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2004/10/31-11/1 [Uncategorized] UID:34468 Activity:very high
10/31   \_ More important question: why was it under seal and not
           destroyed in 1995 when they found it?  And why did the
           "sealed" building have air vents noted in the IAEA report that
           make it clear the building wasn't really sealed?  WTF is up
           with sealing stuff instead of just destroying it?  How can
           you excuse *that* away?
           \_ ninjas with WMDs!
           \_ You brainless TWAT.  Under seal means "We've locked it up, and
              everything is accounted for, so if you try to use any of it,
              we'll know."  Guess what?  They didn't use it.  It sat there
              until last april, when we overthrew the regime and left it
              unguarded.  Even if it arguably _should_ have been destroyed
              in '95 (which you're wrong about.  The seals are from '91 or
              earlier), it still doesn't excuse NOT GUARDING IT NOW.
              you're a fucking TOOL.
              \_ Guess what?  What the Iraqis said was there doesn't jive
                                                                     \_ jibe
                                                 I like jive, thanks. _/
                                                 It's slang, so I can
                                                 use either one.
                                                 \_ Oh to be young and ignorant
                                                    again.  Jive isn't slang
                                                    here it's the wrong damn
                                                    word. I guess it's hella
                                                    cool to be an ignorate
                                                    dope.  Have a hella rockin
                                                    day, dude!
                 with the more recent IAEA surveys from just before the war.
                 I'm sure you (and John below) feel really smart tossing around
                                \_ If I'd wanted your opinion, I'd have beaten
                                   it out of you.  You miserable, arrogant,
                                   holier-than-thou, preachy cretin, I swear,
                                   people like you REALLY piss me off.  I
                                   was commenting on the word choice of the
                                   guy's comment, not his goddamm content.
                                   Get a clue and learn to read you fucking
                                   brainless crotch-rotten litle worm.  Now
                                   that you mention it, though, your original
                                   point does display a pretty horrifying
                                   degree of ignorance and misunderstanding
                                   of what "seal" means.  And as for typing
                                   2x as much, I'm still waiting for some
                                   FUCKING CONTENT.  -John
                 personal insult but you don't have the facts on your side.
                 Sorry about that.  In 1995 the IAEA was told about this stuff
                 by inspectors who begged them to destroy it and they chose
                 not to.  Approximately April 13th, our troops on the ground
                 found it and destroyed some portion of it and moved on.  The
                 big pink elephant is this was an on-the-ground military
                 snafu.  Shit happens in war.  They 400,000 tons and might
                 have lost a few hundred tons here and there.  You think
                 nuclear components were safe in Saddam's hands but wait, there
                 weren't any.  You're all over the place son.  Drop the random
                 insults, get some facts and try again.  Weird how I managed
                 to type 2x as much as you without using childish insults.
                 You get an "A" for effort on the attempted intimidation, but
                 that just doesn't fly anywhere but the wall.
                 \_ It's not an "on-the-ground snafu". It's a "we had no plan
                    to pursue this war snafu".  HMX _is_ a dual-use nuclear
                    component.  There have been no reports of troops "destroy-
                    ing some portion of it" that I've seen.  Give us a source.
                    How much of the 400k tons of munitions were high-grade
                    \_ Ok we agree on something.  HMX is a dual use nuclear
                       component.  Why was it under pseudo-seal instead of
                       destroyed?  What exactly is the point of tagging stuff
                       anyway?  So that once sanctions end, Hussein could more
                       easily restart his WMD programs?  Or because the UN or
                       whatever .org believes that after enough years of
                       sanctions Hussein will have learned his lesson and not
                       use the dual-use stuff for the WMD use?  What's the
                       purpose in tagging and sort of checking it every few
                       months instead of just destroying it since they're not
                       supposed to be touching it anyway.  And if they did
                       break the seals and move all or some of it, then what?
                       We would know they did and then what?  We'd send a nasty
                       letter asking them not to do it too many more times or
                       else we'll send more nasty letters?
                 \_ I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with this.  Are you saying
                    the missing munitions from Al Qaqaa were destroyed be
                    American troops? -!pp&&!op
                    \_ I'm saying we now know the guys on the ground searched
                       the facility and at least some materials at the facility
                       were removed and destroyed.  Since it was a war and not
                       a bean counter's convention no one can ever tell you
                       they know exactly what happened or when to the stuff
                       that was there.  If the IAEA reports can be trusted and
                       I don't think they can (since we know Hussein was
                       bribing everyone else on the planet, why not
                       inspectors?) then we know the material was there in
                       November of 2002.  In January, we are lead to believe
                       from IAEA reports that only 3 tons of one material type
                       were left which means roughly 135 tons was moved.  In
                       April, American troops showed up and destroyed ~250 tons
                       of material from that base but exactly which material
                       is not known.  In May, the facility was reported
                       stripped, most likely by the population living in nearby
                       towns.  Anything else is pure speculation.  This is the
                       point where my friend calls me a twat and a few other
                       things to make a counter point.
              \_ Whoever wrote this is pure oratory genius.  Seriously.  It's
                 a bit rough around the edges, but the potential is definitely
                 there.  I strongly suggest you try to find some of Mark
                 Latham's choicer insults online.  -John
                 \_ Not really, it's just silly.  He almost had a few
                    intelligent points but ruined it with frothing hatred and
                    childishly spewed bile.
                    \_ My point.  Rough around the edges.  For some reason,
                       parliamentary systems seem to breed more polished,
                       amusing frothing to go with the bile :-)  -John
2004/10/31-11/1 [Recreation/Sports, Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:34469 Activity:nil
10/31   President Forever Game:
2004/10/31-11/1 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:34470 Activity:very high
10/31   According to cnn, Democrats waaay outspend the Republicans on
        campaign ads. How can that be? Aren't Republicans a lot
        \_ There has been a huge groundswell from the dems.  The huge
           majority of dem money this cycle has been from $100 or less
           contributions.  There are a LOT of people that want change.
           \_ not, considering the top 4 Dem donors have spent well in
              excess of 60+ million.  More self-delusion on the Dem's
              behalf, party of the little people indeed.
           \_ Kerry raised 32% of his money from donors of $200 or less
              (and 35% from $2000 or less). "Huge majority"? Riiiiiight.
           \_ 2002, percentage of donors giving following amts, dems/reps:
              $200-999: 39/61
              $1000+: 49/51
              $10k+: 55/45
              $100k+: 67/33
              $1M+: 92/8
              Billionaires for Kerry!
              \_ Um... What about contributions to the DNC/RNC?  I was under
                 the impression that the big donors give to the parties because
                 it hides from comparisons like yours.
                 \_ R gets 2X D.
                    But party money is more restricted than, say, 527 money,
                    and D leads in 527 money.
                    \_ No one should "lead" in 527 money.  The very concept is
                       the antithesis of the campaign finance reform laws that
                       created 527s.  Most of them are operating illegally.
              \_ I'm sure it's just an oversight, and not you trying to spin
                 the numbers, which caused you to leave out the fact that Bush
                 has twice the number of $2000+ donors as Kerry, and a
                 significantly greater portion of his overall contributions
                 from that group.  Kerry's not Dean, but his support is still
                 far more grassroots than Bush's.  -tom
                 \_ "Far more grassroots"? 32% of both candidates' support is
                    from donors of $200 or less. Kerry has 10% more supporters,
                    but I think it's hard to say "far more grassroots". Howard
                    Dean was "far more grassroots". John Kerry is not.
                 \_ whatever.  i don't care.  guess who i'm voting for? - danh
                    \_ so you're ok if your guy won with the help of
                       supporters who might have violated campaign finance
                       reform laws?  you want to win "by any means necessary"?
                       that sort of thinking opens up a long list of places
                       that no one in this country should want to go.  neither
                       side is so darkly evil or different from the other that
                       we need to destroy the country in order to save it.
                 \_ I'm sure it's just an oversight but these numbers don't
                    count the tremendous amount of raw cash pumped into leftist
                    527 groups created under the bogus "campaign finance
                    reform" laws.  How can you forget the money pumped in by
                    the likes of George Soros?
        \_ I believe soros donated 10 million, not the 80 million figure floating around
2004/10/31-11/1 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:34471 Activity:low
10/30   So, there's this buffoon who actually believes that chauvinist
        actually has a good point in committing barbarism on the
        motd. Too bad he didn't sign his post. I think it's pretty
        sickening that someone who supposedly went to Berkeley would
        think like this. Of course, we have John Yoo here on
        campus too. Perhaps you didn't know anyone who died in the towers
        in Lebanon. Perhaps you don't know anyone who died in the wake of a B2
        under a cluster bomb. Perhaps you didn't know anybody who was killed in
        Iraq. Unfortunately not all of us are as lucky as you are, and the
        loss of life and pain that many of us have suffered due to barbarism
        is not something which is fun to speculate about. You might sit
        in your ivory tower speculating about how moral and supreme your master
        civilization is, and how the supposedly free people are justified
        in barbarism, both of which are patently false statements because a
        chauvinist is neither rational nor is he free. There are self-
        righteous apologists who attempt to blame everyone but themselves,
        and unfortunately to the victims of barbarism and to those
        who knew them that answer is simply not acceptable. In
        response I can only offer you that I did know someone who was
        a victim, and it is close to home... I do not condone the
        retribution which others like OBL seek, but I cannot sit idly by while
        someone actually supposedly supports these monsters.
        \_ So, there's this buffoon who actually cannot seem to read, but
           does like to run his mouth. Too bad he signed his post. I think
           it's pretty sad that someone who supposedly went to Berkeley can't
           seem to read. Of course, we have other morons here on campus
           too. Perhaps he doesn't know any Iraqis who died in Iraq. Perhaps
           he doesn't know anyone who died elsewhere in the Middle
           East. Fortunately, most of us are probably as lucky as he is, and
           the loss of life and pain that many of those towel head foreigners
           have suffered due to US foreign policy is not something we should
           worry our pretty little heads about.  We might sometimes sit in
           our ivory towers speculating about how rational Bin Laden is, and
           how the supposed poor people might in fact believe they are
           somehow, someway justified in terrorism, both of which might
           conceivably be possible. There are Islamic apologists who attempt
           to blame everyone but themselves (and we all know they're
           personally responsible for all of this), and unfortunately to the
           victims of terrorism and to those who knew them that answer
           [whatever that means] is simply not acceptable. In response he can
           only offer us that he did know someone who was a victim, and it
           was close to home... he does not condone the retribution which
           others seek [again, whatever that even means], but he cannot sit
           idly by while someone actually supposedly supports these monsters
           [way to villify them -- someone's been playing a little too much
           Black & White].
        \_ Did this person actually condone the terrorist acts or merely
           agree that U.S. foreign policy tends to breed terrorists?
        \_ TROLL ALERT.
        \_ are you a Republican? Are you religious?
           \_ Heh, lookup "williamc" in the archives and ask that again.
        \_ when things went bad in Mogadishu many years ago, the Americans
           showed up thinking they were welcomed because they were going
           to bring peace, properity, freedom, women's rights, and
           everything that us westerners value dearly. Guess what? Every
           villager pretty much hated the Americans and killed them when
           they had the chance.
              The idea that western value is the best thing in
           the world and that everyone else should feel the same way, is
           Bush-minded. If the US is truely tolerant, it should just
           leave the world alone.
           \_ Nice try, no cigar.  The US in Somalia were hated by members
              of the various tribes/clans that had the most to lose.  It's not
              a question of "western values", my good friend.  It's the
              problem of how the US has sought to communicate/transmit/impose
              those values.  There are certain things going on in the world
              today that are just plain Wrong (tm) by anyone's cultural
              understanding, and you won't get away with the cheap trick of
              trying to hide them under local cultural quirks that must be
              tolerated by the evil imperialist West.  There's an interesting
              editorial by Youssef M. Ibrahim touching on this in this
              weekend's IHT; I strongly suggest having a read.  -John
        \_ I don't know what started this thread but if someone was saying
           the ~3000 dead people on 9/11 somehow deserved it due to some
           sort of 'collective guilt of the people' they need to pull their
           head out of the sand.  That's the polite version.  I'll leave it
           at that.
2004/10/31-11/1 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:34472 Activity:low
10/30   How do I prevent variable substitution within double quote in tcsh?
        The manual says I can quote it with backslash but the following
        does not work:  echo "\$ "
        \_ There is no way to prevent variable substitution within double
           quotes in tcsh.  Usually it's easiest to use single quotes;
           failing that, the best you can do is echo "foo"\$"bar".  --mconst
        \_ echo "blah"'$'"blah"
2004/10/31-11/1 [Uncategorized] UID:34473 Activity:nil
10/31   Hello experts, PocketPC with GPS, yay or nay?
2004/10/31-11/1 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:34474 Activity:high
10/31   You guys still remember the Rodney King case? When the verdict
        came, people were so pissed that they started a riot? Well
                          \_ No, the mayor gave them the OK to riot. B4
                             that news conference LAPD had no calls.
        me thinks the election will trigger 10X the resentment between
        people of very different beliefs, each side genuinely feeling
        that it is right and the other side is wrong, causing mayhem
        we have not seen since the Civil Rights riots. Your opinion on
        me opinion?
        \_ Not likely.  It's not a question of how mad people are, it's a
           question of *which* people are mad.  The people who rioted over
           the King verdict probably mostly don't vote, or see Kerry as
           just as much "the man" as Bush.  Conversely, the people who think
           the sky is falling are mostly professionals and intelectuals who
           have never even participated in a riot and wouldn't know how to
           start one.
        \_ I don't think Republicans will riot if they lose.
          \_ why not Democrats?
             \_ you live/school in berkeley and wonder about the left
                rioting?  "To the Gap!"
2004/10/31-11/1 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:34475 Activity:nil
10/31   Is there a web site somewhere that reports the current cell phone
        tower sites, their frequencies, strengths, etc? I have Verizon
        and it works everywhere EXCEPT where I live and I'm very upset.
        I want to know what signal my phone uses (tdma? cdma? gsm?) and
        what kind of carriers use what signals, and what kind of towers
        are around the places I go to frequently. This way I'll be
        able to make better purchasing decisions next time.
        \_ If you have any Verizon phone from the last ~8 years, it uses CDMA
           and is also capable of roaming onto Sprint's 'PCS' network, which is
           also CDMA.  Some Verizon phones (sold as 'tri-band') can also
           recieve the old analog 'AMPS' signals, and so work better in areas
           with poor signal.  These phones are getting harder and harder to
           find as the carriers move to 'all-digital' phones, which sounds like
           a selling point but means less versatility, though lower cost of
           Actual tower locations are a closely guarded secret for reasons of
           competition (though the excuse du-jour is 'anti-terrorism').  The
           tower locations should all be on file with the FCC, but good luck
           getting a look at them.
           If you got your contract/phone less that 15 days ago, you can return
           it and get out of your contract with no penalty.  If not, see if
           your phone is 'all-digital', and if it is, get a friend with a
           tri-band Verizon phone to visit your house and see his signal.
           On top of that, some phones just get better reception than others.
           Tri-mode LGs are pretty good, as is the Nokia 6015i from what I've
           heard.  Good luck.   - dgies
2004/10/31-11/1 [Uncategorized] UID:34476 Activity:nil
10/31   Happy Halloween! Old timers don't forget to set your non-
        ntp enabled clocks back an hour.
2004/10/31-11/1 [Politics/Domestic/HateGroups] UID:34477 Activity:high 54%like:34429
10/31   florida trip updated.
        \_ 'starts with "w" rhymes with "ite trash"'-- RACIST!!!
          By the way, can you be nicer to black voters and somewhat ignore
          white voters? Even though that is horrible in the eyes of the
          open minded liberals, it'll really help out in the grand scheme
          of things. Thanks.      -non-religious non-gun non-SUV liberal
          \_ If the election honestly went to Dubya but you were given a magic
             button that would let you magically change the outcome would you
             press it?
          \_ Um, white trash is white trash is white trash.  He only mentions
             black voters via links to some fairly civilized articles &
             editorials; the whole web page is pretty muted and discrete and
             a bit bland (sorry dude).  You make it sound as if he's just
             about frothing at the mouth... -John
             \_ DUDE! net access here is hard to come by... what do you want?
                voter scandas? I'm looking! So far not too much has happened
                I got to practice my spanish today and persuaded a few.
                apathetic Kerry supporters to get to the poles. How do you
                suggest I spice it up? Tonight we're going out so maybe I'll
                hook up w/ some liberal chicks and post the pics. SEriously,
                what do you want to hear?               - rory
                \_ Sorry, I wasn't criticizing, the "bland" bit is just to
                   be taken in context of my reply to the other guy.  If you
                   want to make it more interesting, I'd include more pics,
                   and some more narrative (and lose the foot blister.)  It's
                   a pretty interesting topic.
             \_ So there's white trash... do you believe there's black trash?
                Hispanic trash?  Jewish trash?  Old trash?  Young-cell-phone
                \_ Every "cultural" or "ethnic" or "national" group has its
                   shit.  What exactly is your point?  -John
                   \_ You feel comfortable calling people white trash.  How
                      often have you referred to any other 'cultural, ethnic or
                      nation group' as "$groupname trash"?
                      \_ Uh, loads.  If I think someone exhibits reprehensible
                         qualities which I see as being stereotypical of
                         whatever "$groupname" as you put it they hail from,
                         I'll certainly say it.  -John
                         \_ So if you go through a poor black neighborhood with
                            "stereotype" black behavior you'd call them black
                            trash? The word "trash" is pretty Nazi if you think
                            about it.
                            \_ No, I'd call them "poor black trash" if they
                               exhibit reprehensible qualities which I see as
                               being steretypical of black people, the same
                               with poor white trash or poor $grouname trash,
                               whatever.  You did not seem to note my choice
                               of words, young padawan.  If someone who should
                               know better is being an uncivilized
                               neanderthal, I don't discriminate based on
                               skin color.  So I guess I'm a nazi now.  Where
                               do I vote?  -John
                               \_ HEIL GERMAN JOHN ein reich ein fuhrer ein joh
                                  \_ The previous post has been brought to
                                     you by the North Minehead by-electoral
        \_ White trash is white trash.  Live with it and get over your
           little wannabe-oppressed fantasies.
           \_ Black trash is black trash too.
2004/10/31-11/1 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:34478 Activity:kinda low
10/31   Polls predicted a solid victory for Thomas Dewey over Harry
        Truman in 1948. Truman won.  In 1980, polls showed Reagan and
        Carter in a close race, but Reagan won by a landslide. What
        really happened in 1948 and 1980?
        \_ "Dewey Defeats Truman" was based on early returns, and the Chicago
           Tribune needing to go to press before enough returns were in.
           Carter/Reagan was an example of undecideds breaking to the
           challenger.  -tom
2004/10/31-11/1 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:34479 Activity:nil
10/31   Death to America!
2004/10/31-11/1 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:34480 Activity:kinda low
10/31   It appears that news on Iraq, OBL, healthcare, education, etc have
        very little effect on the public perception of the candidates, esp
        those that are protected in the religious belt region of the US.
        How about dirt on the candidates? Let's say someone finds a
        video footage of GWB in drag/makeup, or an intern sucking his
        dick, or something to that effect. Do you think the people in the
        religious belt regions would finally change their mind?
        \_ Yes, they should all play Dubya flicking the bird 24/7 on
           Fox News Channel
        \_ Yes, they should play Dubya flicking the bird on Fox News Channel
2004/10/31-11/1 [Uncategorized] UID:34481 Activity:nil
10/31   Down to the wire.  Damn.  This is gonna be a fucking nail biter.
        There should be a betting line somewhere on how many weeks it will
        take to sort it all out afterward.
2004/10/31-11/1 [Uncategorized] UID:34482 Activity:nil
10/31   old stuff chopped off the bottom.  you can get pissed off now.
2004/10/31-11/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:34483 Activity:kinda low
        \_ Why do you hate Startrek?
        \_ That album is actually excellent.  I recommend it.
        \_ Hey, if you were that old, and had wife 1/3rd your
           age, you'd be happy, too.
2004/10/31-11/1 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:34484 Activity:moderate
10/31   Dear latex experts, I'm learning latex and it's pretty cool, but
        I'm sick and tired of having to do "latex file.tex; dvipdf file.dvi;
        acroread file.pdf"  Is there a more elegant way of doing this?
        \_ Uh, make? -- ilyas
        \_ question 2, what's the best program do to latex on the PC?
           \_ agreed. MikTeX is great.
        \_ Install this at once!
  if you use PC.
           \_ Or just use Vim.
        \_ Dear dipshit that overwrote my post, I hate you*. Anyway, the
           nice cross-platform solution is the "latexmk" perl script that
           comes with most latex distributions:
           % latexmk -pdf foo.tex => creates foo.pdf
           I use it on all platforms. It rocks.
                 * I realize "you" isn't necessarily the person with the prev.
                   post, but I hate whoever "you" is.
           \_ the docs say this just uses pdflatex
           \_ Yeah, but you can configure it to use whatever you want -
              distiller, whatever. Also it takes care of other dependencies
              like bibtex etc.
        \_ oh by the way what's the best way to do spell check/etc
           when doing latex? -op
           \_ ispell (actually I think aspell is the current approved version):
              (setq-default ispell-program-name "aspell")
              (autoload 'flyspell-mode "flyspell" "On-the-fly ispell." t)
              (require 'ispell)
              It'll probably work from the command line too, but within
              emacs, using auctex+flyspell rocks.
              aspell is in the cygwin distribution (Windows) or fink (OS X).
        \_ pdflatex?
           \_ Running Distiller will probably give you higher-quality PDF, but
              pdflatex is pretty good. And I don't think pdflatex saves you
              from the latex, bibtex, latex, latex cycle that latexmk would.
        \_ alias?  script?
        \_ I thought you are talking about condom...
2004/10/31-11/1 [Computer/SW/Virus] UID:34485 Activity:high
10/31   You know, I'm really surprised that there hasn't been an outbreak
        of a campaign computer virus.
        \_ Like how in Alias they pop in a CD and a bar graph slowly grows
           saying "VIRUS UPLOAD!!!!......." and then the guy barely escapes
           the office looking all cool and collected and makes some excuse
           about forgetting his umbrella on his way out and the VIRUS!!!!
           then takes over everything and they upload some guy's brain and
           he fights it in a virtual world with a glowing frisbee?  Like that?
           \_ no, like a virus that mass emails or pops up a window and
              says "damn hippies, vote for Bush on Tuesday or else you'll
              get a visit from the FBI" type of virus.
           \_ This was pretty funny.
2004/10/31-11/1 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:34486 Activity:very high 50%like:34333
10/31   How man here will emigrate from America if Bush wins?
        \_ Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger promised to leave America if Bush
           won. In 2000. Unfortunately, they didn't.
           \_ Not really.
           \_ "Alec is the biggest moralist that I know. He stands
               completely behind what he says. I can very well imagine
               that Alec makes good on his threat. And then I'd
               probably have to go too."
              Wish they had left. What the heck do celebrities know about
              politics? Why do they think anyone cares?
              \_ obviously you do.
                 \_ I don't care what they say; I do care that it's somehow
                    newsworthy what they say. There's more than enough real
                    issues out there that we shouldn't be wasting reporter
                    time talking to actors about their political views or
                    sending dozens of reporters to cover the trial of a
                    fertilizer salesman from Fresno which will never have the
                    slightest impact on our lives whatsoever.
                        \_ I just saw Alec on Dinner for Five responding
                           to this. He said: "15% of people agree with you,
                           15% of people hate you and want you to die. The
                           rest don't care." I doubt too many reporters
                           seek out popular media figures for their political
                           opinions, just the usual hype machines spewing
                           stuff out that the news channels pick up from
                           time to time. Blame Hollywood if you must,
                           but really you need to lighten up.
                           \_ Not Hollywood's fault - you stick a microphone
                              in someone's face, they're going to answer. I
                              think it's amusing that celebrities think being
                              a celebrity automatically makes them an authority
                              on politics, but that's a side point. It's media
                              that says they don't have the resources to cover
                              issues in the depth they'd like, instead
                              parroting the spin of the mouthpieces of
                              political parties and figures, and then spends
                              time and money covering crap like this.
                              \ s/celebrities/motd pundits/  Honestly, I don't
                                see the problem.  If you disagree, let it be.
                                Most of us, if we had a strong belief about
                                something and were given a platform to
                                pontificate about it, would probably go for
                                it.  -John
2004/10/31-11/1 [Uncategorized] UID:34487 Activity:nil
10/31   crap the redskins lost!!!
        \_ Yay!
        \_ It's about time you found out!
2004/10/31 [Academia/UCLA] UID:34488 Activity:nil
10/31   UCLA is a great school but there's one thing I really hate about
        it-- jocks. Jocks on Gayley, jocks on Veteran, jocks on Westwood,
        jocks everywhere. They listen to loud music and think they're
        cool, and they yell a lot on special events like Halloween and
        and frat parties. You know what I hate the most though?
        Sports game-- it's like they synchronize their frat boy like
        yelling so that the entire campus could hear them. It's really
        stupid and reflects the overall lack of intelligence in UCLA.
        \_ There are deeper things wrong with UCLA. -- ilyas
           \_ like what? -op
              \_ I d really rather not write a long motd essay about UCLA,
                 so email me if you want a detailed answer.  A lot of it
                 you can't really pick up until you hang around UCLA and
                 UCLA people for a while.  This 'thing' is why I think UCLA
                 will never be a top tier school, despite having all the
                 prereqs (lots of research money, good location, good brand,
                 etc).  UCLA people are simply
                 willing to settle.  There isn't the Berkeley culture of
                 staying past 4am to get the last bits of the project working,
                 you know?  For some people this kind of 'balanced approach'
                 is ideal, but it makes me very sad.  UCLA is full of people
                 with busy lives who happen to be taking classes (or teaching,
                 or doing research) on the side. -- ilyas
2004/10/31-11/1 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:34489 Activity:nil
10/31   /var: no space left?  Can't email root.
        Filesystem  1K-blocks   Used Avail Capacity  Mounted on
        /dev/da0s1f   1016303 942172 -7173   101%    /var
        \_ Working on it -root
           \_ Fixed it -faster root
              \_ Thanks faster root.
                 \_ I fixed a different problem -slower root
           \_ fixed.  thanks.
              /var/mail is 98%.  Is this a problem?
2004/10/31-11/1 [Uncategorized] UID:34490 Activity:nil 50%like:36640
10/31   Does anyone have a copy of the Star Wars ROTS teaser trailer?
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:2004:October:31 Sunday <Saturday, Sunday>