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2004/12/13 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:35256 Activity:high
12/13   You probably won't see this on Fox News.
        The thing that really caught my eye was the 5,000 deserters:
        \_ Their source .. _C_BS News. About as reliable as the female condom
           \_ Source = Pentagon
              \_ "Dan Felushko, a 24-year-old marine, told the CBS program 60
                 Minutes this week that he left Camp Pendleton, Calif., and
                 came to Canada rather than Kuwait, because he felt it would
                 have been wrong to fight.

                 "I didn't want, you know, `died deluded in Iraq' over my
                 gravestone," he said.

                 According to the CBS program, some 5,000 American men and
                 women have deserted the military since the war began. They are
                 largely accused of cowardice back home, but they say they are
                 acting out of conscience."

                 Source looks like 60 minutes to me.  Not exactly reliable or
                 \_ Do you think "agenda-free" news even exists anymore?  Just
                    \_  Hello.  I think pp is probably a typical republican
                        jive ass motherfucker, but this is the agenda free
                        \_ CSPAN IS COMMUNIST PINKO GARBAGE!!!1!!1 YOU CAN
                           TELL BECAUSE IT'S NON-PROFIT AND RUNS ON
                           GOVERNMENT MONEY!!!!!11!!
                    \_ The only talking head I've seen that I believe is
                       unbiased is Tim Russert.  No one else.
                       \_ You've got your blinders on firm.  If you had said
                          Aaron Brown, you might have had something here.
                       \_ Is that why he was so easy on GWB?
        \_ why are they unhappy? Would they be happier with MP-40 or MP-44?
2004/12/13-14 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:35257 Activity:nil
12/23   To the guy who got FreeBSD or Linux kernel 2.6.6 running on an X40,
        I'd love to see your config if you'll share.  -John
        \_ mee too.  and John, do you have X31?  I am thinking about
           buying X31 instead of X40.           kngharv
           \_ Yes.  I am told the X40 is not made as well.  X31 is very good
              quality and a fine laptop; both FreeBSD 5.3-R and Linux 2.6.6
              have some hardware issues, but I think this is model-dependent
              and should be resolved in the next few releases of either OS.
              Mail me for details.  -John
2004/12/13 [Uncategorized] UID:35258 Activity:nil
12/13   Salon has an excellent interview with Joel On Software; it's also a
        nice collection of links to some of the best advice Joel has to offer.
2004/12/13 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:35259 Activity:nil
        \_ Plug your headphones in / turn down your speakers though.
        \_ Wow! Stupid AND boring!
2004/12/13 [Science/Space, Consumer/TV] UID:35260 Activity:high
12/13   So I called this girl and she told me something that was
        very different than the other girls-- kind, unambiguous,
        yet effective. She told me that she was very busy feeding
        her goldfish and she couldn't go out with me. Now I'm wondering
        what some of the cool rejection lines you losers have to share?
        \_ Tell her to go fuck herself. If she can't give you an honest
           answer, she's a total bitch.
        \_ Laurie Anderson had an idea to turn Gravity's Rainbow into an
           opera; she asked Thomas Pynchon for the rights, and he told her
           she could do it on one condition: the only musical instrument
           allowed would be the banjo.  -tom
           \_ She missed an awesome oppertunity.
        \_ "You're too good for me."
           \_ what does this mean?
              \_ you're not good enough for her.
        \_ Not a dating thing, but while I was on my mission, a guy told
           me he was "too busy to meet us."  He was watching people play
           starcraft on TV at the time.  -jrleek
           \_ the only good missionaries are the female ones that enjoy
              the missionary position.
           \_ No offense, jrleek, but unless I'm truly bored and aching for a
              theological fight, I will always be too busy to meet with
              \_ On my mission I actually shook hands and thanked people who
                 simply told me "not interested" instead of giving a lame
                 excuse, giving me a time when they wouldn't be home, or simply
                 not answering the door when I arrived when they asked me to.
                 \_ it is my right to give you a lame excuse if i don't
                    want to talk to you.  i'm sure missionaries have
                    thick skins or they wont be missionaries for very long.
                    \_ "It's my right to lie because you're used to being
                       lied to." -GWB
                 \_ I wish all missionaries were that polite.  I've actually
                    had to close the door on a couple guys on their mission
                    because they wouldn't leave after the 3rd time I told them
                    'not interested' -- in very polite and clear terms.  It's
                    people like that that make it so much easier to be rude
                    using the dodges you mention rather than risk having to be
                    even ruder by just closing the door in midsentence.
                    \_ Yes, I think anyone going door-to-door (which I actually
                       did very rarely) needs to be extremely polite, and then
                       people answering the door need to be honest, and then
                       brutally honest if necessary.  -emarkp
              \_ No, you don't want to meet with missionaries.  Which is
                 fine, if you don't want to meet with me, I don't want to
                 meet with you.  I don't get off on wasting my time.  It's
                 just funny to claim you're "too busy" while watching
                 StarCraft on TV. -jrleek
                 \_ Hey what channel is StarCraft on TV? I'd totally want to
                    watch that. I think I've flaked on my friends bc I was
                    busy watching the crazy knife selling guy on QVC.
                    \_ It's a Korean thing.  They have pro-StarCraft
                       players and a cable channel dedicated to playing
                       video games.  (Which is most StarCraft, at least it
                       was when I was there 2 years ago, and the Koreans
                       are still into StarCradt AFAIK) -jrleek
                       \_ I first read that not as a typo, but as a joke on the
                          way a lot of asians pronounce 'Sta-Ku-Raf'
                 \_ When they come to my door, I usually tell them to get lost
                    in no uncertain terms, and demand that they never come to
                    my door again.  If they question, I tell them *exactly*
                    where they can stick the whole concept of organized
                    religion.  Which do you prefer?
              \_ But you can learn good positions from missionaries.
        \_ "I'm already dating your other girlfriend."
2004/12/13 [Reference/Religion] UID:35261 Activity:moderate
12/13   there sure are a lot of mormons on the motd. how many?
        \_ mormon: .
        \_ I think there are only 2. emarkp and jrleek
           \_ And I married jrleek's sister. -emarkp
        \_ What about the # of morons on the motd?
           \_ moron: .
           \_ I think there are at least 2. emarkp and jrleek
2004/12/13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:35262 Activity:very high
12/13   I didn't post the Fox link but I'm very upset that it got nuked
        so quickly. Dear nuker, I will give you ONE last warning before
        another 5 day nuke war. No more deletion or complete nuke.
        \_ could someone please figure out who this cocksucker is so we
           can get someone to sorry him?  or if politburo doesn't care to
           can get him sorried?  or if politburo doesn't care to
           at least ddos attack his server and slash his tires?
           by "this cocksucker" i mean op here.
           \_ Likely dgies, but he just needs to chill out.  I don't see
              how squishing him would affect anything
              \_ The assumption that there's only one person is wrong.
                 \_ I was speaking to "who is the op"
        \_ Haven't you heard?  Only _I_ nuke, and I certainly won't nuke
           Fox because it fits my heartless libertarian agenda.  It's
           pretty obvious you've hallucinated the whole thing. -- ilyas
           \_ i am too busy feeding my goldfish to properly respond to this
           \_ omgwtfbbq!
              \_ IC,NP!
        \_ Amusing that you are on your high horse about this, but are not
           concerned about the nuking of the very busy link to the story
           about the 5,000 American deserters. You are a tool.
2004/12/13 [Recreation/Food] UID:35263 Activity:moderate
12/13   Which is the best beef for making roast beef sandwiches?  Top round?
        Cross-rib?  Others?
        \_ Ask a butcher.
        \_ Whatever you get, make sure it's dark pink/red.  If it's any
           other color it's probably not fresh.  -John
        \_ Ah, some heavy googling shows the best is a 'round tip' roast,
           unless you want to spend serious $$ for prime rib or something
           extravagant. -OP
2004/12/13 [Uncategorized] UID:35264 Activity:nil
12/13   Dear Missionaries who wouldn't go away, would you prefer
        being pointed with MP-40 or MP-44?
2004/12/13-14 [Reference/Law/Court, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:35265 Activity:high
12/13   REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- A jury today recommended that 32-year-old
        Scott Peterson should be executed for the murder of his wife when she
        was eight months pregnant with their first child.
        \_ obTurnOffFoxNews
        \_ So does anyone thing he actually didn't do it?  I don't care if you
           think he should have been acquited.
           \_ He is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  He didn't testify, with
              everything that happened.
              \_ I think it would be a bad idea to testify.  Having had the
                 affair and all the stupid shit he did after Laci disappeared,
                 the prosecution could have made him look very bad on the stand
                 \_ Not to disagree with you, but do you remember him ever
                    having stood up and said, "I had an affair but I didn't,
                    honest to God, kill Laci".
                    \_ No, but he wouldn't have to testify in court to say that
              \_ Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt?  Based on circumstantial
                 evidence?  Look, I think he did it, too, but the trial's
                 been a horrible miscarriage of proper judicial procedure.
                 The lesson for you would-be murderers out there: don't be so
                 damn public about it all.
                 \_ A lot of murder cases are circumstantial.  It's actually
                    rare thet you have an eyewitness or incontravertable
                    physical evidence.  'Beyond a reasonable doubt' means just
                    that:  That any doubts in the case are unreasonable.  The
                    defence theory was that some strangers would kidnap a woman
                    walking a golden retriever in broad daylight, and then go
                    to the trouble of driving her body 100 miles away to frame
                    the husband, yet also attempt to keep the body sunken.
                    That strikes me as not very reasonable.
                    \_ The burden of proof was on the prosecution, not the
                       defense.  Given that the prosecution's case seemed to
                       be, well, he could have done it, there seem to be plenty
                       of reasonable doubts.
                       \_ Certainly the defense does not have to prove their
                          case, but they must offer an alternative explanation
                          for the evidence that is at least plausible.  I saw
                          no plausible explanation for the evidence other than
                          the one the jury believed.
                    \_ Ah, I've been thinking that it might be framining, until
                       you mentioned the "yet also attempt to keep the body
                       sunken" part.
                       \_ Kidnappings of strangers are rare.
                          Kidnappings in broad daylight are rare.
                          Kidnappings of someone with a large dog are rare.
                          Framings are rare.
                          \_ Married men killing their expectant wives are
                             rare. What's your point here?
        \_ Even if he didn't do it, his actions after his wife's death
           were so stupid that he probably deserves to die.
        \_ Scott should have tried to relocate to Los Angeles with the
           mostly sympathetic and uneducated jury. "Dear homies, senors, y
           senoras, que fish baits don't hook, you must acquit!!!"
          \_ help also if Peterson were a famous/heroic football
             legend who won the Heisenfuck award.
             \_ Or if he's African American.
                \_ racist!!!
                   \_ I'm still looking for the Real Killer with every round
                      of golf I play!
                \_ Yeah, clearly the problem with the criminal justice system
                   in this country is that blacks have it too easy.
                   \_ For cases under the media spotlight, it seems so.
          \_ That's why I don't agree with the Jury system. In this country
             we leave the jobs to the professionals. But like everything that's
             set in stone, it's hard to change.
                \_ the problem is not the Jury system, but the African
                   Americans in the Jury system.
                   \_ If you're going to say something blatantly racist, why
                      use politically correct language to do it?
             \_ Most Napoleonic/continental European justice systems rely
                on cases handled exclusively by professionals (i.e. judicial
                panels--the more serious the case, the more judges.)  It works
                more often than not, leading to fairly common-sense verdicts,
                but has resulted in some pretty horrendous travesties.  Does
                this sound familiar at all?  -John
                \_ Has anyone done a comparison between these systems?
                   I am sure you can find bad examples in each, but I would
                   trust professionals more than a bunch of idiots. Yeah,
                   sure, a stupid guy smoking with cancer deserves some
                   billions of dollars, give me a break.
                   \_ These are the idiot examples of US justice.  Someone did
                      a study a while ago comparing US handling of, say,
                      corporate responsibility vs. European--their findings
                      were that the Euros do a nanny act up front, with tons
                      of regulations, while the Americans rely on the threat
                      of lawsuits after the fact to keep companies in line.
                      The upshot?  While it's possible for an cretin to
                      disavow personal responsibility in the US and go for an
                      insane payout, the average Joe also tends to have far
                      easier access to the law.  I'm not claming either system
                      is better, but it's something to think about before
                      completely discounting common/English law as a
                      defective system.  -John
                      \_ You forget that there are now multiple efforts
                         underway to reduce or remove people's ability to
                         sue companies.  -tom
             \_ The biggest problem IMO is the large number of CSI-style
                programs that people watch and the increasing legalese invading
                normal culture.
        \_ The punishment is death... by Unga Bunga!
2004/12/13-14 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:35266 Activity:high
12/13   How come education institutions are often filled with left-wing
        radicals? Why don't you see right-wing nuts in universities?
        \_ Because right wing nutjob busy learn proper grammer usage and
           sentence structure stead of go education institution.  -John
        \_ It's simple, right-leaners know the big bucks are in private
           industry, not academia.  are you a troll or stupid?  - danh
        \_ Apparently you don't go to enough frat parties. There are
           more than a few right-wingers out there. BTW, BCR was supposedly
           the biggest ASUC funded group on campus. Also, have you ever
           noticed the number of churches around campus?
           \_ Huh?  I'm fairly sure he means "working in educational
              institutions" not attending them.
              \_ What on earth would make you think one way or the other
                 from the original statement? Do you usually infer this
                 much from limited information? Anyway, most of the
                 professors in universities in the more technical
                 areas are rather neutral. Professors in biz schools
                 tend to be centrists or right of center. The left-wing
                 "nuts" are usually within the public policy humanities
                 with the rest of the humanities leaning heavily left.
                 \_ This observation is anecdotal at best.
                    \_ Which part do you think is wrong?  (Keeping in mind
                       pp probably meant this 'on average', not in reference
                       to any given person). -- ilyas
        \_ That would really depend on what you mean by "radical"
        \_ Because they are not Mac.
        \_ because right wingers don't go into education
        \_ right wingers get kicked out because they aren't Mac
        \_ Nazi skinheads don't make it out of high school.
2004/12/13 [Health/Eyes] UID:35267 Activity:low
12/13   Miss Plastic Surgery Pageant
        \_ Or is it Miss Alien Pageant?
2004/12/13-14 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:35268 Activity:low
12/13   Motorola V220 vs. Nokia 3120 ... any recommedations?
        \_ Nokia over Motorola any day. Motorola crashes a lot (software)
           and the GUI is very clumsy (need to press a lot of buttons to
           get something done).
        \_ If you intend to use bluetooth on the thing, do some research.
           Several Nokia models (6310 among them) have ass-quality bluetooth.
           A Finnish colleague, whose wife works at Nokia, says to watch
           out for the 6670, if it's not already out.  -John
2004/12/13 [Uncategorized] UID:35269 Activity:nil
12/13   Does anyone know the address to the xclones mailing list?
2004/12/13-14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:35270 Activity:low
12/13   Anybody like a particular in-call escort who is east bay local?
        \_ off topic but somewhat related:
           is an excellent blog written by a NY callgirl. --darin
           \_ Thanks. Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl is similar, though
               Post Modern Courtesan here seems like somebody with more depth.
               I have this theory that the world of escorts is a place where
               one can see the unfettered market at work since it is a mostly
               invisible world to the part of society that attempts to
           \) site didnt work.
                \_ fixed -darin
2004/12/13-14 [Health/Eyes] UID:35271 Activity:nil
12/13   I wear Acuvue 2 and it's pretty nice. Is the new Acuvue Advance
        worth trying? Has anyone tried it? What are the differences?
2004/12/13-14 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:35272 Activity:high
12/13   Any PeopleSoft/Oracle insiders care to comment on what's going to
        happen next? -bored procrastinator
        \_ you're fired!
        \_ someone please give me a 411 on what this whole thing is about?
           I don't know anything about Oracle/PeopleSoft, but I'd like to
           learn more about it. Does it have something to do with anti-trust
           law or something?
           \_ Oracle: Biggest database company, with smaller CRM software
              business, headed by egotistical fucktard.  After raising their
              offer 4 times and launching a legal challenge to Peoplesoft's
              (questionable) tactics to fight the takeover, has bought
              Peoplesoft, which is arguably the leading CRM software vendor.
              Previously they stated they wanted to move all Peoplesoft
              customers over to Oracle databases.  Peoplesoft's now-fired CEO
              said more-or-less: "If it's as if someone offered you a million
              bucks to buy your beloved pet dog so they could shoot it."
              Many layoffs at Peoplesoft are expected, but not until they help
              with the changeover. -works for neither
              \_ Said egotistical fucktard replied with something like "If
                 Conway (ex-CEO) and his dog were standing next to each other
                 and I only had one bullet, trust me, it wouldn't be for
                 the dog." Say what you will about Larry Ellison, he does
                 produce good sound bytes.
                                    \_ yoyo, word man!
                \_ I think read somewhere ellison vowed to convert every peoplesoft
                   customer to using oracle, then firing every single
                   peoplesoft employee.  - danh
                   \_ Have you been hanging around too many fobs, dan?
2004/12/13 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:35273 Activity:nil
12/13   Whoa, I just heard the interview with the 3 jurors in the Peterson
        case. Unlike the "dude man you gotta acquit OJ" jurors in the OJ
        case, the Peterson jurors actually seem coherent and semi-intelligent.
2004/12/13-14 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:35274 Activity:nil
12/13   Say you have a background process currently running and spewing output
        to stdout under tcsh.  Is it possible to redirect the output to another
        (file) location without killing and restarting the process?  thnx.
        \_ This worked on freebsd for me.  Stop the process (^Z) then:
           # tty
           (in another session):
           # cat /dev/ttyN2 > output
           (in the first session):
           # fg
           Then when you want to stop this "logging", send an EOF to the first
           session. YMMV --scotsman
2004/12/13-14 [Uncategorized] UID:35275 Activity:kinda low
12/13   does anyone know how much ikea charges for a tin of gingersnaps?
        i have a bet (for 10 tins) with someone about the cost. it's an
        under/over $5 bet.
        \_ Call them and ask?
           \_ Maybe op's bet is really about the perceptions of IKEA prices
              by Berkeley CS alumni.  Or maybe he's just a dumbass.
2019/07/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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