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2004/10/16 [ERROR, uid:34164, category id '18005#7.4175' has no name! , ] UID:34164 Activity:nil
10/15   Goodbye "Regular Joe" Democrat
2004/10/16 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:34165 Activity:nil
10/15   Michael Moore made tons of money from his anti-Bush documentaries.
        How much did he donate to the Kerry campaign?
2004/10/16-18 [Recreation/Celebrity/MarthaStewart] UID:34166 Activity:high
10/15   Jon Stewart on Crossfire.
        \_ I love how this ended up a /. story.  The ensuing discussion,
           naturally, had nothing to do with technology or any sort of
           geek topic at all.  *sigh*.  -- ilyas
           \_ Many geeks watch the daily show, and a majority of geeks
              lean left, so why the *sigh*, buddy?
              \_ Majority of geeks lean left?  url?  Incidentally, where's
                 the motd topic police when you need them?  You know, the
                 fellows who whine about how all the political discussion
                 isn't really putting the CS into CSUA.  And purge said
                 discussion sometimes.  -- ilyas
        \_ I guess I'm not familiar enough with crossfire to get it.
        \_ Prett painful to watch.  My occasional watching of the Daily Show
           will now go to never watching.
           \_ Short form of clip: "Stewart: U = teh gay." "Crossfire: I
              think you'll find that you're gay." "Stewart: It's ok for me
              to suck, I'm a comedy show. BTW. U = teh suk."
              \_ I thought he made some good points.
                 \_ Yeah.  For hosts of a debate show, they had absolutely
                    no control of the show once he started talking.  It
                    seemed like they just wanted him to be funny, while he
                    actually had issues he wanted to discuss, and could talk
                    rings around them when they kept trying to get him onto
                    their talking points.  This show just makes me respect his
                    intelligence all the more.
                    \_ My favorite bit:
                       Tucker: You should teach at a journalism school.
                       Stewart: You should go to one.
                       Tucker: I think you're much funnier on your show.
                       Stewart: Funny I think you're just as big a dick
                       on your show as on others...
                       \_ So Stewart is a loud mouth and a rude asshole.  So
                          \_ Point missed.  As someone much wittier than I
                             pointed out: "Begala and Carlson seem under the
                             impression that the Daily Show is a satirical
                             take on politics and politicians.... They seem
                             to be unaware that The Daily Show is a parody of
                             the news and that its mission is to make fun of
                             \_ It's like if Rush Limbaugh had Phil Hendrie on
                                his show and tried to argue with him.
                                Hendrie's stated goal is "the death of talk
2004/10/16-18 [Recreation/Media] UID:34167 Activity:insanely high
10/15   So I watched Team America in a semi-packed theater in L.A. tonight.
        The audience couldn't stop laughing, and at the end, there was
        a lot of applause -- the most I've heard in a long time.
        How was it in the Bay Area?
        \_ PUPPET SEX!!!!
        \_ Everyone laughed uncontrollably through almost every scene.  This
           is the funniest movie I've seen in a very long time.  Everyone
           should go see it.
           \_ I thought it was funny, but not really worth seeing on the
              big screen.  it's not going to be any less topical if you
              wait for it to come out on video.
              \_ What is "worth seeing on the big screen"?
                 \_ well, i thought my 8 bucks was well-spent for the south
                    park movie, which was why I went to see this one.
                    I did not feel that my 8 bucks was well-spent.
                    It seemed to me like what the south park movie would have
                    looked like if they'd made it right after jesus vs. santa
                    claus back in the begining.
                 \_ Either requires a big screen and surround sound or is so
                    engrossing that the theater environment helps you be drawn
                    in to it. -!pp
                    \_ Funny things are funnier when there are lots of people
                       around you laughing.
           \_ I hate to say it but it looks stupid and those claymation
              type things freak me out.
              \_ Uhm, they're marionettes.
                 \_ Whatever the hell they are.
                    \_ So an ancient performance artform freaks you out?
                       Does crayoning freaking you out?  Musicals?  Plays?
                       Drama?  Comedy?  Prozac?
                       \_ Alot of people actually share this phobia.  It's
                          no bigger a deal than being afraid of the dark,
                          spiders or the ocean.
                          \_ Oh come on!  There's a phobia about sting
                             puppets?  Is there a more specific form about
                             string puppets having sex on film for the
                             express purpose of making money on current
                             political topics?
                             \_ See pupaphobia & pediophobia.  Shithead.
                                \_ Pupaphobia... hahahhahahahhahaha!!!  Are
                                   you one of those people who also thinks
                                   4 of 5 male children have ADD and need
                                   various heavy duty drugs in grade school?
                                   \_ No, actually I'm not -- though it does
                                      seem that I'm better able to use research
                                      materials than you are.  Shithead.
                       \_ Dude, marionettes are scary!
                          \_ chucky! aaaah!
        \_ How much of it is musicals? That was the main thing that annoyed me
           about the South Park movie. I don't like most musicals in the first
           place (Chicago was enjoyable, I haven't seen that many of them) and
           supposed-to-be-funny ones are normally just boring as hell.
           \_ Mostly action/drama, several songs
           \_ No musicals.
        \_ You should all watch this movie.  You will laugh a helluva lot
           while watching, but it will leave a bad taste.  My conclusion
           is from Spiderman:  With great power/talent, comes great
           responsibility.  Trey and Matt should shoot themselves now.
           I will use the language of the movie:  Trey and Matt are pussies
           of the most significant kind.  Good world leaders are dicks
           and pussies, but know when to use their dicks.
           \_ And the rod up your ass must have a rod up its ass.
           \_ I never see movies people say I "should" see.  They're never
              \_ you should watch all movies. hahahahahaaa! now, by your
                 rules you can never watch a movie again! w00t!
           \_ A bad taste?  It was funny?  What exactly left a bad taste?
              \_  Matt's and Trey's dick in his mouth
                  \_ Yeah, that was a useful reply.  Thanks.
        \_ I thought it was funny, but would have been better as a rental, not
           $8.50/person.  I think the humor was a little too 'bash you over the
           head with it' for me, and I'm a huge South Park fan.  Its
           exageration and stereotyping just went so far so that it was no
           longer a caricature but just ridiculous.
           \_ So you didn't like the way they bashed the Hollywood types?
              Are you aware Alec Baldwin offered to do his own voice?  If he
              can have a sense of humor about it (and I applaud him for it
              even though I despise him otherwise), why can't you?
              \_ I have a pretty good sense of humor and don't mind the
                 celebrity-bashing, but it just got *TOO* stupid to be funny.
2004/10/16-18 [Uncategorized] UID:34168 Activity:moderate
10/16   JFK assasination opinion poll.
        lone nut theory: .
        conspiracy which included the US government: .
        conspiracy which did not include the US government:
        The NRA/Republicans did it: .
            \_ Yeah, an Italian Carcano is an accurate rifle that
               the NRA would pick it to use to kill the President.
                \_ Mannlicher-Carcano's not a bad rifle, actually.  -John
               \_ Exactly!  That was just to throw us off but we have seen
                  through your evil Republican/NRA plot to destroy the
                  free world!
2004/10/16-18 [Computer/Theory] UID:34169 Activity:moderate
10/16   Does anyone here play freeciv?  I keep getting my butt kicked by
        the AI players.  I'm playing 1.14.1.  I've read the online
        tutorials, but they all seem to be for previous versions or
        something.  The AI ALWAYS advances in technology much faster than
        me.  Any ideas?
        \_ I can't speak for FreeCiv, but on non-free-Civ the AI gets innate
           advantages at the higher difficulty levels.  Even if that's not the
           case in FreeCiv, in non-free-Civ, the AI also likes to trade tech
           amongst itself a lot.
        \_ In commercial civ, the AI doesn't have to buy advances.  They are
           randomly assigned for free and just magically pop up in their
           cities.  I've never played freeciv but I'm guessing it does the
           same since I believe they were trying to duplicate commercial civ.
           Read the source if you really care.
2004/10/16-18 [Science/Electric] UID:34170 Activity:high
10/16   Has anyone had AC power adapters that are slightly warm even when
        it's not connected to the device that uses it? Obviously, this means
        it must be consuming energy even when it's not transforming anything,
        but why should it be?
        \_ Every AC adapter generates some heat...some much more than others.
           Inside, you have active devices that are constantly working to
           keep the output voltage constant.  Many adapters use LDOs (Low
           Drop-Out) regulators which drop about 1.2V.  Any device that
           has a voltage drop is consuming power, which becomes heat...
           \_ But he asked about when it's not being used.
            \_ Same answer.  I never said anything about a device being
               plugged in.  A regulator will still consume power even if
               nothing is plugged into the output.  It still must regulate
               the output voltage, even if no current is flowing out the
               connector of the power brick.  Internally, you have leaky
               capacitors across the output, and the feedback circuit to
               the regulator is usually done with a resistors, which always
               have current flowing through them.  So, same answer.
        \_ The simple answer is that even when not in use they are an open
           circuit and will drain power, though less than if they are in use.
           You could design them to sense if there's a load and only open the
           circuit then, but that would add to the cost and complexity
           (although in the long term save you money I'm sure).
           \_ you've got your opens and your closes backwards.
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