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2004/11/12 [Uncategorized] UID:34851 Activity:nil
11/11   Get A BRAIN! MORANS
        GO USA
2004/11/12 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:34852 Activity:very high
11/11   The media's Barack Obama feve
        \_ thanks!  can you imagine if malkin was your mother?
           how is the suicide rate among 3 year olds?
        \_ Oh, look the Queen of self-hating Asians is back on the motd.
           I am curious, is the guy who keeps posting this some kind
           of white guy conservative with an Asian fetish?
2004/11/12 [Computer/HW/Drives, Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:34853 Activity:moderate
11/12   Dual boot question:  I had a hard drive set up with dual boot.
        XP and Linux.  I had problems with the Windows partition.
        I got a new hard drive.  I connected the new hard drive and set it
        as the slave drive.  I went into setup and set it to boot from the
        slave drive (the new one).  I then reinstalled XP on the new drive.
        Oops.  My boot loader on the original drive got overwritten.  The
        Linux partition is still there, but I can't boot to Linux.  I need
        to resetup my dual boot.  I would like to have 2 options when I
        turn on my computer.  One option would boot to my Linux partition
        on my original hard disk (now set as the master).  The other option
        would be to boot to XP on the new hard disk (now set as the slave).
        I think I want to go into setup and have it boot from the master,
        and then use my Red Hat CD to resetup the boot loader.  But I'm
        not really sure what I'm doing and I don't want to screw things up.
        I don't want to reinstall Linux.  I simply want to fix the boot
        loader.  Please help!
        \_ You are already on the right track. You can boot either from
           the first install CD or you can use the .iso image for the emergency
           cd. It will guide you through mounting your existing RedHat
           partition. You can then use either grub or lilo to reinstall the
           bootblock on the master CD... but you will need to make changes
           to either your lilo.conf or grub.conf to tell it to book
           XP from the other drive now instead. Once you finish that, you can
           go back into the bios and tell it to boot from the primary hd again.
        \_ You should have installed XP first, then Linux. Windows loves
           to scribble over the boot partition of every disk it can find.
           Having said that, if you want to avoid having to reinstall
           Linux, you will need to boot from a linux boot floppy. At
           least, that was the only thing I could figure out to do
           when I was in your boat. Maybe one of these 3l33+3 linux
           hackers has a better way.
           \_ Well, I don't need to install Linux.  I only need to setup
              the boot loader.  Are you sure this is the same situation
              you were in?  Windows is installed on one drive.  Linux on
              another.  And I just want to modify the boot loader, not
              install anything.
              \_ When you installed Windows XP it overwrote the MBR on your
                 Linux drive, so no you don't really have Linux installed
                 right now. You have a partial linux installation, that you
                 need to repair. I don't know how to do that.
        \_ This is far too much spew for a simple question. Why do we need
           to see useless details about your disks and blah blah? Anyway
           just boot using the floppy and run the lilo tool or whatever.
        \_ The problem I've always had with dual-booting is that if one
           disk goes bad, it can be a real pain to get the other up in
           isolation. If you're using the Grub bootloader, I know you can
           install windows to drive 0, take it out, then put your linux
           drive in as 0 and install Linux. Then put the windows drive
           back in as drive 1.  You can then boot to Linux and set up grub
           such that when you boot to your windows drive, your windows
           drive is tricked into believeing it is drive 0.  This setup is
           a bit of work initially, but I've found it to be very robust.
           If you're interested, I can tell you how to set up grub.
           -jrleek (!Linux guru)
2004/11/12 [Reference/History/WW2] UID:34854 Activity:kinda low
11/12   Can somehow explain the theory of how an 80 year old WWII
        veteran can make a woman feel so bad that she wants to commit
        \_ train harder.  that's not what the sentence below is saying.
        \_ Here you go, you dumb bitch:
2004/11/12 [Reference/BayArea] UID:34855 Activity:kinda low
11/12   Can somehow explain why Bay Area is so messed up, with all
        that suicide from famous Asian people? For example with
        that tech Gene guy andb all...
        \_ Please compare the suicide rate in east Asia with the suicide
           rate among bay area residents of Asian descent.  I predict that
           the suicide rate is lower among, say, bay area residents of Japanese
           descent than it is among residents of Japan.
2004/11/12 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:34856 Activity:insanely high
11/11   What will the Euro/Dollar ratio be in four years?
        1/1: ..
        1.8/1: .
        \_ if there is a general perception that the dollar is falling,
           would that cause a mass movement of the dollar (many people
           moving their money), which would cause the actual change?
           \_ In general, that is how a market works. People pay for
              what they percieve the value of something is.
              \- while this may be trivially true [like buy low sell high]
                 it's not a theoretically meaningful statement. the "theory"
                 of FX appaches the question either by modeling supply and
                 demand ... like say "portfolio balance theory"or my looking
                 at boundary condition/equillibria [see say uncovered interest
                 parity, purchasing power parity etc]. --psb
           \_ If I wantto invest in Eruos what would be the best way?
        \_ Dollar will strengthen
           \_ Can I have some of that crack you're smoking?
              \_ Interest rates will rise and bring the dollar up with
                 \_ Interest rate is cyclical.  This dollar correction
                    is a structural correction.
                    is a structural correction.  Lately, the focus has
                    been on the structural need for the dollar to
                    depreciate.  Your quarter point interest rate
                    increases would likely not be enough to convince
                    people not to dump the dollar if they are
                    convinced the dollar is going to drop by another 20 or
                    30 percent.
                    \_ This is rather circular. It's going to drop because
                       people think it will drop. Yes, it plays to how the
                       market works but WHY would people think it is going
                       to drop? It will rise when it again becomes a
                       good investment, which will be when interest rates
                       \_ No it isn't circular.  I was just pointing
                          out that interest rate as a cause of fluctuation of
                          the dollar is cyclical.  And that there are
                          other structural reasons that would likely cause
                          the dollar to fall.  The most important of these
                          is the continuing trade deficit.  Another reason
                          is that China's economy is overheating and
                          they are raising interest rate for the RMB,
                          and thinking hard about letting the RMB
                          appreciate, which would likely lead to other
                          asian currencies appreciating.
                          \_ The structural reasons *have* caused the
                             dollar to fall. The question is: Where will
                             it be in 4 years? I predict up.
                          \_ The structural reasons *have* caused the
                             dollar to fall. The question is: Where will
                             it be in 4 years? I predict up.
                       \_ We are running massive budget and trade deficits.
                          \_ Was the dollar low or high in the 1980s
                             when Reagan was doing the same thing?
                          Bush says "deficits don't matter" and intends
                          to pile up even deeper deficits. This is all
                          hard on the dollar.
                          \_ Was the dollar low or high in the 1980s
                             when Reagan was doing the same thing?
2004/11/12 [Politics/Domestic] UID:34857 Activity:moderate
11/12   put your boring ass michelle malkin "oh liberals think
        obama is so photogenic and it MAKES ME MAD!!!!!!!!!" link back!
        come on!  do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        \_ !!!1!!!1!!!!
        \_ Is Obama's penis large and tax-free too?
           \_ Well, does your anus still hurt?
2004/11/12-14 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:34858 Activity:high
11/12   I can't seem to get over what I read about Japan's "Biological
        Unit 731". I mean I know Japanese did some bad things in
        China, but I never really knew the details. Thanks to the
        wonder of the internet and the recent discussion of author of
        "Rape of Nanking", I decided to Google it. At first it was not
        a big deal, all history, but soon I got pretty sick of what I
        was reading. I mean all those live experiments on human body.
        And now I can't seem to quite get over it. How could any
        person with conscience justify what they are doing? I mean
        taking pictures of Naked prisoners is bad, but this kind of
        stuff is down right horrible. I find myself having some
        trouble getting past what I read. I drive a Japanese car,
        Japanese stuff is all over my house, and my company works with
        Japanese clients and heck I've even been to Japan once and
        sort of liked it. But how do I get over what I read? I am just
        kinda angry/pissed at something. -Chinese sodan
        \_ Attila the Hun, Nero, Ivan the Terrible, slavery, Hitler,
           eugenics, Pol Pot, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum.  WWII plumbed horrid
           depths of human darkness; it's over.  The people in Japan you deal
           with nowadays most likely had nothing to do with it.  Don't look
           at them as compatriots of manics, look at them as people.  -John
        Japanese stuff is all over my house, and my company works with
        Japanese clients and heck I've even been to Japan once and
        sort of liked it. But how do I get over what I read? I am just
                        Easy; pretend you're Tibetan. _/
        kinda angry/pissed at something. -Chinese sodan
        \_ As a fellow Chinese Sodan I can only say that one should let the
           past be the past. There's already too much hatred in the world
           to reopen old wounds. Yes, the crimes were horrible, yes,
           more Chinese died due to the Japenese than Jews (only the
           Russians lost more people), yes Nanking was a crime against humanity,
           yes, they treated POWs wit utter brutality. However, we cannot
           blame the children for the crimes of their fathers. To do so
           would only continue the cycle of hatred. Having said that I do think
           that the Japanese need to acknowledge their crimes, like the
           Germans have, and make a heartfelt apology to all nations, not
           simply China, of their WWII aggressions. The Japanese have,
           unfortunately, decided to forget that part of their history.
           I believe that this not only affects Sino-Japanese relations,
           but it has also greatly damaged the psyche of Japanese society.
           I believe that until the Japanese are willing to come to terms
           with that past there will always be this sense of guilt
           lingering in the corners of their collective culture.
           \_ Certainly younger Japanese bear no guilt for old atrocities, but
              when you have modern nationalists denying what happened, and no
              public national apology, it's at least a tacit approval.
        \_ Do you get angry/pissed about atrocities against non-Chinese?
        \_ My friend's parents still hold a grudge, they only buy American
           cars. Maybe that's why Iris Chang was found in an Oldsmobile.
           \_ My first three cars were American, and now I've finally bowed to
              quality issues and bought a Japanese one as the fourth.
              --- Chinese
        \_ Nothing can be done now.  Historically people have done some
           pretty horrible things, the Japanese aren't alone in this,
           although they did take brutality to an artform.  Just remember
           this whenever someone suggests dropping the bomb on Japan was a
           horrible thing to do.
        \_ Japan got nuked twice, get over it.
           \_ But it wasn't the Chinese who nuked it.
                \_ hmm. but the Chinese sold out their culture to
                   communism, they get what they deserve after that.
                   \_ huh? what's wrong with communism?
                   \_ I see you've been brainwashed well.
                   \_ huh? Nanking was the capital of ROC run by the
                      KMT, not the CCP.
        \_ Older generations of Jews have tended to not purchase German-made
           goods, though the younger generations have since abandoned the
           practice.  Memories fade and people die.  You can certain boycott
           practice.  Memories fade and people die.  You can certainly boycott
           Japanese goods if it will make you feel better, or you can just
           console yourself with the fact that the Japanese who committed
           those atrocities are either dead or dying, and the younger Japanese
           seem unlikely to repeat the mistakes.
        \_ You enjoyed your visit to Japan?  Do you speak Japanese?  My wife
           was a Japanophile, and she took a couple years of Japanese in
           college.  She's Chinese, btw.  When she finally visited Japan,
           she was stunned by the constant stream of Japanese chatter around
           her disparaging her on her "barbaric" appearance and behavior.
           Another friend of my wife's worked as a programmer in Japan for
           a few years, and she also came out of the experience a Japanophobe.
           \_ your wife probably is barbaric, being chinese and whatnot.
              you should upgrade to a better race.
              \_ I like sexy barbaric females.
                 \_ It does sound hot
           \_ My coworker (Colombian/Hungarian) lived and worked in Japan
              for a year and loved it. Her Japanese friends come to visit
              all the time. It's your wife, dude.
              \_ Not to get all racist, but you do know how closed-minded
                 some asian cultures are right?
                 \_ I once had the honor to escort a Chinese doctor around a
                    festival in rural Japan.  Everyone assumed she was Japanese
                    and no one made disparaging remarks about her when they
                    learned the contrary, despite her lack of Japanese language
                    skill.  Anecdotal evidence swings both ways and is, in
                    general, inconclusive. --erikred
                 \_ s/some asian cultures/some asians/
                 \_ Try it out for yourself:
              \_ Yes, most of my white friends have had good experience in
                 Japan.  That, however, does not mean that other Asian types
                 are treated with the same amount of respect and courtesy.
                 \_ Part of the distinction is whether you are considered a
                    'visitor' or a 'native.'  According to my friends who lived
                    in Japan, one is treated like a King ... until one stays
                    for a while.  Then eventually one is treated like a native,
                    which is considerably more stressful, but at least it's how
                    the japanese treat each other.  -- ilyas
        \_ Consider that the purpose of the Nuremburg trials and the execution
           of Tojo and the Japanese high command was to remove the burden of
           collective guilt on the part of the German and Japanese public
           after the war.  Most Japanese, on hearing about the atrocities
           committed by Unit 731, are absolutely horrified.  I don't want to
           belittle your own feelings; I just want to offer you some historical
           solace. --erikred
2004/11/12-14 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea] UID:34859 Activity:low
11/12   "Seoul May Ban North Korea College Web Site". I don't get it,
        why? Are they really that afraid of what the NK have to say?
        \_ Link?
        \_ Wasn't the US media always make a big fuss about China
           blocking some external sites? hehe.
           \_ If SK starts blocking US media sites, they will raise a fuss too
        \_ The answer is, well, yes.  There are a few reasons. 1) Most of
           the polititions are old, and therefore can harken back to the
           the politicians are old, and therefore can harken back to the
           old days when Communism actually seemed attractive.  They may
           have friends who migrated north during the war, although most
           of the migration was south, of course.  Another problem is that
           korean youth are, by and large, surprisingly easy to
           manipulate.  The schools don't teach critial thinking, and push
           a lot of nationalistic propaganda, which results in the North
           Korea love seen amoung many young South Koreans.  Finally, in
           the NK/SK conflict the internet is a one-way communication
           medium.  NK can push propoganda to the South, but northerners
           can't read any SK propoganda, so it's a bum deal for the south
           from that perspective. -jrleek
           PS The article meantions that all they're really doing is
           applying the existing security law to a new medium.
           Communication with NK is heavily curtailed in SK.  Although I
           agree with Roh Moo-hyun that these laws ought to be repealed
2004/11/12-14 [Computer/Domains] UID:34860 Activity:nil
11/12   Does the new ICANN domain transfer policy apply to ccTLDs?
        \_ No, but, under a little-known proviso to the Geneva convention,
           hijacking a ccTLD constitutes a declaration of war. So you better
           watch yo' ass.
2004/11/12-13 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:34862 Activity:high
11/12   Scott Peterson found guilty of murder.
        \_ 1st degree for Laci, 2nd degree for their unborn son.
           \_ 1st degree with special circumstances, which qualifies him for
              the death penalty.
              \_ Am I the only one who thinks that there should be different
                 standards of proof for conviction and a death sentence?  I'd
                 roughly say you need about 98% confidence to convict someone
                 of a criminal offence (1 wrongly-convicted person for every
                 50 real criminals).  But I think you need 100% certainty to
                 give the death penalty, because there really is no appeal for
                 the innocent once they're dead.  I'm anti-death penalty, but
                 not for the truly guilty, but there's the rub.
                 \_ There *are* different standards of proof for conviction
                    and a death sentence.  -tom
                    \- i dunno what tom is talking about but one possibly
                       significant difference is the jurors have to be
                       "death certified" meaning they have to be willing to
                       entertain the death penalty. so the question is "if you
                       weed out all the no-death penalty people from the jury
                       pool, is the remaining group more likely to be pro-
                       prosecution". this is the definitive book on how
                       juries operate today:
                       there are certainly more appeal procedures, but i
                       dunno if in law there is a different standard, as
                       there is for treason. --psb
                    \_ Really?  I thought it was that the crime and special
                       circumstances both needed  no 'reasonable doubt'.
                    \_ Not sure what you mean by there are different
                       standards of proof for conviction and death
                       sentence (sentencing in most cases is at the
                       judges discretion). Anyway, CA Pen. Code only
                       allows for death penalty in the case of 1st
                       degree pre-meditated murder (there are other
                       type of 1st degree murder, including felony
                       and Taylor). The burden of proof for showing
                       pre-meditated 1st degree murder is the same
                       as for other crimes (beyond a reasonable
                       doubt), but the requirements to show pre-
                       meditation are quite high in CA (must show
                       planning, motive, manner and can't use
                       post killing evid. for this). Also in CA,
                       any case in which the def. is sentenced to
                       death MUST be reviewed by the CA S. Ct.
                       BTW, the 2nd degree murder conviction for
                       the unborn child makes no sense. If he
                       pre-meditated to kill Laci, then there
                       is no way for him to not pre-meditate the
                       killing of the kid. The only way I can
                       think of that the jury came up with this
                       is that they didn't believe he had a good
                       motive to kill the kid, even though he
                       had planning and manner.
           \_ So why isn't abortion murder again?
              \_ Abortion is embryos that do not have higher cognitive
                 function.  An 8-month fetus is more-or-less a newborn baby.
                 A 3-month embryo is closer to a worm, developmentaly.
                 \_ partial birth abortion at 9 months., murder?
              \_ CA Penal Code Sec. 187 exempts (1) legal abortion,
                 (2) doctor's who act in the best interests of the
                 mother's health and (3) where the mother gives
                 consent. The fetus has to be older than seven
                 wks or so.
        \_ That's a surprise to me.  I think he's guilty but I thought he was
           going to be acquitted by benefit of the doubt or some technicality
           or some nonsense.
        \_ cuz he's white.
                \_ OK, why wasn't it now?
        \_ ok, so when are the white men going to the streets of LA
           and start looting/protesting at the Koreans, like what happened
           in the Rodney King and the 4 racist LA cop case?
                 \_ i think you're getting your race riots confused
           \_ whitey takes it up the ass, and there was much rejoicing.
           \_ There's not much to pillage in Modesto.
           \_ Huh? These two cases have nothing in common. Do you think
              that most white people think Scott Peterson was innocent?
              \_ Did most people think OJ was innocent?
                 \_ What does OJ have to do with Rodney King?
                    \_ Riots.
                       \_ Did anyone riot after the OJ verdict?
                          \_ Uhm, the guy you're arguing with is clearly either
                             a troll, or fuck-stupid.  I suggest leaving him be
                             with his ill-informed commentary.
                          \_ They would have if the verdict was guilty.
                             \_ And you know this because...???
                                \_ Rodney King. Ta da! Tied it all
                                   \_ You are an idiot. But you probably
                                      already knew that.
                                      \_ Because you said so? Hardly.
                                         \_ You're clearly don't
                                            know.  Poor thing.
        \_ So they replaced one juros and started deliberations all over?
           All-in-all, how much deliberation was there?  Wasn't that pretty
2004/11/12 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:34863 Activity:nil
11/12   List people who you don't mind die by natural cause or what not:
        Michael Moore: .........................................................\
        Mel Gibson: .
        Van Gogh: .
        Dick Cheney: ..........................
        GWB: ...................................................................\
        \_ So you like Dick Cheney as President? At least Moore dies there's
           one less fat person driving up the cost of airfare.
           \_ and the cost of healthcare.
        \_ Thank you.  Your responses have been recorded with the
           Department of Homeland Security.
        OBL: ..
        My mom: .
        AMC: .
        Kim Jong Il: ..
        \_ *sigh* -- ilyas
        ilias: .
        \_ these above motd posters.
        \_ You know, I think it kind of says something about you people that
           there are no Kim Jong Ils, Robert Mugabes, Viktor Kuchmas,
           Turkmenbashis, Pinochets or their ilk in this list (aside from
           the obligatory OBL.)  Pretty fucking sad.  -John
           \_ GWB killed more Iraqis than they killed the Americans.
              GWB killed more Afghans than they killed the Americans.
              In the Bible, it says "Praise thy leader who leads without
              violence, without bloodshed." I shall not praise GWB.
                \_ GWB is a closed-minded idiot, but (a) he didn't kill
                   anyone, (b) I doubt he said "yee haw let's go whack them
                   towelheads", and (c) fuck what it says in the bible.
                   No one's asking you to not loathe the guy, but wishing
                   someone dead is pretty pathetic.  -John
        John: .
        Anonymous Coward with closet ass link issues: .
        Sharon: .
        Bud Day: .
        Michelle Malkin: .
        \_ is she hot?
           \_ yes.
              \_ If you have APF. Okay, even if you don't have APF...
2004/11/12-14 [Reference/Religion] UID:34864 Activity:nil
11/12   Accurate synopsis of the controversial 11 min Van Gogh film:
        "Oooo, Allah, I bow to you. Allah, I am a woman and I get
         beaten up by my husband. Allah, I get raped by my husband's
         brother. Allah, I have his baby. Allah, I feel oppressed.
         Allah, I am depressed. Allah, you suck."
        \_ I only watched the film on-line without a speaker, but I enjoyed
           the bra-less see-through clothing.
2004/11/12 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:34865 Activity:nil 71%like:34837
11/11   Author of Rape of Nanking committed suicide:
        \_ From the article: "Many soldiers went beyond rape to disembowel
           women, slice off their breasts, nail them alive to walls. Fathers
           were forced to rape their daughters and sons their mothers as other
           family members watched."
           \_ Where does that info come from I wonder?
              \_ The article said she interviewed survivors in China.
                 \_ Considering the well-documented atrocities committed
                    by the biological warefare Unit 731, these things
                    are all very plausible.
                    \_ So here's what I don't undestand.  How did Japan go
                       from this level of barbarism to being some of the most
                       peaceful people in the world in one generation?
                       \_ America.
                       \_ Perception of external threats from western
                          imperialist nations leading to desire to have
                          its own colonial empire leading to invasion
                          of korea, manchuria.  Ideology of superiority
                          of Japanese and society turning militaristic
                          leading to despise and dehumanization of
                          other asian people.  Whether Japan is peaceful
                          or not is still to be seen.  It can only be
                          judged when the nation is under duress.  US
                          did have a positive influence on Japan since
                    \_ Is Japan denying what Unit 731 did too?
                    \_ I just searched for Unit 731 on google, and boy, I got
                       pretty angry. I guess what the US did to the Iraqi
                       prisoners seems like Child's play in comparison.
                       Now tell me, is Japan denying Unit 731?
                       \_ the right wingers certainly are denying it,
                          or the very least, not wanting to teach it
                          in school or discouraging people to write
                          about it.
                       \_ It's pretty horrid.  Look for the William Kristol
                          interview with a veteran of that unit.
                          The guy's statements are stomach-turning.  -John
                       \_ There were also interviews of Japanese soldiers
                          who witnessed or participated in the Rape of
                          Nanking.  Some felt a lot of guilt, while others
                          tried to explain it.
        \_ And how have they ruled out some pissed off Japanese right wing
           nut killed her?
           \_ why do you hate right wing Japanese people?
                \_ It's that whole SoCal supermarket--samurai sword thing.
                   Read up on Yukio Mishima, you may be amused. -John
           \_ The US govt is not interested in embarrassing its Japanese ally
              with whatever war crimes it committed in China.  I don't think it
              has ever been interested.
              \_ Well, "authorities" said it was suicide.  What "authorities"?
                 Local cops, I assume.  How difficult is it for leet Japanese
                 ninja types to fake a suicide that will fool the local
          \_ An alternative theory is that the research on the Bataan
             Death March which the article said she was doing in
             Kentucky days before she was foudn dead traumatized her enough to
             commit suicide. Like maybe she opened up old wounds of some
             80-year-old WWII vet and felt guilty about it...
             \_ What's he gonna do, beat her to death with a walker?
                \_ you're a craven asshole.
                   \_ Not really, I thought pp was making nonsense hypotheses.
                      Wasn't meant like that.
                      \_ I agree, but then it's well known the motd is full
                         of psycopath.
                         \_ And FOB idiots.
2004/11/12-13 [Computer/Networking] UID:34866 Activity:moderate
11/12   SBC says that if i switch from my t-1 to a 1.5Mbs Frame relay
        connection I can save bucks (just under 50%).  Is my Frame relay
        connection going to be less reliable?  Or just (as they say) slightly
        more laggy?
        \_ with frame relay, you are guaranteed to get your full bandwidth.
           With frame-relay it is really a packetized data protocol on a shared
           frame-relay network.  It's cheaper for them to provide because
           they assume few people really use all their bandwidth capacity.
           They can tie many T1's worth of bandwith through trunks of smaller
           size.  Typically they will oversubscribe the trunks to save money.
           This isn't a problem until everyone starts using all their bandwidth,
           at which point its's X T1's worth of bandwidth fighting for Y T1's
           worth of capacity (where X << Y).
           Do you trust SBC to keep their FR  trunks ahead of bandwidth
           demands, and not heavily oversubscribe?  With a direct point to
           point T1, they cannot oversubscribe.
           Oversubscription is the data communications companies dirty little
           secret.  The more they do it, the bigger their profit margins.
           OH and while they claim they'll set your data rate (CIR) to T1
           levels, in reality they rarely do...
            \_ So you are saying with a Frame Relay i'm likeley to NEVER
               see T1 speeds ?
               \_ No, he's saying there is no guarantee.
2004/11/12-13 [Reference/Religion] UID:34867 Activity:nil
11/12   In William S. Burroughs' " 'The Priest', They Called Him", what does
        the ending mean?  Does 'The Priest' die?  Here's an excerpt:
        Then it hit him like heavy silent snow
        All the grey junk yesterdays
        He sat there and recieved the immaculate fix
        And since he was himself a priest, there was no need to call one.
        \_ Yes, the Priest dies.
2004/11/12-15 [Uncategorized] UID:34868 Activity:nil
11/12   Has anybody used PVFS2? Good/bad experiences? --psb
2004/11/12-13 [Uncategorized] UID:34869 Activity:high
11/12   What is wrong with pocket protectors?
         \_ Nothing, they are the fashion of choice amongst nerds and geeks.
            Fellow geeks and nerds of the world unite!
            \_ do non geeks/nerds wear them?
               \_ Only during Halloween.
            \_ does it serve much of a practical purpose?
               \_ It used to when pens were more likely to leak.
                  \_  I Wear pens on my person at all times, including
                      outside and in bad weather, occasionally under
                      water, etc.  I've *never* had a pen leak problem.
                      I use uniballs.  They rule.  Even if the pen leaks ink
                      into the cap, the cap seals to the main part of the
                      pen well enough to prevent spillage.
                      \_ If you can, fork out for a good pen.  It's kind of
                         vain, but so what--it won't leak and it'll give you
                         something expensive-looking to play with in
                         \_  I have a good pen.  Uniball vision fine.  It
                             writes great, survives any abuse you can imagine,
                             *and* happens to be affordable.  I'll bet the
                             cost of your suit-and-tie-guy pen that I use my
                             pen more than you use yours, and I know what the
                             fuck I'm talking about. Uniball Vision: the
                             AK-47 of pens.
                             \_ In other words, it's a cheap, common, easily
                                acquired piece of shit that has no style and
                                marks you out a socially clueless dork?
                             \_ Reading this, I was like "Hmm... I really like
                                my disposable pens.  I wonder what kind they
                                are.  Hey!"
2004/11/12-13 [Academia/UCLA] UID:34870 Activity:nil
11/11   How can I find out the name of a UCLA student if I
        know their account name on the <DEAD><DEAD> system?
        \_ Hi kchang.  Stop stalking people.
           \_ there's only one person worthy enough to stalk-- lila patton
        \_ email him/her and ask.
2004/11/12-13 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:34871 Activity:high
11/12   John, ever considered that people think that YOU are the close
        minded, self righteous fucker? Oh, and stop fucking making
        cowardly death threats via email. If you have a problem, come
        and see me personally. PS, SIG HEIL German JOHN!
        \_ I'm cocky, closed-minded and self-righteous.  I am also a
           considerable deal more intelligent than you.  But if you think I
           have threatened you in any way, you should forward these "threats"
           to the police, to the postmaster of the site where they
           originated, and to that site's upstream, as you're probably nuts
           enough to believe that I've actually done this.  Especially
           "death threats", as these tend to be taken seriously.  I also
           invite you to post specifics of these "threats" here.  Otherwise,
           SHUT the FUCK UP, and try to come up with something better
           than the nazi thing?  It's old.  -John
        \_ Neat, what's the story? -- ilyas
        \_ Leave John alone. He's one of the few rational people on motd who
           isn't afraid to speak his mind. -williamc
           \_ Seriously.     -POC
        \_ dear loser. you'll find everyone prefers john over you, whoever
           the fuck you are. he probably didn't threaten your life, but it
           sure would be more comfortable here with you dead.
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