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2004/12/7 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:35192 Activity:high
12/7    I'd like to run a program and save the output to a log file
         while still seeing the program output on stdout.  I tried using
         the tee command as in "foo.exe | tee mylog.txt" but tee only
         seems to print to stdout every once in a while instead of when
         foo.exe generates a line of output.  How do I save output to a file
         while having every new line of output sent to stdout?  Thanks. -emin
         \_ The problem is not in tee, but in foo.  By default, the stdio
            library produces output a line at a time if it's outputting
            directly to a terminal, but buffers its output in large chunks
            otherwise (see "man setvbuf").  When you pipe foo's output to
            another program, it's no longer outputting to a terminal, so it
            turns on its buffering.  The easiest cure is to create a fake
            terminal for it to run on: ssh -t localhost foo.exe | tee mylog.txt
            I know, it sucks.  The default buffering really ought to be
            smarter, or at least configurable.  --mconst
          \_ foo and tee BOTH buffer, don't they?
               \_ Tee actually never buffers its output.  Even if it used the
                  default stdio buffering, though, it wouldn't be a problem
                  here since it's outputting directly to a terminal.  --mconst
                \_ what about foo | cat | tee mylog.txt?
                   \_ That won't help anything.  foo is still writing to a
                      \_ The mconst has spoken.  Woe to those who will not
       \_ You have to redirect stderr to stdout. In bourne-like shells,
          foo.exe 2>&1 | tee log
          In csh derivatives, I think it's something like
          foo.exe |& tee log
       \_ Another possibility you might explore is using 'screen' to run your
          process, with screen logging to a log file. SCREEN RULES!!
       \_ "Sounds like a virus.  Reformat and start over."
           \_ Advice like this will destabilize your computer for years to come
2004/12/7-8 [Computer/HW/IO] UID:35193 Activity:high
12/7    Elite keyboard
         \_ The pirate keyboard is better.
2004/12/7-8 [Industry/Startup, Computer/Companies/Ebay] UID:35194 Activity:high
12/7    Anybody here work at Ebay/Paypal or have friends that work there?
         I'm interested in applying for a position.  I've heard rumors that
         they don't give out a lot of stock options but that their bonus
         plan is pretty good.  How about their base salary?   How about
         working hours?   This is for a senior position.  Thanks.
         \_ sign your post?  Come on man.
            \- it seems like this is the kind of post that is reasonably
               anonymous ... may not want employer to know about application
               etc. --psb
2004/12/7-8 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Airplane] UID:35195 Activity:very high
         Rethinking traditional ideas of road and traffic design (the Dutch
         model).  Has anybody actually seen this work?  Does it mean faster
         trip times overall?  I remember always driving down Milvia in
         preference to Shattuck; the bumps and occasional stop signs were
         far more pleasant than lane changing and stop lights.
         \_ Not entirely relevant, but the Dutch are the worst drivers in the
            world.  They're like Italians but without determination.  -John
         \_ I did stuff like that a lot too.  The LA version of this is
              'stay off the freeways.' -- ilyas
            \_ ilyas, you seem to hate LA, and you seem to hate UCLA. Why
               don't you move somewhere you like (better school, better
               environment, etc) instead of bitching every day? I mean, this
               is a free country, you can do almost anything you want.
              \_ The motd will now be nuked in a temper tantrum in 5..4..3..
               \_ You seem really smart, can I learn from you? -- ilyas
         \_ Yeah, I much prefer the Bike Route roads to major thoroughfares.
            In Inner and Outer Sunset in the City, roads like this have extreme
            advantages over their more congested, light-regulated cousins.
2004/12/7-8 [Recreation/Humor] UID:35196 Activity:kinda low
         Dilbert-reading wage slaves filled with Communists
         - Weaseliest Country
         United States   19918
         France          12941
         North Korea     4915
         Israel          2289
         Iran            1830
         Pakistan        1177
2004/12/7-8 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:35197 Activity:insanely high
12/7    Does anyone watch the Chinese-dubbed Korean TV drama on Ch32 10pm
         weeknights?  Is there an English name for that drama?  Thanks.
         \_ I've never seen it, but if you describe it, I might be able to
            figure out which one it is.  Just as a guess, it could be
            "Autumn Tale" which was very popular in Japan recently. -jrleek
            \_ Thanks, but "Autumn Tale" is the one running on Ch26 about two
               years ago, also dubbed in Chinese.  It's not the one on Ch32 now.
               I watched "Autumn Tale" and liked it.  The one on Ch32 now is a
               comedy.  A guy M1 and and woman W1 lives together in a hut on a
               roof of a building.  M1 is a jerk.  W1 likes M1.  M1 likes his
               good-looking college friend W2.  W2 likes her family friend and
               a corporate manager M2.  M2 likes his sub-ordinate W1.
            \_ While we're at it, what about the one that's the reverse of
               Autumn Tale?  Ie. a guy and a woman are in love, and eventually
               it turns out that they are half-siblings.  Anyone knows the name
               of that drama?  It was also Chinese-dubbed on Ch26 a couple years
         \_ Man, I didn't realize that Korean dramas were so popular.
            \_ In Hong Kong, Korean dramas have overtaken Japanese dramas in
               the past few years.  Consider this: in the Bay Area, there are
               three drama time slots in the Chinese TV hours in the evening,
               8-9 and 9-10 on Ch26 and 10-11 on Ch32.  Two out of the three
               slots run Chinese-dubbed Korean dramas, and only one slot
               runs Chinese-made drama.
            \_ Korean drama is a lot better than the shit that's
               produced by Taiwan and HK. Mainland China's produces
               extremely good historical dramas, but modern day dramas
               can get a bit sensitive, and therefore not that many are
               that good. Korean dramas have very good story lines (and
               they do it pretty well that they are not lame). Most made
               for teen Taiwan dramas especially those with silly and
               low class jokes lacks substance. The bar has been raised
               by historical (especially JinYong) drama from China, and
               Korean dramas. I hardly see any Taiwan drama playing on
               the two Chinese stations now, because they just don't
               produce anything worth watching.
               \_ You call JinYong "historical drama?"  I'd call it wugong
                 action.  Not drama.
                  action.  Not drama. And definitely not historical.
                  \_ I meant historical, AND JinYong dramas...
                   \_ You may have meant it, but you didn't say it right.
                      Your language implied JinYong is a kind of historical
                      drama.  -- random English nazi
                      \_ Hey! I learned all my Chinese history through
               \_ Several years ago there was a historical dramas from Taiwan
                  about Empress Ci Xi, and another one about the old Bao Gong.
                  Both were very good.
                  about Empress Ci Xi, and another one about the old judge Bao
                  Gong.  Both were very good.
         \_ Cat on the Roof, according to
            \_ Thanks!  That's the one!
2004/12/7-8 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:35198 Activity:high
12/7   Economist article on the slide of the dollar
        \_ What I got out of it:
           (1) Dollar falls too far
           (2) Foreign banks which keep a lot of dollars (as a currency which
               retains value) will convert to Euro / yen
             (3) Dollar falls even farther
           (4) The U.S. government and consumers just can't buy as much with a
                 dollar == Inflation
           The unmentioned kicker:
           The U.S. will beat the shit out of any foreign government which
           wants to sell its dollars.
           \_ Much as I'd like to see it happen, I don't think the US is going
              to start nailing most of Asia and Europe.  The countries we are
              capable of "beating the shit out of" are most likely not the
              ones holding a lot of dollars, or are they?  -John
               \_ Are Dubya and friends working on ways to make it economically/
                  politically painful for foreign governments to sell their US$?
                  \_ what for?  dubya and friends want the US dollar to fall,
                     just not in an uncontrolled panicky way.  foreign governments
                     all want the US dollar not to fall too much, but they also
                     don't want to be the one left holding the bag.
            \_ Isn't low Dollar good for our exports?
               \_ insofar as imported stuff getting more expensive in the U.S.
                  is good and domestic stuff getting more expensive at a
                  smaller rate -obviously not an economist
               \_ Yes, but our exports are way out of whack vis a vis imports.
                  \_ true, so what happens to the 90 pct of consumer goods
                     we buy that are made in china when the renminbi increases
                     50-100 pct over the value of the dollar?
                       \_ at most 20 pct.  prc government won't let it float
                          freely but just increase the range where the yuan
                          is allowed to trade.
                  \_ That will not be true if the dollar falls a lot,
                     though. The other plus of a weak dollar is that it
                     makes it less expensive to pay back the debt we are
                     borrowing. The US will raise the dollar once Iraq
                     stabilizes. Right now, we want it weak since we are
                     borrowing a lot for the war.
                     \_ It creates pain for holders of our treasuries,
                        but does it make it less expensive for us?
                        The debt is still in dollars and dollars are
                        what we have.  No?  It only becomes less
                        expensive for us if there's inflation?
                        \_ If we borrow Euros then we have to borrow fewer
                           of them. A falling dollar is much the same as
                           \_ don't understand what you are saying.
                              all our debt are denominated in dollars.
                  \_ Yes, US don't export much anyway.  The main effect
                     would be inflation since we buy lots and lots of
                    stuff from overseas.
                     stuff from overseas.  I mean, what does US export?
                     Mainly like food stuff.  But yes, letting dollar
                     slide is the least painful way for US to get out
                     of its fiscal and economic mess.
                     \_ Uhm, the U.S. is the single largest exporting country
                        in terms of dollar value. We are basically the
                        bread basket to the world. We are also the largest
                        importing country in the world. We just simply
                        import more than we export in terms of dollars.
                         \_ the difference isn't that much either, only
                            about 500 billion a year.  US economy is
                            like 10 trillion.
                            \_ Try spending 5% more than you make every
                               year and see how long you can get away
                               with it. Then again, the average American
                               consumer is probably doing just that right
                               now. Oh a cold rain is gonna fall!
                               \_ Well, we could just not repay the debt.
                                  It's not like this is the first time an
                                  industrialized country just reniged on
                                  it's debt. Since we're the proverbial
                                  300lb gorilla in the room, you think
                                  anyone is really going to mess with us
                                  if we just say "sorry, we're just not going
                                  to honor all those treasury bonds"?
                                  Sure, there would be economic repercussions,
                                  but it isn't like we'll be invaded and I
                                  doubt that other countries will just stop
                                  investing in us. After all, we are the
                                  largest market in the world.
                                    \_ Do we do that against US based holders
                                       of those bonds?  If not, how do you tell
                                       who is who?  In any case, as dire as
                                     the current situation is, I don't
                                     think we're at the stage where such
                                     a drastic and disastrous measure
                                     needs to be taken.
                                  \_ Nobody invaded Argentina when they
                                     defaulted on their debt either, they
                                     just suffered mightily economically.
                                     As we will if we defualt on our debt.
                     \_ How about software exports?  Is it big $ in the big
                        picture of things?
             \_ what you missed in the last paragraph:
                "American bond yields (long-term interest rates) would soar,
                 quite likely causing a deep recession."
                Another article quoted that 50 pct of new mortgages are
                variable interest rates.  In fact, Greenspan himself urged
                consumers to borrow @ variable interest rates.  When bond
                interest rates start to soar, mortgage interest will soar,
                and the number of defaults and bankruptcies will be epic.
                Don't be a home-owner when that happens.  Oh, not to
                mention interest rates for all other debts: equity lines,
                credit cards, etc.  The US consumer is deeply deeply in
                debt, and when interest rates start to rise, the picture
                won't be pretty.

                Oh, the other thing you missed.  the US will not do anything
                to the Asian countries which will do the majority of the
                dollar reserve sell-off.  China which has $515 bn in reserve
                has already announced a planned sell-off that will likely
                accelerate as the dollar fars further.
                \_ Oh look, Mr. Housing Bubble Is Going To Pop is back
                 with a better argument. Are you still bitter that
                 you didn't buy a house in the Bay Area back when
                 you could still afford it?
                 \_ Hmmmm, if nobody can afford to buy a house in the bay
                    area in the future, wouldn't that mean that house prices
                    will FALL in the future?!?!?!
                 \_ This has nothing to do with the housing bubble.  This
                    is about overall massive recession of the US economy,
                    which will take housing prices with it.  If you have
                    a house, and you're making 5 pct 30 yr fixed mortgage
                    payments on it, more power to you.  Just hold on to
                    your job, and weather the storm.
              \_ US is stuck in Iraq.  All our allies hate our guts.
                 Nobody will give a damn about us "beating the shit out of"
               \_ Troll. Has the US announced war on China?
            \_ I like US dollar falling.  It makes my parents very rich
                 when they move to the US.
2004/12/7-8 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:35199 Activity:high
12/7    I am thinking of buying my own 20" LCD screen and use it at work
        (I currently have a 19" CRT). I spend 8+ hours a day looking
        at the computer screen at work and very little at home. The
        LCD at work would do me more good than one at home. But are
        there any reasons that I shouldn't? I mean political reasons?
        Will it give people bad impression? That I am too rich? Paid
        too high? (not). I am in a medium sized company with my own
        cubicles. Has anyone done anything similar?
        \_ I did this before.  I bought two 17" ones instead though since
           2x 1280x1024 is more pixels than 1x 1600x1200 and costs less,
           too.  Now the company switched over to LCD, so I threatened them
           that if I don't have company provided LCD monitors on my desk
           tomorrow, I won't be working tomorrow since I'm taking mine home.
           Just asking wasn't working, but above method worked like charm.
           Make sure to fill out "personal property" forms.  Now I have 3
           LCD monitors at home :p
        \_ Don't forget to liberally engrave it with "Personal Property of
           $OP".  Seriously.  People will get used to seeing it on your
           desk and when you leave the company you want to make damned
           sure they don't appropriate it.
        \_ I can see the Dilbert cartoons already, where people are ranked
           by the size of their LCD screens. "Dogbert got the 25" Apple
           Media Display! I'm so mad!"
           \_ "My LCD is larger and lasts longer than yours."
        \_ Engineers drive BMWs to work.  Why do you worry about a false
           impression of showing off just because of a 20" LCD?
           \_ I drive a beat-up '89 Ranger and I might just beat op up for
              bringing in the monitor just for being a gear geek.
              \_ gear geek for having a nice screen in a computer job? come on.
                 maybe op will use his superior eyesight to kick your ass
                 in 25 years.
        \_ Instead of enlarging your LCD screen you should enlarge your penis,
           if you have one. I have a whole bunch of email that claims that it
        \_ I heard of one company that went bankrupt because some guy decided
           to get an LCD screen. When that happened all the other engineers
           needed to one-up him and started demanding better and larger
           screens. This had a cascading effect which led to things like
           ergonomically stylized wireless keyboards, really expensive
           wireless optical mice, corinthian leather chairs, venice marbletop
           desks, and Le Blanc pens as standard issue. Don't do it, for the sake
           of the company!
           \_ The OP says he's thinking about buying his own, not asking the
              company to buy it.
              \_ It's called humor. Might want to look into it. Maybe you're
                 like Data, need to buy yourself a humor chip and install it.
                 I heard Best Buy will do the install for a nominal fee.
                 \_ Yes, but this rather assumes that your comment was funny
                    to non-retards.
                    \_ Touche, Mon Crapitan!
                 \_ no no no.  FIRST make sure you have the DRM crack on
                    hand so you can make jokes about copyrighted material,
                    THEN get the chip install.
           \_ I can totally see that happening.  At my last university lab
              job, I got one of the first 20" dell LCDs and suddenly
              everyone was stopping in the doorway saying, "wow neat". In
              a few months, the entire floor had LCDs galore, in both our
              research group and the IT group down the hall.
        \_ There is nothing wrong with bringing your own stuff like this,
           and anyone who has a problem with it should get a life.  I brought
           in my own UPS because I was sick of the power outages, so now
           my Sun has an uptime of > 400 days.  The biggest worry I would
           have is having it stolen.  Things like laptops and nice LCD screens
           are prime targets if you have a problem with stolen stuff at work.
        \_ Lots of people bring in their own laptops, but I personally
           think doing this would be seen as eccentric.
        \_ Did you ask work if they would buy you one?
        \_ Just bring it, but I think you shouldn't have more important
           personal crap at work (unless you're self-employed and it's in
           your own office) than you can quickly shove into a cardboard box
           and carry out the door.  Shit happens.  -John
           \_ keep an expandable backpack in the office!  that's how I used
              to borrow a DLP projector for movie night instead of doing
              paperwork. ;-)
              \_ By now I just don't take any more stuff to work than I can
                 drop into my laptop bag in 2 minutes.  It's never happened
                 to me, but I've seen people walked out pretty quickly and
                 ruthlessly for the stupidest of reasons.  -John
                 \_ wouldn't fluff the boss under his desk?
                    \_ No, violated the company handbook section prohibiting
                       execution style murders of people asking stupid
                 \_ I had a concealed carry permit and everything. Just
                    because I took my Desert Eagle .50 magnum out and started
                    stroking it lovingly was no reason for them to call
                    security and have me thrown out like that!
                    \_ That wasn't your DE you were stroking.
                    \_ Well DUUUH, it was a CONCEALED permit.  They couldn't
                       see it.  -John
        \_ I've done it.  Just make sure you'll be able to get it out easily
           if you need to.  Check with your manager if you need to fill out
           any personal equipment forms, etc.  Keep your receipt. --jameslin
2004/12/7-8 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:35200 Activity:low
12/7    Optimization time: gprof shows 310k calls to a certain constructor
        (a very simple, very important object that is often stack-allocated
        into large arrays- eg "MyObject msgs[1000];").  Rather than calling
        the constructor 1000 times, is there a way to have a special array ctor
        that's called (once) and zeroes out the array en masse?  TIA.
        \_ Geezus, why are you constructing 310k objects? Make a static array
           of objects at the beginning of runtime.
           \_ I am, when possible.  It's a realtime system (= no dynamic memory
              allocation) so e.g. several queue objects have to buffer
              about 15k messages statically.  The rest are open to optimization,
              but a specialized array constructor (if it exists) would be nice.
              (nb: by "nice" I mean "not at all critical")
              Oh, and if it helps for those in a similar situation: MyObject
              contains a couple small arrays; it's much faster to zero these out
              manually with a for loop than with memset(). -op
              \_ Man, I hate people like you. Why didn't you give the complete
                 environment information in the first place? What type of
                 RTS system are you using and in what form factor? How much
                 total RAM do you have and what form is it in? And why the hell
                 are you using an OO language for small RTS apps?
                 \_ Sorry, I was just curious if C++ had a specialized ctor for
                    objects created in an array; I didn't realize I was creating
                    a tone of urgency.  Anyway, system is not resource-
                    constrained at all (P3 in a VXI chassis, 512M ram, etc) &
                    I'm coming to the conclusion that I can't just define
                    MyObject::MyObject[] ().
                    \_ Yes you can, you can overload new[].
                       \_ Ok, this might be helpful; can you elaborate?  What
                          would the constructor declaration look like?
       \_ If you want the array zeroed out without any object construction
          occuring, there are a few things you can do:
          (1) Create a default constructor which doesn't do anything
          (2) Overload new[] as suggested above to accomplish this
          (3) Allocate the space for the array using malloc or calloc instead
              of new and then use placement new to do the construction.
              Specifically, placement new lets you construct an object into
              a memory location you have allocated yourself.  The benefit of
              this is that your program would only need to spend time
              constructing an object when you want to put it in the array
              instead of when you allocate the whole array.  -emin
2004/12/7-8 [Health/Disease/AIDS] UID:35201 Activity:insanely high
12/7   I want to make a donation to the school. In the past, I have always
        donated to the Engineering School. Anyone have any other suggestions?
        \_ I would suggest donating to Professor Dusenberg, unfairly hounded
           out of his NIH grants by the scientific establishment for daring
           to challange the orthodoxy on AIDS, but I cannot seem to find
           him on the campus website anymore. Did he finally get run all
           the way off campus? What happened to him?
           \_ Try spelling his name right, troll.  -tom
              \_ Oh, okay! Douchebag! There you go!
                 \_ Could someone give some context to this?
        \_ prof. duesberg is a MCB prof at ucb who says AIDS is not
           caused by HIV, AIDS is caused by recreational and
           other drugs prescribed by doctors
           to treat HIV.  he's got a website, there are plenty of
           "duesberg is a menace" websites.  - danh
           \_ Dan, use motdedit! you stomped on my post.
                \_ Duesberg. He is still teaching, good. Dusenberg on google
                   gives many hits. Donate to Prof Duesberg's lab, he is
                   still trying to do science on very limited money, since
                   he is frozen out of the grant process by a vengeful
                   scientific community.
                   \_ I thought the whole Aids-Virus Myth thing has been
                      debunked.  You actually believe his theories?
                    \_ No, but I am not really qualified to judge his work
                       in any case, since I am not a biologist. I do think
                       he has been treated poorly by the scientific
                       \_ Well, I am, and he's just full of shit. Duesberg
                          deserved what he got. It's like someone insisting
                          that the earth is flat.
                          \_ Duesberg wants smoking gun evidence, with the
                             videotape of WMD stockpiles in multiple Iraqi
                             complexes and a nuclear test.  He has against him
                             a massive amount of circumstantial evidence -
                             much more than that from Iraq WMDs, and from
                             those without as much of an agenda as BushCo.
                             The scientific establishment != the CIA, BushCo.
                             \_ yet he touts his drug-induced AIDS theory
                                with much much less than smoking gun evid.
                           \_ So even though he had done great work in the
                              past and continues to do great work, he
                              should be denied funding because he
                              disagrees with the scientific orthodoxy
                              on one small matter? I think you have
                              a really messed up idea of how the
                              scientific process should work.
                            \_ why do you think he did great work?  -tom
                               \_ Maybe I'm inclined to give him the benefit
                                  of the doubt on this because he is a
                                  tenured Berkeley professor in the sciences?
                                  Since you have no CV in anything, maybe
                                  you should not be so judgmental.  This is
                                  why so many people think you are an asshole.
                                  \_ How is my comment judgemental?  pp
                                     made an unfounded assertion; I didn't
                                     assert anything.  Asshole.  -tom
                                  \_ He is also a member of the National
                                     Academy of Science (found this on his
                                     web page) and his work on retroviruses
                                     and oncogenes is very well known (I work
                                     in immunology).
                      \_ It doesn't really matter anyway.  Duesberg agrees that
                       something in the blood of an AIDS patient will give
                       a healthy person AIDS.  The scientific community says
                       it's HIV - Duesberg says it's AZT.  Whatever - you'll
                       still get AIDS anyway.
                       \_ I don't follow the AIDS 'controversies' very much,
                          but it wouldn't surprise me if some folks
                          classified various nasty diseases and malnutrition
                          syndroms in Africa (which are less 'glamorous' than
                          AIDS) to get AIDS funding. -- ilyas
                          \_ I guess you are saying it's possible but aren't
                             saying whether it's true or not.
                             \_ I don't know, but being familiar with charity
                                fraud, I d say it's pretty likely. -- ilyas
                       \_ So if you have HIV, but you aren't taking any drugs
                          like AZT, feel free and have as much unprotected
                          sex as you want.
                          \_ No.  You must wear a condom to protect yourself
                             from that bad AZT in your partner's sexual fluids.
        \_ Donate to the CSUA for hardware upgrades!
2004/12/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:35202 Activity:moderate
12/7   Happy Eight Day Fire Hazard!
       \_ What fire hazard?  It just rained this morning.
       \_ So, nu?  You're not using the smoke detector your mother and I
          got you?  Oh, I get it, your apartment's too good for a
          smoke-detector.  Fine, see if we care.  It'll break your mother's
          heart, but don't let that stop you, Mr. "I'm too sophisticated for
          Smokey the Bear."
        \_ Adam Corolla was hilarious tonight, asking about how many mobile
           homes had burnt down as a result of menorah fires.
2004/12/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:35203 Activity:moderate
12/7   This reads kind of hokey:  -John
       \_ The melodrama of the FDOT IG found dead certainly smacks of
          delusion, but I'd still like to see this investigated.
          \_ I was more thinking of the wording..."and then evil Prof.
             Smithers forced me to use my x-tron ray on the innocent
             civilians, and I said, 'no Prof. Smithers, you can't do that',
             and Prof. Smithers said 'ha! ha ha!  we'll never take over the
             world otherwise" yada you say, melodramatic.
2004/12/7-8 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:35204 Activity:moderate
12/7    Anyone have experience with FreeBSD on UltraSparc?  I have a few
        of them at work unused and unmaintained gathering dust.  I am
        thinking of putting FreeBSD on it to run bugzilla.  Does the
        Sparc version's /usr/ports as good as the x86 ones?
        \_ If it's anything like OpenBSD on Sparc, make sure it's nice and
           cool.  Mine hung itself up a lot.  -John
        \_ Other than the geekiness factor, what's the point of running
           FreeBSD on USparc? Do you need to hack the kernel somehow?
           \_ FreeBSD is a nice OS, and Suns are nice boxes.  -John
              \_ I guess the point here is that the OP can save himself
                 trouble by running Solaris on them. Bugzilla runs fine
                 on Solaris. Why is he bothering with FreeBSD?
                 \_ No /usr/ports on Solaris, no pf on solaris.
                    Ultrasparc boxes are nice and can be easily
                    jumpstarted w/o all the hassle of pxe.
           \_ the reason is the IT here knows nothing about Solaris.
              The design team has moved onto Linux.  The IT won't
              admit they don't know how to admin a Solaris box.  And
              it is probably cheaper to buy a new PC running Linux than
              paying for Sun support.  So a few Blade 1000 are sitting
              here not even powered-on.  IT doesn't care and refuse
              to care.  I have experience and know where to download
              FreeBSD.  I have zero knowledge on Solaris. -op
2004/12/7-8 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:35205 Activity:low
12/7    Followup to the hardware problem yesterday:  I down-clocked the
        FSB to 100MHz and the problem went away.  The memory went from 266->200
        the CPU went from 1466->1100, but the AGP and PCI stayed at 33MHz.
        Since memtest showed the memory itself is probably OK, and GIMPS showed
        no CPU problem, that says to me the AMD 761 Northbridge is the problem.
        Thanks to everyone who helped with this tricky problem.
        \_ No such thing as a 33MHz AGP (not commercially at least).
        \_ Did you have it overclocked in the first place???
           \_ No, it was all to spec.
              \_ heh, same with my younger brother's computer.  He was mighty
                 pissed he spent ~ 2x on Corsair super-elite CL2
                 memory and had to go back to CL3 AND reduce his bus frequency.
                 This was on a Pentium 4 2.26 GHz, MSI motherboard, with
                 Intel chipset as well.
                 FYI, my Athlon 64 3200+ Newcastle with an Asus mobo and two
                 sticks of CL3 Kingston 512MB work fine, but it has the same
                 problem with random games in the dynamic frequency-clocking
                 mode (I had to fix it to stay at 2.2 GHz).
                 \_ Where did he buy it from? Or did he assemble it
                    \_ Newegg, both DIMMs are the same - it's probably a flaky
                       mobo that worked fine with 512 MB but had problems going
                       to 1 GB at the spec'd speed
        \_ maybe your northbridge could benefit from better cooling.
2004/12/7-8 [Reference/Military, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:35206 Activity:high
12/7   Whatever happened to all the artists that are suppose to sing anti-war
       songs like the 70s?
       \_ Anti war songs question Our President's authority, and who would
          want to do that?
       \_ Last March, Joan Baez played at the march in the city.  We have a
          generation gap where music has fallen to something you listen to
          in the background.  If you troll for non-marketplace music, you
          will find PLENTY of anti-war songs.
       \_ Wait till we have been fighting in Iraq for five years. They
          are coming.
       \_ Eminem's Mosh
2004/12/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:35207 Activity:moderate
12/7    Where does the extra hole come from?
        \_ The hypotenuses of the two big shapes aren't the same. They aren't
           true triangles.
           \_ exactly. the top hypotenuse does not go through the point (5,2)
              whereas the bottom one does. Use the lower left corner as (0,0)
                \_ Don't pictures like these usually include a
                   "Not drawn to scale" fine print? The correct answer is
                   one of the triangle has a slope of m=2/5 and the other
                   has a slope of m=3/8.
                   \_ It is drawn to scale.  If you look closely, you'll notice
                      the long edges of both shapes do not form a straight
        \_ There comes a time in everyone's life, when... uh, go ask your
        \_ Where does the extra hole come from?
        \_ "Apollo 11 customs declaration"
           Is this real?
2004/12/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:35208 Activity:nil
12/7  Hot girl, must get a G4, work safe:

2018/12/17 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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