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2004/10/2-4 [Consumer/CellPhone, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:33885 Activity:kinda low
10/2    I want to get a text message or have my cell phone ring when
        Mt. St. Helens erupts. Any ideas how to do this?
        \_ Perhaps you can use an RSS feed from one of the major news
           organizations, coupled with a script to parse and send the message?
        \_ google alerts?  Of course the trouble with using google
           for news is that there is the crawler lag. -- ilyas
        \_ Tell your neurotic midwestern relatives who watch tv all the time
           that you moved to Seattle, and give them your cell phone number.
           Yes, I realize that Seattle is in no danger, but they won't.
        \_ ask these guys to call you
        \_ set up a script to monitor for the appropriate headline.
           then have it email your cell phone.
        \_ Uh... why?  Would finding out an hour later matter at all?
2004/10/2-4 [Uncategorized] UID:33886 Activity:nil
10/2    Do people smoke less weed now, or am I just becoming old and un-cool?
        \_ They smoke more than ever.  Use of other harder drugs is
           slightly down among younger demographics.  You might still be old
           and uncool, though. :-)
           \_ People are doing just as many drugs as ever, it's just harder
              to get particular psychedelics right now unless you're a
2004/10/2-4 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:33887 Activity:nil
10/1    If you haven't done so already, file your class action lawsuit:
        \_ jeesh, everything is in pdf. Why is paypal paying everyone?
2004/10/2-4 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:33888 Activity:nil
10/1    Registration tops estimates of eligibility, officials say
        Moveon, keep up the good work!
        \_ Did you actually read this article?
           "There are 200,000 people on Franklin County's voter rolls who
           currently are classified as 'inactive,' Damschroder said, but it
           takes five years or more of non-voting to remove their names. No
           one is purged from the voter lists in federal election years, so
           the list won't be pared down until mid-2005."
           So like, try really hard to think of all the things that might
           have happened to some of those 200,000 in the last five years.
           I know you can do it.
           \_ A lot of them died or moved but we'll make sure someone votes
              Kerry for them anyway.  We have interpreted their desires from
              the grave and marked a ballot for them.
        \_ Republicans are starting to get nervous. Are you trying to
           build a case for contesting the election after you lose it?
           \_ Which side has 6,000 lawyers at the ready in all the swing
              states?  Pot, kettle, black?  Some Republicans are disappointed
              with GWB's performance in the debate.  Those are the ones who
              saw style over substance.  Flash doesn't last.  We now have a
              new "global test" for defending ourselves.  We have Kerry saying
              we should have gone multi-lateral in Iraq, which we did, yet
              unilateral in North Korea.  The man is a gibbering fool and it
              shows in the transcripts and post analysis.  Your own guys are
              saying it was a tie.  Talk to the weed smoking guy at the top
              and you'll feel better.
              \_ "gibbering fool"??? Uh huh. Your partisanship has taken
                 leave of your sanity. Every poll has Kerry smoking Bush
                 in those debates, usually by a 2:1 ratio. Keep clinging
                 to your fantasy, it will come crashing down soon
              \_ Both sides have an army of lawyers at the ready:
              \_ Bwahahahaha.  I love it. Leave it to Bush apologists to
                 compare multi-lateral MILITARY ACTION and bilateral
                 NEGOTIATIONS.  But of course, there's no nuance in the
                 Bush vocabulary.  Stay strong, especially when wrong!
                 \_ And what was Kerry's vote for Persian Gulf War? Hmm???
                    When there was a huge Coalition for MILITARY ACTION with
                    even Syrians taking orders from the West?
                    \_ Read his speech.
                       This time around was after 9/11.  The president said
                       he was asking for force authorization in order to
                       press a diplomatic solution, then flipped a big ol'
                       bird to that and started bombing.
                       \_ This text of the speech just shows me how wrong
                          Kerry was back then. Does not change how he harp
                          on the small Coalition, but 12 years earlier
                          voted against authorizing a bigger one into action.
                       \_ Obviously you never read the behind the scenes
                          during GW1 between Powell and Aziz.
                       \_ The bill Kerry voted for was the "Authorization to
                          use force in Iraq".  How much clearer can it be?  If
                          he wasn't in favor of that, he should have voted
                          against it, before or maybe after he voted for it,
                          well until the polls said he should do the opposite
                          until his numbers slipped with his base but then it
                          was time to firm up his decisions by making a new
                          decision and consistently being consistent about his
                          nuanced consistency, maybe.
2004/10/2-4 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:33889 Activity:nil
10/1    Though I'm likely the last Mac-oriented CSUA member to upgrade my
        OS, I gotta say that invoking ssh from the UNIX innards of my
        iBook is wonderful/weird. -elizp
        \_ Hey buddy, try invoking your terminal to 80 columns.
        \_ Ain't it cool, though?  It still gives me shivers.  Now go install
           Quicksilver and let's really get this party started.
           \_ Pffft, you could do this on a PC laptop for the past ten years...
              Apple, the company that hypes up things that everyone could
              do already, i.e.
              Ipod - glorified nomad jukebox
              iBook - glorified laptop that runs half as slow as everyone
                      else and costs twice as much
              iMac - glorified VGA monitor with builtin toaster
                \_ hi dumbass. it's more than glorified. maybe you meant
                   "competent" or "efficient" or "actually working".
                   \_ When you're in a cult, it seems like there is no
                      life outside of it, but there is.  You *can* find
                      help, and there is hope for a cult-free existence.
                      do not despair.
              Yeah, let's all switch so we can't run the applications that
              we need.
              \_ Think Different!  Think Slower!  Think Higher Cost!  Think
              \_ did steve jobs kick your puppy or something?
                 \_ Yeah, and that puppy's name was "Apple ][e."  The
                    last good computer.
                    \_ I still miss playing Bilestoad.
                       \_ Then find an Apple ][ emulator and download it.
                          I found Bilestoad and Taipan online.
        \_ I don't miss my sun ultra 5, anymore. My G5 screams. It's the
           best of both worlds: Mac & unix.
           \_ What you said.  Most people who complain about Apple haven't
              actually tried the new stuff yet.
           \_ You're comparing an ancient U5 to a modern G5?  Duh.
              \_ Actually, it's a pretty good comparison; the U5 was
                 underpowered and based on old PC technology when it came out.
2004/10/2 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:33896 Activity:high
        \_ "A group of folks?"
        \_ What's that about?  All I get is one Dubya pic and a white/red flag.
           Nothing to click on.
                \_ it's not aimed for you then.
        \_ Kerry is French.
2004/10/2 [ERROR, uid:33897, category id '18005#26.9475' has no name! , ] UID:33897 Activity:high
10/1    FoxNews caught red-handed fabricating story, posts apology:,2933,134166,00.html
        Go here for the original story:
        \_ Give them a break.  It's hard to distinguish stories that have
           been spun as much as Fox News does from total fantasies, I
           can see how they could make that mistake.
           \_ But this was a front-page story, written by their "star
              campaign reporter" Carl Cameron.  If a NYTimes reporter had
              done this to Bush, his ass would be hanging from a tree and
              Fox would be running stories all day about it.
              \_ You may have missed the part where the respondent says that
                 Fox stories are all fantasies.
                 \_ It is always safe to assume maximum sarcasm in any motd
        \_ Fox News does not lie. Only the liberal communist America hating
           Dan Rather does that.
2004/10/2-3 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:33898 Activity:moderate
10/1    A dimwit conservative is asking questions and is waiting to be flamed.
        Can we find all the falacies in these statements and mass mail them
        to Bush supporters?
        \_ Republican: stupid/evil, Democrat: smart/good.
           If he's so dim, why don't you have the answers at the tip of your
           fingers?  You shouldn't need help and research to find flaws in
           such obvious crap.  Right?
           \_ No, you have got it backwards. Democrats: evil/stupid,
              Republicans: smart/good. Just ask Rush!
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