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2004/10/3-4 [Computer/Companies/Google, Industry/Startup] UID:33893 Activity:low
10/4    I *told* you Google is soon to suffer massive brain drain and some
        ninnies here called me an idiot.  Read it and weep!
        \_ He makes the point that $1 mil isn't enough to retire on in
           Silicon Valley.  What he misses is, if someone gave me a $1 mil
           I'd move the heck out of Silicon Valley.
           \_ That's exactly what I thought when I read the article.  Of course
              we will now bring down the wrath of the Angry Bay Areans by
              mentioning the heresy of life outside the bay area.
                \_ Wait, there is life outside of the Bay Area? I thought it
                   was some vast wasteland ...
        \_ I'm still laughing at you. --googler
           \_ Laugh away.  You present no counter to this link or the logic
              behind it that google is soon to experience a major brain drain.
              If you're one of those who stands to make $1m from it, then I'm
              happy for you.  That still doesn't mean google isn't going to get
              crunched in a few months when all these smart people do the smart
              thing and retire someplace outside the bay area.  With $1m and a
              casual consulting or part time gig you can live *very* well in
              most of the country.
              \_ Still laughing. Sorry, I'm not breaking my confidentiality
                 agreements for you. --googler
        \_ Mmm, the grapes are, how do you zey, sour?
           \_ Uh oh, how dare I post a link with factual numbers to back my
              point?  Obviously, a fully backed point is just sour grapes.  If
              you have a counter point with or without link, you're welcome to
              make it.  Until then, you're just cute.
2004/10/3-4 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:33894 Activity:nil
10/2    Is there a way to disable specific warnings in gcc?
        \_ Use the source, Luke!
        \_ Even easier than source, use the manual, info gcc.
           \_ I did.  It doesn't help.  It describes command-line options to
              disable a few specific warnings, but it doesn't describe any
              general mechanism.  I guess what I'm looking for is something
              like MSVC's #pragma warning(disable:xxxx)
              \_ from the man page,
                      -w  Inhibit all warning messages.
                 \_ Read the whole thread.  It's not that long.  I'm looking
                    for a general mechanism to disable *specific* warnings
                    (and preferably in a specific file, or better yet, in a
                    specific section of code).  I don't want to disable all
                    warnings.  That'd be retarded.
                    \_ It's more retarded to just ignore some warnings in
                       a single file.  If it's a single file, FIX it.
                       Apologies if this sounds harsh; I'm actually
                       yelling at most of my coworkers.  Btw, which
                       warning?  Why is it unfixable?
        \_ gcc foo.c |& grep -v unwanted_warnings
2004/10/3-4 [Uncategorized] UID:33899 Activity:nil
        Are these Abu Ghraib photos newly released?  I didn't realize
        there were so many.
        \_ Nah, the Abu Ghraib photos are all old.  I've seen them all except
           the one with the guy with the women's panties on his head.
2004/10/3-4 [Recreation/Humor] UID:33900 Activity:nil
10/2    This is slightly funny.  The first page is sort of SFW, but all the
        others are very NOT Safe For Work.
2004/10/3-4 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:33901 Activity:moderate
10/4    here's a pretty good reason to not re elect gwbush,
        his administration's efforts to outsource torture to other
        \_ Oh no! The horror! Humans hurting other humans! We should rewrite
           our genetic code to stamp it out and live off the land.
           \_ gave me a good chuckle
        \_ Or a good reason TO re-elect him, depending on your POV.
           \_ true.  too bad i have to share the country with psychos.
              \_ Republican: evil/stupid, Democrat: good/smart.
                 \_ WDYHA?
           \_ If you think it is a GOOD reason, you should ask yourself
              why we should outsource rather than doing it in house.
              Outsourcing is unamerican!
2004/10/3-4 [Uncategorized] UID:33902 Activity:nil
10/3    The Global Test:
2004/10/3 [Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:33903 Activity:nil
10/3    beautiful sunday
        fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck!
        inside writing code
        \_ Welcome to the rest of your life.
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