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2004/11/7 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:34729 Activity:high
11/5    I had a beautiful dream.  Bush comitted suicide, and I was like
        "No way.  It must have been the CIA."  Then I woke up.
        \_ go read
        \_ I had a weird dream in which Bush dreamed that you committed
           suicide. Dream within a dream within a dream.
        \_ Then you're stuck with Cheney. I think that's worse. Then the
           (R) Speaker of the House, who knows what he'd do.
           \_ is that Hastert?  that guy is crazy!
        \_ I had a dream where the left got over it, "moved on".org and
           stopped thrashing, whining, and stopped acting out their drama
           queen fantasies.  You lost.  It isn't the end of the world.  It's a
           4 year term for 1 man in a single branch of the 3 in our
           government.  Your incessant whining has gone way beyond the usual
           post-election boo-hoo and is now verging on obsession and low grade
           \_ Riiiight.  So, you're hoping we're all too young to remember
              the 90's, huh?  Keep dreaming, motherfucker.
           \_ has any president ever been in a position to appoint
              3 or 4 supreme court justices ?  -danh
              \- are you kidding? this has happened tons of times.
                 better question: who was the last president to get 4
                 (successful) nominations (nixon). i think FDR got 9 ...
                 and that wasnt good enough for him! ike 5 i think. --psb
2004/11/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:34730 Activity:very high
11/5    So the Texas Republican Party has a plank that calls for the
        criminalization of homosexuality. Now that they have both
        houses of the legislature and the Governorship, how long before
        they start rounding up all the gays and lesbians? Right now
        the Supreme Court will stop them, but how long is that going
        to last, with GWB getting two or maybe even three or four
        appointments in the Clarence Thomas mold? Sure, once they
        start doing this, gays will leave Texas en masse, since
        being an out gay in the Texas Penal System is tantamount
        to a death sentence, but how long after their success
        in Texas will it take for them to try and replicate
        this nationwide? -gay sodan
        \_ Well, the amazing thing about our two party system is that
           those bastards from Texas and these guys actually share a party:
           The question is: are the neandrathals from the gulf coast of
           texas more powerful, or are guys like the above more powerful?
           I'm guessing that the ones who actually produce something useful
           in our economy and can read will come out on top.
        \_ Actually, I believe that certain states still contain buggery
           and sodomy statutes. During the founding of this country
           virtually all the colonies had bugger and sodomy statutes so
           in a sense this is criminilazation of homosexual practices, but
           just a re-affirmation on what's in the books. There's actually
           a rather interesting discussion on Locke v. Rose in which
           the court is trying to graple whether or not cunnilingus is
           actual sodomy.... Anyway, the point is that you need to pro-actively
           pursue changing the laws instead of assuming it's the GOP's fault
           that homosexual activities are illegal. I would assume that
           would come in the form of either a state statute or a challenge
           of the existing laws' constitutionality. However, stare
           decisis has it that homosexual activity isn't exactly protected
           by the constitution. Probably there needs to be enough momentum
           in the electorate to change this type of attitude, which I doubt
           you will find in Texas. Take home message, don't live in Texas if
           you're openly gay. -williamc
        \_ Am I missing something?  This is the Texas GOP's platform, according
           to them:
           The only thing they say about gay issues is
           "We believe that traditional marriage is a legal and moral
            commitment between a natural man and a natural woman."
           I'm a supporter of gay marriage, and I dislike the GOP for all sorts
           of reasons, but opposition to gay marriage is also the position of
           Kerry and most other democratic politicians.
           \_ Download the entire platform:
              Homosexuality: The Party believes that the practice of sodomy
              tears at the fabric of society, contributes to the
              breakdown of the family unit, and leads to the spread of
              dangerous, communicable diseases. Homosexual behavior is
              contrary to the fundamental, unchanging truths that have
              been ordained by God, recognized by our country.s founders,
              and shared by the majority of Texans. Homosexuality must
              not be presented as an acceptable .alternative. lifestyle in our
              public education and policy, nor should .family. be redefined
              to include homosexual .couples..
              Texas Sodomy Statutes: The Party opposes the legalization of
              sodomy. The Party demands Congress exercise its authority
              granted by the U.S. Constitution to withhold jurisdiction
              from the federal courts from cases involving sodomy.
              \_ This is not "criminalization".  This is advocating keeping it
                 illegal.  Minor semantic detail, same difference.  -John
              \_ Wow.  Ok, never mind.
                 \- this is in part why the oconnor dissent was interesting
                    in the lawrence case.
        \_ The party platform often bears little to no resemblance to reality.
           Planks are put in the platform to support special interest groups
           within the party, but it's clear to all observers that those planks
           are not nor will ever be action items for the party.
           \_ That's true.  However, Texas did ban gay civil unions, right?

[ you have bitch. ]
2004/11/7 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:34731 Activity:high
        Everyone here who isn't a moronic bible thumping pig fucking red neck
        should read this.  Most of you won't "get it" but I still have hope
        for a few of you.
        \_ The party of Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and Ann Coulter
           claims that the Democrats are full of hate. Pretty amusing.
           \_ So... you've been in a cave for the last week?
              \_ No, did Rush Limbaugh agree to stop calling his
                 political opponents Nazi's or something? Have
                 The Republicans announced that they distance
                 themselves from the hate speech coming from
                 the above and Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson
                 and the rest of the Religious Right? Have
                 they decided that gays are human beings yet?
        \_ She missed one important component, as described by Zell Miller.
           There is nothing as treacherous as committing, as political
           party, to a war and then, later, actively campaigning against it
           for political gain.  Completely disgusting and unforgivable.
           Lieberman seemed to be the only prominent candidate that
           appreciated this - congrats to him.
        \_ Stop arguing about all those reasons you have lost!  Many who
           voted for Kerry can tell you they would have voted for Bush if
           only ....  There are moments in history, like the fall of Memphis,
           the conquest of Syracuse, the defeat of Maxentius, or the burning
           of the Forbidden City, when destiny is supreme and everything
           else is inconsequential.  The new Genghis Khan is on his way.
           Be wise and get on good terms with your new overlords for the
           safety of yourself or your descendents.  You may only keep your
           ideas of enlightenment to your heart, or transmit them on scripts
           to some future mythical future generation, who will live through
           the same cycle of renaissance and ruin.
2004/11/7 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:34732 Activity:moderate
11/5    isn't it really weird that where paper ballots were used,
        the exit polls were accurate, and where electronic ballots
        were used, the exit polls were wildly inaccurate?  like
        every single time?  republicans and stat nerds,
        please defend yourself.
        \_ I'm not going to defend anyone, but you might find this interesting
           I don't see obvious evidence of machine based voter fraud, but
           I did not really look as carefully as I could have.  This site
           is nice, though, because it has raw data.  If there was fraud, it
           should be apparent in these numbers somehow.
        \_ Well, what I found odd was that CNN's exit polls moved in
           Bush's favor AFTER the election.  I'm still scratching my head
           about that one.  It was a shift of almost 4% in some cases.
           \_ Seek knowledge.  The exit poll system broke late evening and
              didn't get another update until after 1am so they did this
              horrible thing: they used the real returns counted from real
              \_ What do you mean?  How can you get how many women voted
                 for Kerry vs men from real returns?  Did the final exit
                 poll results include real returns or not?
        \_ It is weird because it isn't true.  You saw very early returns
           released to the net without any information about where those polls
           where taken, how many were polled, nothing.  Please take Stat 2
           because you continue to spread further misinformation.
        \_ Stop smoking the Democratic Underground crack pipe. -liberal
2004/11/7 [Uncategorized] UID:34733 Activity:moderate
11/5    How many sodans work at Pixar?
        \_ According to soda logs, aubie and suzuki.
        \_ You could just look at the credits and do name searches... -=Aubie
2004/11/7-8 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:34734 Activity:moderate
11/7    Does anyone know if police departments have records of where officers
        were patrolling on a given day? In particular, I'd like to know if
        a particular traffic cop only bothers to patrol a certain area during
        certain time periods (e.g., the opening weeks of school when people
        might not be sure whether school has started yet). Thanks.
        \_ Oakland PD lists beat cops by zone on their website.
        \_ And they would release this information to you because??
           \_ Because it would probably be a public record?
              \_ So you can hunt down and kill the nice officer who gave you
                 a ticket?  Ooh ooh ooh- and let's publish photos of the
                 undercover narc squad!
                 \_ Cops on patrol are usually given callsigns when they check
                    in to work.  Names are never used.  The call-sign-to-
                    name-for-that-night association is likely logged at the
                    communication center.         -POC
                    communication center and not on a public website.    -POC
                 \_ Umm, since most cops do tend to patrol certain areas,
                    it's not like I couldn't hunt him down if I really wanted
                    to. It's also not like he doesn't go to the police station
                    once in a while and I couldn't follow him from there.
                    But I just want to find evidence to discredit him with
                    so I can get out of this lame ticket, okay? Thanks.
                    \_ I predict that if you rephrase the question in terms
                       of getting out of the ticket you will get more useful
                       responses.  What sort of ticket?
                       \_ I seriously thought this was implied. Anyway, it
                          was an illegal U-turn ticket. The sign had some
                          lame conditions like "7-9 AM, 1-3 PM, school days
                          only". It was near the beginning of September, and
                          I don't think I should be responsible for knowing
                          exactly when their school year starts.
                          \_ Ignorance is seldom a credible defense in the
                             eyes of the courts.  -POC
                          \_ I think you should be responsible for knowing.
                             Whether or not the violation should be pardoned is
                             another story.
2004/11/7-8 [Reference/Military, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:34735 Activity:kinda low
11/7    Man commits suicide at ground zero:
        \- Does anybody find it odd these people dont er "take some people
           with them" ... or i guess the peopel inclined to do this kind of
           thing dont have that kind of personality.
           \_ They're an Army Of One
           \_ What about that Japanese guy who cut a bunch of people with
              a samurai sword in a supermarket in Irvine before he was shot?
              \_ liberals are crazy           -patriotic conservative troll
                \_ This was a patriotic conservative crazy Japanese samurai
                   sword Irvine supermarket suicide warrior.  -John
        \_ How many more to go?
2004/11/7-8 [Computer/Companies/Ebay] UID:34736 Activity:moderate
11/7    Please explain why people who paid too much for items on eBay
        deserve restitution? If the price got too high they should have
        pulled out. I have been to real-live antique auctions and they
        have no qualms about telling you that there may be bidders working
        for the auction house - same as poker players in Vegas. Never bid
        more than it's worth to you. I don't see the illegality here.
        \_ Uhm, no. It is generally breach of contract
           to have agents of the auctioneer
           to be competing for bidding on goods. The Universal Commercial
           Code, adopted by the majority of states and highly persuasive
           in Federal Courts has a specific subsection on this. Essentially
           Ebay can get sued in any of the fifty states plus Federal Courts
           by its customers. In fact, if this were to actually happen it
           would be grounds for a very large class action lawsuit. In addition,
           certain states have specific statutes derived from the UCC
           that specifically prohibit this practice. This has been a
           very classic case in contract law. -williamc
           \_ As an aside, I believe it's also specifically against eBay's
              terms of use.  -John
           \_ Having been to auctions I can tell you that it is common
              for there to be bidders working for a salary. I don't recall
              if they work for the auctioneer or the owners of the items,
              but they exist and they inform you of their existence.
              Besides, no one put a gun to these people's heads and made
              them pay more than they wanted to!
        \_ what the heck are you talking about?
           \- i think part of what one discovers in an ebay auction is
              the secondary mkt price. if this is artificially inflated,
              people make false assumptions about what they really are
              paying for something. maybe a paperback is $8new, but the
              resale value at moes is $2 cash or $3 credit ... well then
              the new cost of the books is really $5-6 [if you live in
              berkeley]. now say moe's sells it for $5 used ... if you
              for some reason believe you can re-sell it for $4, then you
              may over pay since you are only willin to really spend $1
              on it, but you are actually paying $2-3. on ebay if you
              raised you bid on something from $15 to $17 after somebody
              else bids $16, you reasonably assume "if i want to sell this
              the day after i win, i know there is somebody willing to
              pay $16 out there". if you paid too much because of the
              non-manipulated winners curse ... well too bad [like people
              who buy a piece of camera equipment or a dvd they could have
              gotten new from amazon or bhphoto fro $1 more. --psb
              \_ I meant why is the OP even discussing this?  Is someone
                 suing or charging eBay with something?  url?
                 \_ Read the news once in a while.
                    \_ I searched slashdot and for recent articles
                       about eBay.  I didn't see anything related.
                       \_ There's a story on it on cbs. Slashdot isn't exactly
                          news. The story is pretty easy to find.
2004/11/7-8 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Recreation/Humor] UID:34737 Activity:moderate
11/7    jotd: What is it aboot the Canadians that they can't pronouce certain
        words correctly?
        \_ This is a joke, right?
        \_ Brain damage caused by putting mayonaisse on french fries.
        \_ You hoser, that's dad's beer money  -John
        \_ Little Known Canadian Mispronounciations: Ask your Canadian
           friends to pronounce the following words: "shone" (as in "the
           sun shone in the sky") and "lasso". It's fun for the whole family!
           Also, when they pronounce "out" as "oot", ask them to pronounce
        \_ Accents from the British, where English originated?
2004/11/7-9 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:34738 Activity:kinda low
11/7    Dollar expected to fall amid China 's rumoured selling:
        \_ Not to worry, we will soon be driving our cars on the power
           of Jesus, not oil.  If only those damn libberuls would believe!
           \_ You say Bush invaded Iraq for oil.  Ok.  Fine.  What would Kerry
              have done for oil?
                \_ Help prepare the country for the inevitable peak in oil
                   production, which will occur in 25 years if we are really
                   lucky.  If we are unlucky shortages will start occuring
                   in 2005-2010.  Push alternatives, increase CAFE, actually
                   LISTEN to scientists as opposed to the faith-based belief
                   in the status quo.  Keep Alaska as a ace in the hole to
                   use to power the transition to a post-oil society.
2004/11/7-8 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:34739 Activity:nil
11/7    I was playing witht the internal of my Powerbook G3 Pismo (firewire)
        and somehow the large metal heatsink plate comes off from the metal
        contact atop the processor.  What special glue do I need to reattach
        the two?  Instruction url, if any, is appreciated too.  ok tnx.
        \_ Actually I figured out that I simply had to remout the a bracket
           back to the CPU, but I noticed that there is not much thermal paste
           between the metal contact on top of the CPU and that on the
           heatsink and it looks dry.   Should I put more there?
2004/11/7-9 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:34740 Activity:nil
11/7    Does anyone know if the I/O Magic 4.0GB GigaBank drive use the IBM /
        Hitachi MicroDrives inside?  Is it possible to take these apart and
        put it into a PCMCIA adapter?
2004/11/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:34741 Activity:high
11/7    Seeing LoTR on TV really reveals just how overrated the trilogy is.
        Just a bunch of really neat visuals that distract you from the
        horrible horrible acting.
        \_ get over it, Kerry lost. live with it..
        \_ i wasn't aware acting changes from big screen to little.
           \_ that's because you're a fucking moron
              \_ Hi tom!
                 \_ Hi aaron!
                 \_ wrong moron. -tom
                 \_ Hi aaron!
                    \_ Tom is the other moron.
                    \_ Best.  One-byte.  Modification.  Ever!
                       \_ ok tnx. --original one-byte modifier
                       \_ Who want's the pleasure of ilyasing this thread?
                          \_ Free markets don't really work, guns are bad,
                             israel sucks!  bring it on!
                          \_ Foolish human.  You can't ilyas individual
                             threads.  You ilyas entire civiliza^Wmotds.
                               -- ilyas
                             \_ Whew.  I didn't want to be ilyased.
2019/06/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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