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2004/12/12 [Uncategorized] UID:35251 Activity:nil
12/02   Does target's amazon store ever do free shipping?  What's the minimum?
2004/12/12-13 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:35252 Activity:nil
12/12   So NetBSD 2.0 is out- have any FreeBSD types tried switching to it
        recently?  What sort of gotchas might I run into if I were to
        install it on a personal server?  Does it still support stuff like
        jails?  Is the installer comparable to / better than FreeBSD's?
2004/12/12-13 [Finance/CC] UID:35253 Activity:high
12/12   Speaking of amazon, I'm thinking of signing up for their visa
        card. Is there any harm in having several credit cards (this
        would be my third; I have a moderate balance on my first one, and
        I don't use my second one at all.) BTW I'm signing up to get the
        $30 off my purchase. Thanks.
        \_ Your credit score declines when you apply for credit (not
           so much but just don't do it too often) or when you cancel
           old cards. Having about 2-3 cards helps your credit score
           but you should make sure there's some activity on those cards.
           Having more than 3 might not be such a good thing.
        \_ I went crazy and got about 10 credit cards at one point. I
           just kept applying for them until they started refusing me.
           I never used 3/4 of them. When I went to buy a house 5 years
           later, it lowered my credit score. Not too much, probably
           50 points or so, but if I had been a marginal case, it would
           have been the difference. I closed most of the accounts and
           two years later my score is back up to the high 700s.
                \_ Does it harm your credit when you cancel/close a card?
                   \_ For a while. But a few years later your score
                      is higher, assuming you had "too much" available
           \_ This is where ia m right now. shit i didnt know that
                cancelling fucks w/ your score!
              \_ Cancelling might shorten your credit history.  That might
                 hurt.  Get rid of newer, smaller-credit-line cards.
                 Second, your "debt ratio" counts:  how much debt you have
                 vs. how much credit you have.  If you have no balances at
                 all, then your "debt ratio" won't be hurt.  --PeterM
                 \_ Debt ratio and total overall debt are the most
                    important things. Do not roll over a balance
                    on your credit cards if you want a high score.
                    \_ This makes no sense. Do you mean 'carry a balance'?
                       \_ Yes, they mean the same thing, really. You are
                          rolling the loan over every month. Sorry, I
                          guess I have been reading The Economist too
                          much lately. I forgot what normal people
                          call it.
           \_ I have a low 800s credit rating score?  Is that low or high?
              \_ That's really good, since the max score is 850. Check out
                 this article from
                 \_ In fact, my mom has worked at banks (credit card
                    industry, branches, you name it) for 40+ years and says
                    that she didn't come across many 800+s in that whole
                    time. 'Excellent credit' (where you will be offered
                    the best-available rate) is around 760-780. That 11%
                    number (800+ people) seems high, but that's probably
                    because those people also apply for credit less often.
                    \_ You can get home loans at the best rate with a
                       credit score of 700 or so. Perhaps there are
                       other kinds of loans that you can get with a higher
                       score, I dunno.
                       \_ Home loans are rather easy to get, being secured
                          by an asset that tends to appreciate. However,
                          I will say that if you want a 'no doc' loan then
                          700 won't get it done with the best rate.
                          \_ Okay, I can believe that. What kind of
                             score do you need to get a no doc home
                             loan at the highest rate? I also see that
                             \_ 760-780, depending on the lender. Another
                                feature with a high score is that you can
                                often borrow more than you can 'afford'.
                                Back when I could only afford a $300K
                                house they let me borrow up to $500K 'no
                                questions asked'. This is similar to 'no
                                doc' in that they are trusting you.
                             the FICO site says you need a 720 to get
                             the best interest rates. That was not my
                             experience when I bought a home, but that
                             is close enough.
        \_ OT: You can check your Credit Report at
           for free, but they charge you $7 to see your actual score.  That
           sounds awfully dodgy.
           \_ The only reason they provide anything for free is because (as
              of December 1st) the FTC requires them to.  They don't have to
              tell you your score for free, and the different credit bureaus
              charge different amounts for that.
              Their site is so damn broken.  Failed to serve up the report,
              then wouldn't re-serve.  Has NO email address contact for
              \_ I use the actual FICO site, which costs more but isn't
           \_ doesnt checking your credit affect your credit? anyone know
              by how much?
              \_ checking your own credit does not affect your score according
                 to the many articles that have been written about this in the
                 last couple of years. if you have not done this, do it now.
                 *every* person I know who has checked their score found
                 errors - probably because the credit checking companies have
                 almost no incentive to keep things correct. I'm kind of
                 waiting for this to become a court case since it places
                 proving "innocence" as the burden of the "accused" and credit
                 affects just aobut everybody sooner or later.
                 \_ Well, I checked my credit and found no errors so
                    there's an exception.
                    \_ Be a little grateful, then. It took me a couple of years
                       to completely iron out the three credit cards they said
                       I still had open - including one that I had closed seven
                       years previous and that one required a letter from the
                       issuer. Fair disclusure is that these probably had no
                       more than 10 points effect on my score. The real fun
                       was a parking ticket that went to collection that I
                       never knew existed until it had eaten a hole in my score
                       for two years. The collection agency never tried to
                       contact me because they knew I would have to come to
                       them as soon as I pulled my first report on myself.
                \_ I used to have an Amazon card by Nextbank.  Then the
                   bank went bankrupt and never bothered to forward the
                   last batch of information to the credit agencies,
                   so I was stuck with a $4000 balance on my credit reports
                   even though I had paid that off immediately like all my
                   credit card charges.  I was a lazy fuck, so I never
                   bothered to go correct it.  After a few years, the
                   credit agencies finally figured it out and things are ok
2004/12/12-13 [Reference/Military] UID:35254 Activity:low
12/12   I've been playing Call of Duty and I could pick up limited
        number of weapons. What is better, MP-40 or MP-44? I noticed
        that MP-40s have faster rate and are quiter while MP-44s
        are slower and have fewer rounds. Also, what about the Russian
        guns (with 76 bullets) that shoot really fast? Which weapons
        are the best to use?
        \_ MP40 has crap range.  Use a carbine if you can.  There are
           writeups on MoH/CoD weapons comparing them.  -John
           writeups on MoH/CoD weapons comparing them.  You would
           probably also really enjoy Pacific Assault.  -John
        \_ Shop and compare at's CoD Weapons Guide:
2004/12/12-13 [Finance/Investment, Reference/RealEstate] UID:35255 Activity:nil
12/12   Oh so sorry bubble boy. You will not get the house of your
        dreams for next to nothing after the bubble pops:
       \_ You're missing the point dickhead.  I and pretty much all bitter
           renters from the bay area who post to the motd can afford a *nice*
           home outside the bay area now, 10 years ago, and ten years from now.
           Maybe the bay area kool aid will never wear off, and housing in
           the Bay Area will always be totally disjointed from reality.  But
           think on this: when you talk to homeowners *outside* the Bay Area
           about the benefits of homeownership, they don't get all defensive
           and assume you're starting a fight.  Why do you think you people
           are different?  Could it be because you know deep down that
           regardless of what your koolaid bretheren who control the *local*
           housing market say, that you got screwed?
        \_ Wow thank you!  I've been looking for a commentator who tells
           me I _should_ buy in this market!  Now I have one!
           \_ Did you actually read the article?
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