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2004/10/8 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan, Politics/Domestic/911] UID:33978 Activity:high
10/7    If Bin Laden were found in the next week or so, do you think the
        election would favor one party or another?
        \_ Yes.  Dubya.  Duh.
        \_ W. might just be delaying a Bin Laden capture in time for the
           elections. At the very least, an early capture of B.L. might
           have kept W. from invading Iraq.
           \_ I worried for a while that this was a possibility... but
              if they were going to pull this rabbit out of the hat,
              don't you think they would have dont it already? Seems too
              late at this point to not appear calculated
              \_ If Pakistan can pick him up, basically anytime, then
                 maybe they can "bargain/extort" more for producing
                 B.L. for W. than whatever was agreed to before.
           \_ I think you need more tin foil in your hat.
              \_ Think reagan/carter/hostages...
                 \_ Think "I'm an idiot" you moron.
2004/10/8 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:33979 Activity:moderate
10/8    I am looking for a quiet case fan and cpu fan for my P4 2.26ghz
        system. Any suggestions? I just realized the case fan and cpu fan
        is significantly louder than my power supply. thx.
        \_ A colleague of mine is getting a Zalman TNN500A
           It's a bit pricey, but looks awesome for quality & noise.  If
           you just want a good case, have a look at Thermaltake (there are a
           ton of others, but these have good, well-placed cooling with nice
           reasonably quiet fans in the case.)  If you just want fans, look
           for Papst fans--they are very reputable for quiet PC fans.  You
           may also want to consider underclocking a tiny bit and going
           fanless or getting a variable speed fan.  Cheap cases are never
           worth it if you want peace & quiet.  -John
        \_ The noise of my PC dropped significantly when I switched to a
           Zalman CPU Fan (120mm) and heat sink. The one that I bought
           was $25-$30 at Fry's. There are quieter ones, but they were
           in the $50+ range.
           I also added Thermaltake fans (90mm, 17db) which were the
           quietest fans at Fry's in the ~ $10-$15 range. Thermaltake
           is quieter than similarly priced Zalman and Vantec fans, but
           one of my 3 fans developed an annoying hum which was probably
           from a bad bearing. --ranga
        \_ Don't save $5.  Buy all Zalman.  You'll appreciate the quiet
           everyday for years and won't miss the $5 later.
           \_ Be careful which Zalman 90mm fans you buy, some are 25db
              others are 19db. I haven't been able to find the 13db ones
              anywhere local.
2004/10/8-9 [Computer/HW] UID:33980 Activity:low
10/8    Dell recalls 900,000 AC notebook adapters.  If you have a Dell
        notebook, you should check if yours is affected, mine was:
        \_ Thanks for posting this... mine's plugged in at home right now.
        \_ Just what are we supposed to charge our notebooks with while the
           AC adapter is away?  Hopeful exuberance?
                \_ Well mine's been chugging away for 3 years now ... I'm
                   going to just keep hoping my house won't burn down.
           \_ What!? Your battery can't last for two weeks?
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD> service unavailable
           i hope they dont have outsourced firemen
2004/10/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:33981 Activity:nil
10/8    JibJab has a new parody but their website looks to be swamped.
        Somebody mirrored the last one. Anybody remember who it was?
        \_ It's just not nearly as good as the original
           \_ not even close
2004/10/8 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:33982 Activity:high
10/8    Bush was secretly wired during the debate
        \_ It was a personal Holtzmann shield.
           \_ too much risk of nukular explosion in case of lasgun usage.
        \_ I believe he was wearing something, but I'm curious-- why didn't
           they position the bulge lower, in the small of his back?  I can fit
           an ipod or even a thin novel just above my belt with very little
           visibility, and that's not even wearing a jacket.
           \_ Transmission distance. This proves liberals are smarter: Kerry's
              magic cheat pen with wireless receiver and handwriting-
              recognizing transmitter had a wider operating range.
        \_ so...let's suppose that Bush *was* secretly connected to some
           wireless device during the debate.  Do you really think that
           they couldn't use something more compact?  It just doesn't add up.
           And where is the wire going to his ear?  most cameras were pointed
           at his head, and that wire would surely be visible.
           \_ It could be a receiver/transmitter with a tiny earpiece you can't
              see.  Look at websites for spy stuff, we can assume that Bush
              has access to the best.
              \_ Right.  Let's assume he has access to the best.  Does that
                 really include a bulky rectangular thing worn on the back
                 under one's shirt?
                 \_ Well, if you wanted to be super-cool you'd use encryption,
                    spread-spectrum, and transmit constantly so it just looks
                    like background noise.  That all requires more electronics
                    and battery power.  To top it off, they might not have
                    wanted to bother with some custom design, and chose to go
                    with something 'off the shelf' that may not have been
                    optimized for size.
                    \_ here's something off-the-shelf:
                       I don't see any reason why spread spectrum or encryption
                       would take more space or batteries.  this is just
                       what 10 seconds with google turned up.  I'm positive
                       that if Karl Rove really wanted to beam spread spectrum,
                       encrypted signals into W's ear, no giant battery
                       pack would be needed. One wonders how many kids are
                       cheating their way through school with these things,
                       \_ Both encryption and spread-spectrum require extra
                          chips, and cen be fairly demanding (several watts)
                          depending on what encryption or DSS you use.
                          Continuous transmission (to look like background)
                          would up the power requirements a lot.  Thing of a
                          cell phone operating continuously, with more
                          complicated signal processing and you get a sense of
                          the power requirements.  CDMA uses DSS but it's only
                          spread over (I think) 1.5MHz.  You'd want a much
                          wider spread for being sneaky.
                    \_ Alcoa is up today.
                       \_ Heh. -- ulysses
              \_ Let's assume GWB had access to Star Trek Tech(c).  There was
                 obviously no one feeding him lines through it.
                 \_ 'Obviously'?  How do you figure that?
                    \_ Did you *see* the debate?
           \_ Read the article.  Their expert seems to be saying that this is
              both plausible and technically possible to do wirelessly. Given
              how poorly Bush did in the debate, however, I'd almost believe
              that someone hacked the feed.
        \_ Yes, I go to Salon for all my non-partisan information.  Could
           you use something less biased like the
           or next time?  Thanks!
                \_ Not everything or reports is
                   a lie.
                   \_ Salon: Abu Ghraib scandal, Drudge: Monica Lewinsky
        \_ Liberals, trying to outstupid stupid.  They might win.
        \_ Couldn't somebody just start blasting the debate with broad-spectrum
           whitenoise (or move up and down through the frequencies until Bush
           looks pained)?  Or what about a cell-phone killing EMP?
           \_ Broad-spectrum white noise would work, but it would disable every
              wireless device in the room. (Did the moderator have an
              earpiece?  Did somme backstage techs?)  Shifting frequency would
              not jam it if it uses spread-spectrum.  An EMP would fry the
        \_ So no one has mentioned the fact that Bush wears body armor when
           he's in public (at the insistence of the Secret Service)?  It
           appears that Salon is doing spin in a response to the video showing
           Kerry violating the rules of the 1st debate.  See
  for a link to the video.
           \_ Don't delete my mocking or I'll delete your post.
            \_ i thought it was a magic penis
                 \_ "I'll take 'The Penis Mightier', Alex."
           \_ Personally, I think he was packing heat. Probably that pearl
              handled revolver that they took off Saddam Hussein when he
              was captured.
           \_ 1. If he wore body armor because the secret service required it,
                 you would not know about it.  Making that info public just
                 tells potential assassins to go for a head shot.
              2. Presidential candidates are also given a SS detail, so both
                 Bush and Kerry would be wearing it.  Any shots of a Kerry
              3. Body armor is BULKY and HOT.  You would see it much more
                 clearly, and the Bush team would not be asking for 70 degree
                 room temperatures.
                 \_ all three of these "arguments" are weak as hell. #3 is
                    true of some armor but not of the light-duty armor
                    plates that are thin and flexible. i find it
                    instructive about your cognitive abilities that you
                    make arguments which rely on the assumption that you
                    know everything there is to know (about, for example,
                    body armor). #1 is a really shitty argument and doesn't
                    hold up to any sort of logical scrutiny. compare to
                    "if bush had a bodyguard, you wouldn't know about it."
                    #2 assumes that all security details have the same
                    threat model. to sum up, you're a fucking idiot. --aaron
                 \_ you suck --aaron
                    \_ Is this what Google Millionaires do with their spare
                       time?  Send some of that green my way, aaron, and I
                       guarantee I'll have more fun with it.
              \_ I know that facts carry less weight than your from-the-ass
                 speculation, but here's at least one reference:
                 "The concealed body armor currently worn by George W. Bush,
                 the Secret Service and many law-enforcement folks..."
                 Hackworth is not exactly a Bush partisan.
                 \_ WorldNetDaily is a piece of shit.
                    \_ Then read the same commentary at:
                       And find out who Hackworth is before dismissing him.  Dumbass.
                 \_ just a technical point.  If you wear body armor that
                    doesn't have bulky plates, it won't protect you against
                    assault rifle rounds.  It's mainly for pistols.
                    Hackworth should know better.
2004/10/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:33983 Activity:nil
10/8    I have a couple png images (blue on a white background) for which I'd
        like to have a transparent background (instead of white).  Is there an
        easy (ie, not erasing each pixel) way in gimp2 to do this?  The whole
        image is just one layer.  Thanks.
        \_ Select all of one color (blue).  Copy. Open new document with
           background specified as transparent. Paste. Save. All right, so this
           is really Photoshop specific, but surely there are analogues in
           Gimp 2?
2004/10/8 [Academia/UCLA] UID:33984 Activity:high
10/8    Go Trojans!
        \_ Roll on you be-ah!
        \_ For those who don't know, Cal #7, vs USC #1 this weekend, Channel 7
           12:30p, Sat.
        \_ Oddsmakers have USC over Cal by more than 7 points.
           \_ How much was USC favored by last year?
              \_ True, even the L.A. Times has picked Cal to win tomorrow.
                 \_ Article no doubt written by a UCLA grad.
                    \_ actually, Northridge
        \_ Go Durex!  Go Spartans!
2004/10/8 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:33985 Activity:very high
10/8    time to short Oil stocks.. you've been warned
        \_ How about reading the thing below, and going from there?
             -- ilyas
        \_ Do tell. Why do you think this?
        \_ with oil selling for over $50 a barrel?
           \_ Anonymous MOTD God knows all!
           \_ Buy low, sell high! People still cannot figure this out?!
              \_ Selling now if you actually have oil makes sense.  Shorting
                 it is risky because it could rise further and stay there
                 for a long time.
                 \_ Cover the short when it falls again. It will fall.
                    \_ While it climbs you may be asked to cover the diff.
                       That's where you get fucked.  You put in more money
                       or take the loss immediately.  Why are you always
                       telling people to short?  You want everyone broke?
                       \_ FWIW, I am not the original poster. So there
                          are several of us. We want to make money, bud.
                          You go long on a day of record prices, k?
        \_ If you're so sure they'll fall, why not sign your post?
        \_ nah, don't short.  china will just buy more and more oil.
           it's desperate.
           it's desperate.  rise in oil price still have some way to
           go.  gold 500 shall happen soon too.
           \_ Gold $500?  Why?
              \_ dollar further room to drop, slightly higher inflation,
                 commodities prices higher, and according to wsj,
                 surprisingly, china is having a labor shortage (!!).
                 \_ Well those are all reasons to buy *any* commodity.
                    \_ I didn't say buy gold, I only said gold 500.
2004/10/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:33986 Activity:low
10/8    A friend of mine lost a hair clip on campus, possibly in soda.
        It has a lot of sentimental value and she's offering a $100 reward
        to get it back.  See this post for more info:
        - niloc
        \_ I want 500$ for it.
        \_ sentimental value, hmmmm, is it from someone who gave her the best
           ^%^*&* of her life?
2004/10/8-9 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/HW/Display] UID:33987 Activity:nil
10/8    Hey motd, I looked over the links about plasma and lcd, and I was
        wondering if anyone has any personal experience or advice wrt lcd
        rear projection and how it compares to plasma/lcd technologies.  TIA.
2004/10/8-9 [Computer/SW/Languages/JavaScript] UID:33988 Activity:nil
10/8    Is there any way to do multithreading (or even just dual-threading) in
        \_ you can try using a delay call to spawn another javascript function,
           but javascript isn't really designed for real applications, you
2004/10/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:33989 Activity:nil
10/8    Cool, I always wanted to know what my local talk radio stations were.
2004/10/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:33990 Activity:nil
10/8    In a cover letter when applying for a job, what's a good figure on
        the number of words to use?  I don't want to be so verbose they ignore
        me, or so terse they think I don't even care.
        \_ just keep everything to less than one page, including headers,
           text, and signature, with font size 10-12.
           \_ So if this is by email... 80 columns and how many lines?
                \_ I'd like to say type up the entire thing in a word
                   processor and then copy/paste, but I'm not completely
                   sure if that's right. anyone?
                   \_ Ok, given your suggested formatting, how many words do
                      a full page of normal text comprise?
                      \_ Roughly 250.
2004/10/8-9 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:33991 Activity:moderate
10/8    A while back someone posted 20 points talking about things Bush
        has been criticized for that Clinton also did. Where can I get
        that? I'd like to reread it.
        \_ /tmp/motd.troll . i am unaware of why this is very
           interesting. - danh
           \_ The Halliburton part is interesting, if true. Cheney has
              taken a lot of criticism for that.
              \_ Was Clinton a shareholder and previous CEO of Halliburton?
                 No, hence no appearance of impropriety. I seem to remember
                 the Clinton haters going on and on about Whitewater
                 back in the day.
                 \_ The point here is that the US awarded such contracts
                    before regardless of who was President/Vice-President.
                    \_ The point of the Cheney/Halliburton connection is
                       more an indictment of politicos who go on to become
                       lobbyists for corporations after leaving office. Cheney
                       was very well-connected with the Pentagon when Bush
                       lost in '92; Halliburton immediately offered him the
                       CEO position, counting on his personal relationships
                       to win them contracts with the military.  It worked.
                       Coincidentally, he then became VP, which made his
                       activities and those of his former company much more
                       public.  The last thing you need when you're running
                       back room deals is the publicity of public office, but
                       it was really too good an opportunity to pass up.
        \_ motd archives.
            And it's 12 lame points. Go Kerry!!!!!
            \_ Yes, anything that you can't answer that shows your hypocrtical
               nature is lame.
2004/10/8-9 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:33992 Activity:nil
10/8    If I am creating a swap/temp partition on a disk, is it better if the
        partition is in the beginning? end? does it matter? Assuming beginning
        is the center of the disk, it would imply it being faster, right?
        \_ I don't know where the 'beginning' is, but in benchmarks, the
           beginning is always faster.
           I seem to remember some weird problem once where the boot loader
           could not load kernels after like the 1024th sector or something.
           \_ I want to create a 10GB temp partition and mount it under C:
              for use as a temp directory...
        \_ there is somethint seriously fallacious about attempting to optimize
           performance while swapping.  Eliminating swapping altogether should
           be the priority.
           \_ agreed.  You're (op) really barking up the wrong tree, even for
              a temp directory.
           \_ I want to redirect everything temporary to this partition,
              such as %temp, ie cache, etc. This is so that the main OS
              partition does not get fragmented over time and becomes slower
              and slower. It is generally easier to reformat the temp partition
              and file writing on the temp partition is a lot faster than
              on a fragmented main partition. We are talking about different
              things. -op
              \_ this is why one usually puts the 'temp' partition on a memory
                 based file system.  Again in this case performance is
                 optimized by keeping this OFF THE DISK, making disk
                 performance needs mostly irrelevant.
              \- partitioning makes sense. worring about underlying
                 physical layout is silly. nuff said. if you want to
                 waste your time, feel free.
2004/10/8-9 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:33993 Activity:insanely high
10/8    Holy SHIT Bush is actually doing pretty well, did he rehearse or
        something? In addition, he's taking notes!!! He didn't do that
        last time. SHIT.
        \_ They gave him back his cocaine.
        \_ Uh, well?  Maybe on the "internets."  Did you see his Dean Scream
           \_ *SCOWL*
        \_ Kerry mistakes so far, add if you wish:
           1) "I'm a lawyer too" (most ppl hate lawyers)
              \_ I don't think this was a mistake
                 \_ First thing we do is kill all the lawyers.
           2) "Join me to defeat ppl who make over $200,000"
              (bad bad bad, they control YOUR life)
          \_ my combined income is, in fact, over $200,000. I don't
             like Bush, but I like my nice house and I enjoy co-owning
             my Piper Arrow. That is why I'm voting for Bush.
             \_ hmm, so you are really dying for that $2000 taxcut you get
                with bush huh with your $200k income?
                "A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of
                 government. It can only exist until the voters
                 discover that they can vote themselves money from the
                 public treasure. From that moment on the majority
                 always votes for the candidates promising the most
                 money from the public treasury, with the result that a
                 democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy
                 followed by a dictatorship."
                 \_ I'm glad you believe that! Now take a history lesson
                 \_ My wallet isn't your public treasure, thanks.  I'm not
                    the piper guy.
                    \_ Some money has to come out of someone's wallet for
                       the "public treasure".  You just don't want it to be
                       you, because it's not *fair* to tax people more just
                       because they can afford more.  So horribly unfair.
                        \_ Ever hear of equality? I know its a new and
                           radical concept, but perhaps you might want
                           to consider it. If all citizens are equal
                           then they should all pay an equal percentage
                           of their income as taxes. Why should I have
                           have to pay a higher tax rate just b/c my
                           income is higher, when all I did was study
                           hard, work late nights to get to a better
                           job, and mr. pot smoking slacker english
                           major drank his way through school and
                           now can't get a job and expects me to pay
                           more so that he can live off of my hard
                           work. That is BS.
                           \_ What if that English major wins the lottery,
                              inherits money, or happens to get a good job
                              through nepotism? What if I worked hard like
                              you did and yet make less money through
                              choice or bad luck? I am all for a flat tax,
                              but your argument is stupid. Some rich
                              people work hard. Some don't. Same as the poor.
                              \_ In general, barring lottery winners etc.
                                 people getting paid more are doing more
                                 economically valuable work. If you make
                                 less money through choice then why do you
                                 want others to make up the difference?
                                 And let's say in theory we do the same type
                                 of work, but you work half as hard and get
                                 half the income. Why should your tax rate
                                 be different for the year?
                                 \_ Easily answered: "gimme! gimme! gimme!"
           \_ simple numbers game, piss off 2% of the populus and curry the
              favor of 98%, that doesn't make sense to you?
                \_ no but under Kerry I'll have to pay a LOT more tax. No thx.
                        \_ Someone has to pay for all of this invading, you're
                           just going back to the Clinton levels
                           \_ Which were too high.
           3) "Bush's [nonexisting] lumber company"
                \_ Bush DOES have timber company...
                   \_ good find.
******************* Partisan Tools Below This Line *********************
                    \_ Is it partisan to say Bush sounded even stupider in the
                       second debate?
                       \- it's not partisan, it is foolish. --psb
                          \_ Are you saying it is foolish because Bush did not
                             sound even stupider; or because the statement
                             invites scorn; or both?
                             \_ Did you even watch the debate last night?
        \_ Bush started strong but he is fading fast
           \_ Did you watch the same debate?  Wishful thinking?  Faint hope?
              \_ That was the way it went in the first debate, too.
                 \_ And you didn't notice any difference between his first and
                    last night's efforts?  Ok.... whatever.....
        \_ Bush creamed Kerry this time.
           \_ Dubya was even more stupid this time.  You don't become less
              wrong by yelling it louder.
              \_ Would you like the pink or the blue kool aid?
           \_ apparently that's not how people outside of California
              think. My officemate from Indiana (very pro Bush) shouts
              loudly when 1) he feels that he has a strong point
              2) when he doesn't want to hear from you again.
              People outside of California seem to have different
              social protocols, and shouting works for them.
              \_ your co-worker from Indiana is pretty stupid
                \_ that may be so, but people like him are
                   all over the United States, voting for Bush.
                   \_ True.  And liberals all across the U.S. are asking
                      "Why isn't Kerry whooping this chimp?"
                      \_ I know why, and you should too, if you have been
                         paying attention. -- ilyas
                         \-My opinion on the two people at the top of
                           the ticket is well known but i have to say that
                           Melman fellow from BUSHCO is 100x better than
                           mary beth cahill. it was sort of sad that charlie
                           rose basically gave the bush campiagn a lot more
                           free airtime to "clarify" [and it was well done]
                           than kerry's spokespeson. it was lame of kerry
                           co to let bushco go last and get a lot more time.
                           they need to be more ruthless on "details" like
                           this. --psb
                           \_ Charlie Rose?  Who watched *that*?
                         \_ Yes, I know why.  People are dumb.  Dubya and his
                            handlers know how to talk to dumb people, as he is
                            himself:  dumb.  Granted there are smart
                            Republicans out there, but they don't form the
                            majority of those voting for Dubya.
                            Clinton:  "When people think, Democrats win."
                            \_ I'm voting for Dubya and I'm dumb!  Woot!  We
                               is all jus' whitey craker red neck hiks on thiz
                               side uh da ile!  You just keep telling yourself
                               that if it makes you feel better about last
                               night.  I prefer to always assume my opposition
                               is not moronic and not take things for granted
                               like you do with your weak labelling.
                            \_ when people start thinking, we'll democratize
                               both parties so that party bosses don't control
                               every political position where one party
                               controls a safe majority.
                            \_ When people who profess to care actually
                               bother to vote then Democrats would win,
                               \_ Isn't the DNC asking for volunteers to
                                  take an hour or two to make get-out-the-vote
                                  phone calls on election day?  I think if
                                  you do have spare time, this could make
                                  a big difference.
                                  \_ The election is done.  Everyone already
                                     know who they'll vote for.  Everyone who
                                     is going to show is already going to show.
                                     The only thing we don't yet know is which
                                     polls are more accurate than others.
                                     Anyway, when I see "political call" show
                                     on my caller ID, I don't pick up.  I
                                     doubt any apathetic person would either.
2004/10/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:33994 Activity:low
10/8    I think they they are both more aggressive than last time,
        \_ I have a feeling that more than one advisor (and jon stewart
           spoof sketch) told him to kick it up a notch.
2004/10/8-9 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:33995 Activity:insanely high
10/8    As of 10/8, 8:39PM, polls ask who you think won the
        second debate (Bush, Kerry, [undecided]): (11.51%, 88.10%) (16%, 82%, 2%) (30%, 70%) (27%, 73%) (95%, 1%)
        \_ "Poll: Bush, Kerry tie in 2nd debate", an article from CNN.
           So what's up. CNN becoming conservative and trying to save face?
        \_ Thanks to the DNC e-mail spam, I guess.
           \_ Check for all the "FREEP THE MSNBC POLL"
              posts.  The difference is that the freepers (and Chris
              Matthews, apparently) actually think an online poll
              means something.  The lefty swampers are trying to show
              just how FUCKING POINTLESS these online polls are.  --scotsman
              \_ There's about 150 freepers vs. the tens of thousands of Dems
                 on the DNC mailing list.  This has been said many times before
                 on the motd: freepers are not conservatives or Republicans and
                 all clear thinking people disavow them in the same way you
                 should disavow nuts like Michael Moore and the democratic
              \_ You've been trolled scotsman! HAHA   -!person who posted it
                 \_ Actually, no.  I know who posted it, and I'm just
                    explaining how I see the poll slamming, not flaming
                    them.  And unless there's a freeper manifesto you
                    can point me to that says that they're trying to
                    make a mockery of the polls (I can point you to
                    plenty on the left), then I stand by my point. --scotsman
                    \_ Thank god we have geniuses like yourself to
                       point out the absurdity. Please, let me
                       express my unwavering gratitude. Thank
                       you!  P.S., don't you find it slightly unusual
                       that you have worked yourself up into a frenzy
                       about this.
                       \_ No more so than any other criticism of journalism
                          in this country..  Are you happy with the state
                          of affairs?  Do you like bankrupted localities?
                          Do you like soldiers being killed and wounded
                          in a preemptive war against a non-threat?  Do you
                          like all of this wrapped up in a pretty media
                          package?  You mock my anger?  I mock your complacency
                          and cowardice (sign your damn name, mr. black).
                           \_ RACIST!!!
                              \_ RAPIST!!!
                                 \_ PAPIST!!!
                                    \_ TRAPPIST!!!
                                       \_ PRIAPIST!!!
2004/10/8-9 [ERROR, uid:33996, category id '18005#14.165' has no name! , ] UID:33996 Activity:low
10/8    No political bias at ABC News:
        \_ No full-sentence in-context quotes from Drudge Report.
           \_ Liar.  The entire memo is there.
2004/10/8-9 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:33997 Activity:high
10/8    I'm looking for all the war video footages, like the F16
        Fallujah and the Apache Helicoptor killing. Is there a
        depot for these kinds of things? ok thx.
        \_ kazaa lite resurrection. get the entire Apache footage -
           not the edited ABC News version.
        \_ would you like video footage of terrorists blowing up children
           in Iraq for your home made propaganda film, too?
2004/10/8-9 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic] UID:33998 Activity:very high
10/8    Here is a cool idea. What if some guy, say, Soros' assistant
        opens up a new company that asks for GOP campaign donations.
        He outsources that to Indians, and when the Indians ask
        for money, their accents and their where-abouts (India) will
        either disgust Republicans so much that they'll switch party,
        or, they'll donate money which could be used by the Democrats.
        \_ The Republicans beat them to it.
        \_ It's called fraud.
        \_ Why would I switch to democrat b/c an Indian answered
           the phone?
           \_ Because all Republicans are racists.
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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