking about?
              This is speed of the light we are talking about. Something
              comparable to timer used in GPS? But those are much further
              \_ For ~1-meter resolution, you need 3ns resolution.  I know
                 higher-resolution timers are available, as for price, no idea.
                 \_ The clock period on a 2GHz Pentium is 0.5ns, and the chip
                    costs only a couple hundres dollars.  So I guess a timer
                    with 0.5ns resolution would cost much less than that.
                    Come to think of it.  Light is not really that fast.
                    \_ If you mapped all speeds onto the domain [0,1], light
                       would be 1.
                       \-"we have measured the charge of the electon ... and
                          it is 1" --psb
                       \_ I suppose it can be the fastest and still not be
                          "that fast". After all, the universe seems a lot
                          bigger than light seems fast. Or perhaps it's just
                          that our sense of time is too fast, since we live
                          so short.
                             \- gee what other free parameters seem too
                                big/too small?
                          \_ Size of universe = age * speed of light.
                             If you think the universe is bigger than light is
                             fast, then that's just saying the universe is old.
                             Your preception would remain the same no matter
                             how fast light it, because the universe would be
                             \_ If size of univese = age * speed of light, why
                                   \- hello, even without a discussion about
                                      inflationary theories [i mean inflation
                                      in the sence of alan guth et al] this
                                      simple notion doesnt work because the
                                      universe was not opaque for a long time,
                                      meaning a photon would not have been
                                      able to cross the diameter of the
                                      universe [or even get far at all].
                                      you can probably GOOGLE for "opacity
                                      cosmology" or something like that.
                                      so the speed of light in a vaccum was
                                      not always the speed at which photons
                                      moved through the universe. ok tnx.
                                      \_ While the speed at which photons can
                                         cross the universe is not always C,
                                         with the exception of hyperinflation,
                                         the outermost dimension of the
                                         universe grows at C, modified by the
                                         geometry of space.
                                         \-saying "assuming expansion is space-
                                         like, then it would fit inside the
                                         light cone" is not 'interesting'.
                                         positively asserting that inflation
                                         is, always was, and always will be
                                         spacelike, i suppose is interesting.
                                         \_ I'm just trying to make the point
                                            that opacity/optical depth has no
                                            effect on the size of the universe.
                                            Want 'interesting'?  I like the
                                            fact that assuming linear
                                            expansion, the age of the universe
                                            is the same as the inverse of the
                                            Hubble Constant.
                                                   \- ok, now tell us about
                                                      zero-point energy.
                                            \- one is a boundary condition
                                               the other is an approach to
                                               answering the empirical Q and
                                               and attempt to do better. the
                                               real point of course is we have
                                               some observational data for size
                                               so really what we are trying to
                                               figure out is age.
                                is there debate among scientists on whether the
                                universe is growing at an accelerating rate,
                                constant rate, or decelerating rate?
                                \_ It *is* more complicated than that, but I
                                   wanted to gloss over that fact because for
                                   purposes of comparing non-comprable huge
                                   values (light-speed vs. universe size), it's
                                   about right.  If you want to do actual
                                        \_ You are assuming that the expansion
                                           of space is limited by the speed
                                           of light, correct?
                                   cosmology, you need to think about tensors
                                   of 4-dimensional non-euclidean geometry, but
                                   that seemed beyond the scope of this debate.
                                   \- um without looking for explanation that
                                      involve really exotic theories and
                                      fancy math like M-theory and supergravity
                                      the two big Qs in cosmology today are
                                      1. the missing mass question and the
                                      2. the hubble constant/cosmological
                                         constant question ... some recent
                                         observation are seeing some curious
                                         phenomenon in high red shift objects.
                                      in both cases there has been a lot of
                                      study to rule out dumb mistakes but now
                                      a lot of physicists believe something
                                      big is missing from our theories and
                                      models. on a parochial note on topic #1
                                      the dark matter studies are a major
                                      funding priority for the govt and on #2
                                      a lot of the seminal work is being done
                                      at lbl (smoot, permutter, borrill etc).
                                      there are a lot of decent and fairly
                                      accessible books on these topics
                                      as well as many good WEEB pages at
                                      various levels. s. weinberg is a really
                                      good writers if you are looking for a
                                      specific recommendation. ok tnx.
              \_ It turns out that time is what we're best at measuring.
           \_ How do you tell pulse from one another? How do you identify
              the return pause is the one you sent x time ago?
              \_ Imagine you space your pulses out by, say 1ms.  This lets you
                 measure up to 1000 pulses per second, each can have a maximum
                 roundtrip distance of 300km, which is way more than you can
                 measure in practice.
           \_ I thought reflection is absorption and re-emission of photons.
              Does that happen instantaneously?  If not, does the delay depend
              on the surface material of the target?
              \_ It's not instantaneous, and it does depend on the elements
                 present in the surface, but except for a few special cases,
                 the delay is inconsequential in this type of measurement.
        \_ Yes, if what you're pointing at is a black hole, you're scr00ed.
           \_ Has scientists confirmed that black holes exist?
              \-yes, essentially. --psb
              \_ Black holes? Humbug!  I've never seen one!
                 \_ Black holes, white holes, Asian holes.  I've seen them all.
                    I've even gone inside a few Asian holes.
2004/12/15 [Computer/SW/Virus] UID:35309 Activity:nil
12/15   Renaming the Bay Bridge after Emperor Norton: (SFGate)
        Is this whom they named Norton Hall in Unit 3 after?
2004/12/15 [Uncategorized] UID:35310 Activity:nil 76%like:35313
12/15   Which one of these do you like?  (it's enrollment season again):
        Blue Shield:
2004/12/15 [Uncategorized] UID:35311 Activity:moderate
12/15   When did Wonkette get to be so boring?  Bring back the anal stories!
        \_ When was she ever interesting?
2004/12/15-16 [Industry/Startup] UID:35312 Activity:moderate
12/13   So when a business thinks/claims/pretends that I owe them money
        it can send my info to a collection company who will then try to
        ruin my credit rating.  What recourse do I have when a business
        owe me money, besides sending letters to their waste basket?  Do
        they have credit rating that keep them accountable too?
        \_ Yes, they have credit ratings.
           \_ At my startup, we used to subscribe to Dun & Bradstreet (
              and build our company credit rating with them so that (potential) clients
              can check on our creditworthiness.
        \_ You can take them to court. Small claims court will cost you about
           what, $25-$50? Say you are disputing the charges and seek an
           injunction. If the business tries to hassle you about terms/
           conditions for 3rd party arbitration and you didn't sign anything
           tell them to go to hell since the question is if there was ever
           a contract in the first place. What company, what situation, and
           how much are they trying to get from you?
        \_ ultimately, it's defamation of character.
2004/12/15-16 [Health/Disease/General] UID:35313 Activity:high 76%like:35310
12/15   Which one of these do you like?  (it's enrollment season again):
        Blue Shield: ..
        \_ I love Blue Shield: they paid for DNAA testing for something I
           was diagnosed with 20 years ago (turned out I don't have it),
           and their HMO plan has been generous with the specialists my wife
           and I have needed.  However, I'm insured through CalPERS, and they
           jacked my premiums up $75 per person-- what I'm saying is, go
           with Blue Shield only if your work covers most of the cost.
        \_ If you're generally healthy, Kaiser is the way to go. No paperwork,
           short waits for appointments, and no/minimal co-pay.
           \_ No paperwork is nice, but short waits for appointment is not my
              experience.  They couldn't find me a schedule for a physical
              within the next three months.  I'm switching to PacifiCare
              starting January.  My coworkers have PacifiCare, and they never
              had any trouble with getting an appointment.  It doubles my
              premium, but it's only $13 more per month for me.
           \_ I second this. For my bouts with poison oak or infected wounds,
              Kaiser has been the best medical plan I've ever had. Their
              policy on seeing specialists is awful, though. You need a hole in
              your eardrum to see their ENTs about ear trouble, for instance.
              \_ This sounds like my experiance with Kaiser.  If you're a
                 normal case, everything is great.  If you fall outside
                 their definition of normal, everything goes to hell.
           \_ If you're generally healthy it doesn't matter which plan you
                \_ Not at all. First of all even healthy people need to
                   see a doctor occasionally, for whatever reason
                   (including simple things like the cold, flu, etc).
                   Perhaps even more importantly, if you're healthy and
                   want a simple annual physical exam or any other sort
                   of preventative doctor's appointment, Kaiser will
                   provide that with no hassle; go with Blue Cross or
                   most PPO's, and they won't cover routine visits.
                   It's quite shitty.
                   \_ why would you go to the doctor for a cold?  they
                      can't cure it can they?  or even a flu.  i think
                      i'd only go to the doctor if i ripped out a tendon -danh
                      \_ I pretty much agree, and I avoid the doctor at all
                         costs myself, but I think in principle it's a good
                         idea to go when you get the flu because of all the
                         more serious things that look exactly like the flu.
                         Going to see a doctor for the "flu" will save your
                         life if you have the flesh-eating virus, for instance.
                         Of course staying the *fuck* away from a hospital
                         can also save your life.
                         \_ inject the heroin into a vein, not the meat,
                            and you won't spread the flesh eating
                            bacteria. - danh
                   \_ Wow, you people actually see a doctor when you get a
                      cold? WTF.
                      \_ You must be an undergrad, enjoy it while you can. :)
                         \_ huh?
                   \_ I am sorry, but almost every health plan on the
                      planet covers routine visits. Health plans prove
                      their mettle when you have something bad go wrong.
                      If nothing bad ever goes wrong then they are all
                      pretty much the same - even the worst of them.
                      \_ As pp below says, you're wrong. If your health plans
                         all have, then goody gumdrops. I have had two so far
                         that didn't. I don't know how those performed in
                         emergencies because I never had one.
                   \_ Don't be sorry, because you're wrong. My current
                      and previous health insurance providers (both
                      PPO's) have not covered routine annual visits.
                      They provide tons of coverage for cancer,
                      God forgit I get that, but not for my yearly
                      physical exam. I'd agree with you, but unfortunately
                      that hasn't been my experience.
                      \_ What providers were these? Certainly none on this
                         list. I had one of those 'catastrophic' providers
                         and the only things they covered were major
                         surgery/illness *and* routine visits. Health
                         insurance knows it is worthwhile to cover routine
                         visits as a preventative. So please name the
                         providers of these Mickey Mouse plans and the
                         employers who provided them. Routine medical
                         visits are not a 'perk' of Kaiser. They are
                         typical of all plans. Hence, the wording 'almost
                         every'. You must have had a really, really, bad plan
                         and shitty employer. Knowing who it is will help
                         others avoid it.
                                \_ Yeah in theory that's true, but it
                                   isn't always like that in life. Come
                                   on, health insurance is among the
                                   worst systems in this country; knowing
                                   that, it's very fitting that they don't
                                   (or might not) cover routine visits.
                                   Regardless, the experiences I've
                                   alluded to were through BC and Aetna,
                                   both through schools (neither were
                                   \_ BC and Aetna (I've had both) do
                                      cover routine visits. Perhaps your
                                      plan did not, since it was a student
            wow. seriously NONE of you people have had a good || bad experience
            with Aetna at all?  Anyone even heard of Aetna?  They're horrible
            back east.
            \_ I know people who work there.  I'm not going to say anything
               real specific, but that company is *really* fucked up.
               Expect a major corporate scandal in the not-too-distant
            \_ Yes, I had Aetna and it was okay. I'd take it over Kaiser,
               but not over Blue Cross.
                \_ All I know about Aetna is the lousy coverage they
                   "provide" during emergency and serious illnesses,
                   which is close to none.
2004/12/15-16 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:35314 Activity:high
12/15   So did anyone see the California Quarter coming out next year?
        The 7th largest economy, birth of modern cinema and the PC
        industry the gold rush, and all they could think of was
        John Muir and Yosemite? Shouldn't they have pictures of things
        like The Golden Gate?
        \_ I think you're overestimating both the seriousness of this program
           and the information density of engravings on one side of a quarter.
           Look at what some of the other states have:
           \_ Well, some of the other options had a lot more interesting takes.
              There was a page up some time ago to vote for the quarter design.
              A number of them pulled in icons from all over the state, and
              some actually looked nice.
        \_ 7th largest?  I thought it's the 4th.
           \_ 5th, according to the state website:
        \_ golden gate does not represent california anymore than disneyland
           or hollywood.
2019/01/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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