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2004/12/2-4 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:35153 Activity:nil
12/1    If somebody has a procmailrc that *appends* list-serve messages to an
        existing mailbox file, I would like to see it. I only see how to copy
        msgs to a dir, each as a separate file. I have STFW and am apparently
        between two highly separate quanta of procmail fu. --ulysses
        \_ i don't understand your question.   if you don't specify
           any rules, procmail will filter all your mail into one file.
           if you specify another rule, it will filter the filtered mail...
           into a file, appending the new messages to the existing
           messages in the file.  what can't you do?
           \_ Never mind. I found what has been wrong all this time. It had to
              with the fact procmail cds to $MAIL as soon as that variable is
              declared. Thanks.
        \_ MAIL = /home/username/mail
           ### bugtraq
           * ^List-Id:.**
2004/12/2-4 [Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:35154 Activity:high
12/1    Where are you going on vacation?
        \_ What is this "vacation" thing you speak of?
           \_  It's a technical term.  It refers to the phenomenon of increased
               bandwidth on certain shared networks.
        \_ yer mom's
           \_ fuck off you piece of shit. I am sick of seeing this shit.
              I hope you get run over by a car.
              \_ fuck off you piece of shit. I am sick of seeing this shit.
                 \_ See now. If the CSUA has simply stuck with the form I had
                    to fill out in 1993, people like this would be filtered
                    \_ Don't be stupid.
              \_ pwnd!
              \_ really? I think its funny everytime. - !pp
                 \_ yep. me too.  I think if you don't find this kind of
                    humor funny, .hushlogin is probably a good idea. -!pp,!ppp
                    \_ I think you are both dumbasses. -!pp,!ppp!pppp
                       \_ I think yermom is a dumbass.
                          \_ I think yermom has a wide ass.
                 \_ what's pp stand for?
                    \_ "previous poster."  op means "original poster."
                    \_ "perplexed peon" ie, you
                        ps, ie stands for "isn't it explicit [enough]?"
                        ok. ttyl
                        \_ opp!
        \_ No where. I have to work and I have to do the reading for
           next semester.
           \_ See now we know you're lying. There are no actual students who
              post here. Just aging crufty alums who complain about system
              improvements they didn't pay a dime for.
                 \_ I'm an alum and a student.  I've given money to Cal
                    every year since I graduated and I'm planning to give
                    money to the CSUA this christmas b/c they put up info
                    about where to send the money to on the main page.
                    BTW, I've never complained about soda (even when it
                    was running on the sequent).
                    \_ That's great. You know I was just joking, right?
              \_ And then they profess how they're such great libertarians!
                 \_ I'm a semi-crufty alum who agrees with but said nothing
                    about the system improvements, and am politically a
                    socialist.  Wait, what's my point again?
                 \_ Fuck off you piece of shit
                    \_ No, you fuck off you piece of shit.
                        \_ Double dumb ass to you too!
                           \_ I am deeply ashamed that I know what you're
                              quoting and that I recognize it as being
                              slightly wrong.  "Double dumbass on you!"
        \_ !ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
2004/12/2 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:35155 Activity:moderate
12/2    my computer is probably 40 times more powerful than my
        first PC.  does my processor consume 40 times more than
        my first PC?
        \_ consume... power?
           \_ Vespene gas.
        \_ Quite possibly, considering that PCs in the old days didn't have
           CPU fans.
        \_ It definitely consumes more but not 40x.  Today's CPUs are more
           efficient in terms of speed to power usage ratio.
        \_ 486 was ~20W, original Pentium around 40. Max power per chip goes
           up about 4-5% per year currently (as per the SIA roadmap), much
           slower than the ~50%/year performance increase.
           \_ Hey, and the 90nm Athlon 64 3500+ uses 47.5 watts at 100% CPU!
              The 3000+ runs at 40 watts.
        \_ when viewing good soft porn DVD movies, yes.
2004/12/2-3 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Media] UID:35156 Activity:very high
12/2    I am looking for some good soft prawn DVD movies. Where can I find
                                        \- god hates prawn
        some online? Hardshell ones are just too disgusting to my
        taste. I wonder if there are some that have a semi interesting
        story line, and kind of build up the sex tension and when they
        finally do it, shows all the details. Romantic Hollywood
        movies are good at storylines, but they don't show you much,
        hardcore prawn movies shows too much disgusting stuff. Anything
        in between?
        \_ May also want to check out Henry and June, or Jade (though Jade
           has some grisly stuff that may bee a little too challenging).
        \_ That crap's about all you get on basic cable after midnight here.
           Try looking for Emanuelle (although that's probably a bit dated.)
           An ad just scrolled by for something by one Andrew Blake, that
           looked a bit soft-pornish.  STFW.  -John
        \_ I recommend "Sex and Lucia". Dumb as a movie though well-acted.
           Great as porn. Your girl (assuming you have one) might even watch it
           with you and enjoy it.
        \_ try the french film "The Dreamers"
           \_ You could also try Swimming Pool (another foreign film) or The
              Lover with Jane March.  Some pretty steamy scenes there....
              \_ Ludivine Saigner has the bestests breastests EVAR!!!11
                 \_ "Sagnier"?
                    \_ Google says "Saigner: 958, Sagnier: ~13,000".  You win,
                       my speling was nevar reel gud.  Her boobies are still
        \_ You want Zalman King movies. Personally, I find them boring.
           Did you see Boxing Helena?
           \_ I do consider myself the faint of heart, would Boxing Helena
              be too horrifying for me? I read chopping off limbs on yahoo
              review, which is not exactly my cup of tea....
        \_ What exactly do you mean by soft pron?  Breast-kissing and thrusting
           but no genitals?  Or everything is shown but no four-letter word
           screaming?  For the former, Showtime channel shows a lot of good
           ones at night.  So you can check the Showtime schedule and then
              \_ It's a bad movie, but has a good sex scene for a
                 mainstream movie.
        \_ What exactly do you mean by soft pron?  Thrusting and breast-kissing
           but no genitals shown?  Or everything is shown but no four-letter
           word screaming?  For the former, Showtime channel shows a lot of
           good ones at night.  So you can check the Showtime schedule and then
           search for the same movies on DVD.  For the latter, Andrew Blake
           directed quite a number of these movies.  My favorite title is
           "Desire", starring Savannah, Viviana and others.
        \_ What about rape stories? any from HK or TW? I like asian porn.
           \_ Try Irreversible.
              \_ Sounds interesting, anything else similar?
                 \_ I Spit on Your Grave (kind of culty).  Maybe Deliverance
                    (heh, "He's got a real purdy mouth on him, don't he?")
              \_ Ok, how about just plain old rape (ie, normal sex,
                 without any sick stuff) but does in such a way that she
                 likes it at the end?
                 \_ Err, Urotsukidoji?  La Blue Girl?  Twin Dolls maybe?
        \_ Check out Andrew Blake films.
        \_ Try Secretary.  Not so much as soft porn.  but a good movie.
        \_ Blame It On Rio.
        \_ So what exactly is soft pron?  Is it MA-rated or is it X-rated?
        \_ This might be helpful:"porn for couples - Perfect Picks for Couples"
        \_ Sorry, can't help you.  Yermom only does DVDA.
        \_ check out good vibrations selection. should be online.
2004/12/2-4 [Computer/Networking] UID:35157 Activity:moderate
12/2    I used the "ShieldUp" website to probe my Mac and it shows that port 0
        and 1 are replying to outside query to say they are closed instead of
        just playing deaf like the other lower ports do.  I did not single
        out port 0 and 1 in the ipfw rules I use.  What rules should I use to
        close this loophole?
        \_ First off, don't use random pages like that, as Steve Gibson is
           an idiot.  Next, use a real port scanner like nessus or nmap.
           Next, why not just explicitly drop 0/1 like your ipfw manual
           says, if it bothers you?  The only thing drop vs block will do is
           make it a bit more difficult to probe for active IPs.  -John
           \_ What's your critique of Steve Gibson? -nop
               \_ He's a publicity junkie (fine) who comes up with complex-
                  looking "solutions" for simple problems (also fine) and
                  tries to pass them off as the BEST/ONLY way to do things.
                  He's done a lot of security-related fear mongering in the
                  past as well (no different from big vendors) in his
                  sensationalist carneval style.  One good example is his
                  when Windows XP came out--he made a huge fuss about how
                  raw socket access would bring the Internet to a halt.  SG
                  is a self-proclaimed expert who lives for press and panders
                  to lowest-common-denominator fears about security shit that
                  people wouldn't need to worry about, given a tiny bit of
                  common sense and willingness to RTFM.  Look at
                  for some comments--he is not a fraud, just really really
                  annoying and misinformed.  -John
                  \_ You said "raw socket access."  huh huh huh huh.
                  \_ I remember reading the "raw socket access" bit (before I'd
                     ever done socket programming) and not understanding it.
                     What exactly was he talking about?
                     \_ He's essentially saying that it's now easier for
                        kiddies to unleash mass DoS because XP makes it
                        simple(r) to not use TCP/IP drivers which
                        normally deal with socket access.  It's complete
                        mumbo-jumbo, but I encourage you to draw your own
                        confusions.  It's easy to find on google.  -John
           \_ Thanks but I also want to know why my computer is blocking
              port 0 and 1 instead of denying them when none of my ipfw
              rules used unreach/reject instead of deny.  Since I am using
              cable modem, could it be the modem that is blocking? -op
              \_ Unlikely, as a cable modem is usually just a kind of bridge.
                 What model/mfgr?  Have you now tried explicitly telling ipfw
                 to drop these to see what happens?  I'll gladly help you, but
                 why not take it to mail?  -John
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