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2004/12/4 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:35168 Activity:nil
12/3    Cobra comman.. i mean Cobra Hands stays.. muwhhwa
2004/12/4-5 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:35169 Activity:nil
12/3    Is valid?  Or is this a new spam/phishing scam?
2004/12/4-5 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:35170 Activity:very high
12/4    If you knew that the dollar was going to totally collapse tomorrow
        where would you put your money?
        \_ Fuck the Euro. I wouldn't put money in the Euro. Buy gold.
           The Euro is no more or less stable than the buck, and if the buck
           starts to fall exceedingly drastically, the Euro wouldn't be far
           \_ Just wait until the full cost of letting Poland & friends into
              the EU becomes apparent.  And now they've got Turkey & others
              lusting for membership...if you believe that the value of a
              currency is based on the long-term stability of its issuer, I
              wouldn't be so enthusiastic about Euros.  -John
        \_ The Euro
           \_ Euro based bond-index funds
              \_ So, you guys figure that the *total* collapse of the dollar
                 would not kill the Euro as well?  Really?
                 \_ I assume that op means "totally collapse" metaphorically,
                    not literally. Like drop another 50% or something. No one
                    is anticipating that the dollar will become worthless,
                    like the pre-WWII Deutschmark.
           \_ So why *is* the Euro supposed to be such a swell place to put
              all of your cash, anyway?  People say "massive U.S. deficits,
              U.S. economic woes, blah, blah -- Europe is safer!" -- but can
              you name a Eurozone country that's not *also* running giant
              deficits proportional to GDP, or that has an unemployment rate
              that's the same or lower than America's?  Moving your money
              from dollars to Euros hardly seems like a flight to
              safety/quality -- more like a typical rose-colored liberal
              "Europe must be better!" response.  I'd think that the Yuan is
              the place to be for the future ...
              \_ The yuan is controlled by the Chinese government and not
                 the free market. I think that perhaps Pounds Sterling
                 or the yen might work instead of the Euro.
                 \_ Comparing apples with apples, basically every currency
                    is controlled by some form of government intervention.
                    \- not meaningfully true: high K mobility, floating exch
                       rate, monteary independence: pick any two.
                 \_ Um... Japan has ben in recession for 14 years because
                    they can't work out their bank system.  I guess the
                    currency is stable though.  It's sucked for 14 years.
                    I guess it can't go down though...
               \_ Why do you think the market is favoring the Euro? The EU
                  has a lower overall debt, a smaller trade deficit, higher
                  overall productivity per hour worked, etc. US vs EU
                  unemployment figures are deceptive, because of the different
                  way each society offers unemployment benefits. A much
                  more accurate picture would be to look at overall
                  employment, as a percentage of the adult population.
                  The US and EU are similar here.
        \_ My ass.
           \_ so, you put your money where your mouth is?
        \_ Where I have it now.  -John the Eurofag
        \_ Gold coins.
        \_ I'm thinking about getting into bowhunting- danh
        \_ Ammo, rice and wool blankets.  If the dollar collapses
           tomorrow a hell of a lot of good your euro's or your
           gold is going to do you if you can't feed or clothe
           yourself and protect your gold/euros.
           \_ I already have a good stock of food, water, medical supplies,
              etc in case of earthquake. I still have my old hunting rifle
              from growing up in Wyoming. I suppose a few hundred
              spare rounds sitting up in the attic wouldn't hurt. Even
              during the Depression though, things didn't get so bad
              that civil society completely broke down, so I think you
              are overreacting. -ausman
                \_ I was just answering the question about what
                   I would do if I though the dollar was going to
                   totally collapse tomorrow.  If every dollar I
                   own was going to be basically worthless, and
                   everyone elses dollars were basically worthless
                   I think there would be widespread chaos.
                   Personally I don't think this will happen ever
                   though.  The world is too heavily invested in
                   the success of America.
2004/12/4 [Recreation/Humor] UID:35171 Activity:high
12/4    This is pretty funny.  Anime Popeye!
        \_ This IS funny! Thank you humour guy! And to the humourless nuke
           guy, please fuck off.
           \_ Um. kind of.
2004/12/4 [Reference/Military, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:35172 Activity:nil
12/4    The War Effort, a new kind of comedy about a new kind of war:
        \_  Say, Hank.  You got any more pudding?
2004/12/4-6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35173 Activity:kinda low
12/4    Shameless plug #2.  See motd.official for information on new Soda.
        If everyone who uses the motd gave $10, we'd be in great shape!  Of
        course we'd not complain if you gave more...
        \_ will donate if you revert politburo back to its glorious
           squish happy state, when it's possible to squish the unwanted
           people like ilyas and other annoying bastards.
           \_ Hey, can we squish annoying whining bastards like you too?
              That would rock.
           \_ They are a travesty to the word 'politburo!' -- ilyas
        \_ Is it okay if my checks show up by the end of the month?
           I'm waiting for finals to get over before I start paying
           my bills, and doing my donations for this year.
2004/12/4-5 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol] UID:35174 Activity:insanely high
12/4    Interested in killing time in Napa wine country to do some wine
        tasting. Can someone recommend a good winery there? Thanks.
        \_ Go to Sonoma.  The Napa wine places are touristy dumps.  Paying to
           taste wine is a nazi war crime.  -John
           \_ We don't all have wineries pouring tastes of free
              trockenberenauslese in our backyard.
           \_ Doesn't wine cost money to make? It would make sense for
              people to pay something to taste it, wouldn't it?
              \_ It doesn't cost that much to make, but if there's a
                 market for it then the winery is losing the revenue they
                 could have had by selling it.
              \_ Ask yourself the same question about web browsers.
              \_ Ask yourself the same question about sampling ice cream at an ice
                 cream parlor.
              \_ Civilized societies realize that wine tasting is a
                 prerequisite to getting you to buy wine.  It is an investment
                 a vineyard makes as a kind of risk.  You may try x kinds of
                 wine before you like one enough to buy a couple of bottles
                 of it.  Imagine if dealerships charged you to test drive cars
                 or if you had to pay a buck every time you tried on a piece
                 of clothing... the whole "pay to taste" abomination comes
                 from changing wine tasting from a part of wine buying into
                 some sort weird-ass activity all by itself.  It is about as
                 king lame as it gets.  YMMV.  -John
                 \_ Mmhmm. And all the places I buy food at let me taste
                    before I buy too. By the way, your analogies are false
                    because wine is consumable and cars and clothing are
                    at least semi-durable.
                    \_ I don't know how it works in the US, but showroom
                       cars here (the ones they use for test driving) are
                       usually sold every year here at a decent knock-off.
                       Furthermore, when I buy food, I either know what it
                       tastes like or don't care about the couple of bucks
                       I'd lose on it.  Compare that to the ~$2k my gf and
                       I spend on wine every year--the guys we buy from know
                       that the loss from opening some bottles (which they can
                       then keep as samples for 2-3 days with good stoppers)
                       is less than the cost of losing my custom if they were
                       dicks about letting me taste it.  That said, I can see
                       why the Napa guys charge, now that it's a tourist
                       activity.  -John
                    \_ Moron, most grocery stores *do* have free samples
                       to taste when they get new stuff.
                       \_ No, they don't. But granted, food stores do
                          generally have a much larger product selection
                          than vineyards, so it would be logistically more
                          \_ Foodstuffs of a given brand/type tend to have a
                             more consistent flavor & quality.  And good food
                             stores very often do let you try out new items
                             or perishables.  -John
                 \_ Napa wineries used to have free tasting but the change
                    is based (IMO) both on milking tourism AND the fact that
                    freeloader winetasting tours became too popular in
                    the Bay Area.  Yes, it sucks.  I blame people.
                    \_ I know a life of crime led me to this sorry fate...
                       but I blame society.  Society made me what I am.
        \_ There are lots of great wineries in both Napa and Sonoma. Yes,
           you will have to pay at some. Wineries cannot pour $120 bottles
           of wine to drunk tourists all day long for free. Usually you
           can taste free if you are a serious drinker (e.g. make an
           appointment or sometimes ask the right questions while tasting
           and they will waive the fee). You should ask yourself if you
           want an 'experience' or if you want great wine. The two are
           often, but not always, exclusive. A good start would be for you
           to name some wines/wineries that you like or are familiar with.
           \_ I really don't know much about wines. I'm doing this to
              learn more about it. It's kind of like the Lonely Planet vs.
              Rick Steves approach to traveling. Lonely Planet is more of
              a reference guide where if you've been the Europe before,
              it would help you whereas Rick Steves simply plans everything
              out for you assuming you know nothing. Everything I've found
              on the Internet has resembled the Lonely Planet approach.
              I guess I need something more dumbed down. I'm interested
              more in the "experience" but would rather drink decent wines.
              \_ Instead of the internet, check out some good books. At the
                 SF main library, many years ago, I found this incredibly
                 helpful book (it was kinda old even then) and it explained
                 about the names of the grapes, the types of woods used in
                 the barrels, etc. Actually, you could probably find out more
                 just by talking to the people pouring the wine at the
                 tastings (especially the older ppl).
              \_ Why bother, it all tastes like crap anyway. It's all just
                 foo-foo bullshit that wineries make up so they can
                 differentiate and charge for what basically is a commodity
                 product. Like you are ever going to taste the difference
                 between a '57 v. a '58 Chardonay, give me a break.
                 \- there is a dramatic different between $5 and a $100
                    bottle of wine. that's pretty much objective. whether
                    the difference is worth $90, is a subjective Q, as is
                    whether you'd prefer a coke or water to the $100 bottle.
                 \_ The person above obviously doesn't like wine. People
                    *can* tell the difference. A sommelier is tested on
                    it. If you cannot tell the differences between a white
                    grand cru from Burgundy, a fine California chardonnay,
                    and jug wine made from 'chenin blanc' then your palate
                    is dead. To the OP: you are going to have to make some
                    choice here even if it is just red/white.
                    \_  With practice, I'm sure I could develop the ability
                        to differentiate between gasolines made at different
                        refineries around the world with different processes
                        in different years by smell also.  It would still
                        taste and smell like shit.  Whenever I meet an American
                        wine snob they turn out to be a pretentious asshole.
                        \_ So you don't like wine. BFD. I don't know why
                           you have to be so hateful about it. I don't
                           like men fucking my ass and yet if it works
                           for you then great.
                           \_ I've spent plenty of time around guys who like
                              ass-fucking, but none of them have ever said
                              the equivalent of, say, "If you cannot tell the
                              differences between a white grand cru from
                              Burgundy, a fine California chardonnay, and jug
                              wine made from 'chenin blanc' then your palate is
                              dead."  I guess the equivalent would be to
                              imply that my cock doesn't really work since
                              I know nothing of the finer points of ass-fucking,
                              with the implication that I'm also uncultured
                              because of my ass fucking deficit. Yet I have
                              never heard that sort of elitist horseshit from
                              any of the ass fuckers I have ever known.  Fuck
                              all wine snobs.
                              \_ You sound like someone in need of a good
                                 ass fucking.
                              \_ That's not an elitist comment.  Anyone with
                                 with working tastebuds can tell the difference
                                 between those wines, although I wouldn't
                                 expect them to be able to tell which is which.
                                 PP's comment, translated to condiments would
                                 be "If you can't tell the difference between
                                 ketchup, mustard and mayonaise, your palate is
                                 dead."  You seem to have a big chip on your
                                 shoulder.  Certainly there are big wine snobs
                                 but just because someone knows and likes wine
                                 that does not make them an elitist snob. -!pp
                                 \_ I never said that liking wine or even
                                    being an expert on wine made someone
                                    an elitist snob.  I said I hate wine snobs.
                                    Past threads have shown that the motd
                                    is full of dickhead culture snobs on
                                    several subjects, including wine.  I saw
                                    an opportunity to tell them to fuck
                                    off and I took it.
                                    \_ I asked a question not long ago about
                                       authentic Italian restaurants and you
                                       (the real dickhead) accuse me of
                                       being a culture snob. What I didn't
                                       tell you was that I was asking for
                                       my friends who are Italian who are
                                       sick of "Italian restaurants" in
                                       this country who want something
                                       closer to their homeland. Instead
                                       of going around accusing others of
                                       being culture snobs, why don't you
                                       provide some useful info.
                                       \_ Well, I guess you've outed me as
                                          a misanthrope.  I loathe humanity,
                                          and unless you're an AI that means
                                          you.  So fuck off.
                                \_ You know, from all the wine folk I've
                                   met, it seems they're just about the
                                   nicest people around.  I've met far
                                   more arrogant elitist snobs in the
                                   sciences, business, and computers than
                                   in enology.
                                   \_ Correct usage of esoteric technical
                                      word: +2 points.
2004/12/4-6 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:35175 Activity:kinda low
12/4    More funny.  A translation page for Kanji tatoos.
        \_ Every time I see some dingbat hood with hanzi tatoos, I think of
           Nadsat speak from A Clockwork Orange.  Uncanny similarities.
           I'm just waiting to hear them start mixing mandarin into their
        \_ I was at the police station filling out a report once, when
           some black lady came in to visit her boyfriend in jail.  She
           had "China" in simplified chinese on her ankle.  Why would some
           Oakland ghetto queen tatoo "China" on her ankle?  I'm still
           \_ I don't see what the big deal is.  Maybe it's exotic to her,
              maybe it represents something from her past, or as the poster
              below states, maybe it's her name or nickname.  I don't see that
              as something worthy of ridicule.  Now, if her tattoo had been
              "rice-dung-flea" or "dog-mat-beans" or "east-behind-whore" or
              \_ If it's "east-behind-whore" it could be a form of advertizing
           \_ Maybe her boyfriend in jail is Chinese.
           \_ It's her name or nickname?
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