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2004/9/22 [Industry/Jobs] UID:33684 Activity:very high
9/22    First of all, I am not bitter or anything.  But Google sucks ass.
        Their recruiter of the Site Reliability group called me and I
        went on pass the phone screening and did an on site interview,
        but only to find out the group is mostly an IT/Operation type
        of group and they are looking for someone strong in UNIX sys admin
        with programming skills.  So they politely told me that there
        wasn't a good fit.  That's all fine since my background is in
        application development.  Then a second recruiter contacted me
        and wanted to talk to me.  I emailed her back and attempted to
        set up a phone interview but only to have her email me back and
        told me to get out of her face since Google's database said
        \_ If she blew you off rudely or unprofessionally, just send a
           calm letter to the director of HR.  Write something like
           "I have been impressed with google's technical expertise ...
           interested in working  there ... but was somewhat surprised
           at the lack of professionalism among the HR/recruiting
           personnel ...". It would be interesting to see the
           "get out of my face" letter.
        I have been rejected before.  WTF?  It's like interviewing
        a sales guy for a marketing position and tells him there isn't
        a good fit and denies him of any future opportunities.  That's
        \_ Similar thing happened to me in 1997 when Netscape people contacted
           me. They were totally unorganized and were very unprofessional.
           I'm glad they fucked up though because AOL sucks and the good/smart
           people who used to work there all left and the only people who
           remain are now the dumb dot-com rejects who have no where else
           to go to.
        \_ That wasn't my experience.  -- ilyas
        fine if the 'one-strike-and-you-are-out-forever' is the company
        mandate, then the second recruiter should have checked their
        f*cking database before contacted me so she doesn't waste my
        \_ in other words, google is teh suck.
        \_ I interviewed with the Site Reliability group.  Answered all the
           standard stuff perfectly, answered their random stuff 99.9%.
           Taught one of their guys more about his topic than he knew.  The
           response?  I'm not technically qualified to work at Google.
           Whatever.  Fuck it.  6 months after the IPO, all the smart money
           will quit and go find a nice beach and they'll be desperately
           combing their database for both of us.  I'll be happily fitting
           in somewhere else.  I suggest you do the same.  Nice cafeteria
           though.  Don't take it personally.  Our interaction with Google
           is *very* common.  They think their shit doesn't stink and treat
           everyone like crap.  It's an equal opportunity crappiness there.
        \_ Yes. You are not bitter. No. Definitely not bitter. Not a chance.
           \_ I am not, I am just pissed that she wasted my time.
        \_ Maybe the first interviewer said those nice things to you, but
           wrote "He is teh gay.  Do not hire under any circumstances," in
           his report.
           \_ OMGWTFLOL!  GOOG doesn't hire gay people?  LAWSUIT!
        \_ Google is run by a bunch of kids with money. If they have a
           one-strike policy and lack professionalism, then it's time to
           move on to another better-run company.
           \_ hey, how's that short of GOOG going?  -tom
              \_ GOOG at 118.65 up .81.  It just barely hit their original
                 opening price before they dropped it like a pile of stinking
                 shit.  At IPO+6 months+1 day, we'll see how many of their
                 employees dump how many zillions of shares and retire
                 causing a huge brain drain.  At that point expect to see
                 a lot of Google jobs posted online and a less shitty
                 attitude when it comes to hiring there.
                 \_ Since you're a brilliant analyst and I'm just an
                    employee, maybe you can tell me the relative size of
                    these two numbers: total employee holdings vs. average
                    daily volume of google since open. No? Then how about
                    a nice hot cup of shut the fuck up?
                    \_ The volume is likely going to increase when more shares
                       are released. Right now the volume is a high
                       percentage of the float. Insiders still own most of
                       the stock. Do you have a point?
                    \_ I love how you totally and intentionally missed the
                       point.  At 6mo+1day, all the smart people will quit.
                       *You* don't have enough stock or brains to matter but
                       the smart ones are outta there.
                       \_ You don't know anything about my brains or my
                          stock. I however know a lot of things that make
                          me laugh at your dancing monkey rants. --googler
                      \_ The GOOG employee lockup doesn't expire at 6mo.
                         \_ The vast majority of shares can go on the market
                            in February.
                 \_ These grapes, dey are so SOUR!
                    \_ Go ahead and buy GOOG the day before those people can
                 \_ Hmm, it opened at 100, which means it's up almost 20%.
                    Still pissed about that short squeeze, I see.  -tom
                    \_ Ignoring what I said, again.  It is just barely above
                       the price they originally announced before they dropped
                       it, roughly.... (drumroll) 20% before going public.
                       \_ Now you're just making stuff up.  The initial
                          "range" was announced as $100-$120.  The initial
                          price was set by a public auction.  -tom
                    \_ It was me who is going to short it and I still am.
                       Investors are still unable to short it. The higher
                       it gets the better short prospect it will be.
                       \_ These grapes, dey are so SOUR!
                          \_ That's not sour grapes, and shorting GOOG isn't
                             just player-hating.  No company can trade at 150x
                             earnings forever, so unless they produce massive
                             earnings growth, it *will* come down.
                             \_ you appear to be discounting the fact that
                                GOOG *is* producing massive earnings growth.
                                \_ They're doing well now, but they still need
                                   to increase about 1000% to justify the
                                   current price.
                          \_ No one shorts anything based on sour grapes.  You
                             are a kool aid drinker.
                \_ I find being short harder than being long.  When I am long
                   if the stock goes down a little, I am not worried, but
                   when I am short, and the stock goes up, I get worried and
                   cover.  This happened when I bought pmcs at like $21 and
                   covered at like $24.  Now it's like $10.  So, while I was
                   "right", I still lost money.  I think a similar thing
                   could happen with google.  If you want to short it, you
                   need to have patience and be able to withstand some
                   \_ Your gf said she found it hard when you were short, too.
                   \_ Unbounded risk will tend to have that effect.
2004/9/22 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:33685 Activity:nil
9/20    Bush has gained 10 points on Kerry in just one month in California.
        At this rate, Bush will be ahead of Kerry by two points on Oct
        22 and win California in a landslide:
        \_ By your logic, Bush will have over 100% support in Ca in less
           than a year.  Fuck off.
           \_ Didn't some other motd poster claim that Gore had more than
              100% of the vote in some parts of PA?  So it is theoretically
              \_ Just 2 or 3 precincts, but still.  It made me laugh.  --cons
        \_ According to Rasmussen leans right.
           \_ And Zogby leans left.  So?  Talk to me on November 3rd.
2004/9/22 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:33686 Activity:high
9/20    Underclocking my CPU has been the best decision I've ever made since
        I bought my AMD last year. It was so hot, even when idling, that I
        had to turn on my AC to keep the room from heating up to 85 degrees.
        I have an AMD 2500+ (1800 Mhz, 1.7v) and after underclocking,
        it is now 1.1Ghz, 1.1v core and is as cool as my friend's P4
        3GHz. I just reboot and regular clock again when I play games.
        BTW I'm never buying another AMD.
        \_ Is it just me or does this sound highly implausible unless you
           have a multi-cpu with really big fans blowing out of the case?
           I mean, come on, it's pretty much thermodynamically implausible
           that one CPU is going to heat up a whole frickin room to 85
           degrees. Did you flunk physics or something? If what you say
           is true I can cool my room by opening up the door to my
           \_ I had two AMD machines that were so hot they were overheating
              the room and then shutting down.  After underclocking them
              the problem went away, but the room is still noticably warmer.
              \_ So in other words your AMD machines were overheating because
                 the room was too hot, which probably means that the room
                 isn't good for running computers in, and basically has
                 nothing really to do with the design of AMD cpus. Folks,
                 you can't assume that you can run computers in a really hot
                 room, i.e. the second floor of a not very well ventilated
                 apartment during a heatwave. I've had stuff like drive
                 failures on laptops occur because of this. If your cpus
                 are failing at their rated speeds because the room is too
                 hot, that should tell you something about your computer's
        \_ You can get a 286 that will beat the pants off of your 1.1Mhz
           CPU, and it doesn't even have a fan!
        \_ What kind of shitty heatsink do you have? My 1.5ghz rarely goes over
           50C in the dead of summer; mostly 35-40C othertimes
        \_ Cooler than a P4 3 GHz?  This *isn't* really saying much.
           Also, I have an Athlon 64 3200+ (Newcastle), and it runs at 37
           degrees idle with the stock fan.
        \_ I have an AthlonXP1700 with a ThermalTake fan ($15, decent but not
           any overclocker-whizbang) and my CPUs usually 45, or 55 on a hot
           day.  If you're running at 85 that suggests either your CPU fan is
           badly clogged or failing, or you have terrible airflow in your case.
           Do you have any case fans?
           \_ I have a LOT of fans. My room is tiny, barely walkable. I have
              a 30w LCD so I blame everything on the AMD                -op
              \_ Case fans help keep the case temperature down, but help make
                 the room hotter.  You, your power supply and every other
                 component are more to blame than the CPU.  Open some windows
                 or get a 20" box fan to put in the doorway.
           \_ btw 85 is ambience temperature. My CPU used to run at 145F but
              now runs at 102F. My 1.1G is "as cool" as a P4, pathetic. Never
              buying another AMD                                -op
              \_ What kind of moron uses F for anything other than weather
                 and cooking these days? Get with the program and start posting
                 C, especially if you are a Berkeley alumni.
                 \_ Wuss.  It's degrees C or C.  If you're a real man you use
                    K.  Remember that room temperature is about 293K.
                 \_ Morons like doctors and nurses use degree F for body
                    temperature these days.
                    \_  Please explain why that makes them morons.
              \_ Gah!  We're all talking centigrade and you meant Fahrenheit!
                 85F as a case temperature is not bad.  145F as a CPU temp is
                 a little hot, but not extreme.  102F as a CPU temperature is
                 very good.
                 If your room is getting up to 85F that sounds like a building
                 problem not a CPU problem.  You put out about 100W of heat,
                 your computer puts out 100-200W of heat and your monitor puts
                 out up to 150W of heat if it's a CRT.  Out of this 250-450W of
                 heat, blaming the 60W contribution of your CPU for making the
                 room hot is stupid.
                 \_ Why are the american pig-dogs still on the imperial
                    system?  Shouldn't they join the rest of the civilized
                    world and use SI and, you know, decimal fractions.
                    \_ Celsius is not the SI unit of temperature.
                       \_ Tedious twit.
                    \_ And Kyoto.  We need Kyoto to run our computers cooler
                       to prevent global warming.  This is another Bush
                       disaster that will destroy American credibility around
                       the world for generations to come!
              \_ My P3 runs hotter than your AMD.  Stop being such a crybaby.
                 I can only dream of the day my P3 runs that cool.  When I
                 turn it off it takes 10 minutes to get to your temps.
                 \_ This whole thing sounds like "Wah!  My AMD CPU is warm but
                    my friend says his P4 is super cool.  AMD = TEH SUCK!"
2004/9/22-23 [Consumer/Audio] UID:33687 Activity:kinda low
9/22    Anyone else have one of the new iPods? My fiancee and I got one
        each and we've noticed that certain mp3s will display all the song
        info, but then skip the song. We've tried ripping the CDs with
        both CDEX and MusicMatch to no avail. Both iPods mess up the same
        mp3s. I'm wondering if it's something about the new generation
        of iPods. -bz
        \_ Have you tried ripping them with iTunes?
           \_ The new iTunes is even more restrictive and garbled up
              my song DB, so I removed the thing and started over.
              I use xPlay to manage my iPod. Sure, perhaps this software
              is the reason things aren't working, but a friend with a
              previous gen iPod is using it (and MusicMatch) with no trouble.
              Next step is to try my broken mp3s on his iPod. -bz
        \_ I've got one mp3 that doesn't play well (garbled) out of 16Gb
        \_ Try a different encoder (LAME, Frausomething, etc) or try
                \_ Fraunhofer?  They're the institude with the patent on
                   MP3 encoding.  Look at  -John
           encoding at a constant bitrate (not VBR)
2004/9/22 [Uncategorized] UID:33688 Activity:nil
9/22    malcolm, whatcha grabbing with mutella?
        \_ Umm.. Didn't get get in trouble for running Mutella before?
2004/9/22 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:33689 Activity:nil
9/22    John Kerry whipping up his supporters, just like they did
        Decorated Soldier Reportedly Attacked At (Toby Keith) Concert
        \_ I think there has to be more to this story, simply because it
           was at a Toby Keith concert.  And to try and call this a Kerry
           supporter is rather trollish.
        \_ I was about to say that his base isn't in Germany.  But then I
           realized that it is.
        \_ What's the frequency Kenneth?!? WHAT'S THE FREQUENCY!?!
        \_ I pity you.
        \_ A guy gets stabbed at a Giants game, and you're surprised someone
           got punched in the head at a Toby Keith concert? Just thinking
           about Toby Keith makes me want to punch someone in the head.
2004/9/22 [Recreation/Media] UID:33690 Activity:nil
        Geek out.  (The Star Wars changes links at the bottom)
2004/9/22 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:33691 Activity:high
9/22    Millions of voters disenfranchised: (Reuters, by way of Yahoo News)
        "In elections in Baltimore in 2002 and in Georgia last year, black
         voters were sent fliers saying anyone who hadn't paid utility bills
         or had outstanding parking tickets or were behind on their rent
         would be arrested at polling stations." and
        "In a mayoral election in Philadelphia last year, people pretending
         to be plainclothes police officers stood outside some polling
         stations asking people to identify themselves. There have also been
         reports of mysterious people videotaping people waiting in line to
         vote in black neighborhoods."
        WTF? If you want to win an election, do it on the basis of a strong
        candidate, not these asinine gestapo tactics.
        \_ Fliers?  Post one.  Let's see it.  Pretending to be police?  This
           is hearsay.  Got video?  Mysterious people?  With cameras?  Maybe
           they were tourists from one of your favorite socialist countries
           who came here to learn how to run an election.  If you want to win
           an election, do it on the basis of a strong candidate, not by
           putting forged documents on the air as news.
           \_ It's ok, man, it's Reuters.  Reuters is not a serious news
           \_ Wow.  You went completely off the subject and started ranting
              about socialism and the CBS memos within a couple of sentences.
              Your troll fu is extremely weak.
        \_ Photo ID isn't required to vote?  So what's to stop me from
           showing up at different polling stations all day claiming to be
           other people?  ...Oh, right.  That's why the Dems are against
           photo ID...
           \_ Troll.  The republicans have just as much opportunity to cast
              frauduant votes.  Requiring photo ID disenfranchises transients
              and makes it a whole lot easier to intimidate voters.
              Can you honestly say you don't think it will be used to
              intimidate minority voters in the south?
              \_ Troll.  Let's not bother with voter registration, since we're
                 not interested in verifying anything anyway.  Just let
                 everybody vote, including non-citizens and illegal aliens, as
                 many times as they wish.
           \_ This bugs me every time I go to vote. I agree it's a small thing
              to ask for, and it's a fine preventative. -op
              \_ There's a difference between a friendly request for ID by
                 a polling station operator, and a police officer intimidating
                 people at the door, and you guys know it.
                 \_ Huh?  I didn't say anything about officers at the
                    door.  I'm not sure I even believe that.  It just
                    mentions in the article that photo ID is not required
                    to vote, which I have issue with.
                    \_ But if it is required, you'll have some places where a
                       cop is standing at the door and an off-duty cop is
                       manning the polling station and ID'ing people.
                       \_ We probably have that now.  Just with out the
                          guy ID'ing people.  Really man, you're against
                          IDing people before they vote?
                          \_ If ID'ing could be done with no bad consequences,
                             I have no problem, but I'm fairly certain it will
                             disenfranchise minorities and the poor.
                             \_ I have a hard time believing there are
                                that many people who don't have ID.  And
                                I think leaving the door blatantly open
                                to voter fraud is a little stupid.
                                \_ Not that many people don't have ID, but
                                   quite a few people don't trust the gov't
                                   enough to show ID to a cop before voting.
                                   \_ Cops are not part of the voting process,
                                      with the exception of those who are off-
                                      duty and volunteering to work the polls.
                                      There's no reason for a cop to check your
                                      ID before you vote.  There's plenty of
                                      reason for a poll worker to check your ID
                                      against the list of registered voters.
                                   \_ What could a cop do with your photo
                                      ID that he couldn't do with your
                                      name and address on the sheet in
                                      front of him?  That's bordering on
                                      paranoia.  I don't think it's
                                      unreasonable to think that if you're
                                      that nuts, I'm not too worried about
                                      you getting your vote.
                             \_ And no ID'ing allows felons to vote.  Well shit.
                                \_ Well, that's a whole 'nother subject.  I
                                   personally think it's unfair to take away
                                   felon's right to vote, but I won't debate
                                   that here.  Make another thread if you want.
                                   \_ Ilya, I moved your reply into a seperate
                                      thread.  Don't go all hissy-fit on us now
        \_ Why are leftists so concerned about felon's right to vote but not
           to own a gun?
           \_ Because a dangerous person can't kill more people by voting.
2004/9/22 [Computer/Domains, Computer/Networking] UID:33692 Activity:nil
9/22    Do any of you comcast high-speed internet customers notice lags
        (5,10,15 sec) on DNS lookups with <DEAD><DEAD> and <DEAD><DEAD>?
        \_ I've seen it occasionally, and powercycle my modem/router
           solves the problem.
2004/9/22 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:33693 Activity:moderate
9/22    I have a form that posts a heap of text from textarea box to a Perl
        script that puts the info into a flat database file. I'm using
        $in{'mytext'} =~ s/\</&lt;/g;
        to change any html tags to harmless <>s, but how do I replace newlines
        with <br>?  I've tried:
        $in{'mytext'} =~ s/^M/\<br\>/g;
        $in{'mytext'} =~ s/\^M/\<br\>/g;
        $in{'mytext'} =~ s/\n/\<br\>/g;
        and I'm still getting ^Ms in my file.  Help!
        \_ ^M is \r, not \n.  -tom
        \_ Aren't HTML form lines ended with \r\n like Windows?  And doesn't
           Perl::CGI deal with this?
           \_ (responding to myself) yes, it's \r\n (CR LF):
              \_ what would you want Perl::CGI to do with a textarea that
                 contains newlines, other than put the newlines in the
                 variable?  -tom
                 \_ I couldn't remember if the newline was platform-
                    independent, but if it wasn't that CGI would have a
                    plantform-independent method of splitting/replacing/etc.
           \_ This did the trick, thank you.
2004/9/22 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:33694 Activity:low
9/22    Well, that's a whole 'nother subject.  I
        personally think it's unfair to take away
        felon's right to vote, but I won't debate
        that here.  Make another thread if you want.
        \_ So serial rapists, murderers, the criminally insane, etc. are a-ok?
           Are you for real?  -- ilyas
           \_ So in your mind felon==serial rapist or murderer?  Are you for
              real?  The range of things one can get a felony conviction for
              is much, much larger than that.
           \_ There's obvious value in denying these people the right to walk
              the streets, but what exactly the value in denying them the vote?
              It's certainly not deterance.  Are you afraid they'll all band
              together and elect Satan or something?  If you've served your
              time, are you less entitled to have a say in how society is run?
              (Insane people are another matter entirely.)
              \_ I'm pretty sure these people will vote for whichever candidate
                 that, say, supports cutting law enforcement funding by half
                 and replacing all jail sentenses with probation.  It'll make
                 their future easier.
                 \_ So?  It won't pass unless a majority of voters supports it,
                    and if a majority of voters supports it, maybe the felons'
                    candidate wasn't so wacky after all.  The right to vote
                    doesn't just belong to the people you agree with.
           \_ The majority of people convicted of felonies are there
              for drug crimes. As a libertarian, you should be sympathetic
              to their plight. Maybe we could change the law so that
              only those guilty of violent felonies lose their voting
              \_ I am, I support decriminalization of all drugs.  Having said
                 that, I am against letting felons vote (using my definition
                 of felon).  I should clarify my view a little.  I believe in
                 a retributive system of justice, if someone finished their
                 restitution, they reenter society and are no longer a 'felon/
                 criminal/whatever.'  They are accorded full rights.  Some
                 crimes are 'permanent' in that you never finish with your
                 restitution.  People committing those crimes are 'permanent
                 felons,' and I do not want those guys to vote ever (they give
                 up a lot more basic rights permanently, like their freedom).
                   -- ilyas
                 I haven't thought very hard about which crimes ought to involve
                 permanent restitution status, but off-the-cuff, I think it
                 will have something to do with the 'irreversibility' of the
                 damage caused by the crime.  -- ilyas
                 \_ Crimes of theft/fraud are theoretically reversible, but
                    seldom are.  Threatening someone with a gun is not
                    reversible, but seldom scars the victim for life.
                    \_ what is your point?
                       \_ Your justification for denying felons the right to
                          vote seems to have a pretty fuzzy foundation if you
                          can't even say which felons should be disenfranchised
                          \_ 'Felons,' as I understand the term give up a bunch
                             of rights while they are in 'debt.'  The
                             justification for making them give up these rights
                             is so they are forced to 'pay,' and can't run off
                             or vote away their 'debt' (or go further into
                             'debt').  If you are attacking me
                             for being unable to provide a precise
                             characterization of a 'permanent felon,' then
                             that's a pretty weak attack.  Addressing the
                             problem fully would require a book and a lot more
                             knowledge than I have.  This doesn't make the
                             approach invalid.  Our justice system has the
                             notion of a 'permanent felon' also, I merely
                             sought to give a 'short' description of what
                             that class of people ought to be. -- ilyas
              \_ Why deny violent felons the right to vote?  Seriously. -op
2004/9/22 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:33695 Activity:nil
9/22    This whole tech talk about AMD/Intel is in violation of the motd
        post spirit. Let's go back to the good ol days and talk about
2004/9/22 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:33696 Activity:nil
9/22    The Kerry Tongue flick
2004/9/22 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:33697 Activity:high
9/22    Is there a way to repeat the previos command in the Windows2000
        MS-DOS prompt running inside Windows? (like the up arrow in bash)
        \_ ilyas, I am stomping your response to teach you a lesson about
           stomping other people's posts.
        \_ Wow, ilyas stomped the two "F3" answers with his update. What
           an asshole.
        \_ F3.
        \_ up arrow works for  me
           \_ Neither "up arrow" nor "F3" do it in in my version
              of win2kpro. Do I have to run with some special
              \_ You need to run the (included) shell cmd.exe.  I said that
                 already but ilyas stomped it.
                 \_ sweet! thanks. Does windows have a command like "date"
                    that prints out the current time/date? does is also
                    have a way to run multiple commands in one line like:
                    soda %  date ; ls ; date
                    \_ Do this: "date /t & time /t"
                    \_ YMWTS: (-pp)
                        \_ what's that mean?
                           \_ You Might Want To See:
                           \_ "You might want to see"?
                        \_ what does "(-pp)" mean?
                    \_ Thanks. Anyway to get it to display seconds?
                       \_ time
2004/9/22-23 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany, Reference/History] UID:33698 Activity:very high
9/22    Anyone here learn lock picking?  I'm kind of interested in picking it
        up (no, not for nefarious purposes).  Any suggestions on how to start,
        which lockpicks to buy?
        \_ Kryptonite U-Locks.
           \_ (ulock picking with BIC pen)
              \_ I tried this with my lock, but couldn't get it to work.
                 The inside diameter of the pen is smaller than the diameter
                 of the center round bit in the lock, and the pen doesn't
                 fit in.  Am I just using the wrong Bic pen, or does this
                 not work on the newer locks(I just got my lock)?
              \_ wow, you're so clever!  I'm sure the previous poster had no
                 idea about that link which has been passed around the net
                 400 times in the past week!
                 \_ wow, you're so insightful, assuming that i didn't know
                    that he knew. gee, why else would someone post
                    "Kyrptonite U-Locks." and nothing else? i was merely
                    providing an additional reference, moron.
        \_ MIT guide to lockpicking is a good start.  -John
           \_ I've already read it.  Now I'm interested in getting picks and
              \_ then get some picks and practice.  It's the best way to learn.
                 You can also learn a lot by getting some locks and dismantling
                 them to see how they work inside.
                 A good thing to do is get a board and buy some standard locks
                 mount them in it and practice on that.  It makes a good thing
                 to practice on without having to explain yourself.  -EricM
                 \_ Just pick the locks at your home, and your car inside your
                    \_ That's a very bad idea.  I screwed up a lot of locks
                       while learning (I got in, though).
                 \_ That was my plan.  Did you see how I asked about which
                    lockpicks to buy?  Any suggestions?
                    \_ Glock 23
                       \_ I hate glocks. -- ilyas
                          \_ Glocks never felt terribly comfortable in my
                             hand.   -POC
                             \_ Let's not forget the 5 metric ton trigger
                                pull, and the refined austrian watergun design.
                                Everytime a glock is sold, God kills a
                                kitten. -- ilyas
                                \_ It's a good's just that *I*
                                   have never found a use for one...and yeah,
                                   the trigger pull kind of sucks.
                                   Personally, I like the factory installed
                                   pull of smiths and the usp.  -POC
                                   \_ I find that the handle/grip is too short
                                      for my hand. --erikred
                                \_ That's silly. It's lighter than most DAOs
                                   and can be easily modded lighter. They're
                                   proven tough and simple to maintain.
                                   Fashion snob.
                       \_ While this method is doubtless effective, it seems
                          like it might be hazardous to practice in your home,
                          and probably lacks in stealthiness.
                          \_ Yes but practice becomes unnecessary. And think
                             of the many other uses around the house! I suppose
                             the property damage could be a problem.
        \_ Northern Tool and Equipment has some:
           Their latest catalog had ~20 piece set.
           \- BTW, some locks are a lot harder than others ... even without
              talking about say medcos, BESTs are not good to begin with.
              also the general problem of "getting pasted locked doors"
              also the general problem of "getting past locked doors"
              has a lot of other solutions aside from picking the lock ...
              climbing over things, using shims etc. --psb
2004/9/22-23 [Recreation/Food] UID:33699 Activity:nil
9/22    Has anyone noticed that foods re/heated with the microwave cool
        down faster than if a regular oven was used?
        \_ Speaking of which, are there any health hazards involved in
           using microwaves -- there was a study done a while ago at
           Michigan which claimed microwaves create carcinogens in the food.
           \_ Because your food is non-conductive, the voltages induced should
              not be enough to break chemical bonds.  If you heat your food
              a piece of metal in it I could see that happening.  Also, heating
              food-fats in contact with plastic wrap *may* cause the plastic
              to release dioxins into the food
        \_ This is what you'd expect from the physics of microwaves.
           \_ I doubt you understand the physics of microwaves.  This is what
              you'd expect if you used a conventional oven at a high
              temperature to reheat something to the point that it appears to
              be warmed, rather than setting the oven for the destination
              temperature and waiting long enough.
        \_ Conventional ovens heat slowly.  By the time you take your food out
           heat has had plenty of time to move into the center.  When you
           microwave something at full power the outside gets hot very fast.
           When you take it out, the inside id not very hot, and the outside
           cools off faster because its heat is pushing in to the center, where
           in a conventionally-heated food the center has already had the time
           to get warm.  That's why many microwave foods advise you to give
           a rest in the middle of the cooking cycle, or advise 50% power:
           It's to allow time for the heat to penetrate.
           \_ Boy, that's what I said, but instead I got a condescending
              snark from some motd butthole.
              \_ Your answer was not very helpful, and I'm not the 'butthole'
                 so leave me out of this.
                 \_ When did I bring you in?
                    \_ When you responded to my post to comaplain about some
                       other guy.
2004/9/22-23 [Computer/Networking] UID:33700 Activity:high
9/22    Ok, I am behind the times, but I am finally ready to go wireless
        with my home networking.  what's a good wireless gateway (?) to
        \_ I've had good experiences with netgear.  I've had 2 out of 3
           linksys wireless access points die on me within a year (and they
           just sit on my desk).
           \_ i had a netgear that would have my ssh connections hang after
              5 minutes. they later released the same router w/ a v2 tag that
              fixed the problem. I've since bought another netgear and the
              problem went away.
              \_ This is so far the most common problem I have had with
                 broadband routers. If you have the patience to explain the
                 problem to their clueless, computer illiterate lowest-level
                 tech support people, they will eventually forward it to the
                 engineers who might eventually release a firmware update that
                 fixes this.
                 \_ the latest firmware download didnt fix the problem... you
                    had to actually go out and buy the MR814v2. bastards.
        \_ I like the Linksys WRT54G because it runs Linux and there are
           custom firmwares that add packet-scheduling.  My only complaint is
           that it chokes up if you have more than about 200 simultaneous TCP
           \_ I have this one as well. Being my first one, I can't say if this
              is better or worse than others on the market, but I haven't had
              any issues with it once I got it up and running.
           \_ If you want linux support, use the ones with Atheros chipset.
                \_ Huh?  All the WAP-54G and WRT-54G can run the Linux-based
                   firmware, in addition to Freya (which is nice) and others.
                   Are you talking about the Atheros _card_?  I am having
                   a ton of trouble getting it working with the madwifi
                   drivers under Debian.  Get a nice generic Orinoco or
                   Proxim card (don't know if the Linksys 54 cards work,
                   never tried mine.)  -John
        \_ I bought D-Link 624 802.11g router from Amazon a few months ago.
           I have had a rocky experience with Linksys and D-Link routers in the
           past so I wasn't expecting much from it. However, it seems to work
           just fine. The only problem is that it forgets ALL settings after
           firmware upgrades. Amazon has them right now for $38 with a $30
           mail-in rebate.
        \_ I have a D-Link DI-614+ and DI-624.  Both are fine, but will
           drop your ssh session if you idle longer than ~ 90 minutes (not
           sure how long), but I hear most wireless routers do this.  I just
           tell my terminal program to send one space character every hour.
           Avoid Microsoft wireless routers, I heard bad things wrt quality
           control.  Eh, just search for your model on and see
           what people say.
                \_ To fix the idle session drop thing, run an xclock over it.
2004/9/22 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:33701 Activity:nil
9/22    The story about forged documents that 60 Minutes should have run: (MSNBC)
2004/9/22 [Uncategorized] UID:33702 Activity:nil
2004/9/22-23 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/HW/Display] UID:33703 Activity:nil
9/22    Anyone notice an annoying "ringing" sound with their Palm
        Tungsten E over time?  Similar to most LCD devices with the
        backlight on but louder, to the point of "piercing".
        \_ Sounds like a bad internal cap or transistor, probably in
           what is the equivalent of the voltage inverter on the LCD.
           Probably will fail over time. The change in sound means the
           component has changed over time, always a bad sign in
2004/9/22 [Uncategorized/Multicategory] UID:33704 Activity:nil
2004/9/22-23 [Consumer/Camera] UID:33705 Activity:low
9/22    RIP Russ Meyer
        \_ Let's hope he's sucking on the great big 38DD in heaven.
           \_ Better yet, titty-f them.
        \_ maybe now those movies will get some decent distribution!
        \_ OMG!  I didn't know about him before.  He's my hero!
                |_ go see Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill!  immediately!
        \_ Somebody pointed out that for every one of his films, at least one
           rock band has taken the film title as their name. "Faster Pussycat!"
        \_ John Waters on "Faster Pussycat, Kill!  Kill!": "beyond doubt, the
           best movie ever made ... possibly better than any film that will
           ever be made in the future."
        \_ Roger Ebert, who was a lifelong friend of Meyer's, has a nice
           rememberance of him. The story about General Patton is particularly
2004/9/22 [Uncategorized] UID:33706 Activity:nil
9/22    [ you sure it was me?  no?  Then, as they say, how about a nice
          cup of shut the fuck up. -- ilyas ]
2004/9/22-23 [Science/Battery] UID:33707 Activity:moderate
9/22    Those of you with laptops and who frequently use them: how
        often do you have to recharge its battery? Is once/day too
        \_ 2 hours runtime with the base battery, 6-8 hours with the
           extended life battery.  Sharp Actius MM10.  -tom
        \_ I have a Pentium III 1.2 GHz notebook, and two batteries last
           4 hours.  One battery, two hours.  I believe any Pentium M notebook
           will last 3.5-5 hours with just the main battery.  This is assuming
           you aren't compiling or playing games most of the time but doing
           MS Word Powerpoint type work.
           I understand Pentium 4 based notebooks (mobile or desktop CPU)
           and mobile Athlons (even the new ones) suck power, so watch out.
        \_ My ibook gets me just under 4 hours on a full charge.
2004/9/22-23 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:33708 Activity:kinda low
9/22    The DNS/web hosters for <DEAD><DEAD> are doing a HTTP 301 redirect
        to my site <DEAD><DEAD> How do I change the Apache httpd.conf on
        <DEAD><DEAD> so that it appears to the web browser that it is browsing
        <DEAD><DEAD> ?
        \_ You don't.
        \_ Do you own <DEAD><DEAD>?
        \_ you would have to redirect just a frame or something similar to
           that. the url at the top of the browser will still reflect
           the primary frame or div
        \_ JavaScript can rewrite the URL line.
2004/9/22-23 [Uncategorized] UID:33709 Activity:nil
9/22    How can I determine what DNS server software a nameserver is running.
        \- you can try this ... --psb
           dig +time=3 +retry=1 chaos txt version.bind @<ns>
           \_ Thanks! --op
2004/9/22-23 [Uncategorized] UID:33710 Activity:nil
9/22    Good summary hilight the differences between the two presidential
        candidate (calvin n hobbes link):
2018/12/10 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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