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2004/9/26-27 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:33759 Activity:moderate
9/26    Has anyone played Dungeon Siege? I know its an old game, but I saw
        it on sale and wanted to know if it was any good before I bought it.
        \_ Dungeon Siege is like a crappy, Microsoft version of Diablo 2.
           Diablo 2 is much more fun.
        \_ DS is an old game that I still sometimes load up for kicks.
           D2 is rehashed crap with zero replaybility.
           \_ Is that why people still play D2 by the thousands on
              battlenet, and why there are D2 item selling businesses
              on the internet?  No one plays DS except you.
              \_ Lots of people commit suicide every year so suicide must
                 be good.  That's the best you can come up with?
                 \_ Suicide is great, try it.
                 \_ A new twist on the "Coors" beer argument.
        \_ I so thoroughly wanted to be done with this game that I started
           just racing the characters through, ignoring the monsters.  And
           it worked.
        \_ D2 >> Dungeon Siege.  The makers of Dungeon Siege failed to grasp
           what makes Diablo fun. -- ilyas
           what makes Diablo fun.  Sacred is apparently a better attempt,
           but I never played it.  -- ilyas
           \_ I've played Sacred.  Sacred is poo.  DS >>> Sacred.
        \_ It's probably worth $5 but don't spend more than $10.
2004/9/26-27 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:33760 Activity:high
9/26    What's the line for .forward to send incoming mail via procmail,
        and _then_ forward to
        \_ A .forward file isn't powerful enough for that.  Do it all from
           procmail instead, by adding this to the end of your .procmailrc:

               \_ That will eventually create a mail loop that's not detectable
                  by sendmail.
                 \_ Erk, cool, thanks.  Any way around this?  -op
        \_ i use the following in my .procmailrc... if this can still create a
           mail loop, please let me know how to fix it:
           \_ Use something like this:

              | formail -A"X-Loop:"


              Some comments: 1) there is no need to use locks since you're
              not writing to a file. 2) The "X-Loop:"
              header keeps track of whether this message has been forwarded
              before.  3) You can combine this with any other rules you have on
              your mind. 4) these two recipes must be listed strictly in this
              order (see the meaning of "a" flag).
              I have been using the plain "!" recipe without any checks before
              and got burned many times and as a mail sysadmin I have seen lots
              of users get burned by this too. The problems usually start when
              the <DEAD><DEAD> refuses to accept mail for some reason.  Then sendmail
              will attempt to deliver the bounced message to your mail box. But
              since you have a procmail rule that tries to forward everything
              to the other host, it will keep forwarding mail until your csua
              account goes over quota.  Your *!^FROM_MAILER rule might work
              fine for this purpose too, but it will fail to forward messages
              that were mail errors that didn't appear as a result of a failed
              mail forwarding attempt.
              \_ thanks! -FROM_MAILER guy
2004/9/26-27 [Computer/Networking] UID:33761 Activity:nil
9/26    opinions on whether i should get DSL, cable + dsl,
        cable + cable internet, or a tivo like device.  what
        is available in the bay area?  how much are these things?
        i would like to have cable and internet access and
        AOL isn't cutting it.
        \_ Umm, why would you ever consider using AOL in the first place?
           Anyway, if you want cable and internet, then it's probably
           best to get a package deal from comcast. They have some 24.95
           for 3 months cable internet promotion right now. You can also
           ask if it would be cheaper if you got cable with that too.
           Act like you're poor unless you want to pay a lot. They
           offered me a $37 cable tv + internet package a few weeks ago
           when I called to cancel. (Before that I'd been getting cable
           internet for $19.99 for like, a year.) I didn't need the cable
           though, so I passed on that.
2004/9/26-27 [Uncategorized] UID:33762 Activity:nil
9/26    Anyone interested in pictures from Primrose's picnic yesterday
        can check out my webpage.  There's 8 or so pictures, with some
        nice ones of mconst, alexf, ajani, and brain.
        \_ Thx for taking the pictures!
2004/9/26-27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:33763 Activity:high
9/26    You know, while most of the alums failed to make it big during the
        dot com days there are quite a few others who did in fact make it
        big. Why don't they donate to CSUA? Why don't they wall anymore?
        They used to be liberals, did they suddenly change to stingy
        capitalistic Bush/Cheney supporters after they got rich? Is that why
        they no longer talk to us?
        \_ Years of banging yermom have left them bitter, grouchy and less
           likely to contribute $$$.
           \- Because the CSUA doesnt need money? How about donating to say
              3rd world literacy programs.
              \_ While basically true, in this case I don't think of the
                 CSUA as a charity, (I already donate a lot of money to
                 charities) but as a shared resource we're all using, and
                 should therefore support.
                        \- for what? to hire/stipend the sysadmin?
                           soda doesnt need any more resources ... maybe
                           nominally more disk, but the pburo ought to
                           run a "disk drive" rather than just give them
                           random cash.
                           \_ CPU-wise, SodaVI is gettinv a little long in the
                              tooth, especially with everyone running spam
                              \_ Shit, we just need that lottery system back.
                           \_ Unless things have changed since I left 9
                              mo. ago, Soda is not in need of more disk so
                              much as NEW disk.  Those TDAs are a mess and
                              could completely crash and burn at anytime.
                              And they take up too much rack space.
                 \_ Is there a convenient way to drop the CSUA the odd bit
                    of cash (i.e. via credit card?)  -John
                    \_ Yes and no, paypal has been suggested, and
                       Politburo set up an account, but they're still
                       working through the legalities with the ASUC.
                       Mailing a check to 343 Soda still works.
                           \_ What is the complete address? And who
                              do we make the check payable to?
                        \_ And costs me about 20 bucks to do from abroad, and
                           a lot of people refuse to use paypal, myself
                           included.  Oh well.  -John
                           \_ Politburo is open to suggestions.  What
                              would you prefer?
                              \_ Anonymous untraceable E-Gold.
                              \- The time has come for:
                 \_ What was the point of this link?  Is it supposed to be
                    \_ Would you trust her to spend your CSUA donation money
                       \_ This link is bs and really proves nothing.
        \_ Does the politburo have a proposal for what the donations would
           be used for?
           \_ Upgrading Soda.
              \_ Is there something more specific?  What will the upgrade
           \_ I will personally attest that all donations made to the CSUA
              during this time, unless otherwise specifically noted, will go
              toward the hardware upgrade (and we'll actually ask each
              donator to make sure).  We're also making a commitment to
              actually acknowledge and thank people who donate so that people
              don't think we're a group of ungrateful children.

              As for what our plans are, we're planning on upgrading soda to
              a dual xeon machine with a pile of ram and piles of
              fault-tolerant disk.  During this time, we're also planning on
              making upgrades to scotch and a general reshuffling of some of
              the servers to fix some of the issues that we're having right
              now.  (For example, we've been contemplating some fixes to soda
              getting CPU hosed by procmail and spamass processes, one of the
              fixes being to offload mail processing)  Nothing is set in
              stone though; we have to see what kind of funds we'll have to
              do this.  I'll post more in a few days about more of the
              specifics and our needs from the community.
              - jvarga
              \_ Dual 90nm Xeons?  Soda goes **FOOM**! -anonymous critic
2004/9/26-27 [Computer/SW/Security, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:33764 Activity:high
9/26    What kind of secret service protection do senators receive? Also,
        do presidential candidates receive special secret service protection?
        \_ Um, this is kind of a strange question to ask on the motd, but
           Presidential candidates all recieve SS protection... ever since
           Robert Kennedy. I am pretty sure that the SS has nothing to do
           with the Senate, but I know that Feinstein has some kind of her
           own security detail. I don't know who pays for it.
           \_ Thanks, but why is this a strange questino to ask on
              the motd?
              \_ Remember the Steve Jackson games case? The SS doesn't
                 take well to jokes or even idle curiosity.
        \_ Enjoy Ashcroft's be-latexed fingers icily probing your rectal
           cavity while you are denied access to counsel!
            \_ You have Ashcroft all wrong.  He'd never use latex,
                he'd dive right in.
               \_ Enemy combatants and people who format weirdly on the motd
                  have no right to lubricant under the Geneva Conventions.
2004/9/26 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Politics/Domestic] UID:33765 Activity:nil
9/26    Republican National Convention sends out Soda motd style argument
        in mailer:
2004/9/26-27 [Science/Electric] UID:33766 Activity:high
9/26    I was kinda of curious how much the little light on my power strip
        costs me each month.    Does anyone know how I can figure it out?
        I assume it would depend on how many watts per second it uses, how
        can I find out such a thing?
        \_ Uhm, like less than a quarter a year. If you are that concerned
           you can ask a bum for some change...
                \_ That said, I read somewhere that the cumulative energy
                   usage of appliances on standby, plus all the "little
                   lights" in an average household is pretty high over any
                   given year.  Any facts about this?  -John
        \_ Measure the current and voltage.
        \_ For real-life power consumption measurement, I found the kill-a-watt
           incredibly useful:

        \_ Something like this:
           \- it would be interesting to learn: opening the
              fridge for 10 seconds = how much time for the "little light".
        \_ Related question, a watt is on Amp at 1 volt for what, one
           \_ a watt is a joule per second, and an amp is a coulomb per
              second.  a watt is also a volt times an amp.  you could think
              of it as a volt times a coulomb per second, which makes
              sense, since voltage times charge has units of energy,
              so it's still energy per time.
           \_ obGoogle:
           \_ A watt is one amp at one volt.  A joule is one amp at one volt
              for one second.
              \_ So a kilowatt-hour is exactly 3.6 MJ then.. interesting.
                 They should have just used MJs for reporting your monthly
                 power usage.  Less need for decimal pointage, and it's
                 not a stupid unit.
                 \_ KW is not a stupid unit.  KWH is not a great scientific
                    unit, but it makes a lot of sense in relation to electrical
                    appliances and the like.  c.f. "How much power does it take
                    to run this light bulb for 1000 hours?  60KWH."
        \_ Another related question, I just read that AC-DC adapters are
           constantly sucking power regaurdless ow wether they are on or
           not.  True?
           \_ Since they are warm even when the appliance is not in use, the
              answer should be "yes".  There is some new design that is
              supposedly much more efficient but I haven't heard about it
              for years.
        \_ Watt is joule per second.
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