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2004/10/25 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, ERROR, uid:34322, category id '18005#7.95375' has no name! , ] UID:34322 Activity:very high
10/24   Comments on the election from a Doctor of Gonzo Journalism. --psb
          Nixon ... I despised everything he stood for -- but if he
          were running for president this year against the evil
          Bush-Cheney gang, I would happily vote for him ... Some
          people say that George Bush should be run down and
          sacrificed to the Rat gods. But not me. No. I say it would
          be a lot easier to just vote the bastard out of office on
          November 2nd. --HST
          \_ Another good quote from the article:
             "I told him that Bush's vicious goons in the White House are
             perfectly capable of assassinating Nader and blaming it on him.
             His staff laughed, but the Secret Service men didn't."
          \_ Were you even alive when Nixon was president? Man...
             Anyway, Nixon opened up China and started SALT and got us
             out of Vietnam. He also abused his presidential powers
             and certainly would have been convicted if Ford hadn't
             pardoned him. A very flawed presidency, but aren't they all?
             Reagan got Iran-Contra, Clinton had more scandals than you
             can shake a stick at. Politics, as you will discover when you
             grow out of your adolescent mentalities, is hardly ever
             black-and-white. The realities of power are much more complex
             than your little diatribe would indicate.
                  \- Er, I think you are probably the confused one here ...
                     1. Who do you mean by "you" in "were you even alive"?
                     2. Did you read the article pointed to? I think you
                        may also be unaware of the "special relationship"
                        between RMN and HST. [see]
                     Speaking for myself: I actually kind of liked Tricky
                     Dick Nixon ... in a horrible kind of way, except for
                     his being a bit racist [although so was JFK, something
                     not well known, or at least well-forgetten].
                     And yes, I agree the "American Monster" is was far better
                     than this curent crop. --psb
                \_ i sometimes think just about every president would come
                   off as a weird paranoid freak if they had the foresight
                   to record every single conversation in the oval
                   office like Nixon! - danh
                \_ Vote for "less worse".  -John
                   \_ "Because if they didn't vote for a lizard," said Ford,
                      "the wrong lizard might get in." -- ilyas
2004/10/25 [Uncategorized] UID:34323 Activity:nil
10/25   How can I log on to iTunes Music Store Europe?
2004/10/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:34324 Activity:high
10/25   The opera/psb link reassured me that psb is, in fact, gay.
        \- i like some non-obscure, non-russian opera, i like stephen
           sondheim, i go to the gym, howeverm i dont own any furniture,
           sondheim, i go to the gym, however i dont own any furniture or
           expensive toiletry products, but i do know how to dress nicely
           but i usually dress pretty slobily ... so i think it is a wash
           but i usually dress pretty slobbishly. i dont like judy garland and
           i really hate that sibilant s speeth ... so i think it is a wash
           on non-sexual lifestyle grounds. --psb
           \- oh and i not only have read Brideshead Revisited twice,
              I own the DVD ... but for the most part, i think ryder,
              sebastian flyte and anthonly blanche need beatings. :-) --psb
        \_ Posting a link showing two scantily clad hot women doing
           a mock cat fight while singing makes you GAY?
           \_ I hereby register my disappointment. My head is in the gutter
              and my version of "scantily clad" means less clothing than
              yours does. They are cute, though. Particularly for opera
2004/10/25 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:34325 Activity:high
10/25   Bush Bulge Meme getting more mainstream:
        \_ Please.  Doonesbury is about as mainstream as Michael Moore's movies
           \_ yep no one reads doonsebury.
            \_ Well the guy above you seems to think no one saw F9/11
2004/10/25-26 [Industry/Jobs] UID:34326 Activity:low
10/25   I finally got an citizenship interview recently but it resulted in "a
        decision cannot yet be made about you application".  The interviewer
        said everything was fine except they are still waiting for FBI's
        check, which can take a long time (4-5 months).  Is this normal?
        Is he telling me the truth?
        \_ My wife couldn't get to the interview stage until she was cleared
           from the FBI finger print check.
           from the FBI finger print check.  The FBI check did take a long
           time to perform.
           \_ This was my wife's experience as well. Once she got through
              the interview, everything else was smooth and relatively quick.
              Are you working with a lawyer? Do you have any eyebrow-raisers
              in your arrest records? -- ulysses
              \_ My most serious brush with the law were parking tickets (all
                 paid).  What intrigues me is that he did not check the
                 "Congratulations!  Your application has been recommended for
                 approval," the only other choice on the result form.
                 I would expect this means I have to come back for a 2nd
                 interview though that is not what he told me. -op
                 \_ Sounds about right to me. My wife worked with a lawyer and
                    I think it was the lawyer who suggested working out
                    communication with the FBI beforehand and negotiated that
                    communication.  It took most of a year but YMMV. She walked
                    out of the interview with the "congratulations" box
                    \_ How much does the lawyer charge?  I thought I would
                       be fine without one.  -op
                       \_ It's come to about $2.5K and the lawyer himself said
                          she probably could have gotten by without his help.
                          He is also at the high end. Still, everything started
                          going pretty smoothly with the lawyer on the case.
                          She had also had a bad experience with a cheap
                          lawyer. Note the $2.5K was for the entire process
                          from Res. Alien to Citizen.
        \_ I just had my interview a few weeks ago and I got approved. I'm
           getting sworn in in 3 weeks.
           \_ How long did you wait to get the interview and how long did the
              interview last?  Mine only lasted 20 minutes.  Is this good/bad?
              \_ For me the interview itself lasted 20 minutes too. For the
                 first part of your question I'm not sure if you're asking
                 how long I had to wait in the INS waiting area on the day of
                 the interview (5 minutes) or how long the whole application
                 process took (8 months, no lawyer).
              \_ For me, it took a little over a year after the initial
                 application to get the interview.  So I had to resubmit my
                 finger prints, since they were only valid for a year.  My
                 interview basically consisted of him noticing that I was
                 a Cal student, and asking me to write down "It is raining
                 outside."  (no kidding)  I was sworn in shortly after that.
                 \_ This is because your fingerprints change every year?
                    \_ Hell if I knew why.  -pp
        \_ My wife had an interview in June but still is waiting to clear
           Homeland Security background check.
           \_ Which box (Congratulations or "cannot yet") got checked?
2004/10/25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:34327 Activity:high
10/25   [censor me, and the post dies]
        \_ Who censored what?  And how do you know it wasn't just a careless
           3rd party overwriting you?
           \_ Well, I can't answer for this guy, but I always make sure the
              comment makes it to /etc/motd before making any conclusions.
                -- ilyas
                -- ilya s
              \_ I am still ilyas the whiny little bitch, hear me wimper!
        \_ All I did was correct "noone" to "no one". Would someone please
           put the thread back?
2004/10/25-26 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/HW/Memory] UID:34328 Activity:kinda low
10/25   What's the difference between intel's C and E cpu for p4? What about
        those processor with names like 540, 530? I am helping a friend pick
        components for a system. Any recommendations? I am thinking of
        Asus P4C800-E Deluxe with P4-3.0Ghz CPU and 1GB PC3200 memory, all for
        about $600. Is the newer socket 775 with ddr2 memory that much better?
        Not a gamer, just need a fast desktop system for general applications.
        \_ General apps means Word, surfing, and email.  This P4 system is
           already overkill.  It doesn't matter which socket, how fast the
           ram is, etc.  Get your friend to buy a mid ranged Dell.
           \_ I do not recommend Dell. They don't use standard components,
              if they go bad, you are stuck with Dell supplies.
              \_ Dell desktops usually come with 3-year warranty and often
                 4-year warranty is an option. Besides, I have never seen
                 a Dell motherboard or power supply fail. What other
                 non-standard components are there? I have a Dell Dimension
                 and I had no problems replacing video card, ram, disks, and
                 optical drives. (BTW, those were really upgrades, not because
                 the original parts failed). Yes, if you need a PC that allows
                 you to swap a motherboard a few years later, Dell might be
                 bad for that.
                 \_ My original PS from about 1.5 year ago has gone
                    bad (making loud noises). Dell sent me a new PS,
                    but it's still loud. Their case is also non
                    standard, ie, you cannot put the thing into a
                    ultra quiet case (the motherboard connector to the
                    case is non-standard) So you see, if I want quiet
                    and peace of mind when I am working next to the
                    computer, I have to replace the friggin
                    motherboard as well, because the motherboard is
                    not standard. I can't put in a ultra quiet PS that
                    I can get at Fry's either, because Dell
                    SPECIFICALLY changed the PS layout so standard
                    ones won't fit.  Their fan system is also non
                    standard, the back fan that sucks air out of the
                    CPU through the tunnel out the PC is also non
                    standard. So now I am stuck with this loud piece of
                    ($*%($% unless I replace the freggin motherboard,
                    it's a good thing they uses standard CPU. ;)
                    \_ If you care about noise, get an Optiplex. They're
                       pretty quiet.
        \_ You don't need 'fast' for general applications unless that includes
           stuff like crazy Photoshop work or video editing, or maybe a PVR.
           If you're going to run WinXP on it I'd spring for 512MB of RAM...
        \_ Goto Fry's and buy whatever's on sale.  It will be fast enough.
           \_ Has anyone ever actually bought one of Fry's $200 shitboxes?  I'd
              expect it to explode 2 weeks later.
              \_ Actually, I used on sale parts from Fry's to to cobble
                 together a machine.  The motherboard was a piece of crap
                 with a BIOS problem, but once I flashed the BIOS it was a
                 good deal.  So, if you don't mind fighting a little with
                 the machine at first, you can come out really well. -jrleek
        \_ I think you want the C.  The E runs hot, I think.
           I also think you want a 2.8 GHz CPU.  3.0 jumps up in heat a lot.
           Check for user opinions on E vs. C.
           Then again, you could just get an Athlon 64 3200+ (Newcastle) or
           3500+, which both run cooler and generally faster.
           Search the reviews for any of the above CPUs if you want
           suggested mobos + memory to buy with them.
2004/10/25-26 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Security] UID:34329 Activity:low
10/25   I have a problem in C++.  I have a bunch of autogenerated classes
        that I need to be able to convert between.  I made a templeted
        cast function in a common header file, but it needs to access a
        protected function in the generated classes.  Is there any way to
        make a templeted friend function shared between all those
        auto-generated classes?  I tried, but I got an error that the
        function hadn't been defined.  From the first auto-gen'd class.
        \_ My head hurts.
           \_ Hahahaha, you made my day!
        \_ is there some reason you can't make better use of polymorphism
           and virtual functions instead of all this conversion crap?
           \_ Yes.
              \_ Could you explain the relevance of this URL to why
                 you can make better use of polymorphism and v-fncs? -npp
        \_ Any reason not to use a public accessor?
           \_ This is what I've done for now, but I would prefer not to.
              \_ Thing is, friend templates are a mess with current compiler
                 implementations.  I'd hesitate to depend on that feature if
                 you want any kind of portability.  Another possibility would
                 be a template member which does the conversion for you from/to
                 an intermediate type.
        \_ are you allowed to modify the autogened files at all? you could
           convert the private members to protected. then use explicit
           naming to access the protected members from your casting function.
           \_ I'm not sure what you mean by this.  Can I access protected
              data with a non-member function through some kind of
              explicit naming?
2004/10/25-26 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:34330 Activity:high
10/25   Can this be? Will Bush really win again? I hope that
        poll is not accurate of the american public's true opinion..
        \_ The poll results are diverging; there's too much noise in the
           system.  -tom
           \_ What is your source for diverging polls?  Try this:
                \_ but they have the same data.
                   Try plotting the polls against each other; they were
                   much closer to converged in August and September. -tom
  (Post graphic)
           CNN uses Gallup.  Zogby said Gallup sucks.
           \_ "My competitor sucks!  Buy my product instead!"
                 "While being diplomatic, Zogby basically said Gallup's numbers
                 are junk. They use different methodologies but Gallup's
                 variations from poll to poll are too big to be creditable.
                 In Zogby's polling Kerry and Bush both bounce between 44 an
                 48, and haven't deviated from that range."
                 blah, blah, you can read the rest.
                 \_ Translation, "Buy my election reports!  I can only make
                    real money every 4 years with a small bonus lump during
                    \_ You're supposed to also check both URLs to see how
                       Gallup compares to other polls.  The Post also has
                       Kerry over Dubya today by 1% (yes, statistical tie, but
                       the trend is up).
                       IMO, Zogby is trying to make an honest analysis of
                       why the other guy sucks - but the only vindication will
                       come the day after the election (and it would be really
                       funny if the numbers came out exactly half-way between
                       Zogby and Gallup).
           \_ So?  Zogby has Bush up 48%-45%.  The 3% spread is within the MOE,
              but it's still hardly cheery news.
           \_ Zogby's poll has 6% Unsure, and that number has consistently been
              in the 6% to 9% range since July.  That is very odd, since almost
              every other poll has the unsure number in the 1% to 3% range.
              \_ Traditionally you get the Not Sure number down by nagging the
                 respondent for an answer "which way do you lean" until they
                 break down.  This suggests that Zogby's people didn't nag
                 that hard.
        \_ It's a possibility/nightmare.  My big hope is that the huge turnout
           combined with cell phone only young crowd will prove the pollsters
           \_ Sheesh, you guys put up a hugh douchebag as your canidate,
              and then you're surprised when he has a hard time beating
              the opposing idiot?
              \_ Can you coherently explain why Kerry is a douchebag?  Or are
                 you just a right wing troll trying to assuage your unease by
                 tossing around ad hominem nonsense?  If you can explain
                 coherently, then please -- I'd welcome the post.
              \_ Dubya has never lost a debate! (until this year)
              \_ They are both douchebags. Don't kid yourself.
                 \_ That's my point.  When you're whole campaign is "Don't
                    vote for that douchebag, vote for THIS douchebag!"
                    Don't be surprised when it's hard to get a majority of
                    the vote.
              \_ ob
                 \_ Don't let the wrong lizard get elected.
        \_ The poll numbers are way off.  They don't take into account a
           sizable number of people who vote for Democrats every election
           but don't have land lines: dead people.
           \_ Do you have any evidence at all for this endlessly repeated
              assertion, other than the Cook County, Illinois allegations
              from 1960?
              \_ What happened in Cook County, Illinois in 1960?
                 \_ There was some evidence that Richard Daley's machine was
                    using the names of dead people in Cook County to cast
                    votes for John F. Kennedy.  Nixon decided not to pursue it,
                    perhaps because he thought that even if a lot of votes
                    were invalidated, he still would have lost.
                    \_ JFK would have won even without Illinois.
                       \_ And the battleground states in this election don't
                          have dead people.  So even if the dead do determine
                          the winner in IL, it still won't matter.  Right.
                          \_ Wow.  You never responded to my question.
                             You have absolutely no evidence of any of this,
                             do you?  You need to stop blathering.
                             \_ I'm not the original Cook County poster.  I'm
                                merely questioning the logic of the poster that
                                implied that dead people voting in this
                                election is immaterial since the dead votes
                                didn't affect the outcome of the 1960
                                election.  -pp
                                \_ Of course you have no evidence of dead
                                   people voting in this election either.
                                   So you are either paranoid, or just
                                   making shit up. Or both.
                                   \_ You do realize that claiming that there
                                      is no evidence of a huge turn-out amongst
                                      the dead in this election (what you just
                                      claimed) is quite different than claiming
                                      that a turn-out by the dead would be
                                      irrelevant (which is what a poster tried
                                      to imply earlier).  I have no problem
                                      with the no evidence claim, especially
                                      since I'm not the dead-voter guy to start
                                      with.  I do have a problem with the
                                      irrelevant claim, since I am somewhat
                                      fond of logic.
                                      \_ You cannot make that claim until
                                         *after* the election is over. I
                                         think that one side or the other
                                         will win pretty handily.
2004/10/25-26 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:34331 Activity:low
10/25   Strong soviet leader prefers Bush.  (yahoo news)
        \_ NASCAR supports Bush, which is much more important.
           "I'm not an issue guy," Waltrip said. "I know the man."
           I really think that's what it comes down to for most people. Most
           people aren't geeks or political junkies, so for them all the
           discussion of this and that policy detail is irrelevant. The only
           things that resonate are the guy's general charisma and the
           play-on-emotion stuff like gay/god/gun/abortion shit. And Bush
           kicked the ass of them terrists.
        \_ Al Qaeda supports Bush, too.  With Bush, they have an easier time
           recruiting suicide bombers.
           \_ No, they're still using the same idiots as before.
              \_ "their" is possessive.  "they're" is the contraction of
                 "they are".
                 \_ uh, and he is saying "they are."  -tom
           \_ To replace the ones Bush killed.  I'm sure Al Qaeda is really
              happy about losing an entire country to use as their own personal
              training facility and play ground and is really happy to see
              American tanks rolling through Falluja.  It has all become so
              clear to me now.
              \_ They don't care how many Bush killed (since they can recruit
                 same number that are killed).  They are enjoying how
                 many US soldiers they are killing each day.
                 \_ They who?  The AlQ leaders who are dead or captured?  Could
                    you please cite something, anything, even from Al Jazeera
                    that says they want Bush in office because it helps them
                    recruit instead of claiming your own opinion as fact.  Do
                    you actually hang out with AlQ leadership?
                 \_ So I guess the only reasonable response to AlQ in your
                    opinion is to cave to their demans?
                    \_ Trying to fight them by sending tons of troops out to
                       roam the countryside is stupid.  It makes our guys an
                       easy target and causes lots of innocents deaths, which
                       undermines our support among the moderate population.
                       If we attacked them using good intelligence, making
                       friends with the locals, and only using our troops in
                       small targeted raids, we'd have fewer US casualties,
                       a more friendly populace, and we'd be killing enemy
                       leaders, not just their cannon fodder. -!pp
              \_ Nice insertion of the laughable Al Quada/Saddam connection
2004/10/25-11/4 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:34332 Activity:nil
10/25   CSUA General Meeting!  Monday, November 1 at 5:00 pm outside Soda.
2004/10/25-26 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:34333 Activity:low 50%like:34486
10/25   Can we have a riot if Bush wins?
             \_ Only if you'd like to have your rights stripped away and
                spend a lot of time in Guantanamo.  Oh wait, our rights've
                already been eroded.
        \_ We had one for 2000!  Dubya's limo was pelted with eggs from an
           angry mob on inauguration day!
        \_ This is Berkeley.  You don't need a reason to riot.
           \_ Ooh!  Ooh!  I got first dibs on The Gap!
2004/10/25-26 [Uncategorized] UID:34334 Activity:nil
10/25   Hey EMRG guy, why did the stock shoot up today?
2004/10/25-26 [Uncategorized] UID:34335 Activity:low
10/25   Does CHP use laser or just radar?
        \_ I am pretty sure they use bullets still.
        \_ You planning on a radar detector or painting your car matte black?
        \_ They mostly pace still.
        \_ Try jingling your keys as you pass.
2004/10/25-26 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:34336 Activity:very high 50%like:34046
10/25   How is that Google short going pal?
        \_ $20 BY FEBRUARY!!!
        \_ There's absolutely no reason why google should be that much
           higher than Yahoo. Just wait and see.
           \_ ah, so in other words, you didn't actually short it.  So
              instead of getting a margin call and losing tons of money,
              you can sit here and smugly say, if the stock goes back to
              where it IPOed, "see I told you so!"
              There's very little reason to compare Google's stock price to
              Yahoo's.  What do you see as fair value for Google?  -tom
              \_ I'm the GOOG short person and I plan to make money
                 shorting it. Half of the shares cannot even be sold yet.
                 Supply and demand. Will you admit you are wrong if it
                 \_ GOOG may go down and you may make lots of money.  Or you
                    may not.  IF, on the other hand, you make a film of you
                    and tom duking it out in the Thunderdome, you can sell
                    it and you will be garanteed to make money.
                 \_ I haven't made any pronouncements to be wrong about, except
                    that you can't tie Google's value to Yahoo's.  I don't
                    own GOOG and I'm not likely to any time soon.  -tom
                 \_ During what time period do you expect to successfully
                 \_ Shorting is 100% timing.  If you can't get the timing
                    right, you will have your shorts handed to you.  Saying
                    a stock is ripe for shorting and not having a specific
                    timeframe has no context.  You can say a stock is
                    overvalued, but stocks can stay overvalued for very long
                    periods of time.
                    \_ I am not here to make you money or to be blamed if
                       I lose you money. This thing is overvalued. When
                       to short depends on how much Kool Aid you think
                       people will drink. I have an opinion on that. You
                       form your own.
                       \_ By when do you think you'll make money on GOOG
                          by shorting it, and how much Kool Aid do you think
                          GOOG buyers will drink?
                       \_ you didn't answer my question; what do you see as
                          fair value for Google?  And why?  -tom
                          \_ It doesn't even matter what the fair market
                             value is. All that matters is that 200M more
                             shares are going to hit the market. Any
                             activity before then is meaningless.
                             \_ you still didn't answer the question.  If
                                Google's fair market value is $250, it won't
                                matter if more shares hit the market when it's
                                at $180.  You seem to be focused on a series of
                                misconceptions and false assumptions.  -tom
                                \_ Yes, it will matter! Today's price is
                                   not reflective of the price then. If
                                   you want to know what it will be worth
                                   *then* that's a different question.
           \_ why do you keep saying there is no reason to compare google
              with yahoo?  though there are differences, yahoo is probably
              best benchmark for google.
              the best benchmark for google.
           \_ but google desktop is so ub3r!
        \_ Not exactly a Google question, but which has more potential for
           chicanery, a publicly-traded company or a privately held one?
           Public companies can have a market bubble or pump-and-dump, but
           I'd expect a private company would make it easier for an insider
           (or group of them) to loot the company's assets.
           \_ In theory it should be harder, but look at Enron. Even the
              accountants and auditors were to blame. The entire Internet
              bubble was based on insiders looting public companies.
        \_ thanks for reminding me about google again.  forgot about it
           already.  tricky stock to short, but it is looking more and
           more delicious.  I would consider shorting it after it drops
           about 20% from a peak.  The stock needs to go up further to
           make my profit bigger.  Fellow google short, what do you
2004/10/25-26 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:34337 Activity:low
10/25   The New Yorker magazine endorses a presidential candidate for the
        first time in its 80-year history.  Who?  George W. Bush!  Not!
        "As a variety of memoirs and journalistic accounts have made plain,
        Bush seldom entertains contrary opinion. He boasts that he listens to
        no outside advisers, and inside advisers who dare to express unwelcome
        views are met with anger or disdain. He lives and works within a
        self-created bubble of faith-based affirmation. Nowhere has his
        solipsism been more damaging than in the case of Iraq. The arguments
        and warnings of analysts in the State Department, in the Central
        Intelligence Agency, in the uniformed military services, and in the
        chanceries of sympathetic foreign governments had no more effect than
        the chants of millions of marchers."
        \_ has any major media outlet endorsed bush except
           the new york post and the washington times?
        \_ I was stunned that The New Yorker would would endorse Kerry.
           Stunned, I tell you.  And I was so sure that they were pro-Bush too.
           \_ The American Conservative magazine endorses Kerry:
              "Bush has behaved like a caricature of what a right-wing
              president is supposed to be, and his continuation in office
              will discredit any sort of conservatism for generations."
              \_ which part of "major media outlet" did you not understand?
                 \_ you funny guy!  that comment posted OUTSIDE this thread,
                    and AFTERWARDS.  Americans so fucking illiterate!
              \_ Right.  This is a mucher stronger endorsement.  I would lead
                 with this and mention The New Yorker in an OBTW.
                 \_ The take-home message is that Dubya is perceived to be so
                    bad (IMO, he is that bad) that sources that have
                    traditionally sat it out or endorsed the Republican are
                    endorsing Kerry or not endorsing any candidate.
              \_ Now, if only we can get David Duke or some other Klan guy
                 to endorse Kerry because Bush has behaved like the caricature
                 of a racist...
2004/10/25-27 [Uncategorized] UID:34338 Activity:low
10/25   Where can I find a clip of Ashlee Simpson's lovely performance
        on SNL?
           \_ huh? I don't get it.  was this somehow funny in context?
              \_ Yeah, she had just played that same song earlier and they
                 messed up the tape, "outing" her as a lip syncher.
           \_ How about in a better format? (i.e. not WINDOZE)
        \_ Never mind, I found it:
           \_ huh? I don't get it.  was this somehow funny in context?
              \_ Yeah, she had just played that same song earlier and they
                 messed up the tape, "outing" her as a lip syncher.
           \_ How about in a better format? (i.e. not WINDOZE)
                \_ Sorry, that's all I found.
2004/10/25-26 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:34339 Activity:low
10/25   It's been 44 years since 1960.  44 fucking years.  When the year 2048
        rolls around and us liberals are still being bitter about the 2000
        election on the motd, I don't want to hear any bitching from you
        \_ Let us all say a non-denominational prayer that there will no
           longer be anyone bitching and moaning on the motd in 2048.
           \_ why not?
        \_ Hehe, you got caught in a big way once.  You also got busted in
           Fl'2k.  That's twice.  You're just upset that the other side is
           finally fighting back.  When we have a voter ID card nationwide
           that only allows a single vote your party is doomed.
2004/10/25 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:34340 Activity:very high
10/25   Is it true that you have to sign a loyalty oath before being
        admitted to a Bush campaign rally?
        \-_ and rat out a jew
            \_ I thought you had to infect him with ebola and collect money
               to have him raped?  (not necessarily in that order) -- ilyas
               P.S. Your jokes are in bad taste and on strict reading are
               a solicitation of violence.  Maybe if I say I feel threatened
               and sleep with the current CSUA president, I could get wall
               shut down!
                \_ why do you automatically think the above was about
                   you? - danh
                \_ for someone who isn't interested in what wall has to say
                   you sure pay a lot of attention to it.
                   \_ I grep for my name in the logs.  I started doing it more
                      since my name started popping up more. -- ilyas
                      \_ for someone who isn't interesting in what wall has
                         to say you sure pat a lot of attention to it.
                         \_ Oh, how wrong I was.  It was very revealing indeed.
                               -- ilyas
               \_ Whine whine whine.
        \_ is this the motd version of a push poll? - danh
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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